Casey Looks Disheveled and Humbled Days After Seeing Bones and Skull

Casey appeared in the courtroom on Day 28 acting  much more humbled. She was more serious than we have ever seen her.

Her hair appeared more disheveled as she wore it in a bun. There was  also much less grooming type behavior than we have seen previously.Perhaps she is  much more concerned with her fate than with her looks.

She also appears to be  experiencing a lot more tension in her body language as we can see int he photo above.In fact, look at the protruding  muscle tension in her lower jaw. There is also tension around her neck area.

There is  still a smile for Cheney and the happy greeting. But it doesn’t last a long as it lasted in her previous greeting towards  him or with Jose Baez.

Reality has set in and Casey appears sobered about the possibilities of what may really happen to her. In her  distorted thoughts there is no doubt that she felt she would be believed and that it would be easy to dismiss the prosecution’s claims.  I am sure that she heard Cheney’s words resonating in her head that they would walk out of the courtroom arm in arm.

 But all that changed when she saw the jaw dropping photos and heard her mother turn on her. I doubt Casey  expected to see the gruesome reality of her actions. I doubt she expected to see a the skeleton of what was once Caylee. I doubt she expected to see the horrific looking skull with hair strands across the sockets and Caylee’s molar’s still attached to the skull, or see photos of Caylee’s little bones which were gnawed by animals.

No doubt she had the weekend to digest these photos. This is what I believe caused the change on her demeanor.

It will be interesting to see if she peps up and changes her demeanor and once again shows her cockiness  when the defense begins presents it’s case.

To hear my body language analysis about Casey Anthony  on  Websleuth’s Radio, click the link below:


97 thoughts on “Casey Looks Disheveled and Humbled Days After Seeing Bones and Skull

    1. Her jailhouse records are public and show when she has received medication. She received it on two days during/after jury selection, but since then has received no medication.

  1. I agree that Casey never once gave a thought as to what would happen to her daughter once deposited in those swampy woods. Being confronted with her nefarious deed may have finally brought a reality into her life, possibly for the very first time.
    As human beings we all live through loss, for many many reasons. Casey never felt loss over her daughter but maybe, just maybe, she will feel loss. The loss of her very own life whether is is through lethal injection or LWOP.

    La Bella Vita, Casey

    1. Wow, kim-the only loss she may feel is of her own life-what a pathetic human being!

      Dr. Glass, thank you for leaving the link to your interview on Websleuth’s! I hear you once in a while on Levi’s show but you do not let us know so we could tune in! Luckily, I’m subscribed to his BTR Show so I won’t miss you on there. :mrgreen:

      1. Imagine how one would feel, knowing there life was technically over because they has done such a horrendous thing. Family turns away. The only contact with the outside world are users. The very people paid the blood money from your victim, your daughter are the people relied on to save you from your terrible fate.

        I hope she dreams. I hope her dreams are horrifying and endless

  2. Sad and pathetic, Sherry. A tiny human life was extinguished in order for this creature to be locked down. It is the saddest thing I can imagine, truly.

    The pain she has caused. The chaos Casey has created. For what? How does a human being look into her own mothers eyes and laugh at her pain, knowing fully that she herself caused it?

    1. Kim, I’m wondering if it could be true that Casey duct-taped Caylee and placed her in the bag(s) so she wouldn’t have to see the sufferings of her child out of fear she would have nightmares. 😦

  3. I think reality might just be playing a part in her attitude as well, but I also think her attorneys have told her to be more stone faced. I noticed she no longer shakes her head no when she hears something she doesn’t want to hear, that came from her attorneys when they told her to cut that out. She looked like an idiot doing that. Also, I’ve noticed she only shows emotion when the jury is in the room, when the jury goes out, she looks like a wooden statue sitting there with no emotions. I think this is the real casey, no emotion whatsoever. When she heard the forensic evidence she got rattled , she knows she’s caught.
    I was also thinking today when they were showing where little Caylee’s body was found. The wooded area is bigger than I thought at first. If a man had put that body there, he would have went deeper into the woods. This had to be a woman, she only went a few steps into the woods. She got scared , it was probably very late at night. Casey for sure did this..she might as well confess now.
    I sure hope she takes the stand, but I don’t think Jose will ever let her do that. The truth is not in her. Anyway, how could she , with a straight face, be sworn in to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, lol.
    Sorry this post is so long.

    1. I was surprised to see how close to the road it was. I don’t think that George was involved, because the body would have never been found. 😦 ugh.

    2. Actually, I think that Casey dumped Caylee’s body immediately after the gas can confrontation with George, which would have been the middle of the day. She simply got a wake up call and got very afraid of getting caught. I think she drove in as far as her car would go (which wouldn’t have been very far with that vegetation) and dropped her right there (not wanting to handle her now smelly body). The thing is that with the flooding it isn’t possible to know if where they found her was precisely where she was dumped or just where the bag landed when there was no longer enough water for it to move around in.

  4. She NEVER even looked at the photos….but kept her head down!!!! She should be MADE to LOOK at the photos!!!!!!

    1. Holly, miz anthony has to look at all the evidence that is being put out for her conviction. She has/had already seen these photos prior to court, or so I have heard other attorneys state that.

  5. Dr Glass~ I was on Peter’s chat,(come join us!) on blogtalkradio today n someone on there asked where kc was getting her clothes, and a ‘reg’ blogger piped up and said…”Lost and Found”.. im laughing now…..

  6. Oh! Dr Glass~ For sure they read your blog, Sims got a shot today, AFTER you wrote about how sad it she had been reduced to ‘babysitter’… If anyone deserves a chance to write a book i vote for Sims! … 😉

  7. For years, Casey stole money from whom ever she had access to. She did it without conscience or reprecussion….She got so bold, she finnally stole, little Caylee’s life. It took three years, for her to get humble? I don’t see humble…I see self pity….

    She broke her Mother and Father’ s hearts…..If she saw her Mother today, she would probably ask her Father again…..”Why is she Crying ?”

    She cannot see past the shell of a person, she is. That just who Casey is.

  8. Give her time Dr. Glass… her ‘boys’ haven’t come to her rescue yet. I’m sure they’ll be plenty of arrogant smirking yet to come.

  9. When people see the notation of “medication” on an inmates commissary account, that could be anything over-the-counter, such as aspirin, tylenol, or antacid. Inmates that receive other types of medication, prescribed medicines, receive those through medical services, and those records are not part of their commissary.

    No doubt this could be different for different states, but as far as I know, an inmates medical records are not open for public view. So if an inmate receives things like Valium, or other anti-anxiety or anti-psychotic meds, that is not going to be something they order up with their nacho dip.

    1. I read online today that if she takes any medication stronger than tylenol that it must be reported to the judge, and a hearing happens to determine if she’s able to participate at that point and make reasonable decisions regarding her case. Not sure if we would be allowed to watch that or not though.

  10. Dr. Glass, I just finished listing to the websluths interview. Thank you for the link, there were some great questions asked as well as wonderful answers. I know this is off topic from the blog post but some of the interview dealt with George’s response to Mr Ashton asking him if he had molested Casey. I remember that HLN had a body language expert on (and I can’t remember her name right now) the day of that testimony who stated that George was believable partly BECAUSE of his pause before answering and that pauses like that occur when a person is afraid of not being believed. I’d love your take on that. Thanks.

  11. What I find intriquing is that Casey sees these gruesome photos BEFORE the jury does and she by indication of witnesses in the courtroom, doesn’t really have much reaction to them…it’s only when the jury returns to the room and is shown them that Casey ‘reacts’…gets sick, teary, ect. Clearly an act for the jurors who she KNOWS has no access to media claiming that she has no reaction to seeing the photos outside their presence.

    And has anyone noticed how much the female attorney on Casey’s team ‘resembles’ Cindy Anthony whilst comforting Casey? The hair…and always seems to be wearing green, a color we know Cindy to favor, a color she’s worn in infamous combative depositions. Methinks this is very deliberate. I think they want to ‘show’ Casey being able to be comforted by her mother…a weird fake loving mother daughter relationship so we don’t think Casey’s as hateful as she seems. Is it just me, or am I crazy to think that?

    1. sophie,
      Never noticed the “green” thing…I believe Dr. Glass mentioned that Ms. Simms resembled Cindy in a way, but I only thought of the short, blond hair as more of a coincidence–certainly they do want to benefit from a apparently supportive mother figure, but if you’ve noticed the green clothing to be so, that would really be something!! Dr. Glass, have you noticedthe color of clothing much like Cindy’s as well??

    2. The funny thing about Casey showing emotion only in front of jury is that the judge sees everything and is always there.

      1. EXACTLY! And if I understand correctly, the jury can recommend a sentence, but the the Judge has final say. As Dr. Glass has pointed out here many times, Casey cannot control her excitement at seeing her ‘boys’ every morning. Judge Perry has seen ALL the flirting, and the ACT she puts on the moment the jury enters. I hope he also noticed that Casey watched the Caylee/skull video with the jury out—leaned in w/ no emotion. When it was shown to the jury—-Oh boo hoo I can’t look! I don’t think the judge misses these moments.
        I trust him to do the right thing. Casey needs to be put away til menopause if not life or the DP–I have faith Judge Perry will see she never get out in time to breed again, at least.

  12. I am sure that Ms. Simms would much prefer to be practicing law than being ‘ a handler’ for Casey and my interpretations of Ms. Simms body language is that she has pretty much been told, “you will do this if you want to stay on the case,” and that tension really came out today in her protest about the PowerPoint.

    But I have to disagree that Casey has been ‘humbled’ by seeing how Caylee’s bones were chewed, etc. Subdued, quieter, but that tiger has not changed her stripes, Dr. G. She was smirking today, smiling at her ‘man,’ Jose, and pretty much the same old, same old, from what I could see.

    And rumors are racing around Orlando that there is going to be a mistrial, so perhaps that is why she was smirking… does she know something we don’t in her partnership with that weasel? I sincerely hope these are just people stirring up an already boiling pot because that would be a travesty – again – against little Caylee who deserves a judgment.

    1. If anyone one actually watched the Scott Peterson case, also on Court/Tru TV, the similarities are so strong, it’s quite amazing. They, too, had a “demonstation” that caused controversy when the jurors were allowed to get in the boat that he owned and used to take Laci’s body out into the bay!

      There too, no evidence of how she died or where, and another master manipulator who was unlimately doomed by his self serving lies–all the way to the death chamber–appeals pending, of course, however. Bill Schaffer, legal commentator for has daily analysis and is Very informative!

      1. And IMO, much more actual evidence here than with Scott Peterson.

        O/T it amazes me how sociopaths think they can talk their way out of murder–or fool all the science and investigators! Do they think the police are just going to ‘give up’? On a baby and/or pregnant woman’s murder? Really?

  13. I think it’s still an act, Dr. Glass. Did you watch on Saturday when she started cracking up and laughing during all the bug and decomposition testimony? I’d love to read your take on that.

  14. WHY doesn’t the DT demand that Crazey fix her hair and clothes?

    She looks like a homeless-on-purpose BUM.

    Her hair was not in “a bun” today; it was tied in a knot with the ends sticking through the hole in the middle of the knot. It’s a LAZY girl’s hair-don’t.

    And all that patting and rubbing of those hanging-down side hair pieces? Her hair is OILY as a freshly opened can of tuna – it’s GROSS. Wash your hair, Inmate Crazey!

  15. She’s not Olive Oyl without the tight bun, today she was more Alfalfa. She didn’t throw the body further into the woods because she’s LAZY. Before anyone on here feels sorry for her remember she chloroformed then duct taped that baby, probably in the Anthony home. The smell of chloroform would have caused Caylee momentary panick, then a comatose state. Was she thinking of her movie night with Tony as she applied the tape? Was she thinking how much she hated Cindy? Or was she just pissed that this overwhelming responsibility was ruining her life? Let God or the Devil forgive her because I won’t!

  16. Dr Glass,

    I really enjoyed hearing you on!! –Especially hearing about how you got into the ‘Body Language’ field with you varied background!! Very interesting!!

    I just wanted to touch on a couple of things in that insightful interview. I believe the attorney on the show was speaking about Baez NOT objecting to the skull ‘demonstration.’ If I’m not mistaken, he very much DID object to it. Maybe she was speaking specifically about the part of KC being in the photo, itself, because he sure but up a fuse about the demonstration itself and how predjudicial it was. Anyway, just as the attorney concluded she did not think it was something that would be grounds for a mistrial, Marsha Clark today said the very same thing.

    Of course anyone can appeal on any issue, just as anyone can sue another person regarding just about anything, but whether or not an appeal would actually overturn a conviction, the odds are slim. I found both the attorney on the radio show and Ms. Clark to be of the same opinion because they each stated they are currently do work the on appealant level–these two opinions seem to override other attorneys opinions, for me, anyway!

    In addition, I was thinking of asking you about the fact that I have found that KC, now, seems so un-attractive as a person. I have discolored this in my own life with relationships where someone whom I first find attractive,becomes less physically attrcative after I learn that he has poor moral judgement, for example. I just thought that was what was happening with KC. Learning how evil she is has made her ‘appear’ so unattractive. However, it was interesting to letarn from the radio show that criminals who have been incarcerated for a long time and particularly those in solitary confinement and those on death row do, actually, change both physically and emotionally.

    One last thing, talking on the show about the length of her hair. Isn’t there an interpretation of someone hiding behind his/her hair, as we saw earlier in the trial with the bangs!

    Just wanted to also thank you for turning me and others on to and their radio program I will certainly tune in again.

  17. Did anyone else notice in a lot of Baez’s cross examinations of character witness in the beginning of the trial, he almost always asked,( if not always)….”Did Caylee appear to love her mother? Did Caylee run to her mother when she saw her?”etcetera. Ever notice he rarely, if ever, said, “Did Casey appear to love Caylee? Did Casey light up when Caylee walked into the room?” In other words, always asking the witness how Caylee appeared to respond to Casey and not the reverse, asking how Casey responed to Caylee–did anyone else notice this or maybe I was mistaken??

    1. I noticed it too, and it was completely backwards in my opinion. Just shows one more thing Baez doesn’t understand. A child always loves the parent no matter what.

      1. It breaks my heart that she just wanted mommy to love her, and how confusing it must have been for her mother to act loving and normal when with other family, but ignored her when they were alone.
        If you’ve never seen the ‘strange breakfast’ video, I recommend it. I believe Dr. Glass blogged about it here. VERY sad.

  18. I have a question regarding the statement that Cheney made long ago about him walking out arm in arm with Casey when this is over. Where does he think she will go???, she thru her whole family under the bus and all her friends know her to be a liar. Does Cheney or Bias have a spare room for her??

    1. wheezer, good Point! I thought about that too.
      If she would be my Daughter I sure in the World wouldn’t want her to live under the same Roof with me after all what has happened.
      How could You ever trust her again or look at her and not see what she has done to Caylee!
      God help Cindy and George if Casey would be able to walk away from this which I highly doubt.

      1. Hilde i doubt it also. I imagine they will find a new normal once she is convicted. I also imagine Casey will lather them with more lies and blame her defense team for getting her into trouble with the accusations against George and Lee. She has to lie about that so she can get them to send her money. Sociopaths blame people, places and things for their troubles. They will go through life believing her and believing that their innocent daughter is in jail for life. Casey will use them till the day they die.

        While she’s at it she will try to destroy Jose Baez. He’s her next victim. She’ll do lots of interviews and get her chance to shoot her mouth off. I think most of her anger right now is due to the fact that she can’t talk back. She has to be sqirming in her seat for that alone.

  19. I think that’s a good observation Sophie. I keep saying that as Caylee was growing out of that toddler stage she started to resemble her grandmother Cindy more and more and looked less like her mother. Was Casey jealous of that? She was already being hounded by her own mother for not being a good mother. Did the resemblance just add fuel to the fire?

    1. And . . . as Caylee was outgrowing that toddler stage, she was entering a stage where she could start talking. I speculate that she was often drugged and put in the trunk for a few hours while Mom partied. Caylee most likely didn’t like this and soon she would be talking out loud about it.

  20. I listens to your take on this case on websleuths Dr. Glass. Very good. I wonder why Casey Anthony sat in jail for 3 years if Caylee’s death was an accident. And I also agree with you regarding the Anthony’s getting a free pass. Of course they knew Casey was a problem and had problems that should have been confronted. I believe they were ferosiously protecting their social window dressings that hid the dysfunction. Not to say there was none in any other house, but Cindy had a seriously huge amount of pride. (One of the 7 deadlies)

    I reminds me of alcoholics who are ashamed to go to AA but they’re not ashamed to wet their pants in public or kill others in drunk driving accidents. Needless to say, the truth would have set the Anthonys all free; once upon a time.

  21. Forgive my typos people. I was typing too fast. 😦 I just saw them.

    I can see your take on Casey’s antics in the court and definitely agree. She’s not fooling anyone. (I pray) The most disturbing part of this saga is, she threw her father into the mix. He’s not hiding anything except the problem with knowing she is guilty. Same with Lee.

    Though he is not on trial, I want the defense to ask George if he was there when Caylee supposedly drowned in the pool. His answer will seal the deal. If he says yes, Casey still has to answer to it. If she allowed him to convince her to hide the child’s death, she’s got some arrested development issues. But Baez and Mason say, she’s brilliant. They need to make up my mind. Is she five years old mentally or is she brilliant??

  22. I don’t think that Casey had the strength to go into the woods farther, as a deceased body weighs more due to bloat, etc. Besides, she knew there were snakes in there, as well. Also, I have no doubt that she wore those boots, so nicely cleaned and polished by Cindy afterward, in the days when Cindy did all in her power to destroy evidence.

  23. grandma16 – I like your posts. Especially the comparison with the alcoholics. Good insight.

    Dr. Glass, I think Casey’s hair bun with the hair falling out is her way of looking “young.” A lot of young girls in elementary school wear their hair this way. I don’t think she does it this way out of laziness I think it is a deliberate fashion choice. She’s so young and hip dontcha know?

    1. violet you’re right about the porcipine hair bun. It’s the latest craze. Her clothes are deliberate to take people’s minds off her sexual displays and hot body contest.

  24. Cindy couldn’t keep it up… Nancy Grace tweeted from the trial that Casey had grinned at her when she was first called to the stand today, then Cindy proceeded to “forget” all manner of things she knows, then Nancy Grace tweeted that Cindy mouthed the words “I love you” to Casey as she left the stand.

  25. Sindy mouthing “I love you” to Crazey today as she left the stand the first time:

    A PUSH/PULL Mother. Come to me so I can push you away, push pull, come to me, get away from me, push pull…

    No wonder Crazey’s nutz.

    1. Alana is an unusual name and it’s my name also, but I don’t use it for comments because with it, there’s no anonymity. Now here you are! Sure startled me.

    1. It actually means “the good life.”

      “Beautiful life” is more literal, and less accurate as a translation.

      1. Checked with word reference and your correct.

        I am a French student and know one cannot always dependent on the “literal” break down of works.

        Given the evidence that has been methodically laid out in Casey’s mind “the good life” meant her freedom from the responsibility of Casey. How she planned to support herself while living “the good life” makes one wonder what other plan’s the selfish thing was considering?

    2. I am an expert with a PhD in the area of romance languages, so, yes, one could say I am an expert in Italian. Among other romance languages.

  26. Cindy testified today(6/14/11) that on July 3rd she noticed that Caylee’s Teddy Bear was missing…where’s the Teddy Bear?

  27. Did anyone else notice the look of contempt and anger Casey shot Baez’s way today at the end of his line of question(s) to the Tatoo Artist, Bobby Williams?

    Baez asked very few questions of Williams before ending with “no further questions,” which stood out because he usually goes round and round repeating the same questions. Casey looked absolutely pissed at Baez.

  28. Dr. Glass, in the blogtalk websleuth’s show there was a discussion about the change in Casey’s appearance. You mentioned Casey falling and two teeth were damaged at that time. Which teeth were damaged? Were her teeth capped? Thank you.

  29. Dr Glass~
    Cindy mouthed “I Love You” today? Does Cindy have any idea how much she empowered Casey by doing that?
    Cindy’s having a hard time placing her dedication…casey or caylee? because of the fight on the 15th of june, cindy feels responsible for this…because of the fight on june 15th, casey decided it was the perfect time……………….

    1. I can’t believe she did that! Casey has treated her and George horribly, imo. And it sounds like she was planning on putting them out with chloroform next, and bringing her friends in to live with her at their home. Would Lee have been next?

      1. Did she even mouth “I love you”? It looked more to me like she was chomping gum.

        I wouldn’t have believed she said it if Casey’s reaction hadn’t been so noticeable. The thing was Casey looked so freaking smug again like she felt she got the upper hand and once again it was her snubbing Cindy instead of the other way around.

        She’s beyond horrible! I can’t even explain how much she weirds me out except to say that I never saw water coming from her eyes until she threw that hissy fit because Cindy didn’t look at her. Then the tears were suddenly rolling down her cheeks and she looked angry and frustrated. What disturbed me was seeing real tears and then seeing the reason. It speaks volumes over how selfish and empty she is inside.

        The stuff about Caylee’s autopsy really got to me. I think it was the teeth part that bothered me the most how most of her little teeth were gone except for the molars and the way Nancy Grace described a skull with empty eyesockets. You almost can’t reconcile the fact this vibrant, beautiful little child was reduced TO THIS.

        I’m honestly starting to want Casey to get the death penalty. She is beyond wicked and she’ll never understand what she’s done.

      2. I just got really off topic, but what I meant to say was Cindy looked like she was chewing gum and Casey’s reaction could also have been due to Cindy leaving the stand and going straight back into George’s arms for comfort. That really pissed her off last time.

        Either way I HOPE everyone’s wrong and Cindy didn’t do so. Casey’s reaction sickened me. She looked like she was gloating after she gave her mother the cold shoulder.

    2. Yes! I think you’re right. I think it is the same sick behavior dynamics that has “empowered” Casey her entire life. Someone else said Cindy and Casey had a “push pull” type of relationship and this fits it. It will be interesting to see if Casey’s behavior changes back to her arrogant look again after getting that from Cindy today. Casey may feel that she has gotten away with killing Caylee, after all, her mother forgives her, in public anyway! So….why wouldn’t the jury? Wow, hard to fathom how these minds work. Didn’t George tell her in the jail tapes “You’re in charge” Unbelievable!!

    3. Empowered her with what/whose power? Neither Casey nor Cindy are in power or possess any power whatsoever over Casey or her fate. All the power now belongs to the state of Florida and those 12 jurors.

      1. I think she meant empower Casey to keep hurting and manipulating Cindy. I get the feeling that Casey will continue to torture her until Cindy realizes that she needs to cut all ties with her demon spawn, move on with her life, accept that Casey will hopefully in the future be a very small part of it and try to be happy.

  30. When I learned that Cindy said, I love you to Casey, all I could think of is, the ANthonys are in with Baez. Maybe he hat a sit down with them and told them he was going to use George as a pawn in this case to try to save Casey’s life, and they agreed. Maybe they’re all acting, including Casey. Baez may have told her to act lie she hates them. Cindy might be scripted too.

    1. It’s hard to believe George, Cindy and Lee could be so diabolical without any moral compass, but the way these people have behaved, you could very well be right!

  31. I think the “I love you” was intended to indicate to Casey that Cindy is still with her.
    Soooo . . . write to me, I need letters from you for my book.

      1. It looked like Casey’s facial expression was saying:

        “Oh well, who cares”
        “that means nothing to me”

      1. I didn’t see it as a sneer. I saw it as a whoops. If my theory is correct and they 4 Anthony’s are scripted, then once again Casey is unable to be controlled and she gave it away. When she raised her eyebrow like she was saying, uh oh, then I’m on the right track.

        The only thing that makes me unsure of what I’m thinking, is that day Cindy testified for the first time and Casey wept…. But why did she weep? Was it because of all the talk about Cindy’s love for Caylee? We know she has a jealous bone and hates (or appears to hate) when the subject is Caylee. She also has shown contempt for the fact that Cindy mothered Caylee and referred to her as her own, teasing Casey about Caylee calling her mommy.

        I’d like your take on those few facial expressions Casey made when her mother said, I love you. Thanks.
        Warnings abound about teasing or arguing with a Sociopath. They are dangerous people.

      2. Grandma16, if you watch that scene you can read her lips saying that for 3 years Cindy didn’t cry for Caylee and now she’s doing this or something along those lines. I’d need to go back and watch it again. She was furious with her mother for crying on the stand like that, and Cindy’s refusal to even look at her didn’t help either. When Cindy said I love you to Casey my opinion is that she gave Cindy a “your full of $*&^” kind of look. I think Casey is very angry that Cindy didn’t get on the stand and lie for her, but tried to be honest. I don’t think Cindy was as honest as she should have been, but I imagine its not easy when this is your child. Some people just aren’t that strong. I also see Cindy and Casey’s relationship as a constant tug of war. One minute Cindy is supportive and loving and proud, the next she’s angry, and hurtful. This has to make Casey very upset. I have a sister that says the worst things to me, then a few days later shows up and acts as if nothing ever happened. Its not easy dealing with people like that and its a relationship that is always filled with drama. I see Cindy and Casey as a true love/hate relationship that they both play their parts in. Cindy hurt Casey so when Cindy tries to make up for it later, Casey hurts Cindy. I have a hard time with the whole family dynamic, but I don’t think George was involved in any way. I think he knew from the minute he came home and the police were there that Caylee was dead and that Casey was responsible. I honestly think that Cindy doesn’t like Casey and is always one extreme or the other in how to act or treat her. I think Cindy feels duty bound to put on an act of being a loving, caring mother, but I don’t think she feels it one bit. I also believe that Cindy, out of guilt, would send George down the river to save Casey. This is just my opinion though, based on my own life experiences.

  32. I thought maybe that Cindy mouthed “I love you” to Casey to say…. ” sorry, I had to tell the truth even though it’s going to help convict you ” I don’t know, nothing surprises me anymore about this case.

    1. Exactly my thoughts. The jurors seeing this would sympathize with Cindy and that would save Casey from the dp. However, would her parents want to see her scott free and able to have free access to them? Not likely.

  33. No disrespect intended toward the Anthony family (They’ve been through hell) but I noticed as I’ve followed this case that Cindy, George and Casey use their faces to communicate. It’s been said the parents are on meds now and it seems they’ve stopped doing the faces. But Casey is still doing it. She’s talking up a storm with her expressions. After her mother mouthed the words, I LOVE YOU, she did the eyebrow raising thing. I can’t help but think she and her parents are in on this defense together.

    I have thought that perhaps George was told he would suffer no legal punishment if he went along with it. After all, he isn’t on trial, she is. But, it’s possible since they all lie very well. It stands to reason because otherwise Cindy and George appear to be under the guns of both the defense lawyers and the state lawyers. That little message from Cindy to Casey seems to be a give away. I’m going to watch Baez a little closer when he’s talking to the Anthony’s. Some thing’s hinky there.

  34. Annie123 i bet you are so right; Cindy mouthed i love you so Casey will write her a letter so ma can dbl cross her. Brilliant!

    Heather i’ve also wondered why the Judge always says to not discuss the case amongst yourselves to the jurors. I was on a jury once and that’s all we did, we thought we were supposed to compare notes and get each others take on the evidence and testimony. And it’s a good thing we did because one guy started right off the first day saying “ya, i’m sure you all agree with me he’s guilty as hell” That really scared me, made me sit up and listen and notice everything cuz i sure didn’t want to send an innocent man to prison if he wasn’t guilty. His words made me feel even more responsible and i wasn’t going to let that jerky juror think he could call it on the first day of the trial.

  35. Dr. Glass has analyzed the whole Cindy-mouthing-I-love-you exchange here:

    I agree with Dr. Glass that it is a classic example of Casy’s manipulation. The first time Cindy testifies, Casey has a hissy fit that her mom didn’t look at her. So this time, Cindy looks over and mouths “I love you”, and is Casey pleased? grateful? No – she gives Cindy the body language equivalent of a teenager’s most dismissive response, “WTF? Whatever!”.

  36. As to Casey’s vapid demeanor, I attribute it to the fact that if Casy isn’t acting, she has no idea how to act.

    Her whole identity is to put on the charm and lie in order to elevate her status and gain acceptance by others. She’s aware that she can’t do that in court, so what has she got left? She’s got nothin’!

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