Jose Baez Ignores Casey While Working As Casey Craves His Attention

When Casey first saw Jose Baez as she walked into court on Day 27, she lights up. She has a genuine smile with raised cheeks and horizontal lip action. The fact that her mouth is not  open and her lips are together means that she is trying to contain her joy. Jose has a cordial smile. His cheeks aren’t raised and his lips are also closed which means he is pleased to see her but not overjoyed as we have seen earlier in pre-trial  hearings.

 He  keeps his physical distance from Casey and his hand is cupped at the knuckles. This indicates that he is feeling ambivalent and anxious.

 Then Cheney Mason comes over and steps behind her. She is all smiles. However, she does not smile back at Masson. Instead, she continues to look at Jose Baez, who is busily at work on his computer and ignores Casey. Casey even leans in towards Baez. Then Mason gives her a quick pat on the back as he walks away and heads towards his seat.

When Cheney leaves, she speaks to Jose and he ignores her.He is busy  working and trying every which way to save her life. She ignores the fact that he has no time to speak to her now. Like a child who demands attention, she leans down on the table and looks up in a further  attempt to gain Jose’s attention.

She realizes that her feminine and cutesy ways aren’t working with Jose and she feels embarrassed. She looks down and has a sheepish tight smile  which  is consistent with feeling embarrassment or shame. Her shoulders are rounded, which   indicates submission and defeat that  she was  not able to get Jose to do  what she wanted him to do at the instant she  wanted him to do it.

Casey is clearly embarrassed and defeated as we see by her rounded shoulders and her looking down. She has distanced herself from Jose and has  literally given him the cold shoulder as she raised her shoulder in his direction. She has also turned her body away from his.

This little interaction speaks to what is really going on in Casey’s mind during this trial and what is important to her- attention and control. Instead of being concerned that her life is on the line, she is more concerned whether Jose likes her or pays attention to her.We can see how Casey has used her flirty act and looked up at some man  and batted her mascara laden eyes to get her way.

Her body language  behavior when she enters the courtroom is disturbing to me. She shows a  different side when the jurors are in the room . She will  fake cry on cue when  her new mother  figure attorney Ms. Simms coaches her to do it.  Ms. Simms was hired on to question the medical experts.  She is supposed to be outstanding at this. But she is now a high paid baby sister for Casey.

Casey will use a folded non wet  Kleenex and wipe a non wet spot under her eye oe cheek. She will breathe heavily through her mouth and widen her nasal alae muscles on the side of  her nose which then  gives it a red appearance. It gets red because pulling stretching  the alae causes more blood flow.  Hence,  the red appearance.

The times she does genuinely cry appear to be for herself and not for Casey. I do believe seeing the animated version of what Caylee looked like  with and without duct tape on her skull was shocking to Casey and her emotion was genuine. Like most sociopaths, she didn’t bother to think of think of the consequences of her actions of leaving a body in a bag.

Other times she co the cocks her head to the side and looks angry. She is  not angry at testimony given about her personally. Instead, she exhibits a cocked head and angry face when experts are trying to explain factual data of what they discovered at the crime scene.

They are poking holes in her defense and she is angry about it. She is angry that she got caught and that the body was found. After all she thought she was smarter than everyone else. Now she is coming to find out that there are some very very smart people out there who will prove what she did to Caylee.

In it’s 27th day, this trial is getting more and more upsetting by the day. As I watch her body language and observe her so carefully, I  see a bona fide sociopath, who is both  sickening and frightening .


81 thoughts on “Jose Baez Ignores Casey While Working As Casey Craves His Attention

  1. Once again you are right on Dr.Glass. Her actions towards Baez are pathetic. She will really feel stupid after the trial when he refuses her calls. During Thursday’s testimony there is a very revealing moment. Cheney Mason is trying to cross examine a witness and he’s unable to operate the electronics at the dias correctly, fumbling like an old man. He has Linda Drane-Burdick come help him. During his fumbling the camera shows Casey looking on with disgust and contempt. Did you happen to catch that moment? It will be interesting to see how she feels after 20 years of lock up and technology in the outside world has passed her by.

    1. I’ve seen her look at LDB with disgust a few times and it was when she was talking to Baez or Mason. I don’t think she likes seeing the civility between them-she wants her DT to look on LKB with contempt like she does.

      Dr. Glass, I want to say that Casey had no problem watching that tape of Caylee’s face with the tape when it was being proffered.

      1. I too have noted that Casey displays contempt whenever LDB is speaking, questioning a witness, etc. I think it’s because LDB is the head prosecutrix and therefore, in Casey’s mind, her main enemy.

      2. I’m wondering if Casey’s ‘tude towards LDB is because Linda said that her main concern is for Caylee, not Casey-I think that was back when they were discussing the remains photos?

      3. Oh, I am sure that’s a big part of it. LDB is basically now Caylee’s “voice.” LDB is the one making it “all about Caylee.” I am sure Casey HATES that.

    2. Not sure when this incident happened but at one point, when Mason commanded Linda to stay at the podium to help with the photos, she left and stated, “I don’t work for you.”

      So not sure how civil they really are. It’s obvious that Mason likes to treat others around here, especially the females on the stand and Linda, as lower then him. Dr. G kicked him to the curb with his attitude.

      1. I loved that Mason/LDB exchange. LDB managed to deliver the “I don’t work for you” with a slightly humorous, yet firm and decisive tone. Well played. I think she’s fantastic.

      2. I LOVED Dr G! She was great and really put Mason in his place. LDB is awesome as well.

    3. Marianne, I have noticed her giving glares to Linda also and when Linda approaches Baez and Cheny , if they have a laugh Casey looks so disgusted at this civility between her ‘boys’ I love to see that , she deserves to see she isnt the only one in the court room. Id love to see Linda laugh and touch one of them in front of her and ask them to have lunch with her in front of her. she needs a reality check, that there are others in this world besides her pitiful self.

  2. Her parents never questioned her words or actions, They were “Pushover parents” Cindy dialed 911 when angry, but after that anger had passed and she knew where Casey was, the car smelled like death, but Caylee was still missing, reality set in, she wanted to sweep everything under the rug, and change the story, and give investigators the wrong hairbrush etc. . It happened before, the check forgery,and the car theft, but after Cindy was over her anger she dropped the ball. Cindy is not beyond lying. Some say that she was and has been in denial, but a lie is denial, and people lie to deny wrongdoing.

  3. Hi Dr. Glass, I noticed all this today. I do not think we will ever figure Casey out. Who kills a child and then doesn’t even try to leave town, for God’s sakes! I remember a lawyer early on said this should be handled with a “mental” defense. That attorney was someone on her own team who left. (Apparently the only half way honest lawyer of the bunch of them). I am no Casey Anthony fan, but I feel badly that Jose alienated her from her entire family, took $$$ from the Caylee photos, strung KC along for three years (telling her that she had a good case) and NOW has the audacity to act like she is a bother to him. Jose might not be the worst person in the world, and I know he keeps justifying what he has done with statements like he is “fighting for all our constitutional rights”…but there is no question that he took this case only to advance himself. He only cares about getting himself in the swim of the Alist. We would never have had this circus without Jose Baez. He is a bottom feeder for stringing the Anthonys along too and then in the 11th hour accusing “Papa Jo” (without a shred of evidence). In retrospect, I think he got that idea from the “idiot bloggers”. His whole case is a house of cards…and what he has done to Casey should be something he has to answer for personally and professionally. I hope a REAL lawyer (someone like Lippman perhaps!) helps Casey charge Baez with ineffective counsel.

    1. As to Baez, I tried to like him and give him the benefit of the doubt. But in reality he is a sleaze. It took him 8 years after passing the bar exam to become a lawyer in Florida. He was refused for not paying back child support (this was aggravated by his leasing a Mazda Miata at the same time he calimed he couldn’t come up with the mere $200 a month for his daughter). He filed for bankruptcy. He started a “charity” that he had to dissolve after it was made known that it had a curiously similar name to an existing charity. He started a bikini bod online business, etc He’s just a sleaze and any reputable laywer would have pled this case out and saved the Florida tax payers $500K.

      1. Very interesting information about “Buzz Head.” I didn’t know just how truly sleezy this guy was/is. But it makes since Casey would choose him as an attorney since she’s a bottom feeder too.

      2. None of that is hard to believe. He seemed to be attracted to Casey at first, maybe he even had sex with her. After all she would spread her legs for any man, and from the looks of the bar photo’s maybe women too, Oh yes, and about the molestation, it very well may have been her seducing her brother and father. I know of a woman who was well known to be a homewrecke that filed sexual harassment against one of her bosses because he refused to reciprocate her advances. The sad thing is that this piece of trash won the lawsuit anyway!

      3. Seriously, only $200 per month for child support (that’s not very much) and he couldn’t pay it? For Pete’s sake, a person could go out and collect bottles and cans alongside the highways and make well over $200 a month at it.

    2. Zoe said, “He is a bottom feeder for stringing the Anthonys along too and then in the 11th hour accusing “Papa Jo” (without a shred of evidence). In retrospect, I think he got that idea from the “idiot bloggers”.”
      I don’t agree, Zoe. Bozo got that from Jesse Grund’s Law Enforcement sworn interview on July 31, 2008 (pages 1-4 of the transcript), (& possibly some from his LE sworn interview on July 23, 2008) in which Jesse gave scenarios of possible accidental death of Caylee & how the babykiller would react in the event of her death. “Idiot bloggers” were NOT the source of any of bozo’s surreal imagination put forth in his Opening Statement. jmho

      1. Did Jesse Grund ever say KC accused George of anything?That would be news to me. I am aware that he said she accused Lee. People everywhere have been trying to figure out how and why KC has so much pathology. A hypothesis that has been advanced on the internet again and again is that KC exhibits the after effects of incest. (idiot bloggers is Cheney Mason’s term, not mine). It is pretty well accepted that Baez and his “team” have been looking at discussion groups dedicated to this case for a long time. I am sure they read here too. It’s how they gauge how they are doing. Baez and company went through all the Caylee photo money in no time and now they are too cheap to actually invest in jury consultants.

        (Hello, Jose: you’re losing!)

    3. Yep, Baez the Bottom Feeder is a low-life for sure. He knows how Casey does nothing but lie. Taking her word for anything, will surely be his downfall. I agree he is a sorry excuse for a human. The only thing that he will gain from this trial is that his name will be known, but it won’t be for being a great attorney, or man.

      1. Susan you commented on Baez could have had sex with the loser Casey. I have often wondered that too. He used to stay till midnight hours “Talking” to her in prison. If he did I bet he’s a dumb a$$ in his own mind. Casey got jealous in the notes I read of her in her prison from robyn nd the detective Robyn talked to that Casey was Jealous of Baez wife getting pregnant. I believe he is over her. How could he not believe she didnt kill her baby. I honestly believe he knows she did it but hes committed to winning. It will elevate his own career. I dont see anything wrong with doing better for his career but I dont understand the Justice system in allowing Defence Lawyers to also Lie in court.

    4. Lippman is as much a sleaze as Baez and Cheney. He was asked in an interview what he thought about Casey’s statement about wanting to adopt a baby, and his answer was that she was acquitted, so she has every right to adopt a baby if she wants to. He totally lost any respect I had for him.

  4. Dr. Glass as usual i hang on every word…i can’t wait for the testimony to end and I get your emails..i am watching Casey and her ENTIRE team like hawks..One thing i did notice when Dr. G. was testifying and Mason was doing the cross exam….he was and always is very demeaning to women especially is someone is smarter and well educated in their field..i knew he was going for the throat on Dr. G…..He had some tech. problem with something at the podium and Linda Drane-Burdick came up to help him.. he says to her “stay her beside me and help me until i am done”…she says very firmly “NO, I DON’T WORK FOR ME” turns and walks away.. he shoots her a dirty look…..UGH…I HATE MASON PUTTING HIS HANDS all over Casey, he touches her all the time…Why is he doing this, it is just creepy and unprofessional…he is feeding her ego..what do you think?

    1. Mason is way past his prime. In his cross, he treats the witnesses with contempt. A jury will not appreciate this.

      He also needs to learn something about Tech and I sure wouldn’t believe anything he had to ask about technology or foresnics.

      Mason, if you are reading this, get your hearing aid fixed! Hearing your muttering about not being able to hear, and then not talking into the microphone is really really getting old.

      The only thing I’m thankful for is that being a Death Penalty lawyer this case has none gone to court.

  5. I want to slap his hands away every time I see him nearly molest her.

    If she was truly molested, she’d be pulling back and clearly be uncomfortable with almost anyone’s hands on her. (Fact)

    The way Casey was trying to “charm” her way to get Jose’s attention is probably the very same way Caylee used to try and get her witch mother’s attention.

    1. Casey Anthony is a slut pure and simple, and Mason may well be a dirty old man. Casey craves attention from men, or she would not have been the sleezy tramp she is. If she were ever molested, she probably welcomed it!

  6. Dr. Glass, you are correct about Casey’s different body language depending on whether the jury is present or not. I noticed her playing things up too. Baez is too busy to play with her now, but she still thinks that they can go right back to where they were when they first started working together. I really hope she never gets out of prison.

    1. Yep, good observation. I think the Honorable Judge Berry is aware of her antics with the jury. He doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

    2. Babykiller #08049710 will be stalking “her boy” Baez after she’s convicted & sentenced…..mark my words….she will go after him with a vengeance, & she will have all the time in the world to do so & won’t let him forget her, although he seems to have moved on beyond her already (Hispanic Journalist Assn Chapter meeting: “this case doesn’t define me”….”fan” pictures outside the courthouse even as he’s losing bigtime in court). jmho

      1. I agree whole hearted about Baez being stalked by this little no life slut. He brought this on himself though by becoming attracted to her and giving her unprofessional attention in the beginning as been brought out above. Im sorry for Baez wife, she has to realize this little “baby killer” will probably forever be in her and Baez life. I hope she gets LWOP.I would have said Death but sometime it’s harder to live than to die.

  7. What are the chances of a psycopath/sociopath committing suicide. Everytime I look at KC’s LONG hair, I think what a great noose that would make!
    Sandy in NC

    1. OM Word, I have had that thought run through my head several times this week. Her hair would make an effect noose. I ask for forgiveness because I don’t like to wish harm on others but I am human too! It strikes me
      that she will never own up to what the horror of her actions and provided the opportunity (released from prison) she continue to do great harm to others.

    2. narcissistic psychopaths don’t commit suicide, generally speaking…they’re all about “self-preservation”. she will drive others to want to kill her, though. jmho

  8. Dr. Glass this is an excellent analysis. I completely agree. She wants Baez to be her lap dog. She really believed he could win this case with her control, of course. Often when he is doing the cross examination, Casey looks at him as to say go get them, discredit them good for me.

    1. Yes, Dr. Glass, I noticed this exchange – or lack of one. Baez really wasn’t responding and it was painfully obvious! Did Casey pick Baez (recommended by some women who were being booked into jail along with her) because she believes she knows best, likes to be in control and really thinks she can “manage” a second-rate lawyer with her lies? What a stupid girl! I think Sophie has it right too!

      1. I can’t believe it when people refer to Casey as intelligent. She is as dumb as a box of rocks. She didn’t graduate high school, ran up credit card bills which would eventually be found out, killed her child and tossed her in the woods at the end of her street. As proof at how dumb she is, she took a card with Baez’s name on it from a criminal in the jail. If I was in jail I would want a lawyer who’s client was on the outside! Also George talked about how smart Casey is but he fell for a Prince of Nigeria internet scam, enough said.

      2. No Casey isnt’ bright at all, How many psychopaths/sociopaths, get away with their crimes for years, just because they know how to effectively lie, cheat, and steal? She did nothing but tell lies that could easily be de-bunked!

  9. Dr Glass,
    This is Completely off the subject matter but, have you noticed:

    1) George and Cindy are sitting in the one of two seating sections that is furthest from Casey? Does that say anything to you?–they are close to the aisle, but still?

    2) George appears to be a gum chewer…he has that slow, closed-mouth chewing motion and I believe he even had some gum in his mouth while testifying. I Believe Jose Baez does the same–where you can barely tell they are chewing anything until you see that unmistakeable but subtle motion giving it away. Any thoughts?

  10. When Casey watched the video, of her and Caylee, with the duct tape super imposed onto Caylee’s nose and mouth, she was stoic and pissed! She did NOT want this video entered into evidence. When the jusry came back in and watched it, all of a sudden, she could not even look at it and decided to cry (fake tears) for the jury. I can not stand to even look at her!!

    1. This speaks volumes:

      Image caption: “Without the jury in the courtroom, Casey Anthony is seen shortly after watching a video demonstration showing the skull of her daughter superimposed on a photo of the child when she was alive during trial at the Orange County Courthouse on Friday, June 10, 2011. (Joe Burbank, Orlando Sentinel) Orlando Sentinel”


      Look at that laughter.

    2. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see this section (work duty!), so I thank you for posting what you saw, Liz. I’ve read ppl “talking” about it, but nobody actually said how it went down. Again, thanks!

    3. I agree with you also. If I was the Jury Id like to say the only way you can save your life it to tell exactly what you did. But. who can believe her. Even if she told the truth, which I dont think she can. Dont she know the Judge can see what she’s doing. I loved it when JPerry, brought up yesterday , She is looking at a Death Penalty with Death by Injection. JP, knows she needs to hear this or he would have said it softer. or not at all. She didnt even flintch. she believes shes going to walk out arm in arm with Mason

    1. I think she intentionally wore white on the day they started testimony about Caylee’s remains bc white is associated with innocence.

      1. Wrong choice. She should have worn black and she should have absented herself from the viewing of the autopsy photos. Two major strikes that I am sure will be discussed with the media interviews of the jury after the verdict is given.

    2. I keep saying this as well. She should be in a nicely tailored dark suit or pant suits, instead she wears shirts or Henley style shirts half unbuttoned. She should at least have a blazer over it. She still thinks she is so sexy and irresistible. Sickening!

    3. Defense team buys her clothes with Floridan taxes. I want my money back. Im a fl. tax payer buying her clothes.

  11. Jose Baez is terribly incompetent. Cheney Mason is even worse. How did they honestly believe they were capable of handling a death penalty case. It’s almost embarrassing to watch them cross exam anyone. They walk into questions without knowing the answers and have allowed testimony to be entered that is heavily weighed for the prosecution. The lawyers for the State are incredible organized, methodical and well planned. Another stupid move on Casey Anthonys part to have chosen this team of defense losers.

    1. I totally agree with you LInda. I cannot stand the sight of either of those men. Yet, the prosecution seems intelligent and respectful. The good guys vs. the bad guys. And Jose comes across as so demeaning to the witnesses! Disgusting!

  12. Dr. G, there was an earlier scene with Baez and Casey (don’t remember it exactly but it really struck me). Baez was about ready to prepare for a cross of one of the major witnesses – I think it might have been Cindy.

    There was a short recess before he was going to do his questions and he sat down to start studying his computer and notes. Casey kept leaning over, trying to get his attention and he was obviously trying to get her to leave him alone. I think the Babysitter lawyer finally stepped in and removed her but I thought the entire time “Leave him alone you stupid b*tch! He’s trying to put together his thoughts before he interviews your mother!”

    I just shook my head – you don’t get it Casey! Not a Baez fan but com’n the man has to THINK and gather what little bit of braincells he has to group his questions not cater to a man-hungry, sociopath who murdered her two year old child.

    It was truly baffling. Casey doesn’t get it. Though I’m hoping that the mountain of evidence is why she had the pseudo-anxiety attack earlier in the week.

  13. Thank you Dr. Glass……you are so on the money with Casey’s antics…..
    she is just pathetic………

    She is so into the men around her….Jose & Cheney Mason that when she
    sees them she beams with delight.
    Ms Sims has been designated as her ‘nanny’ since she came onboard….
    when things get tough….for Casey……Dorothy Sims puts the arm around Casey,
    consoling her , much like Andrea Lyon did when she was part of the D-Team.

    When the topic is about Caylee……she just sits like a spectator….however her
    demeanor changes once the topic is about herself…..and the tears flow like
    the mighty Mississippi.

    Personally, I think both Jose Baez and Cheney Mason is just about fed up with
    Miss Princess Felon…..and are anxious to have this trial come to an end.

    Now here’s my question to you……What will Casey Anthony do once the trial is
    over and the verdict is GUILTY…….her ‘main men’ Jose Baez & Cheney Maseon
    will no longer have to visit her on a daily basis…….she will be one very lonely
    girl…….since she already alienated her family with the abuse accusations.

    However, I have no doubt whatsoever, that both George & Cindy would take her
    back with open arms……but they should also watch their backs very carefully.

    1. Christine, can you just picture Casey calling Baez if she ends up in Prison for many years. Calling him every day if not multi times daily. Trying to keep his attention. Calling Cheny Mason daily also to keep his attention. They will go on to more cases, she wont be the Queen Bee anymore. But I bet she drives her ”Boys” crazy and Mrs. Baez and Mrs. Mason. I cant stand her face anymore. The more I see her the uglier she gets.

  14. Dr.Glass,I’m loving your blog so very true.Do you think based on the body language you’ve seen between Casey and Jose that they’ve had some sort of relationship? They just seem a bit too huggy for the normal lawyer/client relationship? I often wondered about the 8 hours she used to spend at his office every day and we are well aware that using her body was her promary way pf getting what she wants out of men.Keep up the good work.

  15. I looked up both Sociopath and Psychopath which describes Casey to a tee. The only thing lacking next to these descriptions was a photo of this Sociopath and Psychopath poster girl

  16. In court today, Baez and Dr. Haskell had an interesting moment where Baez said trash and Haskell said garbage, Baez said oh we are back to that again. There was a little polite laughter, which probably broke some tension in the room but the camera on Casey shows her laughing heartily. How strange to be thinking this was so very funny after the witness just testified to the flies feeding on her dead daughter. I was wondering if anyone else noticed this.

    1. Evelyn–I noticed that too, and I’m sure that the jury did as well. Her laughing outburst was very inappropriate. She is a true sociopath and she is only concerned with herself. It’s as if this entire trial has been a joke to her and everyone in the courtroom is just there for her amusement. What a selfish, sick and evil person she is.

    2. I absolutly noticed this . Im sure so did the Jury and Judge. I think she should have been disgusted at laughter at this extremely serious communication. She has an evil heart. It may not be in her head..It may be in her Heart.

  17. I agree with everything! But I think the reason Casey looks at LDB the way she does is because she is extremely insecure around her. LDB steals the spot light, she is smarter, pretty, and a successful woman and I think Casey wants all those things. She feels inferior to her.

  18. WHY is Casey dressing and looking like a BUM?

    She looks horrible. I can’t imagine the DT’s faulty logic: If the defendant appears to not give a flying —- about herself, why should the jury?

    Someone PLEEZ button her shirts and FIX that ratted witch hair. She LOOKS guilty and that is so wrong.

    (although I’m certain she IS guilty.)

  19. “…[A] bona fide sociopath, who is both sickening and frightening.”

    That pretty much sums up Crasey Lee Anthony.

  20. I saw the way she tries to be the little helper after the Jurors leave. Yesterday when she was winding the cord around the plug and the officers came to haul her back to her ‘dorm room’ she whipped back to look for Baez. The look was priceless.

    1. I loved that moment, too. She’s trying to tidy up the Mac, and the officers were like: “Yeah, no. Get your ass over here, you’re not a paralegal.”

      I loved that they yanked her away, putting her right back in her rightful place (as an inmate).

    2. Liz I saw that. only I didnt know it ws Baez she ws looking at. I had a diff. camera on. thanks for mentioning that. Does Baez even know how others see what she is doing? He needs to turn away from her for his own good. I really believe this. He needs to say to everyone. I love my wife, Im not into Casey. Im doing my job.
      Not only does Baez need this But Casey needs this.

  21. “When Casey watched the video, of her and Caylee, with the duct tape super imposed onto Caylee’s nose and mouth, she was stoic and pissed! She did NOT want this video entered into evidence. When the jusry came back in and watched it, all of a sudden, she could not even look at it and decided to cry (fake tears) for the jury. I can not stand to even look at her!!”

    That was not me btw. Just wanted to make a comment about this. I was reading Dr. Glass’s blog a few days ago and someone that reads lips (I wish I could because I always wonder what it is they are saying to each other) that KA was upset that her image had not been cropped out of the photo they used for the computer animation.

  22. Linn, the leopard cannot change her spots. She has to turn on what she thinks is her best asset. For sure she got close to Jose in his office as she whiled away her hours on bail bond. I don’t think it is surprising that Jose is going through a divorce right now. She could have been a straw that broke the camel’s back. Whether or not anything PHYSICAL happened, I do not know, but at the very least, it seems to have been an affair of the heart. That explains why Casey tried to take control and played like Baez’s Girl Friday, rounding up his papers and laptop.

    Ev, I totally saw that, played it back caus I wasn’t sure I saw what I thought
    I saw, and yep, she was enjoying a mighty hearty chuckle there. “You say “Garbage,” I say “Trash.”” “Po-ta-to/Po-Tah-to” You gotta admit, if ever there was a side splitter,…..this was it! Nope, I didnt get it either. Such a thing to laugh about.

    I propose that we give Casey an honorary name like the caseycarnivorousasphixiation death beetle, otherwise known as the duct tape beetle.

    1. robbie, I didnt know Baez was getting a divorce. thats interesting since they have a very young child. hmmmm, ”Casey what did YOU do?” “Baez what did YOU do?”

  23. Hey Dr. G, I liked what you said about her body language, spot on. Also, this delusion that she is there as a paralegal is a joke, consistent with her history; a zebra rarely changes it’s stripes.

  24. WOW, I noticed Casey’s LITE UP FACE today 6/13/11, just as you say WordPress….

    Astonishing! I guess she really missed him over the weekend. Or did he gave her some news of a way to nail this crime on someone else? jmo

  25. I have read on the internet that Baez had at least twice hugged Casey at the jail and was told by the correctional officers to stop, both times. I have also watched Baez as he seems to smile at Casey as like he has the hots for her. I personally think Baez is a pig. I wonder if a pig would really enjoy kissing a murderer and Baez knows she is guilty. Casey would drop him like a hot potato
    anytime she felt like it and is just playing him and Baez is to stupid to realize it. I suppose Baez feels she makes him feel like a man. Baez is a idiot and a fool.

  26. For ONCE Casey has to SIT and LISTEN and have consequences for her actions. I am amazed that not ONCE have I seen Casey “swallow” (spit) during this entire trial! Whenever I am called on the carpet for something, my first reaction is to be aware of the spit accumulating in my mouth and I hesitate to “swallow” for fear that it might indicate “fear” to whoever is opposing me. I am wondering if this “lack of swallowing” is indicative of anything or is indicative of a sociopath??? Casey, I must say, looks rather “small” in the presence of so many educated professionals. She thought herself so much smarter than her detective father and her nurse mother, Cindy. I wanted to add one more thing, I have noticed that when Jose Baez is not around Casey sometimes gives Cheney Mason a seductive look. I really believe that Casey saw Jose Baez as her knight in shining armour and she probably fantasized that he would get her out of jail and they might pursue a romantic relationship. Dream on Casey. Time for reality. That stuff only happens in Disney movies.

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