Cindy Anthony’s Voice and Body Language Show Lies On Stand In Attempt to Protect Casey

One of the most tell tale  signals of deception was when Cindy discussed that she purchased the car with stains in the trunk. As she said this her voice croaked and trailed off. This indicates a lie. It was her vocal cord muscles closing off because the muscles functioned tightly as they  knew that a lie was being told.

Cindy looked very defensive as she spoke as you can see by her raised shoulders and her pulled back body.

When a person jabbers on and on and on and on chances are they are lying. Cindy did such jabbering when she spoke about her passwords at work and reasons why she couldn’t verify her time of being home or at work. She gave way too much information and made way too many excuses for it to be truthful. She went off on tangents that had nothing to do with what she  was asked. This is also an indicator of deception.

She  purses her lips after she says that she looked up” inhalation.” That is usually a signal of deception. Casey looks surprised that her mother was trying to save her behind.

She also shows a signal of deception when she speaks about “neck breaking” and how she looked it up because there as a youtube video that said neck breaking skate boarding. This is not true as indicated by her head bow and shoulder shrug and sticking her own neck forward.

She pursed her lips again when she said she searched “acetone” which is also a signal of deception.

Here we see the lip  purse when Cindy is busted about looking up chloroform and looking it up 84 times. She said she looked up chloroform which was ridiculous. It was obvious that she lied based on her tone and based on her body language.

Here we see Cindy scratching her eye  as she discusses how the computer was on all the time and how she didn’t need a password to get on and how she asked Casey to get on the computer, If she had a laptop why did she have to ask Casey if she could use the computer.

No matter what Cindy says, the jury will see through her. They will hear her deceptive vocal tells and they will see her deceptive body language  tells. They know she is lying to save her daughter’s life. They saw her break down and now know she is trying to back track.

The judge will give an order to the jurors not to base their judgement  because they  sorry for anyone. The jury will not forget Cindy’s  most real breakdown on the stand  and her not even looking in Casey’s direction. Then they will remember her mouthing I Love You to Casey as she left the stand the second time she testified. Now the third time she is covering up. They know what is going on. They will see right through her,

Cindy’s protecting Casey says a lot a about how Cindy really feels about Caylee. Apparently Cindy cares more about the person who murdered Caylee than she does about Caylee being murdered. If I am seeing  this so clearly, a jury will as well.I think they will be angry that they are being manipulated by Cindy, who showed a great deal of unlike ability on the stand today.


140 thoughts on “Cindy Anthony’s Voice and Body Language Show Lies On Stand In Attempt to Protect Casey

      1. Dr. Glass – can you please talk about the deep deep breaths Cindy took while on the stand? It seemed to coorespond when she was trying to justfiy her responses??


      2. I agree, Dr. Glass. I knew Cindy was going to lie before she spoke a word – just from viewing her posture. When she spoke it was so very obvious she was lying, i.e. the biting and wiping of her lips, the timbre and ‘trailing down’ of her inflections when answering. I viewed the same with Lee, yet his lying was more of an evasive tactic – i.e., “don’t remember”, “maybe”, etc.. I can understand her family’s desperation in doing what they can to save Casey from death, but I am convinced the jury is not only insulted by this backtracking and tweaking, but their memory of the prosecution’s opening presentation will remind them that Casey learned her ‘lying ways’ quite well from her Mom and brother. I believe wholeheartedly that Mr. Baez has tampered with these witnesses quite recently, as Mr. Ashton alluded to.


  1. It was not a ‘bombshell’ moment for me anyway. Parents of children who commit crimes are often very conflicted. They hate the fact their child has done such a horrendous act but still love them because they are the parents. The fact that Cindy told the media that she was still looking for Caylee AFTER Caylee’s body was found and identified speaks volumes. Cindy may well have looked up chlorophil or chloroform for her job. She was not the one who partied and didn’t tell anyone the child was missing for 31 days.

    1. All it takes is 1 stupid juror to get an acquittal. Juror #4, from what I hear, is not a bright bulb, claims she “can’t judge” anyone, and appeared to not even understand what she was being asked during voir dire.

      Casey will be found “not guilty,” I guarantee you. Thanks to Cindy.

      1. If the jury let’s Casey go it would just serve that mother of her right. Casey’s already had an eye on getting their house and not by making plans to work to earn money to buy it. They better sleep with both eyes open if they help their little killer back on the street because those 2 parents will be the next to go. What the heck…she’d have gotten away with murder once and very often people like her don’t feel lucky…they feel like they can keep getting away with it.

      2. Any sympathy or respect I had for Cindy went right out the window.In her lawyer’s statement she says all they want is the truth. If that’s the case, you might start by telling the truth yourself. She cares more about protecting her murderous daughter than justice for Caylee,

  2. Yes, but is this testimony of Cindy showing reasonable doubt about what really did happen. We can’t put people to death based on what we “THINK” happened. The state of Florida needs to prove this.

      1. You may be right…I don’t know much about body language but this jury has its work cut out for them. If I was on the jury I would find her not guilty at this time. To me it is the prosecutions job to prove their theory…Cindy was one of their witness’s and now she is on the stand lying…what else is she lying about is what I would be asking myself. I think this whole family is involved in the death and 30+ day hiatus from reporting this death to the police. Great job as always Dr Lillian. Read your articles everyday.

      2. Reasonable lies. Are you sure? Of course, but I wonder if Cindy was speaking in CODE. Did she have a sleepy dog, or a sleepy Caylee that made her suspicious. You know Cindy has a way of coming up with slips here and there.

      3. Cindy’s boss fudged in hours at work for her when she was not working, because over time was a problem……
        That does not even make sense.
        If the boss was faking hours for people that were not really at work, that might cause a problem with overtime, but not the way Cindy said it.
        Cindy is a huge liar, and this time I hope they prove it.

      4. Every employer I have ever had and I’ve had a lot over the last 40 years…everyone of them always warned NOT to falsify your time slips or you will be fired. How fortunate for Cindy that she found the one employer in the country who encourages employees to LIE about their work hours. She isn’t fooling me any more. That crying on the stand was for Casey, not Caylee. She bears a lot of responsibility in what happened to that beautiful baby girl.

  3. Let’s face it, all you need is one juror looking for a reason to find doubt. Hopefully, we can at least get a hung jury. Maybe then, they can prove the lies and hopefully let the woman who taught Casey how to lie spend some time in jail for perjury.

  4. I think she’s really backpedaling right after the news came out from her attorney that she and her husband believe their daughter is not innocent. I think Cindy knows full well Casey will be found guilty, but is trying to minimize the damage and doing what she can to keep her child from receiving the death penalty. I don’t believe it has to do with caring more about Casey than Caylee. She loved each equally I think. As Casey’s mother, Cindy realizes that Casey’s death won’t bring Caylee back. I think we have to remember that Cindy did not only bond with, hold, love, cuddle, care for, read to, feed Caylee, but she did all these things with Casey FIRST. Casey is her BABY also. If my child killed my grandchild, I’d want justice done, and at the same time would NOT want my child executed. I think Cindy is behaving as any mother would in this predicament. She’s human. Give her a break. I don’t think Casey will ‘walk’ because of this.

    1. With all due respect, Dr. Lillian, one day you say Cindy cared more for Caylee than Casey, then the next day you change your mind and say Cindy cares more for Casey than her murdered granddaughter, Caylee. I just think the woman is torn… Period. End of story. This back and forth stuff on who Cindy loves or cares more for is ridiculous…

      1. No I say the same thing all the time, I say Casey hated her mother more than she loved Caylee and now I sawy Cindy loves Casey more than she loved Caylee now. Torn or not how can you defend anyone who murdered a family member. Period.

      2. I dunno, doc. Again, with all due respect, your “I sawy Cindy loves Casey more than she loved Caylee now.” statement seems kind of screwy to me. Cindy loved Caylee with a passion (you’ve acknowledged this too), and there’s no doubt that she still loves her. Who wouldn’t love that little girl? But like Sophie said, I think Cindy loved/loves each one equally. Casey is all she has left now, so as screwed up as that is, she’s fighting to save the life of the daughter she knows killed her granddaughter…

    2. Lying under oath is NOT how “any mother” would behave. There is no excuse for perjury and I hope Cindy gets prosecuted for it.

      1. “Body Language Analysis” & “Statment Analysis” has already exposed the Anthony’s – why do we have to continually re-learn what has already been clearly laid out by professionals…..Cindy has been lying for 3-years…do we think she is going to have a characterological transformation (that would require being reborn as someone else)………

  5. I’ve been coming back to this blog daily – SO interesting and informative – and not only in the tragic Anthony case – but also the knowledge Dr Glass provides about our body language!

  6. And what Cindy is doing is self preservation. How can she live with herself if she feels she as Casey’s mother, aided the State in execting her own child. She has to do what she feels is right for Caylee AND Casey at the same time. We cannot condemn Cindy for doing what her own daughter is on trial for NOT doing: and that is protecting her own child.

  7. Heavens no, Suzy, I think she’s guilty as sin. But at least with a hung jury they can have a do over.
    And I’m sorry, I understand this is her daughter, but I wouldn’t lie under oath for her. I think the lax way they’ve treated her is one of the things that created this “monster”.

  8. Well we now know for sure that Killer KC learned to lie from her mommy!
    What little sympathy I had for Cindy was flushed in the crapper today by her perjured testimony. You know what they say…..the turd doesn’t fall far from the asshole.

  9. Casey lies the way Cindy lies, they both give waaaaayy too much detail and their facial expressions, as you pointed out, are dead giveaways to their real feelings. I wonder that each of them couldn’t tell when the other was lying.

    Too bad Cindy decided to lie under oath because I was feeling a bit sorry for her as she did lose a grandchild. I had lost sight of the fact that she had raised, along w/ George, this monster who was so narcissistic.

    1. Casey – by far – is a better liar than Cindy. In fact, she’s one of the best I’ve ever seen. And for that reason, she would have made a great actress…

  10. This also proves to me that George isn’t quite up to speed with his wife and daughter. They’ve probably been manipulating him for years. It explains why he tends to be quiet. He can’t compete with these two.

    1. I think George has both of them pegged. He manipulates them as much as they do him. The whole family is just mentally off from anything near normal.

  11. First of all wasn’t Cindy at work when the browsing occurred? Now why is she lying again…Same ole Cindy. If she is found not guilty (KC)….I hope she never has a good day the rest of her life. As far as Cindy goes…she doesn’t want to admit the truth because she would have to admit she was part of the problem…and the reason Caylee was killed.

    1. Exactly! And this is the reason I think Cindy lied about being on the computer. She feels responsible for what happened to her granddaughter, and to lose Casey to the death penalty would be too much for her and would take her over the edge. But this is just my opinion…

    2. Also, the person doing the browsing was going back and forth from MySpace to Google. Cindy has admitted she did not have a MySpace when those searches were done—-she opened a MySpace account only after Caylee was reported missing.

      1. Very good point!! The searches were done in March (or between March and early June), correct? Cindy Anthony didn’t sign up onto myspace until July 3rd 2008, which was actually before Caylee was reported missing….

    3. Her Mother, Cindy Anthony, has knowledge we are never going to be privy to because she’ll go to prison like her daughter if she reveals any of it. She was complicit with Casey in hiding the chiild’s remains after her death. She will now place her affections and adoration on Casey because she should have all along. This was her original mistake, not loving Casey as a little child. Casey then saw all of the love Cindy was capable of giving when little Caylee came along. She just allowed the jealousy and her Mother’s criticism of herself as an ‘Unfit Mother’, to consume her and she killed the object of her Mother’s affection.

  12. It was obvious that Cindy was lying, and I’m sure the jury recognized that. It is interesting to note that Cindy introduced the check charges in her testimony.

  13. Cindy tosses little Caylee under the wheels of Casey’s shortbus. Way to go, grandma, more proof of what a loving caring grandmother you are….NOT. Cindy deserves a jail cell next to the homicidal harlot she calls a daughter.

  14. If I am close to reality that Cindy was suspecting something about “sleeping aids” and the behavior of Caylee or Casey, maybe she doesn’t want anyone to know that she had good reason NOT to TRUST Casey.

    I find it had to believe that she didn’t know how to check out the history after Casey was using the computer. Same for George. If she suspected that either one was up to no good with their usage of the computer she could have asked anyone how they check the history. Now, if Casey’s travels with history could not be checked because of password access then that is another manner.

    With the other testimony I didn’t here them talking about seeing Chlorophyll in the search when they were talking about the other suspicious searches. So, where is the search for Chlorophyll??????

    This is a very confusing mess for TV viewing ,I guess.

  15. Dr Glass…well, what did we expect to see when we heard her name called..a tiger never changes it stripes…..Caylee must be so ashamed of her..three weeks ago I offered Mr Lipman a donation if he thought that Cindy and George had changed their hearts. All he needed to do was to reply that they were standing behind Caylee, I never heard from him. How very sad to think that she has been thrown out like garbage, not once, but TWICE, by the people that were to have loved her!

  16. Peter Hyatts blog- UNREAL- ( It is the perfect complement to Dr. Glass’s body analysis- together one gets the ENTIRE picture of the pathos behind this family. Peter’s Statement Analysis of Cindy & George words and peter’s analysis of their behavior- is brilliant and anyone that is missing following him- is missing getting the ‘essence” of what is motivating this Anthony family…

    1. her body lango and her statements (statement analysis looks at what she says- no interpretation- just her words- that is what is so facinating about it)- tell us ALL we need to know- the rest is just fluff………….

  17. I don’t think Cindy blames Casey for anything the defense has said during this trial. She blames the defense attorneys for saying such terrible things about her family. She has separated Casey from the court situation. She see the defense attorney as the enemy for bad-mouthing George, Lee and Casey. She sees the prosecution as framing Casey. She has always maintained the US against THEM mentality.

  18. Could someone tell my why the Judge allowed Cindy to be in the courtroom during others testimony even thought she was a going to be called to the stand over and over again? It just doen’t seem right. Its like she gets to see it all and adjust her lies accordingly.

    1. Skipper- ECELLENT POINT- your the first to come up with that insight as far as I can tell- OMG- I wonder if that decision will be reconsitered?

    2. Ordinarily those who testify are not allowed in the courtroom before or after they take the stand. An exception was given to these two #$@#$#@ because they were also related to the victim and victim’s families are allowed to remain in the courtroom throughout the trial. Isn’t that a real hoot? These two get to get all kinds of inside track info on how to save their little murderer by USING Caylee one more time. They both should get their butts booted out of that courtroom starting tomorrow morning.

    3. Cindy and George state they want the truth. They will not get that with Cindy telling lies. They are not sitting there for Caylee they are sitting there for Casey. After yesterday I feel the should not be in the room due to perjury

  19. Dear Dr.Glass, Sounds like Cindy’s guilt and Casey’s rejection from last week when her Mom mouthed ”I LOVE YOU” has gotten the better of her heart so in her mind I’m sure she felt she had to try another appoach to express her love so Casey would accept her back into her life so she had to become once again ” a faithful enabler” !!!! IF THIS FAMILY has been living this way all their lives with no therapy,NO REAL SENSE OF WHAT ”TRUTH” REALLY MEANS and ” TRUTH ” IS ONLY SUPOSE TO COME OUT WHEN IT WORKS FOR THEM AND IF THE TRUTH DOESN’T FEEL IT MIGHT WORK THEN THE LIES WILL BECOME THEIR TRUTH. CINDY SHOWED IN COURT TODAY THE REAL DYNAMICS OF THIS FAMILY LOVE HATE RELATIONSHIP AND THE NEED TO FEEL CASEY’S ”CAUSTIC” LOVE IS MORE IMPORTANT TO HER AT THIS TIME THAN TO CONTINUE WITH THE TRUTH. It was amazing for me to experience that type of behavior with my X and his family for 15 years and boy its taken me 13 yrs. to regain my soul and sprit back and gosh I will never allow myself to get sucked into feeling I have to be the best enabler in order to feel loved.I love myself too much now and I adopted a black german sheperd Shadow and a collie Rosco peco train who are loyal and loving.YOU made a comment about Casey wearing pink today; PINK is supose to calm and uplift your mood and gosh I wonder if Cindy maybe sent that outfit to her to wear with note ”don’t worry I’ll make it better” !! Have you read the letters she sent in jail? I want to check out her handwriting to see what it really says. Gosh I cannot remember their names, twins who have really made alot of predictions that have come true so I checked to see if they had expressed anything about Casey and they predict she will spend the rest of her life in prison.Hope you have a great weekend Dr. Glass,raining here all weekend!! Blessings to you,Cindy

  20. I know Cindys lieing.She smirked quickly when LDB asked her a question about her job hrs.Then after Cindy got finished lieing.As she stepped down Casey looked towards her atty (one of them) she raised one eyebrow.As if to say ( see i knew she would cover for me) . Then Cindy stepped down looked towards the jury head held low,slightly shook her head.A lier,raised a lier.But in my op all will have Caylees blood on their hands.If they lie,and cover for a person who kills a innocent child.Justice will be served in this life,or after.But their is a judgement day for all who harm the innocent

    Dont worry about jury memmber 4 .Most who say they dont judge,are the first to judge.Look out for a young lustful male members.All And all everything leads back to Casey…

  21. I knew it the whole story today was a giant rouse.I don’t trust this family at all,like someone else said they have a them against us attitude.I can tell by her shaky voice she’s lying through her teeth.

    All I can say is what a wicked family I hope they are all prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Then they and their demon seed can all rot in prison together.
    You were right on James!

  22. some people have commented about George and Cindy being in cahoots with the defense team. could this be part of the master defense plan. could Cindy be lying on purpose and making it obvious to “show” the jury how Casey lies because of how she was raised?

    ok that’s all for the conspiracy theories for now 🙂

  23. I don’t understand why KC would even be using G & CA’s computer since it is claimed that Caylee slept mostly with one of them and not in her crib which is in the “computer room.” Also, KC had her own laptop, right?

  24. Dr Glass; do you think that cindy seen the word chloruform and she decided to check it out an/or get info as to what that was all about so she lied with a bit of truth,also beazz,pun intended just seem a little to gleeful. i try so hard not to HATE anybody but he and kc just make it so hard. my goodness what will it take for little caylee get justice,i hope not one person buys cindy book. she has always been a
    bully-i remember during the deposition for zenida,she said to this poor woman who kc has destroyed,the zenida we looking for is a 10, and has straight teeth-sorry honey ur cute but ur not a 10.i was through with that witch then. also beaz made n his opening statement we gonna find out kc learned to lie,and he set cindy up to lie n front of the jury 2 day————–that little troll know what he is doing.

  25. I wonder if Cindy plans on moving Casey back in with her if she is acquitted. She should be scared for her own life, because she is most likely next on Casey’s murder list!

  26. I expected this from Cindy before the trial even started. I don’t think the media are giving the jury enough credit. No matter who it is; they are not going to remember exactly what they typed in to search on a computer over 3.5 yrs ago down to the letter. The same with her coming home early those exact two specific days in March’08. No way anyone is going to remember unless they have notes in front of them which they write on everytime they use the search engine. Also the stain location in a car purchased 11 years ago? Impossible! If you turn your TV on mute and watch Cindy ; it is obvious she is lying by an untrained eye. She turns her head slightly with a nervous twitch/jerk while speaking and she was actually smirking when answering the states’ questions. The jury will weigh this with her anwsers/behaviour when called by the prosecution. Cindy has always thought of herself as ‘the fixer’ and that no one can out wit her.

  27. Dr. Gkass, thank you so much for your observations. This has been a very frustrating case, but your words help me to understand that what I suspect as true is, in fact, true. Do you think Cindy is a Borderline? I have been thrown by her back and forth behaviors and words over the past 3 years. When she called 911, that was the real Cindy, that was the nurse, that was her truth. Then come the lies and the pretending, essentially, that she did not say it. Very mind bending for the person in the borderlines life. Thinking WE are the ones who are crazy!! But I have seen her change when she lies. She gets pushy , almost mean. As for Casey, I see a psychopath. Is it possible that the two of them have a very distinct dysfunction in the same area of their brain? Not so much that Cindy’s Borderline behavior could make Casey Psychopathic, but that they are extremely similar in brain matter? So glad I found your blog! – Karen

    1. KG, I agree that Cindy and Casey are both from the “Koo Koo Tree”, when it comes to brain matter. Also, poor little Casey had no chance with both parents being a whole lot crazy!! She is truly compelled to lie by the way she was raised. Kids don’t start their lives out this way, they learn what they live. Casey learned her lessons well on deception. Actually it’s not too hard to detect when any of them are lying including George and Lee. I think this is the reason she chose Jose or Jose chose her. He loves the spotlight as much as this family does.
      I know this might not be fair to him but, I think he is so arrogant and self centered, he could not resist accepting this case.

  28. Dr. Glass, thank you so much for your observations. This has been a very frustrating case, but your words help me to understand that what I suspect as true is, in fact, true. Do you think Cindy is a Borderline? I have been thrown by her back and forth behaviors and words over the past 3 years. When she called 911, that was the real Cindy, that was the nurse, that was her truth. Then come the lies and the pretending, essentially, that she did not say it. Very mind bending for the person in the borderlines life. Thinking WE are the ones who are crazy!! But I have seen her change when she lies. She gets pushy , almost mean. As for Casey, I see a psychopath. Is it possible that the two of them have a very distinct dysfunction in the same area of their brain? Not so much that Cindy’s Borderline behavior could make Casey Psychopathic, but that they are extremely similar in brain matter? So glad I found your blog! – Karen

      1. Dr. Glass, So true, I love your very clear observations. In my opinion, Casey was driven to kill by the jealousy her Mother and Father both inspired against her own daughter, little Caylee. Casey was petrified of Cindy and this was the only way she could really get back at her Mother for the emotional abandonment. Perhaps that is the reason she didn’t tell her Mother she was molested, if she truly was. However, abandonment is abandonment whether she was molested or not, I feel that Cindy was guilty of that for sure. She attached to Caylee and adored her, just to spite Casey for all of her bad behavior. She showed Casey she could give love but only to the good child, Caylee not Casey. Jealousy and hate are strange creatures and can consume one if they allow it in.

  29. I think her lying to protect her daughter is so obvious…come on as much as these searches have been in the media for the past 3 yrs and now all of a sudden she is the one who did the searches? I think common sense is needed with all of this. Casey and her Mother each have either narcissistic or borderline personality disorder. Casey also has anti-social personality disorder IMO

  30. II saw that too, Cindy pointing her finger at Ms.Gonzoles, “honey, you aint no 10.” I would loved to have been there today to tell her the same thing.
    i hate that she has suffered the loss of little Caylee, but I never have thought Cindy was a good person. Just my opinion, but always seemed like the kind a gal that would f flip you off if you bumped in to her with your shopping cart actadentally.
    I have always thought shes working on a book, going to hand over her notes to a ghost writter, get her Casey out, sail the open sea… when she and George go missing, we wont hear about it… Casey will search for them using her own resourses.
    The jury will not fall for it.Just like the juror in the S.Peterson trial, ” I thought, dont point your finger at me lady..”After Scott’s mom ticked her off, she votedDeath Penalty.Wow….poor Caylee. We pray for justice.

  31. It is quite obvious to many that Cindy Anthony lied on the witness stand today.
    She is despicable and disgusting to say the least. It is one thing to love her daughter and support her and another to lie for her murdering daughter. She is never going to learn from her prior mistakes. I hope she is prosecuted for perjury. Just what kind of life did little Caylee have in that home with those two women? Most likely Caylee would have grown up to lie as well. I hope Cindy Anthony is proud of herself. She let her granddaughter down, but what can we expect from a liar. SHAME ON YOU CINDY ANTHONY. You are a disgrace to parents and all grandparents.

  32. You know what? , I have come to except the verdict is out of our control. Any way justice will be done. Casey will get killed in Prison one way or the other mostly my another inmate .If she gets off, she will never have a day of piece from society and better look over her shoulder everywhere she goes .And if she does get off,will George and Cindy let her move back into their house? There just might me a murder suicide if they were all put in a room together again. Would love to be a fly on that wall.

  33. Lest we forget, Cindy Anthony testified that she “saw the stain ( in the trunk)..when they bought it”..Raise your hand if you recall a stain in the trunk of a car that you bought roughly 10 yrs ago? hummm, no one? thats what I thought. Wow, that reminded me, when Jose was losing the jury a week or so ago, he ask the judge if he could ask the jury to raise their hands if…blah blah..blah.’ member that? Whats next????????????????????

    1. …….and George Anthony also remembered what Caylee was wearing the last time he saw her. Yeah Right!!! If my daughter had taken one of my Granchildren to a supposed ‘Nanny’, I’d know who that Nanny was and where and how she lived. Thirty-one days since I saw my Grandchild? I don’t think so!!! If I don’t hear from them daily I call them or track them down through friends, etc…….Call me obsessed with the love I feel for them, I don’t care. They are taken good care of and if thier parents weren’t doing it, I’d be right there for them! That’s what love is about. These people are just unbelieveable in more ways than one.

      1. DITTO! Somewhere within those 31 days lies the truth -how did she manage to be away from Cindy’s control all those days-weird how no one looked for that long-c’mon an unemployed petty thief has a nanny?? yeah right-

    2. Something came to my mind today that I’d forgotten over the last 2 years. Back when Caylee was first being looked for law enforcement subpoenaed all of Cindy’s credit cards and checking records and any cash receipts she had on hand. At the time people on line were supposing that law enforcement knew the Winnie the Pooh blanket was missing at some point and that perhaps Cindy had bought a new one to hide the fact that her killer daughter had removed the blanked with Caylee. I never thought much of it over the years because I don’t think they ever proved she bought a new blanket but now I have NO doubt Cindy did that to throw the police, the investigation, and the search for little Caylee off course. As far as I’m concerned Cindy ought to be tried as an accessory to murder.

  34. Casey, George, Cindy and Lee are all actors. They are portraying a very dysfunctional and even dangerous family. The family dynamics are so easy
    to read. I just hope ‘Justice’ is served. I love how the Judge, Belvin Perry, has
    kept the civility in the courtroom going. He has lost his patience with the ‘Lawyers’ a few times, but has held a deep respect and kindness for the ‘Jurors’. Kudos to him for being such a great JUDGE.

  35. What’s the deal with the Anthony’s current attorney? I thought that no ethical atty would knowingly promote a client’s lies. His media tour today to every show & court steps press conference diatribes do not compute with someone who is doing anything but supporting Cindy’s current lies. Disappointing.

  36. Birds of a feather will flock together…Today I was appalled that Cindy Anthony perjured herself to try and save that MONSTER she calls a daughter. The jury should be pissed that the defense and the Anthony’s think they are just plain stupid. This team of prosecutors are far from dumb. They know Cindy Anthony perjured herself today and thats why LDB asked her if this was her testimony in front of this jury. They have the proof that she was at work those days.They will bring her down in the rebuttal and she could very well face jail time herself and may have sealed her daughters fate. I say good riddance!

  37. Wow…if anyone thought Cindy was telling the truth and that Casey is not Guilty??? I really am scared for this society!
    Wake up People!

  38. Cindy has all the motivation in the world to lie. Caylee is gone and now, given the weak evidence the defense has presented thus far, she feels it’s up to her to save Casey. As a Mom, I would understand her motivation to lie, in order to save Casey from the death penalty. She has to feel like she tried to save her, in order to stave off future feelings of guilt over the death penalty Casey deserves. It’s what most parents would do when testifying for their child’s defense in a death penalty case. Let’s face it, the defense wouldn’t have Cindy on the stand at all without knowing that she would lie to help their cause. I believe the jury will not give her testimony too much weight, given her very obvious motivation to lie.

  39. Lillian, very interesting write up. You confirmed everything I was thinking as I was sitting here in my family room on the west coast of Canada, watching the trial on my laptop. It just didn’t ring true. I hope i felt that way to the jury.

    In Baez’ opening stmt, he told the jurors that Casey learned how to keep secrets and lie in this (dysfunctional) family. Now he expects the jury to believe that a person who is part of that family, is telling the truth.

  40. I think anyone with half a brain could tell she was lying.

    Cindy cares about appearances imo. She wants everyone to believe I’m a loving Grandma who only wants to know the truth about what happened to my baby. Hence her first performance. Yes I now think it was a performance.

    I’m a torn Mother and Grandmother, poor me, this is so hard for me, but I do love my daughter. Hence her second performance where she was combative.

    Then I’m going to have my lawyer say I believe my daughter is not innocent, then I’m going to show how much I want to save my daughter’s life that I will perjure myself. Hence her last performance.

    More proof of her caring about appearances. Mainly that she’s a good Mother. In her deposition when asked if she disciplined her kids, she said no my kids were good kids. Did you spank your kids, no never, I never even grounded my kids there was no need they were really good kids. There is not a kid born that doesn’t need discipline at some point. If you love your child you will discipline them, how are they supposed to learn right from wrong? How are they supposed to learn responsibility for their actions if they’re never disciplined.

  41. This family is very confusing. We hear that Cindy and Casey were not close, Casey said in jailhouse video her dad a her had been starting to get along better. The grandparents seemed to really love Caylee. Yet Casey is accused of killing Caylee and now Cindy is lying to protect Casey.
    If Casey killed Caylee to free herself of the responsibility and also to get back at her mother, I don’t get why Cindy would lie to help her.
    Today on HLN the lawyer for Cindy and George said that Cindy and George think Casey is responsible and her story is not true. But they will do anything to prevent her from getting the death penalty. Today Cindy tried to make that happen but in a stupid way. No doubt the Prosecution was on the phone pronto with Cindy’s employer and they should have the info to clear this up and prove she is a liar. They already know she was lying when she took responsibility for some of the searches but denied entering ‘How to make Chloroform’ in the search engine when it was made within secs to minutes of the others.
    When I think of this family I think of the Thompson Twins 80’s Classic ‘Lies Lies Lies Lies’….. Someone with the talent to do so has to post a video with Casey, Cindy, George and Lee with this song playing. I have to check youtube maybe someone has already done so.

  42. and one more thing. Cheney Mason is just stupid. Every time he opens his mouth I wanna scream.I think the whole defense team should be disbarred.

  43. I am glad to see that not everyone is feeling sympathy for Cindy & George. I am getting sick to death hearing these commentators on tv going on & on how they feel so sorry for Cindy & George, that there victims. This family is all liars & like I have said before I am certain that they all knew well in advanced what happened to Caylee. I dont know how these commentators can go on saying this when it is obvious George & Cindy know Casey done this(there is no other person to have motive for killing this little girl) & have known for some time yet they continued on with the charade of the nanny kidnapped Caylee dragging a innocent woman into this mess, making her life a living hell & they dont even have the respect to apologize to this woman. How pathetic. That is why I have no sympathy for George or Cindy.

    1. Angela- I hate to say it but Nancy Grace has been leading the pack on sympathy for C & G. I had to shut her off last night, it was making me sick. We ALLLL get it that ‘a mother’s love for her child’ can be stronger than anything else IN THE WORLD, but she’s just ridiculous with her love of Cindy.

      1. So true!!! I cannot stand to watch Nancy Grace anymore. She needs to change her tune before all of the ‘right thinking’ people that have sympathy for the correct person, the victim, Caylee Marie Anthony, change their channels.

      2. I know. How come she thought it was okay that “poor Cindy” committed perjury. I thought Nancy was for the good side. Not anymore. I don’t know why the tacky grandmother carries around that bible. Hah.

  44. I find it so interesting that we have heard the Anthony’s attorney, Mr Lippman on just about every gossip channel on TV today. I keep on hearing him say that all the Anthony’s want to know is the “truth”, what really happened. I just cannot understand what he means by that? It is the truth less the lies the Anthony’s have told and Casey have told. Or is it the truth less Casey’s lies and Baez lies? Or is it just less Casey’s lies? Or less the Anthony’s lies, this is were I get confused? can anyone help???????

    1. I agree. He looks like a sneak too. I don’t trust that voice of his. They’re all phonies. Shut up already Lippman. How many shows do you have to go on. And he knows damn well Cindy would be happy to do all the talking. She’s one domineering old turn off.

  45. Should of knew Cindy Anthony was untrustworthy when she washed all the evidence from that car. She knew what she was doing. She was a accomplice. Cops let her get away with it. And her “crying” at the beginning of the trial was so fake. Where were the tears? Just a tissue that kept rubbing dry eyes. She was overdoing it. Prpbably was crying for her trampy daughter Casey. Poor Caylee. I see that Cindy is back to her old arrogant pushy loud mouth self again. All that evidence she got rid of. I wish there was a surveillance camera near that wooded area where Caylee was dumped. And it caught Casey doing her dirty deed.

  46. Dr. Glass, I sure hope (and pray for Caylee’s sake) that you’re correct when you say the jury will see that she is lying. I am so sick & tired of this family, especially Cindy now. One minute she’s America’s most hated woman/mom/grandma (before the trial started). And then, when the trial began, she surprised us all; she did a complete 360. Suddenly we liked her. Felt sorry for her. Etc., etc.

    Which brings us to today; once again, most of us are quite angry with her…to say the least. WHEN WILL ‘SOMEONE’ IN THIS FAMILY, FIGHT FOR JUSTICE FOR SWEET INNOCENT BEAUTIFUL CAYLEE? It’s been left up to us, people. A nation of complete strangers have come together to fight for this angel. Keep fighting, keep praying cuz it’s obvious the family ain’t gonna do it for her.

    Thanx for the blog Dr. Glass. Love your work.

    1. True and ‘fighting for Caylee’ is what Lee’s little tear-jerker was about today. He is just like the rest of the Anthony family. They are all self centered people that had no real love for that baby. Just for what she could do for them. Make them look like loving, sweet, doting Uncle & Grandparents. Appearances can be deceiving. If anyone else had been Casey’s parents, than George and Cindy, perhaps Casey wouldn’t have done this at all. They both made her sick and never held her accountable for any of her actions at all. I don’t think for one minute that they would’ve been willing to raise Caylee if Casey had turned her over to them. They are sick in the head and passed it on generationally to their kids. I really do hope this is the end of the line for this type of behavior from this family. I also pray that others out there can learn the lesson that the Anthony’s never did. Raise your kids with love and trust with ‘verification’.
      Always hold them accountable for their own misdeeds and also praise them profoundly when they have accomplishments.

  47. Cindy’s logic to her timesheet does not make sense. If your employer only wants to your timecard to reflect 40 hour work week and you usually work more.. then that would mean Cindy is at work more than her timecard reflects not LESS time. So her statement that she was home a lot more because she could only felect 40 at work makes no sense ? !

  48. Interesting blog. I’ve been following you for a week or so due to my interest in this case.

    Regarding Cindy’s change from witness for the prosecution to witness for the defense, I think Cindy’s breaking point in this trial may have been Casey’s cold and angry reaction to her when Cindy said “I love you” to her in court. It is just a gut feeling on my part. But it is clear that Casey was a master manipulator of her family members – especially her mother. Even though she apparently had a strained relationship with Cindy, Casey was probably able to pull the levers and pour the guilt down on Cindy anytime she wanted to. I don’t doubt that Cindy loved Caylee. But I think that on some level she has been thinking, “I’ve lost my granddaughter; I must do everything I can not to lose my daughter.”

    In any event, Cindy’s capacity for denial, when it comes to Casey, is infinite.

  49. Well, well no big surprise as far as Cindy goes in my opinion. I got an uncomfortable feeling about her way back as she flipped her story on the pizza in the trunk.

    Now, we clearly see the ‘deceptiveness’ and her ever increasing panic over the loss of control for the decision in this case. I am not sure as a parent I could lie so blatantly and in my mind so badly. Body language is far cry from her earlier testimonies.

    Lee is the only member left in the family remaining truthful -George has but since being thrown under the bus, he doesn’t seem to know how to feel but these 2 men have shown genuineness where Cindy seems bent on forcing her “version” of things on us IF IT WILL BENEFIT her wishes.

    In a nutshell-all 3 having same initials of C.M.A. is important clue -Cindy clearly has worked to control these lives along with her own. She digs in and won’t be reasoned with.

    Apple hasn’t fallen from this tree-wish Cindy would take a nanosecond to consider she is actually making the prosecution’s rebuttal for them-what we see now is lie for lie-she can match the daughter in changing the story at will and don’t u dare cross her-but covering up an accidental drowning to this degree? Maybe dysfunctional family is shown by defense but the lying and lying and lying by cindy & Casey-phenominal amount of it prevailing!

    Reason for the death to me is one Cindy Anthony would understand so why would they need to cover it up? She could place blame sure but as a nurse surely she would have to face their decision as a family in the placement of a swimming pool with such a young child due to the statistics of childhood drownings from such.

    What is the frigging skeleton of gigantic proportions in this whole story?
    Weird and weirder as we go here isn’t it?

    R.I.P. little Caylee-she didn’t deserve to die but perhaps was God’s mercy in the sense of the horrible female role models in her life considering this aftermath.

  50. Let’s fast forward and think about this. IF Casey is acquitted, this family is still destroyed. Secondly, if they think they had a bunch of protesters hanging around their home back when this first happened in 2008… Well I would think they would literally have to move… somewhere.

    Casey’s life is over regardless. Who is going to hire her?, Who is going to want to date her? She would be better off in prison then what she is going to face if she gets to walk.She may even need to have bodyguards

    Cindy, well she is now on permanent retirement. Again, who is going to hire a liar and manipulator with a nasty attitude?

    George, he’ll most likely divorce Cindy when this is all over and his life is always going to be in question “Is he REALLY a child molester?”

    Lee, MAY be the only one to survive through all this, but he is already estranged and I am sure he will stay away from his family for the rest of his life.

    Overall, the Anthony’s are one messed up family regardless of the outcome.

  51. Love the blog. As for the comments, reasonable doubt has to be REASONABLE. It’s reasonable that Cindy would try an protect the only baby girl she has left. It’s not reeasonable for Casey’s car to smell like a decomposing body, her baby to be found in the woods near her house with tape attached to her head with her jaw bone to still in tact. It’s not reasonable for a mother Not to call 911 if she finds her baby floating in a pool, it’s not reasonable to look up chloroform 84 times, or to have chloroform found in your truck. It’s not reasonable to keep trash in your trunk as you’re speaking to your friends about a terrible odor in your car, or to abandon your car! It’s not reasonable to party at fusion while your baby’s bones are being knawled on by animals. I calculate many reasons for a conviction, and No REASONABLE doubt! I do think the jury will feel compassion for Cindy, and for that reason they will understand why she’s lying. If anything, her lies only further prove Casey’s guilt. Cindy wouldn’t have a reason to lie if Casey were innocent. Is it reasonable to believe Casey sat in jail for 3 years if in fact this were an accident. She was all but begging to be bailed out when her parents were visiting her in jail. Is it reasonable that George would hide Caylee to protect Casey, or Cindy, then allow Casey, their daughter, to face the death penalty? Is it reasonable that Cindy, Lee or George would have withheld information that could have helped Casey 3 years ago? – computer searches, stains in the trunk, etc? The only facts we’ve seen in this case are the ones presented by the state. They’re the closet thing to reason we’re getting. Sadly, We’ll never know what really happened to little Caylee.

    Furthermore, if George and Lee both confess to molestation it still wouldn’t justify Casey’s behavior. I don’t think Casey will get the death penalty anyway.

  52. As much as Casey disgusts me for what she did to her daughter. I do not blame Cindy for lying in attempt to saving her daughter. Why, you ask. Because Cindy already lost her granddaughter, nobody would want to also lose their daughter. Even though what Casey did was pure evil and wrong, I dont believe she should get the dealth penalty. I dont even believe in the death penalty. I believe God is in control of life and death, and even though Casey played God in this matter, it shouldnt happen again by the state. Casey will come before God when it is her time and He will judge accordingly. But I dont blame Cindy for doing what she is doing. No matter how angry one is with their child a parent will do whatever it takes to save them. Casey has some serious issues. Every person who murders has psychological problems, or spiritual problems. God will be the ultimate judge. But as far as what the state should do is the maximum sentence in jail. Life in prison.

    1. ^^……..with no possibility of appeal or parole. In this case LIFE in prison means LIFE IN PRISON. It would actually be more humane to give her the death penalty and I, for one, don’t think she deserves to be treated humanely. I don’t believe in the death penalty either, in reality. I think we should make people that do horrendous crimes like this one live and be reminded daily of what they’ve done. This woman needs to beg for God’s forgiveness for what she’s done. I just don’t see it happening at all. In her mind, begging for forgiveness is way below he standards. Perhaps a life in prison will change her mind and she will quit being so arrogant and full of herself.

  53. Cindy Anthony lied big time yesterday on the witness stand when she testified that she was “not allowed to work overtime” at her workplace…..she took time off work and was at home on 3/17 and 3/21/08 and made the searches for “chloroform” on the home computer…….but, her time records were probably altered because of overtime concerns. (Listen to Cindy’s testimony for 6/23/08)

    See the link below for her work records for that time period and it clearly shows that she worked many days overtime and the week of 3/21/08 she worked a total of 48.50 hrs. that week……not 40. Everyday she had overtime, as much as 10 hrs a day.

    pg. 2561….large letters on bottom right side of each page

  54. @LM Makes a huge difference, if they can prove casey was the one who googled those, it means the murder was premeditated, which means death, for casey

  55. I have always been interested in reading people through their words and body language and this was atextbook case with Cindy’s deception. Her plan to save Casey may help seal Casey’s demise or at least it did more harm for Casey than I think her lawyers realize.

  56. I wondered this too.I didn’t hear of chlorophyll showing up on any of the computer searches. Surely this is easy to prove/disprove by the state. Both Cindy and Lee should be charged with perjury. They are making a mockery of the law.

  57. I absolutely agree. I am so frustrated watching this case, I really want this fruitcake to take the stand. There are many people who grow up in dysfunctional households or are victims of abuse and more than not, grow up to be productive, law-abiding citizens. There is absolutely no excuse for any mother to go party, have sex with multiple men, get tattoos, go on shopping sprees and make no mention of her missing chid for 31 days. This was premeditated. She already had her false accusation planned out by gathering the info of the imaginary nanny, her car, her kids names and other info ahead. She was jealous of her child and mom’s relationship, wanted to go party and had no sitter. The jury has to come back with the maximum. I get sick to my stomach watching Casey sit there with her lips poked out as if she runs the world. If this jury can’t see this and and allow their common sense to work past all the defense’s idiotic talking points then they need to be locked away too. This is about an innocent angel, who didn’t ask to be here, who went through God knows what then thrown away like trash. Justice needs to be done. One last thing, Geraldo on Fox News is an idiot. He said Casey is being prosecuted for political purposes cause the prosecutor is a Democrat wanting to win against the Republican. This man disrespected the life of Caylee by putting politica in this and I hope people write in and tell him to shove it.

  58. Now that Cindy and Lee are lying to save Cindy, Who speaks for Caylee?
    If Cindy was abused by her father, why was she still living at home. Abused kids usually run away as soon as they feel they can take care of themselves. If she was abused why would she keep her daughter in the same house with dad and brother .
    At any time Casy Anthony can tell her family the truth about Caylee but she chose to see them publicly degraded. Why is her family still protecting her?
    Did Cindy call her vet to ask about her dog’s tiredness.
    Justice for Caylee.

  59. Sorry, Dr. Lillian, but you’re wrong on this point: The jury never saw Cindy mouth, “I love you” to Casey. Casey sits on the opposite side of the room in relation to the jury. When Cindy faced Casey to say it, her back was to the jury.

    1. She more likely said, “F#$% you” than, “I love you” to her. That’s the reason Casey turned away in disgust. Cindy just might be the root of all of this disgusting behavior in the Anthony family that caused a child to be DEAD.

  60. Fascinating read, thanks. What do you sense from George Anthony’s body language? He is the one I feel for the most in all of this chaos. In my mind, he is the one reeling from the loss of Caylee the most. Cindy & Casey are so much a like it is scary. Cindy belittles the memory of her granddaughter, in my opinion, everytime she lies for Casey. It boggles the mind.

  61. Cindy Anthony is nothing but trouble and that is an understatement. She is a bitch on wheels. Anyone who knows ANYTHING about psychology knows the “apple never falls far from the tree” and Casey did not get that way all on her own.. Open your eyes America and see for once, what a lying, phoney and an enabler this woman is… Her daughter is the most hated woman in the world, and Cindy is such a closed minded bitch, she will lie and be stuck in defense, almost as bad as her daughter.

  62. I feel that Cindy Anthony Killed her granddaughter She has admited to choking her daughter Casey and has showed agression towards the media and protesters in front of her house. She refuses to take a polleygrafe test. She couldnt look at her grandaughter face I take that as guilt for killing her granddaaughter. I can look at my family faces and with love and althought I miss them I dont have issues of looking at there pictures. Cindy admited to the courts that she wa the one to look up cloraophil ro cloraform. I didnt beleive her as she made that statment to the police department and that 911 call. I noticed that Cassey didnt want to speak to her when she was in jail. I feel that Cindy is infact guilty of harming her grandaughter and causing great mental and phyical abuse to her daughter and grandaughter and my suffer from munchhousin by proxy. The husband and son didnt want to take a polly graft test I believe because they know that Cindy is abusive and controlling and they didnt want to air there durty laundry in court or the media. I hope every one gives Casey Anthoney a chane to prove her self inosent. I also think that Cindy should be in jail for her testomoney in court I hope she gets a fair trail and the media leaves Cassey Anthony alone. Let her live her life. Not one person said that she was a bad mother not one. Does that sound like she was lguilty no. How ever I do beleive that Cindy is guilty and the nanny story was most likely made up by Cindy and the family out of fear went along with it for the love or fear of what Cindy would do to them. What ever the reason is they are the only ones that know for sure. I feel that there was a crime comitted and Cindy as well as the strange comments that the man that found the child in the wooded airea testamoney was equaly strange who pokes a stick through the eye of a child that is very bizzare to me. I would never do that. To me I would know the differance between a childs skull and an animals skulll they are completly differant. I am not a doctor or any thing how ever I have had life science. I feel sick to my stomach at the thought that a man can do such a thing asx poking a stick throught the eye. I dont know was the eye ball in tack to was it the sockit in any case I feel that this shows sudistic tendency in my opion. I dont have much education how ever this just doesnt seem right to me. I also feel that the body being in a bag should have bloted and floted since it rained and was in a bag so to me I feel that the body should have been found much earlyer then when they found it. I dont know who what why when and where all this happend to this child what I do know is that this poor child had a great life and she didnt deserve to be murdered and she has the right to see justice for her life that was cut short in this tragic way. I would like to see justic for her with out the media making money off her death. this includes Nancy Grace and others who have kmade a fortune off her death. This makes me sick to my stomach. I do realize at some point media does make a differance but in other cases the media interfires in ther justice for the child as well as a mother who was scared and didnt act the way most of us would act how ever I dont beleive that accusing a mother or any one whom acts a little strange ok a little more that strange makes her a killer. I this case she was found not guilty and she does need help she may have been suffering from a nervuse breack down because her child ws missing. Who knows I am not a doctor. I dont believe that Cindy let Casey walk out the door with Cassey her mother. I believe that Possibly Cindy chocked Cassey and took her daughter from her. I also beleive that Cassey was at peace with the fact that Cindy was watching over her grandaughter and maybe Kaley wanted her mother and may have had a temper tantrum and \Cindy may have phyicaly assulted Caley and she said she was going to tell on her and Cindy may have killed her to keep the secrets of what Cindy was doing to Cassey o her Cailey or maybe if caily loved her mother Cassey she may be was crying for her mother and may have seen what Cindy did to her daughter and was scared of Cindy. Cindy may have become irrational and violent towards her we may never know the answer. I hope we find out so Caily can have justice and the right person goes to jail this time. I feel that Zany the nanny is still possible as well. I would think that Cindy is a violent person.

    1. Only God and the one that did this dirty, low-down, filthy, dispicable murder will ever know. We might NEVER know
      who did this to little Caylee Marie Anthony. She will always be an adorable angel to me. This case really affected me badly, as it did all of us who love children.

  63. I feel stongley that Cindy Anthoney is the one that killed that poor sweet child. She has shown too may signs of aggression and hate for Casey and even pulling her husbands shirt as well as the people who where out side the Anthoney Home. I also believe that it is a bit strang that the childs body was found after the police had searched the area and found nothing. Only to find the childs body months later.Some one had that body and put it there. I feel it wasplacedthere later. Of course this is only speculation. I also noticed that Casey wanted nothing to do with Cindy while in jail as we whatched the Nancy Grace Show. I believe that Casey hates her mother and I believe that Casey Anthoney is inoscent of killing her daughter. We all heard that Casey was a great Mother and we also heard how Cindy tried to choke Casey.That tells me Cindey Anthoney tried to kill Casey Anthoney. So why would any one think Cindy Anthoney is a good mother and grandmother. Cindy should have been put in jail after addmitting to choking her daughter. That is attemped murder. I dont beleive that Cindy ever allowed Casey to take little Caily any where. I feel that possibly that is why Casey was out having fun. Because she thought that her daughter ws in good hands with her father or possibly her brother. This is just speculation because I dont know the Anthonys nor do I live in Florida.

  64. My spouse and I stumbled over here coming from a different page
    and thought I might as well check things out. I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look forward to looking into your web page repeatedly.

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