Revealing Jailhouse Tapes Show Casey Anthony’s Signals of Deception and True Feelings


After listening to Casey’s jailhouse tapes where she is speaking to her parents and separately to her father,  it is now understandable why her parents wanted so much  to believe their daughter. If you just listened to these tapes without looking at her body language, Casey sounds very credible. She is fluent and rarely hesitates.She sounds bright and articulate and is very convincing.  But if you look at her body language while she is speaking,  it tells completely  different story.

Below are some of her statements along with tells of deception.

I’ve been asking every question I could possibly think of ( looks away shakes head no)

It’s the truth that’s all we want. (shoulder shrug)

I know she’s Ok (shakes head no)

Even on her birthday the entire day (flips her hair)

The only letters I’ve gotten have been very positive (shoulder shrug)

I want Caylee more than anyone can understand (shakes head no)

I told you everything ( shakes head no)

Little Caylee is like you and I (chuckles and shakes her head no)

All I want is to see Caylee( said with no emotion and shakes head no)

I wanna be there when she comes home (shrugs shoulder)

These are only a few of the signs she isn’t telling the truth about what she is really feeling. She speaks in a monotone a flat affect when discussing Caylee and trying to help find her.



We  see an overly confident cocky bratty girl who  essentially runs her parents. She runs the show with jer  charm, manipulation and anger and good looks.  It is so easy to see why her family and friends and boyfriends  wanted to belive this confident sounding, pretty girl.

We hear her  parents  walk on eggshells with her. They use soft tones and terms of endearment to appease her. She seems to react well to that  tone at times. But other times we hear a harshness and an anger in her tone. It is as though there is a bipolarity in her speech pattern. Taht does not mean that I am diagnosing her as being bipolar. She may very well be bipolar among among other diagnosis like a  sociopath, but only proper testing  and a formal diagnosis by a psychiatrist could determine that for sure.

The other thing that I noticed in George and Cindy’s  communication behavior with Casey is that they give her agreat deal of power. They tell her that she is the boss and she is in charge. Perhaps it is their way of trying to get informaiton out of her. There are  alot of   “I  love you’s”  and tender words from her parents.

The truest sense of emotion displayed by Casey was when her father spoke of how people were so supportive of  finding Caylee and about the work by charity volunteers. at times Casey  was beaming a smile with pride. But then  she would begin to cry real tears and the she would get angry.  Casey broke down with real tears and real grief  emergerd as she knew Caylee would never come home, despite her father’s efforts.

Casey did display genuine emotion when it came to discussing herself and her needs as you can see by some of her statements below.

Cindy says “Dad boiled up at the media  Casey says(Yah I heard  (laughs)

(to Cindy) Do You understand how I feel? I’ve been here a month. (angry)

To George you says to Casey ” you are the boss “- Not anymore. No I haven’t been since I got here (angry)

Can someone let me speak? No one’s letting me speak. (angry)

I’ve spent the day all alone in bed with my head  under the covers (crys)

I read my bible almost the entire day, It was miserable  (angry)

 Cindy The latest is Casey drowned in the pool.  Casey( Surprise surprise) (sarcasm)

My entire life has been taken from me  (anger)

I have no one to comfort me but myself  ( sadness)

For this entire time I sat in my room I haven’t  been mad once but this one time –I;m so hurt by everything I don’t know what to say. (anger) NO remorse

 After listening to the tapes , we  can see how selfish and narcissistic Casey a person Casey seems.  She doesn’t seem to have feelings for anyone but herself.

It is heart wrenching to see how much Casey’s  parents really do love Casey and Caylee.  Afer listening to the tapes it doesn’s seem that George knows anything about Caylee’s death at the beginning stages. I can’t imagine him acting this genuine and concerned if he knew Caylee drowned and if he had some involvement.  He seems to be too desperate for answers. Both he  and Cindy seem desperate to find Caylee. As they consitently  speak to Casey in such loving terms,  the  hope that she will reveal  a kernel of information as to where Caylee is located.

These tapes are the most revealing of all the information thus far as far as the drowning of Caylee and the alleged collusion of her father. At this point it seems that all he wants is answers.  Casey’s cockiness and anger George’s deference to her  does not seem like the  communicaiton dynamic where Casey would protect her father in any way. As we see from her dialogue, the only person she would protect is herself .

As we see more and more of the  evidence presented in such a systematic way, we learn that things aren’t looking too good for Casey.  here seems to be less and less reasonable doubt that she caused Caylee’s demise.


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  1. Casey shows no embarrasment at being caught in lie after lie…just anger at not being believed…we have all probably lied about something at some time and been caught in the “No, I can’t go to your party because I will be working that day” and then being seen at the store…you would be mortified that you were caught in a lie…but Casey does not appear embarrased or upset…when she took LE to Universal and turned around and finally said she didn’t really work there and then sat there and talked to LE and was accused of lying about everything..she sat and continued to lie, showing no embarrasment or remorse, and at the end of the interrogation, acted like they had just finished having lunch and told them she would continue to try to help them look for Zanny…wow….

    1. Its as if she refuses to be ashamed but she probably has no idea what that emotion is.

      Also want to say, I wonder how many times Casey mimicked an emotion but it was copying from someone being deceptive? 😕

    2. I’m watching the replay right now of the interrogation. The cops did everything short of strangling Casey and she still continued to lie. I seriously believe that even if they had waterboarded her, she’d still lie!

  2. Its been said by many that these tapes destroyed the defense’s opening statement. Rumor is that Cheney Mason had not seen these tapes but was sure that Baez had. CM was not pleased that Baez hadn’t studied these tapes better before putting together the OS.

    On another note, I’m starting to wonder if Cindy’s denial wasn’t so much that Caylee was gone forever but that her daughter was the reason for it. I think that’s why Cindy behaved as she did trying to protect Casey and who she wanted her to be (all that Casey said she was, that is).

  3. Sherry, Cheney Mason had to be a complete and utter fool if he did not see these tapes. They have been on the internet for three years. Cheney Mason is no dim bulb like Baez is. Where did you get information that he had not seen these..?

      1. Bill S had stated it during the playing of the tapes…
        Not sure if he QUESTIONED whether Mason had seen the tapes, or if he actually was STATING that Mason hadn’t seen the vids!

        NOT sure if that helps answer where you might have read that Sherry – I know, I recall him saying that to the fellow that was interviewing Bill while the tapes were being played in court…

    1. Well Mason does strike me as a fool. He can’t even hear what is being said in court and remember took the case because it was going to be “fun.”

      While I can’t confirm he didn’t watch the tapes, it would not surprise me.

  4. Sherry, Cheney Mason had to be a complete and utter fool if he did not see these tapes. They have been on the internet for three years. Cheney Mason is no dim bulb like Baez is. Where did you get information that he had not seen these..?
    If Cheney Mason has seen the tapes and didn’t get them excluded, he is a fool. If he didn’t see them, he is a fool. So how can you say he isn’t a fool? He’s also a blustering, rude fool! :-p

  5. Zoe- AMEN!!!! Cheny Mason is a blubbering unprofessional idiot. As much as a dont like jose, at least he is trying to the best of his ability (which iasnt saying much) but CM is a total embarrassment. I cannot stand to listen to his jokes or his pathetic attempts at cross examination.

    1. Seriously, I was so glad to see a well known and highly regarded attorney such as Mason joining the DT. I really believed we’d see some good defense with him on board. How disappointing he turned out to be. His motions were of old cases and/or not relevant to the situation being addressed and even now he still disappoints with his cross exams. He, after all these years in the courtroom, should know that LE witnesses are trained to look at the jury! D-oh!

      1. Totally agree on all counts. CM has proven himself to be a paper tiger – qualified on paper only! Why in the world didn’t Dot due the cross today for the scientific evidence? Wasn’t that why she was hired? Is she now just a full-time babysitter?

  6. Dr. Glass, why is it that Casey’s dishonesty is apparent to everyone but her parents?

    Casey’s parents really enabled her and spurred her on. They were well-meaning but seemed unable to step back and see things impartially. There were so many signs that Casey was covering guilt and lying to them just in that one tape and yet they kept following along like trusting puppy dogs- Cindy in the lead and George following.

    I just don’t get the dynamic here! Casey is completely in charge, her parents walk in fear of and in deference to her. It’s like her instant switches from miss sunshine to dark and evil have them well trained to follow only where she leads. And keep in mind that Cindy’s brother was trying desperately to get her to see the truth at this time and she absolutely refused. It’s almost like the way a cult member cannot be reasoned with, like mind control!

    George, I think, had more of a clue, more awareness of probability, yet he defers to Cindy and allows her to lead. Probably because experience taught him she couldn’t be reasoned with and he just had to be patient, and also perhaps he did not have confidence in his own perceptions.

  7. It’s unbelievable how she is sitting at this trial and all the time only she knows the truth. She is definitely a sicopath. I also don’t believe that Dr. who was on HLN saying this is a character of sexual abuse because she went through the same thing. How come she became a doctor and a worthy person then. What was her secret? How come she didn’t kill her father? I cant’ wait to see what the defense will have to say about the duct tape on the skull of Caylee. What lies will come from that?

    1. Isabel, if that was last night on the Dr. Drew show, yes, there was a woman who was actually a defense attorney who said she had suffered abuse for years starting at age 3. She believes Casey’s defense and that George is a molester. But you are correct when asking why she didn’t kill her own father. She went on to marry and become an attorney. I think it’s more believable that Casey is a sociopath and not a victim of abuse.

      1. The only ‘abuse’ I see between the Anthony’s is Casey’s abuse on all of them! She’s been ruling that roost for some time, now. I have a daughter that’s lies like that and until I realized what was going on, she had all of us spinning on our heads! She wasn’t molested or abused by anyone, she was spoiled rotten, just like Casey! Now, I let my daughter have it with both barrels and tell her exactly the way it is and is gonna be and all the while I’m repeating “and don’t lie to me” and “don’t blow smoke up my a**”! LOL =) I’d love to see Casey’s parents do her like that! hahaha

      2. I’m with you on this. I am no longer on the fence. I do not believe the allegations that George sexually molested her. Dr. Lillian, I have been waiting for just such a post as this one. Excellent. My new fence weighing issue relates to whether she is a full blown psychopath or full blown sociopath. Doesn’t really matter. These tapes show the period of time when her parents were still innocent of all the obfuscations, lying, and obstruction of evidence. The pain of these parents is palpable and so is their tried & true ineffective coping mechanisms they’ve used for years. I am just gobsmacked at the DT’s near total incompetence if it’s true that they watched these videos in total for the very 1st time in court! WFTV reported today that Jose was text messaging with People Magazine & other MSM while the video of Casey with George was airing. The disrespect that this shows for the Court and his client is truly stunning.

    2. @Isabel, I watched Dr Drew last night as well, and the defense attorney who was interviewed who believes Casey’s allegation of molestation against George, IMO, has no business speaking on the subject. She is far too close to her own damage about what happened to her and has only just begun the process of delving into it and dealing with it to speak with any authority on the subject whatsoever. It is only when have dealt with your own trauma about your own abuse that you can see other’s claims of it objectively. Additionally, when you are not mired in your own emotional abyss that you set aside for 10 years before you were even able to approach it to work on it, everyone looks like a perp to you. Its only after you’ve truly dealt with it that your sixth sense about who is and isn’t a sexual abuser is more focused and honed. I am a survivor myself, and dealt with the emotional fall out of my own abuse many years ago. People don’t have to tell me who to steer clear of/keep my kids away from, I can practically smell it on them. George Anthony is not one of these people.

      1. When I was working on my masters, which had a counseling option, the number of students who had personal (UNFINISHED PROCESSING) of their own trauma but were going to save others… was staggering.

        There is a belief that if you were not a drug addict, you can’t counsel a drug addict because you don’t know his pain. Pure hogwash. And dangerous when these people transfer their own damaged history onto their clients.

  8. So glad I found your site. I have been asking to be a fly on the wall for this one in terms to this respect. I seen a lot of the things you bring up too and concur with you. btw – Avid watcher of Lie to Me. Body language gives away so much more and once you learn how to spot it, it is hard to turn it off, right or wrong! Thanks for sharing your views!!!

  9. Her parents seem to want to believe her so bad, but on some level they likely knew that Casey is capable of doing terrible things. I think they were scared of her, and that’s why they allowed her to rule the roost. That’s just too awful and shameful to deal with as a parent.

    1. Yes – In Ryan Pasley’s interview with OCSO he stated that Cindy told him that Casey is a sociopath! Ryan has known her since the age of 5 and was listed in her cell phone as Best Friend when it was confiscated by Yuri Melich. Cindy knew and so did George, at least on some level.

  10. Well said, I can’t stand how Casey walks in the court every day and flirts with Jose and Cheney. I heard it on WFTV that CM did not see the tapes. I believe Jose is grandstanding and kept telling his team he had everything under control and they thought he had. CM was pissed when the tapes played. I really think Casey is enjoying all of this. She is proud of her work of deception and her ability to keep concealing the truth. When she is peering at the monitor, especially when Yuri was interviewing there was a distinct smirk on her face of it being replayed for the whole world to see what a great actor she is. She is really delighting in this. I previously thought that it was an accident but the more I see her delight in this being replayed the more now I believe it was premeditated. Even at the cost of going to death row she is more impressed that she got over on everyone and they never could learn the truth, that’s why she wouldn’t take the deal.

  11. I think it’s been testified to that Casey got the name Zenaida from a visitor form at the Sawgrass Apts in 2008. Cindy (if she is now telling the truth) says Casey talked about Zanny in 2006 in detail, no one asked if she referred to her as Zenaida then? I want to believe Cindy has finally seen the light and is truthful, but I have a hard time believing that she can remember in such detail the things that Casey told her about other people, middle names, mother’s names, where they have lived and gone to school, just too much detail. And her ability to recall it now and recite it on the stand is remarkable. I feel very sorry for Cindy either way, I have a daughter and know how hard this must be for her.

  12. I am not a behaviorist but I would think denial is more of an unwllingness to accept the truth no matter what it is.
    In this case you have some parents or I should say grandparent who do not want to believe the most prcecious thing in their life is dead their grandchild. So I think anyone would hold on to any glimmer of hope that their grandchild could possibly be alive. Then you have the dynamic of having to believe something else that most parents to believe is that their daughter is a cold blooded killer. So once again you have a situation where any parent would hold on to any glimmer of hopes that their kid had not commit the ultimate crime you can do against another person. I think what tops this off is that you have two things working here and that is, 1 you do not want to believe your grandchild is dead and 2 you do not want to think of your child is a murderer but you especially do not want to think of your child as the person who killed your granddaughter. So with these two forces working together I can understand why the Anthony must have been hoping that all of this was a big huge misunderstand and that they were hoping on anything even as small as it was or even if it was none existence they were hoping that this was mistake.
    I used to get frustrated with the Anthony’s because I thought they refuse to look what is in front of them but I think by watching the tapes I can easily see that they desperately wanted all of this to be a mistake but at the very least that they did not want their daughter to be responsible.

  13. I was repeatedly molested and raped by my own father between the ages of 4 and 14.

    I never murdered anyone.

    Casey’s behavior is NOT that of a rape victim. It’s that of a sociopath. Period.

    1. So sorry to hear about your brief story, I just can’t fathom a natural father doing those things but I guess it happens. I have a 14 year old daughter and it makes me sick to think anyone let alone someone biological father would so anything like that. But true to course it is not a green light for Casey to kill her daughter if indeed she was molested

    2. Thank you for sharing and I agree absolutely. I wrote on a previous thread how detestable the defense’s theory is, as someone who survived incest (my story is the same as yours, though I was younger when it started and younger when it stopped). There are a scary number of people in our own country with stories like ours, and we do our very best, in our own ways, to make a decent and fulfilling life out of the lot we were given. The defense team would have us believe that Casey is incapable of showing emotion for her dead child and is a compulsive liar due to sexual abuse, and that this is somehow to be expected and a normal outcome for people with our histories. I’ll say it again, IF Casey was abused by George, then LE needs to investigate and prosecute George in a separate trial. As for this trial, I see zero connection between Caylee’s death and any alleged abuse.
      Xenu, take care of yourself.

  14. If ca is found not guilty (for some crazy reason) can they still charge her for the “drowning”? If so what would be the charges?

  15. I noticed that when Casey was talking with her father in the jail – when it was just him alone – she refers to Caylee as “that little girl”. To me that appears to be distancing language – kinda like when she called her “it”. Absolutely cold and heartless.

  16. I learn So Much from reading your assessments, Dr. Glass and also from the additional information from these great posts. I have a topic that I would love to see some dialogue on and that is the changes that I hear in Casey’s inflection of her language as she tells her lies. I have listened to Casey’s many taped interviews and have noticed an inflection in her enunciation of her words when she is lying about the “imaginary people”, the Nanny, her job, where she went and what she did to find Caylee. Is the enunciation of her words a clue to more aspects about her distorted way of thinking? My personal “hinky-meter” just goes off inside me when she changes the way she speaks during her lies/storytelling and I actually Feel my stomach turning with every lie that she tells…Even my teenaged son noticed the different ways that she will say things where she stretches the vowels, adds a “ch” to the “s” sound, sometimes has a New York accent and says “choo” instead of “two”, “joo” instead of “do” and so much more…I hope that someone here has noticed this and has some comments…I find it fascinating! Thanks in advance.

  17. I would like to know if Cindy was ever questioned on her giving the house to Casey. Remember how she told Amy that she was getting the house. Also I saw that some people wondered if she might have been thinking of killing her parents and getting the house. At this point I don’t put anything past her. I have never known someone to lie like Casey and with such detail.

  18. Dr.Glass, just looked up the word sociopath because I thought it was more of a slang word for that describe someone that is just a bad apple. After reviewing the traits of a sociopath is almost looked like it was describing Casey. I just wondering and I know this is not your field of expertise but just wondering did you have an opinion if Casey is a sociopath or not.

    1. Ed – If my memory is correct, Dr Lillian has described her as such for a few years now in some of her previous posts. She had identified her as such very early on into this sad saga.

  19. Thank goodness, it looks like our two trolls are gone – yipeeeeee! Now I can read every comment and everything makes sense.

    Personality disorders, Narcissistic, Borderline, Histrionic,, are the ones that most psychiatrists and psychologists are NOT willing to even attempt to treat.
    People with these disorders are unbelievably resistant to treatment, that is, IF they’ll even admit there is anything wrong with them.
    Furthermore, these patients are the bane of those who work in mental health units; it is said if you give one of them two hours, the entire ward will be turned upside down and inside out. Patients and staff alike “will turn on each other” as a result of the P.D. entering the unit.

    I think Casey killed Caylee within hours of leaving G&C’s house after the big fight between Cindy and Casey. Cindy’s demands of Casey during that “argument,” i.e. to stay home with Caylee more often, get a real job, etc., provided more than enough MOTIVE (for Casey) for this heinous murder.

    Justice for Baby Caylee.

    1. I’m glad to see that the one troll is gone! But, lets hope we haven’t spoke too soon!

      Knowing two relatives who have the same personality as Casey, they do not think anything is wrong with them unless they want the sympathy of those giving them attention. But it has to be on their terms because no one dare tell them they need help! I’ve personally known the hell one pays trying to help them.

      Thanks for your comment. You must work in the psychiatry field.

      You are so right that these type individuals are capable of turning things

    2. i just want to say that not all people with personality disorders are as evil as Casey is. i’m a borderline personality, actively going through treatment and responding well to it. i get that i’m probably the exception rather than the rule, but not all people with personality disorders are lost causes.

  20. I have wondered why the “fight” between Cindy and Casey didn’t come up when the prosecution had Cindy on the stand. Cindy told the story of the last night with Caylee and Casey, after the swim,etc..She did not include any info of a fight. As far as anyone knows, such a fight is hearsay at this point, I have never heard of Cindy admitting that such a fight happened.

    1. The fight was about the money she stole. If the Defense brings up the fight, it will admit into evidence what the fight was about, which in turn opens the door wider for all of Casey’s 6 felony counts of theft to be discussed in front of the jury.

      The defense doesn’t want that… the prosecution would probably love it, but right now can’t bring it up until Baez screws up again.

      1. BeckyM –

        I agree with your comment. This is an another example of Cindy’s dishonesty. Since she lied to law enforcement initially about this incident, if she were to testify truthfully now she could be impeached and it would put all of her testimony into doubt.

  21. In the tapes… she always refers to Caylee as “I feel in my gut she’s ok”… etc… how many times does she say this?? NOTICE SHE NEVER SAYS THE WORD “ALIVE” . If you watch her with the viewpoint of her knowing Caylee is dead and she is talking about Caylee’s spirit then it makes total sense… “I just want to see her again” (heaven), “We will all see her again” (heaven)… etc.

    She is evil.

    1. Thanks for that post, NCResident! I thought the same thing when I was watching the tapes. It just added to whole thing of her telling a partial-truth to make her lie believable.

      And I had to roll my eyes when she told her Dad that she was reading the bible. The part I loved was how she always has it with her in bed. I thought – sure – probably to prop up her feet!


  22. Dt. G, I am sure you have heard this but a poster who is going to the trial every day said that when the jury is out Casey is her normal flirty, laughing self, and when they are in the courtroom she goes into that laughable serious affect. I always thought that by the end of trial, she will have shown her true colors. What do you think? She obviously has been coached to do this, try and cry, no smiling, look scared and serious.

    1. Anastasia- The really, hilariously funny thing is…. IF the jury does convict her, then as I understand it, they then deliberate after the Penalty phase only to RECOMMEND LWOP or the DP, and the final say goes to…. (drum roll please)… Judge Perry. So her shenanigans are not going unnoticed, I’m sure!! He knows everything that is going on in that courtroom.

  23. Susie Cindy will never talk about that fight. Maybe she cant stand to think about it cause it may have led to her feeling guilty that she indirectly caused Caylees death. The stories she told about them all cuddling ( when I was 21 I would rather have been boiled in oil than sat home cuddling with my mother) and Casey’s Winie the Poooh room at AGE 16 do not describe a normal family, or anything close.

  24. On Attorney Mark NeJame’s website I found this information

    If jurors cannot come back with a first-degree-murder conviction, they could return a second-degree-murder conviction, which could carry a life sentence. If they went with aggravated manslaughter and aggravated child abuse, both charges could carry 30-year sentences, he said.

    Is this a possibility,I didn’t realize that this was an option. I think proving First degree murder may be difficult due to lack of cause of death, so legally, can the jury return a second degree conviction?

    just curious

  25. I can relate to Casey. I was raised by a sociopath mother and I became what I would call a pathological liar. I grew up lying about everything. Telling her what she wanted to hear was the only way I could get along with her. It would make me so happy when I got away with it because she would not accept anything else. Because my mother would not accept anything from me except what she wanted to hear that is what I did in every aspect of my life. I don’t know what would have happened to me if I hadn’t have met my husband at age 24. I remember it so clearly, telling him some ridiculous lie about something stupid and the way he looked at me I knew that he knew I was lying but he accepted me for who I was and it was a turning point in my life, I realized that I didn’t have to do that anymore. Being like that is so exhausting! From that point on my life turned around and at 57, I have had a good life, long term 30 year marriage, finished college and am a productive citizen. I’m so glad that I didn’t live up to my mother’s low expectations. One thing though, I realized at an early age, that I didn’t want kids. I see some of those traits in myself and it has only been in recent years that I’ve come to understand that I lack the ability to be a good parent, which I instinctively knew from an early age. Dr. Glass, could this be the root of Casey’s problem? Do you think that Cindy was like my mother? A person who would only except what she wanted to hear from her daughter and no less?

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this. Your story is inspirational.It could possibly be the same dynamicer with Casey and her mother. They are very much alike. Thank you again for your comments.

      1. Thank you Dr. Glass. I have been following this case since the beginning. If only Casey would have turned her life around when she became a parent like some young women do, instead of continuing down this path of self destruction and unspeakable acts directed at her child. Looking at all the jail tapes and her face and behavior in the Courtroom, I feel she is locked in now, water tight and unreachable. It’s an inside job to change and it’s obvious to me that she crossed that line of no return. I feel so sorry for Caylee. When I see some of those videos, I see flashes in her eyes as she tries to figure out the right way to react, even at that young, young age. Very sad.

  26. Thank you Dr. Glass. I do disagree with one thing you said. Casey is NOT GOOD LOOKING. She never was, and as each day passes since this trial, she gets uglier. The inside matches the outside, pure evil ugliness.

    She has no heart. Just look into her eyes. They are dead eyes.

  27. On WESH yesterday it was said that Casey will still be found guilty of 1st degree murder IF Caylee accidentally died during the commission of a felony. This would include drugging her baby so she could party. Aggravated child abuse, neglect, etc. That is why the DA felt so confident about going ahead with murder 1.

  28. My two cents: Casey was getting ideas when she did web searches. Tony didnt want kid over early in their playing[smart guy] – unlike the other dude….Cindy catches her red handed with Grandmas $$ The game is up as she hasnt been working…for two years and lying…what to do…visits Sawgrass and sees Zenaida’s sign in card…gets kids names etc[she later tells cops which is why it cant be ANYone else]…This is the triggering event…she can now extend the Zanny lie she has been telling and thinks…perfect! She can really get back at Mom now…and get rid of IT…maybe accidentally overdoes Caylee on the 16th..who knows…stages the pool…tosses.kid in truck…goes and lays at Tonys with kid in trunk…dead….rides around n stinks up car. – body decomposes in heat and saturates trunk carpet – which is why out gassing stays so long ..comes back later n tries to bury her up with neighbors shovel.but cant…bags her up….Dad almost finds Caylee in trunk…she freaks at him n takes off…tosses n dumps kid in brush quickly…..then its party time! But she has to ditch the car as it stinks sooo bad… She’s busted by Mom…and lies and lies and lies…only freaks out again when she hears they find the body on TV…BUT she doesn’t count on that Caylee has great lawyers and the needle now awaits…

  29. Dr G: What do u make of Casey as she looks at the videos of herself and seems to want to deny that’s her she watching? Concocting another elaborate lie to explain it all away? It struck me as odd that the family never asks her where she left Caylee -just where is she – gives her an out to say I don’t know. They had to know the apartment was vacant – meaning her whole story was a lie…she’s never confronted about that..its the FIRST question I’d be asking about a missing child. There’s no way she could have been dropping her off all those times she claimed…IMHO

  30. What I don’t understand is if it was an accident, overdosing Caylee with Chloroform and she came back and found her dead, why didn’t Casey just stage an accident scene then? I really think she could have lied her way out of it at that point, played the part of a grieving mother. I don’t think it was an accident at all. I think it was premeditated and calculated. She hates her mother so much, getting back at her makes it all worthwhile in her mind. Caylee was nothing more then a means to the end of making her mother suffer the way she felt Cindy had made her suffer. Casey isn’t capable of normal feelings.

    1. How would Casey explain away the drugs in little Caley’s body?

      I believe after that argument with her Mom around Father’s Day when Casey drove off madder than heck, this may have been the tipping point. She was already checking methods of drugging and necking breaking???

      This isn’t meant to place blame on her Mom because of that particular argument. Back in 2008 there was a story about that argument and Cindy putting her neck around Casey’s neck in a heated argument (neighbor’s heard that one it was so loud).

    2. Congrats on creating a better life for yourself. Not easy having such a mother, I know first hand. I see characteristic’s of Casey in my mom. I didn’t lie to get along with her but I did remain SILENT and observe the insanity playing out!

      My grandmother, aunt, uncles and dad provided rational sense, sanity and nurturing. Heck, I rather be at school with the sister who taught us (Catholic school) than with my mother any day of the week! I choose two husbands like my Mom and left them. I came to understand the pattern and connections to those early years! Maybe a saving grace was I never wanted to be like my mother so worked so hard to be the opposite, and had to later give up people pleasing and come to the middle…. BALANCE. LOL!

      Again good for you, sounds like you found a real GEM of a man!!!

      1. Sophie, You and many others here have had chaotic and very painful childhoods. I find it so very heartening that so many have had the courage, insight and very strong desire to purposefully choose to disconnect from the abusing parent and begin the decades long work involved in healing themselves. You saved yourselves!

  31. Dr. G – Something occurred to me last night, after remembering that Caset used to let Caylee sleep in the same bed with her and Ricardo, and it gives credence to the idea that Casey intentionally killed Caylee – and it’s this: Caylee was getting to the point where she could TALK! She could express herself better verbally as she neared the age of 3, and that put Casey in line for her revealing things that she wanted to keep secret. It would become more and more of a liability to Casey, the older Caylee got. Caylee was a smart little girl and, if she were ever allowed to be with her grandparents again, could have revealed all sorts of information about where and how she had been spending her time, about there being no nanny, about Casey’s boyfriends, etc.

    I’m interested to hear what you think of this as it relates to motive, since I’ve never heard anyone mention it.

  32. Wendy,

    I thought the same thing – when Casey found Caylee overdosed from the chloroform – WHY didn’t she “stage” an accident then? Maybe they were walking in the woods and Caylee tripped and hit her head on a big rock, blah blah blah…
    Is this when she made all those cell phone calls to G&C? I mean, when Casey first realized Caylee was dead?
    Why did they not answer their phones? I must have missed this part of their testimony.

    Also, Wendy – I don’t think you were becoming like Casey with your lying, AT ALL! I think you were just a child trying to COPE with a nutty mother. You figured out a way to SURVIVE your childhood until you could get out. By then your lying had become a bad habit, imo.
    Congratulations on making a HAPPY life for yourself and God bless your husband, too.

    1. Thank you everyone for all your kind comments. I really appreciate it. I’ve been following this case since the beginning. I think Casey is a monster, the worst kind of human being. What got me on this track was the other day, I think it was HLN, they showed a picture of young Cindy with young Casey and Lee and they looked so normal! I looked at the picture remembering the witness who testified that Casey said “Damm, I’m such a good liar” or something to that effect and I kept wondering if Casey ever had that moment of clarity and why she choose to go down the road she has. But she was and is proud and gets perverse pleasure out of being a good liar, feeling better then everyone else, that she can outsmart (she thinks), everyone and the “why” makes no difference. She thought she could kill her daughter without any consequences. who knows what she is capable of if she ever gets the chance to walk among us again.

  33. Did anyone notice in the video’s, at the very beginning when Cindy says to Casey, “LOOK AT ME.” Cindy may have added, “in the eyes.” (will have to play it back because this really jumped out at me…..Casey attempts to look at her mother in the eye and bust out crying!!! Casey bust out crying immediately and puts her head down, as if, she cannot look at her mother straight in the eyes!

    Anyone else, have this jump OUT! It is as if Casey knows Caley is dead and cannot look her mom directly in the eyes and face the tough questions about what happened to Caley. These video’s, IMHO, show Casey knows Caley is dead but continues the charade.

    1. I remember that too, it must have been Cindy’s way to judge if Casey was telling the truth. Little did she know that it would just make her more determined to lie to her, to fool her time and time again. Casey laughs at her crying if I remember rightly. Casey is a lost soul, evil and cruel

    2. I saw that, too, Sophie! I wondered if this is how Cindy learned to deal with Casey’s tendency to lie when she was growing up? It was so weird how Casey could not do it without crying, but then she quickly found a way not to look at Cindy and went on with her lying and there is no indication that Cindy tried to do it again. What does it mean.

      1. Wendy and LM, I have no doubt when Cindy really got Casey up close and personnel, she could read her. The thing is I think Cindy had to reach the limit (limit of great pain & deal with really high steaks) to see Casey clearly. When Cindy says look at me to Casey, she really wants to know the truth.

        Casey knows the Truth is so awful, that it would turn Cindy away from her on the spot, besides having Cindy go nuts on the spot if Casey told right then and there. She needed Cindy on her side for all that was yet to come. Casey wanted to keep pulling the strings on each family member, in her crazy brain they were nothing more than her own personal marionnettes.

  34. Dr. Glass does the State know all of the witnesses the Defense will call? If so then they should know if Baez is going to get someone to support their claim of sexual abuse or drowning. If they know that then they should feel pretty confident in how they worked their case knowing that what Baez stated at opening he could not prove without Casey testifying. I keep hearing blogs about the State overreaching by asking for the death penalty.

    1. Brandy I have Been following this case and been learning alot about criminal law, I am not an expert but from what I learned is that if Baez knows someone or can prove sexual abuse then the state would know what he would know because both side would be privy to the same evidence and depositions. So it would not be something that defense would have without the knowledge of the state and if he did he would be violating reciprocal evidence protocol and the Judge said he would not let this case be ambush by one side not sharing evidence.

      Now that I said this, that is why a lot of people are scratching their head because unless Casey gets on the stand there is no way it can be proven one way or the other. Yes of course if George admitted to it but since he denied it and let say that Casey gets on the stand well everyone knows she lies at the drop of a hat she can easily be impeach because of all the lies she made. It would be possible some juror will believe her accusation but it is a gamble at best.

      1. Do you think they were expecting George to lie in order to support Casey? Is that why Casey kept shaking her head “no” when he testified? Was she thinking “I can’t believe he isn’t doing this for me!” ?

      2. Brandy, this might explain her nodding no when George was denying those allegation. I been looking up the word sociopath and it pretty much describe Casey to a tee. The reason why I bring it up is because sociopath believe their life means more than the next person life. So I have to believe that Casey thought that George would take the rap for her which means he would have to say to the world he molested his natural daugther and found the body and pretty much dissuade Casey to do what was right and call 911.

  35. dr. glass. here is a link to a you tube video that shows casey in court while watching the jailhouse video of her losing her temper with her parents. notice how she uses the process of wiping a dry tear from her left eye in order to conceal a smirk.

      1. She was about to full-on grin but was able to minimize it. I wonder if any of the jury was watching her as this little leak of her sociopathy trickled out.

    1. WOW, just shocking!

      She is easily impressed with her rotten self! Can’t wait until Casey is finally left alone in her cell with no one paying attention to her ghoulish self, well, except Baez, MAYBE! Baez is hoping for the kind of celebrity status that will give him access to the svelte, buxom hollywood types.

    2. As I watched the trial yesterday (6/6), it hit me! Casey sitting at the defense table, laughing, smiling, flirting etc… she truly thinks, in her delusional mind, that she is one of the attorney’s on the defense. It is NOT her on trial, she has totally blocked that out. She is an attorney and has placed herself on a pedestal!

      Would love for Dr. Glass to address this thought.

  36. Just to mention that the reason Cindy quit looking for Zanny 6wks ago, is that is when Cindy/George heard the story she was telling now, about the drowning and molestation. That’s when C&G realized that Casey did kill Caylee and this was an admission of guilt. They know for a fact that it never happened and she’s lying, but for her to say that Caylee died on June 16th, that’s when they ‘saw the light’ and realized their daughter killed their granddaughter. (I’m watching Forensic Files and saw the ‘hair scientist’ on there! LOL)

  37. Thanks Ed for the clarification, then it seems that Baez truly listened and believed Casey when she stated that her Dad & Mom were 100% behind her and would keep lying for her

  38. Dr. Glass,

    This may be off the subject but I don’t understand why the defense has Casey looking the way she has through this trial. There has been no attempt to soften her look. She has that overly long hair pulled back that makes her look so harsh and the way she is dressing doesn’t do her any favors either. I have seen her dressed in business type clothes in previous Court appearances and I can’t believe they don’t have her in a black suit with a white shirt and a styled haircut that would soften her face and give her a polished look. If I was on the jury, I definitely would be noticing her look. On the first day she wore that Henley shirt half unbuttoned! So inappropriate in my opinion. Do you think she is dressing herself this way? I am pretty shocked that she continues to dress this way with her hair so severely pulled back that gives her that evil look. Where are the defense consultants and experts on this?

  39. You said something about Caylee maybe being found – wasn’t her remains found in 2008? I’m confused, is her body still missing?

    By the way, I love you and your blogs, I read them all the time. I started with the kate Gosselin ones, and wanted to check in about this case. You’ve been spot on all this time.

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