Gum Chewing George and Note Taking Cindy Anthony in the Courtroom


Body language wise, it was moving when Cindy Anthony broke down and sobbed uncontrollably on the stand. But  the fact remains that she, along with George, have been part of  Casey’s problem. Did they not see they had a daughter with problems? Did they not know she lied and stolen things throughout hre life ? Why didn’t they get her into therapy? How could they live under the same roof as Casey and  not know she didn’t have a job and didn’t even graduate from high school?  And most of all, how could they not know she was pregnant?

We can never ignore the fact that the Anthony’s tried  obstruct justice at every turn just to save their daughter’s skin. Their irresponsible daughter was no doubt responsible for their beloved grand daughter’s gruesome death.

They admitted Casey had issues and was irresponsible. Apparently Cindy kept telling Casey that she “wasn’t a good mother”.   If that is the case, then why did she let Casey leave the house with Caylee in tow?  Why didn’t she and George stop Casey or call the police after they had not heard from Casey or Caylee after a week? This is a couple who had never been without Caylee for a night.

                                                                                                                  CINDY’S  ROLE

Cindy continued to backtrack and soft pedal her “smells like someone died in the damn car” 911 call. Cindy washed Casey’s clothing that “smelled like death.”  She destroyed any potential evidence. Why didn’t she just put the clothes  a plastic bag? Cindy removed items from the car that “smelled like death” and washed and wiped the face of Caylee’s doll.

This well trained and registered nurse knew very well what she was doing as she sprayed Fabreeze throughout the car. Why was Cindy so sure that Casey had help?  Why did she tell this to Detective Allen? Why was Cindy talking about the “woods” when the woods weren’t even a consideration back then? What did she know?
Cindy was also very abusive to Tim Miller who’s only aim was to find Caylee.  Did Cindy already know Caylee was dead? Why was Cindy  ready to throw all of Casey’s friends under the bus like Jesse Grund and Amy Huizenga? Was it because of her own guilt of telling Casey that she would throw her out and keep Caylee? Does she feel indirectly responsible for Caylee’s death?

Cindy was the one who organized the memorial service to  mourn Caylee’s death. She knew the remains were found and knew they belonged to Caylee.  Yet , she had the audacity to go on national TV and in a pre-trial hearing state that  she believed Caylee was alive.

And Cindy now sits in court taking copious notes. Is it for her book deal? Is that part of  the reason she insisted on attending the hearings?

                                                                   GEORGE’S ROLE !

George, a trained police officer, also knew the “smell of death.”  Yet he had manager of tow yard remove bag from trunk, which he knew smelled like a dead body .

Even though George was driving around with a billboard, why wasn’t he physically searching for Caylee? Did he already know she was dead?

Why did he have an alleged affair with River Cruz? According to River Cruz, George said that what happened to Caylee was an accident that snowballed.” River reached out to me and shared this information well before there was any talk of accidents. Did he seek out a person who looked like Zanny the Nanny (perfect teeth, curly hair who sometimes wears it straight, pretty, Latina, had a sister) to try and pin the disappearance on River Cruz? River told me that she certainly thought so.
George  then allegedly tried suicide in  a hotel room. This is a very desperate act by a person who feels there is no hope. He most likely knew that there was no hope for Caylee and that Caylee was dead at the hands of his own daughter, yet he claimed her innocence and blamed Zanny the Nanny.
George kowtows to Casey as we heard in the jailhouse tapes. He tells her she is the boss. If he acted like that throughout her life and gave her total control without setting boundaries, it is no surprise as to why  Casey is where she is today.

George comes across as such a nice guy. But is he really so nice? he certainly wasn’t that nice to the protester who merely said he thought Caylee was dead.  And who knows if he did or did not sexually molest Casey. Yes, Casey  has lied  most of the time. But there were occasional times that she didn’t lie, Maybe this is one of those occasional times or maybe it is not . I am not going to speculate whether he did or did not molest Casey as only they know for sure.

When people give the Anthony’s a free pass for their egregious behaviors by saying they were just trying to protect their daughter, I say why weren’t they trying to protect the memory of their granddaughter?

Yes, it is horrible that any parent has to face the gruesome reality that their daughter may have  killed their granddaughter. Nevertheless, they also need to be held accountable for their actions in my view.

And finally, George needs to spit out his gum when he is in the courtroom. It looks disgusting and it is disrespectful. And Cindy needs to write at home, not while she is sitting in the courtroom . That too,  is disrespectful. The apple does not fall to far from these two  enabling trees in my view.


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  1. Why such a turn around?I thought you we supporting them.Did something happen to change your mind?I would really like to know.

    1. Dear Dr. Glass,

      First I want to say that your observations of this case are the first I usually go to every day…I am fascinated by your observations and I think you are spot on; body language has always held a big interest for me. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to post your observations.

      As far as George and Cindy go, I think you are very correct. I think they were in many ways afraid of Casey and in order to keep peace in their household they decided to look the other way with her behavior over the years (especially George.) You don’t end up with such a dysfunctional child with normal acting parents. They totally enabled her over the years. When the reality set in that their daughter more than likely killed their granddaughter they (for whatever reason) decided to be on her side. Now with the molestation accusations I think they have finally come to see her for the evil monster she is. Now we can only pray that the jury sees her for what she also is…..

  2. I feel for them and know that it is a horrible thing that they are going through. Yet they need to be held accountable for their behavior like everyone else.They need to take a good hard look at themselves so they can grow from it.

    1. wow
      I have to say this post also took me by surprise. if taking notes and chewing gum is what is keeping these people together and no one has removed them from the court due to these actions what can anyone else do?
      I do not relate Cindy note taking with any movie deals, this trial is everywhere I guess she could write at home but once again she has not been moved from the courtroom due to her behavior.
      One more thought Dr Glass have you ever tried taking an adult to a doctor? I will like to know. Thanks for your input.

      1. Thank You Graciela Irene. The jury are also taking notes, they must be working on a ‘tell all’ behind the scenes book! Throw them out! Many reporters are taking notes. They are already professional writers, I’m sure that they are in it for future book deals or movie scripts, too! Throw them all out! Please, Dr. Glass, you are supposed to be a professional in body language. Your posts regarding artwork, alleged movie and book deals are gossip and opinions that have nothing to do with facts or body language. One Nancy Grace is more than enough. Don’t become another.

      2. Thank you for your comment. The photo of Caylee and the bear and the drawing of the girl with the hanging bear actually have a lot to do with body language as you can see how similiar they are and how they speak to motive.
        My opinions often come about as a result of whatI have observed body language wise so I inerject my viwes. You will always know that it is opinion or speculation on my part whenever I use the phrase “In my view”. Some readers welcome my view and some do not. I actually think that ones behavior reflects what is going on in their life so if Cindy has a book deal it speaks to why all of a sudden in 3 years of being in a courtroom she is now taking copious notes. Also reporters take notes becuase they report the news that day. And yes many will be writing a book about it. Thank you.

    2. Maybe I need to be more cynical, but that’s exactly what I see them doing now. From what I can tell, they aren’t lying to protect Casey anymore.

    3. Dr. Glass,

      I totally agree with you. the Jail tapes where Cindy and George are totally enamoured of Casey are so disturbing to me. It is so hard to believe that either of them would be catering to her after everything she had done,all the devious and perverse lying and story telling, stealing money, let alone murdering their granddaughter. Why wouldn’t Casey have gone after Caylee’s father for child support? and why wouldn’t George and Cindy insisted on this? How could they not have known she didn’t have a job? They must have paid for everything, car, gas, cell phone, food, clothes, etc. All of the necessities of life for both Casey and Caylee since Casey didn’t work. George and Cindy are the reason this story became so sensationalized and they brought it all on themselves. On the news night after night protesting Casey’s innocence and blaming others when it was very clear this she was and is guilty. That memorial service that was so sickening and weird. Even now, they are in the Courtroom for Casey, not Caylee. None of this makes sense to me. They are either the stupidest people on planet earth or they themselves are very sick people. I could go on and on but I do think they are partly to blame for Caylee’s murder.

    4. Dr. Glass, I also feel for Cindy and George. You have never said anything about the fact that Casey told Tony he would soon be free to visit whenever he wanted to. Casey also told her friends that George and Cindy would be moving soon and she was going to take over the morgage. Casey was looking up how to make weapons out of house hold items along with neck breaking and other means of killing. Does this not make you sit up and take note? I feel Casey was toying with the idea of eliminating her parents as well.

      1. I absolutely agree! I’ve been saying for 2 1/2 years now that I believe George and Cindy were next on Casey’s hit list.

    5. I think demonizing George and Cindy is overly aggressive and unnecessary. George most certainly did not molest Casey—give me a break.

      As for their other odd behaviors, these are easily explained by being in denial, yes—enabling Casey, and being in despair after Caylee’s remains were found.

      The fact that their granddaughter is dead and they know that they raised the woman responsible for the murder is punishment enough.

      You should stop picking on them. Cindy could be taking notes for any number of reasons—-not the least of which is to help with Casey’s defense when she inevitably appeals if found guilty. Gum-chewing is a habit, and some other spectators in the gallery were thrown out for it because they were being loud. If George can chew gum quietly, let him chew gum and leave him alone.

      This entire post is viciously punative and, again, unnecessary.

      1. So, you were in the room with George and Casey when she was 8 years old through early teen years? Because, that is the ONLY way you would know if George molested her or not. To state that as an opinion is ok. To state it as a fact when you have no idea is ignorant. Gum chewing is a habit?? WTF? Gum chewing is prohibited in court. George is lucky he hasn’t been caught yet, because if he is, his rude @ss will be thrown out of that court room. Let him chew his gum? WHY? It is against the court’s policy. George does not deserve any special treatment, such as being allowed to break the rules of the court. This post of Dr. Glass’ is not viciously punative; it is the TRUTH.

    6. I totally agree, Dr. Glass!

      You can have sympathy for someone and at the same time expect them to behave responsibly and to pay the consequences if they do not. That is part of the whole issue with the Anthonys, that they could not understand this!

      I am no Anthony supporter but I would like to say one thing in their defense. Legally speaking, they probably had no ability to keep Casey from leaving with Caylee and taking her wherever she wanted to. If they were not legal guardians, I’m afraid their hands may have been tied on that issue and they were at Casey’s mercy.

    1. Evrli-Hah! I said the exact same thing about Baez and Casey! They both don’t want to take care of their kids (Baez wouldn’t pay child support for his daughter, but he was driving an expensive leased sports car), and they both have a problem with bad checks (one of the reasons he could not be seated as an attorney was that he had a series of bad checks floating around that he had not made good on). I guess the old saying is true. Birds of a feather……..

  3. Cindy not only ‘mentioned’ the ‘woods’ , she also mentioned ‘maggots’,(casey was a )’sociopath’, that (casey)told ‘half-truths’… i wonder if they had to ‘trust’ casey in order for caylee not to be hurt, u know, tip-toeing, eggshells, kidd-gloves….snap case, Dr G? y couldnt this be a ‘crime of passion’?

  4. It’s a proven fact that chewing gum keeps you more alert/focused/aids in concentration etc. It even helps your memory. This is why they are chewing gum, I guarantee it.

    I don’t think gum chewing or taking notes is anything to pick on these people about. I mean who even knows what Cindy is notating or why. This could be her way of coming to terms with all of this. Maybe she is trying to keep her mind busy.

    Well, anyway chewing gum and note taking aside, as I’ve said before, these are EXTREME circumstances, something VERY few people have ever had to deal with. The DEPTH of it…. it’s unimaginable. This is not the shallow end… this is the DEEP END of human emotion and how far the mind will go to protect itself from being completely lost. Look at how far Cindy’s denial went, after she was confirmed dead, she started saying she thought caylee was alive. I am sure these people have had their regrets and mistakes magnified a thousand times over in the heads. I’m sure a lot of things are playing like an endless loop in their head. Of what they could have done differently. If that part of it hasn’t hit them yet… it WILL. And that is pure misery, I’m sure.

    well.. 😦 just my thoughts for what it’s worth.
    I’m just an outsider looking in.

    1. I agree. I see a definite change in their entire demeanor. And looking back on the jail tapes, the sheer volume and intricacy of the lies Casey had been telling them for years are off the charts.

      Maybe they are stupid for being fooled by Casey again and again. Cindy always covering up Casey’s mistakes and George keeping quiet because confronting Casey only causes problems between him and CIndy.

      But what do you think should happen to them? They should be thrown in jail NOW? They aren’t lying or covering for Casey anymore. What does it matter? Casey has been an adult for years. I don’t see blaming them for every choice Casey ever made.

      1. Agree. It’s up to the courts to hold them accountable, and their God. Personally, I just feel sorry for them – having a daughter like Casey and a granddaughter murdered can only be pure hell.

    2. Whether it’s a proven fact that chewing gum keeps one more alert/focused or aids in concentration or not is totally irrelevant. The fact of the matter is, gum-chewing is prohibited in court. The rules of the court are posted all over that court house, and gum-chewing is against those rules. So, what you are saying is that it is perfectly fine for George to disobey and disrespect the court’s rules?

  5. Dr Glass~
    Isnt the 2nd story Casey told Lee kind of reflective of what may have happened on the eve of june 15th 2008? Without going back to the testimony…Lee said Casey told him: that Zenaida held Casey by the arms(at the park), told her she wanst a good mother and that is why she is going to take Caylee away from her…. didnt Cindy kind of do the same thing… cindy choked casey, told her she was not a good mother and was going after custody of caylee…(just my thoughts) which happened BEFORE Casey told lee the 2nd kidnapping story…

    1. I had a best friend for 12 years who was a pathological liar. The only reason we were friends was that I was one of the few people that could tell when he was lying. He told me that his main ‘trick’ to selling his lies was to include a bit of the truth, and embellish it. That way, when the story is spun, his emotions & reactions would look genuine, and his lies were easier to keep track of.
      Casey Anthony seems to have done this a few times, too. In retrospect she was leaking truth all over the place.

  6. I don’t excuse their actions. I just don’t see them as beyond redemption. If they tell the truth now, when it really counts and ensure that Casey is put behind bars, then I can see forgiving them. If I see them backpedaling and falling back on their old excuses and stories, my disgust over their prior actions will return.

    I think they seemed to have finally come to some kind of realization. Although its tragic that it took them this long, and it took the fact that Casey openly began trying to destroy her own father for them to see the light.

  7. Evrli i think you have something there. So, technically in this lie she’s referring to Cindy, as a means of remembering something that did happen and just transfered Zanny in place of mom. Most of her lies do have a base of some sort of truth to them.
    I’m also wondering why anyone would have believed that story anyhow, after all Zanny was babysitting all the time and could have kidnapped Caylee at any point without having to assault KC in the park right in front of a terrified Caylee.

    1. This might be an example of the ‘half-truths’ that cindy was referring to about casey? Maybe this is where the ‘self defense’ (referring to the searches)would have kicked in, if needed…

  8. My heart truly goes out to this family. Right, wrong or indifferent, my heart aches for them. Seeing Cindy on the stand, breaking down the way she did, I just wanted to hug her. I could feel her pain trough the TV, I can’t get it out of my mind. I’m on vacation near Orlando right now & feel the need to reach out to her and George. I’ve lost people very close to me and the pain, I can understand. The circumstances of my situation could put the blame on so many people, but that does not take away the pain that they are feeling.

    1. Is that so??? well watch this video of Cindy trying to gesture the defense to have casey cry more. Tell me then that you think she is really grieving Caylee! HELL NO SHE ISN’T Her ONLY CONCERN is seeing her daughter walks!! PHUCK THEM PEOPLE! The WHOLE ROTTEN BUNCH!

      cindy comes in to picture about 1:45, If you notice at about 2:05 cindy takes her glasses off, rubs from her eyes to her cheeks , points (slyly) at the duhfense table and then starts rubbing her glasses under one eye then the other….grrrr! Casey isn’t crying enough to make her Mom happy!! Trouble is THE JURY QUIT watching the defendant after the jailhouse tapes! Everything I regained for her im losing again!

      1. She is clearly not “gesturing to the defense.” She’s scratching her face with her glasses. Good lord. Again—the wild, unfounded speculation runs rampant on this blog.

  9. I agree with Evrli.. There is something to that!!
    To those yelling: please settle down. We are all (ok, well, anyone with a soul) emotional about this case. Yes, the Anthonys (with the exception of Lee who didn’t play that crap from the start) have committd some pretty egregious offenses. But, I think their denial played a large part of that. I think Cindy felt compelled to protect the baby-killer because I think she felt responsible because she had tossed her out on her butt. She deserved it. Cindy, for the first time, was trying to make her grow up and be responsible. Tough love. And it backfired. The result was the horror of a dead grandchild. Something clicked and she felt like she had to protect the one she had left. I believe in her mind it wad too late for Caylee, but she was terrified of loosing Casey too, lest she never have a replacement Caylee. Sick? Absolutely.
    Perhaps they have seen the error of their ways, thus the turn-around. I personally detested Cindy as much as the baby killer. But, I can find some compassion for them because theirs is a circumstance I couldn’t survive. No, I will never ’embrace them as normal’. They aren’t. Their family dynamic is one that exudes hostility, jealousy, and obviously resulted in a sociopath, some of it may be genetic, some may be learned behavior. Either way, some people you just don’t want for neighbors!!!!
    This whole situation is horrific, and we he public have been drawn in, just as a nasty crash on I-4. You don’t want to look, but you have to. The resulting feelings are tough for all of us.

    Hang in there guys. This will be over soon. On the bright side, she won’t have many appeals left because her wing-nut attorney is addressing all those concerns by requesting a mistrial every 5 seconds. That just reduces her waiting time by about 10 years. I say eliminate the problem. Send her to God for judgement, and the rest of us can get on with our lives.
    Caylee was an unselfish little soul, who came to us to remind the whole world how precious and fragile these small children are. I know that I have put in more time and effort volunteering with children who need someone, anyone to love them.

    1. Thank you – nice post. You’re right – this is a hot topic. Emotions flare. It is hard not to judge others. Perhaps we can all try to better our own lives and those suffering nearby.

      I wish I was on the beach right now! 😉

  10. the day cindy tesified i did feel sorry for was hard to feel sorry for george and cindy when they were continueing to back casey..especially with the pizza that turned out decompition of caylees of mothers day cindy tried to see casey and was turned away but cindy left money anyway!how much proof do the anthonys need to understand the gravity of what their daughter did.the picture with caylee with the duct tape super imposed over her face is heartbreaking.i understand there hearts must be broken however they should have been in the courtroom dureing the the forensic of caylees a mom it made me want to cry.hearing animals did what they did.someone should have been there for caylee.they chose not face the extreme casey will go too..and baezs sexual abuse theory.and it seems the family still feels compelled to stand by her.even lee ahhh i cant remember can i refresh my memory.he knows his testimony wont help her.i havent see the gum chewing person but agree its disrespectful..i was wondering why whenever they show cindy her heads down and she’s writeing instead of watching the trial.i feel for them as grandparents however i do feel they covered up for casey to some extent.she most certainly wasnt a good mother cindy knew that but said she was anyway…no truama to a less than 3 year old baez &chaney mason she was duct taped and left in the woods to rot itsnt that enough trauma????so if casey gets off will they file against george?even though personally i believe she will get the death penalty.if cindy and george want justice for caylee they need to wake up that its there own flesh &blood that did this.even at caylees funeral they talked in code cma cma cma.never clear if it was casey or caylee.i think they most definately helped create this circus.and since caylees death went on a cruise .i couldnt see myself doing that.i have lost loved ones before and the last thing i would have done was go on a cruise.i dont question that cindy was the one who did everything for caylee and her love is obvious for caylee..although they are disfunctional to say the least.and casey is just plain evil!

  11. one thing i have been thinking is how the anthony’s can still live in the same home.knowing caylee may have died there and was left in the woods not far away.i would think it would be a constant reminder..casey should have to look at caylees sweet little face until she dies she should have to be reminded.i think what bothered her when they showed the autopsy pictures did she think caylee would remain that sweet beautiful little girl after her discarding her body.?again she got sick what i said was a panic attack i am sure a part of her didnt think she was capable of killing caylee.and now she’s realizeing there will be a consquence!i dont think the anthony’s controled casey i think she controled them.if i spoke to my mother the way she did she’d slap me.but in years past parents recieved more respect obviously things change and sometimes not for the better!

    1. Blonde Justice I have thought the same thing many times about living in that house….I just couldn’t do it! I heard at one time it was in foreclosure, why didn’t they just walk away? Especially with all the people driving by their house all day to “take a look’? The only reason I can come up with is maybe they feel close to little Caylee by staying there, but who really knows?

  12. This week Lee Anthony testified that Casey said that the meaning of her password timer55 was the number of days between the day that Caylee went missing and Caylee’s birthday. Also, when she was confronted about the missing child, she responded that she had not seen Caylee for 31 days. Not that she had not seen her for a month, but “31 days”.

    The word timer to me means that she was counting down to 55. Since she already knew that Caylee was dead, I wonder what she was counting down. What was going through her head? What was she planning to do in 55 days?

    1. Tammy, I have wondered the same thing. The only thing I can think of is that Casey KNEW she would have to produce a living, smiling Caylee on her birthday or G&C would be real trouble. Maybe she was trying to hatch a plan for running away or getting rid of G&C too. (I know that sounds crazy, but she did promise the family home to her friend.) I don’t know. Wondering how a crazy person thinks doesn’t work well without the crazy!

      1. Thanks Tammy and Violet…I have been wondering about the # of days “thing” too. I have a feeling she did plan on clearing the way by offing G&C 😦

    2. JMO but I think on 55 one days, Cindy and George were going to meet with a home invasion/accident that would leave them dead and Casey slightly wounded – all staged by Caey.

      I have no proof of this; it is just a gut feeling.

      1. Wouldn’t surprise me if this was her plan or something close to it! Considering what she did to a defenseless baby and all her searches about “death.” Wonder if Cindy and George ever considered they could be next if she was released?

        I don’t believe she will be released.

      2. That’s what I think, too! I’m pretty sure she planned on offing her parents, as well. I hate to say it, but sometimes I wonder if Caylee was a “test run”.

  13. Well, Blonde Justice, apparently they will be moving out soon if the rumors about a Lifetime movie deal is correct.

    Like most of the posters, I agree that the Anthony family is toxic and the consequences of not taking corrective action early on when Casey began her lying are terrible. But that does not excuse the cover-ups, the lying, the obstruction of justice, etc., etc. that both Cindy and George were doing.

    Yes, I think they should be prosecuted for the criminal acts, especially neglect of a child, but it is unlikely because in those cases there needs to be absolute proof, and furthermore, they may have been given a deal – come clean with us about every thing and we won’t prosecute you in order for the State to proceed with their case. It was, after all, after the Grand Jury, that George tried to commit suicide. I think he probably said some things in there that meant he knew he was turning on his daughter and that was too hard for him to bear, knowing that his contribution to the GJ would put his daughter behind bars for life, at the least.

    What is really disgusting about this movie deal is that the Anthonys will continue to profit from their granddaughter’s death – every time the movie is shown. If they had refused to receive that blood money and set up some kind of educational trust for child care or such, that would redeem them in my eyes. But it’s all about the money… and for Cindy it always was and will be.

    Cindy may be grieving the loss of her granddaughter, but she is a selfish, lying, manipulative woman and she is more than a little responsible for what has happened here. I cannot say that I have much sympathy for her or her husband and I honestly hope that public opinion or some Act of God puts an end to the movie deal – they do not deserve to reap a reward for their bad acts.

    1. What proof do you have of a movie deal? Lifetime television has already realeased a public statement that there is no deal with the Anthonys to produce a movie.

      Considering how much of this is now public record, the Anthonys permission would not be needed. Lifetime did a movie about Amanda Knox w/o her parents permission – why do you think they would need the Anthonys’ involvement?

    2. Awesome post, Sandy.. I agree 100% I think they should donate some of that money to Equisearch after the nasty and evil way that Cindy treated poor Tim Miller, who was only trying to help find Caylee.

  14. I think James needs to get his own blog so he can harass people who visit him not those who come to post at Dr. Glass’s blog.

    1. agree~but, if Dr Glass dosent want his opinion on here she can handle it…


  15. Casey’s family is not going to win Family of the Year, that’s for sure. If Cindy is writing a book or movie, so be it…it’s not going to be a best seller cause half of America is watching all the drama unfold during the trial and will know the outcome.

    Maybe George is simply chewing nicotine gum.

    Maybe the Anthonys can’t sell the house. They are deeply in debt. Maybe they’ve been asked to keep the house as if for now by police. We have no idea.

    George, Cindy and Lee cannot work right now. They will have to probably struggle the rest of their lives because of their names with Casey hanging over their shoulders.

    Who knows what WE would do or act like if our daughter did something so henious and then threw all her family under the bus. Who knows if WE would be able to cope, trying to protect our flesh and blood until the very end, then confronted with undeniable evidence that she murdered. What is Casey is found innocent? Does she just go home to the Anthonys like nothing happened. I don’t think so.

    Nobody is trying to protect this family. They have many skeletons in the closet. Just try to take the time to put yourself in their horrible position for a minute.

    And James don’t yell.

    1. You are a very understanding and forgiving person Evelyn. I try to be the same way. But I must add that apologies and changes in behavior must be accompanied by sincerity and true repentance in order to carry any value in my opinion. As you state, present and future circumstances will continue to punish the Anthonys and maybe we should not add to that pain. But in quiet reflection on my part…I can’t help but trashcan any redemption for them until I can see that, when they say “We’re sorry,” they truly mean it. For those who are religious, you will recall that even God expects sincerity when he listens to those who expect forgiveness. For those who do not believe in God…still, these words in the bible are as true as can be and have infinite value regardless.
      In the not so distant past, money from interviews went to diamond earrings for George, pampering in the salon for Cindy, body tattoos and a cruise. Many people will say they deserved these toys and prizes…for me…those things would be the last things on my mind. Hearing that a dead child had been found near my own home while I was away at Larry King’s studio, I would not immediately disembark from the plane and go to a hotel for a big dinner with members of the national press either. I guess I just don’t forgive and forget that easily but can do so in an instant if I sense and feel sincerity. I just don’t sense it here.
      No yelling from me…just sadness that Caylee still seems to not be viewed as the true victim in all of this. She still seems to be sitting far away in the back of the bus and crying,
      “But…CeCe and JoJo….what about me?”

    2. George, Cindy and Lee could work if they wanted to. They are able bodied adults. They will probably never have to work again, however, because they will become wealthy off blood money — money made off their dead grand-daughter. It’s true we never know how we might act in such a tragedy. But I CAN tell you that I would NEVER cover up and obstruct justice if I had a murderous daughter who killed my grand-daughter. One can still love their kids, but expect those kids to take responsibility for their wrong- doings.

  16. Correct me if Im wrong but I believe that they were told by authorities that they would be charged with obstruction etc…if they did not testify, which is why they did.

    1. Exactly…remove all the emotional aspects of it and cut to the chase. While some will cry for Cindy and George they are sneaking out the back door to make lemonaide from lemons and can only be happy for the diversion. They never would have changed their tune unless they had to to protect themselves from punishment in my opinion. If THAT is worthy of peoples’ sympathies….no need to go on about it then. I think many people feel worse for them for losing their grand daughter then THEY do themselves!
      “They lied and lied and lied but bad things happened to them so it’s okay and let’s all forget about it.”
      Not me…my sympathies are all caught up and consumed by sympathy for Caylee and ONLY Caylee. She is the only child and victim I can see.
      I think people should try not to feel too badly for them to avoid feeling so foolish when you finally realize that they are on their way to the bank and YOU feel worse then they do.
      (It’s ok to make money off of Caylee? Ok…if some think so, then I really DO give up. But, I’ll continue to appreciate that people like Liz are still out there.)

      1. Great post, Forrest! My sympathy is only for Caylee, as well. You are correct that she is the ONLY victim in all of this.

    2. I agree this is why, on the stand, both finally squeezed out a little bit of truth about their daughter. No doubt there is much more they haven’t revealed, and probably never will.

  17. Dr. Glass, I agree with You on All Counts.
    I too feel for the Anthony’s at the same time I do agree they are partially responsible for
    all that happened in this sad Case!
    No Parent is perfect and when a Child is an Adult that Child than needs to take Responsibility for her/his own Action and can’t blame everything they do wrong on their Parents,
    Every One has a Choice in Life in spite of their Upbringing.
    When it came to Casey and Caylee I believe George and Cindy could have done a lot different and Caylee would be alive today and have a Chance of growing up!
    I agree both George and Cindy should have put their Foot down when Casey left with Caylee that Night of June 15th 2008 or early Morning June 16. Something went terrible wrong from that Point on.
    Both George and Cindy knew Casey was irresponsible when it came to taking care of her Daughter, their Grand Daughter! I feel Both failed to keep their beloved Grand Daughter save!
    Cindy and George were trying their Best to cover for Casey every Chance they had and therefore didn’t do what was right for their beloved Caylee.
    Again I do feel for George and Cindy what they are going through but they are not without Blame to what happened to Caylee and that is the Reason for the Guilt they obviously must feel.
    I also believe they should be held responsible for their Part of covering up for Casey
    by lying to LE while the Investigation was actively going on therefore hindering LE to do their Job in a timely Matter and wasting Resources needlessly! JMO


  19. I have very mixed feelings about George and Cindy. I’m not even sure how I would handle the situation with my own children, but one thing I’m positive about is that they feel responsible, whether they are or not. Nothing we say or Jose says to them will be anything they haven’t already thought about, plus every daily thing that they know and we do not. All they can hope for is to have some sort of life after this is over.

  20. I’ve followed this case closely from the beginning, and I used to despise Cindy Anthony. She seemed like such a toxic hostile lunatic and was constanly contradicting herself and being a liar. But since I saw her on the stand now I just feel sorry for her. I don’t think anyone should blame Cindy for what happened to Caylee, even if she did fight with Casey before she left or practiced tough love or whatever. She couldn’t force Casey to see a doctor, Casey was a grown woman and not a minor. She couldn’t make Casey leave Caylee with her, she was just a grandparent and Casey was the biological parent. I do think that she knew there was no Zanny and no job at Universal and just went along with that for some reason, pretending that she believed those stories when Casey would leave with Caylee. Personally, I would love to know who carried insurance for Caylee and who claimed her on their taxes.

    After seeing Cindy on the stand, I think she was in deep, deep denial about what a monster Casey really was. It must have been very difficult for her to realize that and it was probably a process where she went back and forth about it. Yes she knew that Casey was a liar and a thief and wasn’t coming clean about what really happened but she wanted to believe that there was some explanation that didn’t equate to her daughter killing her beloved granddaughter. Now that the trial is here and Casey has the opportunity to tell her story that her lawyer said would explain everything and Cindy knows it’s all lies, she can’t go on in denial anymore.

    I don’t for one second believe that George knew of any drowning or hid the body. The scenario makes no sense. He’s a former police officer so why would he turn an accidental drowning into a kidnap/murder investigation? And then keep the duct tape and matching laundry bag and everything in the house for police to find? Why would Casey sit in jail for all this time and turn down the deal they offered early on instead of telling them what really happened? It’s because she hadn’t thought up this latest lie back then.

    1. Well said! I don’t, and never have, blamed George or Cindy for Caylee’s death. Yes, they should have disciplined Casey and held her feet to the fire for things she did wrong while growing up but once Casey became an adult, she knew right from wrong and was/is responsible for her own actions. Her blame game goes nowhere with me.

      Your last paragraph is spot on.

      1. Sociopaths (even as children) really don’t respond to “discipline” of any kind. There are no parents on this earth who could have prevented Casey Anthony from being who she is. Sociopaths are primarily born, not made.

      2. I beg to differ. My brother is a sociopath and discipline worked just fine on him as a kid. At least he learned right from wrong behavior through consequences. Casey was indulged and treated like a princess therefore she kept pushing it with her bad behavior. She is like a two year old who never grew up. I happen to believe that both nature and nurture plays a part in sociopathy. Discipline is needed no matter what -pathy a child has.

      3. Your brother is not actually a sociopath if he responds to discipline. True sociopaths do not respond to any form of discipline.

      4. Yes, he is. He responded really well to discipline when it came to getting his head shaved in the long hair hippie days of the 70’s! He behaved quite well until he moved out of the house when he turned 16. Hare Factor 2. He cares for no one but himself and if you can make his life good you are the best person in the world, but if you do not please him then you are pond scum. He was like that with me as a kid and as an adult. He even does this now to whatever woman he lives with and leeches off of. Discipline, i.e., jail, does not curb his bad behavior.

    2. I agree with you. That’s probably why George told her SHE was the boss, because she IS. Just because she was living in their home, they had no right to tell her what to do. They had no legal rights at all, once she turned 18 yrs old. Casey should have been grateful for their support, instead she chose to destroy everything good in all of their lives. IMO, Casey is an evil leech on her family and on society.

      1. Spot on!!!! Casey’s parents allowed their daughter to manipulate them and others her whole life. She morphed into a selfish, narcissistic self-indulged teen to now -adult. I see this in the schools today. Parents such as C & G have children who are cute, adept at tell lies, and gullible push over parents who “feed” the monster. They must be finally coming to grips with the monster they have raised and fed their beautiful granddaughter to! Denial is not a river in Egypt- They have denied it but are now coming to the realization of who their daughter is and guilty at how they contributed to it.

    3. I agree completely. I think Cindy really did believe “just because she’s a liar, doesn’t make her a murderer” until the information/facts just kept coming and finally forced her to see what Casey did. There is plenty of dysfunction, blame and shame to go around in this family… but only one of them killed a child and continues to try to get away with it. Cindy and George are ready to face reality.

  21. Dr. Glass,
    I agree 1000 % with all you have written.
    It stands 2 reason that KC didn’t become w ho we see and hear (via video evidence). Keep in mid that what we have seen and heard (videos) is just that- what e HAVE seen. I can only imagine what KC’s behaviour has been like all along- in other words-what we HAVEN’T been privy to. In my opinion,with as scrutinizing and controlling as Cindy is- I find it INCREDULOUS that Cindy didn’t know KC was pregnant- no way-no how. I firmly believe everyone in that family has known ‘something is wrong with KC’ for years-how could they not??? I believe even KC knows /knew something as/is wrong ith her! Why ould Cindy not seek help for KC? I believe she couldnt-that would RUIN the family ‘image’ that Cindy fights (er fought, hard 2 do that now) so hard 2 maintain.
    In the beginning, I (and many other bloggers), felt that only logical reason Cindy and George spoke 2 KC like they did on the videos,is cuz she had (HAS) something on EACH of her parents. I STILL believe that. Now that the sexual abuse allegations have been put forth-well- that kinda ‘splains’ it for me (the covering, obstructing, etc). Cindy and George EACH had 2 do their individual covering up-4 the very reason we are discussing this 2day- KC would divulge what we have all heard. While I do not believe for a minute that KC’s behaviour post Caylee was due 2 ‘abusen ugly coping, etc’, I DO believe KC’s allegation about George. KC had previously told several people that she ‘hated’ her father-ay before Caylee’s demise. I feel KC hates Cindy, because Cindy kne about the abuse and didn’t believe, and /or protect KC. How could KC NOT hate both George and Cindy? It appears 2 me-that on the ‘outside’ Cindy ‘praised’ KC (in front of KC), and at home, Cindy humiliated KC. I’m also inclined 2 believe that deep down, Cindy was jealous of KC. I’m sure there is MUCH more 2 the dynamics of this ‘family’ than we have seen or read.
    I also believe that through the cours of the years- Cindy’ ‘parenting’or ‘lack thereof’ has only exasperated the mental issues KC already had. It appears 2 me that-KC was once the ‘princess’ – UNTIL she accused George (back in the day)- then both Cindy and George treated her like ‘damaged goods’ (in private), in public, we all know she was MOTY. Then Caylee came along, and SHE was now the (undamaged) princess- and KC was -well- ‘damaged’.of course she was goingh 2 hate her parents!
    Cindy never sought help for KC becuz -KC would have most likely told that professional-just as she’s doing now! Cindy CANNOT ‘take up’ 4 Casey with these sexual allegations- becuz 2 do so- would make HER look bad (is that even possible)! I bet if KC were accusing ANYONE else outside of that family of abuse-Cindy would vouch for KC! But she cant-not this time.
    I can’t help but feel that Cindy and George are ‘devastated’ about the SEXUAL allegations from KC- more than they are KNOWING that KC killed Caylee.
    KC has committed a most heinous, unimaginable crime-and may justice be served-whatever that may be, however, Cindy and George Anthony should also pay for their damage in this case.
    One last thing:So much is written anout George ‘not being able 2 discipline KC cuz Cindy didn’t let him’- I call BS. I believe it ‘behooved’ George 2 NOT be the one 2 discipline KC- as he really had no ‘face’ to- KC would prolly bring up and thro the abuse allegations 2 his face-time and time again. I’m sure he complained anout KC bitterly (behind her back) 2 Cindy-so Cind could get on her(George can’t look like the ‘bad guy’ 2 KC!)George was more than happy 2 let Cindy handle KC. There is NOTHING weak or docile about George Anthony, he’s just as a professional at playing people as someone we know. He duznt NOT stand up 2 Cindy becuz he’s “no ballzz” George. He duznt ‘rock the boat’ so 2 speak- becuz 4 starters- he’s all but a ‘kept’ man- and for two: he’s been accused by his own daughter (as of years ago)of sexual abuse-he has no right, if u will, 2 rock that boat. George duznt fool me one bit. Regardless of what justice is meted out for KC, George and Cindy WILL have the shadow of KARMA hovering at every turn (and is alreading making her surprise visit). All that Cindy and George tried to ‘hide’ over the years about KC, ‘mental issues, her anbuse allegations’ etc, has now exploded on a WORLD STAGE, and there’s probably more 2 come still.
    Last: If Cindy ‘never had a reason 2 not trust KC’, why duz she not ‘trust’ that KC is telling the truth about George abusing her??????

    All the above is strictly my opinion- of which I am entitled to.


    1. Hi, Linda. I’m not very fond of “netspeak” (“2” meaning “to” and “4” meaning “for”), but I think you’ve made an excellent post, here. I completely agree with all you’ve said, except that I’m not TOTALLY sure that Casey was molested. However, I think that it is very likely that she was.

  22. I agree with most of what you are saying, Dr. Glass, but when you said, “why did Cindy let Casey leave with Caylee in tow”, I don’t think that CIndy could have prevented an adult leaving the house with her own daughter, unless Cindy had previously contacted child services or the police and informed them that Casey was an abusive parent or unfit in some way, and they had investigated and found this to be true and then ruled that Casey was not to be alone with Caylee or something like that. Also, I don’t think that Cindy and George taking Casey to therapy would have done any good. Casey, like most sociopaths, probably didn’t think that there was anything wrong with her, and she most likely wouldn’t have been receptive and either wouldn’t have gone or would have lied to the therapist and told them what she thought they wanted to hear. Cindy and George are not without faults, but I think that they have come a long way from their days of lying and deceiving to protect evil Casey. I think that their behavior in the courtroom and on the stand surpassed my expectations of how I thought they were going to behave. They are human, and going through the most trying time of their lives. They deserve a little slack, IMO.

    1. And here’s another big AMEN. I’ve been there, but nothing like this and I can assure you that until the “patient” wants to admit they need help, it’s all a waste.

    2. Legally, Cindy and George could not have prevented Caylee from leaving with her custodial parent. To think otherwise, is foolish. It shows that someone is speaking out of their hat, with no awareness of how family court operates or how police respond to a domestic disturbance call.

      The police would have let Casey and Caylee leave and would have potentially restrained, or even arrested, Cindy and George if any fight over Caylee leaving the house with her parent had occurred. Casey wasn’t 16!

      I am sure both of them deeply regret not uncovering Casey’s lies in-depth and taking her to court, sueing for temporary custody of Caylee. I am sure these thoughts, among others, is more punishment then a court could give them. JMO


    Good tips here for getting your comments read. Summary: Caps on first letter of sentence and proper nouns only. Use correct English – spell correctly and avoid ‘net abbreviations. Use paragraphs liberally. Slow down and proofread before posting. One exclamation point is sufficient. Have mercy on the reader.

    Since there is another commenter here who uses “Annie,” I shall change to annie123.

  24. Actually Forrest I’m not that forgving. Like I said, this family is disfunctional to the moon. Who knows what the police plan to do with them after the trial is over. One thing is for sure, none of them will be quietly fading into the background–they are too combative and the world loves to speculate on what they should or should not have done. The media will keep track of them for years. We will see if they choose to try to get their lives back together and go foward quietly or exploit themselves further.

  25. When CIndy hid behind sobs and testified to spraying a “whole can” of Febreeze in the death car, it was a jaw dropping admission of obstruction of justice. Yet. it seems unlikely that CIndy, or George, will ever be prosecuted. Early on, those two faced a legal, as well as moral, decision. They had a choice either to honor their slain granddaughter by cooperating fully with law enforcement, or they could protect the one who murdered her. How sad for little Caylee that they chose the latter.

  26. Anyone with half a brain would know GA is the instigator and manipulator. But most of you (prob from Orlando, wouldnt doubt it) have been blindsided by his BS. HE personally made LE look dumb, played them like a fiddle. But one thing GA didnt expect and I think put a damper on his plans is the Amber Alert never was called. Till this day that man is steaming over that. Look at his behavior on the stand, attacking LDB, saying he’s going to challenge her. What is apparent is LE turned their heads to a fellow cop. I think that was a huge mistake. And I also feel and it’s just a gut feeling that GA did not leave on his own accord @ the Ohio PD…I wonder if he was canned due to padding investigations and lying.
    CAnt wait to hear what the DT has to say. AFter all. Someone had to investigate that family!

    1. I disagree, Casey seemed to be calling the shots and ATTEMPTING to make LE look dumb. I don’t get where you’re going with the Amber Alert thing.

    2. I’ve watched all the interviews and I just don’t see that. I’d have to say George was the most honest (although, for the Anthonys, that isn’t saying much, lol).

  27. Dr. Glass you must have been mulling the big picture over in your mind. I see the same big picture , Although I did feel sympathy for Cindy while on the witness stand, I had to consider EVERYTHING that she and George did to cover everything for Casey. Correct they too waited way too long to call police. When Casey’s car was found and Casey and Caylee were not there, She made that 9-1-1, smells like there’s been a dead body in the car. After she had found Casey, and Caylee was still missing she changed her story to it was ” Rotten PIzza” This is not denial, it was an outright lie. Then washing Casey’s clothes, spraying Fabreeze in her car, and giving investigators the wrong hair brush! She hardly shed any tears while in front of a camera; all she did was lie for Casey. Then “Sweetheart this and Sweetheart that” any time Casey was asked any questions. Now because of lousy parenting Casey is facing the death penalty.. Any good parent would have said “If you had any involvement, you need to Plea Bargain, you have told too many lies and who is going to believe you anymore?” Any good parent would have said that all lying is is get you in deeper! George had been an Investigator/police officer himself and knew full well how these things work! Even when Casey screamed at them, they cowered! . The whole search for a live Caylee, was only a plot to prevent anyone from looking for or finding Caylee’s body. You don’t search woods for a live child. Please everyone wake up, you are falling into the Anthony web of lies!

    1. Very good points. I have been dismayed at hearing many people excusing the Anthonys’ behavior, saying they would also have lied to protect their own child. What has the world come to? Do people not know how to love and support AND be honest and have integrity at the same time?

  28. IF the Anthony’s are allowed to collect off their dead grandchild, it only falls right into the so called “Script” and only proves to me that someone within that family saw $$$$$ signs from the beginning. Seaching missing children’s websites is a sure indication someone was arming themselves and planning, educating themselves about missing children in general. That , and this is just a guess and opninion is consistent with George Anthony’s personality….WAs he about to be thrown out of that house? Did Cindy tell CAsey she wanted to put the house in her name so GEorge couldnt touch it? Why didnt we hear that there were searches on the family pc pertaining to porn, and alternative lifestyles? Did George go to saw grass to meet one of his chippies? Was ZFG one of them? I guess we’ll never know, but there is a reason why he hooked up with River (and that isnt even her real name)…Could it be that George’s lifestyle(gambling, internet affairs etc) cause CAylee’s death? Did he meet someone thru those websites that could’ve done harm? I wonder! But he went thru great lenghts to try and conceal his activities, and this is the center of why nobody called within those 30 days IMO….

    1. You have some fascinating ideas. I’d love to discuss these with you.. do you ever get on yahoo, or aol messenger? Or perhaps we could talk through email (if you want, I mean)?

  29. Nobody smelled that car before it was dropped off at Amscot. Nobody. Think about that. Who had the extra set of keys?

    1. Casey did. She even told Amy her Dad used the car and hit a squirrel. She told Lee, her brother, 2 squirrels climbed up in the car and died. This is really Baez isn’t it?

  30. Perhaps I will cut them a break when they publically apologize to those they offended and then thank all who helped to find Caylee. Good grief! Its so hard to believe that they did not want Tim to look for a deceased Caylee except that they knew Casey murdered her from the start!

    Sherry – June 12, 2011 at 3:12 pm

    Exactly my sentiments about Cindy and George. IMO it will be a true sign that they have seen “the light” when they apologize publicly to all they have wronged, as well as do something charitable for suffering children somewhere. At the point they tried to make Casey “grow up” in regards to her responsibilities in life and with Caylee, it was too late. “Tough love” needed to have started long before Caylee came along. I am not still convinced George and Cindy have really turned over a new leaf, so to speak. Time will tell. Their position is by no means the norm nor an enviable one.

  31. LOL, another Casey smitten admirer spinning stories that would have been proved long ago.

    Mastermind George is so highly intelligent, that he falls for the Nigerian scam but can outwit FBI, law enforcement and scientist. WOW! Casey admirers make George appear to be the new James Bond of darkness….

    1. I don’t admire Casey, OR George. Or Cindy and Lee, for that matter. The whole family is despicable, IMO.

  32. Dr. Glass,
    I agree 1000 % with all you have written.
    It stands 2 reason that KC didn’t become w ho we see and hear overnighy (via video evidence). Keep in mid that what we have seen and heard (videos) is just that- what e HAVE seen. I can only imagine what KC’s behaviour has been like all along- in other words-what we HAVEN’T been privy to. In my opinion,with as scrutinizing and controlling as Cindy is- I find it INCREDULOUS that Cindy didn’t know KC was pregnant- no way-no how. I firmly believe everyone in that family has known ‘something is wrong with KC’ for years-how could they not??? I believe even KC knows /knew something as/is wrong ith her! Why ould Cindy not seek help for KC? I believe she couldnt-that would RUIN the family ‘image’ that Cindy fights (er fought, hard 2 do that now) so hard 2 maintain.
    In the beginning, I (and many other bloggers), felt that only logical reason Cindy and George spoke 2 KC like they did on the videos,is cuz she had (HAS) something on EACH of her parents. I STILL believe that. Now that the sexual abuse allegations have been put forth-well- that kinda ‘splains’ it for me (the covering, obstructing, etc). Cindy and George EACH had 2 do their individual covering up-4 the very reason we are discussing this 2day- KC would divulge what we have all heard. While I do not believe for a minute that KC’s behaviour post Caylee was due 2 ‘abusen ugly coping, etc’, I DO believe KC’s allegation about George. KC had previously told several people that she ‘hated’ her father-ay before Caylee’s demise. I feel KC hates Cindy, because Cindy kne about the abuse and didn’t believe, and /or protect KC. How could KC NOT hate both George and Cindy? It appears 2 me-that on the ‘outside’ Cindy ‘praised’ KC (in front of KC), and at home, Cindy humiliated KC. I’m also inclined 2 believe that deep down, Cindy was jealous of KC. I’m sure there is MUCH more 2 the dynamics of this ‘family’ than we have seen or read.
    I also believe that through the cours of the years- Cindy’ ‘parenting’or ‘lack thereof’ has only exasperated the mental issues KC already had. It appears 2 me that-KC was once the ‘princess’ – UNTIL she accused George (back in the day)- then both Cindy and George treated her like ‘damaged goods’ (in private), in public, we all know she was MOTY. Then Caylee came along, and SHE was now the (undamaged) princess- and KC was -well- ‘damaged’.of course she was goingh 2 hate her parents!
    Cindy never sought help for KC becuz -KC would have most likely told that professional-just as she’s doing now! Cindy CANNOT ‘take up’ 4 Casey with these sexual allegations- becuz 2 do so- would make HER look bad (is that even possible)! I bet if KC were accusing ANYONE else outside of that family of abuse-Cindy would vouch for KC! But she cant-not this time.
    I can’t help but feel that Cindy and George are ‘devastated’ about the SEXUAL allegations from KC- more than they are KNOWING that KC killed Caylee.
    KC has committed a most heinous, unimaginable crime-and may justice be served-whatever that may be, however, Cindy and George Anthony should also pay for their damage in this case.
    One last thing:So much is written anout George ‘not being able 2 discipline KC cuz Cindy didn’t let him’- I call BS. I believe it ‘behooved’ George 2 NOT be the one 2 discipline KC- as he really had no ‘face’ to- KC would prolly bring up and thro the abuse allegations 2 his face-time and time again. I’m sure he complained anout KC bitterly (behind her back) 2 Cindy-so Cind could get on her(George can’t look like the ‘bad guy’ 2 KC!)George was more than happy 2 let Cindy handle KC. There is NOTHING weak or docile about George Anthony, he’s just as a professional at playing people as someone we know. He duznt NOT stand up 2 Cindy becuz he’s “no ballzz” George. He duznt ‘rock the boat’ so 2 speak- becuz 4 starters- he’s all but a ‘kept’ man- and for two: he’s been accused by his own daughter (as of years ago)of sexual abuse-he has no right, if u will, 2 rock that boat. George duznt fool me one bit. Regardless of what justice is meted out for KC, George and Cindy WILL have the shadow of KARMA hovering at every turn (and is alreading making her surprise visit). All that Cindy and George tried to ‘hide’ over the years about KC, ‘mental issues, her anbuse allegations’ etc, has now exploded on a WORLD STAGE, and there’s probably more 2 come still.
    Last: If Cindy ‘never had a reason 2 not trust KC’, why duz she not ‘trust’ that KC is telling the truth about George abusing her??????

    All the above is strictly my opinion- of which I am entitled to.


    1. Sociopaths are born, not made. Casey’s a sociopath. If she’d been reared by Mr Rogers and Mary Poppins instead of the Anthonys, she’d still be a sociopath.

      The Anthonys provide each other and the rest of the world much for which to be blamed and many reasons to be disliked. Caley’s sociopathy isn’t one of them.

      1. There is difference of opinion on what causes sociopathy. Much research is showing that when something interferes with the mother-infant bond, sociopathy can be the result. The qualities the sociopaths lack (conscience, empathy, the ability to trust, etc) are qualities that are formed in infancy in response to mother-child interaction. We are not born with these qualities- they develop in response to the nurturing of our mothers (or mother-substitutes)!

        It is also possible that some infants are born with an inherent inability to respond to their mothers’ nurturing. And it may be partly one and partly the other, which seems very likely to me.

        We need much more research on this subject and I wish that families like the Anthonys would help in this regard; think of the service they could do for mankind if they could help unlock the secrets of how children become this way.

      2. LM, some say it’s nature, others say it’s nurture. It’s obvious that I belong to the group that says it’s nature.

        By the way, empathy, or, at least, signs of it, don’t begin to form until a child is about four years old. Until then, we’re pure ego.

    2. I think it is a mix of nature & nurture that forms a sociopath. That seems to be the most logical conclusion, IMO. Also — AuntieMadder, I think that before the age of 4, people are all “id”, not ego.

  33. Gum chewing is tacky, no matter who, what or where. However, I think it has a lot to do with stress in this particular case. He needs to do ‘something’…I give him a pass on the gum chewing which is the same as Cindy’s incessant ‘water bottling’.

    I believe that denial is the key in the entire history of this family, to accept a ‘fact’ these people must accept blame and they are not in a place to accomplish this right now.

    I think that perhaps when they have distanced themselves from this years from now, and I mean when they’re in their 70’s, they’ll be in a better place to admit to themselves that their denial of their daughter’s behavioral problems probably (but not definitely) led to their granddaughter’s death.

    They have too much on their plate right now for self-awareness to set in. It’s a rough spot to be in. They can’t get Caylee back, and Casey’s all they’ve got, and they know they were negligent in her rearing and for this I believe stand by her the way they do.

  34. NO one in my family would have let that nutjob take the baby away that night, NO ONE. We would have held Casey down alright, and kept Caylee home in her bed. Casey WAS an unfit mother, bring on the authorities. We would not sacrifice a child on the altar of “keeping Casey the spoiled brat appeased”.
    In a family where violence occurs, anything can happen. There were tons of red flags. Too bad they were all ignored, and not acted upon. Had Casey been in jail for all her thefts, Cindy would have had some leverage. Sorry to rant but pictures of the remains of a darling wonderful prescious child have that effect on me.

    1. Apart from an hour, or so, on the night of the 15th, killer was texting and talking with Tony. Where could she have done this, if not at home? I am inclined to think she didn’t go anywhere on the night of the 15th, but brooded all night long, while “multi-tasking” with Tone and waiting for another CIndy appeasement that never came. She couldn’t have slept more than two hours, if at all, according to her cell records, and likely was more strung out than usual the following morning. Filled with rage against her mother, and possibly, scared out of her evil mind that Cindy would have her arrested for stealing that money. So, her moment was at hand to finally do to her baby girl what she had been wanting to do since March.

      1. Hmm, very interesting, didn’t realize she was up all night having “fun” on the 15th.

        I read that Casey told a friend she should check herself into a mental hospital as she was having “crazy thoughts.” Is this true? If so, this leads one to wonder was she setting up yet another possible defense. I mean she had supplied herself with various scenario’s to point the finger away from herself, Zanny, kidnapping, sexual abuse, drowning, maybe insanity. Only the insanity plea will not work in her case.

      2. I don’t believe she left the night of the 15th, either. At around 7:50 AM the next morning, she was IM’ing away with one of her boy toys on the Anthony home computer. From looking at her cell records, it seems the girl hardly EVER slept. Very strange, IMO.

        Sophie – yes, you are right about that. Casey said something about feeling like she was “losing it” and that she needed to be committed. I think that was Annie Downing she said that to. However, I think Annie said that the next day, Casey was acting like everything was just fine and it had never happened.

    2. Legally, Casey was an adult and had proper custody of her child. If they had called the police, the police would have allowed her to leave with Caylee and told Cindy and George to back off.

      There was no legal standing for Cindy and George to gain custody of Caylee, or to prevent her legal custodial parent from taking her at any time. In fact, if they had prevented Caylee from leaving they could have been arrested.

      1. BeckyM – you are correct. i imagine that Cindy must have felt very very guilty for not taking her mother’s side on June 15th. In Shirley’s interview with OCSO she told them that she had confronted Cindy on June 15th about Casey stealing the money from the gf’s nursing home account and that she was adamant that Casey be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law allowed. Cindy vigorously begged her not to do this. If Cindy had listened to her mother, Caylee most probably would not have died the following day.

        Cindy, George and Lee all received immunity deals and that has never sat well with me. I do believe that they knew where Caylee was buried long before Kronk came across her bones. I will never forget all the conflicting statements and deceit that they presented to LE and the public. I do feel some compassion for all 3 of them and I have never believed that any of them were directly involved in the premeditation or the murder. They are guilty up to their eyeballs in obstruction of a criminal investigation and lying to LE. The prosecution needed their testimony at this trial and they have now gotten it. I heard that on the day that Cindy testified and during the break that she requested from Judge Perry that Cindy totally fell apart in the ladies restroom. George was standing outside the restroom helplessly and that Cindy’s wails and crying was audible outside the restroom. It was Linda Drane Burdick who went in there and consoled Cindy and assisted her. I have a lot of respect for LDB.

        This is OT but I was shocked when I took a look at the Penalty Witness List. It includes about 50 people which the dt say not all will be used. Some of the names on that list were a real surprise to me.

        Ryan Pasley, Jacksonville
        Mrs Susan J Miramonti (teacher-Colonial High)
        Anthony Rusciano
        Anthony Lazarro, c/o Will Jay, Esq
        Mark Hawkins, Palms, CA
        Troy Brown
        Amy Huizenga, c/o Kirk Kirkconnell, Esq
        Jesse Grund
        Ricardo Morales, Tampa
        Christopher Stutz
        Matthew Crisp
        Nathan Liezniewicz, Ft Pierce (Lazzaro’s roommate)

      2. @ NancyB
        As far as I know ONLY Lee has immunity. There is alot going on in this case and it is easy to get mixed up. If I am wrong, please give a link to where Cindy and George have immunity. 🙂

        I do not agree at all with what Cindy and George have done. But it is up to the Florida courts to decide if they will pursue charges. Right now I am focused on Caylee’s actual murderer getting the death penalty.

        In re: to witnesses for the defense. Don’t let that list bother you. Tony L sure didn’t come through for Baez about the alleged sexual abuse by George and I don’t think any of these other witnesses will have much to say that will help Casey.

        Heresy from a teacher about sexual abuse she didn’t report to authorities….? (Colonial HS teacher) would be my guess and what credibility will that have?

  35. Dr. Glass….I want you to know that I still believe the Anthony’s are still working for Casey’s defense…..perhaps, to simply save her from the death penalty.

    Cindy lied, when she said on the witness stand, ” I had no reason to mistrust, Casey”….How can you ever trust someone who steals thousands of dollars from your banking and credit accounts? I would say that is clear evidence that Casey could not be trusted at all. Let me know if you could ever trust such a person….

    I believe Lee, in his testimony, is laying a foundation for the defense to use Schizophrenia. I say, listen to his second testimony. Listen to how easily he answers the questions, posed by Baez….it sounds almost scripted…in fact very scripted…..

    I don’t know what George’s part wil be….unless he is recalled and says in fact that he did touch Casey inappropriately….

    and Baez…is very confident and cocky….to be sure, he believes, he has that good old ace down in the hole….I believe the defense will be anything, but funny….more like rude, crude and ugly…….


  36. I found it odd that Cindy remembered all the detalis of Casey’s stories, people, and their kids, sisters, on and on. Who would remember all that stuff?

    1. Exactly. Cindy recounting Casey’s convoluted tales, as though a part of her still believed them, was disturbing and very odd. Yet, in the early investigation of her “missing” granddaughter, she supposedly forgot several easy to remember details, such as when the family last saw Caylee.

    2. Exactly, Wendy, she remembers all of an imaignanny’s relatives, imaginary boyfriends and their extended families….details of roommates and their children…..Then can’t recall the name of Caylee’s father. I call bullhockey on that.

  37. I just don’t understand all the new found sympathy for the Anthonys. They are still the same nasty, arrogant, argumentative justice obstructors they’ve always been. What we’re seeing is an seemingly about face, but in reality they’ve gone into self preservation mode in typical Anthony style. I would love for justice to be served across the board!!!!!!!

  38. I think the gum chewing is disgusting and makes a person look like a cow chewing it’s cud. However:

    Maybe George takes medication that causes his mouth to be dry. Dry mouth is a side effect of many, if not most, medications people his age take.

    I take medicine that does this to me, especially right after I brush my teeth. If I didn’t have a half piece of gum to chew, I literally would not be able to talk; it’s like every drop of moisture has been sucked out of my mouth by a huge vaccumn! It really is an embarassing problem that no amount of water can remedy – only gum makes saliva come back.

    Nerves can also cause dry mouth and GA certainly has every reason to be nervous.

    Justice for baby Caylee.

  39. why is the defense team and casey not responsible to pay all the money to tim miller…every other organization who was involved to surch for caylee and all the money they spend on this trail, back………………since they claim this accident by drowning on 16 june 2008………….also cashing in on caylee’s pictures over 230 000$ what the heck did they did???? is all this not against the law!!! Is this not fraud and false leading of the law………….???????????? where is here the point……………beaz greed???? and infamy for who hangs on there tail wagon…

    1. So True, So True. How is Casey going to pay the 70Th she owes the IRS? Will the IRS look into what Baez has done with the money? Is he hamming it up outside the courtroom hoping to get some other gigs with high price tags?

  40. I put my last initial at the end of my name because you have another Liz.

    The family is very disfunctional. I think the mother was in deep denial at first and cleaned the car just to get rid of the smell. They wanted to believe the lies she told them about the nanny because they wanted to believe that precious baby was still alive. I think they must have suspected but they didnt want to admit it to themselves.

    I think George’s cop experience told him otherwise that’s why he was calling his daughter ‘the boss’ in desperate attempt to get info from her about his granddaughter’s whearabouts remember that the body had not been found yet.

    I think the Jurors might believe a story more of accidental death. A scenario such as KA intended to give the baby something so she could party and left her in the car, the baby died, KA paniqued and concocted the kidnapping story to stall for time/decomposition. I doubt anyone is going to believe the drowning in the pool and George having to do something with the disposal of the body yet leaving all the evidence behind.

    BTW, I lived in FL when Caylee was reported missing and remember the circus outside of their homes. People throwing things at the house, yelling abuse all hours of the night. Those people were not trying to help, if they had they would have been searching for the baby. As it is it was found right there close to where everyone was all along.

    As others have stated KA is an adult and she could have left with that child any time unless Cindy and George had full custody. And you cant hold an adult down you do that to an adult and you could be arrested, like BeckyM posted.

    Someone else mentioned that KA was probably planning to do away with the parents and that has entered my mind more than once. If she had been able to get away with killing her daughter who knows what she would have done next specially if she would have gotten involved with someone who would have helped her.

    I look forward to your blog Dr. Glass.

  41. I had thought that Cindy was signaling, so I’m glad you cleared that up. I went back to the tape tonight, and my husband looked at it with me, and we came to the same conclusion that you evaluated it as. I am just always so suspicious of Cindy. I dealt with a sociopathic, patterned abuser ex-son-in-law, decades now ago(we assisted to get our daughter free, and he killed a man the next year), but the 10 year experience left an indelible mark on my psyche. His mother was a lot like Cindy, always making excuses, and all the son’s life had interferred with his father, when he tried to give some discipline. She certainly didn’t mind throwing me under her bus every chance she got, so my sympathies really go out to all these people who have been dragged into this mix and falsely accused. I am sure that on occasions, there are people born with a strong genetic tendency to this type of behavior, but all the people that I have known with very troubled children, I can always trace it to the behavior of the parents, and in most cases it is the mother. We have one male friend of 50 years standing, who has been separated from his wife for 20 years (they have never legally divorced). She liasoned with sons who were total delinquents against their own father–even aided the youngest in filing a lawsuit against him. Our friend was sick with a debilitating chronic fatigue syndrome disease, and the Dr. told him that, if he didn’t get out of that household, he was never going to get well. His oldest daughter died as a result of being run over by her lesbian lover, his two sons are a total waste. However, his youngest daughter has turned out pretty well and stands by her father. I REALLY like your site, and am so intriqued with body language.

  42. Yes George and Cindy have had major issues.I will put some towards haveing a hard to handle child,that surly has shamed them time,and time again.I had a friend who had a child,who stole,cursed them anything ugly that adult child did to her parents.The parents were about craazy.But they to would run to the defence of their adult child.Because they blamed their own selves for their childs behavior.Not getting it in control sooner.G&C were trying to have a decent life in their older age.They fnaly had a nice home.Both working.To have that rebellious bad seed run everything,is awful..The other parents i was talking about had a decent life untill their child distroyed them finance wise.Its hell with in its self to have a grown azz daughter run in an out,stealing,cussing George,ansd Cindy.When im sure all they wanted was for Casey to be a responsable mother to Caylee,and stop using them,stop stealing.Not many parents have their child locked up,i know many in the country whith wayward children doing the old parents bad,they just let it contenue.We say what we would have done.But to live it is another thing.

    Yes Cindy and George didnt act right.Cindy tampered with evidence..Lee visisted Casey Lee told Casey he had talked to the Ducket man who had told him how to use the media to their advantage..I will never know why these parents acted as they did.But that protestors at their home.Made me sick,and im not a fan of the Anthonys.Talk about George getting agressive with protesters.Well hell i would have throwed a shot gun out my front door and wound up n jail,if that gang was out side my home.America, an that was allowed amazing.Its only so much people can take.Thats when the Anthonys started fighting harder for Casey.It was us against the gang,in mop to them. These grandparents did have time to have normal grief for Caylee ,it was toppled on top of them about Casey whom im sure as parents they still love,just dont understand how she could do such a thing,they knew-and partualy didnt believe it.

    Myself,nor my family sold any photos of our murdered 2 yr old love one.That two could have rolled into high profile.But we avoided the media at all cost,sold no pictures.Keep inside trying to grieve while they investigated all of us.Before the killer was caught.Casey at times has a believeable gab,these parents didnt want to believe their daughter would do such,to Caylee.I just know i would not have wanted to be in their shoes.Unless one has lived such a mess,they dont know how everything spins out of control.Im sure George woud say accident to anyone,as a way to soften what his daughter really done to Caylee.But i do not believe he played a part in her death,or hideing the bodyThis in myop was no accident as DR G explained well..I do not think he molested his daughter.It was funning how Baezs jumped on that when George said at one time he would walk Casey to school.Boy that was a open door when dad was alone with little daughter.I dont believe a known lier who has lied all this time about her child.So i do not believe what she has allowed the defence to spin.

    Oh and if they want to write a book,whats the difference in someone else writing one making money,and not the grandparents.Its more their story than a strangers.Because they are living through the ordeal.Im not for them,nor am i against them.I think they had a heifer on their hands they just didnt know what to do with.I also believe they never dreamed even bad as Casey had been ,that she would ever kill Caylee.That was probably the furterest thing from their mind,those 31 days.They may have been worried about if she was being feed right,taken care of, kept clean.Casey was the parent of Caylee she had control of Caylee.Laws should be changed in some states to help grandparents more.I believe Cindy going through the change of life (flippy) did everything in her power even blowing up to get Casey to be a responsible parent.Cindy had to work to pay bills at that time,she couldnt always keep Caylee,George trying to keep a job couldnt always be there for Caylee.So Casey was bound to have her own child,which it seems now we know she just did not want.Lee worked,he probable was the son left out ,because Caseys bad behavior took center stage.Lord he has aged sence Caylees death.Head full of grey haird in 3 yrs..I could see from home photos Cindy,and George kept their home,and yard clean.Caylee had a good home with them,why Casey didnt leave that precious baby home with them,ill never know. Casey is a vendictive woman,in mop.She means to get her mom,and dad back for cslling 911(Cindy) And dad telling he smelled decomp in the trunk. Casey had a wicked heart or she never could out her own Child. Bless Caylee for eternity she didnt deserve to die,be dumped for animals to chew on.Lord have mercy whats in the hearts of these mother killing their babies…..Selfish,very selfish……Gods word says murder begins in the heart-(not the mind)–when acted upon it become the sin of murder…one of his little ones…Judgements comming for Casey in this life,or after -it comming….

  43. Dr. Glass,

    You are bang on in your analysis. The things George and Cindy said and did leading up to the trial were outrageous and angered the public. I still do not believe they are telling the truth. They are lying by omission while they are under oath, IMO. I think they should be held accountable legally for the tampering with evidence, obstruction of justice, etc. While I realize that they loved Caylee, they didn’t love her enough to do the right thing when she went missing and was later found dead. Protecting Casey was more important to them than Caylee. They are so dysfunctional, I’m sure they can justify their words and actions, but I’m not giving them a free pass just because they are finally admitting some of the truth. They know a lot more than they are saying. Lee isn’t much better, but since he has immunity, I doubt we’ll see any charges for him. I just wonder if the state does plan to charge G & C.

  44. Well said, Heather!

    Leave the family alone. They lost their granddaughter, they are losing their daughter, they are going through hell. I feel absolutely terrible for these people…and disgusted at the human race that writes blogs and picks them apart.

    People haven’t given them peace since this started. Let them be. Let them try to rebuild the shattered pieces of their lives.

    People are judging them left and right — yet, they know nothing about them. Maybe, just maybe, they’ve done the best they could as parents, as grandparents, and their world has nosedived straight to hell…and maybe, just maybe, they can’t bear to see their daughter (no matter what she has done) sent to death row. I can’t imagine what they are going through. I can’t imagine the anguish.

    Leave them alone.

    1. Casey is where she is becuase of her family and that needs to be addressed. They have allowed Casey to engage in abberant behavior early on. They have been horrible role models for her and have tried to evade law enforcement at every turn, They need to be held accountable for their actions.,

      1. By whom? It’s up to the Florida courts to decide if they will prosecute the Anthonys for their tricks played on LE. And personally I don’t see that happening. *shrug*

  45. Dr. Glass, I think you are an IDIOT! For one thing, you need to learn proper grammar and spelling! How can you be a doctor and not know how to spell or use proper grammar; or at least double check your work? Dumbass. I would like to see how you would act if you were put in their shoes?! Their grandchild is dead and their daughter may die as well. You cannot blame them for Casey being a monster and a dumbass. She is an adult and should know better than to act the way she did. Her parents did not have control over her, and that is exactly what the courts would have told them unless they tried to get custody of Caylee. So leave the Anthony’s alone you f**king loser!!

  46. I agree with *all* of your observations in this post. However, I only agree with about 50% of the *analysis* of those observations. I think we start out with a different assumption in order to arrive at different conclusions. I believe that Casey is a “born” sociopath. My basis for this conclusion is that she lied to everyone–not just her parents. If this were just a case of the Anthony’s being a dysfunctional family, Casey would be lying to her parents and scamming money out of them. Then she would be out with her friends partying and telling them what idiots her parents are–her friends would be “in on the joke” so to speak. Instead, Casey’s friends were also the targets of some of her more sinister plots. I think that is the key difference. In my opinion, the Anthony family is dysfunctional because of Casey’s sociopathy and not the other way around.

  47. I furious with Cindy for bullying Casey into not letting Casey give up HER child for adoption. Casey’s insticts told her that she was not yet ready to raise a child, but miss bully(Cindy) would not hear of that Cindy also degraded Caley every chance Cindy could get, so Caley did not even have the confidence to drop off Caley at a Safe Haven and become a bar tender or some other profession that she could handle
    CIndy was so insistant on keeping Caley so that she could also have complete control over codependant

  48. I think that if a child has problems or a mental condition, the first people to notice this would be her parents. And the first thing to normal parents to do would be to SEEK HELP for their daughter and grand daughter. Why did this not happen? My feeling is that there is something wrong with this whole family, not only one member but everyone. There is also something sick in the way to come forward with the accusations now, afterwards, is it, of course the money being paid, the answer ?

  49. If George knew the jail house tapes were being recorded , then everything that was played out in them needs to be examined. For the truth behind them and not the BS factor. When Casey is being ask all kinds of questions by Cindy why does she get so mad ? We already know the questions were more then likly put on. Pretending to believe there is a zanny. What about them pretending that in front of Casey had her so upset? If it were real she would have been happy her parents were buying it. She wasn’t she became very fustrated with them- and even said at one point COME ON YOU GUYS.. like knock it off ok. Then there is the very 1st jailhouse tape before Casey knows she is being tape, but George and Cindy are more then likely aware. Cindy says we forgive anything you have told them. Caseys reply was ,”Don’t Worry I Have Not told Them anything”. Please sum up what Don’t Worry Means? Did Cindy reply- what do you mean Casey? You have not told them what? Or did Casey reply to Cindy what do you mean by that mom whats there to forgive? No they understood each other. And what would there be for Cindy to forgive? Caseys lies, naw because if it were just about Casey lying, how would that have involved George or Cindy? And why wouldn’t Casey have said Forgive me for what? Her answer would not have aplied to the we forgive . Don’t worry I haven’t told them anything. And Cindys reply was ok. I want to have more answers about the pouring of concrete in the back yard. I want to know why Caseys pings show her in the area of the Anthony home , on the 16th till after 4 pm. In the area can also mean at the home. I want to know why there was no smell in the car till after it was towed. I want to know where it was proven Caylee ever left that house on the 16th alive. Anyone at all see Casey and Caylee together ANY WHERE on that day? Neighbors see them leave on that day? Anything ?

  50. I want to know why , anyone would kill their child, then be dumb enough to put the body in their OWN trunk? Casey was not that stupid her father had been a cop.Cops tell stories about cases to their families. So Casey knew a body in a trunk was going to smell. Who kills a child then uses everything that leads right back to them ( or the house) to dispose of that body, Garbage bags, laundry bags, tape, blanket,everything leads right back. Then who takes the body and puts it right near the home in a spot where they used to also go? So EVERYTHING will point right back to them? No one has ever said Casey was dumb. Can you say SET UP. How sick are some people. People can believe Casey was sick enough to have done this to her own child, so is it out of the question a parent could do things we would never imagine? I want to know what happened on the 16th of June? She panicked- I am not buying that. And I don’t have that answer and neither did the Jury.

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