John Edwards Wearing Phony Smile on Mug Shot But Is He Also Wearing Phony Hair?


 If you look closely at the  frontal facial photo, you will discover that he has a very tense smile that is not genuine. His eyes are not smiling as his cheekbones aren’t raised. 

 In essence, this is a nervous smile. In his profile shot you see him purse his lips which indicates that there is a greaat deal of tension and discomfort.

 He is also  perspiring profusely which confirms  that he is nervous. You can  even see the beads of sweat on his chin area. His forehead is also glistening with perspiration. His profile shot is where you can really see his perspiration on his temple and cheek area.

His skin has broken out in little bumps on his forehead and cheek area which tends to happen when people are under a great deal of stress. 

His teeth also look yellowed and appear to have some debris on them. This is a far cry from the meticulous white toothy grin we saw when Edwards was running for the  office of President. When someone neglects their hygeine it usually means they are experiencing depression.

His shoulders are rounded which indicate that he is feeling insecure and defeated. His rounded shoulders are evident in his profile  shot as well.

Since we discovered how phony Edwards was with his lying about his affair and about beingt he father of the baby, I wonder if his hair was phony as well. Was it a toupee? It was never out of place and if you look closely, it seems to be a different color than his natural hair.It looks as though a wig or toupee is placed on top of his natural hair. You can really see the contrast in the profile view of his mug shot. It does not look natural.

Even though he is  smiling  on the outside  as his his mug shot was taken,  the truth is that former Senator John Edwards is not smiling on the inside. In fact he is very depressed and feels beaten down.

When Eduards was a VP Candidate and a Presidential contender his look was immaculate. He spent  lot of time and money on his hair, He also has a bright white toothy grin as you can see in the photo above.

In this photo we see a lying John Edwards. He showed  numerous signals of deception from lip licking to shoulder shrugging, to looking down to giving way too much unnecessary informaiton.

 In fact, I  was the first one to bust him on national televison as I uncovered that he was not telling the truth about his affair with Rielle Hunter and about fathering the baby.  Click on the link below to read more about it.

John Edward’s mug shot reveals a lot about his psyche. It says that he wants to look good to others at all cost , as he is  only concerned about appearances. That is why he chose to smile.  He knew that this photo would be released around the world. So he tried make sure he looked his best. But as we have seen,  he isn’t at his best. Instead, he is at his worst and it clearly shows in his mug.


7 thoughts on “John Edwards Wearing Phony Smile on Mug Shot But Is He Also Wearing Phony Hair?

  1. Great analysis Dr. Glass. I never did care much for John Edwards as I always thought he came off as phony. He has also aged considerably, more wrinkled and shrunken in his appearance. His hairline does appear to be receding and could be a wig. He was all about outside appearances and now that his reputation is totally gone he looks to be shrinking. Is this a physical manifestation on his world coming down around him because of his self destructive behavior?


  2. Deception indeed. I was amazed at how deftly he lied, but the guilt was written all over his body language. R.I.P. Elizabeth Edwards, because she certainly deserved so much better than him. Her life was admirable. And her children dealing with the public humiliation of this scandal, well I pray for the best. John and Rielle are both despicable, thoughtless, and selfish people. Truly abhorrent what they’ve done to Elizabeth, John’s kids. Not the first, nor the last politician to do it. Just yucky about his teeth.

    But Johns’ bouncing and behaving hair can’t be fake. Just can’t be :-). Though I wasn’t interested in watching the full interview because I could see the guilt in his eyes, I was more compelled to watch the late Elizabeth’s interview on Oprah. She put up a brave front, but the depth of her pain was palpable.


  3. Dr. Glass, sometimes I look at people and think “wow, that person is well groomed…is put together well…takes care to present a good appearance”. Then I look at others and think “wow, that person is so vain…so full of themselves”. When it comes to appearance, do you feel there is a difference between a well groomed appearance and someone who is overly vain? When I look at John Edwards, I can’t help but look at him and see such phoniness.


  4. Edwards is a southerner, and appearances are a sign of dignity and self respect are generally very important to southerners, so I understand why he’s making the effort regardless of how he feels inside, and why the late Mrs. Edwards put up a brave front. I’d be shocked if they didn’t. Southerners are generally loath to intentionally making spectacles of themselves since they are not a tell it like it is people.

    Remarkable. I didn’t realize how little I knew about “seeing” until reading your analyses, and yet sometimes on some level I pick up more than I think. Sometimes I have a general feeling that something’s not right, and then your analyses provide a blow by blow description of what my unconscious obviously knew. I’m learning a lot from you,Dr. Glass.


    1. I must say Mary, as one who move from the North down South, I completely agree with your post about Southerners and personal appearances, as I’ve witnessed myself first hand


  5. He doesn’t have access to almost unlimited amounts of money in campaign donations anymore and it shows. A great deal of Edwards’ “look” most surely had been purchased and all top of the line, at that.


  6. I was a supporter of John Edwards when he first burst onto the political scene… and after he broke the marital law of trust I was unable to look at him seriously again.

    But what I see today is a man who let his ego and pride get the better of him, who allowed himself to be deceived about love and who abandoned his sick wife for his own pursuits and who today is trying to come to term with what he has done… smiling? It’s all he knows how to do, and I think he may be seriously depressed (less personal care).

    He and Weiner are masterful politicians, but they are also in the league with Casey Anthony of being liars. It doesn’t matter if they are lying to themselves or to someone else… they either cannot or will not seek the truth.

    The astrological pressures on all these people will force them to look – the question is whether or not they will SEE.


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