Casey Arrives in Court Smug Confident and Smiling As Her Mom Enables Her Once Again

As Casey walks into court, she is thrilled. We have not seen her smile this much in a very  long time Shes smiling because she feels confident. She feels secure. Why?  It is because mommy came to her rescue yet once again.

Cindy has tried to protect Casey and ignored Casey’s  bad behavior just like she has done  with all of Casey’s bad behavior  from when Casey was pregnant, a high school drop out, and when Casey did not have a job. Casey is thrilled because mommy has delivered and continue to  come to the rescue.

Here we see Casey bursting with joy. She can barely contain  herself.We also see  Casey with a clenched fist with a stretched out hand which shows a combination of   arrogance on her part.

Casey is happy and confident as she listens to Mason From her cocked head we see she is very interested and attentive  to what Mason is telling her. No doubt he is telling her that she has a good chance to be let off  now that her  mother is on the team and that Lee will get up on the stand and will  be supportive as well.

This is a dramatic change on Casey’s courtroom demeanor. She has not been this smug, cocky and happy in a long time.  Perhaps her little meltdown and temper tantrum when Cindy refused to look at  her , got to Cindy.  So she changed her tune.

Now we know where Casey learned her lying behavior. She learned it from mother Cindy who lied on the stand over and over again.


67 thoughts on “Casey Arrives in Court Smug Confident and Smiling As Her Mom Enables Her Once Again

  1. Is there not one family member among the Anthonys who doesn’t lie? Oh wait, there is Cindy’s nice brother who told her to wise up, that Casey was pregnant. Told her to wise up, that Casey had something to do with the missing Caylee. You know, the nice brother who acted silly singing funny songs to Caylee on her own toy boombox with microphone at her birthday party.

  2. Cindy lied about the reason for the baby shower being held AFTER Caylee’s birth. She SAID Caylee was born one month early. I remember early on, like 3 years ago, that they didn’t have “complications.” IMO, Cindy didn’t beleive Casey was pregnant until she saw Caylee coming through the birth canal.

    1. Cindy KNEW Casey was pregnant! She was in total denial about it, as she has been about everything involving Casey!!!

  3. Cannot believe cindy is lying like this.i hope the jury sees right through her like Dr Glass. every family is dysfunctional in their own way but its never an excuse to kill a child.Cindy and whoever else is gonna lie for Casey should be ashamed of themselves.I guess that poor baby never had a chance with these people.

    1. I agree! I hope the jury sees right through this Sh*t. The fact remains that Casey didn’t say anything for 31 days and didn’t tell anyone where Caylee’s body was. Those are the facts. If it was an accident….they should have said so 3 yrs ago.

  4. The whole situation sickens me. When a family is this unwell it not only touches their lives but the lives of those around them whether in work, neighbors, school, church, and even in this case the public at large. Dysfunctional behavior always needs enablers. They want society to enable their daughter in the murder of her daughter. They want society to enable her lies and their lies. They enable each others dysfunctional behaviors so to them it stands to reason that everyone else buys their ‘story’ and that we of course care about them the most because it’s all about them. People like this, people who lie are driven by selfish motivation. It’s like when someone is consistently late even though they have been asked by co-workers or bosses or family or friends to please be on time, they have the attitude that no one’s life is as important as what they are doing and it’s okay for everyone to wait for them no matter how late they arrive because what they are doing is oh so important compared to the rest of the world. This is the kind of family the Anthony family appear to be, self-absorbed condescending, egocentric people who feel that their needs supercede everyone elses needs. Baez has said that Casey’s lies and all the behaviors should not be considered in this case because he says they are not relevant but they are extremely relevant. It is this sick familial behavior that likely started them all down the slippery slope to the murder of Caylee.

    And again I’ll say that people care more about the deaths of their family pets, exhibit more emotion over losing their beloved cat or dog than I’ve seen Casey exhibit over the death of her own child. We see the face of a cold calculating murderer who is incapable of feeling remorse over the death of their own child. They are not like the rest of us, Casey isn’t like the rest of us. She has no heart, she has no conscience. She feels no remorse, no sorrow, and if she shows any emotion it is sorrow at getting caught and that’s all. The rest of us are not so devoid of feeling that we are incapable of shedding tears even at the loss of simple family pets and we would certainly be devastated over the loss of someone we loved. None of us would go clubbing but Casey Anthony would because she is a murderer, she doesn’t feel the feelings that the rest of us feel. She was able to live with the death of her child and go drinking, clubbing, doing wet t shirt contests, hang with friends, sleep around, steal money from her friend Amy and her mothers money and be okay with herself. In her world everything was hunky-dory because she didn’t have the “brat” to worry about any more and she could focus on her own wants. Of course she is smug! She feels secure that we all buy their story because that is how their family operates and that is how she operated during the time when her daughter was dead. She was smooth, cold, calculating, uncaring, unfeeling, egocentric and happy. What we see is the true face of a murderer. She occasionally has made attempts at crocodile tears, but always reverts to that smirk and smug behavior because she has the mind of a killer. The rest of us can’t relate to this because we actually FEEL with normal emotions and normal emotional range, something she will never be capable of doing. I would not want to live next to her if she ever got off. This person is destined to do more social harm than good.

  5. Maybe the family made a deal with the defense to lie about drowning, computer searches, etc and they defense will not speak of molestation claims. I am disappointed the family’s lawyer allowed the lying from Cindy and Lee on the stand.very curious to see what George has to say.

    1. I think that you may be correct. What the hell was Baez putting his arm on Lee’s back as if to comfort him as he’s stepping down from the stand. What is wrong with Lee. If someone had accused me of molesting my sister I sure would not be accepting morale support from such a lying snake (assuming that he’s innocent of this accusation) I’ve come to believe during this trial that there is no such thing as “the truth” coming out of this courtroom and that is a big disappointment to me. I’ll just be satisfied if the jury convicts her of either 1st degree murder or felony murder.

      1. yes- the patting of Lee’s back was creepy- I think it was coz lee had been unable (or unwilling after agreeing to it) to say- what he was suppost to say- I think bobo was just keeping the connection alive- in hopes that he would perform tomarrow. Bobo doesn’t “get it” yet- this family will not come thru for him or Casey or anyone but themself. I hope she gets off- the state hasn’t made their case..

  6. I am so disgusted by this whole family.Lee met with Jose this past week.Hmm when did they become on a first name basis.I think JA was right on,
    Wow you have to have your deposition with everything I ask you,but can answer Baez’s questions without hestitation.

    For those who think poor grieving grandparents,what about all the innocent people they are willing to blame for Casey’s crimes ? Even hoping for them to be prosecuted so she gets off.

    If I go by all these people on HLN it is okay to obstruct and lie if you are a grieving mother,so anyone who commits murder their family has a carte blanche excuse to not follow the law?

    They never wanted justice for Caylee from what I see she’s all but forgotten.

  7. Please tell me that these people will face charges for lying in court. If they think by getting Casey off, they can seek help for her and then go back to being a family, they are in for a very rude awakening.

  8. Right on Marianne,Just like Joran Van Dersloot and his daddy the judge constantly covering for him.He felt so empowered he killed again.

    1. @LMM – I agree about Joran Van Dersloot and I think if Casey ever got off that her neighbors should make sure that if she has another child they should immediate call DCF at the first signs of any neglect etc. She is destined to do more harm toward society and everyone she has contact with than good.

  9. You know, I’ve been thinking about Cindy lying for her daughter and I see a shade of Cindy in my own mother. My dad was an alcoholic and my mother along with the rest of the family enabled that. We put on the “happy family” face for all to see. When I left the nest for outside employment, I began to get a reality check that my family was not “normal”. I would see the dropped jaws when I told stories of my home life. As a 20 something, I began to seek out what relationships really should be like. I am now in my early 40’s and have virtually no relationship with my family because I am the only one to speak the truth. I won’t facilitate the fantasy. My mother enables my prescription pill addict sister, and all the other dysfunctional behavior in our family. I think she would lie just as Cindy has done.
    I have a son who is a sociopath and I maintain as little contact as possible with him. In fact, he was removed from my home with the help of the police because I was not going to enable a living hell. It is not easy to take a stand when surrounded by dysfunction, and obviously none of the Anthonys are willing to take that stand.

    1. Standingintruth exactly and well said. It is very difficult but the truth is that those who enable do live in hell along with the person who is creating that hell. The Anthony family are dysfunctional and willing to enable each other rather than seek help.

    2. Dear Standingintruth –

      I think you are wonderful. Even though you were raised in a very dysfunctional family, you deal with life honestly and don’t play games. I’m sorry you’ve had so many sad things to deal with, especially the difficult situation with your son. I hope that you find peace and a measure of happiness which you so richly deserve.

  10. Casey also learned her arrogance from Cindy…you would think a pet cat died and not their kid! Can you imagine the arrogance if the jury buys this crap? And then there’s Lee…oh yeah, I didn’t think Caylee was dead after speaking at her memorial and now I’m all broken up over it…Save yourself Lee and move to California!

    1. I was discussing this testimony of Lee’s with someone and we both agree that he probably decided he had better comply with the defense because if Casey does get out, Lee’s life will be a living hell with a sister out to get him if she thinks he’s the enemy.
      I think he is Lee-lee livered like his father and I hope his fiance takes a good long look at the family she’s about to become part of… scary, to say the least.

  11. I feel like we are in imaginary land again with Cindy testifying today and Baez asks her if a picture was taken about a yr before “she” passed away. Children that have been murdered have not passed away.

  12. I read somewhere this week that Mallory just had a baby…I don’t know why that is such a big secret…..Maybe it’s not Lee’s….It seems as though when Mallory was introduced in court to testify, she said she was Lee Fiancee’ . It didn’t sound as though that it was a current situation. None of the Anthony’s have said a word about this baby….So there may already be a baby, in this poisonous family….I am going to look for this article and will post it when I find it.

    1. That is good Bobby and I remember last year there being something about her being pregnant! GREAT JOB!! Perhaps that is why Lee is able to cry tears now for Caylee now that he has held his own child in his arms and felt the gift of love and life.

      1. Thank you both for the Mallory update- I had not heard she was even pregnat- Maybe that explains Lee’s emotional out burst on the witness stand- Surely the child was his & Mallory’s-

  13. Dr Glass..How about that picture of Caylee taken from the BACK? has got to be a first..if I was the sate I would ask for the original and run as fast as I could to the FBI and see if it was real..Did you hear Mr Mason say that Caylee was premature!!! cannot imagine a 7.9 pound baby premature…I think Casey got her wires crossed on who was the last guy that could of been the father..puts her late October to mid November the prior year.

    I really think they all met with Baez last week and came to some kind of an me prove that Caylee drowns and I will not go after Lee or George for the molestation…because as we know that would bring charges to both of them..George will take the fall I will place a bet on it…I have said this from the very beginning. He will help support the drowning theory. IMO

  14. I don’t believe I have ever been so disgusted with anything or anybody, as I am with the Anthony family! The last two days have been gut wrenching to watch!

    Here is my take on this debacle of a trail…

    Cindy is lying to save Casey’s hide.She has so much GUILT for being such a controlling, self serving mother, it is out of pure guilt that she has switched sides! Lee is so confused, as to what the hell to do, he is lying also. I have to wonder what secret, or secrets, Lee is keeping for his sister. One is only as SICK as their SECRETS! This family seems to have many and that speaks volumes!

    George Anthony? George needs to grow a pair!

    I can not wait for this trial to be over. It really sickens me to think that this *itch may get a lighter sentence or off, for the murder of her daughter. I have never seen a family living so far in denial! DENIAL…. Don’t Even No I Am Lyin

  15. Posted 04-23-10 01:20 PM Hide Post
    More Evidence Released In Case Against Casey

    Nearly 300 pages of evidence was released Friday morning in the case against Casey Anthony.

    The documents include evidence logs, lab work sheets, interview transcripts and information regarding hair samples.

    Prosecutors said they want to make sure no one close to Casey Anthony has been withholding information to protect her. Detectives also interviewed a local journalist regarding claims that Lee Anthony’s girlfriend, Mallory Parker, allegedly told a coworker that Casey Anthony killed her daughter, Caylee Anthony.

    A journalist named Rozzie Franco, who has been covering the Casey Anthony case, told detectives a former coworker of Parker volunteered what could have been vital information.

    “Mallory knows Casey did something to Caylee … and she’s sure that she killed Caylee,” according to a transcript of an interview with Franco.

    Detectives pressed further and determined the context of the alleged conversation between Parker and the coworker was that Parker believed Casey Anthony killed Caylee. Casey never confessed the crime to her.

  16. Irishman what you said is so far from reality re “you’d think a pet cat died, not her kid” I will have you know when my cat died i was heartbroken and cried for days the same way all normal people do.
    The real Cindy is baccck with her smug arrogance and lies. She almost had me feeling for her there just a few days ago. I’m sure the jury has her figured out as well. No wonder Casey is the way she is having been raised with these liars and Lee is one of them. The whole dern bunch needs to disappear.

    1. Point taken….have faith in the jury…I’ve served on 6 juries and really impressed me faith in the system…my juries took their responsibilities very seriously…in out nation, in then end, no one can represent or be convicted of a crime unless us ordinary folk say so…they are smarter than most folk worry about…

      1. I hope and pray that you’re right, Irishman. I just keep having OJ jury flashbacks. Makes me literally sick to my stomach.

  17. I am so angry at this f___d up family! They are orchestrating a scheme to get Casey off. She and George has sat through the whole trial and knows the whole defence’s strategy and has been writing on her notepad the lie that will dispute their theory. Casey knew all along that her family, especially her mother, was going to come to her rescue. Casey and Cindy played that love-hate dysfunctional relationship they have early on because she wanted to make Casey suffer for a little bit. Baez and Mason knew they were going to come around because when they stopped pouting they went running straight to Baez to let him know they were now ready to help him. There is NO way someone who would accuse me of molesting someone wrongly, I would then turn around and befriend them. Baez patted Lee on the back because Baez was beside himself with joy that he came around. How could Lee even let him touch him, with him making that accusation. Why, because Baez told them from the beginning what his defence was and orchestrated how he wanted them to handle it. Act like you’re on the defence’s side, let them put all their cards on the table and then we will attack them. That’s why they withheld the sharing of information, because all along they meant to knock the wind out of the Prosecution. Well, today it is storming fiercely in Orlando, and I believe it is little Caylee’s tears saying “why has my family forsaken me and is protecting the life of the person who took mine away?” I pray for justice for Caylee and I hope that they all are brought down by the Prosecution and Casey never sees the light of day again. I pray that the Prosecution still has a few Aces left in their deck. The truth has to prevail because a lie cannot stand!

  18. Sorry, I meant they have listened to the Prosecution’s defence and act like they are on their side…I was so angry I mistyped

  19. I was wondering that too Debi,I would not put anything past Baez and this family.Cindy clearly said before that Caylee could not open the sliding door.That child looked much larger and older and how very convenient that they just happen to come up with this picture.I hope the state identifies it right away and makes sure it’s not false.

    I also want them to stop treating these guys with kid gloves.They are lying under oath.I’m sick of HLN hosts like NG talking about what dignity they have and how she feels so sorry for them.I want to be sick.They are wicked evil people who helped make their daughter the way she is with their enabling.

    1. Your comments about HLN are exactly why I stopped watching their shows. I will not perpetuate that type of “journalism”. Plus, when is the last time you actually heard anything NEW on those shows. They rehash the same facts and opinions hour after hour.

  20. I noticed at the end of the day when everyone was leaving the court that Baez patted the Anthony’s attorney on the back!

  21. Yes I saw that too, Baez patting their lawyer on the back…seems like they all made a deal…that’s why the Anthony’s lawyer let it leak out that they didn’t believe Casey was innocent to try to get people off track knowing they were getting ready to perjure themselves….they are a real piece of work!

    1. Hi,
      I found a link with it.
      I thought yesterday that this picture didn’t look right? Still don’t and if its proven I hope Cindy gets it!
      I am wondering if they have caught onto that and that is why Casey went into Judge Perrys chambers this am?? I do hope so. I want this little girl to get true justice. This family is sick.

  22. Does anyone remember how sick they felt when OJ got off? Well get ready America, looks like we will have this feeling again. What a mess this trial is!

  23. I have noticed that smug smirk time and time again, when she first appeared for her arraignment, she was jolly and happy, she was smiling and laughing to the spectators or whoever was in the audience. I am convinced that Casey is enjoying her stardom. She loves this attention. She loves the adulation. She believes in her heart that she will not have a guilty verdict. I have heard some of the spectators who line up, pushing and shoving, shouting and screaming like this is a rock concert, I have heard them say she will never get convicted. When asked why they think this, the answer, because she’s young and pretty, she’s cool. That’s a sad commentary on our society if they think this way.

    Also, when Leonard Padilla’s partner Tracy stayed in the Anthony home for 9 days and nights while Casey was out on bail, Tracy said that Casey never gave a care in the world that things were closing in on her, she continued making bead bracelets, she cooked for everyone, she carried on like not a care in the world. She never once asked or talked about her daughter Caylee. Tracy reported that when Tracy was looking at Caylee’s baby book that Casey ran over with HER own baby book and said, “hey, look at MIINE”… was all about Casey. SHE had to be the star, the center of attention. Also, that’s when Casye said she got her tatoo to honor her daughter, in her memory, how? Because no one knew her daughter was dead yet? She talked about Caylee on past tense when the world had no clue what happened to Caylee.

    About Lee and Casey. I believe there is something very sick and abnormal about those 2, they are so emmeshed with each other. I learned in therapy years ago that if you can survive in a sick relationship then you are sick yourself. I think actually the entire family is sick, emmeshed, enablers, co-dependents, rescuers, control freaks, grandstanders, narcissists. I have never heard a family remember the things they do in vivid descriptions like they do, they can’t answer with a simple yes or no, they have to have ELABORATE details to over-explain so that’s how I can tell they are lying, embellishing and being overly dramatic. Their memories get better with time which is ludicrous. That’s not even possible.

    What makes me sick is how the justice system in allowing a defendant a fair trial is allowed to make up, embellish and come up with insane theories and lies to cast reasonable doubt. That’s why most people hate defense attorneys.

  24. Can someone tell me why Casey got so angry and made such an angry face in court on Friday (maybe Thursday). It appeared as if it was directed at Linda Drane Berdik as while she was making that God awful face she was pointing at someone…………..

  25. Cindy and George have sat in that courtroom day after day, and knew exactly that the state’s evidence clearly points to Casey’s guilt of premidated murder. When Cindy left the witness stand the other day and mouthed “I love you” to Casey, I knew that was tip-off and tipping point to her daughter that she would come to her defense. Cindy might as well have mouthed “I got you”. After hearing the intricately weaved lies Cindy told about her puppies being sleepy and her internet search for Chlorophyll and Chloroform, and that she remembered a pop-up ad of skater about neck-breaking from well over 3 years ago, I knew then that Cindy would stop at nothing to save Casey from the ultimate death penalty. The Anthony’s are complete hypocrites. They said they want justice and the truth about Caylee’s death, yet now they are feeding lies after lies to the jurors to distort the truth and rescue their guilty daugther. It’s obvious that manipulating, lying sociopath Casey learned from her own mother how to lie with such convincing detail, and ex-cop father George is a total insecure wimp who just goes along with Cindy’s and Casey’s lies and manipulation. It seemed Lee was the only one, for a while, that had any common sense left, but he too has succumb to sickness of this family.
    I hope and pray the jury will see through all their lies and focus on the factual evidence as well as Casye’s egregious euphoric behaviour for the 31 days following Caylee’s dissapperance. We need justice for Caylee.

  26. one of the biggest mysteries in this case is the lack of disclosure about the father of little Caylee. Why is that? What about child support payments? If the father “died” in a car crash they could get social security from the govt. This family wasn’t rich. What could be the reason? DNA excludes her dad and bro. If there were two lovers at the time of conception it would be one or the what? For that alley cat it would have been no big deal. She must have a real good reason not to tell about this. And her family claims not to be too concerned about who Caylee’s daddy was? I don’t believe that. Is not “who is the father?” the FIRST question you would ask your daughter? They are all lying through their teeth again. I believe Cindy and George looked the other way about Casey’s “social life”. She spent plenty nights away from home with all her lovers. They must have known she was doing so much sleeping around and probably thought all girls did that. I know plenty do but not all are such pigs. Maybe they were the kind of parents who would do the same if they were young again. I know a family like this. Just give the young girls the pill and send them off with “have a good’re only young once!” The parents take off for the weekend and could care less what the kids do or what the neighbors see. No shame whatsoever. I grew up and married in the sixties so I have seen plenty. Why should kids have any discretion when the parents are so liberal? Sure she was 21 or 22 but for pete’s sake they were providing the roof over her head ,the food ,her car and everything else. Didn’t they ever ask where all her paychecks went when she stole from them so many times? how could she fake a job for two and a half years? Are they all nuts or what??? ..just had to vent

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