Weiner’s Body Language Says He’s In Denial Feels Shame As He Faces Hecklers During on Speech and May Have Promising Showbiz Career

As former Rep. Anthony Weiner let everyone know he was resigning, his  monotone voice and body language said that he  was insincere in his apology, He  often  pursed his lips as we see in this photo, which indicated that he really did not want to say that he was saying.

As she spoke he had  a case of  dry Cotton Mouth which indicated that he was very nervous and distressed about what he was  doing in being forced to do- resign. When the President of the United States said that if he was in Weiner’s shoes he would resign, Weiner had no other choice then to follow suit.

When he read his resignation speech,  he not only looked down, he bowed his head in shame. As she spoke, it as though he was delivering a campaign speech. There was no emotion and no indication of sincere contrition.

When his hecklers began shouting insults at him, he faced them directly and spoke over them in a loud voice in an attempt to drown out their hateful barbs.

Even though he took responsibility by saying that he could not continue his work because of what he created, it was said in harsh staccato angry tones. He was angry that he got caught. He was not sorry about what he did. He was angry that he got pressure from party leaders to resign. He would never have resigned if they had not urged him to do so.

Weiner still gets to keep his 50 K a month  retirement pension which isn’t that bad considering his wife makes over 100 K. So he will not be on the streets or applying for food stamps. He may end up being a lot better off  financially because of  this scandal.


He may even get his own TV show. Look at Spitzer who is on CNN . Weiner knows John Stewart  very well so he may be a correspondent for his show. He was just offered a role on Entourage. In Hollywood his behavior is not such a bad thing. In fact it  can make a career. Look at Kim Kardashian. She became famous becuase of a sex tape showcasing her booty.

Maybe he can be a spokesperson for erectile dysfunction products like Senator Bob Dole did. He can say how the products worked for him as they show the infamous photo of his privates. If all else fails, there is no doubt that Vivid Entertainment can  offer him a million dollars to bear it all in an X rated  film. They offered the same deal to  Octomom . Actually Larry Flint offered Weiner a serious non porn job at Hustler.

The sad thing in all of this is that his wife Huma is pregnant . She was not at his side like Spitzer’s wife. In fact it was reported that she went grocery shopping while he was giving his speech. If he forgives him he may come out of this a winner.  If she doesn’t  forgive him he will have lost it all.

For their new baby’s sake I hope they get counseling and she is able to forgive him. Now that he has a lot of free time on his hands he will be able to be a househusband and care for his baby while Huma travels the glove with Hillary Clinton.


Looking at the how Weiner comported himself in his communication in the past, he always seemed to be angry and have an edge. There was also a sense of entitlement and arrogance as well as hostility. There is no question that is most likely  suffering from depression and severe anxiety attacks. He lost everything he worked for all of his life-  his reputation and power. I wonder if  Weiner has been diagnosed the mixed state of   bipolar syndrome which would explain his behavior and his agitation.

I do hope that he gets professional help and if he is Biolar II Mixed State and he gets the medication and the therapy that can help him. I don’t believe that he is a sex addict. Instead I believe that he suffered from poor self esteem. He  needed the adulation of  these  women admirers to tell him how great and sexy he was because he was insecure and had no self worth. He needed others to reflect his importance and prowess because he was so empty.

If he is diagnosed with Bipolar II Mixed State and treated and becomes stable,  he needs to share this diagnosis with the public. Then he needs to become a spokesperson for Mental Health issues. Perhaps he can get a job as a lobbyist for Mental health issues. Perhaps he can be a fundraiser for a Mental Health organization.  This way he will have turned his very negative  situation into a positive one as he will continue to do good for people.http://drlillianglass.com


5 thoughts on “Weiner’s Body Language Says He’s In Denial Feels Shame As He Faces Hecklers During on Speech and May Have Promising Showbiz Career

  1. Dr. Glass, you are hysterical; penile erectile ads! Ha!

    But you’re onto something here; there is a bright side to all this!
    As you mentioned,the best thing he could do for himself and his family would be to heal , and serve in some way. Working as a spokesman, as you mentioned, would be a wonderful way to do his family proud, regain his dignity and self-respect, and serve the community. I wish him well.



  2. Right now Weiner is so angry that his weiner got caught that he cannot think about anything except WHO is hurting him. He is a bad boy who has gotten away with bad acts before (I’ll bet that will come out later on) and now he has to pay the piper for the dance he’s been dancing.

    Lots of liars seem to be getting brought up short by the media these days and it’s not a surprise that astrologically many people are having to face up to situations brought on by their unwillingness to look at what is really important in life.

    It’s about love… really loving from the heart – not about EGO.

    My opinion: it will take this man a long, long time to move from EGO to HEART… first he has to see that he was wrong, not WRONGED. That may take another seven year astrological cycle in his case… Edwards is a whole lot closer to getting healed.


  3. Another brilliant assessment Dr. Glass. Though Huma doesn’t deserve this, she’s been involved in politricks behind the scenes for years working for former Sen. Clinton, now Sec. of State Clinton. Huma is not a novice, nor by no means an outsider. It was refreshing she wasn’t at Rep. Weiner’s side during the presser. Of course Rep. Weiner will land on his feet. It worked for each and every politician involved in a some type of scandal or government cover-up. The list is endless as to the 2nd chances of the infamous. Huma will forgive him because she’s learned from Sec. Clinton, and the other political wives.

    And it’s too bad the Justice Thomas tax investigation seems to of been buried. Mission accomplished.


  4. I hope that Huma divorces him and requests child support and alimony. She was not by his side during his press conferences. She can afford good daycare for the baby and give Weiner visitation rights. A man who cheats on his wife, lies, and gets angry over being caught is not interested in being a househusband to care for a baby. He is not sorry, as his body language reveals, so he sees nothing wrong with what he has done.

    Suppose he does become a househusband while Huma travels the globe with Hillary. W, being alone at home, would be free to invite any females to his house. If I were Huma, I would not want to risk getting AIDS or other STDs. Plus, in that environment, the baby would grow up to be just like him.

    So Huma, girl, get out of that marriage ASAP. He will do this again and again to you. Good for you for not standing by him in front of the press. Jenny Sanford did not stand by her husband in front of the press and she eventually divorced him. I hope Huma follows her example. Huma has more in common with Jenny than she does with Hillary. Hillary wanted to become president herself, so she needed Bill’s network, name, and power to continue her own political aspirations. This is why she did not leave Bill. Neither Huma nor Jenny held political office or showed aspirations for elected office. They earn enough money for a comfortable life and knew that the ex would pay child support. I suspect that once Huma is settled with the new baby, she will file for divorce. Good for her!


  5. I’ve been irritated at Weiner for a long time. His rants and raves at every issue and how he mistreated anyone in the press that had the misfortune of interviewing him. It was tough to tell if it was an act or now. He still reminded me of the skinny ugly nerdy dudes in school who could never get a girl to look at them. He did date quite a few women, like Megyn Kelly, who I thought were pretty intelligent. I’m glad he was heckled because he is a pervert and he’s obviously hard wired that way and will never change. I imagine he has a history of doing things like this. It was refreshing his wife didn’t stand there beside him while he was doing this press conference. I’m getting tired of women doing that.


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