The Body Doesn’t Lie! Casey Anthony Suffers Severe Anxiety Attack As Reality Sets In

After a grueling day of seeing photos of  Caylee’s skull and hearing gruesome descriptive testimony from various witnesses,  the consequences of Casey’s actions finally set in.  Gone was the flirtiness and cat and mouse legal games. Gone were  the thoughts of pinning the blame on someone else. Gone were  the thoughts  getting back at mom and dad. Casey heard the bones reality of what happened with Caylee’s corpse and it was overwhelming for her.

Casey suffered a severe anxiety attack as thoughts of her getting the death penalty became very real  concern. This was probably the first time in her life that she has ever been faced with such reality. Prior to  hearing today’s testimonies and the visual description of  Caylee’s skull, there is no doubt that she believed what Cheney Mason told her early on. He said that they would walk out of the courtroom arm in arm with Casey a free woman. But after today reality set in.  The only one that will be walking with her arm and arm will be a prison guard taking her to death row.

In the photo above we see a pale Casey blowing out a large puff of air in order to oxygenate herself. She was no doubt,  feeling light-headed so her body took over and demanded air as she kept breathing heavily.

The photo above shows Casey in sheer TERROR! Her eyes bulge out of her head as you can see the whites of her eyes (sclera).  This shows she is terrified of the consequences of what will happen to her. There  is a panic and anger, as you can see from her clenched fist. She is angry that she has to feel this way. Her curled lower lip and slightly opened mouth  shows complete  terror.

Whenever people are interrogated and you this body language behavior,  it means that they are feeling guilty about something. Look at Casey gasping for air with her open mouth. She can’t seem to catch her breath. Her autonomic nervous system is kicking in and working overtime. She cannot control the horrible racing of her heart and lack of oxygen. This is not  grooming behavior.  If it was grooming behavior her hands would be flat. Instead, they are curved. This shows extreme anxiety.

Reality keeps kicking in and Casey’s body is overwhelmed with anxiety.

The  new found shock of recognition of her  reality keeps kicking in.  This time we see her covering her mouth with her hand and distorting her nose. In essence, she is mirroring what she most likely did to Caylee in cutting off  Caylee’s air supply  in putting duct tape over the child’s nose and mouth. Casey is doing the same thing to herself as she  covers her own nose and mouth.

Casey is having trouble keeping it together. She is not faking it. This is very real. She can barely breathe. No doubt the pain of recognition has set it and has traveled to her abdomen. Her stomach is cramping and she is bent over. Whenever we get upset or shocked about something, it is not uncommon for our  stomach to  suddenly cramp up as we feel like we immediately need to have a bowel movement. No doubt this is what is happening to Casey.

Jose is scared. he wants he to stand when the jury comes in and  tells her to keep it together.


But Casey can’t keep it together. Her pain is getting more intense. She can’t even stand up straight as she  hunches and leans over  the table with rounded shoulders her head bowed. She is submissive to her physical pain.  Her breathing is labored. as we can see from her protruding lower jaw

Jose is very upset as you can see from the tension in his brow.


Casey is in  such severe pain. You can tell by the deep creases above her brow. She is not faking it. She is in such pain that she  even sat down before all the jurors were out of the room. This is a huge NO NO in the courtroom. She did it anyway because physically,  she could no longer stand. She continues to gasp for air. The anxiety level is extremely painful  because the acids in her stomach have increased. This is  due to the overwhelming level of anxiety she is experiencing.

Casey has bowed her head and hunched over her shoulders as she is submissive to her pain.

This is the most real we have ever seen Casey Anthony. If she comes back into the courtroom  tomorrow, we may see a different Casey. We may see her sedated because of  medication. Her team cannot afford  for the jury to see another anxiety attack outburst like this one.  What is says to a jury is that Casey is anxiety ridden because she is feeling  guilty for what she did to Caylee. The fact that the attacks only happened on the day when  Caylee’s  skull was discussed screams guilt.


85 thoughts on “The Body Doesn’t Lie! Casey Anthony Suffers Severe Anxiety Attack As Reality Sets In

  1. Dr. Glass how would the jurors perceive this? You play by play was fascinating I was riveted. I have a big interest in body language it is great to blog and learn at the same time. I thought she worked herself up due to the pressure of trying to cry and come across sincere. She is a study I think people will study her like they did with Bundy and others that kill. The lies are so wrll thought out she creates illnesses and family tree for her imaginary friends. I look forward to more posts.

    1. I noticed she was wearing white yesterday to look inocent.

      She was wearing black today to get sympathy.

      She is being couched and the whole thing is fake.

      She looks like a monster out the eyes at times as if a evil personality takes over.

      She is just like Dr. Jeckyl mr Hide.

      She is Mrs. Dr . Jeckyl Mrs. Hide for sure.

      Dr. G gave Chaney Mason a free Proctal exam today during his cross examination.

      He was standing there with his pants down around his ankles like the old Jass he is.

      Dr. G just smiled and grabbed her things and excused herself from the court room.

      She has so much class and brains with that sweet little chuckle smile of hers.

      My husband just busted up laughing when she finished with Mason.

  2. When I asked at the jury perception I should have added they are not used to seeing her as much as us. Could they also think the George is the bad guy in this and she is upset about the loss.

  3. Thank you, Dr. Glass. I was hoping to get your take on her reaction today. It makes sense to me. I appreciate you taking the time to update your site. I have learned so much from you.
    Bless that sweet little Caylee.

    I used to wonder why she didn’t just leave that baby with her parents and take off by herself. But the more I’ve learned about this case I can see now that poor Caylee was but a power/control pawn used by both Casey and Cindy. Poor little one never had a chance. It is too bad that Cindy and George didn’t get more help dealing with Casey when she was younger. Oh dear, my heart hurts.

  4. To me, it looks like she is suffering from food poisoning, not so much an anxiety attack. Either way, it came on from stress. I also believe that if it was an anxiety attack, there would have been a brief recess to help her get it together and she would be fine enough to resume court.

      1. Yea, you know all about faking panic attacks and getting attention…I guess it would take a drama queen to spot one.

    1. She probably stands in the shower and eats soap to make herself sick .

      She would go that far she is sick in the head.

  5. I think Casey had her Ahh Haa moment today! She has suddenly realized that the gig is up and she may very well get the death sentence! Jose Baez was blocking the images with his laptop, she really wasn’t MADE to look at what she did. I think a lot of this was self induced, it’s not hard to make yourself hyper- ventilate… Is it possible today is the first day she actually saw the remains? In her mind she had this vision of the little Angel she bagged up not envisioning what the elements did to her body?

  6. I just feel she’s tricked me too many times to fall for her crap again. Todays act was just another ploy to gain control and it worked. She’s in control of the judge and the jurors who just want to get this trial over and done with. But she wanted to leave and so everybody had to leave because she made it be so.
    Bet she’s jumping with joy tonight; yayy i pulled the wool over their eyes yet again! I’m such a good liar!

    1. I concur, Mari. Caylee was getting all the attention today, & rightly so. She had to distract from that, & put the focus back on her narcissistic self. Like you said, she’s manipulating the Court, the jurors, the prosecutors, etc. & I’m sure she’s sniffing confirmation (as she admitted she does) that “I AM SUCH A GOOD LIAR !” …. furthermore, she flipped the bird at the witness Investigator Welsh today, & possibly at the jurors, while holding kleenex on her right cheek; it’s on WFTV’s “Day 25” slideshow, picture #1. Just like she did to Baez & the cameraman during pretrial in April/May, just like she did to George about 2 yrs ago when he took the witness stand. Like she said of herself, she is “a spiteful byotch”. jmho

      1. I read that Baez and team Block the cameras so that she can flip the bird to the Pros. and the HJP and the Jury. I hope she gets what she deserves. Poor little Caylee may be better off without this crazy family full of dysfunction, I hate to say that but, who knows what worse could’ve happen to her as she grew. God does everthing for a reason

  7. looks to me like a two year old throwing a temper tantrum.
    ‘make them stop!’
    i’ll hold my breath until i faint! i’ll cry, i’ll collapse..then they’ll be sorry for how they treated me!
    i think her outrage made her ‘sick’.
    she can’t even swallow. she feels sea sick.
    sleepy too, this is really boring! it’s nap time! aren’t the soaps on?
    we need to get a life and leave her alone.
    it’s really sad you don’t see that dr. glass. really sad. i feel sorry for you.
    she’s a victim, she’s suffered three years while we enjoy our families, our houses, our communities. we all have each other..and she…has…nothing.
    not even a mother, a father..or as this morning’s cold shoulder reminded every joe blow in the house..a brother.
    you’re probably tucked into a big bed with a fluffy pillow right now doctor! you don’t even realize all the comforts you have! she’s all alone..stuck with the punks!
    her lawyer said this would all be excluded from the jury’s eyes. he promised they would never hear her universal studio interrogation..they didn’t mirandize her. they had it in for her the very first night they made up their minds she was guilty. they never even gave her a chance!
    jose promised no one would know about her google searches, they were a computer could have made them anyway. the jury wasn’t going to hear about the smell of the car or believe any of these losers that blond biotch calls experts testify. their credentials suck! it’s all junk science!
    where’s Roy Kronk? he’s supposed to be here and take the fall for this!
    why isn’t Jose doing his job?
    why doesn’t her lawyer ask the questions she wrote down for him on his legal pads? she had it all sorted out and color coded!
    doesn’t jose love her anymore? they used to be so close! like brother and sister!
    she was like a mother to him when she patted his knee!
    everybody calls her mother, just ask her friends before they became traitors!
    everyone is trying to make a buck off her!
    (she even flipped the bird again today, LOL doctor you missed that, she’s so crafty!)
    don’t you know she is waay smarter than you are dr. glass! she doesn’t need a stinking phd!
    (sullen, jaw stuck out..)
    you’re a waste! a total waste! you write your blogs on a effin whim!
    don’t even bother analysing her behavior..she’s not going to click on your blog ever again. she heard you were enjoying yourself eating snacks in the green room before your cameo.
    she’s prayed to god about it..that’s all she does is pray. she’s listened to your what she wore white instead of’s a step in the right direction isn’t it? she’s tried to understand your position dr. me, she. has. tried.
    what more do you want of her?

  8. The photo where her eyes are bugging out, looks like the start of a huge temper tantrum. She’s been able to teach her family to not question her too much, so being forced to face the reality of her actions could be upsetting to her. She’s frustrated because she can’t get angry, in order to make it go away, like she has in the past.

  9. Dr. Glass, I completely agree with you – great analysis.
    As soon as I saw this episode in the courtroom today, I said to myself “Casey is having a reality overload!” Sitting there in that court room, she has no doubt been able to get lost in her own thoughts, day after day, trying to keep her mind busy on something else, which has lead some people to call her look “expressionless”. But today was different…with the CSI detectives describing her daughter’s remains and the photos broadcast on several monitors throughout the court room, Casey was no longer able to escape the horror of her reality and she displayed her stress physically. I hope the jury noticed that there was no sadness…no sobbing like her mother Cindy did on the stand…just a panic attack because she may finally have realized what she has done; what she has gotten herself into this time.

  10. Dr. Glass, Casey makes me wish for the day she arrives at the State Prison and she gets her first greeting of her BFF’s…I feel naughty wishing this…Karma really is a _itch! I do believe she will get some of what she gave out.

  11. I was hoping you’d write about the meltdown, Dr. Glass.
    George and Cindy left the courtroom today, because they opted not to stay for the descriptions and photos. I have learned that KC also had the express right to not be there during the photos, but it is likely that the defense team demanded her presence (for sympathy). I also heard that KC had never seen the remains photos. WFTV legal analyst Sheaffer feels this is a terrible (and wrong) thing to have not shown KC the photos that the prosecution has had for three years, because she needed to have seen all the evidence in order to make good decisions for herself (ie-plea deal). Shaeffer said Baez has had KC in a “stranglehold”. That is a very interesting thought. Baez has not “allowed” KC to see her family and now there is the news that she kept evidence away from her (perhaps in an effort to get this all the way to trial so that he can have his time in the sun). I noticed the defense team did NOT console KC today very much and it seems clear that this might have fueled her “attack”..she has to be feeling very alone without her stalwart parents and without the fawning that she has grown accustomed to. I wonder if they purposefully did not rub her and pat her today in order to get this result! I don’t like KC and I think she killed her daughter…but I like her defense team even less. They are lower than low, running her like a puppet. Making up crap about her Dad and making her pretend to be mad at him, when clearly, during the jailhouse tapes, she was not fearful of him or hateful of him. They’ve used KC to advance themselves. This should not have gone to trial, especially because it was an “accident”. Baez wants to be a star ….I really hopes it backfires big time. What he is doing is as bad as what his client did.

    1. Casey DID see the pics previously, her defense team showed them to her and she did not care at that time for she was clubbing and in hot body contests, Caylee was NOT important.

      1. Sorry, WOW, at the time Caylee’s remains were discovered, Casey was already in jail and had been for approximately 5 months. She was not “clubbing and in hot body contests,” the photos of those activities were taken during the month that Caylee was missing. In fact, Caylee had not even been reported missing at that time. We all have the right to our opinions, but I think that facts need to be examined before posting.

    2. I agree Zoe, Baez is no better then Casey by making up this idiotic defense, dragging other people into it & blaming them for things he knows damn well they did not do. He should lower his head in shame for what he is doing. Most days I do not watch the trial when he is speaking cause to me all it is is diarrhea coming out of his mouth. He is doing whatever means necessary to win this case & be a big shot lawyer. Well he is failing BIG TIME! He thinks he is a celebrity now. I mean when he is on a break what does he do, he goes outside & poses for pics with other women! Now what kind of lawyer does that? That is just tacky but then again look who we are talking about here.

  12. Thank you for the almost up to the minute analysis. She definitely appeared to be distressed by physical pain. Reminded me of the report of how Casey couldn’t breathe when she witnessed the tv coverage after Caylee’s remains had been discovered.

    Yep, the severity of the situation is hitting home, she did say at one point, after her arrest, “she wishes the whole thing had not happened.” Of course those around her would have presumed she meant Caylee’s disappearance, but it was referring to her actions to cause Caylee’s demise, imho. I am noting there are strings of truths in her lies, most likely that way with most pathological liars. Lee stated that according to Casey, Zanny pinned her down and took Caylee stating it was because she was a bad mother and Zanny wanted to teach her a lesson. Wasn’t it really that Casey wanted to teach her mom a lesson by taking Caylee away from the family?

    1. Uhhh, so What happened to the “george drowning theory”. How could Zanny take Caylee by force from that Blanchard park and George have carried her out into the house drowned? There goes that defense theory. And I do believe that Casey is Zanny the Nanny herself, not as a personality 2ND but as the person who has been doing the things Casey say she did, she is talking about herself.

      1. On cross examination Thursday, Baez asked Lee Anthony about the IMAGINARY ZANNY! So Baez is agreeing Zanny is not real, he doesn’t say she is another one of Casey’s lies. My sense is he can’t refuted Casey lies, we all heard the tapes and witnesses but he will try to get us to believe she lies because of sexual abuse and secrets.

        I notice a lot of projecting by Baez, claiming just about every crime investigators are seeking notoriety, lying, etc. Casey chose her double in character to represent her, imho

  13. Also, I read the Baez had to take the lawyers board 8 times, and that there is a suit being filed against him for lying about creditials, I guess he isnt a real lawyer and lied that he is, hummm, just like Casey, a LIAR

    1. This does not surprise me any. I wouldnt put it past him to lie about his credentials. I had heard long ago that he had flunked the bar so many times that the last time he took it, if he didnt pass he wouldnt be able to take it again. Given that, this is not the kind of case he should be taking. Then again I dont think it matters too much if Casey had a more experienced lawyer cause either way I think she is screwed.

    2. He didn’t have to take the Board 8 times… He had to apply to be accepted by the FL Bar for 8 yrs. His problem wasn’t passing a written test, as in book smarts… He is morally bankrupt, and FL Bar does not accept DEAD BEAT Dads, people that default on their student loans, yet lease sports cars etc… Lied about his Naval Security Clearance… For his Community Involvement he started two Non-Profit Charities, both quickly folded… He also had 2 Bikini Companies, they folded too!

  14. Sherry,
    “To me, it looks like she is suffering from food poisoning, not so much an anxiety attack.”

    I don’t know about food poisoning but what about those 3 bottles of water she chugged down right at the table? I know drinking that much in less than an hour and a half would make me sick.
    I didn’t see any trace of profuse sweating that is indicative of an anxiey attack either.

    I really believe she was faking illness.

    1. Maybe she goes cold when having an anxiety attack? She *was* wrapping that blouse around herself.

      I think the 3 bottles of water would have made her sick, but I ask myself – why was she drinking so much water today? My thought is she probably had a really dry mouth from facing the horror of what awaits her.

      If it was food poisoning, I think she would have turned sheet white.

    2. Excellent point, Ellen. I believe, like others here, that Casey has been coached by her defense team on how to act/react. Obviously poking herself in the eye never works.

      I have been following this trial very carefully on WESH. There are no commercials, no commentary, just every second of the trial, with a picture-in-picture in the bottom left corner of Casey’s every movement. When the jury is not in the courtroom, Casey acts very differently, but the moment the jury enters, her demeanour completely changes. This morning, for example, just before the jury came back from mid-morning recess, Casey was smiling and talking to Baez. The second the jury came back into court, the tissue appeared and she began dabbing at her eyes, rubbing her nose, etc. IMO, the prosecution has proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Casey is a very credible liar/actor. I’m sorry, Dr. Glass, I understand that you have the degree and years of experience, but I have to disagree with you on this one. I wouldn’t believe Casey if her nose was bleeding – which it very might well do at the rate she is rubbing it.

      Dr. Glass, have you seen any footage of the way Casey behaves when the jury is not in the courtroom? I would enjoy reading your opinion on her constant change of demeanour.

      Also, for anyone reading this blog, I notice that every time Casey dabs at something, she immediately and always looks at her tissue. I assume she is checking to see if there are any real tears or evidence of a runny nose. Is that something any of you do? I’ve personally never seen anyone study their tissue as much as Casey does. Dr. Glass – what does that mean in terms of body language?

      1. I have noticed she does that, too. It’s weird to me because she seems to wipe her eyes in a very careful, systematic way each time, whether with tissue or her fingers. To me it almost appears like she’s carefully putting on make-up, the way she slowly runs the tissue along the base of her eyes, one at a time…. I might have missed it, but I have not yet observed a real tear roll down her face. Guess she catches them just in time.
        Don’t remember who said this, but when people cry, tears come out of both eyes at the same time… don’t know how she does it!

  15. She thinks she has anxiety now?? Wait till she gets the verdict! Those pics of Caylee should be on her cell wall so she can see them daily. I have no sympathy for this girl. She is finally learning consequence.

  16. I love your blog but also do not agree. She is liar, actress, trained by Andrea Lyon just how to react to this moment, read her book, she did help coach her on how to act durning trial. Everyone knows that once the skull was shown, she would be playing up the anxiety attack all coached by her defense. This is all part of legal game to make her look human so she does not get death penalty. She was not even looking at the photos!!!

  17. WOW,
    What happened to Casey’s saying she left Caylee in the hallway at the Sawgrass Apts that morning?

    Boy, the muck is getting deep!

  18. Dr. Glass, i watched as this entire episode went down…I was waiting with baited breath for your analysis…Casey is going to be in for the shock of her life when the verdict is read and the death sentence is ordered….Judge Perry is no man to play for a fool, he is seeing everything that happens in that courtroom..jmc

    1. Agree. Judge Perry will give the jurors instructions based on law for them to follow to reach a verdict. Feeling sympathy for a defendant is NOT part of the instruction/law. Most jurors, I believe, see through her lousy acting.

      I believe this jury has bonded with the Judge and not with Casey, the cold, calculating witch.

      Justice for Caylee!!!!

  19. There have been how many days of trial, and she shows emotion for 6 minutes 48 seconds. They should have continued the trial. Remember, it’s all about HER.

  20. Myra you are right, it is all about her. Part of me thought the theatrics were due because too much emphasis on caylee today. Casey needed some attention, and it worked. The other part says, this was coached and she did crappy job because most of us are not fooled by her. She is sitting pretty in doctor”s quarters or in her jail cell thinking….I’m such a good liar.

  21. I think Casey was overplaying it. She may have been feelin’ a lil anxious, but downright sick? I don’t think so. Now I would love to believe that Casey is finally feeling physically ill at the thought of what she did to her daughter, but I just can’t bring myself to be fooled.

    No sweating, and her lips never got pale (i’d say neither did she but she’s already so pale who could tell), and even during her swooning she still managed a half hearted attempt at doing her consistent shirt tuck and pull when she stood up.

  22. She was affected but most of her problem is how much water she drank. That would make you or I feel sick as well.

  23. she really did not fool anyone just another trick to try & show that she does have feelings only pray to God that she suffers as bad as she made her baby Caylee feel as she put the duct tape over her nose & mouth she had trouble breathing didn’t she!!!!!!!!! only hope she feels some of the horror she that she imposed on that beautiful baby ROT IN YOUR OWN HELL EVERY DAY CASEY Claire

  24. Thank you Dr. Glass for another fine assesssment…

    It appears this was the same reaction she had when Caylee’s remains were first discovered. I say it’s consciousness of guilt and she’s quite the actress. I do hope this doens’t garner any sympathies from those jurors, she needs to pay for what she’s done. To bring her father into this is so diabolically evil. She and she alone is responsible for the death of Caylee and I don’t buy any accident…I do hope the State shows the contention in the mother/daughter relationship and wanted Inmate Anthony to be a better mother, jealousy of their relationship…she’s one evil girl and I do hope those jurors see the truth, When the botanist informs them, Caylee’s remains laid there for 5 months, the jury will see who is the responsible party///

  25. Thank you, Dr. Glass, for this article! Without this, I would have sworn up and down that she was faking. I *knew* she wasn’t crying and that part of me screaming for justice for Caylee is glad that Casey is feeling pain! I hope the jury saw and made the connection between what happened to her and guilt.

    1. I believe she was continuing the fake tears act. But after the skull testimony yesterday, she did feel a panic attack as no doubt she “Feels the jurors sympathy for Caylee.” She know she put the baby there and the cruelty she inflicted on an innocent baby……Casey’s days are numbered. Justice for Caylee will be served.

      As Attorney Bill Shaffer stated after days and days of testimony and things working against your client, the BODY BLOWS start to take its toll on both lawyers and client. Those words leave an impression of how badly this is started to affect Casey. But I have no illusions that she feels SORRY for anything she done to OTHERS. She is feeling sorry ONLY for herself.

  26. I know Casey wants to appear to be upset & sick over Caylee but let’s face it… she knew what Caylee looked like when the placed that duct tape over Caylee’s mouth & she she knew what she looked like when she was dead and threw her in garbage bags and tossed her into the woods. I didn’t see any signs of anxiety or panic attacks on Casey’s shopping spree videos or when she popping up like Waldo in every photo in the Orlando area after Caylee was dead! Yesterdays little ‘act’ was just that — an ACT. Just another attempt to take the focus off of Caylee and to put it back on Casey — because it’s about *me me me, I I I* and “I need to be looked at as a victim, because I’m just as much of a victim as the rest of you”. Sorry, but there is nothing that this girl could ever do or say to convince me that she cares for anyone other than herself. She makes me SICK – for not only what she’s done to Caylee and to her family, but also because she TRULY believes she DESERVES to walk!!!

    1. Tina, that’s a good point you make. She did know what little Caylee looked like when she placed the duct tape on her and threw her into garbage bags, yet she went out partying like she was off on vacation. Happy and light. (I feel sick to my stomach just thinking about it.) I do think she was always able to get away with everything in her home, with her family. The distress signs today I believe are real, but perhaps are there because reality is sinking in. Oops, she is not fooling or hood-winking any of these “experts” who do not realize how cute she is or how mad she can get!! I do wonder if in Casey’s mind/heart (whatever) she is even capable of feeling real love or loss? Is this just selfishness because she got caught? (Seems to be to me.) Or is she also feeling any real regret? Hard to know.

  27. Dr Glass, I respectfully disagree with your opinion that Casey was finally having a REAL attack of nerves~ I am profoundly deaf, so I have been watching people and their mannerisms for over 52 years. My bullshitometer is never wrong. Never. Two of my siblings are deeply troubled and their actions and reactions are thought of in advance, just like Casey’s is. I’m well aware of this type of behavior. Her facial expressions were forced. She was told how to contort her body. If her lawyers read your blog, they already know how they “should be responding” to make things look more “authentic.”

    Cheney Mason was waiting outside the door for Casey with a smile. Obviously this was preplanned as Casey could not realistically display sad emotions and this needed to be done to show the jury that she had finally “succumbed to the pressure of the photos.”

    Her lawyers were prodding her, whispering to her to ham it up, but it was useless. My bullshitometer was clacking like a geiger counter!

  28. This looked to me like a giant temper tantrum she had in order to get out of that court room. She was having to endure the bad vibes coming at her from everyone that was seeing what she had done to Caylee ! Also, I think , in her mind, she thought the jurors might not keep their minds on the pictures of her dead child, but would instead spend their time wondering what was wrong with her that was so bad they had to stop the trial ! She found a way to make it all about her again, instead of her baby !

    1. Its amazing that she gets sick over these pics but can dumps a childs decomposing body. She should rot in hell. I have not 1 ounce of sympathy for her.

  29. my thought watching Ms. Anthony during Thursday’s testimonies was that perhaps this was the first time the serious reality of her situation was seeping into her conscious. i want(ed) to believe she was sad (innocent until proven guilty), but her tears don’t look authentic to me. thanks for your blogs about this trial.

  30. Dr Glass im so glad you explained this behaivor to readers.Many of us have watched her actions from the start.I know its from anixiety,and feelings of guilt.As all of this has beuilt up from the picking of a jury.To yesterday.The crime scene,and Skull testimony(photos.Just slapped her in the face.To just how real this is.Play times over for her.Its time to face just what she did to Caylee…Game over for Casey…

    But a jury that may have not been watchng her through out this whole thing.May not see it as that. Quite possible could they see it as upset for her childs death.That would bring sympathy from them.I pray that they are listening to evidence,and not running off of emotions in watching the accused having anxiety attacks.If these dont know about body language,havent watched her behavior from early on.Is it possible some could be fooled by her behavior ..

    Because Caylee is the victum,the one to feel sorrow for,as to what was done to her by Casey.Shame on her for doing the beautiful little child,her child like that..I detest Casey for what she did to her baby….Not being truthful,just dragging this along….

  31. Again, as I’m watching the Casey “not me” trial, her actions ring totally false and she is merely imitating studied behavior or following her lawyer’s advice.

    She came in chipper this morning, not as someone drained from the revelations of the past week and especially the day before.

    The way that Casey is dressed today is the best thing she has worn during the past three years. It is somber and quietly understated as opposed to her scratchy prissy button down blouses.

    It’s 11:05 am; do you know where your liars and fakers are? I observe her lawyers bending down and giving her advice on how to play the game. Please don’t be fooled, Dr Glass. It’s all an act, from A to Z, from start to finish.

  32. There was one moment, maybe the morning break? When she stood up, adjusted her clothes (which are the most appropriate she’s worn so far) and looked around the courtroom. Something about the look on her face made me think she’d finally realized how people see her. That no one thought she was beautiful or charming, or innocent! It was like she realized the impact of all this testimony on everyone’s perceptions, and that she was truly alone.

  33. I am having a difficult time believing Casey was actually sick yesterday. She didn’t even look at the pictures and appeared to be putting on an act with false tears. She hasn’t shown any concern for Caylee during the past three years so why now? Another ploy for sympathy from the jurors is my take on it.

  34. This was posted at another site and I think that it may be the all time comment of the year!

    Originally Posted by bobloblaw
    The best thing that could come from this mess is that ICA gets the needle and Dr Vass gets another specimen for his outdoor laboratory

  35. I was so irritated by the “talk/news” shows that covered the trial last night. I kept hearing about Casey “SOBBING” in court. Don’t these “reporters” know what sobbing means? They hear a soundbite (incorrect, at that) and repeat, repeat, repeat mindlessly. So irritating! I am astounded at the level of reporting these days – and not just regarding this trial.

    1. Exactly! Was that Jane Valez Mitchell? She can get awfully excited and start yelling – very irritating, especially when she doesn’t have her facts straight!!

  36. That reaction Casey had yesterday was identical to the reaction the jail worker described when Caylee’s bones were first discovered and Casey saw it on TV at the jail. I think it was a true autonomic fear reaction.

  37. Just a theory: On Wednesday, May 11, during the jury selection part of the trial, Casey became ill and court was recessed early. On June 9, Casey became ‘ill’ again. I did happen to catch her wincing a few times yesterday – winces that appeared genuine. (I know, I’m giving her a lot of latitude here.) Is it possible that the real causes of Casey’s illnesses are her monthly cycle? I know that the usual cycle is 28 days, but every woman has different cycles and it’s not impossible that Casey’s is 30 days. I am not defending Casey in any way. As much as I believe in ‘innocent until proven guilty,’ and bearing in mind that the defense has not mounted their case yet, it is not looking good for Casey. This is just a theory I’d like to throw out for possible discussion.

  38. Thank you Dr. Glass for your valuable insights. I don’t have much time to watch the trial, but from what little I’ve seen it turns my stomach. KC’s attempts at “sobbing” today looked at times like she was trying to hide a smirk as she kept covering her mouth. She also looked at one point like she was chewing or swallowing a lot…just more of the act. I see her lawyers have also practically lowered her chair to the floor to give her that “childlike” appearance & she looks ridiculous. Note to attorneys: “Your client was grown up enough to party and dress like a cheap escort right after she got rid of the baggage of having a child. She’s not childlike in any way – she’s an adult monster who knew exactly what she was doing. Raise her darn chair!”

  39. Another brilliant analysis Dr. Glass. I watched a bit of Casey’s courtroom demeanor, and reality did set it. It was nauseating to watch and read the games she was playing. She tried to play the sympathy card, then seductive (eww) to manipulate those to their side to gain leniency. Just pathetic, desperate, and empty. Someone posted that Casey may suffer from D.I.D., and that could be the case. Just the disconnect up until yesterday was startling considering she is on trial for the murder of her young daughter. It was truly heartbreaking to view the pixelated photos. I can’t imagine what the courtroom audience. That type of violence over tragic murder stays with one IRL for the rest of ones life.

  40. Just because Casey had a “real” anxiety attack, that doesn’t mean she is upset or grieving over what she is seeing. IMO it means she is angry and upset over her lies being eliminated one by one.

    Fear is the main motivation of the hyperventilating (which can be self-induced by just gasping in large amounts of air, gulping, and then holding breath). The duct tape is going to be cause for pre-meditated murder = death penalty. She’s realized it’s coming for her…

  41. Amadeus,
    ” Is it possible that the real causes of Casey’s illnesses are her monthly cycle? I know that the usual cycle is 28 days, but every woman has different cycles and it’s not impossible that Casey’s is 30 days.”

    I totally concur with your statement! It’s more than possible that this is exactly what was going on with Casey. Every woman is different and her cycle could possibly be 30 days.
    Even Cindy said that she and Casey had similar problems so cramping would probably be a large part of the problem.

    Enough of the fake drama, we need to get on with the trial and the real evidence so the jury can deliberate and find her guilty beyond the shadow of a doubt!

  42. She is doing the EXACT same thing that my mother did when she was told my brother had been killed in a car accident!!! Its called SHOCK and the body WILL react in violent ways..Convenient how you have ADDED GUILT to it?? My mother CERTAINLY was not guilty of anything but SHEER devastation at hearing that her son was DEAD. Just as maybe Casey Anthony through all of her role playing and fantacizing that she had had to do her entire life. . just could not be done anymore.

  43. You all have got to see this! So “ill” yesterday however, still able to muster enough energy to flip the bird to LBK…..

    Truly pathetic! Disgust!!

      1. Liz
        Thank you so much! It really does show how “hurt” she is. Flipping the bird in court.

  44. OMG! I would have LOVED to see that! Hope LDB got the point…while she is smiling that evil little smile of hers

  45. So sorry! I clicked on the link and it said, “Sorry Error”. If you have a Facebook account, go to: Justice For Caylee Marie Anthony. It is a “group” so, like and you will be able to see the photo. It is of Casey flipping the bird to (we think) the Prosecutor.

    Speaks volumes about Casey!

  46. In Casey’s world everything is make believe. It’s the life she always wanted and everyone and everything adores her. She is in control and the supreme being in this world. People listen to her tell the most outrageous things and they believe her because she wills it. The problem with the wooded area is that it encroaches on her reality with the true reality and she’s definitely not willing to handle that at all. I think that’s why she has occasionally reacted with extreme anxiety attacks to it. The first time was the day the body was found. If she was indeed innocent her reaction shouldn’t have been as extreme as we’ve heard, and yesterday it was again forced into her reality. So I do think at the end of the day she would have done anything to escape that reality, and it worked. Today she could’t escape and she had time to build up anger against the people that were forcing her to face the ONE thing she has decided NOT to face. Do I honestly believe she had a severe anxiety attack yesterday? Yes, I do believe that. She needs to be in control and this the one thing she can’t wish or lie away. She was in full on survival mode yesterday.

      1. Also to Michelle,
        Casey is not certifiably crazy, so reality can start to set in when the stakes are extremely high. It takes something searingly undeniable to break through her denial and fantasy. Thus, the occasional panic attack. This is fear we see, not guilt. However, her threshold for fear and panic is so amazingly high, it’s just so hard to believe or understand. I’m no expert, but this is the only way I can make sense of her ability to never admit guilt and continue to bolster her lies. Still, I wonder if the panic attack is her defense mechanism which incapacitates her and keeps her from blurting out the truth. If you can’ breath, you can’t “talk”. Panic takes her focus back to her body so reality never really gets to sink in. What the h*ll will/would it take to get her to confess????

  47. I find this interpretation very interesting and believable. I also can see a bit of “turn the focus back on me”. As if the waves of reality caused the onslaught, but her sociopath personality took it to another level.

    Guilt is really not a question if you listen to the actual testimony – not just the second hand rhetoric – watch the actual courtroom videos – you will have no doubt this was pre-meditated murder.

    I hope they fry her.

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