Cindy Anthony Does Not Give Signals To Casey In Court Telling Her To Cry

Several people have sent me a video clip of Cindy in the courtroom and have questioned whether she was giving signals to Casey to cry. The answer is a resounding NO!  Granted,  it is odd-looking behavior. But when you consider the fact that Cindy is spending all of her time in the courtroom with her reading glasses on and writing madly to capture her thoughts and impressions for her upcoming book, her behavior makes a lot of sense.

Also she is very far from Casey’s line of  vision. The last thing Casey is doing in that courtroom is turning around to look at Cindy. Ms. Simms  would put a quick stop to that. If Ms. Simms wasn’t there, one of her other minders would not allow it. Casey is rarely left alone at the table.

 The way Cindy treated Casey when Cindy testified,   by not  looking at Casey and also ignoring her  when she left the stand spoke volumes. Casey had a major meltdown because of it and can never forgive her mother for her lack of support,  and in essence turning on her. Casey would never look at her  mother at this point.


Here Cindy looks ahead with her reading glasses on the bridge of her nose,  where they have been most of the day. Cindy is not pleased as she looks at the attorneys during their sidebar. Her hand is clenched in a fist like position. This  indicates anger and anxiousness.

Cindy cranes her neck to see what is going on in front of the courtroom . She is craning her neck because she isn’t seeing well with those reading glasses, which do not give a good view for seeing in the distance.

Therefore,  she takes off her glasses and scratches her nose.  No doubt, after wearing those glasses all day, there has been a lack of blood  flow. So  her nose may itch. She scratches it all the way up to  the top of her nose.

Then she uses the ends of her glasses to poke under one of her eyes and  then under  the other eye. I believe she is using the ends of the glasses to scratch herself because her eyes are also  itchy and tired from wearing those glasses.

It is clearly not  a signal to Casey to get her to cry. Casey has Ms. Simms to tell her when to cry and when to show emotion on cue. She doesn’t need that advice from Cindy. Nor would Casey  listen to Cindy. She never has listened to Cindy before and she would never start listening to her mother now.

 Also Cindy is so livid that Casey and Team Jose Baez accused  Lee and George of sexually molesting her, that she would never do anything to help Casey at this point.

Perhaps she may soften during the penalty phase and plead for Casey’ life. But at this point,  I see Cindy still as hard as nails. Just because she broke down on the stand when she saw Caylee’s bedroom doesn’t mean she’s  all warm and fuzzy and kind and sweet and forgiving to Casey.

So the bottom line is NO!  There is no signaling and no helping Casey. The only ones who are  helping Casey at this point are Jose Baez, Cheney Mason, and Ms. Simms and some of her male fans who put money into her jailhouse account.


69 thoughts on “Cindy Anthony Does Not Give Signals To Casey In Court Telling Her To Cry

  1. How someone could possibly think that Cindy was giving signals to Casey is beyond me!

    Cindy tried to see Casey the night before her trail started, and Casey REFUSED her! Then, Casey had the audacity to have a meltdown in court (making sure the jury was not in site), because the woman that brought her in to this earth refused to acknowledge her…..PLEASE!!!

    Sanctimonious sociopath!! How is that Karma tasting, Casey?

    1. These are the SCAMTHONYS! It was a SET-UP for the media…She also put money on her books! WHOA! Whats wrong with that picture? If I go to see you in jail and you refuse to see me, you’re not getting a DIME from me!! We don’t know that they don’t talk to her via JOSE’S cellphone, during their “PRIVATE” visits. These people are SCANDALOUS, all of them, PARENTS, CLIENT and ATTORNEYS!
      You mean you bought that SPINDY smelled “rotting flesh”? Thats what she told the jury! That she really said DEAD BODY to the 911 operator to get the Police there faster? I think not, and if YOU believe it, I have some oceanfront property on the Mojave to sell you

  2. Cindy is writing a book? Really? Wow!

    I hope she includes the part about calling the media “maggots”-my fav- and I wonder if River and her evil twin will be in it! In fact, I also wonder if those two weren’t sitting on the opposite site of the room judging from the way GA is craning his neck and that suspicious look on his face.

    1. My thinking exactly, Cindy writing a book??? I would never invest time or money in any book by her. Yeah, call me cynical when it comes to them. Cindy and reality seems to have been strangers for way too long. Even her brother couldn’t believe how Cindy and George let Casey walk all over them.

  3. I read the posts about the signaling and watched the video. I also did not believe that Cindy was sending a signal to Casey. I think Cindy has washed her hands about helping Casey out. George just looks angry all the time now and who can blame him. The Defense has not put out their case yet. This I gotta see!

  4. Thank you, dear Dr. Glass, for clearing that up!!!! It was (IMO) laughable that ppl actually thought Cindy was sending messages to Casey. On another site, it was nearly mass hysteria over this clip! People were claiming to have been firing off emails to media, et al, to let them know about the “signals,” insisting that this mustn’t be allowed, that the good judge needs to know about this, that he needs to kick Cindy out of the courtroom. Omg, seriously, it was like a band of little grade-schoolers tattling! Wow.

    1. Kitt people were not CLAIMING. They have done it, so did I! Also did when she flipped off the court on April 1st, she gt reprimanded. Didn’t stop her because she did it again the other day TWICE.

      1. I just think it’s ridiculous that there are ppl who think they need to alert the media, or the judge, or the attorneys, etc as to what ppl in the court are doing. And I used the word “claiming” because I do not know for a fact that ppl actually did what they said they were going to do. So please don’t mis-read what I wrote.

        And you know for a fact that Casey was reprimanded for flipping off the court? Yes, I did see her do that, and I do think it was intentional. But I’m not about to tattle to the judge or anybody else. Is it what it is. Let the officers of the court do their jobs, without interference from observers. I’d like to know what makes you think Casey was reprimanded because you and/or others “told on her.” And if, as you say, she WAS reprimanded, but it did no good, because she did it again, then that should tell you something. Huh?

      2. Kitt they can’t possibly observe everything, thats where we come in.
        I didn’t misread your statement…you said CLAIMING.

  5. Dr. Glass thanks for putting the frenzy to rest (didn’t realize there was one till now). I saw what you saw, Cindy taking a new stance with Casey & Casey having a fit over it.

  6. Dr. Glass, I respectfully disagree. Lawyers were at sidebar, Cindy was CLEARLY craning her neck to get the attention of the “babysitters” at the defense table. She made a motion, as if wiping her eyes and POINTED (slyly) toward the defense. She then took her glasses and made streak marks down from her right eye to her cheek, then the left eye, only a little more activity on that side, she then glanced up, appearing to catch the eye of a Deputy and put her glasses back on.
    I knew when she was on the stand, she was being disingenuous, but cordial, possibly for the sake of the jury. I hope it is the prosecutors plan to discredit the SCAMTHONYS this week so NONE of their testimony has to be considered. I envision the fight on the night of the 15th coming in, The defendant left THAT NIGHT with Caylee, I am quite sure they have cell phone pings to take that phone out of their house, that night. Which also makes Georges statement of them being home the morning of the16th a LIE.
    Casey went to Tonys alone and Caylee died that night.

    1. Well damn, Kelly! Since you seem to have ALL the effin answers, then please, call JP and let’s shut this trial down. No need to waste anymore of taxpayers money in Florida!!

      What a joke!

      I see Casey has weaved you into her spider web too!

      1. Are you drinking the KOOL aid Liz?? Where on here does it “appear” I am on this KILLERS side? Who said I wanted the trial stopped? Read the lines…not between them. I replied to Dr. Glass, PLEASE do not respond to my msg Liz, if I wanted shi* outta you, I’d squeeze your head

    2. KellyJack – I had thought that casey stormed out the night of the 15th too but we have no idea if she came back. What we do know as fact is that her cell phone pings are in the area of the Anthony home & Lee’s home for the entirety of this night. I would be completely astonished if the SA’s brought up the alleged huge fight between Cindy & Casey. Not going to happen, IMO.

      1. Thanks Nancy…you are one up on me…the phone records I saw for late the 15th and early the 16th were redacted….I figure they would be unsealed in court. Just as Annies testimony is sealed. She purportedly was with the defendant (who was driving Annies car) when they were stopped by police and received a speeding ticket. Don’t know how true this is, but Casey used the name Zenaida Gonzales for that ticket. Annie went to school with a Zenaida Gonzalez DOB 1-11-86…. the name was not unfamiliar to Casey.
        I will note that I saw one interview with Annie, where she denies being with Casey and just she got stopped, however there is a subsequent interview, which is sealed.

      2. i believe she did come back, if i am remembering the cell phone records right, she was on the phone with tony till the wee morning hours, if i can find the cell phone records i will link them here…. im just not sure when caylees clothes got changed, what she left in and what she was found in are two diff outfits… 😦

    3. Thank you kelly! That is exactly what I have believed all along. Cindy supposedly made George lie about seeing them on the 16th to alleviate her guilt. I’m with you on this one but I don’t see it coming out in court.

      1. Cell phone pings prove Casey was home (and on the phone) all night, and did not stray far from home til the evening of the 16th, when she went to Tony’s.
        Check out:

  7. Nowhere did kelli insinuate that she was pro casey..i know for a fact shes nit..shes entitled to her i guess clearly because i believe also cindy was attempting ti get the defenses attention that iam also a grade shool a 51 yr old grandmother..a tattletale..seriously grow up

  8. With all due respect, kelly Jack….

    It is not the job or responsibility of the court to observe observers in the court. There is a trial going on; that’s what all officers of the court are there for.

    Since you feel that they can’t possibly observe everything, that’s where “we” come in, well just keep observing the observers, kelly Jack. Hopefully, somebody’s paying you for that.

    As far as my use of the word “claiming” it appears that it went way over your head. So please, nevermind.

    1. With all due respect Kitt YOU are the one that suggested the officers do the observing, I merely replied to your reply. Check yourself. You see Kitt, I read the words that are written. I don’t see something that isn’t there, So nothing went OVER my head. Can’t you just admit your were wrong? Probably not, that takes an ADULT.

      1. Come on u gyz, lets not judge others opinions, we all have a bunch of them, this whole case bothers most of us, please remember Dr Glass has the authority to ban any of us on here, n we dont want that now do we? … 🙂

  9. obviously this case has touched so many of us.beautiful caylee its hard to see her on tv and believe she is no longer know the anthonys had to have had years of issues with experience as a parent is i believe they experienced problems with casey for years although im sure they’d never admit it.casey didnt start out being a narsistic person from the beginning.i do believe they gave casey everything and covered for her misgiveings and now years later their selfish daughter killed her daughter and freigns being ill when confronted with the truth.i dont believe she will ever admit she did it.and somehow despite the sexual abuse defense i think cindy and george will ask the court for mercy.but i ask you where was the mercy for caylee when her mother placed that duct tape???casey couldnt even tell the truth who caylees dad was..he conviently died.which even if casey didnt know who the father was..she would have some idea.or the guy would know he was with casey..caylees father could be out there and none the wiser he lost a child.with all the media scrutiny i havent seen anyone that has answered that question.tomorrow is court again lillian what do you think of ms simms continueing to baby casey?and has anyone else seen the simliarities in cindy &ms simms?? i also think a book would be a bad idea.honestly if you want to be in court then shouldnt you be paying attention.?shes there but not.

  10. the fact that these people are showing up at 5am and stampedeing people to get in this trial just make this more of a circus.i understand i would like to be able to see it personally versus on in session but these people are going a little crazy.which when we are talking the death of a child seems odd that people are responding this way.dont get me wrong i have watched this from the beginning of her being reported missing and remember dr g talking about find caylee when so many on the internet had prayed for her to be safe.but finding out what happened to caylee,what kind of person and mom(can i really say mom?)would not report their child and party down while she missing has had me wanting to scream at the tv because its so obvious casey’s guilty.i want to feel sorry for george and cindy i just feel if they continue supporting casey can they say that they loved caylee.she deserves justice!that picture with caylee,the skull and duct tape seals the deal for me …if not the death penalty for her a child killer than what is extreme enough to get death.?i have never felt this extreme about such a decision im glad im not on the jury but i do hope that they will see thats the only true verdict to give caylee the justice she deserves!

    1. Go to and you can watch the trial as it happens commercial free, it’s the same feed and it’s free, nothing to download. I don’t like to watch on In Session, too many commercials and lost testimony.

  11. KITT> seriously? a band of tattletailers?? Im a 51 year old grandmother..sooo i dont think that applies just because I, like Kelly has our own opinion..she never once insinuated that she was pro casey,,,i happen to know dor a fact she is not..she simply called it the way she saw it, as am looks like she IS trying to get the defenses attention and it DOES look like shes imitating a crying gesture,,why is it that we truly believe this, that makes us childish?? that family has some serious issues when it comes to Casey,,they have proven time and time again that they will walk thru fire to protect her..she clearly runs the Anthony clan,even from behind it really isnt a stretch to think cindy would do something like this..perhaps we are wrong..either way it is our opinion and i dont see any reason for you to go on the defense like you did with Kelly..Im assuming you will do the same with me..doesnt matter..its an opinion on all of our parts..seriously the name calling is ridiculous.

  12. With respect Dr Lillian I have to disagree with you on this one…. I rarely differ but on this it really looks like she is signaling Casey …I would not put it pass Cindy …. She doesnt want her daughter to go to prison .. Cindy imo believes Baez is responsible for the blame on George for abusing Casey ., not Casey..
    She is telling the truth as best she can on the stand but she is under oath & her lawyer has her advised her to . but she still wants to save her daughter.
    I put nothing past Cindy.

  13. People will make a mountain out of a mole, Casey has a new mom and that is Simms and Cindy is more interested in writing down notes.
    What did Cindy do go to her jail and say these are our hand signals?

  14. Unfortunately I blame Cindy for alot of what has happened. First Cindy took from George the one thing he loved, being a detective and/or working in law enforcement. George has not really been happy since. Forced to work in jobs he didn’t like, unable to bring in a good income and feel proud of himself. The only reason Cindy would deprive George of this is because it made him happy. I think Cindy was not happy and therefore didn’t want anyone else to be happy. George learned early on to tuck his tail between his legs and stand in the corner. I don’t believe he molested Casey. Casey first said Lee had possibly molested her because she would wake up in the morning and her sports bra would be pulled up. Anyone would wake up at night if someone was going underneath or pulling up your sport bra. Then she says she dreamed her father may have done the same thing. If a 13 yr old girl has her dads penis in her mouth she certainly wouldn’t have a fuzzy dream as her only recollection. Also did you notice all of her “molestations” are of the type that wouldn’t have required or shown up in a doctors visit. Being felt up or giving oral sex would not cause bleeding or tearing, or internal damage. Her very convient choices of sex abuse cannot be proved true or false.
    The big missing factor in all this search for the truth is the HUGE fight Cindy and Casey had the night of the 15th. The neighbors heard the argument, Lee says Cindy was strangling Casey, but to hear Cindy tell it she and Casey held hands and put Kumbaya on the stereo while snuggling with Caylee and watching that days video from the nursing home. If the 15th was the day Cindy found out that Casey had used the routing numbers from her birthday check from grandpa to steal from his nursing home account, she would have been livid when she got home. I would like to know what day Cindy found out about the nursing home theft. Also I believe Cindy was livid at the nursing home on the 15th because in the You Are My Sunshine video at the very end Caylee pulls the tablecloth over her face then peeks out at Cindy and says “I’m scared of you!”. When Cindy let Casey storm out the door with Caylee she was trying to call her bluff. Thinking Casey wouldn’t last long being totally responsible for Caylee’s needs. Unfortunately all Caylee had to do was cry out for CiCi (Cindy) onetime during this standoff and Casey would have been angry and spiteful enough to kill. I do feel Cindy feels somewhat responsible for Caylee’s death, or at least her endangerment, which is unfortunate because only Casey killed her. One more point, Casey is sucj a narcissist that I will always believe she hated Caylee for the changes her body went through during pregnancy. If Casey has even one stretch mark I guarantee she hated Caylee everytime she saw it. Also Casey was only a good mother when she was on stage, a sociopath knows how to act, just like now she tries to act like a paralegal all te time.

  15. I disagree with this as well. It honestly looks to me like she is signaling someone about Casey crying. I realize that Casey felt betrayed and has probably been punishing Cindy for it, but I also think this family has a dynamic that has always worked that way. They hurt each other, hold the grudge for a short time then act as if nothing ever happened. This could be what was festering all along and ended in this horrible tragedy. This also fits with what I see as Cindy’s bi-polar personality. She’s red hot angry one minute and sobbing the next. My sister has done this to me often in life. Says the most horrible things to me. Stops speaking to me, then just pops up one day like nothing ever happened. Nothing is ever said about the situation and life just goes on. But I do retain the resentment even as I play the game. Not very productive, but that’s the dynamic we’ve created.

  16. AND where did you get your information that Cindy is livid about Casey accusing George and Lee?? Does it surprise anyone that those who “KNOW” exactly EVERYTHING that no one else seems to know…would say that Cindy is giving signals to Casey…I am surprised that they haven’t said the girl escapes jail each evening to go party and kill children!!!!

  17. Laci Peterson’s mother wrote a book, as well as Scott Peterson’s sister, and his lover, Amber. It is not surprising at all that Cindy would want to write a book – but I have YET TO SEE ANY PROOF OF A BOOK DEAL…and actually book publishing houses have denied it in a press release.

    Most of the Peterson-murder related books made very little money. They peaked quickly and once people got over the gossip, they dropped out of sight. I am not concerned with Cindy’s supposed book deal – and if people are – simple solution – DON’T BUY OR READ IT!

    Personally, I think the writing is just something to stay busy. If I was writing a book I would download all the videos of the trial that lots of newssites are posting and use that to jog my memory. *shrug*

    1. Becky….apparently you are not watching the trial? Cindy said it in her testimony, she IS writing a book. Tats the ONE reason they wanted to be in court!

      1. I watch some of it but I personally have more to do with my day then follow this trial.

        Like I wrote, IF she is writing a book, who cares? Don’t buy it. I won’t be.

      2. Oh and writing a book, doesn’t mean anyone is buying it. Do you have a link to any publisher announcing a deal with the Anthonys?

  18. DOes anyone have a link to this signaling by Cindy? I watched it the other day and want to watch it again. I must say, it did SEEM as if she was making deliberate movements to someone…maybe not Casey directly but maybe Dorothy Simms or one of the other younger lawyers… they just seemed as, well…NOT NATURAL MOVEMENTS.

    1. The best view is the wftv video…..Cindy comes into frame about 3:25….the “antics start around 3:45 and continue for 30 seconds or so. First SPINDY takes off her glasses, appears to wipe tears in a downward motion, then (slyly) points in the direction of the DUHfense. She takes her glasses, makes a streaking motion first from her right eye, then from her left, till IT APPEARS she looks up, catches a Deputys eye and puts her glasses back on.

      1. Thanks…..I watched it and I agree with Dr. Glass, I don’t think she was signaling anyone.

  19. Dr Glass~ was chatting with Heather(Peter Hyatt’s wife) the other day, i asked her where she thot kc may have mixed up the chloroform, and Heather said the car…hmmmm i never thot of that cuz it is so strong, but good idea, maybe that is why the car smelled so strong of chloroform?

  20. I think that everyone needs to look at the forensic evidence because it is a reminder as to what this is all about, Caylee. I looked at her skeleton and her hair and it was so shocking. What Casey did was unspeakable and there is no excuse that justifies her actions. I find the behavior of this entire family deplorable and beyond my ability to express myself. Poor Caylee, thrown out like trash by her own mother to be eaten by animals. Casey sits in Court with that expression and fake crying. Even though I’ve tried to understand why Casey is like she is, the horror of what she did is overwhelming to me. And it is so horrifying that someone would be capable of doing this to any person, let alone their own daughter. What a monster she is and what a monstrous family she comes from.

    1. Yes, Casey Anthony is a cold-blooded monster. A freak of nature who slaughtered her own little girl. I pray she will be sentenced to death.

  21. Why, oh why, does Baez not ask actual questions of the witnesses? He seems instead to be engaging in a conversation, stopping so that the witness can say “That’s correct” every now and then. But there was no actual question.

    When a witness answers a question phrased “Is it not . . .? there’s no way to know what is meant by a yes or a no.

  22. The last time I checked, Casey Anthony is on trial! Not George and Cindy Anthony. To those that are putting Cindy and George on trial, save it for when/if that happens. Let’s focus on getting Casey convicted…..

    1. Agreed, Liz. Cindy’s a controlling narcissist with a huge temper, and George is as allergic to work and almost as good at theft as his daughter, but neither one of them killed Caylee.

  23. None of us can focus on that, it’s not our call and totally out of our control. It’s up to this jury and no one else. Cindy and George put themselves in the story by going on the news night after night.

    1. Wendy, you are correct! It is NOT our call! However, “focusing” on a conviction and “convicting” are two different things. Knowledge is power my friend!

  24. Dr. Glass,
    I think this time you are 100% wrong. It looks looks like a signal to cry and nothing else.
    I don’t see how you could make anything else out of it.

  25. Dr. Glass I went back and watched the video again and she wasn’t scratching her eyes. She said something to George before she did it and it is plain as daylight that she is signaling someone to cry, surely her daughter. You should watch it again. While I appreaciate your input, this time I can’t believe that you missed something so plain to see.

  26. dr. glass, i do absolutely believe that cindy was sending messages that casey should cry. will we know for certain when cindy takes the stand for the defense. this is when we will see the anthony’s take a turn and show that they will do whatever it takes to free their daughter. i am expecting shocking twists and turns from the defense. i believe that the defense conspired with mr. lippman and the anthony’s in using the prosecution to gain credibility. they will abuse that newly gained credibility as defense witnesses. time will tell.

  27. @Marianne, I was watching Dr.Drew the other night,and he interviewed Georges exwife, she stated that George didn’t like being a detective, that he always wanted to work as a character at Disney!She also stated, he was basically a nice person but he Lied alot. So,I don’t agree with you blaming everything on Cindy.Of course Dr. Drew was wondering if lying could be a genetic disorder. And then again all ex’s lie:)

  28. Jacque Yes i saw Cindy today as she mouthed something to Casey and then saw the cold/indifferent shrug Casey gave her..Pair that up with yesterday and her making all those signals to is very obvious..!!! But i feel that Casey was cold to her Mother because she knows they are fixing run her Father over with ‘THE BUS’..Can anybody say co-dependant??

  29. Cindy’s days of alleged iciness toward her offspring as a result of allegations of sexual abuse against the father, Cindy’s husband, seem to be over — sure enough, true to codependent form, Cindy hedged on giving truthful testimony about their Henkel silver duct tape (that Lee had testified in his depo as having been asked to pick up at their house & bring to the “missing person Command Center” the family manned in July-Aug 2008) that linked Casey to Caylee’s murder. I think you need to rethink “Cindy is as hard as nails” toward Casey, & also rethink “Cindy is not forgiving to Casey” at this point. Cindy would rather write a book (no one will read, since she’s as pathological a liar as her offspring) than seek therapy for her codependency & other issues, including lying & narcissism. JMHO’s.

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