Casey Anthony Bright Smiles In Courtroom After Weekend Recess

After the weekend recess Casey was all smiles. She wasn’t just smiling, she was beaming as she greeted one of Jose Baez’ legal assistant on the team.

Then she partially put her hand over her mouth and continued to beam a megawatt smile. She knew the camera were on her and didn’t want anyone to read her lips.

Then she beamed yet another mega smile at e of her attorneys.

Casey isn’t paying as much attention to her hair and clothing as she did in the past as her hair is in a more disheveled looking bun and her blouse is more wrinkles. Also she is not doing her grooming ritual as much. Her focus is elsewhere and she appears more relaxed as though she may know nothing bad will happen to her- like the deth sentence.

The intense smiling by Casey is very disconcerting. Yes, she has been out of her jail cage and is excited to see anyone and is happy about that. But the bottom line is that she  is on trial for killing Caylee and on trial for the fight of her life. That is why I don’ think she should be smiling about anything.

Her lying mother and brother who took the stand  certainly didn’t create reasonable doubt in my mind. But maybe something happened  Saturday that made her smile so brightly.  We will find out why she is  smiling  with such confidence soon enough.


81 thoughts on “Casey Anthony Bright Smiles In Courtroom After Weekend Recess

  1. It is so weird to see those big beaming smiles when we know now she spent the week-end getting psychological evaluations. Apparently, she loved it. This is one sickening female (to state the obvious).

    1. I’d imagine having 3 male psychiatrists evaluate her over the weekend put her in hog heaven…, the very people she most likes to manipulate! Her smiles this AM were the result of a love hangover. You know damn well she would have shit if it had been 3 female shrinks.

    2. If her parents had taken her to a Doctor and counselor when she was a child .

      Maybe Caylee would be alive today.

      Her parents failed her by neglecting her medical needs .

      This girl should have been on medication to calm her and a psychologist .

      THis is what happens when you have a lieing , cunning , overbearing mother like Cindy Anthony.

      She destroyed Cayces life and George is not inoncent by any means.

      George was right when he said he failed Caley.

      George failed Caleys mother first and she turned into a monster consumed with anger and murderous rage.

  2. Well, I guess she can smile all she wants, she still will call her Jail Cell home for a while longer. After that it she will be going on to bigger and better things like Prison.
    If that is what she has to look forward too after she gets convicted, more Power to her if she thinks that is Reason for her to smile that big.
    Maybe she thought she would get off today because she might be declared incompetent to stand Trial, well not so good News for Casey, she was declared competent after being examined by 3 Health Experts over the Weekend.

    I guess that Theory to get Casey off also didn’t work. Again why is Casey smiling? Beats me! JMO

    1. Her beaming smiles were very disconcerting and creepy. Interesting that she was already evaluated before trial began and then again now. She probably feels vindicated that she is competent. That’s her ego that’s happy.
      Her intellect doesn’t tell her that now it has been documented that she knows right from wrong.
      My “guess” is she is happy she can continue in the limelight and that’s she’s not “crazy”. A crazy win for her.

      1. She will be sleeping next to a steel toilet for a life sentence.

        Looking at her ugly mother on visitation day .

        I would choose the needle and get it over with.

    2. Maybe KC feels secure now that AF has returned. She was probably losing confidence in other attorneys.

      Btw, it seems to me that AF has taken over CM’s duties!

  3. Dr. Glass, Do you think Casey thought she could fool the psychologists and the psychiatrist? Does she really think she is that smart?

      1. or was she happy because she was deemed competant so she can now testify? Ahhh haa! fooled them all one more time!!

    1. my daughter was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (some have suggested that the defendant might have this as well) and when it comes to concealing/deceiving doctors, she’s one of the best ! That is what some doctors say is one of the most difficult aspects of the disorder, and I believe some are even leery of treating those afflicted with it for that reason. My daughter KNOWS she is good at that too, however her “act” is only at it’s best with more superficial relationships. People such as myself, or other family members are SO onto her ! I’ve struggled with “fringe” acquaintances who think she is just an absolutely amazing, charming and delightful person and they begin to think that I’m the one that’s off their rocker 🙂 My daughter knows now that I have liberated myself from her trickery and manipulation, so she doesn’t get away with this crap anymore, with me anyway. (she’s 28 and lives on her own now) She is truly a chameleon, just as (one of) the defendant’s ex-boyfriends said about her.

      1. you have much distain for your daughter and an inflated sense of self-worth. My suggestion to you is to spend some time looking at yourself and what mistakes you made raising your child.

      2. ethans.oma,
        Having the experience you have with your daughter, how do you read Cindy? Do you think that her behavior is caused by KC or do you think she had her own issues earlier on before KC’s behavior got out of control?

  4. honeslty it creeped me out..she was smililing like she was nuts ..maybe thats what she wants people to thing……dr glass did u notice how she kept making her eyebrows go up and down???does that have a meaning???

  5. Do you think she was smiling because she THOUGHT she had fooled everyone into thinking she was not competent? After the Judge said the trial would resume, and Det. Melich was testifying, Casey was literally shooting daggers out of her eyes at him. She was back to looking like a MONSTER– how she usually looks to me.

  6. Dr. Glass… Can we please get your view on this? Looks like Casey has quite the anger issues! I think she is so evil, thank she put Caylee in the pool on the 16th without a life vest and watched her drowned. She is sick!

    1. Barbara, it looks like she is directing her anger at prosecutor LDB, who walks by a few seconds later. Maybe LDB was glancing at a file on the defense table. The monster’s anger flared and she seemed to say in a hushed tone, “You! Get away from that!” or “Get out!” Her contorted face reminds me of the demon in “the Exorcist.”

      Too bad Bozo’s head was in the way when she mouthed her anger. Bozo hears her, turns around, and she catches herself and once again becomes “prim and proper.” Undoubtedly, he has scolded her about proper court demeanor in the past.

      1. Wow! Casey appeared to be mouthing, “she was looking” or “she is looking”. There just aren’t enough words to express how much I loathe her…..Casey is PURE evil!!

      2. Yes, FD2011….the contortion DOES resemble the demon of “The Exorcist!” Wow, that is frightening.

        Notice how when Baez turns around, Casey’s hand first goes to her neck, then pulls her blouse in, as if covering herself. I’d like to hear what Dr. Glass thinks of that.

    2. Wow, thanks for the clip. I didn’t see it earlier, but it does look like she was angry at LDB, but then Jose catches KC..and she knows she was wrong. Looks like KC’s true colors came out for a brief moment.

    3. The more I watch the “enraged Casey” video, the more I want to give this advice to LBD:

      If you find yourself alone and in the same room with Casey, especially after sunset, make sure you pack a gun with a silver bullet blessed with holy water. Wear a cross, carry garlic, put a stake in your waistband, and add a Bible for good measure. May God be with you.

    4. Just speculation but this rage happened on Friday, then court order Psych. evaluation on Sat. Could it be that attacking a lawyer ( LDB ) caused the evaluations ? Would a verbal attack on LDB bring more charges against CA ? And then the smiles this morning were a “show” to prove she wasn’t a threat ?

  7. I was wondering if Casey wanted to change her plea to guilty, could the DT attorneys question her competecy? After Lee’s tearful(fake) testimony on Friday, I wonder if Casey has had a change of heart( I know its far fetched). Lee did say that he didn’t want to be in court, nor did he want his family going through this mess. Maybe Casey is heard for the first time from Lee(while on the stand) that enough is enough, and that everyone is being impacted thanks to her lies?

    1. The Anthony’s have a habit of talking in circles, so I’m sure no one ever told Casey directly to quit w/ her crap. JMO

    2. kc is the type of person who will never take responsibilty for her own actions unless forced too… (check charge ) she has never been held accountable… she is blaming the LE and SA for putting her and her family thru this… she couldn’t even take one shread of reposnibilty in her “drowning story” and its her fathers fault she partied for 31 days.. jmo..

    1. I think Casey is so jealous of any woman professional that her contempt comes out in her facial expressions. She knows she will never achieve anything in her sorry life besides being notorious for this crime.
      I noticed that Cindy was laughing it it up on Saturday with her attorney while they were waiting during the delay. I am sorry but if my granddaughter was dead and my daughter on trial for her murder I would find it very hard to summon a smile, let alone laugh, especially in the courtroom in front of people. She is just a sick as her evil daughter in my opinion.

      1. Totally agree about CA being jealous– evidently during those 31 days she was telling some random guy on Facebook that she was busy working on 2 degrees simultaneously!

    2. Simple, Evelyn. She does not like anyone on the State side because they are not forgiving her transgressions like her family did for many years. She especially hates LDB because L is the head prosecutor (Ashton is assistant prosecutor) and L is an accomplished attorney (compared to Casey’s high school dropout status.)

      Casey sees how other attorneys (including Bozo and Mason) accord professional respect to L, something that Casey will never get. Casey is used to getting all the attention from men, but when L is in the room, L commands all the attention and respect. This is the reason for her hatred and anger towards L.

  8. As we can see from this video Ms. Casey has some anger issues and could be quite violent. Poor Caylee was the object of her rage, I am sure, many times
    and when people were not around. She acted like the best mother in front of people and what did she do to Caylee when no one was around. I can’t help but feel little Caylee was neglected and abused through out her short life and Cindy knew about it. How could she not know living in the same house and why did she want custody of Caylee? Sad, sad, sad. Cindy used “money” as the excuse for not seeking custody. Money was her priority over Caylee’s life.

    Great articles Dr. Glass. I look forward to them every day.

  9. IMHO I think KC’s smiling coz passing the competency test gave green light to go on stand. Thus the sociopath & narcisist mindset of thinking “I am so smart & can fool everyone” rears it’s ugly head. KC was mad Sat morning (video of 6/25) at Cheney Mason coz I bet he’s trying to keep her off the stand (in her best interests)but if defendant wants to testify, lawyers can’t stop her thus the competency tests.
    the hand gesture at her neck in the video after the exchange between her & CM is very telling and reminds me of the google search “neck breaking”. Originally thought whatever heppened to Caylee was an accident but watching her, reading all the interviews available online via the timeline 6/9-7/16/08 makes the scenario of her killing Caylee on purpose in order to be free of Caylee & with boyfriend Tony enjoying the “good life” (as mentioned in one of the interviews with Amy re tattoo) and out from under her mothers control more likely.
    KC probably wants to “stick it” to her mother by taking away the baby as I think KC grandmother said in interview that she was afraid that KC hates her mother more than cares about Caylee.
    Sorry for such long post… such a sad twisted story. That
    poor sweet beautiful baby Caylee never had a chance.
    Hope the whole family goes down for this awful crime.

  10. You can see her saying “wow” as she is reading the forensic shrinks report after she was all smiles…she thought she bamboozeled them…not so…Judge says competent…no more smiles! She is just a CRIMINAL MURDERER…plain n simple…on to the verdict! You day is coming and so is Caylees…

  11. Did anyone hear from the legal pundits about whether any juror had tears in their eyes, or were obviously crying, last week when all the boohooing was going on in court by Cindy, Lee and Casey?

    1. No, but I did hear as soon as the jury got out of the court room when dismissed for lunch after Lee’s show, they all burst into laughter (before the door was even closed behind them).

  12. In this Video it shows how ugly Casey can be.
    I hope Caylee didn’t see that angry and hateful Look from her Mother before she took her last Breath.
    This Look is plain evil and proves how easy it is for Casey to loose her Temper and in my Opinion it also shows she is capable of just about anything including killing her own Child.

  13. I wonder if Casey takes the will she have this vindictive smile, or smirk while the DT questions her. I definitely can’t wait to see her reactionwhen cross-examined by the PT. Whatever her reaction, its sure to be “Priceless”.

  14. Dr Glass, while I don’t have a phd in body language as the child of two violent alcoholics I certainly learned to read it fast enough. I have lived my entire life gauging body posture and tells rather than spoken word on many occassions. It’s very easy to lie, it’s very hard to lie and your body not give you up. It is my opinion that you are pretty much right on the money.

    I want this woman dead. I’m not going to beat around the bush about it. I survived my parents so I have a very good idea of the torment she most likely went through before death took her.

    I also will be very happy if the judge starts throwing perjury charges around. How sad is it that we, a bunch of strangers care more for that child than anyone in her life did?

  15. I have a nagging question, even though I am sure Casey is GUILTY. I’ve read about chloroform and as a nurse, I think it would be very difficult for me to make. Casey does not seem to posses the abilities needed to manufacture a dangerous chemical like chloroform. It would be very dangerous to attempt to make it without putting oneself at extreme risk. Maybe she found another source for her supply, but where would one buy or order chloroform?

    1. Amazon has two listing for the chemical on the first page, but both say they are “currently unavailable.” I wonder when they were pulled in this way.

  16. When the trial is over and done with and she is sent to prison for the rest of her life I’m sure those smiles with be punched right off her face from her fellow inmates who can’t stand women who are sooo selfish to kill their own child !! I was watching the trial until Casey’s Mom,brother got up there with all their new lies,shame,SHAME on them,I can’t believe they would rather lie,that Casey’s response by ignoring her Mom when HER MOM said ”I LOVE YOU” in court would have such an impact on their core’s instead of thinking of their sweet baby girl grandchild and niece of the torment that sweet angel must have endured before she passed.Casey got her ” power back” once again over her family.There had to be a way to get life in prison instead of the death penality without all this drama and I’m sure the jury would agree also,does not make sense.So Dr. Glass THANK YOU for your insight and blog on this case,you get right to the point,no drama like inside the courtroom because everyone now has made this about Casey instead of justice and a voice for Caylee who had no say in her short sweet life to end,a traumatic one at that. One day they all better ask to have ”MERCY ON THEIR SOULS”!!! Cindy Austin from Windham Me.

    1. Cindy Austin, I agree, there will be very little smiling once she is sent to prison. Everything that I have read or seen about child killers in prison is ominous. I don’t think she will have much peace in prison. She certainly will be hunted there, much like Jeffrey Dahmer was.

    2. I wonder if inmates at Lowell have access to television (and cable) and are following this, seeing her behaviour as we are. Just a thought. Not that they would need to follow it daily to know the score.

  17. So it now comes out she was upset Saturday because she had a dispute with the defense and they filed the competency motion. She was upset she had to take the shrink meets…Today shes all happy cuz they said she’s competent and therefore back being the boss…nanner nanner nanner to mason who now just warms a chair. I think he caught her in a lie and covered himself knowing he wants to lie on the stand…IMHO

  18. I think the happy face was prior to the report from the psychiatrists and Casey was feeling secure that should would be held incompetent and get out of the trial. As she and her lawyers read the happy goes away and I suppose what they were all reading was the reports.

    About the video above with the scary face. Casey is extremely enraged. It is a feral animal kind of look. The teeth bared is very much like any animal showing it’s teeth. She feels threatened and she is threatening back. Her mom and bro got up and lied and if she reads any online or any tabloids she knows that no one believes her lying family so all that they have said is pretty much flying out the window as a means of excusing her.

  19. Watching this P.I. on the stand….he’s a fast talker……seems very nervous to me. I was also surprised to hear about a psychic……I had never heard a psychic was involved in looking for Caylee’s body.

  20. I’ve been reading this blog for a long time but never commented before, but have thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone’s opinions and comments! And for the record I have always believed from the very begining Casey was 100% guilty for the horrible demise of beautiful Caylee Marie. Being a mother it is unconsciencable the behavoir of that wicked woman and her entire family. Caylee deserved so much better. It’s odd that I have cried numerous times and grieved for a little girl that I have no association with in anyway but her own mother, Casey cannot even shed a tear for her.

    Anyway to my point, after seeing that video, it really shows the true Casey, the evil that runs through her veins is not human and I pray to the Lord that justice will be served. She was all smiley this AM b/c she probably convinced herself she was going to get off then the anger came once the judge and ALL 3 doctors deemed her competent!! And just a thought don’t they usually do competency test before the trial begins and not after the state rests and the defense is halfway thru their case?

  21. The “psychic” was probably KC channelling (from
    jail) where Caylee’s remains were closeby in order to prove that when body was evenutally found later must have been placed in location after she was in jail(alibi).
    Remains were probably under water all that time an why dogs & searchers couldn’t find and explain the extreme decomponsation (along with bugs/heat).Think KC fessed up to family @7/15/08) and got help in coverup in cleaning car and dumping computer records. Lees talking about keeping CMA’a secret at Caylee Memorial.
    Cindy/Spindy on pre trial interview circuit and now in court. George I think is only one that has not lied under oath maybe in part of his police background? idk if
    he gets on stand this week and says everything JB said in opening statement was true than JP should IMO
    declare mistrial coz that would make whole family perjuring themselves from original depositions.

  22. My goodness thats a hateful woman.The video shows her complete LDB may have just got the response from Casey she knew was there.Caseys a cold mean woman.I believe when raging she would be dangerous.Let moma Cindy play with this daughter if she wants( i believe Casey will be found guilty) but if she ever walks The Anthonys better double pad lock their door.The meaness i see in that video,Caylee saw,and im sure the Anthonys saw more times than one,dealing with Casey. I hope the jury was in to see this side of Casey.

  23. How did the P.I.s know to look there?

    Because Sindy did an interview (sorry, don’t know with who) in 2008 where she “slipped up” and mentioned “the woods.” We’ve talked about this before so can someone else please back me up?

    The “enraged Crazee” video WAS NOT taken today – look at her shirt. Today she wore an ugly white ruffled-down-the-front thing with dark buttons. In the video she is wearing the light blue striped shirt.

    I still say “the BIG secret” that Lee holds, AND is mad as hell about STILL, is that Crazee told Sindy that HE got her pregnant; why not? She’s told bigger, more deadly lies than that, hasn’t she? And this is why Lee was excluded from anymore knowlege or involvment in Crazee’s pregnancy/childbirth plans and info. Sindy was PUNISHING him. If Sindy was SO weirded out about Crazee having sex, e.g. “You have to have sex to get pregnant,” what safer way to explain her pregnancy to her mother than to say Lee “did it” and keep it all in the family? I realize this is a DISGUSTING theory but I think it FITS this family to a “T.” And ALL of this happened BEFORE anyone did any DNA/who’s the daddy? tests.

    As for Crazee’s happy face today – There was a one hour meeting with all involved this morning BEFORE court began. Crazee ALREADY KNEW the outcome of the competency interviews/assessments. When she walked in to court this morning, she KNEW she had been declared “competent” Xs 3. Either this news returned her POWER and put her in a state of euphoria until the JURY came in and she automatically put her jury face on, OR, she’s been informed of the blogfests trying to guess the reasons behind her many faces and she’s playing a game of cat ‘n’ mouse with all of us!
    I’d think by now that everyone who visits Dr. Glass’s blog would KNOW that Crazee ONLY wears a half human/smiley face when the jury is OUT of the courtroom. (oh, but Judge Perry sees all…)

    1. WOW! I think your on to something when it comes to Lee being set up by Casey becoming pregnant! That makes complete sense. On the CMA I will keep your secrets…. I think he helped with disposing the body of that sweet little angel. No one in that family deserved to have her. She is in a better place with god. Can you imagine what her life would be like with those wacks!

      1. So….because of this “set-up” I can see why he got excluded from the pregnancy, the decorating of the baby room and the non-invite to her shower…Casey becomes the sweet victim they have to protect from Lee. But why would he KEEP the secret? That secret is out now that the DNA has proved no paternity.

        I did think he was upset even before Baez questioned him on the stand. He seemed not to be able to go through with either telling this “secret set-up” or telling another sordid lie/lies.

    2. If Lee or George had fathered the baby wouldn’t Caylee have been born with serious health problems due to the closeness of the DNA, incest, etc? Also the picture of KC and her mom at the uncle’s wedding, Kc was clearly pregnant! She did not look like someone who had just gained some weight. That was all baby. I know her mom had to be lying about not having knowledge of her pregnancy. The family seems to live on lies.

    3. I totally see Casey lying to her parents saying Lee sexually abused her and that is how she got pregnant… remember Cindy’s brother had said when they came to visit for his wedding he mentioned to Cindy that Casey look pregnant and Cindy replied that was nonsense b/c Casey was a virgin…so just like you said since Casey probably told her mom she was a virgin, when she began pregnant, of course it isn’t her fault (nothing ever is right? lol) it was Lee’s fault, he abused her hence illegitiment child, Caylee…
      What a twist, mucked up family…and Casey is at the helm of it all.. sick sick sick. Casey probably would have thrown her brother under the bus so her parents didn’t think ill of her, no wonder she doesn’t have a problem destroying everyone she knows to save herself from the needle at Stark prison. I loathe Casey Anthony!

  24. Alana, your “(oh, but Judge Perry sees all…)” is brilliant!
    JP keeps his head forward as his eyes scan his courtoom. I think Crazee
    forgets he is there because he only addresses the DT & PT. How funny to think she thinks she is fooling him. He is a seasoned judge who has probably seen many, many like her. Fatal mistake!

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