Casey Anthony’s Disturbing Internet Drawing Eerily Similiar to Photo of Caylee and Her Bear


When I initially saw the drawing which  Casey had in her computer it spoke to what was going on in her mindset in terms of  knowing right from wrong. The statement on the drawing reads  “Why do people kill people, who kill people , to show people that to kill people is bad?

It shows that Casey  knows good from bad and that killing people is bad, not right, and wrong. When someone can distinguish right from wrong  you cannot use the insanity plea. The above photo points to the fact that she knew what she was doing with Caylee.

Casey selected this drawing out  of all of the millions of drawings  and sayings on the internet because there was something which attracted her to the drawing. If you look closely, the girl in the drawing resembles Caylee. From her tiny little nose to her lips to her large eyes, to the  the  hair, the feature’s of the  girl in the drawing look eerily similar to Caylee.

Like the little girl in the drawing, Caylee also had an affection for toy bears with her Winnie the Pooh sheets and bedding and numerous teddy bears strewn across her bed. Even pieces of her beloved Winnie the Pooh blanket was found at the crime scene.

 In the photo above Cindy can even be seen posing  in  a photo next to Caylee’s bed  with one of Caylee’s favorite bears.

Early on, Cindy even carried Caylee’s favorite bear with her when she was with George.

So when we look at the drawing which has a bear with a noose around it’s neck and the child  looking up at her bear, we can again see why Casey was so attracted to the drawing.

 But when we look at the drawing along the side of a photo of  a sleeping Caylee with her beloved bear it is clear that Casey saw Caylee in the drawing. Looking at the drawing and the photo of Caylee, who is sleeping sitting up is even  more disturbing. Knowing what we know about Caysey’s involvement with chloroform, all kinds of thoughts race through one’s mind such as “Was Caylee chloroformed in this photo?”

If Casey took this photo of Caylee which is most likely the case in my view, it speaks volumes about Casey’s mindset  in relation to the now infamous drawing. 

If she took the photo of Caylee and her bear  before she downloaded the drawing it clearly speaks to why she was so attracted to  the drawing and how she  identified the little girl as being similar to Caylee.  If Casey took the above photo after she downloaded the drawing,  then it points to  premeditation in my view. In essence, she was re-creating a real  life  view of the drawing.

Casey may soon find out the answer to the question on the drawing as to  “Why do people kill people, who kill people , to show people that to kill people is bad?”


77 thoughts on “Casey Anthony’s Disturbing Internet Drawing Eerily Similiar to Photo of Caylee and Her Bear

      1. Dr. Glass, I noticed that during the testimony, Casey wrapped her sweater tightly around herself but as soon as the stopped to break for lunch, she dropped the sweater right off. Does the chill she gets from hearing these true details end as soon as they stop talking?

  1. Dr Glass~ Thank You for commenting on the photo of caylee ‘sleeping’, it is so disturbing to me, the bear looks like it was just placed on her lap, seems to me if she fell asleep holding the teddy bear her left hand wouldnt be so far down on the side, seems it would just be relaxed on the bear… re; the above question, im wondering if caseys covers her hands all the time because she used her hands to ‘hurt’ caylee?

    1. I totally agree with you evrli…ever since you posted the links to these 3 photos I have been unable to get this one out of my mind. It is not normal for a toddler to fall asleep in this position at all, imo.

  2. My first thought when I saw this photo of CAYLEE was the same. Was she chloroformed? My GOD, its sad that we have to think these thoughts! This would have never entered my mind about a child! Dr. G was CAYLEES voice yesterday, and I believe she was heard LOUD and CLEAR

  3. Off topic: Dr. Glass or anyone that knows… Why does Jeff Ashton coughs so much? Is he recovering from a cold? Does he smoke or have respiratory problems?

    1. He’s not the only one who has been coughing. You would probably be coughing too after talking for a long period of time. My throat gets irritated and I get hoarse if I talk too much. That’s why Ashton has been drinking from a bottle of water – because his throat get dry.

  4. That drawing was downloaded after Caylee was murdered-on the 8th or 9th of July ’08, iirc. Now that is incriminating!

    For the commentor who mentioned Casey’s fascination with skulls in another post of Dr. Glass’ and compared it with Casey becoming “ill”-thanks for that observation!

  5. Caylee looks dead in that picture
    AND the photo looks staged.

    Casey is creepy that way, the breakfast video when Casey is filming Caylee and goes under the tray and looks at her body beneath the tray, then travels up to her face again, Casey does not say one word to Caylee during that video. Caylee is trying to talk to Casey but not one word does Casey say to her baby.

    Casey is really weird, cold and jealous of Caylee.
    I DEFINTELY believe Caylee is “chloroformed out” in this photo.

    Thanks Dr. Glass, good post, you have a keen eye!

    1. I agree with you about that breakfast video, it was odd the way she did that without a single word spoken to her baby. The picture of Caylee with the bear is disturbing to me as well.

  6. I am saying the picture looks TOTALLY non natural.

    The baby must of been doped up to fall asleep in a setting up position.

    I also agree the bear looks like it was placed there after Caylee was conked out.

    Creepy Casey planned on killing her own child.


      1. I disagree. I have similar photos of myself as a child, completely passed out sitting up, or leaning against things, etc. I think you overreached in this post, Dr. Glass. I think it’s a photo of Caylee sleeping. And yes, someone probably put her bear next to her after she fell asleep. Not uncommon for a parent or grandparent to place a child’s favorite stuffed animal or toy with the child after the child falls asleep.

        I am convinced Casey is guilty, but I think you’re wildly speculating about the sleeping Caylee photo, and I think it’s actually a rather innocent image. The breakfast video of Caylee, I agree, is strange.

  7. Dr. Glass, I remember in one of the jail tapes talking to her parents, Casey making the remark that Caylee would be home just as she was. She knew she was dead so what would a statement like this mean? Is it the same as an excited utterance and does anyone remember her saying this?

    1. I remember Casey telling her mother Cindy when it would have been Caylee’s third birthday that she was going to be home for her third birthday. Even though we now know (and Casey knew) that Caylee was already dead. I also remember reading what a girl Casey knew saying that when Casey was in the bar, (when Caylee was still alive) that she should stop whinning when Caylee said she was hungry or she (Casey) would put her in her car.

    2. I think she said Caylee would be back “Just as she was.” A reincarnation? I always thought that was a creepy thing to say – but it makes sense if you consider the last time Casey saw Caylee, she wasn’t exactly “as she was.”

  8. Oh my gosh, that sketch and the picture of Caylee are both so disturbing to me. I’m convinced that Caylee died at the hands of her mother but I was going back and forth, murder or accidental death? Accidental death or cold-blooded murder. Now there is not a doubt in my mind. I think I’m going to be sick. That poor excuse of a human being does not deserve to live. I hope Casey gets the death penalty.

    1. Who would hide an accident? If it had been truly accidental – say a pool accident perhaps – why hide it? Imagine the outpouring of sympathy Casey would have gotten once the accident was proven!

  9. Casey Anthony = sociopath.

    Perhaps she’ll answer this question when they march her down death row for that needle? People kill people who kill because it’s like putting down a mad dog. Safer for society.

  10. I’m so sick of Olive Oyl fake crying for the jury! I hope Judge Perry noticed she viewed the video of the face/skull/tape before the jury was called back in, then when the jury was present Olive Oyl put her face in her hands and wouldn’t look up. Six months from now while she’s sitting on death row and Baez is refusing her calls she’ll realize the people she put her faith in were using her for publicity. And the ones she threw under the bus (George,Cindy,Lee) are done with her. Thank God her and Joran Van Der Sloot are in separate prisons or they could give birth to the anti-Christ.

      1. I wonder if this will ever be shown to the jury. Seems like this would be important evidence.
        Thanks for sharing Dr. Glass!

    1. The haven’t covered her photo uploads on MySpace yet, so I am not sure if the prosecution will show this or not. I would suspect yes as it ties into her searches for “neck breaking” and the teddybear that went missing AFTER Cindy told Casey she got comfort from it when Caylee was missing (which was specifically mentioned on the stand when Cindy testified).

  11. I felt on Thursday that Casey had been given “something” by.. perhaps the lady lawyer, it had been awhile since she had even drank a beer, so it was making her sick and also using her “high” to play it up for the cameras. No one on tv has mentioned this, surely i’m not the only one that thought about this. Also; Re; photo of drawing and angel caylee, I have never seen this … can it get continue to get any worse? Dr.Glass,I am a mom and grand-ma, Not knowing this child, is it natural to feel the suffering that I and so many others feel/ thank you.

    1. Her jail records are public record. She has only been given medication during jury selection and is not on anything according to the public record.

      Since she is animated BEFORE the jury enters, she is just assuming a mask after they enter. She is not stoned out – she is bored (why does anyone care about anyone but myself???) and angry (why are they contesting my stories!? I am a genuis!).

      1. Hm it depends on if you connect this to her “neck breaking” searches already entered into court, and that it was posted after the Defense and Prosecution both agreed that Caylee was dead and Casey knew she was dead.

        This along with her skull photo postings on MySpace and her tattoo might be entered into evidence to show state of mind during the 31 days, premeditation and lack of remorse (maybe in sentencing phase).

  12. OMG, looking at these pictures and connecting the dots of this case, Casey’s behavior, lies, Caylee’s body, I felt goose bumps reviewing this article. In my opinion there is NO doubt that the demise of Caylee was premeditated by Casey. It is said legally premeditation could be the seconds before the duct tape was placed over the child’s air passages. These pictures, in addition to the computer searches speak to earlier premeditation for sure. Just so tragic, I feel sickened by the inhumanity of her actions.

    While there are those who say Casey was a “good mother,” they don’t understand a sociopath’s behavior. People like Casey, sociopaths, are definitely charming & definitely chameleon like. Only God knowings all the cruel things she did to her own child (who she obviously was jealous of for stealing “attention” away from her) when no one was looking!!! In her socio-pathetic brain, Caylee was harming her by being in the way of her happiness. That is how the sick brain (Casey’s brain) rationalizes situations, it is always about them being #1. jmo

  13. I agree with everyone, that this picture does not look natural….If you are a Mommy, ( I had 5 babies)…you would know that babies sleep with their arms up around their heads….I realize that she is laying on a pillow, but her arms still do not look natural….the mouth open, does not look right either….I believe most sleeping babies breathe through their noses….Is this Caylees last picture, before Casey bagged her up..In all reality, who would leave a sleeping baby in an upright position….It just doesn’t look right…..

    1. I have photos of myself sleeping in an upright position as a child, and breathing through my mouth. I think Casey is guilty, but I believe that photo is completely innocent and there is WAY too much wild, unfounded speculation happening in this post. No, it’s clearly not Caylee’s “last photo.” She’s not even wearing the clothing she was found in, and she’s clearly younger in the photo than she was when she died.

  14. Like Dr G(med ex) said…there is NO reason to EVER put duct tape on a childs face! alive or dead, after dead…whats the purpose?so body fluids dont leak out?

  15. i posted these the other day on her for Dr G…check them out, sleeping caylee WASNT sleeping before that pic!
    1) no that is not a pot leaf…)

      1. She probably had a tantrum, wore herself out, and passed out. No—a child passed out in a sitting position is not, in and of itself, “odd.” Nor is a child sleeping while breathing through her mouth and/or with her mouth open. Again, this post overreaches.

      2. Exhausted kids will fall asleepsitting up in a car seat. I think this does speak to the fact that Caylee was being transported around a lot, and not having a solid schedule for naps or bedtime, which is reinforced by the statements to LE by her many boyfriends.

        The kid was toted about like a handbag and was disposed of when Casey felt it was burdensome to her way of life.

      3. Yes Dr G…and something else i jus noticed about the ‘sleeping’ caylee, all her hair is pushed away from her face, caylee always had bangs….i think not only was caylee a ‘bone of contention’ for casey, so was caylees teddy bear… i wonder what would have happened IF casey never had gone to her uncle rick’s wedding…would c&g never have found out about the baby? didnt casey approach kio marie (torres) cruz about adoption?

      4. It is a known fact that Casey wanted to give Caylee up for adoption, but Cindy insisted she keep the child.

        If ever there was an argument for allowing women CHOICES (whether abortion, adoption, etc.) it’s this case. It would have been better for Caylee to either be aborted as a 4-8 week old fetus or given up for adoption.

        Instead, Casey apparently chose a “late-late-late-LATE term abortion,” i.e. – homicide of her 2-year-old.

        Women should never be forced to give birth to or keep children they do not want. This is inevitably the end result.

    1. One of the most disturbing pictures I have seen of this beautiful child. The photo labeled as #1. has been removed. have the media seen these, more importantly.. the state? Any ideal location of the photo of Caylee crying, reaching out, looks eerily like the trunk. This photo should be forwarded to Ms.Grace or someone. i would, but hate to admit, not sure how. I would like to thank Becky M. for link to my previous question, re:meds.

      1. You’re welcome. That website has some of the best info about the case from the very beginning.

  16. Hear is my 2cents. If Caylee did die from drowning in the pool acidentally on the 16th of June why would Casey come up with the “Why do peiple kill people for killing people” note???? Seems to me act of killing was on her mind..

  17. The thing I find odd about the “Caylee sleeping” photo is that her shirt remains bunched up in the armpit area as if she was picked up by and an adult and placed there in that position. Whether it is worth reading into… I don’t know.

  18. I don’t think I have seen that photo before and I have been following this since the first announcement of a “little girl missing” as I was living in FL then. What disturbs me about this photo is the pallor of her skin, as if she is in a hospital… mouth open suggests she is needing more air and the lifeless position of the arms is upsetting. When my girls (now in their 40s) slept with their animals, their arms would clutch the favored toy, and barring a cold, usually slept with a smile and closed mouths.

    A long time ago, when I was in Public Relations, I took a short course on Body Language and while you are truly a pro, I was glad to read things that confirmed my amateur observations. She is a disturbed woman and I sincerely hope the system finds a way to keep her confined.

    Thanks for your postings!

  19. Has anyone in the family ever commented about this photo or made reference to when it was taken? I am very curious about the date. While I agree that children can fall asleep in an upright position, mouth open etc. there is something QUITE unnatural about it. It’s disturbing.

  20. I still have an old pic of my youngest who had been at a neighbors farm with them all day, worn plumb out by climbing on hay bales, chasing sheep and petting cows and horses,,, by the time they got him to their home he went into their guest room fell over the end of the bed (his little cowboy boots NOT touching the floor) and proceeded to sleep like a babe in THAT position for quite a little while… his mouth is open also and i KNOW the only thing knocking him out was fresh air sunshine and lots of healthy play,,, i don’t like the skank either and believe wholeheartedly she killed Caylee but enough of the speculation…

  21. It is the sketch of the little girl with the teddy hanging by its neck plus Casey’s “killing poem.” that speaks volumes!!!

    In no way is this a normal picture/writing for a mother to save in her scrap book, computer files or wherever!

  22. Think about it, if you found that sketch/writing in a friends or family member’s possession would you leave your child with that person? HECK NO, I would not!

  23. This pathetic graphic and text she put together shows us that, only days after murdering her daughter, while her heinous crime was not yet discovered, Crasey Lee Anthony was already feeling sorry for herself because of the punishment she knew she might face.

    Sickening and horrific, indeed.

  24. The photo, her lying, stealing, all that keeps coming out just becomes to much to wrap my head around.I knew early on of She and Tony renting movies ( the night of..), however, it was only today I discovered which two they rented / watched.Unbelievable !!
    Surely the State of Fl. will get a conviction in this case. Is there any possibility that R.Kronk can create enough ‘reasonable doubt” in his testimony? I have only heard bits and pieces and would like to see what you guys think that may have a better understanding regarding this guys position. Not every one that stumbles on to a crime scence has a perfect record.
    Thans on any insight out there. guess I’m just worried what baez has up his sleeve.
    I dont think he’s finished with ‘George either, is he?’

  25. I know this is OT but this is really bothering me. I keep seeing that drawing with the quote on various news sites as well as here and can’t help but notice that no credit is given to the artist. Which means no one bothered to find the artist and ask her permission even though the artist signed it and put her website on the drawing. The artist’s name is Lora Zombie and the drawing is called “a Little Girl”.

    Here is the artists Deviant Art page:

    Also for those who might be interested – the quote is from a song by Holly Near called “Foolish Notion”

    1. Here are the words to that song from her site:

      Why do we kill people who are killing people
      To show that killing people is wrong
      What a foolish notion
      That war is called devotion
      When the greatest warriors are the ones that stand for peace

      War toys are growing stronger
      The problems stay the same
      The young ones join the army
      While general what’s-his-name
      Is feeling full of pride
      That the army will provide
      But does he ask himself

      Death row is growing longer
      The problems stay the same
      The poor ones get thrown in prison
      While warden what’s-his-name
      Is feeling justified
      But when will he be tried (when justice is denied)
      For never asking why…

      Children are so tender
      They will cross the earth if they think they are saving a friend
      They get drawn in by patriotic lies
      Right before our eyes
      They leave our home
      And then they find out once they’re all alone
      They’re asking the age old question

      thanks, EvilPoet!

  26. they said they probably wont use this in court bc it could mean alot of things. Im a nurse who gives ppls morphine and stronger pain killers. And she looks just like that. Around her eyes is pink but that could be from crying but I have notice that in some more of her pic. drowsy. and they breath with with her mouth open. all my kids have their arms somewhat contracted. when i seen that pic. i was shocked. Im serious, i cant express it enough she looks drugged

  27. DR. Glass, this photo of Caylee out of all the pictures taken stands out in your mind… why? Because it seems to say something about Casey? and it sends a message of guilty? Like her in a picture with Ohio #8 jersy…Did you say this picture was not used in the trial? Why? this picture of Caylee either?

  28. I can’t stand Casey!!!! I really think she was chorlaformed in the picture!! Who belives me?! I really want to stand up and say something..but when you mean nothing to the world it is hard! Who wants to stand up with me and make a difference in this horror?! Reply if you do and we can stand together and make a difference!!!

  29. Thanks for sharing this. I was watch an interview with one of Casey’s ex’s. He said the relationship ended because Casey thought he loved Caylee more then her. She was jealous of her daughter cause she believed everyone loved Caylee more.

  30. So death penalty….when was this searched on her computer? Is she thinking of her or her dad or is it just her belief that people make mistakes and we all do, so whoe’s to judge? IDK, she obviously has more issues than anyone most of us have met….although I know a cumpulsive liar who I believe was molested, her step-dad molested her little sisters (that I am sure of) but never killed them.

    I’ve been back to your sight a few times but do not recall your evaluation of George.

    Just a thought…could the photo represent her as a child wishing George were dead? Not likely with the incest, they are too tangled in love and affection, unless perhaps………she suspected George accidentally killed Caylee, then she wouldn’t want to see him dead, especially if he manipulated her into thinking the baby drowned and it was her fault but he helped to cover for her.

  31. Chances are she believes the death was an accident by George or Herself and thinks because it was an accident that the death penalty should not apply……interesting she was offered an out by police, two times to claim it was an accident (and told it would save her hide!) And once by her mom, but refused. Then later admits that it was an accident but George told her Cindy would never forgive her. He told her he would “take care of it.”. She refuses to speak with him after that. By then she had to know he was trying to point police toward her.

    Maybe she was lying about George, who knows. Why do most people not understand molestation and incest? I know, my ex gave my eldest daughter the creeps, but I had no evidence other than her writing and a psychologist to validated her fears and concern about it, so I discontinued visitation with her dad…..eventually, with permission from the judge, but it ripped me apart to let the other girls see him, as advised by my attorney,… so I didn’t look like I was attempting to minimize their fathers visitation.

    I can think of a minimum of 9 girls in my inner circle that have been molested, and they are all from dads, step-dads, uncles and grandpas……but get this,

    Most of them (including myself, allowed contact with the accused abuser.)

    My sisters friend allowed her grandpa to babysit her kids (with grandma who didn’t know)
    I got the creeps from one of my uncles (in law) and my best friend’s dad (both of who molested my cousins and friends little sisters).

    I was not molested because I got the “creepy feeling they looked at me too weird and tried to tickle me or get me to sit on their lap, so I avoided them.

    It is shameful..and I would hate to accuse anyone of something they didn’t do…….but George gave mime the creeps, just like all the other molesters/stalkers I’ve known in my life.

    George speaks creepy to Casey, calling her beautiful and other things. At that point he was still her hero, trying to pretend to cover for her. George also speaks intimately of Caylee at her funeral when her talks of missing the smell of her sweat.

    Who says that kind of stuff to their little girls instead of their wife?

  32. I think casey could not stop Caylee from crying and whining so she took a picture of her crying so she could always have a reminder of WHY she killed her daughter. Then when she realized she gave her too much she posed her for a LAST PHOTO before she stuck her in the trunk. This generation loves their selfies and phone pics of virtually EVERYTHING. I am so sorry but that little girl in the jersey is drugged, you can see it as plain as day. The tape on the mouth is in case Caylee wakes up before party girl is done and screams, so casey covers her tracks with the tape. If you look at the court video of casey getting mad for showing the superimposed photos you can see her bear her front teeth like an animal which is probably the last face little Caylee saw before she died. I hate living in a world where casey Anthony is alive and well and free to roam about. Disgusting.

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