Casey’s Smiling Stops When She is Deemed Competent By Three Therapists

When Casey arrived in Court she was away too happy. She knew much better than to act so happy. There is no doubt that Jose coached her to stop smiling and laughing. As a result  she has been seen making a cursory or acknowledgement  smile e Casey. very time she steps into the courtroom. But today  it was a very different.

She beamed the biggest smile  as she greeted her attorneys.

She even had a wide open mouth smile as she continued to beam with extreme confidence. She was uninhibited and not self conscious about her smile. This is very significant as Casey has always been reserved when  it comes to opening her mouth for long and smiling. You can now see why she has been so self conscious when it came to showing her teeth.

Upon close inspection, the bonding that was done to repair to one of  her front teeth which was chipped was not repaired well at all in my view. The left one tooth a lot longer than the other, a bit misshapen, and a bit discolored. The one thing Casey did have prior to her accident was a pretty smile. It is clearly no longer a pretty smile. So that may be why she has been self conscious. At any rate she is beaming.

Here Casey continues to beam at one of her attorney’s- Ms. Finnell.

Then Judge Perry gave a ruling. Over the weekend he had not one, not two, but three psychologists analyse Casey’s mental state. Apprently all three reported that she was  competent to stand trial.

Apparently Baez and Mason were seeing their case go down the drain so they set for a motion about Casey’s competency. But now it was found the she is deemed competent by the court. Now there is no excuse. She will not be going to any mental institution to fullfill her time.

Right after she was found competent, her demeanor changed. She became serious and sullen.

Casey then returned to her arrogant defiant .body language  with her cocked head in place as though she was listening to someone else’s trial. She has not smiled at all since she was deemed competent.

A jury will hear the hear the words “deemed competent” and may even apply it to her actions in terms of what she may have done to Casey.

The fact that Linda Finnell does some of the witness questioning since Casey was “deemed competent” speaks volumes. Maybe the defense wanted to use her because they are convinced that Casey will not get the death penalty so they want to take advantage of  Ms. Finnell’s  legal skills so she can interrogate the witnesses.

The bottom line is that Casey’s deameanor changed dramatically when she was deemed competent by the court. Gone were the smiles and flirtations.

I hope she testifies in court. She must  explain her actions once and for all.


72 thoughts on “Casey’s Smiling Stops When She is Deemed Competent By Three Therapists

  1. The world that Casey lives in is, in fact, a fantasy world, where everyone adores her and she is ABOVE all forms of life! I want her to take the stand however, I don’t think she will. I believe LDB will eat her up and spit her out! This is NOT LDB’s first rodeo, nor will it be the first pathalogical liar she has ever dealt with!

    I think ALL the smiles this morning were merely Casey thinking she had fooled 3 psychologist! Just as she thought she was fooling Yuri Melich. Delusional…..

  2. I can tell she’s competent and she knows EXACTLY what she’s doing, but I guess her defense team are still trying everything they can think of, and that’s fine, that’s their job. I’m glad it’s theirs and not mine 😉
    I hope she does testify, it will be a grand show.

  3. Dr. Glass, I usually agree… but in this case I feel her demeanor changed when the jury came in, not because of the results of the competency report. She is seen smiling and laughing later on when the jury is again out of the room. Even the In Session commentators commented on how happy she was as they looked at a live shot and this was hours after the results were read.

    1. Casey turns herself on and off like a faucet. She loves all the attention and it clearly shows but knows when the jury is in place she has to be ‘sad.’

      The problem for her is that stupidly she doesn’t seem to understand that Judge Perry has a lot of leeway in deciding the sentencing and he has watched her every move. Cunning like a fox is not Casey.

    2. You CLEARLY were not watching the CASEY CAM. The one that stays fixed on her. When JP declared her competent, she stopped smiling. Before that, she was smiling and being her usual little “competent” paralegal self. Reading like she knew what she was doing, BEFORE the ruling. The whole point was, she was not able to assist in her own defense. Well BEFORE the ruling, she behaved lie any other day. JP sees right through her.

  4. Sick twisted dysfunctional relationships. There is such a dark dank creepiness about the whole Anthony clan. It surrounds them like water surrounds a fish. It makes me feel sick. It’s becoming increasingly hard to watch.

  5. I will never understand why Baez didn’t convince KC (once he knew the truth — but when was that?) to confess to Caylee having drowned in the pool on her watch and that she panicked and hid her. They could’ve used all her behavior it seems to me to show that she is not normal. No doubt there are many experts who could’ve shown the jury how strange she is and explained sociopathy and behavioral disorders, etc.. Why do you think the defense went this way? KC is clearly odd, even the way she looks is odd.

  6. Her face looks slightly different to me today. Is it puffy? Heavier? I don’t know what, but slightly different

      1. She looked out of sorts monday. She definitely had pimples on her right cheek. She looks paler than she did last week. I think 40 days of court and seeing her defense team really screw up this past week has taken its toll on her. I wonder if she ever wishes she hadn’t committed this horrible crime. i see absolutely no remorse whatsoever.

  7. Liz, I just read your comment and you are spot on. KC thought she had once again fooled them ALL! She fooled the experts. They thought they were going to catch her out, were smarter than she is, but she showed them all. She may have played some sort of game in her head with them, but they saw through it and knew she was competent. Good point.

  8. What happened to her teeth, I don’t remember anything about an accident. What a difference when Ann Finnell questions witnesses! She actually knows how to do it!

    1. I was home sick today & found myself reading some of the transcripts, letters, etc. surrounding this. I forget where it came up, but I remember reading that Casey broke part of a tooth & Cindy wrote her saying she had also broken that same tooth – kind of a “like mother, like daughter” comment. I’m wondering if this was the tooth in question.

    2. Jeesha–Casey was coming out of the elevator, surrounded by guards and as she was stepping out, her feet got tangled up in her shackles. She tripped and fell on her face (karma, imo). She had to have the tooth repaired. They say that the Lord works in mysterious ways……..

  9. Something about Casey always screams Spoiled Brat. The puckered lower lip, the smart aleky tilt of head or smirk, the unhappy when things aren’t going completely her way. Every adult suffers some sort of disappointment or something they dislike but generally have more coping skills and adjust to the moment. Adults usually get that they can’t always have things their way, but not Casey. She has been given to so much by her family over, and over, and over that she feels entitled, expects others to follow suit just like any child would expect it. She has never completely become a grown up in some ways. She has a ton of duality going on. She practices some adult behaviors, and she practices some very childish/childlike behaviors. She has been a dependent of her parents for a long time, unwilling or incapable of holding a job, she wants to play all day, she lies when she thinks someone will catch her with her hand in the cookie jar, she has fantasy people whom she interacts with and blames kind of like kids who create fantasy people/kids whom are their friends. She often is sullen like a teenager and snarks like a teen. She wants to go party like a teen and has animosity toward her parents like many teens do at a certain stage of their lives when they think they know everything and their parents are stupid. She certainly is competent because she knows right from wrong, but she is still a real certified nut job in many ways. She is the sociopath, the pathological liar, the borderline, the amoral, the fitting image of a killer. Which by the way killers like her generally want everything to go just as planned, they want what they want and kill what they want to kill, they don’t like people pointing out their faults or shortcomings, they feel superior and don’t like to feel belittled. She’s a killer alright and this most recent going from euphoria to sullen is because she didn’t get what she expected or wanted.

      1. I too have had students like Casey in the past. Parents are enablers, taking the easy way out and making excuses for their child’s behavior, saying the teachers or the “system” must have it out for them. I’m sure Casey’s whole school career was filled with incidents where it was someone else’s fault. They probably even blame the school for Casey’s inability to graduate…
        What a monster Cindy created. No accountability.

  10. IMO Casey pitched a fit when her attorneys kept advising her against taking the stand. They decided to ask for the competancy hearing to cover their own butts because she wants to take the stand. She cannot come back against her defense team if she is found guilty if they advised against it and it is in the sealed records. They are finally acting somewhat like defense attorneys even if it is to protect themselves.

    1. Evelyn, I concur. There was a moment on either Friday or Saturday that was briefly captured on TV where Casey was IRATE about something. Nancy Grace showed that footage tonight on her show. Amazing to watch the flash of anger and frustration towards Baez- she was motioning wildly to Cheney Mason in regards to Baez- I wish Lillian would analyze THAT, because to me it is very telling of what transpired in regards to the Competency motion. If you watch Nancy Grace tonight, she plays it several times- I cannot remember what happened just prior to her flaring as she did but I would be curiosu to find out, since the Competency motion occurred afterwards.

  11. Recently I’ve had dealing with a person like this.This person is a pathological liar and tells stories over and over again,like Cindy giving too many details in some cases and not enough in others.Even when you have proof that the stories and everything they’ve told you is a flat out lie. They still will twist and turn it and will never ever admit they have lied,even if the proof is in their face.

    It’s amazing to me how many people fall for the siren song of people like this.How many I’ve seen on blog after blog that even if they had video of her killing Caylee they would come up with some excuse as to why it wasn’t her.I think in Casey’s case she used her body a lot of times to get her way and then she had mommy covering for her every step of the way.After seeing how much Cindy and Lee lie I can see the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

  12. Casey on the stand… Jeff and Linda will decimate any credibility…

    Q: Have you ever been convicted of a felony?
    A: Yes
    Q: How many?
    A: 6

    The jury would know exactly what to make of it added to her history of lying.

    The only way Casey will take the stand is if her ego demands it. And that is a good possibility as she is definitely an egomaniac.

  13. Dr Glass….that first smiling pic of Casey look eerily like the Shooter in Tucson, Az. after he was arraigned in court on 49 felony counts….after killing 6 people, including a 10 year old child and wounding 18 other people….One of those people was Gabriel Giffords…….This happened Jan 8, 2011…..The pic made me sick when I saw it…..

    1. You are SO RiGHT!! I thought the very same thing! My Lord this woman makes my blood boil with rage! Casey is so sick and twisted I can’t seem to wrap my mind around a human being acting the way she does!! It is not normal by any definition!
      The really sad part as many have said, the apple does not fall from the tree and everyone (with logic) can see how much Cindy and Casey are alike….I think a lot of this is learned behavor. These people make my family look normal and that is not an easy task! But, like Dr. Glass says, a picture can be worth a thousand words…these pics speak volumes about Casey

  14. If KC takes the stand, then I believe that Linda could potentially do something no one else has been able to do – break her. Given KC’s little outburst on Friday towards Linda, I think that if Linda was able to cross examine her she could push her to the brink. But I don’t think that will happen.

    I find it odd that the defense put Cindy & Lee on the stand at the end of last week, building a little momentum. Then today they went completely backwards in my opinion. I get the feeling that things are not going as planned. Either Lee didn’t testify the way they needed him to or George won’t testify or KC is pushing to get on the stand…I think something changed that was beyond the control of the defense attorneys, and I’m pretty sure it has to do with a member of the Anthony family.

    1. There is no right, rhyme or reason to how the defense is calling their witnesses. It’s a hodgepodge at best. The state was very methodical in their case. It was all done in chronological order according to the timeline of events. The defense is erratic at best, I guess kind of like Casey.
      It appears all they are trying to do, is blame one person then when that fails, they blame the next and so on and so forth. I pray the jury see this!! Once again, nothing is EVER Casey’s fault… my 5 year old has more accountability and reason then the entire defense team (that includes Casey too) lol 🙂

      1. IMO, Baez is not the smartest cookie in the batch. He doesn’t seem to think well. For a lawyer, he truly seems to lack basic Logic. He prepares very poorly and really does not seem to get what he is being told to do. He may not be arrogant so much as not smart enough to be a lawyer.

  15. Wow, Nancy Grace just showed a bit of Casey anger that happened today. It was freaky looking. See if you can get it Dr. Glass – it is her Killer face.

    1. KG, we have been discussing that video on a previous post today! Go to youtube, type in, Casey wants to kill Baez and watch it. Frightening!!

      1. Thanks, Liz. I’m new here; still getting to know my way around. Found the video. Gives me chills.

      2. Liz,
        Supposedly the frightening video of KC is from June 24th’s (Friday’s) trial. Maybe that is why they decided to have psychiatrists check her out for competency.

    1. Ashton probably just went home to rest and prepare for tomorrow. JP kept them going until 7 pm, so it was a long day. Since LDB and another male attorney was there for the State, Ashton could afford to leave.

      A trial like this takes a lot out of the attorneys. You have to be super sharp and on your feet to make proper objections. During trial, the adrenaline rush prevents you from feeling tired, but as soon as you get out of court, you feel all the aches and pains accumulated in the heat of battle. You might feel a headache, achy back, tension in your neck and shoulders, and in many cases, very tired feet.

      You just want to go home, get out of your suit, eat quickly, shower and put your feet up. In Ashton’s case, his feet will be up but he will be reviewing depositions and court documents in order to effectively cross-examine the defense’s witnesses tomorrow. LDB will be doing the same.

  16. Casey was beaming when she walked into the court room, but it quickly changed as she read the psychriatic reports and realized there would not be a mistrial. What is even more interesting is watching the lawyers expressions as they read the reports. Mason and Linda Finnell look like they were hit by a truck. Linda Finnell even begins to use the report to cool off her face.

    Wonder if the reports stated just how dangerous she really is to those around her? Think about it. If she feels no guilt after she kills a her own 3 year old daughter, would kill again?

  17. I just have to ask what are these people smoking on HLN? I have heard them say that the defense is really pealing the prosecutions case away ? I think the defense is horrible their case makes no sense at all.I really hope The Anthony’s get prosecuted for obstruction and perjury.

    1. I agree. I have watched this whole thing and even the judge had to ask the defense “what is your defense theory?” That’s pretty bad when even the judge cant figure out what the team is doing. The prosecution told a story with their presentation. It made perfect sense. The defense has chosen bad witnesses and has been helter skelter with the order in which they are having “experts” get on the stand. Some reporters are saying that the jury is somewhat fed up with all the forensics and are looking down at the floor or yawning during the defense’s experts testimony. I fell asleep during Dominic Casey’s testimony yesterday evening. What was the point of that?

  18. In my opinion, Casey was beaming when she entered the courtroom because she thought she was going to get a mistrial. But once she starts reading the reports, she realizes this is not the case.

    What is even more interesting is watching her lawyers reading the reports. As they read the reports, it appears that they were just hit by a truck. Linda Fernell even begins fanning her face with the report. They look like they are in shock. Wonder what was included in these reports? Does it state just how dangerous Casey is to those around her? If she can kill her own 3 year old child without remorse or guilt, could she kill again?

  19. In my opinion, Casey was beaming when she entered the courtroom because she thought she was going to get a mistrial. But once she starts reading the reports, she realizes this is not the case.

    What is even more interesting is watching her lawyers reading the reports. As they read the reports, it appears that they were just hit by a truck. Linda Fernell even begins fanning her face with the report. They look like they are in shock. Wonder what was included in these reports? Does it state just how dangerous Casey is to those around her? If she can kill her own 3 year old child without remorse or guilt, could she kill again?

    1. Tammy,
      I wonder if KC was trying to look incompetent for the psychiatrists. Perhaps she lied her way through the evaluations and added more information that did not jive with what her attorneys were told by her.

  20. A jury will hear the hear the words “deemed competent” and may even apply it to her actions in terms of what she may have done to Casey.

    Please be sure to edit your posts…thank you!

  21. I believe my father was psychopathic. I have been recovering for decades (thank Goodness healing is possible!). One similarity I have noticed with Casey is her buggy eyes when she is ‘doing’ happy. It used to creep me out when my father did it. It was usually inappropriate, as it may be with her. He was so sure he was right, he had a front row seat with God. He claimed he was a Prophet. I see that with Casey. She is so tired of the way the Defense is handling The Lie, she wants to do it herself. She, after all, is the Real Pro. Baez is just a Beginner.

  22. Tuesday should be interesting right off the bat, since HLN just announced that Kronk was notified to be at the courthouse first thing in the morning. I will be SO glad when this trial is over so I can get back to my normal routine. I confess I have watched as much as I can- even going so far as to get up super early to get things done prior to watching the coverage AND not getting enough sleep after I get home from work in the morning so I can stay up and watch it!!!! So yes, I will be glad when it is over, but more than anything, that precious little girl deserves to be remembered. There is NO way her death will ever be justified but she deserves JUSTICE.

  23. LMM, Violet, and Liz,

    Thank heaven for intelligent people who THINK like you!

    I think this is how the people on the jury think, with maybe the exception of juror #4. However, can’t she be replaced with an alternate?

    I don’t get the HLN “pundits,” either. It’s sort of like putting a camera on a person automatically makes them weirder than weird (think Kate Gosselin!) and all their common sense goes out the window. Must be all that hairspray and mascara. It goes to their brains.

    Anyway, to the three of you, THANK YOU.

    1. Notice, that we did NOT see LKBaden today! Hmmm, wonder what she has to offer about Casey being competent.

      Bless her cold little heart….

  24. OMG, Bill Scheaffer over on thinks that KC wants to testify! So the defense team called her competency into question because she obviously isn’t listening to them. Verbally eviscerating that murderer on cross-examination will be the crowning achievement of Ms. Drane-Burdick’s career! I wonder how long they can keep her on the stand? I might have to call in sick that day…Friday, maybe and/or Saturday? I am sure the day she takes the stand is the day her devil horns will finally burst out of her skull! OJ & Scott Peterson weren’t dumb enough to tka ethe stand. THIS IS GOING TO BE GREAT!

  25. Caylee’s little photo’s tugged at my heart strings as well. I’m sure we all felt as we already knew her fate, how often do we hear a grandmother has to report their grandchild missing, and her daughters car smells like a dead body.We all said a prayer in our own way, hoping.
    Now Kronk is going to get on the stand tomorrow and place doubt in some folks minds. NOT MINE, but.. George has, some folks, I’m beginning to wonder about him”, then Lee, “Why the hell is he griving like a husband, not a brother”, hummm, what’s it mean> We can all see right through Cindy, but I’m telling ya, no death penelty. We can only pray she gets life.BeckyM. posted a great site some time ago,, ever since her post I’ve looked at all her sick letters, her groupies, her boy’s.POOR LITTLE CAYLEE.I saw the video on wftv the evil fit, I think it was directed to
    linda as well. As Linda was returning from the sidebar, you could see her walking past just as BYAZZ turned around to see her, not ticked at Mason.I pray theres not a mistrial, no way
    i couldnt watch it again,I just hope they dont put enough doubt in the jurors mind…IThey say it just takes one.I pray God will touch it all enough to reach the correct verdit.If a book ever comes out, dont buy it, wait for one of the jurors.Peace to all.

  26. In the video if you look closely Casey is actually pretty mad at Linda D. Burdick. She steps away from the table and is moving between Baez and Casey. A couple of days ago Linda went to the table to talk to Baez and Casey looked like she could strangle her, I mean she was shooting daggers at Linda.

  27. Cindy saddled her dysfunctional daughter with a baby she didn’t want, and was incapable of caring for. Did she think this would ‘cure’ her ?
    They must have seen her take Caylee out at night, what grandparent would think this ok ? Especially if it was a frequent occurrence.
    Cindy, at least, is nearly as culpable as Caylee, because she knew better, George did too, and was unable to confront either his wife or his daughter..
    Even people who look ‘normal’, can still think and behave like trash.

  28. Well, I guess the USA is “showing itself” internationally- in a bad light again- with the mob-mentality associated with this trial. It is now being reported that if Casey gets off- there could be “riots”. How embarrassing. Not only does it show our disrespect for our own legal system but it shows we are unable to adequately educate our population since this sort of one-sided, superficial, visceral response is born of ignorance (i.e. lack of education). Another words it makes us look like a bunch of “Yahoos”.

    1. If you’re going to point the finger at people for their ignorance, and act pretentious, the least you could do is check your grammar. It should be “In other words” not “another”. As far as your information regarding reports of mob mentality and riots I’d sure like to know where you saw that.

    2. I wouldn’t riot but I would certainly think to organize a silent candlelight protest in remembrance of Caylee and all abused/murdered children who have not had justice served for them. Sadly Caylee Marie isn’t the first but her short life could be the catalyst for change in our court system.

      1. I would help with that idea, of the candlelight vigil..pretty sad complete strangers seem to care more about Caylee then her own family. They will meet their Maker one day and will have a lot of explaining to do.

        And Deb you are the most judgemental one of all of us. But instead of judging the woman on trial for murdering her daughter you JUDGE ALL OF US for caring about Caylee Marie. What a pity

  29. I think she will insist on testifying,because she is a psycho/sociopath and people like that think no one can see through their lies.Casey really thinks that ,because Cindy never called her on anything,pregnancy,fictional job,stealing from the grandparents.

    I think at home they saw that nasty face she made in court quite often.So wouldn’t call her on things.

    Alana I think there are a lot of smart people that have her game,like someone else said they are trying to get ratings.

  30. Casey is so twisted that she believes that no matter what the outcome she will be alright, and perhaps prision life will not be so bad, after all she has survived three years and still smiling, laughing and sometimes appearing to be happy. She can socialize all day, and, all night, no responsible, no kid, doesn’t need much money, and most of all does not have to listen to Cindy’s lectures, nor see George submit to Cindy’s ever demand. Casey too has a strong personality, much greater than Cindy, therefore, Casey could not stand the fact she had a WEAK father, albeit, Cindy loves that George is WEAK AND SUBMISSIVE, (YUCK).

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