Cindy Anthony Does Not Consider Caylee When She Lies For Casey

Cindy Anthony needed to look at the body language  of this heart wrenching  photo,(taken by Casey), before she got on the stand and lied her head off in order to protect her sociopathic daughter. As Cindy lied, she didn’t consider Caylee. She essentially verbally  threw Caylee away like a piece of trash. She threw Caylee away just like Casey threw Caylee away in the woods.

Ans speaking of woods, what did Cindy know about the woods. She mentioned woods to Sargeant Allen before there was even any mention of woods. She was also adamant that someone helped Casey move the body. Why was she adamant?

No doubt the photo above, (which by the way made me cry),  may have been how terrified Caylee looked when Casey applied the  duct tape  over her nose and mouth and smothered to death. No doubt this photo of Caylee with such a distraught cry is how she may have looked many times after Casey may have abused or tormented her in some way.

An don’t tell me that they all said Casey was an awesome mother. An awesome mother doesn’t allow a baby to sleep in a boyfriend’s bed and drag her around to stranger’s homes.And an awesome mother does not chloroform their child and kill it.

Look at the terror is little Caylee’s face. She is so upset. Why in the world would anyone want to take a photo of an upset child? And for those of you who just like to argue, show one upmanship,  and be contentious, I am not interested in hearing that you always take photos of your crying kids.

Caylee was not a crybaby type. She was apparently friendly and happy. So this photo appears to be out of the ordinary. It shows that terribly upset. The poor baby is crying with all of her might.

The next time Cindy wants to play favorites and  say I LOVE YOU to Casey as she did when she walked off the stand, she needs to stare at this photo for a few hours.

Crying on the stand when she saw Caylee’s nursery room when she sees the room daily in her own home is now suspect as is her putting her head down on her lap when she allegedly cried on the stand. Cindy was punishing Casey for throwing George under the bus and making her look bad. She didn’t want anyone to think she was a bad mother who allowed the alleged sexual molestation to go on right in front of her nose and not do anything. She ignored Casey as further punishment.

But then she realized the effects of her actions and changed her tune. By being angry at Casey the jury will say death. So she changed her tune and put forth some I LOVE YOU’s as she left the stand last time and this time.

Now she really tried to protect Casey by falling on the sword for her. She now faces perjury charges.I  hope that the state prosecutes her as well. She has obstructed justice all along and now she has lied on the stand.

Instead of all the sweet and precious photos Cindy sold of Caylee for hundreds of thousands of dollars, Cindy needs to look at this one as a terrifying reminder of what her devil horned daughter did to her grand-daughter out of envy and jealousy.

And while Cindy is at it she should look at what is now left of Caylee- a skinlessand muscleless  body . She needs to look at Caylee’s bones as a reminder of what Casey did to this poor precious innocent child. And if that isn’t enough to remind her of her loyalties.

She needs to carry the above photo with her at all times of Caylee’s matted hair that was trampled upon by the same animals who gnawed on her little baby  bones. If this isn’t a reality check for Cindy, I don’t know what else is .

How could Cindy dare lie for this monster who threw her husband under the bus, killed her grand-daughter in such a brutal and heartless way? And how could she have the audacity to say I LOVE YOU! What about Caylee? If Cindy really loved Caylee as she claimed , there is no way she could say I LOVE YOU to Casey.

As sickened as I am by the photos of the bones and hair, I am more sickened by Cindy’s lying and by her obstruction of justice and her  Mind Messing I LOVE YOUs  to Casey.  I do hope that Linda Drane  Burdick and Jeff Ashton prosecute her as well. And no she has not suffered enough. She is  a huge part of the problem that caused everyone else to suffer.

If it had not been for her love / hate push-pull relationship with Casey,none of this would have happened. She pushed Casey over the edge. Casey was so afraid of her she couldn’t even tell her she was pregnant, had not completed high school or that she lost her job.


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  1. I’m sure Casey, not Cindy, took that sad pix and delighted in it too. Speaks volumes about how she really felt about her baby. The sadness & terror in Caylee’s face will haunt me or a long time.

    1. Or the child was having a tantrum when the photo was taken. Since you weren’t there, never met the child, and have zero knowledge of the circumstances, you can’t speak to it. Nor can Dr. Glass.

      1. A two and 1/2 year old child can have a meltdown over a broken toy. It’s hard to show a picture like that and say she’s in some kind of terrible distress. One of my grandchildren does that when you’re not holding her on your hip. Gotta love her, but she can mimic a fire engine when she wants something. We call her blabby abby with affection. So I agree, Xenu

      2. In this blog, I specifically said DO NOT send me your stories about your crying children or grandchildren and compare them with Caylee. I don’t care about your crying grandchild. I care about this photo which shows a terrorized child and how she must have looked when she was smothered to death! I am sure that your grandchild was not smothered to death with duct tape like Caylee.

      3. Hmmm……Xenu, that’s a Scientology reference isn’t it.
        Well that explains a lot. Go piss on people elsewhere.

      4. It is not the fact that Caylee was having a tantrum. It’s the fact that SOMEONE in that weird ass family took the time to photograph this precious baby when she was so obviously unhappy instead of trying to comfort this child and figure out what her problem was. This is one sick bunch of people. It’s horrifying to think of what Caylee must have gone through with these people as her caretakers. That poor child didn’t have a chance with this bunch of losers.

    2. TY so much for this article, ( my sentiments exactly). I think that the defense made a deal with Cindy, if she testified for the defense they would not put Casey on the stand,. they would Also not bring in the woman who claims to have had an affair with George Anthony,

    3. bless her little defenseless heart. i see nothing but pain & anger. who knows how badly she was treated. she can be at peace now, unlike her life on this earth.

    4. The thing is…whether it is a temper tantrum or not, we don’t know…BUT we DO know that Caylee was killed by her mom, and that puts this photo in a whole new light. It just goes to prove that Casey just didn’t give a shit about Caylee, as has been obvious since day one…All these people who are talking about their children and grandchildren, I’ll bet that your children/grandchildren are still alive…and not thrown out like trash like the whole Anthony family has done to poor Caylee.

      Dr. Glass…this article and the pics made me sob like a baby. It’s horrible how I can feel so BETRAYED by some lady I don’t even know…I hurt so bad for Caylee right now…and I can tell you do too..May justice be served for little Caylee Marie..cuz in the long run, that is what matters the most…

      1. Isn’t this picture, in many ways, resemblant of the ‘Breakfast’, and ‘Spiderman/Coloring Book’ videos?

        Once again –

        A ‘moment’ occurring, where the attention of the ADULT, in one capacity or another is required, and yet the measures utilized include and/or involve videography/photography!

        Something so wrong with that!

        ‘Something’ is sure speaking VOLUMES as to the actual ABUSE and NEGLECT that little Caylee was made to endure, prior to, and leading up to her death!

        It is HEART-WRENCHING!

    5. To make matter worse, no-insight Cindy handed that picture off to the media! Apparently, it never occured to her that it speaks volumes about her sorry daughter.

    6. I completely agree with you Dr. Lillian. That poor child didn’t have a chance in that home and you’ve done an excellent job showing all the body language and strangeness of Cindy Anthony especially. Truth be told, Cindy’s the one that won this case for Jose Baez and I pray they prosecute her for perjury.

    7. To see this childs hair all madded up and her bones picked to pieces by wild animals is a nightmare . Caleys nightmare ,because she is the one who was murdered and everyone else got rich and came out smelling like roses. I tried to watch the Dr.Phil interview with the Anthonys and Cindys face looked like a wild baboons ass while George was sitting next to her agreeing with everything Phil was saying . Thinking just show me the money $600.000 that’s all I care about. George looked like the bug eyed man from young franenstein movie hunched over with his devilish eyes , Igor waiting for Phil to just keep dropping the bread crums leading to the jackpot at the end of the rainbow. One word comes to mind when I look at this couple Abby as in Abnormal brains.

  2. “And for those of you who just like to argue, show one upmanship, and be contentious, I am not interested in hearing that you always take photos of your crying kids.”


    So basically you only want people on your blog who will “yes, yes” you and agree uncritically with whatever you assert? Sorry—-not my style. As someone with a doctorate, and with an academic background, I expect you, Dr. Glass, to at bare minimum be professional enough not to quash any potential voices of dissent. Good lord.

    You have had a hard-on for Cindy and George from the very beginning. I, too, was disgusted with Cindy’s perjury this afternoon, and I do hope the state is able to get her work records (which, by the way, Ashton subpoenaed immediately after she testified) and use them to nail her to the wall. I do hope she is charged with perjury.

    On the other hand, this post (like so many others):

    1. Overreaches
    2. Is unprofessional
    3. Is sensationalistic
    4. Is purely emotional, knee-jerk crap with little scientific value

    You’re not Nancy Grace. Stop trying to be; it makes you look bad.

    1. Oh Yeah? You missed the wink and I love you to Casey when she took the stand…as they made eye contact….Sorry but Lillian’s outrage is mild compared to all of those who acre what happened to this little girl…which her own family does not! A Perry Mason moment is coming…when emails say she was at work…then who is overreaching? All of us strangers care more about justice for this kid that her own family does…save George….

      1. If you’ve seen my other comments on here, you realize that I am one of the people who is convinced of Casey’s guilt. On the other hand, I’m also an academic—-someone who, like Dr. Glass, holds a PhD. So, you know, forgive me for trying to hold someone with the same academic rank as me to some minimally professional standards, which include not telling people to basically either agree with everything she says or shut up. You don’t do that, professionally. Either you present a strong argument and your colleagues agree, or your argument is weak and your colleagues should be free to disagree. I am not talking about the lay public and its unrelenting hysterics. I am talking about basic professional decorum.

      1. Academia, she says? Sorry, we’re not students lounging behind the ivy-covered walls of college here. Further, it’s really a stretch to say that Caylee Marie was screaming in terror in the disturbing photo above, because she wanted to play with the camera! Is the poster kidding? Her professor might hand her an F for that theory.

    2. It was great “post”- and she can say whatever she wants- its her blog.

      I also appreciated Dr. Glass discouraging ppl from disrespecting Caylee by dismissing the significance of this photo- no one takes, much less keeps, much less displays- a pictures like this- unless they are sadistic- a blogger on Peter Hyatts Statement Analysis blogg first exposed this picture a few weeks ago (i think)- we all had a good cry over it then- now it makes me mad. Cindy needs to be ashamed- and Dr. Glass
      is a good person to shame her.

  3. I believe Dr. Glass’s point is that Cindy should have to look at the photo’s, and think of Caylee before she gets up on that stand and lies, lies, and lies. I am sorry I have NO sympathy for her. The fruit does not fall far from the tree, this is where Casey learned to lie, she followed Cindy’s example!

    1. Her work records were already subpenaed. If perjury can be proven, she will be punished for it, and the jury will also be privy to it (for example, during closing arguments or if she is recalled to the stand). I think that Cindy’s position is much more conflicted than most of you—Dr. Glass included—pretend it is. I think you’d all love for it to be very simple, black-and-white “CINDY AND GEORGE ARE EVIL TOO!!111”

      Sorry, reality very rarely is that simple. Again, I understand that it’s easier to just demonize the whole family.

      Did Cindy Anthony commit perjury today?: Yes.
      Is Casey guilty of Murder 1?: In my humble opinion, yes.
      Is it as simple as “Cindy is an ‘evil’ person”? – No.
      Is Cindy probably very conflicted emotionally and also mentally unstable, not to mention (by her own admission) heavily medicated: Yes.

      Cindy and George’s granddaughter is dead, the victim of a brutal murder. Their daughter is on trial facing the death penalty. They’re in hell right now: trust me.

      So no—-I don’t think Cindy should be “forced” to look at horrific photos of Caylee. I think the judicial system will punish her for perjury (assuming it can be proven) and the rest? She will have to live with for the rest of her life. She needs no further punishment.

      1. Point taken…but….we are human and such manipulation must be challenged…How do academics express OUTRAGE? I don’t see that peer reviewed anywhere in the journals…just here…on the blogs…we are all caught up in it…yet, we can trust as professionals, academics and every day folks that Caylee has great lawyers…they will speak for her…and us, restrained prudently by the fairness of the law as determined by Judge Perry…we trust this system to speak for all of us as we gave up the law of the olde West long ago….

      2. I agree, Xenu. What you wrote is similar to the point I was trying to make under Dr. Glass’ last topic Cindy Anthony’s Voice and Body Language Show Lies On Stand In Attempt to Protect Casey. And I agree that Cindy should be prosecuted if she committed perjury, but as you said “…her position is much more conflicted than…” any of us could know. And God willing, I never will…

      3. I agree Xenu. She’s torn. Her life is destroyed permanently. She had nothing to lose today. Shrug. ..

      4. What can you be torn about. Look at the photo of hair from a scalp that is matted and then talk about being torn. She is torn becuase she played a hgue part in Caylee’
        s death and she knows it.

      5. How can anyone justify a loving grandmother that on purpose gives the FBI the wrong hairbrush – to send them on more wild goose chases just as her daughter had done? Is that the behavior of an innocent and loving grandmother?

        Hi Anon,
        I’ve followed Dr Lillian’s blog since she started this one and I have never read or heard her misrepresent her educational background or anything else. It does not fit with anything that I know about her.

        Your accusation:
        ” I also read that she has a second doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is a Family Therapist. Why say these things
        when they are patently false.” Where in the heck did you read such lies about Lillian? I have a lot of respect for you and do hope that you will clear this crapola up.

  4. Yeah forget about Caylee, she was disposable and is done and over and with thrown in a trash dump.. NOW it’s on to save the Psycopath diabolical liar murdering Casey! I cannot stand Cindy Anthony. She should have her mouth washed out with Chloroform! I don’t care if it is her daughter. Maybe if Casey is exonerated she will do away with her too. I have kept up with this case from day one, and I am sick of Cindy’s lies! I make no apologies.

  5. I agree with everything you said Dr. Glass! It is sickening to think about how she lied on stand today. She knows she was at work, just as the records stated she was.

    1. Ashton immediately subpenaed various records from Cindy’s workplace this afternoon; I am sure if they can prove perjury she will be charged with perjury.

      1. What I would like to see, body language style, is a frame by frame description of Cindy Anthony on the stand, wracked with ‘grief’

        This, that we saw today is the real, the one and only Cindy Anthony – raging against her behavior today is – in my opinion – rage against yourselves for falling for the scam

      2. I don’t think there is a “one and only” anyone—not Cindy, not Casey, not George, not you or me.

        Again, I am sure it’s easier to believe in something like that, but people are more complex than you’d like to believe.

        Sorry to disappoint you.

      3. The only one that can disappoint me is myself. I am saddened to think that their may be others like me around though 😉

  6. Thats the shirt Caylee was wearing when the pic was taken of her “sleeping” sitting up with her bear. She looked drugged in that pic and very well might have been after seeing her in the pic above 😦

    1. I know!!! I thought the same thing an hour ago!!! I wonder if Caylee had just woken up from the drugs BABY KILLER had given her? And BABY KILLER thought in her sick mind it would be amusing to take pics of a drugged Caylee and Caylee waking up from being drugged….hmmmmm

  7. I wondered and wondered how Casey Anthony could be such a liar and the parents NOT know. NOW, I understand!!!! Cindy Anthony is the master liar and taught her daughter well. Too bad for little Caylee that has NO ONE is on her side but the State of Florida. What happened to the God they “found” after Caylee died. Was three years too long to keep God on their minds, lips and heart? Hummmmm so sad. If I was a juror, Cindy Anthonys’ testimony would make me vote for Guilty and now the DEATH penalty. Cindy Anthony is SICK that she could turn her back on a poor 2 year old put to death by a monster.

  8. Great post Dr. Glass! I agree completely. Some comments said that this post was unprofessional, which I think is garbage. You are siimply expressing your outrage (and rightly so) about Cindy Anthony and her flip-flopping in regards to Casey and her testimony. Also one person said something along the lines of, “either agree with everything Dr. Glass says, or shut up”, but I think that you just meant that you weren’t interested in hearing people writing in defending or minimalizing the fact that Casey took a picture of a miserable crying Caylee because they take pics of their kids crying all the time. Am I right?!? Either way, great post, even if it isn’t “scientific”. Cindy needs to think about Caylee, who is the real victim, as opposed to her sociopathic daughter Casey.

    1. It’s just the saddest thing. My heart is in my throat and I want to cry because it’s just so damn sad.

      We are with you, baby Caylee…

  9. Queen Lillian..perfection!!!!!! All I heard today was Baez’s opening statement how Casey was taught to lie and how the apple did not fall far from the tree…Cindy lied in her deposition and she continued her lie today..Just like Baez said..a house full of liars!!!!

    1. Debi – I love that you call Dr Lillian Queen Lillian. It always makes me smile and giggle and it’s also true!!

  10. “If it had not been for her love / hate push-pull relationship with Casey,none of this would have happened. She pushed Casey over the edge. Casey was so afraid of her she couldn’t even tell her she was pregnant, had not completed high school or that she lost her job.”

    This last statement is full of truth and undeniable. Children/daughter’s who have good relationships with their mothers/fathers have no reason to cover up a pregnancy, school issues, or job issues. It is clear that there was a critical eye cast upon Casey and she learned over time to lie in order to garnish favor from her parents. It wasn’t enough to just be herself. I’m not admonishing her in any way by saying this. She was legally an adult and made the decisions she made when she went out partying and neglected her child while lying through her teeth and saying that her daughter was staying with Zanny the nanny which was a lie since there was no nanny and one wonders where Caylee was stowed away (the trunk) while she partied during the spring to summer before Caylee’s death. Cindy Anthony has likely given her daughter double messages her entire life. I think that regardless of whether Dr. Glass posted the pictures or not Mrs. Anthony see’s them in her mind. She may have as little conscience as her own offspring Casey. It may be a familial problem, some kind of mental condition. It appears that both Cindy and Casey’s emotions are unstable, turn on a dime and in some situations highly inappropriate. They are of the most insidious type of dysfunctional families because they had the money and by all appearances lifestyles to hide their dysfunctional behaviors unlike poverty ridden dysfunctional families who are more blatantly dysfunctional by appearance. George is the vacant father, the kind who just doesn’t interject unless forced, Lee is the oldest brother who has learned to take the role of the soother of the family. Cindy is the hysteric who goes into tirades, and Casey is the failure that the family relies upon to f-up and give them reason to pull together. Caylee had she survived might have been placed in the position of being the darling do no wrong perfect child that was highly stressed and expected to bare the weight of succeeding where the family/her mother didn’t. Everything about this family smells of sick family. How did no one question where their daughters earnings were when she claimed of having a job. Wouldn’t one assume that a working young woman would have resources for clothing, car, etc. I would since my daughter worked before age 18 and onward. There are missing pieces that have not been pointed out such as parents not expecting some income from the 20-something who is living and using up resources. They somehow I think knew full well that she was playing, not working and didn’t address this. Why? I don’t know, but I suspect that the whole family knew something was wrong long before the 31 days and during the 31 days that Caylee was missing but they just didn’t address it as was the routine for that family. They all are sick I think.

      1. Thank you Kristina it seems the most likely of all the things I could think of and Dr. Glass’s comment about Casey’s mother driving her made sense. It’s really a sad situation and very weighty. I’m glad I’m not on the Jury to make the decisions that are needful.

  11. Sickening turn of events today. Thank you for your work, Dr Glass. Right on the money you are. Throw them all in jail already. They’ve cost the state of Florida a fortune and it’s not over yet.

    1. I hope the conniving, low life perjurer is thrown in jail for what she did today, and the same goes for the rest of that lying Anthony bunch.

  12. Love your blogs and your opinions Dr. Glass. You speak what the majority of us are thinking….it was a sad and heartwrenching day watching Cindy lie. I’m not even a body language expert and “I” could tell she was lying.

  13. That picture of little Caylee looking terrorized and reaching for the b*tch of a mom that cared more about taking her picture than comforting her is heart breaking and says a lot about Casey…I hope she rots in hell for what she did to that poor little girl. And Cindy is disgusting for lying for her daughter- I thought she wanted Justice for Caylee??? If she did, she wouldn’t lie and would let the truth come out and let the chips fall where they may…..

    1. This pucture makes me cry too. I’m praying for Justice for this baby girl Caylee. & your B*tch of a so called mother is convicted.

  14. Well said, Dr. Glass! Let me get this straight now… are we to believe that BIG MOUTH Cindy saw the HUNDREDS of media reports that there were chloroform searches on her computer and NEVER SAID A WORD?!!?!?

    Do they think we are stupid??????

    I hope LDB and JA RIP HER A NEW ONE when they get her back on the stand.

    1. Me too, my witty friend. I’m sure she will be skewered by Caylee’s angels first thing tomorrow, and it’s too bad I won’t be here to see it. 😦

  15. Xenu..Mr.Aston IMO did not subpoenaed Cindy’s work records today, it would be most useless at this point in the unless you have factual first hand knowledge of this fact, you shouldn’t make such statements.

    1. I don’t think anything Cindy said today matters. I doubt a premeditation factor will matter. The chloroform was found in the trunk. The physical evidence has to outweigh the circumstantials.

  16. Cindys statements about her workplace sound odd. She claims she’s on salary and yet she needs to document 8 hours a day on a time card no matter how many hours she works. She said she puts in 9 hours a day and sometimes 15 hours. Why is a time card necessary if she works on a salary basis?

    As for her sudden loss of fans; why does she have to bleed her grief and keel over on the stand in order for people to understand that she is in pure hell? She knows her daughter killed a child she adored. What’s left for her? Cindy didn’t change her stripes. She’s still Cindy. If she cried like she did that first day up there, would the public still support her? Furthermore, I doubt she wants Casey back home.

  17. Dr. Glass I think you hit the nail on the head with exactly everything you pointed out in your blog. You said in writing so eloquently what so many of us feel and are thinking. Keep speaking up for all of us who want justice for little Caylee! God Bless You!

  18. Cindy, When you lie for your daughter you deny your grandaughter, she has a right to be respected in death, especially since it was questionable. Do what is right for your grandaughter..she didnt ask to be born, this is definatly a case for Casey to have considered abortion. The pain I think Caylee endured as a 2 plus yr old child would not have been as painful as what she endured. Don’t stop the legal process against your daughter, God for bide she gets free and has another child.

  19. Yes Dr Glass..she did play a huge part in Caylee’s death.. She was most like her mother..she DID NOT PROTECT HER! This picture of Caylee reminds me of those horrible videos Casey takes on the kitchen floor of Caylee as if she is scaring her..who lets their baby put their little arms out to them and takes a frickin picture…that is plane cruel!!!!

  20. That picture of Caylee breaks my heart. It shows a distressed child (regardless of why she’s crying!) seeking comfort and once again, being rejected by a mother who never wanted her. I’ve also noticed that in many of the pictures taken closer to her death, Caylee seems to have “bags” or darker circles under her eyes. I would venture a guess that being moved around to different men’s beds or terrifyingly being sedated to sleep in a car trunk would be the cause. This poor child endured more terror in the first (almost) three years of her life than many do in a lifetime. Now she rests in eternal perfection!

  21. Re: your reply Dr. Glass: I didn’t mean to imply that Cindy was “torn” between defending Caylee or Casey. She is torn because her darling granddaughter is dead and she’s dead because of a daughter she raised. I don’t give her a free pass for the way she handled Casey’s problems, but she’s not a PhD or a Psychiatrist. Sure she feels guilty because hind sight is 20-20. There was nothing redeeming for Cindy in what I wrote.

    She doesn’t have to look at pictures of her dead Caylee. My son committed suicide and I felt tremendous survivors guilt. I didn’t need to look at pictures of his dead body.

  22. See how CRAZY Cindy makes everyone? Dr. Glass is correct about the “Push – Pull” dynamic. Cindy began by pushing the majority of us away (when she lied about the pizza being the awful smell in the trunk and Casey being a great mom) to pulling us back in (when she was crying on the stand). Now she’s back to pushing us away again (by lying about the chloroform search).

    Yes, Cindy should be punished for perjury if the prosecutors prove she was lying. But I feel she lied for one reason and one reason only: to save her daughter from the death penalty. And I don’t think anyone should be saying that Cindy loved Casey more than she loved her granddaughter. To me, this kind of statement is unfair because no one really knows what it’s like to walk around in Cindy’s skin…

  23. I knew Cindy was going to switch sides but just didn’t know when. Well here you go, today Cindy switch out to set the stage for her daughter to get away scott free. There are so many charges against he (KC) i can not believe the State is going to let this episode just pass them buy..

    The state is scrambeling now to get their ducts in a row for rebuttal…Thank you Dr. Glass for posting these blogs as needed through out the trial. I know today has been a busy one for you….thank you so much………..jmc

  24. Dr Glass you are right on the money! I never trusted the Anthony, there was something about them I couldn’t pin point. Well I guess the honeymoon is over, meaning mourning for Caylee. I have kids and love them dearly, but to lie under oath to save KC’s life after what she’s done there are no words. I just hope that the jurors know what she’s doing. Thank you for all your articles.

  25. Dr.Glass your article is so right on and truthful and i applaude you for wriing it. Zenu you are very rude and you should apologize to Dr.Glass as it is her blog, her rules whether you like it or not. You totally missed Dr.Glass’s point. I don’t know why any Mother or anyone else would take a picture of their baby toddler crying and being this upset. That is horrible in my opinion. As a mother which i am one, i would be picking up my child and comforting her/him and feel badly my child was that upset. You can clearly see in this picture Caylee has her arms stretched upward and outwardly wanting to be picked up. My guess is evil Casey is taking this picture and is enjoying Caylee being upset and doesn’t care a flying fig Caylee wanted to be picked up. I don’t have a PHD in psychology but i have good common sense and that is all that is needed to see what Dr.Glass is referring too and why she herself is very upset when viewing this pic of precious Caylee.

  26. Dr. Glass, this is your best column yet! BRAVO! I have seen this crying photo posted on the Websleuths website forum and it horrified me. Many commenters in the forum opined that taking a photo like this is “common”. I responded, REALLY? Taking a photo like this is flat out abuse!!! You really could have put up the similar one where Lee is holding Caylee while she is crying and upset. He is amused in the photo. I hate ALL THESE ANTHONY PEOPLE except for Caylee!! (George had me feeling better about him when he took the stand, but NOW I realize what a horrible “unit” these people are). I hope they all burn in hell. Wonderful hat is off to you Dr. Glass!

  27. Ng is on and she is making me ill acting like Cindy should be treated like glass and forget she lies like a rug about everything. I get it Casey is her daughter and is in a tough spot but in my opinion that does not give either, Cindy or George carte blanche to lie on depositions or the witness stand. They are not beyond the Law because they have a daughter that killed their grandbaby. I have not forgottten how they were willing to throw someone else’s child, (Jesse Grund, Amy Huzienga) and Roy kronk under the bus to take the blame for Caylee’s death. There is much more like their foundation, getting on any and ever media show they could and lie and i could go on and on. They are neither one nice people and they have proved it to the world unless your not looking.

    1. I think Nancy Grace is treading very lightly with all the Anthony/s for fear she will be sued…she always gives a king a loving attitude toward the Anthony’ strong contrast to when this case first started…JVM also is doing the same thing…tread lightly and don’t get sued…the truth is not being told here as we all know..jmc

      1. I don’t usually watch NG or JVM very much and see that I missed nothing. But I did catch Dr Drew tonight and he had me LOL! He spoke directly into the camera delivering a personal message to Cindy with his heartfelt support and sympathy! He almost looked like he was going to cry.It was hilarious!

        I wonder if Cindy is aware that every time that she logged onto or off of her Gentiva work computer that by keystroke it was identified as her (by her password) and that the Corporate Headquarters in Atlanta of Gentiva have all of these records. Hmmm.

  28. Unlike Xenu, I don’t always expect a professional blog on here, and today’s hit me hard. Everything that Dr. Lillian expressed was exactly how I feel. Regardless of who Cindy really is, I do understand her motivation in this. I don’t approve, and can honestly say, I would not lie for my child in this circumstance. I would beg the court for mercy at the end and pray that she wasn’t sentenced to death. Because in the back of my mind that grand child would be crying for me to allow her justice even against my own child. It was evident when Cindy was testifying for the state that she was trying very hard not to say too much, or admit too much. I knew it was just a matter of time. I think everyone can appreciate the feelings that Dr. Lillian expressed in this blog and will agree that the picture of Caylee crying and reaching for her mother is heart wrenching. I raised 4 boys and never once took a single photo of them in the middle of a meltdown. Those were moments we chose not to remember or immortalize. I find it odd that any parent would want that memento. The thought that Casey took enough time to locate the camera function then snap that picture tells me a thousand words about her distance and lack of empathy for her child. Combine this photo with the one of her with the teddy bear and you have to ask yourself, “did she allow that tantrum to continue until that poor child fell asleep in exhaustion?” These two pictures speak of abuse, lack of empathy, lack of mothers instinct and almost a sense of enjoyment in her distress. Maybe I’m wrong, I’m just speaking from my own experience and even when my boys threw a fit, I didn’t allow it to continue until they fell asleep exhausted. You distract them, calm them, get the point across when they aren’t screaming. My heart is breaking from this blog and that picture. Thank you Dr. Lillian for expressing exactly what I was feeling.

    1. Michelle – Your comment speaks for me too. I reviewed Casey’s cell phone, IM, & computer records for the 1st 2 wks of June and it is frightening just how much TIME she spent on the phone etc. Poor little Caylee.

  29. p.s. I bet George and Cindy are GLAD they spawned this murdering wacko so that they can retire “early” and in comfort! They are white trash LOSERS who were having endless trouble making ends meet before crazzee killed their only grandchild. I hope Lee has a low sperm count so Caylee can’t be “replaced”!

  30. For argument sake should Caylee be having a temper tantrum like some think, it is know difference. Who makes a picture of a clearly upset unhappy baby . Pick up your baby for heaven’s sake not a freakin camera~~

  31. Dr Glass I have seen some more of the coverage of Cindy’s testimony today. I feel sick about this whole thing. I think the state of Florida needs to have a grand jury meet about this entire family. I know the brother Lee, has immunity but all these lies don’t add up.

    I hear your passion and see you are truly on Caylee’s side.

    This whole family is as sick as the secrets they are harboring.

  32. That doesn’t look like a distraught child or a terrified child to me. That looks like a child who’s angry because the person taking her photo (her mother) won’t put down the camera and pick her up (evidenced by the outstretched arms and hands).

  33. Hello:
    Great website. Finally someone who calls it accurately.

    I have been following this trial only 2 weeks and I am thoroughly disgusted with this whole Anthony family.

    Simply unbelievable as Cindy Anthony bald faced lied regarding her daughter’s chloroform google searches — then suddenly her memory is restored post deposition day and remembers a “stain” in the trunk from years gone by. Oh, come on.

    The whole family should be locked up for murder, perjury, and obstruction of justice. Bunch of losers!

    Cindy leaves the courthouse today chewing gum with this arrogance about her.

    They are are all liars who believe they can just “lie” their way out of crimminal actions and legal troubles. It’s outrageous.


  35. What I fail to grasp is why Cindy and George let Casey take Caylee out at all hours of the night ? If they were home anyway, why not just put Caylee to bed at home ? It seems they were trying to punish their out of control daughter, which obviously wasn’t working. So why not keep Caylee safe at home with them ? Furthermore, why not have Caylee in a licensed daycare, where she could be checked on, and picked up by whatever family member got off work first ?
    Every daycare that my grandchildren attended, always had me as one of the emergency contacts, this is not unusual.
    This is just another example to me of George and Cindy’s absolute denial of the irresponsibilty and vacuousness of their daughter.

  36. Zoe, i have seen that picture you speak of with Lee holding Caylee and Caylee is upset and looks scared to death of Lee and leaning way out reaching for someone to take her away from Lee and stupid wacko Lee is laughing his head off. It makes me furious and i want to slap the you know what out of Lee. I can’t stand the anthony’s either accept of course precious innocent Caylee. Caylee was too good for the likes of this weird lieing family.

    1. I agree with you knight owl 100%, there are clues all over this house that people have seem to have forgotten, or don’t care about…Lee is laughing while holding Caylee, and Caylee is reaching for whoever has the camera, or is standing beside someone with the camera..SICK…why would you keep a picture like this…this just gives us a little more insight into the sick and perverted family of the Anthony’s…

  37. Actually, I don’t think Caylee looked like the above picture when Casey killed her. No, it was much worse. If this was premeditated, and not spur of the moment (which Bill Scheaffer says can also be premeditation), Caylee probably didn’t even know what hit her. She and her mom might have been talking and possibly even laughing just before. Just as Jeff Ashton said, pre-trial, Casey just put one piece of tape on her, and then another……then another…..What’s more horrifying is probably the surprise of it all. Maybe Caylee thought it was a game. Then, all of a sudden, she couldn’t breathe. She looks to her mom for help. .But no help there. Probably just blank, demon eyes staring back at her – like during that creepy videotape of her in her high chair – as she fights for breath. THAT is what gives me nightmares, *not* the thought of a harried mom at her wit’s end because of a kid having a tantrum….JMHO

    1. And that 4th piece of duct tape that was found by itself some feet from her skull…Remember Ashton’s chilling and heartfelt description of her murder at that hearing last winter. That a child of Caylee’s age & physical coordination/dexterity, which he described Caylee as being within the normal to higher range for her age, would be able to rip off the layers of tape UNLESS her wrists were tied. That 4th piece of duct tape gives me cold chills.

  38. The friends that have been on the witnesss stand that testified they thought Casey was a good Mother. That means squat to me as look at the ages of this people and how some said, they thought Casey was a good party girl. These college kids have no clue what a good mom is as they are only interested in partying and having sex with this one and that. Casey putting Caylee in the bed with her and Moralis was atrotious and who knows how many other guys she did this with caylee. Yea a good mom alright. I remember reading in a transcript of one of Casey’s girl friends said Caylee would sleep on the couch when they were partying and never wake up. Tells me Casey was drugging that baby with something as how many two and half year old babies sleep through a party on the couch and never wake up all night. I say we don’t know the half of what Caylee went through being dragged around by Casey.

    1. knight owl: exactly! and a lot of those kids were male – to a young man as long as the mother isn’t hitting the child and the baby looks well dressed and fed, she’s a good mom.

  39. Now I sort of hope Casey walks out of court a free woman. George & Cindy welcome her home with open arms. She kills them in their sleep with a Drano concoction. She lives like a whore for 31 days and Yuri arrests her again. This time the charges stick and she gets life in prison. Lee marries Mallory, inherits the house and realizes he is sterile and the Anthony clan name ends forever.

    1. right on Sud D. Nymm…that is the pefect end to the perfect storm (or story)…we can only hope.

      Sue, do you think the bings from the cell phones from George and Cindy will show they were not near the house when the chlorophorm searcheds were made…I think the state already has the computer from Cindi’s work…probably from 3 years ago (i certainly pray they do)…

  40. Dr. Glass, Excellent post. You have taught me so much about human behavior. As for the Anthony family. Baez was correct in his opening statement on one point……………………..Casey learned to lie from her mother and father . What a bunch of grifters!

  41. BRAVO – I will also add that I hope someone prints this article out and sends it to the great creator Cindy, herself.
    And, while they are at it, lamenate that photo of Caylee’s hair, or what is left of it and include that as well, just for good measure.
    Sunshine, my ass.
    “That” child, as they commonly refer to her as was a little person, with a name.
    “That” child had a right for someone to look after her, and to make sure that her well being came before any adult’s in that house of horrors.

    “This” entire family is flocked up to the hilt ~
    Great article Dr. Glass.

    THANK YOU for b*tch slapping “that” grandmother in the way that she rightfully earned.

  42. Great post Dr. Glass. I so agree and i was so fed up today with NG and Dr. D’s bleeding hearts and maybe Joy fell for it as well, i didn’t watch her show.
    Now there’s a couple of people with influence who need to toughen up and know they’ve been duped and they should stop spreading the “good ol mom” sympathies which is actually encouraging people to think it was ok for her to lie because after all, SHE’S A MOM!

    What Cindy did is unforgivable. You’d think she’d want to get justice for Caylee but instead she threw that poor innocent baby away like she was trash whilst embracing the real trash, her lying good-for-nothing daughter. I seriously doubt that neither C or G would ever feel safe with Casey living with them ever again!

    LDB fell right into the sympathy channeling towards Cindy by asking her a specifically wrongly worded question:

    “did you search HOW TO MAKE chloroform”

    When she should have asked her

    “did you search “how DO YOU make chloroform?”

    to which she would answer no, she simply searched “chloroform” and we already know that the internet guru said he found “HOW DO YOU MAKE CHLOROFORM” which is exactly the way Casey worded searches but how would Cindy know that.

  43. This is the saddest thing ever, I can’t understand the dynamic in their lives that would allow a mother to excuse their childs behavior to the point of letting the get away with killing your grandchild, whether by accident or other, No One is safe from these ppl, everyone is welcome to come into their mess, but beware, you won’t leave intact. Reminds me of that old song by the Eagles: Hotel California.

  44. Maybe Cindy’s doggies were “sleepy” because Casey was trying out her chloroform on them, before she gave it to Caylee.

    Once again and true to form, Cindy blew it.

    Is the woman prepared to throw her own life away and live in the same total isolation as that of her killer daughter? I guess she is…

  45. I’ve seen pictures of Caylee looking very frightened. I think she was afraid of Casey. Of course when we see the joy while playing together all looks wonderful. Actually any emotionally abused child negates her fear and enjoys the moment. The playing with terrifying Casey made everything all better for poor sweet little Caylee.

  46. This is a picture of a child who is terrorized. Not a tantrum! Kids don’t reach to be picked up when they’re having a tantrum. Most kids during a tantrum, fall to the floor. I honestly believe that, in this picture, Caylee has just been told something very frightening. “I’m leaving you here”, or “you’re going to the trunk” or,”i;m going to give you away.” i see pure terror in that face.

  47. Just a thought, maybe Cindy saw something evil in Casey at very young age and it shocked her so badly and that’s when the pussyfooting around Casey began. She may have seen something that showed her what Casey is capable of, and they all started to appease Casey for what they believed to be their own safety. I think they have been aware of her lack of remorse for a very long time. Appeasing Casey became their normal way of living.

  48. Dr. Glass, I feel exactly as you do. I have to admit, Cindy was redeeming herself a little in my eyes but that was before today’s testimony. I thought I had been too harsh in assessing her earlier through all the lies and felt she just didn’t know the truth. Well too much time has passed and she has known the truth for some time now. Anyhow, I’m writing to you because I wrote down Mark Lippman’s little speech in front of the courthouse today. He was addressing speaking to an attorney yesterday who went on Anderson Cooper last night and told of their meeting. Mr. Lippman addressed the double negative used last night but when the attorney spoke on Cooper’s show he didn’t use it. Anyhow what Lippman says about the Anthony’s is they still feel Casey is innocent. This is what Lippman said today: “Guilty or NOT Not Guilty is the double negative he put it and I said they don’t necessarily believe she is not innocent but we didn’t complete the conversation in that the full text of it is that they do not know whether or not she is guilty of the crimes that have been alleged. Certainly, we know that she’s not guilty of anything the State has not proven yet, she is still not guilty until the jury comes back and makes a determination as to what they believe happened. My clients want to also know what happened and certainly that’s why we’re there every day.”

    So—-in the quotation marks where Lippman says, “…..we didn’t complete the conversation in that the full text of it is that they do not know whether or not she is guilty of the crimes that have been alleged.” WHAT! Who do they think really did all these things? Then further, ” Certainly, we know that she’s not guilty of anything the State has not proven yet…” Cindy, George, Lee and anybody else in that family has known for some time what Casey was capable of doing and they all have known for some time that she murdered her child. They are kidding no one. What I’m getting from them is that they can live with themselves if Casey gets exhonerated. They don’t want the truth, they’ve already had the truth and had it for some time. They want a different ending to all of this. I’m sure that if by some huge error, Casey ends up getting set free, they won’t give one hoot about wanting justice for their granddaughter. And although they’ll miss Caylee for the rest of their days, Cindy and Casey will live very easy with their consciences. Every time I see a video of that child I get a lump in my throat. I love seeing her videos and will greatly miss them when this is all over with.

    Thanks, Dr. Glass, for reading all this and do let me know what you think.

    Linda Miller

  49. That photo is one of a very tortured little Caylee. And why for the life of my aching heart would Casey take a pic of her like that??? Is so beyond the comprehension of us… the sane compassionate ones. But it is an image that will not leave my mind. And Cindy… I am enraged. I had the image of a supportive loving grandmother who was going to do anything for her grandbaby to get justice… when in all reality… this is all a f*cking sick joke to this family. The only people who I see truely love and want justice baby Caylee are all of us watching who never met her!!!!!!!!!!!! She never asked to be born into this family of f*cked up liars and abuser and killers and those who can’t love and honor her and giver her a full life. Now we must pray for justice and love and honor her through banding together for her. JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE MARIE!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!! You family are sick idiots who will pay!!!!!!!!

  50. Poignant, sad, true and I wish this could be simultaneously put in the faces of Cindy and the jurors before the final narratives. TY

  51. I have never seen the photos of the bones or hair mat but after seeing them now. compared with pics of a smiling, laughing, happy caylee I am just numb.

    After watching Cindy lie on the stand UNDER OATH I have to wonder about the mental state of these people and the atmosphere poor little caylee lived under. There is a thing called UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and cindy took it to an entirely different and dangerous level. I believe cindy knows deep down in her heart that as her attorney stated “casey is not innocent” and she will do anything including committ perjury under oath to save her from the death penalty. I dont fault a mother’s love for her daughter but there is also something called ACCOUNTABILITY and casey and cindy need to BOTH accept that. In the end a little 2 year old girl needs justice, its been a long time coming.

  52. “I don’t know what my computer searches when I’m not on it” Cynthia Anthony tic toc tic toc

  53. Thank you so much for this article! Many of us know and totally agree that $indy created the killer that murdered her grand child. She should be held accountable for all her lies, deceit and cover up. She, and her lazy weak lying husband, both need to be charged so they can no longer live on Caylee baby blood money. They should not be allowed to continue to profit from the crime they created and covered up. Thanks again Dr. Glass!

  54. I was reading on another site where a poster wrote how heartbroken she buried her beloved dog, wrapping it in a beautiful shawl with flowers and even the thought of dirt touching the pet was heartrending. She followed by saying how awful of Casey to treat her daughter like trash and for Cindy to lie on Casey’s behalf. It really made me think of a time when one of my own dogs died and how sad I was and how I wanted to honor the life of my dog. I buried her and placed beautiful stones that were tumbled to a shine and planted flowers at the grave. It is hard to comprehend someone so vacant of emotion that they would kill their child and then toss her out like yesterday’s garbage but I know that there is evil in the world that will do those things. My knowledge and my heart know two different things. My heart says that life is precious and a gift and no human has a right to decide where that life ends. My mind knows that there are truly evil people in the world who devalue life and feel superior to the point of murdering even their own child. But how low that person must be when I consider that I and others can treat a simple animal with more respect than Casey did her only daughter. To think there are women who wish they could have children and for various reasons cannot get pregnant while Casey had a child and didn’t hold her close. I would put myself in harms way to protect my own daughter because I love my daughter that much. So I can’t understand someone so dark and devoid of life like Casey Anthony. We may never know the exact details of how or what she did to Caylee but I believe in a Power Greater than Ourselves and that Power knows the truth even if Casey goes to her grave lying.

  55. This blog is chilling, and I completely agree with it. I am feeling the same venom toward Cindy right now as have felt toward Casey throughout the trial. My only regret is looking at these horrifying photos of Caylee’s bones and matted hair. I cannot imagine how Cindy could have seen these photos yet continue to lie for her evil daughter. Apparently, Casey learned to lie from the best. I put Casey in the same category as Charles Manson & that evil Joran Van Der Loot who allegedly murdered Natalee Holloway & killed the Peruvian woman in his hotel room. I look forward to Casey receiving justice, whether by the chair, in the slammer or by being slain by a crazy out on the street if she is set free by our failing justice system.

  56. Why do Cindy and Casey both “cry” and then look at their fingers or the kleenex? Strange behavior-I don’t look at my tears on my hands if I have to wipe a tear away. The more I watch Cindy, the more I understand the lying-how much did Cindy lie through the years to cover up Casey’s behavior?

  57. You are right Dr. Glass. I remember when I first heard about this case it was odd because of the way Cindy behaved. She kept herself in the limelight night after night on the news and there was no need for her to do that. Whatever media attention she had to endure she brought on herself but I think she actually enjoyed it. She lies and speaks in elaboratee “over speak” just like Casey. She and Casey are both people who manipulate others. Calylee has not been her main concern here. It’s all beyond words

  58. All I can say to you all saying she lied is for you all to read this:
    PDF Documents From WFTV Eyewitness News Orlando and in in depo taken July 28 2009 pages 170+ you will see that what she said then, is what she said on the stand.

  59. Dr. Glass, I agree with every word you wrote here. It sickens me to see the picture of little Caylee crying and reaching up to the monster who is supposed to take care of her, not take pictures of her when she is obviously in distress. I do not have even one picture of any of my children crying; would not have thought of such a thing. Someone needs to show this picture to Cindy and George and tell them “So you think this is okay? You aren’t moved by this, but you are moved by the monster you created? Even now you won’t make her face the consquences of her actions?”.

    I believe all of them are liars. Cindy has been pitied by many and so has George, but they knew what they were allowing this monster young woman to get away with and either couldn’t be bothered or were afraid of her(?).

    I do believe KC is terrified of her mother and may have started lying so that she didn’t ever have to face the wrath of Cindy way back when she was a child. Who knows?

    This is sickening, Cindy should be prosecuted for her perjury.

  60. I think there is something seriously wrong with Dr. Drew; for some time now he appears to be falling apart.

    I think he’s been around too many addicts, alcoholics, the mentally ill and personality disordered; he’s losing it.

    The way he fell all over Beth Holloway on Thursday’s show was SO unprofessional and embarassing; I didn’t think he’d be able to continue his show last night.

    Did anyone else notice Sindy’s GUM CHEWING during her stellar and deceitful testimony yesterday? She’s like a little kid who thinks “If I can hide it in my cheek so no one sees, it’s o.k. for me to break the rules of COURTROOM DECORUM.”

    Imo, that entire family AND the DT are Trailer Park Trash.

    Sindy Anthony is PITIFUL in that this entire ugly thing has become her WHOLE life and ensured an identity for her for the remainder of her life. She doesn’t need interesting work or healthy relationships or creative hobbies – She is Crazee Anthony’s MOTHER and that’s a FULLTIME JOB.
    Really disgusting, so gross.

  61. Really, a bunch of lunatics who use Dr. Glass’ blog as a meeting place? I am a lawyer in VA and have been following this case almost since the very beginning because I am from FL and because I found it very compelling to study. Little Caylee’s picture has been on the news for years and I think many of us want justice for her.

    As far as I am concerned, Dr. Glass is an expert at body language and her insight is remarkable. If I didn’t think she was an expert I wouldn’t come to this site.

  62. Thank You DR Glass for telling it like it is.I hope Cindy ,and Caseys defence read your publication.I am so beyond disgusted with Cindy,and Casey that i could be sick.I detest a liar,always have.

    Caylee is the only victum in this case.And if this child victum doesnt get justice on this earth. Cindy ,Casey and everyone who has lied,and covered this crime against a child.Will have Caylees blood on their hands when they stand before God ,when they have to account for their actions on this earth.Gods word says he hates a liar-that liars will have a portion in hell..

    Caylee you deserved so much more.Rest with Jesus now little one.

  63. Many people said Cindy would be back to her old habits and I really tought she was at first in denial and that reality had finally sank in. I can’t believe she is backing that monster up. I came to open my eyes to the fact that she just can’t face the truth, besides the love&hate treatment towards Casey. I feel so devastated seeing those pictures and I agree with you Dr. Lillian, it’s is not simple denial as I thought. I can’t understand why wouldn’t she honor Caylee’s memories. How can she whisper I love you and lie on the stand at this present time now she publicly disclosed they think she is not innocent it’s beyond my comprehension.

    I feel heartbroken and so sorry that precious baby girl is gone and neither grandma, grandpa or uncle will stand for what is right, fair, brave and good. IMO They know in their hearts Casey did it, to me just goes to show they cowardly forgave her already -despite all the cruelty and sadism. Nothing is going to bring Caylee back but God would I ever stand for her until my very last breath if I was them.

    Well, I guess I am not. I feel a nostalgic feeling each and every time I see her little face on pictures! Her videos brought me such a warm, joy feeling inside, such a darling little girl. But I realize she is forever gone and to think she might have agonized makes me feel so desperate, sad and impotent. I will always love her. My son is 2y3m and I adore him and love him with all my heart.

  64. I have to see Cindy is part of what is wrong with our society. By protecting this poor excuse of a mother (taught by Cindy) she is damaging her soul for lying. The most important thing here is the highest truth and God is more important than protecting your kid from getting jail time. (she will definitely not get the needle but she will spend time in jail) This is a spiritual issue and could of been one biblical story. As a spiritual person would objectively look a this situation Cindy is and has been ruining this girl’s soul by placating to her every need and there is so much guilt with Cindy because she created and molded casey, she is prideful so much as with casey. THose jail house tapes say everything that Girl acts like she is the parent. THis case represents and reflects are society.. We are truly in trouble as a race, the human race. I don’t have children but you don’t have to have children to know what is right and wrong in for one’s soul, many people support and protect loved ones who just go through life so selfishly and are so destructive, when we decide that this is not helping that person’s soul or your own the world will become a better place. This is why I am getting into psychology because this field of science is getting out of control in this respect, yes abuse is wrong but also letting a child do what they want or totally letting the child go on its own without boundaries is a trainwreck about to happen, this is where the anthony’s are, and by the way this family seems normal compared to mine and none of us have killed an animal let alone a child.

  65. The thing about that picture is that Caylee is reaching out for comfort and at the very least at that particular moment she did not get it, we can all theorize what happened but the simple fact is this picture was taken of Caylee when she was obviously upset regardless if it was justify or not. All we know she could of had a tantrum but in my opinion that does not look like a tantrum, she could have just been punish and if that is so then I have to question their method of punishment for a child to be yearning for the parent of for whoever took the picture. What this picture do for me is might show that if this child mouth was duct tape then perhaps we are seeing the reason why

  66. The inclusion of the photo is just melodramatic embellishment. My own mother was awesome, and wonderful to me, and has an identical photo of me. I was not being terrorized and the photo I see above looks like a lot of children do when they are crying. So while I think Casey is guilty (and seriously mentally ill), the above photo and its annoying description of the “terror” in Caylee’s eyes is, frankly, bullshit.

  67. This photo of Caylee was taken by a rotten evil mother who loved to power play her little child.I see this child terrified of her mother leaving her alone as she has many times before and being a child thinks anyone at all is better then no one.This is a side of casey her new friends didnt see.That good mommy bit is great when you have a child and be with her for few hours. Let her work hard like other single moms do pay for her clothes
    her food and shelter and see how good a mom she is. We all saw how long that took
    a few days and Caylees dead!
    soon as she ripped her daughter from loving grandparents she won the battle.She took what she imagined her daughter as being the reason she was no longer princess of the house.The focus wasnt on casey any longer but of caylee.She used caylee to be able to get what ever she wanted from her mom and dad. used as a pawn.No doubt in my mind that they did love caylee.and if was someone else who they honestly felt murdered her they would tear them apart with their bare hands,but they know who did it and who did it alone,they saw it in casey for years.Thats why they were always trying to make her feel “gorgeous” “beautiful”You saw the jailhouse letters.All this all her life to insure she was the best.Always blaming others for thier failures
    as in last days when she wasnt graduating with the class
    it was adinistrators fault, at the towing company it was their fault bill was high and so on and so on. They made a mockery of this child
    this compassionate sweet little baby forgotten because they dont want admit they raised miss satan themselves.
    Although all this makes me very sad, i love vengeance!
    That sweet compassionate little girl left her “smell” for all the world to experience it and hear about it What she was unable to convey to her grandparents about their daughter casey and what she was really like she did convey the truth in her death.
    I wish someone would send cindy special delivery on these pictures. If anyone needs it it is her.I was feeling her pain before she testified the last time.She is a mess.Anything good she did in her life was thrown out the wndow.She emasculated the men in her lifeShe wore the ting tings in that family We all know it.
    Thank you so much for these pictures and your thoughts/

  68. My mom was incredibly brutal to me when I was this young. In this picture Caylee’s eyes are swollen and distraught. I know that look…I HAVE SCHOOL PICTURES OF ME WITH SWOLLEN EYES FROM THE ABUSE I WENT THROUGH EARLIER IN THE MORNING. My Mom would laugh at me when I cried a lot. It happens, she is a sadist. THAT IS A SICK PICTURE. I have a photo of my son crying from being tired or wanting a toy, but nothing like this. Her hands are up, she wanted to be picked up and consoled. Cindy and Casey Anthony are disgusting people. I was abused and would never be so heartless, no excuse! I hope Cindy does get prosecuted for purgery and cover up…and Casey gets the death penalty.

  69. I have to agree with all the posting and I give thanks to you for posting and starting and also for sharing those pictures with us THAT the meida and the judicial system had deemed us NOT ABLE OR ALLOWED TO OBSERVE these photos but are allowed to witiness day after day and week after week and for over a month ALL THE witness most doing the right thing and stating what the truth is BUT to have THE GRANDMOTHER and WIFE of a man who is SO TORMENTED by the loss of his grandchild he THOUGHT that BEING OUT OF THE WORLD and with CALLEY was the only way he would be able to go on and free himself of THE GUILT of not BEING ABLE TO PROTECT his beloved GRANDCHILD but had allowed his own FLESH AND BLOOD a person whom in his wildest thoughts would have or not ever allowed his mind to think his daughter could harm let alone kill her only child( to kill himself) would free the torment and guilt of being human and not having ANY CONTROL over what HER MOTHER HIS DAUGHTER would do to her own child… THIS HAS TO AND MUST BE PLACED ONTO Casey heart to deal WITH ALL ALONE rotting in THE HELL OF BEING JAILED WITHOUT ANYONE coming or giving money to her account for ANYTHING.. should face I REALLY THINK dealth would be the best THING FOR THIS WOMEN due ot the fact SHE WILL AND would never be able to have guilt to reside inside herself but will ALWAYS place SOME TYPE OF pain or gulit of her OWN ACTIONS onto SOMEONE ELSE and do this to someone who not only LOVES YOU BUT HAS CARED FOR your OLD ASS and YOUR CHILD YOU COULD not GIVE BASIC live resources and care too.. is someone WHO NEEDS TO BE PUT TO DEALTH because it is not like SHE WILL HAVE OVER 60 YEARS day in and day out to THINK OVER AND OVER ABOUT WHAT SHE DID to her LITTLE GIRL and then TRY TO OR ALLOW HER DEFENSE BE placed ONTO THESE PEOPLE WHOM only had love in their hearts for THIS TERRIBLE BEAST OF A WOMEN??? it is heart BREAKING for me to have to hear and witness this INJUSTICE over and over.. I THOUGHT in my own life experiece in GOING THE TOTAL OPPOSTIE DIRECTION then this women had but would ALMOST KILL MYSELF both physically and TOTALLY MENTALLY in trying to protect and GIVE MY CHILD all the love and care that MY EX HUSBAND could never now or then BE ABLE TO GIVE TO an adult(girlfriend or wife) but to a helpless child WAS BAD when I was allowed to be abused MORE BYE GIVING MY EX RIGHTS BACK TO OUR INFANT DAUGTHER AT THE TIME BUT THE SYSTEM would also ABUSE AND TAKE the very HEART OF MY BEING and that was to be A MOTHER to be daughter away from me… it AND HAS TOTALLY taking much fun and hope out OF MY LIFE FOR THE LAST 7 YEARS but will forever.. but THINGS DO AND CAN BE WORSE then you could EVER THINK YOUR SITUATION is or was could and will be worse…. thanks for sharing this post with me…

  70. I knew Cindy has made the decision to protect Casey ahile back, but admitting to searching chloroform, and 82 times no less, is ludicris. The one thing they can’t talk or lie away is that it was obvious to quite a few people that there was a decomposing stench from that car..and only Casey used the car. Only one missing, Caylee. Why, oh why, didn’t that hot-shot lawyer talk to the DA and tell that ridiculous story before they decided on murder-one. Why go through all that and look so ineffectual as a defense lawyer. The man cost the state of Fl a bunch of money. No wonder the PA team has nothing but comtempt for him. Caylee, rest in peace. You sure as hell deserve it!!!

    1. Theresa you are not a liar nor would you treat your children like Cindy treateCasey.I am sure your daughter would not fear you and tell you if they were pregnant unlike Casey did. I am sure your kids are not thieves who use othrs checkbooks. So stop identifying with Cindy and Casety.

  71. Cindy Anthony was undisputedly caught in another lie regarding her whereabouts during the chloroform and neck breaking Goggle searches. It was proven she was in fact at work not at home as she deliberately lied about on the stand.
    This constitutes perjury (and possible obstruction), a second degree felony with a maximum penalty of 15 years.
    She’s recanted her 911 information, and repeatedly lied all throughout the trial. This whole dysfunctional family is a group of pathological liars. All three and possibly four (the brother) know the truth and/or were involved in this child’s disappearance, murder, and the cover-up that ensured. Casey needs to be found guilty of murder and George and Cindy (especially) need to be locked up highest numer of years allowed by the law.
    This is a dangerous, creepy family that we don’r need walking the streets.

  72. Good for you for telling it like it is! Cindy needs to answer for perjury despite the potential need for her future testimony, in the event the jurors screw up this time and they need to retry.

    Also, the court should forbid the entire family from profiting from this tragedy, should state any money made goes back to the state for costs incurred trying casey.

  73. Good post. 🙂
    I belive in my mind that Casey killed Caylee becasue Casey wanted to get drunka dn go out & party. I belive she also wanted to do stupid stuff, revolving around the partying issue.
    I also think Casey is a sick person, I don’t know who would ever do that to a child..
    That picture of Caylee..I could just see the depression and scared in her eyes.
    That will scare me forever..:(

  74. This is one of the saddest photos I have ever seen! I thought I had seen all the Caylee Anthony photos but this one is particularily disturbing because that poor baby is in obvious terror. Was this how she looked when Mommy (Casey) told her to shut up and put duct tape on her mouth? (She called her “Snot head” didn’t she?) Sad, sad day when 12 ignorant jurors couldn’t recognize a sociopath and child killer and let Casey go free. They said they “Didn’t know how she died.” How stupid is that?! She was murdered; rotted in the trunk of Casey’s car; then triple baged, including the laundry bag Cindy put on the top shelf in the garage. Thrown in the woods. She is a female Scott Peterson. A Diane Downs or Susan Smith. If only we could have a “Do-over” because the jurors were incompetent. Lady Justice is crying tonight.
    i so wish the jury had seen THIS photo of Caylee. It is heartbreaking.

  75. BTW, thief. When are you going to admit that you stole a paper that someone else wrote and passed it off as your own in that book?

    1. “Deborah”
      I know exactly who you are and where you reside . Just know you that you are setting yourself up for a libel suit and a defamation suit that will be very costty for you to defend in a court of law. I have never stolen anything from anyone let alone a paper and passed it off as my own. Know that your false allegations are very serious and you could be spending a great deal of money defending yourself in a court of law for your irresponsible and false libelous and defamatory statements. Know that last December I won a lawsuit in US Federal Court against a Marsha Petrie Sue a public speaker from Arizona who took my material and passed it off as her own.She also had the audeacity to call her book Toxic People which was the name of a book I wrote 13 years earlier..
      Know that you are putting yourself in a very serious position legally when y you make such false statements as you have.
      You are not welcome on this site so please take you hatred and animosity elsewhere.

  76. Who would take a photograph of a child crying like that? Whether it’s a meltdown, a temper tantrum, or actual abuse, that child is in pain and unhappy. Who would take a photograph instead of trying to comfort her?

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