Casey ‘s Fake Cry Until Animals Gnawing On Bones Are Mentioned While Attorney Sims Comforts

Casey Anthony continued to  bow her head as the doctor on the stand discussed the skull. Casey has a folded Kleenex positioned under her nose which she refused to move.It is so contrived that it is comical to look at.

When the Anthropologist Dr. Schultz arrived on the stand, Casey looked on with objective interest as you can see in the photo above.

It is interesting to note that seeing the skull has no doubt taken it’s toll on Casey Anthony. She looks more gaunt  after she had her anxiety attack yesterday. Most likely she did not feel like eating dinner after seeing photos of the frightening looking skull.

As soon as photos were shown of the skull , Casey immediately tuned away and placed her folded hankie under the nose.

According to  reporter Kathi Bellich the photos of the skull are gruesome. Strands of hair drape across eye sockets. Teeth missing except  for the molars (back teeth) .  The hair matted. Duct tape layered across face. Apparently, Casey had initially stared at the photos and showed no reaction.

As Casey continued to fake cry with her dry Kleenex, Attorney Simms on her team who is known to cross examining experts has now been related to the official role of surrogate mother and comforter  and emotion coach to Casey. As soon as an emotional reaction should occur, she puts her arm around Casey. Casey  then immediately puts a tissue up tp her face.

The jury HAS to see this as  phony and insulting behavior.  Casey does  leak out expressions of upset  and anger periodically. No doubt she is upset that she is being forced to listen to testimony about  Caylee’s skull and bones.

Suddenly the anthropologist mentions that the animals gnawed on Caylee’s bones.  For the first time, we see Casey break down for real. She is beside herself  and the veins in her neck pop out. She turns red and is flushed. Suddenly the Kleenex is crinkled.

This is no doubt the very first time that Casey Anthony has had to see the consequences of her actions. She now saw the consequences of putting duct tape over the child’s  nose mouth and throwing her dead body in the woods.  For the first time ever, she saw and heard the consequences of what happens when a body is thrown away-animals ea tit and gnaw on the bones.

I believe that those horrific words and that visual of seeing what animals did to Caylee’s remains will haunt her for the rest of her life. There is no one to soothe her when these images begin to surface in the middle of the night. Ms. Simms won’t be there and neither will her parents or Lee. Casey will be left all alone to deal with the consequences of her actions, which   may be  her worse torture yet.


119 thoughts on “Casey ‘s Fake Cry Until Animals Gnawing On Bones Are Mentioned While Attorney Sims Comforts

  1. I love this Dr. Glass. Her acting is so bad I think even the defense is embarressed or should be. I can only hope that this haunts her for the rest of her short life. What a monster.

  2. You are right on, Dr. Glass! I was watching the trial today and was shocked that some of the analysts on True TV thought that she was actually crying! If she was showing any real emotion, it was because she finally realizes that it is a very real possibility that this will all end with her being strapped to a table and euthanized like the dog that she is. Maybe her days of being carefree and flirting with every man on her stupid little defense team are over. I also think that she is trying to take the focus off of poor Caylee and the horrible things that she did to her and put it onto despicable, sociopathic, narcissistic Casey. I would love to know what brand of tissue she is using. It must be more absorbant than a ‘Sham WOW’ to be able to withstand 8 hours worth of tears, mascara and rubbing and still look brand new and fully intact…LOL. Casey is a monster and I can’t wait until she is found guilty and finally gets what’s coming to her!

    1. I don’t like the comparison of Casey to a dog! Dogs are inteliligent, compassionate and caring (I have a K9 Therapy Dog who is also a Cadaver Dog and see this compassion and caring all the time with the patients he visits) something that Casey certainly isn’t. But, I agree that she should get the death penalty!!! Sandy

      1. Sandy, I agree, and I felt bad after I typed that. I am a dog lover, and my pug was watching as I typed. She didn’t like what I wrote, either. ;o) Sorry about the dog reference. I didn’t mean to insult any of our canine friends!!

  3. Casey was all smiles earlier today but the jury came in and she got her serious look on. I’m not going to be saying her emotions were real today just yet. She is as different as night and day when the jury is in the room or out of it.

  4. Bill Shaeffer at WFTV made an interesting personal observation. Innocent defendants are usually angry at trial; guilty ones do a lot of crying. Hmm….

    JMO but by this time the jury is staying focused on the evidence which is where they need to be. Innocence will be not be judged on Caseys’ histronics, real or imagined. Just like I had posted on your blog before this began, Casey can’t keep up her act during the entire trial. One minute hysterical, the next calm and stoned looking.

    Babysitter Sims looks a bit tired and used up. Hope you like hugging that baby killer….

    BTW did you notice Casey didn’t get upset when they talked about other bones (i.e. fingers, placement), Dr. G’s testimony, the Pooh blanket, Caylee’s t-shirt or photo in it, and etc… this will also be remembered by the Jury. She needs to be wearing black too – not white. Dummy.

    IMO the stupid twit should have asked to be excused from this evidence. Crying is not going to impress, and being stoic is not going to impress. If you were truly innocent would you want to see the skeletal remains of your 2 year old daughter left as trash?

    Baez need for his client to look sympathetic is going to come across as a hysterical girl who, if she was this upset, why didn’t she tell anyone immediately after? Continues to boggle the mind!

    1. Yes, Bill Schaffer is terrific, very knowledgeable, with great inside. You can see his daily review at the the news station in FL that feeds the trial LIVE everyday from FL. You can go back and see any portions that you may have missed.

      IN Session on TruTv has it taped for the westcoast and they end at 3pm, but there is always more testimony that they completely eliminate–usually 2-3 hours worth, as trial doesn’t end in FL until 5-5:30 PM or so.

      (Hope it is ok to post this information, Dr. Glass…just wanted to share this link for those of use who are “addicted” to the trial, so they don’t miss a beat! 🙂

  5. That poor, sweet baby girl. Casey’s facade is slipping, finally. Sweet merciful Adonai. I use to wonder at the depths of evil when a parent maliciously taken their own child’s life, ergo, Susan Smith, Andrea Yates, and other parents committing heinous murders of innocent children. A song popped in my head from my youth, “Jesus loves the little children”, and gave a bit of comfort during this trial. I can’t imagine what heart-wrenching pain the family and friends must be going through.

    Cases such as Casey’s are another reason why I didn’t become a police officer.

    1. Andrea Yates – I think her religious beliefs in “hell” helped her mental illness along. The idea of Hell is the absolute epitome of “evil”.

      1. From what I’ve read about “mental illness”, the more severe psychological disorders, are truly be the epitome of living hell indeed. Blaming “Religion” is an easy cop-out to defend bad behavior committed by people who make unhealthy and irrational choices due to undiagnosed or misdiagnosed treatment for their mental illnesses. Assuming Yates is a Christian, her religious beliefs had nothing to do with the severity of her mental instability, similar to Susan Smith.

  6. The bumps appearing on the side of her head are the beginnings of her demon horns. Give her another 3 years and they will be fully formed. Also I know how they can put a stop to the hyperventilating, three well-placed pieces of duct tape should put a stop to that. If I have to see her pick her nose and look at it one more time, I’m going to dry heave. I also agree with the internet crowd that say ShamWow should get a patent on her tissue because she is able to use the same tissue all day long and yet somehow it stays dry!

  7. I don’t think anything will haunt KC Anthony after she is in prison. She will pick herself up, dust herself off, start charming and lying and conniving as best she can while behind bars. She is a true monster.

    1. @ Barbara
      Agree. The only thing that will bother her is the lack of the ability to visit bars and pick up guys. I think she’ll find a guard aka Susan Smith style. JMO.

    2. I agree. I don’t think Casey has sense enough to be haunted. She is a strange mix of intelligence and stupidity, it’s very weird.

    3. I agree…she will just forget Caylee and will use her flirtation on the prison guards, her attorneys who will for years, continue to visit her to appeal, appeal, appeal, over and over….and for the other sociopaths, liars, thieves and murderes she will be associating with in she writes letters, watches TV etc in prison….

  8. how ironic that biaz makes a comment that the prosecution is throwing out theories to set what sticks…isnt this what biaz did with zenaida zanny the nanny and the sexual abuse allegation and then to say boom caylee drowned..the state is proveing their case step by step…casey is responding to this because she knows theres no going back now.griefing mother doubtful!im a mother x4 and to hear this testimony that caylee lay there minutes from her home with vines growning through her little body and the animals haveing at her is beyond comprehension that this casey person could have ever loved caylee to be whooping it up on the dancefloor as caylee lay in water and dirt even her blanket had vegetation in biaz’s theory of roy kronk was debunked today!think quick biaz.and why is caseys lawyers rubbing her back and hugging her in court it makes me ill this woman killed her child why are they babying her??????way to go dr g!!! death by homicide!

  9. Well, I for one- am glad to see REAL sadness/regret- from a therapetic standpoint it is good for her to be able to “go there”.

    I also think all the – as Geraldo calls them- lench mobs will be appeased a bit- that she is suffering some emotional pain- food for the lench mob!.

  10. Casey hangs her head and Fake cries when the STATE talks about poor Caylee’s remains, but when the defense talks about Caylee’s remains, Casey pops her head up and listens with no fake crying or emotion!! CASEY IS A FAKE!!!

  11. DR Lillian, LOVE THE LIPs on KC—pouty, she looks like Lindsay Lohan!! We can definitely see on her face that this trial is taking a toll on her! cern for herself…no concern on her face during the 31 days, eh??

    1. Another poster described Casey’s lips as having the appearance of a monkeys when she pouts and I agree. It seems that she gets this look when she knows she’s defeated. What say you?

  12. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise. It does a lot to helping me understand
    what I’m at a loss to interpret.

  13. Her best moment for me today was the video. She sat there stone cold and watched it. Just looked angry that she had to be subjected to it. Then the jury comes back in and suddenly she’s saying no and shaking her head, won’t look at it. What a total phony. I just really wish the jury could see the difference in her like we all can. Good job Dr. G not taking any crap from Mason, I loved her testimony. All in all I’d say a great day for the prosecution, and it was nice of Mason and Baez to help them out like they did.

    Note to Deb:
    Its therapeutic and lynch. When a word you type is wrong it will be underlined in red. Spell check is a wonderful thing that will help people take what you say more serious.

    1. Michelle—I personally have typos most of the time because I want to get my thoughts out as fast as possible…often making these mistakes, so I give people a little wiggle room and respect…AND BY THE WAY…it’s, “…that will help people take what you say more SERIOUS-LY.” …look it up, its an Adverb—no need to be hurtful, now is there?

      1. Thank you for the correction, and I wasn’t meaning to be hurtful. I was letting her know in case she wasn’t aware of what the red underline was.

      2. And for God’s sake, it is “cries,” not “crys” in the heading above. What has happened to literacy? It does take away from the message.

      3. @Marie,

        I was wondering the same thing when I read the title of this article. But then, I also notice all the typos and grammar errors in the bodies of every article on this site. It does tend to make one question the validity of the message as well as the professionalism of the person delivering it.

    2. Wow Michelle, that’s a little harsh. Not everybody has excellent spelling or computer skills. I’m sure there are areas of your life that you don’t excel in 100%.

      Deb – you’re fine. Overlook the first Michelle and take it from this Michelle that all Michelle’s aren’t alike.

    3. Michelle: That played out well…..I love it when ppl get what they deserve…(thanks Lori) unfortunatly (tee hee hee) this “Leave a reply” square doesn’t do “red lines”- unless I’ve gone color blind- if your suggesting I should write my response in word and cut & paste- oh pleese- way too much trouble.

      and Marie, I think bigger problems than literacy are “meaness,” arrogance and hypocracy.

    4. Seriously.

      Your comments reflect exactly what I got out of yesterday. She had no trouble watching the video while the jury was out of the room. She should remember the judge has some input into her penalty also.

  14. You know I have been watching Casey all week long. She is all about herself, she feels sorry for what is going on around her and how she is being mistreated, what she has to endure. Not about her little girl that wont have a chance to have a little girl of her own,wont be able to experience love or marriage or children …no her mother seen to it that the problem child she beared was taken care of. Her little shirt she had on when she was thrown away like garbage says it all “Big Trouble come in small packages.”
    Casey is on stage she has the whole world looking on and she is performing and hoping that her looks get her off! ALL THOSE FAKE TEARS WILL NEVER BRING BACK THAT BEAUTIFUL CHILD. I only wish that the same could happen to you. Someone should throw you away for the sack of human garbage you are!

  15. When I used to pout my dad told me he was going to take my bottom lip and pull it up over the top of my head. lol We would not have seen Casey this whole trial if he was still living.

  16. I think it is the tendency of people to read into Casey’s demeanor what they would be feeling if they were in the same pose. There may be some validity to this idea MOST OF the time- but not with persons like Casey. If you look at Casey closely, often she just *appears* to be in a certain disposition when she isn’t, really. Wiping dry cheeks, for instance. People see her wiping and their minds see tears and they think of their own feelings when crying and then imbue her with those feelings. Yet, in reality, there are no tears and no crying, simply a person imitating the act of crying, putting their hand through the motion of wiping.

    With Casey you have to step back and be objective and analytical. How does one cry without producing tears? Without their mascara (and she has plenty on) running at all? And then a few seconds later, smile and joke with the person next to her? And once you see that it is only a show, what are your feelings about the person then…

    I think they should admit those dry tissues as evidence and pass them around the jury, LOL!

  17. Yep, Casey was on her performances today…..she acted the whole gammut….we got the whole tamale…..and while the jury was out, she was back to smiling and laughing with Baez…..Wouldn’t it be something if the jury could observe her, when she thinks they cannot see her….

    Dr Glass, the media is spinning for the defense….it’s like one side is for and the other side against …….today I thought to myself….they are as dumb as the defense,,,,good paring….

    Dr G. was at the top of her game for little Caylee….I was amazed by her credentials….Orlando, surely has the cream of the crop working for them…kudos to the people of Orlando….

    ……and of course we knew when the day was ending, because once again Baez was calling for a mis-trial…..

    Judge Belvin Perry, should be on the supreme court…he knows the law…and I am in awe of his ability……when he pokes out his lips at certain times….he is delivering a very special message to Baez….funny thing is Baez don’t get it….and to think ….he and his defendant think they are smarter than all of us……hahahahahahahaha…….MHO…….

    1. I agree 🙂 Dr. G was awesome. It was great to finally see somebody use their common sense. I was starting to think that no one was going to point out the obvious. It was a good day for Caylee.

      1. It was a GREAT WEEK for Caylee !! It started last Saturday with Ms. Lowe’s postmortem hair banding testimony, through Dr. Vass’s decomp air testing & chloroform testimony, through Mr. Bradley’s computer forensics testimony, through Dr. Warren & Dr. G’s testimony…perfect week for justice for Caylee. jmho

    2. Excellent Post! I wholeheartedly agree. If only the jury could see the many faces of evil Casey during the trial. No doubt most will after the trial and know they made the right decision!

      The press generally likes to root for the underdog, many American movies do that as well. Only if they could stop reporting falsehoods, like Casey sobbing, really emotional, etc and make it sound like her tears are directly related to Caylee. They should hit on her many ever changing moods that occur in a day. How can you go from being truly upset to laughing the next minute? Especially when we are talking about a defenseless toddler dying in such a horrific way!

      Judge Perry really is playing it smart with unprepared/inexperienced Baez. Perry’s facial expressions with Baez today were priceless……hahaha, even a saint has limits…..hahaha. Judge Perry had to provide another educational lecture for Baez. Is this request #4 for a mistrial by Baez?

  18. Agree==Casey usual cold stone face while intently watching every second of Caylee/skull/tape video with no Jury! I was witholding my opinion on her “breakdown” yesterday afternoon-I WAS hoping it was a “Come to Jesus Moment” NOT

  19. Soon she will have her wish! 24/7 bars and no “snothead” to worry about. She is despicable! Someone once told me GOD doesn’t make JUNK! Well, we all know now, that is FALSE!
    She is an obvious phony, APPEARS to cry, but isn’t. The funniest part of it is the JURY is paying NO attention to her. She turns it on when they walk in, she turns it off, when they walk out. HHJP sees it all and is ultimately the one who will hand down the sentence. JUSTICE for CAYLEE is just around the corner…..

  20. Any lip readers out there? I would love to know what she was saying when the jury was out and they were showing and discussing Caylee’s face, skull and duct tape overlay footage. She was very, very upset and was not covering her mouth when she was talking to Jose Baez. Also, noted that the cover-up sweater she was wearing today was about 3 sizes too big. Intentional possibly to make her appear smaller and frailer?

    1. That’s interesting you mention that. I have heard it reported also that they lowered her chair to make her appear smaller.

    2. JLS, I’d like to know what she was saying then, as well as when she was speaking to Simms at the very end & was not covered by a monitor or a DT member’s large behind. Any lip readers out there?

    3. The only part that I got was that she was furious that she was in the picture that they were using. The rest went by to fast. If someone has a link to that part I will be glad to look some more!

      1. Of course it would be all about her. Makes sense.

        Without lip reading skills I believe that she was not pleased because it proves the duct tape would cover both Caylee’s nose and mouth. I would think she was very vocally expressing her insistence that the defense do all they can to keep that evidence from being presented.

        Every piece of evidence that proves the prosecution’s theory is another nail in her coffin. Plus, I can’t see how jury would not be touched by it, so again it puts the jury’s sympathy on Caylee and not Casey. From interviews I’ve watched on TV, insiders in the courtroom said the jury’s attention was not on Casey, but rather they are intently watching the evidence presented, as it should be. I think Casey is desperately trying to get their attention and elicit their sympathy.

        I’ll see if I can find a link.

      2. Nancy,…under News tab, find Casey Anthony Case and you will see the trial’s “Raw Feed” in half hour increments—anywhere from 12-14 per day….I would guess under today, Day 26, it would be section 10-11?? maybe?

  21. Dr. Glass…
    I am very curious what you think of the HUGE smile on the face of Dr. G as she left the stand, today. Seemed a little inappropriate for the seriousness of the trial…

    Maybe she was pleased with how she ‘survived’ the obnoxious cross exam by Cheney?
    Maybe a smile because she was simply relieved that she was done and off the stand, just a sense of relief–having waited almost 3 years to testify?
    Maybe just pleased with her testimony, being that she got to say all that she wanted/hoped to? I found it to be very curious. Thanks!

    1. Lori, I noticed that as well, and it caught me off guard. I think you’re right with what you said about her relief and also about her being pleased with being able to say all she wanted to say. She probably couldn’t help it.

      Cheny shows such chauvinistic behaviours towards women, it’s pretty nauseating.

      1. I totally agree. She did a great job getting the information out and not letting him twist her words or discredit her. His remark regarding the media was insulting to her as a professional – as if she could not form an expert opinion and had to rely on the media.

        Her smile could be due to the fact that he “forgot” his next question. More like a retreat from a battle he was losing – IMO.

    2. Lori, I am glad you brought up Dr. G’s big smile, I noticed it too. I believe she walked in with the same smile. I have not seen her television show, but I have a feeling that Dr. G is accustomed to being “on” (and I don’t mean that in any derogatory way).

      I’m not Dr. Glass by any stretch, but my take on that big big smile was as you stated relief and also simply the habit of a pretty woman with a truly lovely smile…she knows that super big smile makes her look friendly and pretty. Worked for me.

      1. Zoe,
        I just re-watched Dr. G walking into court. No big smile. She had a light gate, and a relaxed face, close mouth grins to those she passed on her way up to the stand…but nothing like the smile on the was OFF the stand–I’m still waiting for Dr. Glass’ interpretation 🙂

      2. I think Dr. G was smiling because she was the voice of Caylee! She got to say things like (not verbatim) “No child should have duct tape over their face”, 100% of ppl call 911 if their child has drowned AND they try to do CPR on them even when it is evident they are gone. KC put that tape on Caylee’s face, and Dr. G wanted it out there how people react to a child drowning. it refuted the defense’s theory she drowned. Think what you want about George, but if he saw Caylee floating in the pool he would have called 911 & exhausted all measures of trying to recover her. He would never dispose of her & cover it up. He certainly has a lot of things he is hiding, but he loved his granddaughter & that is very evident.

    3. I think Judge Perry said something to her when she was excused, and I’m sure they know each other, so she smiled.

  22. Another thing…I heard this today, so perfect:

    Today in court, Dr G gave Caylee a VOICE,
    Today in court, Dr. Warren gave Caylee a FACE.

    How true!

  23. Dr. Glass, I know you’re not in her head , but, since Casey seems to only care about herself, then why would she care at all about the bones? Why be so affected by them; they have nothing to do with her. could she just be freaked out because skulls freak out most people, or is it a sign of true remorse? If remorse, then could it mean that she’s not a sociopath?!


  24. Dr Glass, People like Casey are not haunted by these pictures. Her only true suffering will come when she is placed in general population at the prison. I do not believe she will do well in the system with others of her peers. No one likes a baby killer! I can only pray that this becomes true and justice will prevail for sweet baby Caylee!

  25. Watched the entire trial today…ANYONE could see that Casey Anthonys NOSE was red and her neck was shaking during MOST Of the time she had the kleenex to her face. How good does it make people feel to NOW with the girl right in FRONT of the cameras to STILL tell lies and try to say she is “faking.” I am convinced after reading many of these things that there is a different court trial going on thier head! The one that has real evidence, motive, and a cause of death…the TRIAL I am watching STILL HAS NONE OF THAT! Its all possibiities, maybe’s, could be’s and oh yea, probably’s…NONE of which should serve to convict anyone. They also say that Baez is so inexperienced? EACH and EVERY time “the chosen ones” by Judge Perry finish their side bars, and objections each and EVERY minute..Baez quietly PROVES that once again everything they saId was more BS! Including Ms. Dr.G who seems to think that by listening to the prosecutors AND having the knowledge that Casey lied, and 911 was not called immediately..well it had to be murder? No wonder these people are all on TV getting paid to act..they do a great job of it. There is not a sole in that court room that has proven that Casey Anthony was the one ON that computer, or that Casey Anthony was the ONLY one that drover the car in question, OR that Casey Anthony EVER had chloroform in her posession. The very small amounts of chloroform found in that car as the witness said could have come from a household cleaner OR a swimming pool Nancy Grace is STILL on TV telling people that there were 84 hits to cholorform…WHICH has been PROVEN to be WRONG several times now, in fact the witness admitted there were ONLY two that could be proven. And there has also been talk of George Anthony (the other liar) also lying about going to a job everyday that he did not really have! So, when the grieving grandmother THOUGHT he was at work, when he was not with his mistress he may have been at home trying to find out how he could knock out the little girl so that he could molest her too…Its all they say.

      1. Thank you for making me LOL!~ Too funny. Nothing will help Cheryl to connect the dots…..

    1. Cheryl, It does sound to me like you may have a horse in this race? Step back and breathe. Justice is coming.

    2. Who in that household, (unless you believe aliens came down and used the computer, found the tape, etc) stood to gain ANYTHING from no longer having Caylee “around?” Circumstancial case–the circumstance all lead to one person and one person only. She never wanted Caylee, and she Sure didn’t want her mother to have custody. She hated her mother MORE than she loved that child. No proof of motive is needed, no proof of cause-of- death is needed. The Scott Peterson case was VERY similiar, as was the Michael Peterson case. You points may be Possible, but are they REASONABLE–did GA get a tattoo? Enter a Hot body contest? Having an open mind is commendable, but you can’t NOT connect the dots here, and there are a lot of them and when the dots are connected?–they point to Casey, clearly…JMO

    3. It has been said that the amount of sidebars Baez takes is VERY unusual. Baez has had more sidebars in one day than some have in entire trials. Having lots of sidebars is not a good testimonial for Mr. Baez it is the opposite. . JP has been very patient with Baez and giving him lots of rope it is like on the job learning.

      84 times Casey looked up chloroform on 1 website. Were the PC searches George and Cindy were at work? if so who would have come in the house and planted a frame? Originally the DT were blaming things on the nanny.

      There was 2 independent tests done on car parts – these tests were done after 31 days which does not give us the range the tests would be if done on day 1.

      Please correct me if I am wrong.
      1.) Large car part it was sent to the FBI for Chloroform testing. What I head was that Chloroform evaporates/dissipates after being exposed to the air. The large car part was not sealed in an airtight package. BUT it still had traces of Chloroform, which was unusual due to the car part not being sealed. The Witness was surprised there still would be trace on it after being exposed.

      2.) Small patch of the tire liner placed in a tin can that was sealed it sent to the Body Farm. This was tested for decomposition and high level of Chloform was noted, as it was not in the normal range for human decomp. It was in the trillions not millions per part.

      My thoughts on this if that car had been tested the day after Caylee was gone NOT 31 days the car would have reeked of Chloroform possibly making people dizzy opening the trunk.

      Please correct me if I am wrong with the tests this is the way I viewed the chloroform testimony we all see it from OPOV.

      31 days long time to go without showing any sadness for Caylee. She went to Tony’s the night of, watched a movie about child abduction and spent the next day in bed with him.

      1. To add to what bignosycat just posted, I wasn’t watching that particular testimony, but from what I understand from other shows regarding the testimony I think the witnesses were saying there were 84 “visits” to one particular website relating to chloroform and two “searches” for chloroform. Thus the differences.

    4. Cheryl: I think exactly the way you do- all this is lynch mob mentality – all feeling with no thinking.

      George the child sexual abuser and sociopath and Cindy the borderline personality disordered non-mother and sociopath are now millionaires and the primary victim is dead and the secondary victim is probably in jail for life- so figure.

      1. @Deb: “are now millionaires”

        That is the funniest thing I have heard all week. Good one!

    5. Cheryl,

      The desktop computer had 2 user accounts. One was named Casey that was not password protected and that George & Cindy used. This was proven by the forensic computer specialist (searches included their areas of interest and also jived with what they had told LE.) The 2nd account called owner was password protected and the forensic specialist was able to break it. The password was RICO23. Hmmm, could that have stood for Ricardo who was 23 and was her current “love” interest? The very disturbing searches on this user account were interspersed with hits to Facebook and MySpace, which George and Cindy did not ever use during the months prior to Caylee going missing. LE confirmed that Cindy and George were both at work during the times that these searches were conducted.

      What the defense would have us believe is if there is no eyewitness to a murder and there isn’t any DNA because the body isn’t found until it’s skeletonized, then nobody should ever be charged with the crime regardless of what the circumstantial evidence shows.

      Circumstantial evidence includes EVERY type of DNA evidence. The only other type of evidence in a court of law is direct evidence. This might be a confession, a video of the actual crime, or an eyewitness to the ACTUAL crime. Seeing Johnny flee the crime scene would be CE if you didn’t see him commit the deed.

      So, CE is actually preferred to DE and it’s silly to ever say this is only a CE case.

      Having said that, most of the evidence (though damning) on Scott Peterson was behavioral evidences really. They did have the purchase of the boat, cement, some computer logs, etc.. and him placing himself at the scene where the bodies washed ashore, but there was no real DNA evidence since he lived at the home.

      This would apply to Casey as well, but with decomp in the car, Caylee’s hair with the death band there as well, statements of her acknowledging the smell also goes a long way. Also, she went the “abduction route,” but too many evidences from the home were found with the remains. She too has a LOT of behavior issues and just like with Scott Peterson, it’s going to be a huge downfall for the defense. But in the end, what we know right now, they already have 10X more on Casey than they ever had on Scott (aside from behavior as they were pretty equal in that dept.).

      Actually I think that eyewitness testimony is considered circumstantial rather than direct because of recollection issues and most testimony is given after the crime and pre trial testimony and statements are picked apart at trial sometimes months later.

      Forensic evidence will seal the deal in this case, which was sorely lacking in the Peterson case. There is decomp and mad cell ping evidence in this case so I have no doubt that the dots will be connected.
      Remember the cell evidence in the Peterson case? That was 5 years ago.
      Technology will bury Casey.

      That’s okay; you’re waiting to see all the evidence. I’ve seen it already and don’t need the build up by the State of Florida, but appreciate how they are building Casey’s new jail cell brick by brick.

      We will never know how Caylee died, but defendants have been convicted time and time again with far less evidence.

      This case will be decided on the preponderance of the evidence against which the defense of reasonable doubt is offered.

      The defense has not put on its case yet. When they do, that is when a conclusion should be clear. That’s when you may or may not conclude that your doubt is reasonable.

      If the defense is hanging their hat on the abuse excuse, it will be too bad….not a chance in hell it will work

  26. Dr Glass, I have a question for you. I noticed the look of disgust on Dr. G’s face this morning as Cheney Mason suggested that she based her decision on cause of death on reports from the media. Her answer was priceless and classy: “I cannot base a decision this grave on the media!” She held her own against this good ole boy misogynist! He makes my skin crawl.

  27. I will agree with you on one thing! They have convicted those people on NOTHING! AND if it continues…you just better hope that you never have anyone go “missing” that you know or hav ever met…cause you may be sitting on DEATH ROW YOURSELF! Everybody thinks it cannot happen to them…there are jails full of people who NEVER had a motive, nor was there any evidence! That is NOT what our judicial system is supposed to be. NOW, when the media convicts them, the public BLINDLY follows along! What would you say if someone CONFESSED to killing Caylee Anthony AFTER Casey Anthony was executed???? It HAS HAPPENED! The public HATES the crime and the Media makes sure they HATE the defendant. I truly believe that most of these die hard Casey Anthony haters would NOT even have remorse if they DID find someone else killed the child…and that is the SICKEST part of all. I personally, DO NOT KNOW if she is guilty..I ONLY know they have NOT proven that she is…and IN AMERICA you are supposed to be INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY…

    1. The defense is saying Caylee accidentally drowned in the backyard swimming pool, so if you believe Casey and her defense team, then it would be impossible for someone to come forward and confess to killing Caylee.

      1. I totally agree, JLS!

        Cheryl: there are only 2 options being offered in this trial:

        1) That Caylee was killed by her mother or
        2) That Caylee’s death was an accident that her mother covered up.

        The jury gets to pick one.

        No one is going to come forth and confess to the crime because the defense – which Casey agrees with – is that the baby drowned accidentally. In that respect, she has admitted that she knew her daughter was dead and that the body was disposed of. Period.

        Casey IS innocent until proven guilty – that is what the COURT system is based on. She is having a trial by jury – a jury that has sworn to view her as innocent until proven guilty. Outside the courtroom, the “innocent until proven guilty” standard does not apply. It’s only for the courtroom.

    2. Cheryl,
      Did you know that most homicide case’s convict on circumstantial evidence? Yes, it’s true.
      But as far as Casey goes there is no one else to blame here and just because she didn’t personally autograph her murder of little Caylee, she certainly has proven her outstanding guilt by every thing she did from months of premeditation -to murder-to callus indifference-to lies and more lies- party girl- to the victim phase of being an accused of murder.

      Premeditation could insure her the death penalty

      Cindy Anthony said in court she doesn’t know how to operate My Space,
      so I doubt she has the brains to premeditate murder and then delete files. Daddy dearest isn’t computer literate at all based on the limited time he was shown to have done any personal family business on it.

      Lee is totally out of the question.

      Casey has always been able to lie and con everybody apparently all her life. She is narcissistic enough that she thought she’d be able to lie her way to freedom.
      In jail for 3 years and hardly a whisper of any moaning or loss of Caylee. The only time she reacted was when they found Caylees remains. She pitched a fit when she heard that because she thought she was so much smarter than anyone else and that Caylees little body would be gone forever.
      During this entire trial you can see her beginning to do a melt down as she is starting to realize she never got away with this heinous crime after all and has been caught out. Now the emotions range from fear to out right rage. These emotions are not normal for innocent people.
      They are the’ norm’ for sick psycho/sociopaths because any feelings they have are for themselves.

      Think about it.

    3. It appears from the OS of Jose Baez, Inmate Anthony still did not take responsibility for any actions relating to precious Caylee, they left it in George’s lap…shameful to say the least.

      From my livingroom, I have watched this inmate sit stoic when the jury is present, once they leave the courtroom, she becomes animated and appears to be ‘barking’ at Jose Baez. She is still hiding the real Casey Anthony, this from the ‘great pretender”.
      It also appears she’s getting her cues from her attorney, when she rubs her back. cue in the tears…she picks in her eyes and nose to make them appear red, only once, I’ve seen real tears fall, possibly three altogether..she is hoping for an academy award, where the end result is acquittal..wishful thinking on her part.
      Inmate Anthony had every opportunity to tell what happened to Caylee, she didn’t for she knew the way this child’s skeletal remains were found, the duct tape removes any doubts on an accidental death…she should be ashamed to blame this on her father, I believe he had nothing to do with Caylee’s demise. I also see shame in this inmates body language with her head held down. Shoulders down seems to me, she feels defeated…
      I do hope the image of precious Caylee’s bones being eaten by scavengers that inhabit that swamp are emblazed in her mind. This is what she reduced her child to, bones…and the CSI team tried there best to get every bone of Caylee’s for a proper burial.
      Dr. G brought this back to reality, for as she stated, there is no reason for any child to have duct tape on their face. No reason not to call 911 if an accident did occur, there’s a chance the child could be saved. You don’t party like it’s 2099 for 31 days, while your child is left in bags, thrown in the woods to decompose. I truly hope she has nightmares for the rest of her sorry life…
      I predict a guilty veridict with a LWOP sentence. She will not walk free for justice for Caylee is that golden ring in this circus. Jose Baez/CMason should have implored his client to plead guilty and save her own life but Inmate Anthony will never take responsibility for her actions. She can fool some of the people some of the time but can’t fool all the people all of the time…JMHO
      Justice for Caylee

      1. I agree…she is so animated and flirty when the jury is out of the room…but goes back to the pouty “poor me” look when the jury is in the room..

    4. One call to 911 and Inmate Anthony might not have faced any charges..she did this to herself. Granted the defense has not put on their case in chief but what’s the point. It will be more lies from the ‘great pretender’.
      Jose Baez’ opening statement left a wet, allegedly drowned Caylee in his lap. What happened after this inmate took her child from George?
      The best evidence is also the roots that grew in and around Caylee’s skeletal remains, also on the Winnie the Pooh blanket. That precious child’s remains, laid where this Inmate tossed them for 6 months. That removes the possibility that someone else placed Caylee in the woods at Suburban. This is all Inmate Casey Anthony…she should plead guilty and beg for fogiveness…JMHO

      Justice for Caylee

  28. I truly believe Casey is a sociopath and should pay the extreme penalty of death for what she has done and continues to do to this beautiful, adorable, little innocent girl, Caylee.

    However, Baez knows that the world at large has been so conditioned to believe the most out outlandish lies by politicians, Hollywood, and a host of other groups that people can’t see the truth at all any more because of the lies upon lies and giant spin going on.

    So he blunders in where angels fear to tread, because this after all is a high profile case, and isn’t hurting his wallet at all, therefore the poor people of Florida are paying his salary since Casey is classed as indigenous and poor.
    So when he insinuates that the witnesses for the prosecution are getting up there simply because of the money they receive shows just how inept he really is. Baez himself certainly isn’t doing this for FREE. And he certainly knows this will project him into the lime light and he’s sure to make a ton of money during and after the trial with a book, and even guest celebrity status everywhere he goes. I was hoping that someone, anyone, who he’s accused of grandstanding for the prosecution and or receiving money would fire that question right back at him.

    Baez is a clumsy excuse for an attorney and he is throwing Casey to the lions every time he opens his mouth. Not that I care about her, but that some REAL innocent person in the future who puts their trust in him to help them out of a tight spot will be the true victim
    due to his glaring incompetency, not Casey.

    If this wasn’t such a grim and horrible event, I’d almost laugh at his pitiful attempts to block or other wise discredit all the tons of evidence pointing right at Casey. All he’s managed to do is cement the validity of the prosecution’s evidence against this sociopath even more!

    So some where down the line if and when she is sentenced to death she can drag out the old worn out excuse of a poor defense and probably get another trial. At any event we have not heard the last of psycho/sociopath, and the poor people of Florida will keep getting stuck with the ever expensive bill. (please excuse any typo’s 😛 )

    Ranger Ryder

    1. I completely concur! Often on cross examination he means to trip up the witness and instead drives home the prosecution’s point!

      What an poor excuse of a human being he is. I believe he should be brought before the board for poor ethics and practice. Wasn’t there talk at one time about improper behavior with his client, Casey. They showed the hots for each other at the beginning, it was sickening to watch. jmo

  29. Anyone notice that When the prosecution is questioning the witnesses Casey has her head down. kleenex to face, and is turned toward the attorney on lef, t but when her attorney cross examines the witness ….. she manages to pull it together, sit straight, and look at the monitor and what’s happening in court ?
    Wow …I was almost convinced she was moved by the testimony today but it’s apparent that she’s just mugging for the camera.

  30. Cheryl: I think exactly the way you do- all this is lynch mob mentality – all feeling with no thinking.

    George the child sexual abuser and sociopath and Cindy the borderline personality disordered non-mother and sociopath are now millionaires and the primary victim is dead and the secondary victim is probably in jail for life- so figure.


    I just wanted to respond to this post. I have followed this case for 3 years. I have watched the evidence presented to date. Other than Jose making the CLAIM that Caylee drowned and George sexually abused Casey there has not been one shred of evidence to support that theory to date. Not only is there NOT one shred of evidence to support that theory, but the allegation came from a woman who the prosecution has PROVEN to be a pathological liar.
    I would, at the very minimum, suggest you listen to the facts presented before label this man a sexual offender. Sexual abuse is a horrible crime…… but in no way would ever be an excuse to murder and dispose of one’s child the way it appears that Ms. Anthony did.

  31. Hmmm. I just had a thought occur to me while watching Dr. G’s testimony again. She said “it was tossed…”

    IT. meaning Caylee’s body. At first it kind of took me back, but Dr. G is correct the body is an “it”. It’s a body. It’s not the person anymore. The person is gone. The lifeforce is gone. All that is left is a shell, a body. So she was correct in saying “it” even though it does seem harsh and sad. 😦 But it’s reality.

    Now, remember when Casey was talking to the detectives and she said:

    “If I didn’t want my daughter, I would have given it to my mother.” and everyone was talking about her calling Caylee “it” as in she didn’t even see her as a person, etc.

    But. I’m thinking there is a little more to it than that. When the lifeforce is gone… all she was left with was the shell, the body. So perhaps that was what was on her mind, “it” the body. The pronoun has shifted from “her” to “it”.

    I’m sure she had many thoughts running through her mind that past month “What am I going to do with it?”, “What if they find it?” “I need to get it out of the trunk of my car”

    Caylee was no longer a “her” anymore… but an “it”.

    Perhaps that is what Dr. Lillian Glass was referring to in the first place and maybe I just didn’t understand her take on it before now.

    1. correction: “taken aback” is what I meant to say, it must be late my brain is tired. But actually I guess “took me back” is actually correct too, because it indeed took me back to what Casey had said to the detectives.

    2. I believe the ‘it was tossed’, was meant the garbage bag where Inmate Anthony triple bagged her child…JMHO

      Justice for Caylee

      1. I just watched it again and this was what she said:
        “The fact that it is tossed in a field to rot in bags.” Then she went on to talk about “it being put into a bag is a very big red flag for homicide..” so she was definitely talking about the body, not the bags.

  32. Again, another day of fake crying from Casey. If she was really crying she would be using more than one napkin. At one of the breaks, she pulled out a pile of napkins untouched. I did not see any used ones. She yet again appears to be putting on a show. Another great example was after doctor G got off the stand, after the sidebar they were talking about the next witness who was going to show pictures to the jury of Caylee’s actual skull with duct tape on it. Casey had to watch the monitor and we all saw her actually looking at the pictures because HLN took down the text on the screen so we can see her looking at the monitors. She had no problems looking at any of those photos, and this was when the JURY was out of the room. Did you also notice that she had another fit today? I mean she looked really pissed and was arguing with Baez, and I could not read her lips. It was killing me. I see a very guilty girl. She may have covered up that cause of death very well, but she looks and acts guilty.. I thought Dr. G was great today.

    1. You have that right, Joe…she looked at the computer screen when the jury was out of the courtroom. Once the jury is in the courtroom, Inmate Anthony starts with her theatrics…pity the fool who thinks they can pull to wool over the sheeps eyes…I do hope those jurors get the sense of what Inmate Anthony is and she’s not the mother of the year…JMHO

      Justice for Caylee

  33. Teni, your analysis of the { IT } factor is spot on….The moment I heard that statement from Casey, I knew Caylee was gone….

    Cheryl……..your statements are all HOGWASH…….the defense team, would be so proud of you…..hahahahahahahahahahahaha……….you represent the 1% of our population, still in denial…….

  34. While watching Geraldo it was stated and AGREED to by several experts in this area that the COMPLETELY STAGED movie of Caylee with Casey SHOULD overturn this case. And it should be overturned! For a case that is so dam open and shut the Prosecution has tied the defense up with NON STOP side bars, REDICULOUS objections, and NOW videos that morph a little child into her death with her mother in the photo smiling! The tactics these people have gone to with the idiot judge blindly allowing them to do it …THEY DESERVE to have this case overturned. Scott Peterson’s case is the only case where a person sentenced to death with ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENC! Accept a horrible lawyer, blood hungry media, and a Judge that was led around by the nose. So, I truly hope that if this is all they have which is NOTHING but possibilites it is overturned if not now on APPEAL. While I am not particularly fond of Casey Anthony..although I DO NOT KNOW THE GIRL! and unlike most of the people on here who DEPEND and HANG on every word the media feeds you, I WANT to see a PROVEN case, or the defendant is NOT GUILTY! This case has brought out every freak imaginable! They are actually hurting each other physically to get in line to sit in the court room so they can see first hand pictures of a beautiful little baby…DEAD and in pieces! In my opinion these people are JUST as deranged or MORE SO than Casey Anthony! There are NO words that can justify a persons NEED to feed on this kind of stuff. My interest as a person in the legal system for years, is purely on the facts of the case and the way in which it is tryed…the rest of it I guess will be left for the bottom feeders of our society, while they take off work and run each other down to get a seat in there! And TWITTER, TWEET, and BLOG their utter hate for a girl they do not know, a murder they have no proof of, and an outcome they have power over. But I am sure they will attach themselves to the very next media bitz.

  35. What I can say to your comment is NO I have NOT followed this case for three years. I Have heard Nancy & Jane screaming accusations at the cameras for three years..KNOWING that the “real” story would eventually come out. While Casey Anthony fits the mold of your “perfect person” to have done this; She is a Liar, she is selfish, she is at least deranged to some degree. We have ALL known people like this, I know I have! That DOES NOT ALWAYS mean that they (she) DID THIS! What this reminds me of is you have an ex-con, ex-gang member accused of rape and second suspect who is a young affluent college guy…If you have to pick between the two…MUST BE THE EX-CON! That is the mentality that we are seeing here. AND you know that ANY set of circumstances CAN be twisted and molded to be POSSIBLE… I certainly DO know how SERIOUS sexual abuse and allegations of sexual abuse are. What I do NOT know is George Anthonys background, NOR do I know Casey Anthonys background all the way back to when she was 8 years old? Did she exhibit behavior of that of an abused child. I can tell you this her demanor IS of that of an abused or controlled person NOW, from the jailhouse talks with George right down to her demeanor in the court room. She CRAVES the attention and acceptance of men much the way that an abused child does. Regardless how much the abuser abuses them they WANT to be loved by the abuser! And they will fiercely lie and do whatever it takes to protect them and others from finding out about them. Little girls that have a normal relationship with their fathers DO NOT CRAVE their attention and acceptance. Just a little of my experience here..while working at a local hospital, this was back in the 70’s. I had a two and a half year old little girl come onto the medical floor, she had been repeatedly abused by her father (as told by the nurses who had treated her) and it could not be proven! On this visit she had all most had her arm shot off! His story was that he was having target practice and she jumped up and grabbed the gun! This guy was over 6 ft tall and his daughter about 3 ft tall??? At any rate, the social workers tryed everything KNOWN to man, using dolls, endless talks, all of it. All this kid kept saying was I love daddy! Her parents lived two blocks from the hospital and in the two weeks she was in the hospital they came to visit twice! I rocked her to sleep at night when she cried for them! And yes we had to discharge her back home to them! I was told by the ER doc that he was very afraid the next time they saw her it would be a DOA. I was SHOCKED! First that they would let her go home with them, and mostly because SHE loved her parents so much! I was 19 then and I have seen this hundreds of times since! So to say that George could NOT have that kind of control of over Casey is rediculous, just as rediculous that Casey would NOT act like the dutiful little girlfriend to him when needed. Problem is…if this IS the case, she has lied and fanticized so much that no one will believe her now if she is ready to give him up. Every Expert that the prosec has brought on has had another one come on and refute everything they said…one says way too much Chloroform, the other says only residue like you would find in a household cleaner. One says hit cholorform 84 times on the internet the other one says it could actually only be proven twice! As I said at this point I am NOT convinced, and I will not know until the Defense puts on their case. And to say as I have said before that an ex-cop, and a nurse do not know how to effectively use a computer..that I am NOT buying. Also, Lee Anthony frequented his parents home and had his own keys..thus he could have been there anyday at any time using the computer…the point here is that CASEY did NOT live alone with the only access to the computer. Aside from the fact that during the day ANY of Caseys friends could have been on that computer. There are just too many possibilities!. Where is the PROOF that George did NOT drive that car for the first few days after the child died, with her in the trunk? Are we believing him or Cindy who have LIED on the witness stand, to the media and to the police. Just two days ago Mark Furman did and interview and stated Cindy Anthony either lied to him or on the witness stand because she told him Caylee COULD climb the fence to the pool and then said on the witness stand she COULD NOT! Remember her saying “we always took the ladder down because Caylee could climb it”???? And grieving George out running around with his mistress telling her “this was a horrible accident”!!! Finally, NONE of these people say the same thing TWICE and I can tell you this, if it is found that George Anthony WAS involve in this I would BLAME him far more than Casey AS HE HAD the control.

  36. So big deal! It’s probably like everybody elses home computer EVERYBODY KNOWS THE PASSWORD!! THAT WAS HARD!

  37. So, with all this EVIDENCE Why does the prosecution go from one theory to another. First the Duct tape is the murder weapon, no wait, NOW its the Chloroform! If it was the duct tape the WHY was ther NO DNA of Caylees on it? Their EXPERT?? swore that it was across her mouth and nose and WAS there before she died…that means she was breathing and it also means there would have been saliva..NOT! Secondly, where were Caseys fingerprints on the duct tape.. NOW I guess inmate Anthony is a CSI expert and WORE her gloves??? And as I said with the computer…EVERYBODY in that house probably KNEW the password, including a few that did NOT live there? So, just as easy as you can accuse it…it can be defended or debunked that is just how WEAK it is.

  38. If that perpetual pout of hers repulses the jury as much as it does me, Crasey’s a dead woman walking. I would expect the expressions of a young woman in her situation to be, at times, sad, tired, fearful, and even irritated or angry occasionally (when appropriate). But the young mother being charged with the death of her child just under three years ago should not be pouting.

    1. I will tell you how I know Casey was faking it, There was NO liquid or tears in or under her eyes or cheeks, She had a dry hankie and her facial expressions did not match the expression of sorrow or grief.I am not an idiot. If you knew me you would know full well that I kiss no one’s a**, I am an independent thinker and I don’t go along with anything I don;t believe in.

  39. I think with the media overusing every word to describe the horror as entertainment overloads some to the point that they get into Casey’s universe. Do all think that if they hear something that they have to react! Casey likes the “react” part. She didn’t make it through school, lost her job, conned her family and friends, and probably dumped a child in a swamp. This is what the parents had to deal with. Now everyone gets a part of the action. I have to wonder if the public should be doing this. What’s the point? Will anyone change? Will a teenager be saved from the same fate? Domestic violence gets processed into all of society this way. Why has child abuse turned into a cash cow? Where is the forum for that?

  40. I have followed this case for 3 years and the evidence is supporting what I suspected all along. So what if Casey was abused ? Sexual abuse isn’t a pass to kill your kid. If anything it would make her more protective of her daughter and I saw just the opposite. She fits the bill for a psychopath. She had opportunity and motive. She acts like she’s guilty.

  41. The difference between Susan Smith and Andrea Yates is SHOCKING!! The book “Are you Alone” gives a complete and accurate account of Andrea Yates. After reading it I felt that her husband and all three of her doctors SHOULD have been given the death penalty while Andrea should be kept in as comforting an environment as possible for the rest of her life! Because if (when) she ever does come back mentally, once she realizes what she did she will never be right again! Her story was the most pathetic I have ever heard! Especially the part where she begs her husband and family to help her because she was afraid she would hurt her children, the voices were telling her to do it. And they put her in alcohol and drug rehab!!She was never a drinker and never had taken drugs???

    Susan Smith on the other hand stood and watched her kids SLOWLY drownd and admitted she did it because her boyfriend did not want children. Death Penalty was NEVER on the table??? Prime person fior it~

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