A More Serious Casey Walks Into Courtroom Day 37 Wearing Sexy Low Cut Pink Sweater

Team Casey must be reading my blogs because today she came into court without her usual smile. She may have read comments from many of my very astute readers who said they felt like to smack the smile off of Casey’s face whenever she walked into the courtroom.

Today there was no smiling and no smirking. She just walked in and took her seat.

Jose Baez ignored her and vice versa. She didn’t acknowledge him. Ms. Simms also ignored her and vice versa. Casey got busy looking into a notebook.

She needs to  not smile and she needs to be serious at all times. That means no smiling, laughter, chuckling or smirking. It may be  too little too late as she did not  do this from day one. It is day 37 and the jurors already have an opinion of her. Based on the way she has comported herself in the courtroom in the past, it is not a favorable opinion.

 Even though she hs smirked and smiled the tension is getting to her. Look at the tension devil horn bumps on her temples. This is what happens when people are under a considerable amount of stress.


If you look at her earlier photos you do not see these devil horn bumps. Being isolated and in a cell over these past three years has definitely taken a toll on her.

Whomever is dressing  Casey and picking out her clothing is not doing her any favors. Wearing pink pastel is a baby girl color.   It is designed to give the illusion of sweetness and  innocence. But the jury won’t buy it. 

 I have said all along that Casey should wear black as though she is in mourning for what happened. Even if jurors believe she didn’t kill Caylee they will  at least see someone who is in mourning for her dead daughter.

The chosen outfit has a lower cut blouse and is very form-fitting. This is not appropriate in the courtroom. Perhaps Team Casey wants  her  to wear it in order to  seduce some of the male juror to go easy on her. I don’t think it will work at this point as it is too little too late.

As I said I would like to see Casey in black out of respect for Caylee. But Casey feels nothing for Caylee as we saw during these past 37 days. Whenever Caylee was mentioned, Casey fake cried or remained stone faced.

The truth is that Casey  never wanted Caylee. She never even acknowledged  she was pregnant with Caylee.  She couldn’t wait to give Caylee away for adoption.

But Cindy would have none of it.  She insisted they baby be kept. She forced Casey to be a mother to the child when Casey wanted nothing to do with Caylee. Cindy called Casey a” bad mother” when Casey didn’t  have it in her to be nurtuting and motherly as she didn’t want to be a mother in the first place. 

Casey  couldn’t stand Caylee. She looked at her as a burden, even calling her a “snothead”. She often ignored the child as seen in my comprehensive analysis during the breakfast video. She despised Caylee and despised Cindy for making her keep Caylee.

Those who have called her an awesome mother on the stand obviously have not spent enough  time with her and Caylee or have no experience as to what constitutes a good mother.

Casey was envious of the attention Caylee received and didn’t want her around. She may have viewed  getting rid of Caylee  simply as a late term abortion two years later.  That is why she shows no feeling or emotion towards Caylee  the courtroom. To her, Caylee was a burden and a thing of the past. She cries real tears becasue she feels that it is Caylee’s fault that she is in the predicament she is in.

So don’t expect to see tears of remorse for Caylee as Casey’s mind does not work that way.


53 thoughts on “A More Serious Casey Walks Into Courtroom Day 37 Wearing Sexy Low Cut Pink Sweater

  1. I think the defense just gave in, and got her some properly fitting clothes so she’ll stop knotting and twisting them. Fitted clothing would be less distracting then the weird ways she makes them fit. They have an unenviable job in trying to cover up her disordered behavior!


  2. Instead of her defense team reading this blog, they instead, need to be reviewing Law Journals to give them some idea as to what the hell they are suppose to be doing! Gawd, Sims and Baez are pitiful!! Simms needs to stick to “babysitting” the client. I hope Baez is enjoying himself as, I predict this will be the LAST case he ever tries!

    I could care less what Casey wears. At this point, I am so tired of looking at her smug face, popping her knuckles, primping and acting for the jury. I absolutely loathe her, and can not wait to hear, “Guilty on ALL counts”!!


    1. One more thing….

      ALL of Casey’s attorney’s went back to where she was being held this morning, before she came out. Would have loved to have been a fly on the wall! The attorney’s came out and 2 seconds later, Casey entered the court room. Why ALL of them?


  3. “The entrance” was a huge improvement over the previous 30+ giggly girl entrances. Maybe they will get it completely right by the end of the trial.


  4. From a defense perspective, I actually think this outfit is better than the others. She looked bulky before, and here you can see how tiny everyone has said she is. If I were her defense team, I’d have also cut her hair & left it down to soften her. They really missed it on this. Instead of looking fragile, tiny, and young, she looked bulky, severe, and odd…her true face, in my opinion, but not what I’d imagine the defense would want to portray.


  5. I have no respect for Baez, and I think he is a total sleaze ball, but I feel he is doing his job. Casey is the one who gave him the ridiculous story, and it is his job to defend her. He really doesn’t have much to work with, just a bunch of lies. Baez can’t make Casey take a plea or change her story, all he can do is defend her with the information she gave him, which is a total crock of bull obviously.


  6. I am just wondering if maybe she is going to take the stand today with the new “innocent” looking outfit? Maybe all the attorneys being in the holding cell with her was for moral support. I would think she would have to take the stand before her parents to tell her “story”. That way when Biaz calls George and Cindy up to the stand they would have to answer his questions about her lies and refute them. Only time will tell……


  7. i think they went back to where she was to tell her the statement issued by the Ants,atty-they do not believe she is innocent—but they don,t want her to get the death penalty.


  8. Dr. Glass, thank you for going in to why Casey had Caylee. Contrary to popular belief, some women just do not have the mothering instinct and could care less about having babies or kids in general. so it makes sense that Casey hated Caylee from the start, what she did to her body in pregnancy, how she got all the attention from her parents that she used to get and how she ruined her life so she couldn’t date and party when she wanted. I don’t think Casey feels anything for anyone and never will. It’s just who she is. She didn’t inherit even a tinge of a conscience and never made the choice to have one. I believe that she is really enjoying this trial, all the attention and she thinks murdering her daughter all worth it even though she ruined her own life in the process. Twisted! And yes, those are devil horns!


    1. i have always thought Casey was guilty as hell! Today, I have a new opinion of Cindy……I hope they both rot in hell!!!!

      What she said today was NOT in her deposition. Wow, lying for the woman that murdered her grandbaby! I lost all respect for Cindy ANthony today.


      1. I totally agree Liz! That family gets what they deserve. I don’t think I could ever forgive my daughter for murdering my little grandbaby….daughter or not!!! Cindy is a total liar and I think that the prosecution has an ace or two up their sleeves which will prove that. They knew she would testify to the searches and when LDB went on about her work computer history I bet the prosecution already has a record of her being at work. Unlike the defense, the prosecution has done their homework.


  9. Extremely compelling analysis once again Dr. Glass. Observing Casey’s character and life over the past 3 years ranges from one extreme to another. Her eyes appear lifeless. You’re right, she’s trying to appeal to the humanity of the jury, but it’s too late.

    R.I.P. sweet angel Caylee.


  10. Cindy lied about Gentiva. I have worked for them on a Consultant Basis to prepare them for Joint Commission Accreditation surveys. Gentiva’s internal computer system (INTRANET) allowed full access to all parts of the Internet as well as their internal proprietary files. Gentiva’s policies and procedures require that all passwords are recorded by IT. Monthly an IT specialist meets with every employee and is present for the changing of ALL passwords. Gentiva also does have all records & emails going back 3 yrs. It is a requirement for accreditation. The Joint Commission does NOT have separate accreditation for each Gentiva property –their accreditation is for the whole company and every branch in every state. Further, the employee time sheets definitely will state if she left early on some day. She was an exempt employee and would still be required to use PTO or sick/vacation time if she left early more than an hour.


    1. NancyB- I can only hope and pray that the State is now tracking down evidence to show that Cindy has lied under oath today. What a vile family!


      1. Cindy is an enabler of the hightest oder. Rest assured; If Casey walks out of that court room a free woman, Cindy will be there with open arms. Cindy’s testemony today is proof positive the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. She and Casey even have similar lying styles.


      2. Ashton left the court to subpoena her work records immediately after she finished testimony. I am sure they will address the perjury.


    2. I too didn’t think that sounded right working in the health care field for years but I’m not a nurse, nor do i play one on tv…the only thing about the leaving work early thing i thought COULD have happened. I’m now no longer able to work and am physically very ill, i spend more time in the hosptial than out lately, (thank God for the laptop) with exception of this month, which is why I’ve already gone through my internet usage this month but i’ll take that over a hospital stay, anyway, when patient consenus goes down, once in wahile the nurse or an aide would come in and say they were leaving for the night because they weren’t needed due to patient consenus and tell me who my new nurse would be. luckily for me with my health issues and that i’ve gotten to know the staff so well, I have nurses wanting to take me who have seniority so i rarely lose nurses midshift any more 🙂 I guess Lupus did one positive thing for me, I have made some great new friends!


    3. @Xenu, No, Ashton did NOT leave court immediately after Cindy’s testimony! What the hell are you talking about? Ashton was still in court at the close of business, watched the jury exit and did a profer (sic) with Mason. Why say something that is not true? Pffttt!


  11. Ok first i don’t think the outfit is low cut or sexy, I wear something similar to that to work it’s ok to be angry but direct it where it needs to be directed, that’s really sillly. Secondly, I have always had, and my daughter has, an issue , i call it emotional confusion. I can not stifle my smile when i feel horrible when I found out my best friend was dying when i was a teenager i was mortified devestated, but the moment I was told , I smiled, a big smile that I tried to stifle, I walked into my room and started crying hysterically, that moment stands out in my mind because i was os horrified that i smiled but whenever im in trouble or very upset I smile. my oldest daughter does the same thing. To this day if i walk into a room of people, or past a group of people, i smile, i try to stop it but i can’t I’m not saying i think she’s innocent, i just saying there are other reasons people do things now, Cindy is another story, as is george, I know their type all too well… I really do, and I had also heard stories about this family from a person who lived near them long before caylee was even a thought, I used to think what wackos, and when my former friend called me to tell me that was caylee anthony’s family he had told me about a few times i was and wasn’t shocked


  12. Dr. Glass,

    I think you should refrain from labeling protrusions / stress etc. on Casey’s face as “devil horns.” It’s fairly prejudicial and leading language. Again, I think Casey is 100% guilty, but I come to your site to read intelligent analysis—-not sensationalistic tabloid crap. You can analyze body language without reverting to the Nancy Grace tone.

    Just a thought.


  13. Cindy said on the stand the 1st time that Casey was a good mother – even sent her a Mother’s Day Card, She also had told some of Casey’s friends that she was a sociopath during the time period of 1/2 way through the 31 days missing. Poor Caylee. Cindy cared more about enabling Casey then protecting Caylee.


  14. With Cindy mentioning the check fraud charges, will that make it available for the state to bring up the felony convictions?


  15. Mourning, or the appearance of it, aside, black outfits would be a good color choice because she’d look more serious and mature in it. For what they must have spent, buying what appears to be quite a few sweaters plus slacks to wear with them, they could have purchased a week’s worth (six, in this case, but five would probably do) of ladies suits in black and dark navy, plus a few very inexpensive white and beige tops to wear as shells under them, to cover cleavage and to not look Goth. A week of stockings and a pair of pumps or two and she’d look like a whole different woman: mature, professional, serious, and maybe even mourning.


    1. Really? I mean you are really this concerned with her appearance? There is nothing wrong with what she’s wearing, how do you know she bought new clothes and this isn’t her own clothing, by the way, we Florida girls DON”T wear stockings, and she wasn’t showing any cleveage, you are acting like wolves on this blog… i’m not surprised since most of the public are sheep and just believe what ever they are told until it’s time to turn into wolves and go on the attack.. UGH


  16. The C.Anthony team were observed reading Orlando’s WFTV, channel 9 blog during jury selection.That blog is now 50 to 70 K strong , daily. They do read blogs, they want to know public opinion.Casey should have requested a business suit jacket, long, or 3/4 length sleeve,used that during this whole trial.Cindy needs to know that for whatever reason, bare shoulders are inapropiate for court, heck, I dont know why, but it is. Attire does make a small differance to the jury, most people that have served will tell you that…….but flirting and smirking, my goodness, just because Casey didnt come in with a smile, she had several during the day. And good grief…I never liked Cindy, ofcourse I felt horrible for her loss, but I always thought she seemed like one of those folks that would flip you off if you looked in her direction. She may have hurt the case with all the lies she told, remember that juror on the Scott Peterson trial, “later she said ,” I thought dont point your finger at me lady”. Wow…She said she did the searches for cholorform, but that search went back and forth to “My space”, did she not recall that she had to get her son to help her create a my space page so she could post ” My Caylee is missing”. Man, I could go on and on, as we all could, it’s just so sad, I think she sits back there writting her book, when they get Casey out, and they sail off in to the blue, no one will hear about Cindy and George missing… Casey will be on the boat, using her own resources to find them..


  17. most Fl girls arent sitting in jail, awaiting their fate because their baby girl was found in a dump site, bagged up like trash, crewed by dogs,no most Fl girls dont wear stockings, especially if they are dancing in a hot body contest .
    If you read Caseys letters , you will find that casey is quite concerned in how she looks, “for her fans and admirers…..pretty sick.


    1. Uhm… I’m concerned how I look aren’t you? And even at work , not in a hot body contest, no one I know in Florida wears stockings, unless you just moved there last week. You are all the ones who brought up “dress code” i’m just saying all in all, it’s a foolish topic esp when you aren’t from the area and don’t know the culture. Sorry your posts are “tells”


  18. Here’s my tell…. I’m a snow bird, AKA known as a TOURON ( thats tourist / moron ) for those of you that vacation, but dont have a local to fill you in on the lango.I’ve had surgery, stuck in bed and the media sucked me in to this case for their ratings…Now I find myself in the postion that of which I warn my grand-daughter of…syber-bullying, regardless if it is someone directly speaking to me or if I find myself in a tangled up ball of something that my cat may or may not be courious of.There are so many children, adults as well, being abused, in our own back yards… where’s our compassion for them, how can we help in our own, communities, towns, cities?? This is my first for visiting a blog and I can honestly say, it has brought out the worst in me..I truly am saddened for this little girl, her family and the hell they must be living, If for what ever reason, there is a retrial, I will not tune in , I pray that no one else will watch it either, then perhaps television will be forced to air something else, oh crap…. it will be some other familys grief, lets pray it wont be ours. If not for the grace of God, there go I.


  19. Casey was a child when she found herself pregnant- she should have had an abortion.

    A child going through a pregnancy- alone without a partner- with only your parents there to silently shame you- and then giving birth- such an unimaginable ordeal for a child to go thru- it was child-abuse.

    I am sure Casey was traumatized- maybe even had PTSD. After the shock, then saddness, then grief, she was probably angry.

    I think Cindy is a monster- for making her have and keep that baby- a child abuser. I think she is a murderer for making her “raise” an unwanted and hated “alien-child” (I imagine that is how she thought of her).

    It may even be premeditated murder- Cindy had probably started to lose control of Casey- and was thrilled to have her pregnant and then to have the baby- to hold against and over her.

    Cindy should be in jail- and being tried for murder. Casey is a victim of ALL this and probably a whole lot more (sexual abuse).

    But- there is rarely justice for abuse victims- she will be likely be sent down the river and Cindy and george- will make millions and move to a gated community and have lots of ‘cameos”.


    1. What is really tragic is that there are so many childless couples who are willing to adopt and would have given little Caylee a wonderful home.
      I remember reading elsewhere that Casey wanted to have an abortion and then, when Cindy opposed her (on moral or religious grounds?) Casey then wanted to give the baby up for adoption but once again, Cindy insisted she keep the baby. Why – Casey obviously did not want to be a mother – so why force her to be one and more importantly, saddle the baby with a mother who did not want her?


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