Casey Tries To Stifle Smiles Upon Entering Courtoom On Day 32 But Leaks It Out Anyway

There is no doubt  that Jose Baez told Casey to stop her smiles and smirks when she walks into the courtroom. So on Day 32 she her best to stifle all of her happy facial gestures. She even had a frown on her lips, yet her eyes were no frowning. This indicates that it was contrived.

Here we see Casey doing her very best to suppress a smile,.She is consciously pursing her lips as she moves about the table.

She  then spots someone  someone (perhaps Baez or Cheney)and stare in their direction.

She then raises her eyebrows and gives them a flash of recognition. You can see the tension in her lower jaw protrusion which indicates she is trying hard not to smile.

She looks away and continues to try and  stifle a smile.

But she cannot contain herself   as she still manages a smirk.

She quickly turns her head to look away and looks down  but her eyebrows are still raised in recognition of whom she saw. She tries to stifle a smile as she is trying to obey what she most likely has been told to do.

Jose and his team know that now that the defense is up to bat, it is essential for Casey to act as though she is serious and not be all smiles and lighthearted or flirty.


65 thoughts on “Casey Tries To Stifle Smiles Upon Entering Courtoom On Day 32 But Leaks It Out Anyway

  1. I am sure glad Casey finds any thing at all funny about the Situation she put herself in. Unbelievable that is all I have to say!
    Will she still grin when the Verdict comes in?
    It is really irritating for any one to watch all of Casey’s stupid Expressions. Doesn’t speak well for her in my Opinion.


  2. Casey is delusional! Totally delusional!! I have never witnessed anyone on trial for murder smiling……ever. Her antics with Baez are enough to make anyone nauseous… She is done!

    Adi-freakin-os, Casey……

    Have fun having sex with all those women in prison!!


    1. She thinks she has some star quality going on there. She knows this is the most sensational trial in history and she’s loving it. Can’t help her nacissistic self. She’s sick in her head. She doesn’t want this horse and pony show to end. It’s the most excitement she’ll see ever. She knows it.


      1. This far from the most sensational trial in history – I will agree it is the most watched – thanks to modern technology


    2. doesn’t this unusual, abnormal behavior- tell us something? Could it be that she is insane? Or do we want to just think she is EVIL- a supernatural, metaphysical conceptualization- that gives us all such pleasure for some strange reason.


    3. She’s not delusional. She’s enjoying herself. This is what a sociopath does. They enjoy causing conflict, chaos, pain, and being the center of attention. With the trial, she simultaneously achieves all of these goals.


  3. I agree, RO. Dr. Glass, have you seen Dr. Huntington’s body language as he testified today? I wondered the entire time what you would make of his body language. Wish I was a better student of yours!


    1. I’ve been recording the testimony of Dr. Huntington (delayed by approximately 40 minutes), but it does appear he is doing his best to give answers favorable to the defense.

      My suggestion would be for Mr. Ashton to ask Dr. H. if he is being paid for his testimony (if he hasn’t been asked already).


      1. Of course he is being paid. And he has the added perk of giving testimony that directly contradicts that of his mentor, Dr. Haskill. In academia—-a meritocracy—-having his theory / theories favored over those of his mentor will translate into both respect and money.


  4. I noticed that when the judge made a remark, a light-hearted remark to the jury about a dessert they had in their room, KC broke into a huge smile and laugh. She had been holding that in all day. To her this is all just wonderful stuff — all about me — I’ve got all the attention and she isn’t grossed out by anything, isn’t scared of anything or anyone. She is just one happy little princess and it is very hard for her not to imagine herself as one of the legal experts at her table. She almost appears gleeful when she comes into the courtroom. “I’m ready for my close up, Mr. Demille”…as someone else pointed out.


  5. Casey MURDERD ! her precious toddler who was Cindy Anthony’s reason for living !!
    All the numerous photo’s show that. Wether she is proven guilty in court or not , she has
    ruined, demolished her whole family. Now she is getting away with posing in court like
    she is in a beauty pagent. she is talented alright, talented with Evil.


  6. Do you recall what she discussed with her parents during her first week in jail? She talked about her dislike of coldslaw and bologna and both parents asked her to eat what was served in order to maintain her strength. This was but one conversation that unnerved and saddened her parents.

    Do you recall during her interrogation she referred to LE by their first names and acted like she was their peer or someone who was not the mother of the missing child. She openly admitted that she knew her lies were not advancing the search for her child. Why would we think she was incapable of acting appropriately three years later?

    She cannot, as a result of who she is, express human feelings and emotions that comport her responses in ways that are socially acceptable. The threat of the death penalty does not deter her nor does it enter her consciousness relative to punishment-a concept she has not fully integrated into her thoughts and behaviors. That’s why she can laugh at “a pig in a blanket”. Jurors saw that and it more than likely turned their collective stomachs.


    1. Anon, my intelligent, insightful friend… So good to see you posting again!

      I must admit, I was surprised by the laughter that ensued after the “pig in a blanket” statement. It really wasn’t appropriate because after all, this is a trial for the murder of a precious little girl. And you’re right, for the defendant to laugh too; well, for “normal” folks, this is just creepy. But then again, Casey is an anomaly — although analogous with being a sociopath — so many of us are not surprised by her unbefitting behavior.


    1. Delusionl……

      Casey Anthony sitting at the defense table, pretending to be one of “her” attorney’s. Not being fazed (except for when the jury is present) by any of the testimony. Smiling, laughing and flirting in a court of law, when she is the ONE on trial for murder!

      In her sick, twisted mind, she is one of the attorney’s…..not the one on trial!



      1. That’s not called being “delusional.” It’s called being a textbook sociopath. Andrea Yates was delusional. Casey Anthony is perfectly sane (in that she does understand right from wrong and is not actually living in a fantasy world). Google “sociopath” and educate yourself, please.


      2. Liz, I couldn’t agree more with your thinking on this issue. Ms Anthony appears to be detached from the proceedings relative to her involvement in the crime but instead is carefree and at liberty to act in ways which defy logic. Her behavior in the courtroom does not differ from many other defendants behavior but when we look at her and we see her laughing, sticking out her tongue for the cameras, crying uncontrollably with both female attorneys and almost within a milisecond she is back to her old self displaying a flat affect. She is completely comfortable with the people who are attempting to save her life but we do not know how they feel about her. They have “covered up” their feelings and are “duping” her imo. (Not one of them is capable of defending her and those who saw that they were intellectually and legally incapable of defending her were either fired, disbarred or left because their main function (to see books and make money) would be jeopardized. Like I have often said, how was it that Ms Anthony attracted so many pretenders and so few contenders. Ms Anthony’s narcissism dictates that no matter how incompetent they are she will nonetheless walk free. Others are adjudicating her guilt but she does not feel guilty. She is on a quest for her freedom but understands that others are trying to find out who murdered Caylee-I think she is so disordered that the discussion about the remains of her child cause her no emotional discomfort.

        Let’s look now at what Robert Hare says about their mental health and in the absence of any mental health diagnosis or physical trauma (ie head injury or brian injury) many would consider this main fact as REMARKABLE (forensic psychiatrist use this term in the literature). That is the primary reason many of us are so fascinated by this defendant imo.”They understand the intellectual rules of the game but the emotional rules are lost to them. (ie “pigs in blankets” comment). This modern version of the old concept of “moral insanity” may make some theoretical sense, but it is not relevant to practical decisions about criminal responsibility. (Without Conscience, p.193).


  7. Casey is a real piece of work….Keep smiling your day is almost here…She is far the worst form of a human being I have ever seen in my entire life time..Not even OJ was smiling when he was on trial thats about all I will say about that low form of a human being too…Trust me when this is over and done Casey will still lay her head down at night and sleep peacefully…Evil comes in human forms and she is one of them…She has no feelings as she is already dead!!


  8. Dr. Glass:
    This is an email I sent Dr. Dale Archer- after his irresponsible appearance on JVM yesterday:
    “I’m taking the time and energy to send you a post I left on Peter Hyatt’s Statement Analysis blog- to model a scientific approach to dealing with current events in a responsible manner- in ones capacity as a mental health professional:

    Great article in about mothers that kill their children: “Mothers That Kill Often Give Warning”- a must read for trial watchers:

    There is excellent empirical research out there- some by a psychologist in England last name “Hrdy”- who explains the mother’s killing of children from an evolutionary perspective. Long story short- when environmental conditions are poor- when father or “alloparents” (family/relative that are there to help with child rearing responsibilities) are not available (or in CA’s case- is “acting out” her sexual abuse pathology- including resentment- against her support system) – animals including human beans- kill their “offspring’s” and it’s a rational, adaptive, selected behavioral strategy to increase survival rates of the mother.

    This is not to imply that human beings don’t need to strive to show restraint and resist destructive impulses- but just that mental health professionals need to use the science we do have available to help explain human behavior- that has been adapted and selected over millions of years. This doesn’t mean we can’t be disgusted and even indignant- i.e. entertaining- but we must respect the science of psychology that we represent and attempt to educate and help people understand human behavior.

    My motto: “When all else fails- consult science”.


  9. She just finds the whole thing so amusing! I wonder how she’ll feel when the guilty verdict comes in.I was sickened today listening to testimony,first how JP seems to let Baez get away with a lot pf sleazy tricks and second how much evidence was lost by Cindy Anthony cleaning the car and destroying evidence.She should be prosecuted.

    Dr.Glass please give analysis of the bug guy.


  10. Dr. Glass..Today was a most interesting day…Dr Huntington was a most interesting paid witness…It seemed he was way to one sided and and when it came to the smell of garbage in the car two years later his statement for an educated person made him seem like someone with an IQ below 70..and when it came to the tobacco chew smell related to the smell of body decomp the same thing…I could hardly believe what I hard come out of this mans mouth..he made every thing credible that he had said..destroyed for me with these two very stupid statements..


    1. Same thing happened for me, Debi129. Do you think the jury feels the same about Huntington’s testimony? It was painful to watch at times.


  11. I heard a comment from an attorney on a blog today…he stated that every smile and expression Casey makes is part of her testimony in her ongoing case, in front of the jury.


  12. I also watched the doctor on the stand and found his smirk to be annoying. It seemed he knew that he was going to testify to something not included in his report and found it amusing when Judge Perry ruled in favor of the defense on certain issues.

    If this expert thought he would get more consulting work as an expert based on his performance, he must live in another world.

    A highly educated person testifies a piece of paper is dried meat and an odor in a car (without the stained liner) two years later must be from a bag of trash that had no food in it. Who would anyone hire him to testify in a criminal case again?


  13. Watching her attempt to stifle smiles, laughs and flirts is disturbing. What in the world does this idiot deem so funny? No one else finds anything about the trial even mildly amusing (with the exception of “pigs in a blanket” joke.) Her eyes lighting up, her eyebrows rising, and her suppressed smile likely occurred when she spied boyfriend Bozo. This is her standard reaction whenever she sees him. It is a flirtatious demeanor that says, “hey there, lover, I’m ready anytime you are.”

    After the case is over and the jury is dismissed, each juror can go online and read all the forums, blogs, and legal analyses of the case. They will be able to see/read everything that we have seen/read. It would be interesting to see their reactions after they read all the news/online material to which they were not privy as jurors. Even with the partial information that the jury is getting about Casey’s demeanor (she acts differently when the jury is present), I have no doubts that they will convict her.


  14. Don’t be so sure. We all knew OJ was completely guilty, yet he was acquitted.
    Jury’s are very strange we’ll see

    Range Ryder


    1. I hear ya, Range Ryder. But when the OJ jury was questioned after the trial, most said they voted “not guilty” because they didn’t want to convict a black man. If OJ had been tried in a different district, he likely would have been found guilty.

      “Run OJ Run?!” Remember?

      The Casey Anthony trial is a completely different animal and should not to be compared with OJ’s. The only comparison is its salacious, social interest; nothing else…


  15. I do agree…OJ did walk…I do not think she will the very least she will serve 30 years in prison..she may not get the needle..but she most likely will get life…even if she is let out..she will never be free and someone would probably snuff her out in this crazy world we live in today..If they can get to John Lennon..who is Casey Anthony?


  16. Dr. Glass,

    Do you think in the pictures of Casey and Caylee that Casey shows any love for her daughter? Also, do you think the method she used to kill her by using chloroform to sedate her then suffocate her with duct tape and then top it off with a heart sticker indicates any mercy she may have had for Caylee?

    As a mother of a 2 year old myself I cannot understand how she could do this. If my son gets a scraped knee I am heartbroken. I never want understand that depth of evil of hate.


    1. When I saw the photos three years ago, I thought that Casey loved her daughter because she was always smiling, holding, or hugging Caley. After seeing how her demeanor in court changes depending on jury presence, I believe that Casey was playing to the camera. She smiled her wide toothy grin because she thought it made her attractive to men. She pretended to love her daughter because Caley (like a puppy) got her more attention.

      We don’t know how she treated Caley when the camera and other people were absent (compare her different demeanors when the jury is out to when the jury is present.) Perhaps she hit Caley, yelled at her, or ignored her needs. As Caley grew more articulate, Casey worried about what she might tell other people about Casey’s treatment. Whether or not the killing was accidental (via chloroform overdose), the end result was that Casey was GLAD that Caley no longer existed. She put Caley’s body in a place described on cross-examination as a “trash dump”, where the body endured harsh temperatures, hurricanes, wild animals, and at night, complete and utter darkness.


  17. I guess nothing really surprises me about this Casey person anymore. I have seen her facial responses to Jose Bye-Ass for three years now, and in her dream world I guess she believes he is going to set her free so it can be “you and me!” Ever think that maybe he is doing some of the things he is doing to assure that she will stay put? How happy would he really be to win this case and allow her to stalk him – or worse?

    I noticed that Dr. Huntington has a serious dental issue and was not surprised when his credentials were called into question… how careful and detailed can someone be who has not taken care of his smile? Yuck.

    Thanks for your body language observations and sharing them here… I learn something new each time I stop by!


    1. I read that Dr. H graduated in 2008, the year that Caylee died. So he is not very experienced. He looks extremely young and ineffective compared to the prosecutor’s more adept experts. Dr. H did not have a presence in court. HE reminds me of that skinny kid, Dr. Reed, on the TV series Criminal Minds. Both are nerdy and very smart, but socially challenged and unable to command respect in the real world. Physically, both are as thin as twigs that could be snapped in two.

      Most likely, Dr. H was the only “expert” that Bozo could afford on a budget and the only “expert” who was willing to testify that there was no body in the car trunk. None of the other experts were willing to do this because it would jeopardize their careers. Dr H can’t hold a candle to the skilled, confident, and articulate experts presented by the State. I felt sorry for the kid; someone should have told him to stay out of court until he had more experience.


  18. Thanks so very much Lillian for your observations. I read everyday and enjoy your insights. I noticed her smile and smirk this morning and it really made me irate. What has she got to smile about? To see her laughing – even if EVERYONE else did- is nauseating and shows just how cold-hearted she is! Her child was sort of being compared to a ‘pig in a blanket’ and if she EVER cared about that baby she should have been irate- not amused. Dr. Huntington came off as snarky and self-important. Another blowhard and liar like Baez. I was tickled when Ashton caught him out on his lies. I have also noticed the body language that Casey has towards Baez and every time she gives him those flirty smiles it just makes me throw up my hands. She is unrepentant and yes— thinks that ‘her boys’ are going to magically free her even though she has SHOWN she is a liar. Sociopath for sure…. Does she think she and Baez will live happily ever after??? Thanks again Lillian! I never fail to learn something from you daily. Keep up the Great work!!!


  19. Thank you for that!
    So, she CAN feel the HEAT! Thats good and bad.

    I just read the “Statement Analysis”- the verbal version of body lanuage analysis- of Jose Baez’s Opening statement (on Peter’s Hyatt’s blog:

    OMG!- It is a mind blower- one day- we will ALL know body lanauage and statement analysis- and we won’t have to depend on our “intuition” or “gut”- for the TRUTH.

    Dr. Glass- Between you and Peter Hyatt- we KNOW what everyone else is just GUESSING- about Casey Anthony and her defense team’s plan- and thank goodness- because I would have never make it- until it was finally disclosed/or I figured it out on my own.

    Finally, a good nights sleep.


  20. Good morning, all. A very interesting day yesterday, yes? I think Casey sashayed into court yesterday morning, “leaking” glee because Baez probably told her that the “Bug Guy” was going to blow the state’s case wide open. Well, that didn’t happen. I wonder what her demeanor will be this morning? I am starting to have nightmares about this case. I saw the decomposing pig in the car trunk photo with the maggots crawling away and I started to think of Caylee’s little body in that hot trunk and how Casey must have just been slamming that bag around, angry with her mother and daughter. Poor Caylee. And my thoughts go out to the jurors, I hope this case doesn’t haunt them as it is starting to haunt me.


  21. Casey’s eye flashing very simian in behaviour and wondered why she behaves in this primative manner. Do you think it has to do with being a sociopath/physcopath perhaps she has learned that behaviour is recognized by humans but most all normal people have evolved to do this only rarely. She seems to do this almost at all times when she wants to show recognition as do most apes, I find it most disturbing and very curious.


  22. Just to set the record straight, she is not “delusional” in the context of mental illness. As laypeople we can all agree that her behavior is beyond the pale and we are left baffled and bewildered. Can you just imagine how her parents feel each day when they observe her flat affect and out of the blue she acts and reacts like she is “with it” but always in an inappropriate manner. Chilling. Look back at each and every jailhouse phone calls and if
    you are even midly observant you will catch Cindy’s disbelief, horror and if you listen and look at them both you will see signs that Cindy knows Caylee is dead and that Casey is incapable of expressing love for either one of them.

    It has taken Cindy and George a long time to figure out what happened to Casey. It was never about Caylee during the early days of the death investigation but more about what happened to their daughter. They were Casey Anthony’s first victims. Caylee was the third. Casey was not the parent but an adult daughter who depended on them for money, food, shelter and medical care but ruled the home with an iron fist. She was both deceptive and dangerous. They did not walk on “eggshells” around Casey -they were on HIGH ALERT when she was in and outside of the home. They were never without worry, concern, feelings of resentment and fear. They learned how to COVER UP their own feelings and on occassion were capable of “duping” her.

    Their behavior after Caylee went missing was predicated on unbelievable fear. George attempted to commit suicide and Cindy was medicated and sadly she went unsupervised on the networks only to make a complete and utter fool of herself saying such things as, “Casey would spend the rest of her life in prison knowing that Caylee is safe”. While Cindy and George are the walking wounded, others who have entered this altered universe may find themselves crawling out of a similar black hole when the trial comes to an end. It will be years before Mr Baez understands what happened to him. He is an awful lawyer but he didn’t deserve to be ruined.

    Although he ruined George Anthony’s reputation and his ability to make a living, Casey ruined both parents standing in the community and Mrs Anthony’s ability to return to nursing. Between this defendant and her attorney Cindy was the only one who was not involved in the murder of her granddaugher. Does he realize that anyone who is called upon to make sure Casey has what she wants will suffer untold horror if they don’t deliver heads roll. Does Mr Baez realize that when her freedom is jeopardized she will do what it takes to get it? Does he realize that there are grave consequences when the psychopath does not get what she wants?

    I can only rely on what I have read and what I have observed and it would be my opinion that what is happening in the courtroom is very, very disturbing.


  23. I saw a photo of Casey and Caylee that left me very disturbed. Caylee is facing the camera. Casey is facing Caylee and her smile is bigger and toothier than all the other ones I’ve seen You see the left side of Casey’s face and to me it is predatory beyond imagination. Casey neck is bulging and her eyelids are lowered-as if she’s zeroing in on snapping little Caylee.
    Her nose is crinkled over her wide sharp toothy grin and she looks like she’s about to bite Caylees little face off!!

    Range Rider


  24. Casey acts like every one is directing their comments to her. she nods , smiles as if they are talking to her. I think she forgets she is the demon, here who killed her baby girl, and dumped her tiny body in the trash, aka dog cemetary. I find it hard to believe she is not in control of her actions. I think the opposite. I feel she is in control as she is of her Defence Nightmare Team. She acts like she is in the control seat. Baez is her dumb a$$ slave who acts like he would love to get rid of her in a NY second. Cheny Mason, Grampa my A$$. Hes touching her too much. Grampas dont touch Grand daughters that age as much as heh touches her. She flirts with him as much as she did Baez. Im happy to see Baez spend less time looking for her attention and giving her too much attention. He dont act as happy to see her as before. I dont hate Baez. I think he is trying to meet a huge challenge and tryint to be somewhat underhanded. But Hes like a little boy at times with a new toy. Only his new toy is a robot that dont work. Casey is his stone faced robot


  25. I couldn’t watch the trial because you could see this poor excuse for water, fat, and designer clothes completely absorbed by the personal attention the entire world was giving HER. A narcissist’s wet dream is lavish attention, well, she got it! The behavior of the juror seeking money for an insider’s look turns the stomach of every one not buying into the bucks for smucks media circus of low down hos. Things have gotten so out of sorts with celebrity born every minute because of the appetite 24hr media has created that some wonderful judge will have to stop this. Seriously, when the promise and expectation of money for serving on a trial jury becomes what we have here things need correction and fast. Unfortunately, some publication will pay the cold blooded juror his asking price. So, when that man gives an accounting of his earthly fortune to the Lord on judgement day let’s think of that little girl, an angel now, pushing the “down lever” which makes the floor drop and sends the fortune seeker straight to hell- I have no sympathy for a money grubbing SOB! I guess the drugs that money will buy this silly excuse for a man will enable what should be decade or more of sleepless nights. Funny how time can cause a man to prematurely plan a financial bonanza before the lights and spectacle of courtroom drama even begin. The monsters in this story are from two crimes: the murder itself and the financial planning of the “open minded jury.”. Cameras in the courtroom take away the juries most common excuse of “well we jurors heard mire than the spectators.” Not anymore …


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