Casey Anthony Develops New Head Bump and Exhibits Pre-Trial Jitters

A few weeks ago I did a blog where I noticed that  Casey Anthony had a knot on the right side of her temple. She did not have one on the left side of her temple at the time. Today she not only has a bump on the right side of her temple, but on the left side as well.  Many of my readers suggested that she was sprouting devil horrns. While they may look devilish, they are the result of extreme  muscle tension in the temple region.

This is a huge day for Casey. It os the day that the defense team is going to call witnesses in an attempt t create reasonable doubt. Case also showed her nervousness in other ways.

She did  a lot of hand rubbing and hand wringing which indicated her nervousness. There was also a knot in her lower jaw at the side of her mandible. This is indicative of her clenching her jaw which reflects her tension.


 She also did a great deal of physical grooming, which she often does when she is feeling nervous or uncomfortable. Casey  certainly has a lot to feel nervous about. What these witnesses say and what Jose does during this time can make the difference of whether  she lives or dies.


53 thoughts on “Casey Anthony Develops New Head Bump and Exhibits Pre-Trial Jitters

  1. I noticed with everyone else, she has stopped the grooming. I wondered why and thanks for this post Dr. Glass.

  2. Did any one notice the other day when Casey was talking to Baez.. She was quiet up set after her Mom left the stand and Baez tapped her shoulder (in a not so nice way) Like he was telling her to settle down.

      1. Yes, she does hate her mom but I also think Cindy hates her just as much. I have thought that the mouthing of “I love you” was for public consumption only. Cindy knew what the response from Casey would be so now she can say “See what I’ve had to put up with? I did everything I could for her and this is how I get treated” I’m wondering if the public defense of her daughter is just a facade to in reality exact the ultimate revenge on Casey for what she did to Caylee. It will be interesting to see what she does on the stand next if she is called by Baez.. What a pair, birds of a feather these two are.

      2. YOU NAILED IT !!!!!!!!That is exactly what that Psycopath did. And if she gets out, she might try to kill George and Anthony to get the house and any money they have.

  3. Dr. Glass, is it possible that Casey did accidentally kill Caylee, not in the manner in which her defense states, but maybe as others have stated, drugging her to make her sleep? I agree she shows sociopath tendencies, but it saddens me the anger and also joyous contemp with which everyone refers to her. I know she should completely accept responsibility for what happened, and my heart is sickened by what happened to Cayle.

  4. I think the horns, bumps, whatever they are could be tension as you said, Dr. Glass, and I think she is clenching her jaw because she has been told not to grin like an idiot as she was doing before. Maybe in that way she is reminding herself not to giggle? You know the grooming was discouraged by her attorneys who probably read your blog and others. It was noticed by everybody and everybody thought is was very weird.

    Karma: It IS a bitch, isn’t it Casey?

  5. I don’t understand why Casey doesn’t wear her hair with the bang thingees on the sides. It softens her face some and the bumps don’t show as much. And this shirt again? She looks really bad today and I thought she would look good today because the defense has started. Did the “I love you” from Cindy have the desired destructive result on Casey? Has she broken?

    1. she should be dressed in a way that implies she’s mourning for her daughter, considering that on this day at this time three years ago Caylee may have already been dead. of course we all know she could care less – just look at how cheerful she is. sickening.

      1. You both are right. Right after I wrote this I was watching the coverage and she wasn’t looking like she felt bad at all. Same old, same old for her. She just dresses and wears her hair like crap, ugh! Is she even human??

  6. I can’t imagine that the defense will have much evidence to present. I expect that their case will last three to four days. Then the jury finds her guilty, we enter the sentencing phase, the Judge imposes death or LWOP, then the appeals process begins with another set of attorneys for Casey. These attorneys will be court-appointed due to Casey’s indigence.

    When the new attorneys become involved, they will scrutinize everything that Bozo did. One of the most used reasons for appeal is “ineffective assistance of counsel.” In most cases, this reason does not fly, but Casey has a good argument. What kind of defense attorney paints his client into a corner by proffering an incredible scenario like a drowning death, coupled with another person (George’s) complicity? Bozo should have claimed that Casey panicked after Cayley drowned and let it go at that. Mentioning George is troublesome because it forces George to lie with the defense. George is not playing along.

    If Casey becomes angry at Bozo, she could reveal that she and Bozo had a sexual relationship. I have no evidence of this, but based on her demeanor around him, his reaction to her flirtations, and on what other bloggers write, I do not believe that Bozo and Casey have a platonic relationship. The Rules of Professional Conduct for attorneys warn against relationships with clients lest they cloud judgment and negatively impact representation. Casey could file a complaint with the FL Bar about Bozo “taking advantage of her when she was in a vulnerable position.”

    1. Just based on how easily and dramatic Casey lies is enough for me to not be surprised if she brings out sex charges against her lawyer.

      I hope you are right that it will only take a few days for the defense to present their side-Baez is not the best lawyer I’ve heard-he’s rather boring. 😕

  7. Wow,already there is reporting that no blood,DNA or otherwise found.Even Caylee wasn’t a match for DNA on the duct tape? but yet it was attached to her hair? Wow,craziness.There was only water all over for months and Cindy cleaning the car certainly didn’t help matters.I am personally tired of looking at Casey this the anniversary of her little girls death and there is no remorse or concern only for her own skin and unfortunately The Anthony’s seem to feel the same way. R.I.P Caylee you are not forgotten.

    1. Plus decompositional fluid degrades and destroys DNA.

      I seem to remember Ashton pointed out even blood, if it was spilled, would decompose.

  8. Does anyone know if Casey would have been allowed to cut her hair for the trial…well not her actually cutting it herself of course but could there have been someone brought in to professionally cut her hair? Or did she decide to go for ‘the librarian’ look so she would appear softer? I know the defense has quite a bit to say about how the defendent should dress and appear to the jury.

    1. Inmates can get haircuts by jailhouse barbers/stylists. These “barbers” are sometimes fellow inmates who were trained to cut hair. Casey’s long hair is likely due to a desire to look younger, prettier, more feminine, and more sympathetic. It remains to be seen whether this worked.

      Law firms are aware of the importance of image, so they hire image consultants to advise them on how attorneys and their clients should dress, walk, talk, etc. while in the jury’s presence. Bozo might not have had the funds to hire such consultant, but many professionals offer their services free of charge in high profile cases. An image consultant might have advised Casey to wear her hair long, if only to show the jury that she is now “different” from the photographed party girl with bobbed hair.

    2. I wondered that too. Casey looks so bad with her hair so severely pulled back. No woman past 20 looks very good with that style. At least if she had bangs it would work better. It just makes her look harsh and mean.

    3. Evelyn–I read that Casey is allowed to cut her hair with clippers while being supervised my a guard. Usually an inmate barber cuts hair with a clipper, but since she is in protective custody she is not allowed to have contact with other inmates, and that’s why she has to do it herself. Her long hair is her choice.

  9. Xenu – but I have noticed that she never really had bangs before so ALL of her hair should be the same length. But she has much shorter sides – so someone must have taken scissors to her while she was in jail.

  10. Dr Glass~ Those , what ive been calling Casey’s “stress bumps” have been there for awhile, in your past post >>>CASEY ANTHONYS FAKE CRY WHILE CHENEY MASON CONTINUES TO HOLD ON TO HER, Monday,May 2nd,2011, you can clearly see them on both sides, you have some good pics on that post, this post was during jury selection……

    Another thing i have noticed, not so much on the TV but on the puter is, when Casey is really stressed, there are not only her stress bumps on the sides of her temples, to me, down the length of her nose and spreading from the outside of her nostrils to the outer corners of her mouth,it whitens, and that means blood loss there right? then it seems to appear that her bottom lip will start to puff out… its been depending on the testimony,if Baez is ignoring her that day, etc…just my opinion

    For Caylee~ God Bless You Dear Sweet Angel, its 3yrs today, May You Lay In God’s Loving Arms Ever So Blessed….<3

  11. One of the female witnesses early today (June 16th) kept pursing her lips after most of her responses. How is that different from Cindy’s “pursing” you noted on June 15th?

  12. It may just be the way her skull is formed. My grandfather had a knot on his the size of a baseball. Hers looks like mainly skull and tightly pulled hair …that and jaw clenching. And, of course the lighting and the way the photographer that provided that shot chose to portray her. Just like the CA bra episode everyone was so bent out of shape over. Lol!

    Wonder what GA’s “mistress” looks like when her face isn’t covered in hair-long, beautiful hair! She’s such a 10! :mrgreen: Which person that works with the detectives that interviewed her would know, I wonder?

    All KC has to do is tell how she came up the name, apt. #, and vehicle description of the woman with the same name as her “nanny.” And, why she was in the computer store a cross the st from the Mercedes dealership.

  13. I didnt know this…..that there is a shopw on the Disney Channel called Shake It Up and the name of one of the two stars name is Zendaya, kinda rhymes with Zenaida dosent it? i have found articles on her as far back as 2005. Here is her website:


  14. Well after the first day for the defense…..I have come to realize and {I hope the prosecution has to} , that if Jose Baez, can’t find anyone to drop bombs for him….he will drop them, his damn self….he must have read my blog last night, because he sure came out down and dirty….

    I know Jeff Ashton, felt the knife in his back….but I was so proud of the way he jumped up and told Baez about his self. Well now we know that Baez won’t adhere to the rules of engagement, such as agreed court decorum….and to him the rules were meant to be broken, Baez.. man your helmets friends…..because he is going to drag the Anthonys, as far down into the garbage pit, where Casey threw Caylee. ….and I’m still not sure they aren’t going to help him….all for the Princess Miss Poopy Pants…..It would be funny….if it weren’t so very sad….

    Rest in Peace Sweet Caylee……

  15. Did anyone see Kathy Riordan’s column on June 12? “Did Casey Anthony Confess?”
    Talk about bombshell information ! Between that neighborhood information and Casey’s continued reference to Caylee being “close” and “really close” in conversations with her parents, leads me to believe that she was either confessing or just further taunting her parents. I’m leaning toward the latter.

  16. Caylee’s death was due to complete indifference on Casey’s part. Casey’s priorities were that of a very wealthy girl, which she was not, so if she couldn’t have her way, she would do whatever it took to get what she wanted: freedom to live “Bella Vita”, like her tattoo said.

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