George and Cindy Anthony United Body Language

George and Cindy  Anthony have been living a nightmare over these past three years. They have tried to defend Casey at all costs. The two of them have obstructed justice and  made  bizarre statements  and have done bizarre things  that have left people’s  mouths agape.  Cindy insisted Caylee was still alive even though Caylee’s bones and remains  were found and a memorial service was performed.

Cindy tried to throw everyone possible under the bus from Casey’s ex fiance  Jesse Grund to  Casey’s friend Amy Huizinga.Cindy even gave law enforcement the wrong hairbrush. Instead of Caylee’s brush, Cindy gave them Casey;s. Cindy even made a Freudian slip and discussed “the woods_ when woods were not even a consideration at the time  Caylee went missing.  

George insisted that he was loyal to Casey no matter what and got furious and fought with protesters  who insinuated Caylee was dead and that Casey killed her. As we saw in an early interview, George was into blaming everyone but the person who needed to be blamed Casey. George even allegedly had an affair with River Cruz and according to her  and spent time with Cruz  instead of  searching for Caylee.

George and Cindy were known to have their  marital difficulties  before Casey left  with Caylee in tow.Apparently much of their tension was over their financial difficulties with George  allegedly having lost a considerable amount of money on an online scam. He had trouble finding adequate work and Cindy appeared to be the breadwinner. Casey allegedly kept running up their credit cards and taking money from them. No doubt this caused them a great deal of  anxiety and tension in their relationship.

The whole ordeal put a great strain on their relationship. In examining screen shots of their body language over the past three years, there have been times where they have turned their backs on one another even refusing to look at one another. At times they have been seen acting distant and  even hostile towards one another.

But all that has changed. Hearing Jose Baez’ testimony during his opening statement that George  sexually molested Casey, has brought them closer together.

Perhaps the two million dollar payout for the Lifetime movie also helped ease their tensions as well. At least now they won’t have financial worries.Their home will no longer be in foreclosure and t hey can even afford  move away to a more luxurious place in a gated community in order  to keep paparazzi at bay. In  addition, there will most likely be no Casey to run up any credit card bills since the state will pay for her room, board, and clothing as well as her medical bills as she sits in prison for life or sits on death row in Lowell Penitentiary waiting  for appeals and for her final day.

No doubt,  with a book deal  for George and another for Cindy, even ,more millions of dollars will flow into the Anthony household. They even trademarked the name Caylee In doing that they will make more money suing anyone who tries to use it commercially. They may even come out with their own Caylee products which will add even more millions to their coffers. So their financial tensions will be gone forever. They lost a  sweet granddaughter and troubled  daughter, but  gained millions of dollars.

The two of them have been forced out of denial and into the reality of grieving for Caylee and now grieving for Casey.Their newfound wealth has no doubt,  helped to cement their bond.

Even though George has been perceived as being weak and wimpy,  he showed strength and fortitude  as he had to physically and emotionally bolster up Cindy after she testified and sobbed on the stand. While she has always seemed like George;s pillar of strength, the tables have now turned.

The once screaming and hostile Cindy has been humbled and George  has been there to pick up her emotional pieces.

They are now in synch with one another as you can see from the above photo. They  now walk hand in hand . Ulrike before, look directly at one another.

While they may have lost a daughter and a granddaughter,  it appears they have gained  a renewed sense of love, respect, and affection  towards one another.


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  1. I don’t think they will really change all that much as time passes. I think they will hit the money trail as soon as a verdict is in. I think they’ve known that Casey killed Caylee since the very beginning. It’s just painful for them to realize that the TRUTH is out. They are not use to the truth and rarely tell it. I hope their hurt goes away soon and really do hope they find peace. They deserve it. Once they finally accept the fact that Casey is a psychopath and will never change, maybe they will get on with life.


  2. “One of the tell tale signs that she was lying is that she had a monotone voice along with giving way too much information when she was not asked for that information.”

    –So true, and did you notice these things during the taped interview at Univrsl?…when the det.s asked her about the phone call Ca (Casey) recieved a call from Caylee, where Caylee ‘says,’ “Hi Mommy!” Ca was going to stop there, but the police started to say, “that was all she said?” almost prompting her to add more, and Ca caught that que so quickly and added that Caylee started talking about her book and her shoes.There were several of these where you could catch Ca tuning in to the Det.s and using xuch ques to incorporatemore into her story, on the spot! She did this often…

    “In fact, she wore down the officers as she continued lie after lie after lie.”

    –Ca will be referred to in the text books, as they say…much as the O.J. trial was one for the text books on what NOT to do in a trial…we have come a long way since then…Watch Out!—People have compared this to the OJ trial, but in fact it is much more like the Scott Peterson trial. A good looking, middle class defendant who didn’t want a baby to cramp his style. In that case, we had, still have, no cause of death–b/c it ws really not needed,as he was sent to death row. In fact, like Ca case, they didn’t have a body –At First, anyway, AND what “did-him-in” was Scott P.’s web of lies, so convincing. Oh, and he had the SAME look in court!! Haunting!

    –In addition, Ca, herself, reminds me of Joran van der Sloot in the Natalee Holloway case. Similar in many ways, as mentioned above. He has lied so much so that even if he told the truth today, we would Never know for sure, what to believe. A masterful liar– as his lies were also quite elaborate and detailed=believable.

    “If I didn’t want my daughter, I would have given it to my mother,” To me this lie speaks volumes . What she meant to say was I didn’t want my daughter, I WOULDN’T give it to my mother.”

    –I heard a commentator today suggest, and I thought this was so great I had to share: Ca herself refers to herself as a “spiteful bitch.“ Quite powerful words for a court room, yet…like Baez used his “Penis Phrase so ‘effectively’ in his opening to give the jurors something to stick in their heads, so should the prosecution use “Spiteful Bitch” in their closing statements…use it again, and again, to emphasis the motive of how Caylee cramped Ca’s sytle, but would rather see her daughter dead than to turn her over to her controlling mother!
    ****AND ONE More Thing: to support this motive….during in the 2nd, 911 call, while CA (Cindy) is on the phone, waiting to be transfered to the correct division, you can faintly hear CA say to Ca, what I believe can be interrpeted as a referrence by CA to move forward on her previous threat to seek custody of Caylee–.
    CINDY: “…cuz my next thing will be down to {inaudible–“child thing”} and we’ll have a court order to get her, if that’s the way you wanna play, we’ll do it–and you’ll never…”
    CASEY: “That’s not the way I want to play.
    CINDY:. “Well then, you have…”
    CASEY: “I just need one more day.”
    CINDY: “No, I’m not giving you another day, I’ve given you a month.”

    What I hear between the lines or more specifically, in the unfinished statements of Cindy, is—where she says, “…and you’ll never…” –I think she was going to finish that sentence with something like, ‘and you’ll never see her (Caylee) again’ or possibly, ‘and you’ll never have custody of her again.’

    I think it is ‘interesting’ that Cindy says to Casey, “I’ve given you a month,” and not, “You’ve had a month [to find Caylee]” …or (“…a month to get your act together.) There was Something going one between them, ongoing, that we don’t know about. I think this is an important piece of the puzzle in the case–which should be brought out–

    Ok, I lied…ONE MORE THING, apparently CA had been to a therapist, previously (I can’t remember where I heard this but I recall it b/c it seemed to be a reliable source) and while CA was discussing problems she was having with CA , the therapist told CA to kick Ca out of the house and seek custody of Caylee…I think that was what Ca either had been told, or was expecting to hear and that would support the, “I don’t want her, but you Can’t have her, either” theory!!

    Sorry for being so long winded, but just HAD to get that all out!! Whew!


    1. Great insights! I agree with you on this case being one for the textbooks.

      I had a thought – when Cindy Anthony says “I’ve given you a month”, I think it just means that she’s given Casey a month to bring Caylee home and that hasn’t been done. I truly believe that up until this point, the older Anthonys believed that Casey was indeed just being a “spiteful bitch” and keeping Caylee away from them. I don’t think the thought that their daughter had killed the baby ever crossed their minds at that point. There were multiple phone calls where Cindy was asking to talk with Caylee and times when she asked Casey to let her see Caylee (from what I remember) and each time Casey had an excuse of why Caylee couldn’t come over. I think by the time of the 911 call, Cindy had had enough of the excuses and just wanted Caylee there in front of her.


    2. i agree with you100% .. George did not kill Caylee nor hurt Casey that is a lie that Baez and Casey hope the jury will buy. These jurors are not stupid people and can certainly see after watching 2 days of video tapes what a SPITEFUL BITCH Casey was. In her own words she says that…You hit everything dead on for me…thanks…jmc


      1. Wow, how crazy this comment and others are in retrosepct, now that the verdict is in!
        “These jurors are not stupid people ”
        well, i guess we know better now. maybe there wasnt enough ‘proof’ to convict Casey on Murder1-or even manslaughter…BUT the chile was dead for thirty days before her parent and caregiver told anyone. Accident or no accident the babies body was duck taped and thrown in swamp- how is that not child abuse? In any dimension of reality!


  3. The literature suggests the road to recovery is getting away from the psychopath.I am sure they have obtained professional help and have come to the realization that they are not to blame for what Casey did, nor are they to take ownership of the fact that she is without a conscience. “It is difficult to convince parents that the chances are they did nothing wrong. Again, they may have ameliorated or exacerbated the situation, but there is no evidence that parental behavior CAUSES psychopathy.”(Robert Hare)

    Ms Drane-Burdick and Mr Ashton did a fine job asking questions about their committment to family, home and the way they loved and protected Caylee. Their answers suggested nothing more than two parents who worked tirelessly to understand Casey and provide a safe and nurturing home for Caylee.
    Mr and Mrs Anthony’s marriage was impacted by Casey’s reckless and oppositional behavior and her sexual promiscuity. They were powerless over her. They feared her. Remember they were Casey’s first victims and they knew first hand what she was capable of.


    1. The Anthony’s walk around Casey like on eggshells. George is correct she is the boss and letting her get her way has made her a monster. I think she was born this way but had some help along the way.

      You see this during the jail visits they tried all tactics to get Casey to speak and she would not. She also mean mugged her mom on the August 14 jail visit. Casey could not stop laughing. Her mom was crying and worn out most likey had not sleep for days. Casey did not get any bad letters her parents did. She liked to rub that in their faces. When they viewed these tapes today I hope the blinders came off.

      They only have each other people hate them it is very sad to see. Millions of blogs against them, constant name calling, internet bullying. No wonder they got angry and lashed out many times. They made some money off photos to live on they are not making money of the death. They are unemployable who would hire them?

      What are the TRUE facts about this movie deal? Is this another bad rumour like who Caylee’s poppa is?

      Who’s the poppa was a spiteful rumour it only took a few days to circulate it is like an internet virus. People support Caylee on one hand and on the other they say George or Lee is the poppa with no evidence. That is unfeeling towards Caylee imho.

      I wish the people that keep spreading this trash would get a virus – easy to do. What would you do if someone blamed you for fathering your grandchildren! a big fat lawsuit. They have had to contend with this no wonder they are angry.

      I know they have lied but still have compassion for them. It is so easy to condemn them for every thing their daughter did. It was so obvious to me that they only learned of the drowing story when Baez made his opening statement.

      If Casey gets life or death, BAEZ will be her next victim and I do not mind this one. You think she is going to confess…


  4. If Casey is a sociopath, could the disfunction in the Anthony family be partially cause by having to cope with, and compensate for, something/someone they couldn’t understand since Casey was born? The whole family dynamic seems built around the knowledge that Casey could loose it if not handled right. The jailhouse tapes show that the family knew that if they didn’t handle her gently, and play her game, they’d never get any info out of her.


    1. As someone who has cared for a child with similar issues for a short time, I will say I have considered that. You just can’t believe the havoc a child like that can wreak in a family! The lies, manipulation, continual battle for control…

      The Anthony’s certainly could have had a more constructive response than they did, but I do understand how it could come about.


  5. I think Casey was honestly expecting her mother to either believe the defense’s story and turn against her father or keep silent and not deny it and persuade George to fall on the sword.

    I’m glad they drew the line at taking the blame for Caylee’s death. For a while it seemed like they would do or say anything to go along with what Casey wanted. I think a lot of my animosity towards them was because I felt that they honestly KNEW Casey murdered Caylee and didn’t care. They just wanted to salvage what they had left. THAT in my mind made them just as coldhearted and callous as Casey.

    Now I’m reevaluating that assessment and I think Cindy was deeeeeeeep in denial and truly as crazy as she was acting and George was afraid to rock the boat.

    Casey was stupid for taking her defense strategy so outrageously far. If she had just claimed either that it was an accident and not tried to implicate George in it, they would PROBABLY still be protecting her. If she had not officially accused her father and brother of molesting her, she would have had their support. They had already forgiven her for what she wrote in the jail letters when she had explained that she was trying to bond with some other inmate. Casey, like everyone else, probably thought there was no limit to the amount of abuse they would take.

    I think Casey feels nothing but resentment towards her family and she saw an irresistable opportunity to turn all the lies they told while covering for her against them.


    1. JMO but I think the day that George was interviewed by the police and vomited during the session was when he went from denial/shock to understanding that Caylee was indeed dead.

      You can see in the jail videotapes he is not buying Casey’s stories (he has accepted Caylee is dead) but continues to let Cindy try to believe, try to hold out hope that maybe Caylee is alive.

      And I don’t believe this was due to a conspiracy between him and Casey – he faced facts faster then Cindy did – and knew there was no more reasoning with Casey to discover the truth.

      However, I think he hoped at this point that Casey hadn’t done the actual murder – and was holding out hope that she was involved with someone else who perhaps committed the crime. Again, when he had his halfhearted suicide attempt, was IMO when he realized that Casey alone was responsible for Caylee’s murder.


      1. I believe George had a hard time of trying to reason with Cindy about the truth, too. I always wondered if he was just going along to get along with her.


      2. That’s what I see, too.

        When the Anthony’s first visited Casey at jail, it’s a shame Cindy didn’t just remain quiet and let Casey talk. She jumped right into believing and defending Casey at all costs and maybe that just encouraged Casey to keep lying and embellishing the lies, which harmed Cindy the most. Cindy missed so many signals in that meeting!


    2. In one of the jail house talks, it was just Casey and her father. I’m sure that if what the defense is trying to say about George knowing about Caylee drowning were true, that either George or Casey would have brought something to that effect up in that jail house talk. Sure, they were being listened to and watched, and they knew it, but there would have been a way for one of them to say something about it in some sort of code. There was NOTHING WHATSOEVER in either of their demeanors that comes even close to making me believe that they were both knowledgeable about such a thing happening. Because it didn’t happen!!!

      How can you throw your mother, father, brother, friends, boyfriends and their friends, ex-fiance, etc. under the bus and then just sit there while they testify against you with no remorse on your part or in your heart? She is a cold, cold woman who was jealous of her mother’s love for her daughter. If she hated her mother that much, that was a damn good way to ruin her mother’s psyche.

      I haven’t heard anything about the supposed phone calls that she made to Zenaida (Zanny) prior to Caylee’s disappearance. Obviously when the police checked that out, they found that not one phone call was made to that woman, because she didn’t exist. Why did it take so long then for the truth about Zanny not existing to come out? They had her computer, so, obviously, they knew that there were no e-mails back and forth with Zanny as Caley had told them there would be. Can anyone explain this?

      I love my daughter, she is truly my heart, but I would take the gloves off the minute I found out that she hadn’t seen my grandchild in 31 days, and hadn’t contacted the authorities or myself for help. And then, to top it all off, her car smelled like human decomposition. I would have turned my daughter in, but then been there for her, but not act as though it was not at all possible that she could have done such a thing. There isn’t one thing that would make me stop loving my daughter, but I would not condone her doing such a thing and continue to defend her. That in itself is horrifying. Believe me, George and Cindy knew early on that Casey had done something to Caylee, and they knew that she had the potential to do so.

      This was obviously not the first time that the family had caught Casey in lies. Her brother started distancing himself fairly soon after the jail house talks with her.

      If Casey wasn’t really working for two years, where was she getting her money? Looked like she had nice straight, white teeth, nice clothes, nice haircuts, etc. Have her parents always just turned the other cheek?

      A parent should only go so far for their child(ren). Once you’ve raised them, you can’t continue to fight their fights for them. I realize that a lot of parents would go to their grave defending their child(ren), but I know that I couldn’t live with myself if I did. It would be like stepping on my grandchildren(s) grave(s).

      In my estimation, once the jury starts deliberating, it shouldn’t take too long a time for them to come back with a guilty verdict. Normally, I like to see killer sit in prison for the rest of their lives and think about what they’ve done. In Casey’s instance I will hope for the death penalty.


      1. What I want to know is why is one and half to two years, did George and Cindy not ask to meet “Zanny” or at least have a phone number for her in case of an emergency? I know that my parents would have wanted to meet or at least have a way to contact someone who was caring for my children, their grandchildren. Several things in this family don’t add up.


      2. Exactly! Cindy was a major control freak as we saw on the stand. There is no way that she would not have checked out an alleged babysistter based on her personality traits. So perhaps she knew all along what was going on. The whole thing is sick. I am thrilled it is over.


  6. Casey doesn’t feel anything towards anyone. When she lies it is to protect herself. It is her one and only vehicle to deflect the blame and punishment and it doesn’t matter if she’s asked whether she stole $50.00 or killed her child.

    ZFG was a real person-not one of her imaginary/pretend friends. Her parents were just as invisible to her as Zenaida Fernandez Gonsalez and when it came to deflecting blame and punishment they took their place in line like many before them.

    Mr and Mrs Anthony were manipulated, mocked and deceived by Casey for years and years. We know from the testimony that both parents did not realize the pervasiveness of Casey’s deception but have come to understand that she is untreatable and dangerous.


    1. Jeff Hopkins also was a real person. Casey’s favorite way to lie is to take a half-truth and then spin-spin-spin and it is one reason her lies are so convincing.

      How much balls did it take for her to walk three detectives and a Universal security officer to her “office building” for 20 minutes before saying she was lying? She stands by her fabrications very convincingly.


    2. Casey lied about everything. Notice how she moved on to other friends once the old friends (i.e. Jesse Gund who believed for some time he was Caylee’s dad) figured her out.

      All the guys (i.e. Tony L and roommates) had not known Casey very long and accepted her statements at face value:

      *her job at Universal
      *that Caylee was in the care of someone else
      *Caylee’s busy summer plans
      *that her car was not functional
      *not introducing anyone to her parents or friends how had known her for a long time.

      Amy believed her stories also, and Amy didn’t strike me as a shmuck. But OTOH, when your girlfriend complains about parents, how work sucks, car trouble, do you really demand to know if this is the truth? No you accept it because why would anyone lie about it? Normal people don’t lie like this and Casey banked on other people not becoming suspicious.

      This is concocted fantasy world operated. No one wondered what she was doing all day because these casual friends really didn’t care enough about her to find out.

      When it comes to George he did try to find out such as his attempt to follow her to work. Personally, if she had been my child, all it would have taken was one call to Universal to her “boss” and the game would have been up.


      1. @ Heather
        popular rumor. No information (released at this point) by LE found that she had worked as an escort.


  7. How can a grandmother, who can’t stand to she her grandchilds face on the computer screen while testifying, justify accepting 2 million dollars to have a movie made about the case. Surely she doesn’t think it will shine a positive light on Casey or the family. I wouldn’t watch the movie if there was nothing else to watch. I feel I know more about this case than the defense attn’s. Blood money cannot bring happiness.


    1. Mr Baez underestimates everyone and anyone that comes within 10 feet of the witness stand. He does this because he is emotionally immature and legally unprepared to defend a capital case. He knew on or about July 23, 2008 that “it looks like a homicide took place” and added “if they had the evidence to charge her with murder they would have”.

      As he walked away from the cameras after the Bond hearing he made his way over to Ms Drane-Burdick’s office and we know via discovery that they discussed a plea deal. It was later reported that Casey Anthony had left the Orange County Jail unexpectedly and it was learned later that she joined her lawyer at Ms Drane-Burdick’s office. Mr Baez was interviewed aboard Mr Rivera’s boat and in response something to the following, ‘Was a plea discussed?’ To which Mr Baez responded, “She didn’t want to do the time.”

      With all due respect no one but Ms Anthony knows the truth. No one but Ms Anthony can chronicle her lies. No one but Ms Anthony knows if she told her attorney the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the the truth.

      If you don’t know what the defense attorneys know how can you say you know more?


      1. As I’m watching the trial, I am coming to see more and more clearly just how much Jose Baez has been the architect of this whole train wreck.

        The family clearly recognized something was wrong with him right off.

        If she had had a decent attorney, we would not be watching any trial today.


      2. Baez was beyond revolting today, posing for the cameras with female fans on his arms during his lunch break and walking to the courthouse like he was walking the red carpet, sunglasses and all.

        Doesn’t he get it? He made a complete and total fool of himself and his client today! He was too busy giving seven hour interviews to In Session to bother to review those jail tapes before he gave that melodramatic opening statement.

        And instead of hanging his head in shame and hiding in the courtroom trying to devise an alternate strategy, he’s posing for the cameras like a jackass.

        He has attacked pretty much everyone involved in this case when they got on the stand and alot of the time his battle plan involves people “testifying against his client for the wrong reasons”, like jealousy or the need for money and fame.

        What did he think he looked like today? He looked like HE DID NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT HIS CLIENT BUT HE WAS MILKING HIS NEW NOTORIETY.

        He disgusts me to no end. He’s the sleaziest lawyer that I’ve ever seen. Casey almost deserves a new trial upon appeal for ineffective assistance of counsel because he is so outrageously narcissistic and dumb as a rock.


      3. It would seem Mr. Baez proved everyone wrong. Like Casey or hate her, like the jury’s verdict or hate it, Baez did his job and well.


  8. This is the way things are supposed to be, I’m happy for them.
    Couples should always put themselves first, then the kids learn that they’re not the center of the world, and therefore can’t manipulate their parents. It also sends the message that if you try and mess with mama and papa they’ll send you away for help if need be, not just because they love you and want what’s best for you, but because they’re not going to allow you to distress the person who’s first in their lives-their mate.


  9. It is great that George and Cindy are now supporting each other. I still believe that Cindy was doing everything she could to divert everyone’s attention away from Casey. To my knowledge, it has not been mentioned by anyone else that the Anthony’s insisting that everyone search for a live Caylee was also a diversion. They knew that Caylee was deceased, and knew what the smell in Casey’s car was. They were hoping that Caylee’s body would not be discovered because they knew it would be more evidence against Casey.


  10. FYI- George and Cindy do not have the copyright on Caylee’s name. They applied for it recently but it takes about a year to process.


  11. That was sweet Lillian ;And people do need to see them in a diffrent light thay are parents for the love of god if we had more parents like Gorge and cindy that was willing to risk it all for there kids there would’nt be so many orphans in the world.
    God bless them on there new life together. It will be a long road to recover thay need counseling.


  12. Dr. Glass, many thanks for your insightful posts.

    I suspect the Anthonys were a dysfunctional family circus long before Casey murdered her little girl.


  13. While it’s truly horrific what this family has been through, all because of Casey, I firmly believe George and Sindy love that money more then anything else.

    Money will never bring Caylee back, the real victim, but they will now be able to sit back, relax and enjoy the blood money. They also will not have to worry about Casey robbing them blind.


    1. As much as I dislike how George and Cindy have acted the past three years, I do not believe that they love the money more than they love their grandaughter!!!


  14. The article goes on and on to explain the gain from money. These people would not be able to work under such circumstance no matter who they are. There is a cost of living and they have paid the highest cost imaginable. Money will not bring Caylee back and yet the bills will grow and grow leaving the A’s in more turmoil when society tires of this saga and moves on to another family in crisis. They never asked for any of this and I would not trade BILLIONS of dollars to be in their shoes. The body language advisor is the money grubber, another ambulance or grave digger, taking a person’s personal life and struggles and dissecting it for profit. Who is who again?


  15. It seriously broke my heart to see Cindy on the stand. She was in so much pain.

    May Casey be convicted and locked away forever or sentenced to death, and may Cindy, George, and Lee finally heal from this tragedy.

    I do not think George and Cindy are greedy or will try to profit from their granddaughter’s death. I think, actually, that they’re basically decent people who simply couldn’t face the truth (about Caylee, or about the fact that Casey is a sociopath) because the truth was too painful.


    1. I almost wouldn’t care if they were making money out of this situation. It was the lying and the constant excuses for their psychopathic daughter that pissed me off! If they had been on Caylee’s side from the beginning I would be thinking that “well their daughter has put them through so much that they deserve something from it.”

      They’re telling the truth now and doing what needs to be done to put their daughter behind bars for the rest of her life. They appear to be FINALLY blaming Casey for the mess she caused instead of looking at the rest of the world with hostility and thinking everyone else is against them.

      Or like Cindy, desperately latching on to the notion that Casey’s lies were some kind of “secret code.” However, listening to the full extent of Casey’s lies I can almost acknowledge how confused they must have been.

      Casey likes to isolate the people she knows from each other. She doesn’t want them comparing notes with each other. Remember Amy was wanting to meet Casey’s mom for the longest time and Casey kept putting her off?

      It’s probably far easier to trick people and control them that way. So Cindy and George NEED to remain united and they can’t allow themselves to start feeling sorry for her again.


      1. I share the same feelings, that if they had reacted in that way, I would have had more sympathy for them in the beginning. If, and only if they had outwardly shown more feeling for the loss of Caylee! If they had done so, then maybe they wouldn’t have had all those screaming protestors outside their home. I do feel sympathy for them now, because now they are hurting, and their very own monster has turned on them.


  16. Dr. Lillian, I have a question for you that has been DRIVING ME MAD for days now.
    EVERY TIME the jury walks in the room Jose has this goofy ‘longated bottom jawed-no teeth’ smile & EVERY TIME he addresses the jury with “good afternoon/morning ladies & gentlemen” he has the SAME goofy smile on his face. It’s the strangest thing I’ve ever seen on someone who does not suffer from mild to severe retardation. (I’m a nurse so I’ve seen this look on mentally challenged clients) It’s a high lipped smile & shows no teeth. If you longate your chin & bring your bottom lip as high as you can toward your nose & still manage to smile (showing no teeth) … THAT is the smile. I’ve NEVER seen him smile at anyone else like that, not in the media or in the photos he’s taking outside the courthouse with fans. WHY does he smile at the jury like that & what the hell does it mean? If you need me to post a picture of it somewhere I’m sure I can crop one out of a video. or just look at any video of him on YouTube where he’s addressing the jury. He’s even stopped doing paperwork & stood in the middle of the court room with everyone doing busy work around him & given this stupid smile. Both of his arms are down at his side & limp & he’s just standing there with that stupid smile on his face.. PLEASE help me understand WHY he’s doing this & what he thinks it may accomplish. Thanks SO much I’m a longtime fan of yours! Sheri aka sheri226 on YouTube


    1. I hate that smirk he always has on his face. He looks like a schoolboy who noticed someone left their fly down and is basking in that feeling of superiority and passing notes to his friends.

      And he is STUPID and lazy. Casey got destroyed today. I started pitying them because they got bulldozed by the prosecution, but reminded myself to wait another five minutes and one or the other of them will either say something arrogant, stupid and entitled or react in a way that is arrogant and stupid.

      I think Baez is just as narcissistic as Casey. When they meet with each other per their attorney client privilege, they probably don’t really look directly at each other, they’re too busy admiring their reflections in the windows behind them and grooming, preening and patting each other on the back.


  17. I think that having Casey put away and out of their lives will probably be the best thing that could ever happen to them, with the exception of having had a beautiful little grand-daughter named Caylee.


  18. Just a few thoughts and Opinion – I was looking at pictures of the bedrooms of Caylee and Casey. Caylee’s room was filled with a lot of items that seemed new and used very little. It looked like a toy land compared to Casey’s room. Casey’s room was very bland. The bed looked like it had an old blue blanket on it. Caylee’s shoes looked new and hardly broken in. When my kids were that age they were very active. They were very hard on their shoes, you could tell they were well used. It surprised me to see the condition of her shoes. They were perfect.
    Maybe Casey was jealous of Caylee because of the attention and material things given to her by her grandparents? Maybe she wanted the attention she had received before Caylee was born??


  19. It is so sad to know that most people in this world would rather make judgement and verse their opinion then pray for the family. To pray and ask God to give Cindy and George the strength to continue this horrific journey that they are experiencing. Besides what has happened on July 15 2008. They (Cindy and George with Lee) must now sit and watch their daughter and sister be punished for this dreadful event. Shame on “All” who love using the word dysfunctional family. Shame on all of you.


    1. Sorry but the family is dysfucntional in so many ways. They have allowed Casey to get away with her shenanigans for a long time. They have not set boundaries. Cindy’s behavior angered so many. She was obstructing justice. She would blanket the media and say that Caylee was still alive even after Caylee’s bones contraining her DNA was found. George also displayed bad behavior with his alleged affair with River Cruz. By his own admission George was a distanct detached father to Casey. Neither of them knew she was pregnant. So , yes, we can safely say that this was a dysfunctional family.


      1. Exactly right Dr. Glass! Cindy also washed Casey’s clothes that were in her smelly car! Cindy said that she had always believed Casey, because Casey had never given her any reason to doubt her. She must have thought Casey to be immortally perfect, or thought that Casey never deserved any punishment for her wrongdoings, and whenever possible would protect her from any form of reprimand. IMO it was the latter. Any responsible parent always questions their children when things don’t add up. Cindy did everything else to cover for Casey, why wouldn’t she also fool herself into believing that if everyone were looking for a live Caylee, they wouldn’t ever find the evidence against Casey.


    2. Kathy-

      How would you know that even though some of us are disgusted with the whole Anthony family don’t also pray for the family?


  20. Maybe i’m missing something, but i fail to see how the talk of the Lifetime movie, selling pics, possible books or the Anthony’s marriage has any connection to analysis of body language.

    Would someone care to explain please?


  21. To Myra,
    I don’t know why you would compare the bedroom and its contents of a 2 year old to that of a 22 year old. How many toys does a 22 year old usually have?
    Our daughter is grown now but, as a child, her shoes never showed any signs of wear, probably like caylee’s. When our daughter outgrew a pair of shoes we could give them to other little girls and they still looked brand new except for the soles.
    Not every child can be compared to another and not every child puts a lot of wear on a pair of shoes.
    I imagine that Caylee was greatly cherished and it was great fun for her grandparents to buy toys and treats for her. Isn’t that the fun of being a grandparent?


    1. Ellen, the point I was trying to make is, Caylee was very well cared for by her Grandparents. Casey was not working. Who do you think supported the little one??? I believe Casey was jealous of Caylee and that jealousy could have been a motivator for what happened. Almost a sibling rivalry type circumstance. When Casey had Caylee, Casey would be in the stage of adult adolescence. I can imagine Casey was very well taken care of when she was a child. And after Caylee was born, that care, doting and attention was sorely missed by Casey.


  22. I always enjoy your insight Dr Lillian as you are seeing all of the Anthony’s in the truest sense since July’08. However, as I too have a new opinion of George and Cindy I also believe our opinions will shift due to financial exploitation of their grandaughter and their vengence against those who are telling the truth about events in the past three years. As of Friday; they served Leonard Padilla with a ‘cease and desist’. His account of time spent with the Anthony’s has not changed in the least in all these years and they have directed this ‘threat to sue’ after their recent testimony. Which is why I believe we have not seen the end of what our prior impression has been. Btw, I cannot find any other article(s) stating a 2 million dollar deal for a movie. I do find that very insensitive as they are both capable of working as thousands of other families have in such tragic situations. For most people the interaction daily would be of benefit. And would certainly have improved public opinion. Thanks again Dr Lil:)


    1. Janessa,

      I would suggest checking out the “Websleuths” Website. From what I’ve read, Padilla’s account of the time he spent with the Anthony’s is questionable. I can’t say for certain either way, as I have not kept up, but many on this Website have.

      For your convenience, here’s the link to the “Leonard Padilla Cease and Desist” topic:


    2. Janessa—I disagree….I don’t think either will ever be able to work again even if they healed enough to return to work one day. There is on business on earth that would want to hire them with the notoriety of the actions of their daughter—co workers would have opinions (like on this blog), Cindy’s patients would recognize her, and George holds security positions which would have high standards like law enforcement. If they get 2 million dollars, it will be a one-time paycheck that has to last the next 30 years….what ever they need to do to survive the nightmare their daughter caused should be OK with us…Little Caylee would not want them to suffer—it is the defendant that exploited Caylee to get wasted money to have someone try to save her wasted life from a heinous deed against the very person whose likeness she sold!


  23. I read this article yesterday 06/03/11 and I was disturbed by it. Maybe I expected something more humane from them, but… Anyway this is not over but I do hope that if there is a book/movie all profits should go to Missing Children since they wasted their time looking for little Caylee. I have nothing against th Anthony’s but as a mother, a parent they should have known Casey was lying and they should have stopped her on the spot. Covering up Casey did not bring Caylee back.


    1. I would say, in their gut, they knew she was lying. And I think that thought drifted into their mind when they picked up that car. I think the thought, the scary thought drifted into both of their minds, but especially George. Since he has had experience as a police officer and knew that smell. I think he started to go into the first stages of denial right then and there. That is why he went to work, he was pushing the thought away from him. By going to work, and trying to have a “normal” rest of th day, he was vehemently PUSHING THAT THOUGHT AWAY from himself.

      I think when Cindy made that 911 call and mentioned the smell of the car, I think it was what was on her mind that made her really flip out. Here, Casey just said that she hasn’t seen Caylee in 31 days… and in the back of her mind is that smell in that car. SHE FLIPPED. She didn’t just mention that smell of the car to get police to come to the house faster… she mentioned it because it was what was on her mind and it came out.

      Caylee is dead. And now they must come to terms with the thought that their daughter is a murderer? The human mind cannot comprehend. Denial. It was ALL denial. How can you wrap your mind around such things. You cannot.

      The anger and defiance and arrogance that Cindy showed… it is painfully obvious to me that what that was, was her DEFIANCE against having to ACCEPT her daughter killed Kaylee.
      She was ANGRY, unable to accept it. DENIAL protected her fragile heart and mind. Anyone who threatened to shatter that and FORCE her into reality made that anger bubble to the surface.

      George, I think understood what Cindy was going through and tried to hold it together the best he could. Staying as calm as possible.

      Just my thoughts and observations from afar..
      I could be wrong of course about any and all of this but it’s just what comes to mind watching this unfold.



      1. Well said~
        I believe Cindy’s denial was more that Casey was capable of murdering Caylee. If Cindy could keep the remains of Caylee from being found, then she could keep her blinded eyes from seeing Casey as a murderer.


      2. If the thought EVER entered my mind that my child would murder their own child, I would be so angry with my child! Remember how Cindy reported Casey for stealing hers and Casey’s Grandmom’s checks and Cindy’s car, but never followed through with any charges? She was angry at first, but later swept it under the rug. Her little “Sweetheart” Casey was so important to her that she did not want to see her punished! She washed Casey’s pants, cleaned Caylee’s doll, knowing what that smell was! Then she gave the FBI the wrong Hairbrush! BS that she was only in denial! She was hiding Casey’s transgressions, obstructing justice, as usual. Then there were all the lies Cindy and George told. For heaven sake, Casey killed her own flesh and blood, no one else could have done it! Then to cast blame at innocent people, and continue to pretend to believe Casey’s lies?


      3. I absolutely agree with your “take” on Cindy (& George’s) reactions over the three years—it IS the definition of DENIAL, but (mistakenly) appeared to others as “cover-up,” because this may be one of the 1st cases of its kind with your own beloved beautiful daughter as the (premeditated) murderer of YOUR most precious, innocent, adored granddaughter—I cannot even imagine what they went through and what is still to come. Bless them for doing the RIGHT thing last week…it must have been very hard.


  24. Sherry, I totally agree. And look at how far the denial reached… even after the remains were found, her mind still could not face it. The denial was so deep, she tried to trick herself into believing that Caylee was still alive. That to me, speaks of such a horrific pain that not many of us here, can ever even imagine. My eyes are filling with tears just thinking about that mountain of pain that Cindy was trying to push away from her.

    We saw some of that mountain of pain when she was on the stand, and she couldn’t hide from it any longer.


    1. If Cindy was that far in denial, then she is almost as sick as Casey is. People who are mentally ill separate themselves from reality. She is also a very good actress, and liar herself, so it is hard for me to decipher just what is really going on in her head. Is she crying for herself, Caylee, Casey, or possibly all three? She didn’t cry at all that way before, at least not when the media was watching. When feelings run that deep, it is nearly impossible to hide no matter who is watching.


  25. If Cindy were in denial, why did she try to cover for Casey? People who are in denial don’t come so close to obstructing justice.


  26. Hi Susan, Perhaps you are not very well acquainted with how denial (deep denial brought about by great suffering) actually can manifest. I completely understand your feelings. I just don’t see it the same way as you. I have a different perspective because I am familiar with the affects of how denial can morph into other things.

    You asked why if she were in denial, would she cover for Casey? That is the very definition of denial… doing whatever you need to do to stay in the reality that you want to be in. If she is in denial, it would be EXPECTED that she would cover for her daughter.

    You said “people who are in denial don’t come close to obstructiong justice”… This is not “normal denial”. This is extraordinary denial because these are extraordinary circumstances. Something very FEW human beings have ever gone through:

    Their grandchild is dead at the hands of the person they themselves brought into the world. Ponder the SCOPE of that.



    1. When does all the knowledge and common sense that a person has acquired throughout their life go out the window when something tragic happens? In our society, often times many excuses are made for pure evil.
      I have known some parents (Not my own) throughout my life, that would lie for their children’s wrongdoing. I guess I am judging from my own personal standpoint because I was raised by a basically honest family. The majority of experts pertaining to this case have said that “The Anthony’s are dysfunctional, and that they are liars.” A true liar knows no limits. I do not understand how they could take the side of a person whom they knew was devoutly evil, even if that person was a dearly beloved one, once they had witnessed all that they had witnessed. From their standpoint, especially someone who would hide the truth from them at the expense of the innocent “Kaylee’s” wellbeing. This does not add up, or make sense to me at all. How many other families of missing victims go to such great lengths, to hide a murder, and go into such denial that they hide the truth? Most of them want to do everything that they can to help and assist anyone trying to help. They don’t adamantly insist that the missing are alive, even though the remains have been found and positively identified. You are correct, it is a very broad spectrum to ponder. I do know that a person would have to be mentally unstable somehow to be so detached from reality and logic, or have a predisposition to lose it. I am aware of the stages of grief. The first stage is usually disbelief, then denial etc. then the final being acceptance. I also know that there is a lot of bargaining with oneself, and back and forth, that goes on in a mind during these stages .


  27. Again, there is a depth here, that most cannot even fathom. So the attempts at understanding are likewise, quite shallow. This is not meant as an insult. It just is what it is.

    Who would not be “unstable”. I can’t imagine any human being that would be “stable” under such circumstances.

    Susan, I don’t know why you are saying “making excuses”… when all some of us are doing is trying to understand a fellow human being who is going through something so horrendous, and gut-wrenching, so unbelievably horrific!

    Do you really, truly think you can just turn this into some textbook “well this is how any NORMAL human being would react.” Your “how many other families would…” let me ask you this: How many other families do you know who have had to face the fact that their granddaughter was dead and couple that with the fact that their daugther was the murderer?

    Again, these are EXTRAORDINARY circumstances.

    There is grief and there is major complicated grief. This falls in the latter category. Actually, I don’t think there is even a category that exists that this would fall under.

    I imagine a lot of things have “gone out the window” for these people since this nightmare began.


    1. Sorry Teni, I did not mean to direct that reply towards you. I too am a very sensitive human. I have lived for 50 years, and base my thoughts and feelings on the people throughout my life that I have been exposed to. We all have the tendency to base our opinions on our own lifelong experiences.
      I have never personally known a murderer, but I have been close to people whose family members were murdered. I will never be able to understand those who act in a way in a certain situation that is contradictory to most human emotion. Both Sociology and Psychology are based on norms of society and individuals. I know that there are those who will refuse to believe that Casey did not murder her child, contrary to all of her actions.


    2. I completely agree with everything you said above! I can’t even begin to imagine….and neither can anyone else, for that matter! I wish them the best as they begin the healing process all over again (since only JUST getting absolute confirmation last week (opening statement) that their daughter allowed them to hold out hope for 3 years that she was truthful.) Up until 7 weeks ago (the 48 Hour Tv Special) they were still trying to find “Zani” because it’s all they had left and had never been updated! How cruel of Baez and their own daughter to not say anything earlier……..


  28. From what I have read in the past about suicides, some families will try to undo the scene of the suicides. Labeled “undoing” it is mentioned like “fixing’ it to make it look less horrible.

    The Anthonys were brainwashed over a period of years and due to stress and anger plus the attacks from the media were not going to be reasonable.

    They reacted as if all the “help” was too overwhelming to be responded to normally. At a certain point, they were anything but normal.

    I know a family who adopted three children from a south American country and one of the children was just like Casey. When the lying started they tried getting assistance from social services and were vilified when social services believed the lying by then teenager. They had to give up or go insane.

    I’d like to know exactly what kind of help there is for parents when under attack by their children who are obviously morally insane. Society just wants to blame the parents. Politicians just want people locked up and resist looking at preventive measures. With all the bulling in the schools they too seem to be out of the loop in terms of helping society become more civil. What kind of culture does Orlando offer to humans who are suppose to be increasing in maturity?

    Casey was stuck between “Love Boat” and “Fantasy Island”. So much for reality. Casey is just a cultural artifact condemned by society during a long ritual of more criticism that she can barely process except for all the hurt she feels because of a defect where she never felt loved. She didn’t learn how.


  29. I have never replied on a blog before…this case is so sad…

    I knew about the missing little girl in Florida in 2008 and that her remains were found 5 months later…However, I never saw much coverage in my area until the jury selection for Casey’s case started and I just happened to catch a commercial on TruTV or I probably wouldn’t have even seen the trial…so far, these are my thoughts…..bear with me as I’m known by my friends to ramble a bit…I’ll try to stay on point…

    Since I didn’t have any information on the particulars of this case, I have tried to remain “neutral” throughout the testimony so far…I have found that is the hardest thing I have ever tried to do…MY fear is that we will never know the real truth…

    My impressions of Cindy Anthony…
    She is a very emotional person and reacts before she thinks…she has raised a daughter whom she probably doesn’t want to believe could have hurt her own little girl…as a mother, I have to say my reaction when she found out her granddaughter was actually missing would probably not have been a lot different than mine..I may have even been worse in the screaming and accusations against my daughter mainly because when I get really scared I tend to react emotionally and not think first…I think she is a broken woman now and struggling very hard to grasp the truth…I pray for her to be able to do so…I have to put myself in her position and I honestly don’t know how I would get through something like she’s had to deal with…I know she is a screamer and like I said “emotional” but I have been guilty of the same thing when my daughter was a teenager/young adult…And, I also know that the love you have for a grandchild is so totally different than the love you feel for your child it’s unreal….I was very protective and probably even a little controlling of my own daughter, but I’ve been worse I think with my granddaughter…I have more “fear” for her…I don’t want to see anything happen to hurt her…I cry when she cries…I’ve tried to put myself in the situation that Cindy Anthony finds herself in…I don’t know that I could just turn my back on my daughter either…I do not know if I would try to help the police if I had any inkling that my child was in any way involved..I would be afraid of what could potentially happen to her…After all, she is my daughter…that’s a tough one… stop rambling and sum this up, I feel Cindy has been forced to begin to deal with this situation and in a very public way with people shouting at her and being relentlessly pursued by the police and media…under the circumstances, I think she is doing her best to grasp the awful truth and still feel something for her daughter….I really feel for her…like I said, I don’t know what I would do if I were in her shoes…And this is just a tidbit of info…My mother and father never realized I was pregnant until I was 7 months along…I only gained 10lbs…I think that’s what Casey gained so I didn’t find that as unusual as maybe other people did…

    George Anthony…
    I see him as a broken man…he didn’t react to the accusations of sexually abusing his daughter any differently than I feel my own father would…he is hurt and angry over being accused and devastated over the loss of his little granddaughter..I watch him when he’s talking and it’s sometimes all he can do not to break down and I don’t think that’s fake at all…(for Cindy either)…George and his wife seem closer and I’m glad for that…after all, the public surely hasn’t given them much of a break..I don’t in any way see him as a father who has abused his daughter…I do however think he was probably strict as he is an ex-detective and not at all stupid about what happens in this world….he did try not to help the State to convict his only daughter and again, I can’t say I would do any different if faced with the same situation…he has no time to grieve the loss of his precious granddaughter the really, his daughter too…that is quite a blow…

    Lee Anthony…
    I think he is very conflicted..I believe he wants to get justice for Caylee, but I’m not sure he will ever accept that his sister is to blame for her death…I really haven’t seen much of him so the only time I’ve been able to observe him is when he testified in court…I know he was only saying what he absolutely had to say and not a thing more…I feel sorry for him and I do think Casey convinced him and the rest of the family that someone was threatening them if she told anyone Caylee was missing…as family, we really want to believe in each other and sometimes even with this type of tragedy unfolding around us, we do not want to believe that one of “our own” so to speak, could really do this thing his sister is accused of…his inappropriate laughter in court I see as nerves…

    Oh my….where do I start… I believe she has lied for so long (most of her life probably) that she has no idea what is true and not true…even during the interviews with the police she played off of their words and elaborated adding whatever she felt would keep her in the clear and them chasing their tails…at this point I think she is guilty of killing her child…I’m not sure, however if it was calculated or a mistake, but regardless I don’t see her EVER admitting to the truth…I’m really not sure she even knows how to tell the truth anymore…I cannot for the life of me figure out how she could have literally tortured her entire family for so long…and still, I don’t feel she’s told the truth even today…she is only concerned about herself and doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life in jail…she’s way too self absorbed for that…I am astounded that there was never any real emotion in the jailhouse tapes other than the “poor me” syndrome…I think however that whatever happened to Caylee was probably an accident and she didn’t know what to do…she knew her parents would turn her in so she hid it from them to the bitter end..I find it totally unbelievable that she willingly tortured her family for all those months seeing how her so called defense attorney essentially announced to the world that she already knew her daughter was dead…His opening statement was SHOCKING to me!! And so far I haven’t seen one thing to back it up…such as, if Lee attempted to sexually assault her, why didn’t her lawyer say anything about that while he was on the stand? I think this girl made up a life she wanted to live and went out and lived it…then she got caught and as probably typical for her, she didn’t know what to do to get herself out of the lies she had been telling…I thought the State’s opening remarks were incredible…this is the first trial I have watched since the age of Facebook, Twitter, My Space, etc..Wow! How that has changed the investigative techniques for this type of case…I can’t for the life of me understand her…she has to be a sick girl to do what she did to her family, the community, police and total strangers! Not sick enough however to not know right from wrong…she’s just trying anything she can and I hope she takes the stand because the jury will have to hear about the so called sex abuse from her since the State will not bring that into evidence..when Jose Baez questioned her father and asked that question, without it having been introduced by the State and they objected, he then questioned George after the jury was out of the room..but he already planted the seed by asking the question and the State having to object and have the jury removed…My fear is that Casey will be convicted and then it will be turned over on appeal due to incompetent representation…I would hate for her family to have to go through this again…

    As far as George and Cindy being paid for movie rights or whatever else, I’m thinking they probably used everything they had hiring private detectives and possibly being charged by some of the original attorneys that Casey hired and who have since walked away when she was declared indigent by the court…they (Cindy and George) probably haven’t worked in the 3 years that this has been going on so I won’t judge what they do to survive in this harsh world after being put through all of this….I think in the long run they will use the money and get involved with missing children…They need time to heal without the presence of media, etc…and I hope they are afforded their privacy when this trial is over….I’m sure it has been the hardest thing they’ve ever faced and things like this and even less traumatic have torn families apart..I truly hope they stay together and support each other because they will surely need it…I can’t imagine they can work anywhere without having to be questioned about this quite possibly for the rest of their lives…I wish them well…God knows they have lived through a nightmare and still are!

    Thank you for letting me ramble…sorry for any confusion if my thoughts ran together too much..:)

    Lord, hold little Caylee in your arms daily!! She didn’t deserve any of this!


  30. To me this is a result of raising children without boundaries and consequence. With little or no reinforcement from their role models.


    1. youwhen this case firstbcame upon the airwaves, I thought there was no way that she would be found not guilty—but the more I listen to Jose Baez and his idiocy, I think a more competent lawyer would be a lot better for Cassie. I thought he was not even allowedto be a capital murder defense lawer considering he bhas never tried a murder case-perio9d- Am I wrong on that info?


      1. While they may have the neurobiology environment can stimulate or quell behaviors. Her home environment seemed to stimulate her behavior, Her parents needed to set boundaries early on.


  31. I have always felt Cindy was in complete denial (because to admit would mean the most important person in the world to her was gone) and George was protecting his wife’s fragile emotional state (and “had” to buy into it to be able to stay with her). Had he been alone, I believe George would have gone for her throat! That being said, after the 48 Hours Special and contact to their attorney from Baez…they only JUST found out that Zani had been a lie! Just 7 weeks ago! And REALLY just last week got FULL confirmation of it and this rediculous pool incident! How horrible that the defense and their own daughter did this to them! They are in the beginning stages of grief all over again, but THIS TIME, I do believe they will get to that ‘anger stage” right about the same time the jury comes back with the verdict or the penalty verdict……They always said if it pointed to their daughter after all of the evidence was presented, they would back the punishment of her…I am very happy for them that they have each other and now will have the chance to be grandparents again, watch their son marry a (normal) young lady, and enjoy their golden years together. Although they now have been without little Caylee more months than they actually had her in their lives, they’ll never be able to replace her. One thing Casey didn’t destroy (although she sure is still trying) is the marriage of her parents and her brother’s life and reputation! I can’t imagine what they have been through—they will probably never be able to be employed again so if that 2 mil dollar book deal is real—-it will be a one-time income that will have to last the next 30 years…all of this is their daughter’s fault and they will never have precious Caylee again. God Bless George, Cindy, and Lee as they did do the right thing and should be respected for that and we should all hope for their continued happiness and healing.


  32. Dr. Glass, you need to find someone to proofread your blog posts before you publish.

    As for the following:

    “No doubt…more millions of dollars will flow into the Anthony household. They even trademarked the name Caylee In doing that they will make more money suing anyone who tries to use it commercially. They may even come out with their own Caylee products which will add even more millions to their coffers. So their financial tensions will be gone forever. They lost a sweet granddaughter and troubled daughter, but gained millions of dollars.”

    it is both insensitive and unrealistic. “Caylee products”? What sort of “Caylee products” are you suggested her grieving grandparents are going to be marketing? Clearly they purchased the trademark to stop OTHERS from marketing products, which various companies and individuals did very shortly after her death. To say they “lost a sweet granddaughter and troubled daughter, but gained millions of dollars” is in very poor taste. Financial commentary is outside the realm of expertise and is unworthy of you personally, Dr Glass. The Anthony’s are not wealthy, and they are thoroughly miserable. Give them a break.


  33. “Just an observation, I was watching the trial and when the lawyers were at side bar the camera went to CA. She took off her glasses and it sure looked like she was sending hand signals to KC, for her to cry. Start watching close at the 1:35 mark.”

    Myra – June 12, 2011 at 5:33 pm

    Myra, turn off the TV and get some perspective. That’s a ludicrous allegation. Have you not noticed that Cindy Anthony is cooperating with the state as opposed to the defense, who, not incidentally, has accused her husband and son of sexually abusing Casey? Cindy is a grieving grandmother, and deserves your compassion, not your scrutiny. She is not on trial.


  34. The reason she couldnt say it was an accident, drowned in the pool, is because an autopsy whould show the cloriform, and duct tape residue..she did the only thing she could, and got rid of the body…as a cop, george wouldnt do anything like that,,,he knows you cant get away with anything..they always get you sooner or the way, the duct tape was in case she woke up from the cloriform screaming to be let out of the trunk…she didnt realize that the baby couldnt breath…till it was to late…then she panicked..hope she enjoys life in jail…they wont give her the death penalty, not enough physical proof,,by the way, think she was stoned when she did know high…


  35. Dr Glass I usually read your page at night, when there’s no commotion going on. Can’t help but to think about the Anthony’s. I was just wondering. It seems to me that Cindy was making it up to Casey thru Caylee. I don’t think Cindy was such a great mother to Casey. Cindy went over board with Caylee and Casey resented that. Granted they are a dysfunctional family, but who has the perfect family? I never liked the Anthony’s from day one. I saw the jail videos which were disgusting, why? well it looked as though Casey was the puppeteer, still from the inside was holding the baton. The Anthony’s never demanded from Casey where Caylee was. They thought that by treating KC with kid’s glove they were going to get somewhere, wrong! KC enjoyed pulling the strings, having them all over the place, at her command. Were the Anthonys afraid of KC not loving them? I truly believe KC killed Caylee out of rage, out of jealousy…


  36. The Prosecution did not point out the reasoning behind all of the cover up and lies. Dysfunctional, yes, but NO MATTER WHAT, as Leonard Padilla, and Tim Miller witnessed Cindy’s lies and say so ruled that house. She to covered for her daughter, and it would have been pure hell for George or anyone else who did not walk her line. She is the reason that that no one called 911 when they picked up that car and it smelled like “A dead body”. Cindy gave the orders not to dial 911 until she could get that car cleaned up. They were so afraid to point the finger at her in court. It all stems from the lies, the cover up and Cindy Anthony’s iron fist. The proscecution did not dig deep enough into the root of the coverup. I have a father who will say anything that my Mother tells him to, so I understand this completely. It goes to show, that when the laws are not followed to a T, no matter who obstructed justice that INJUSTICE will prevail.


  37. They should not be able to sleep at night. Period. They raised, enabled, and housed a disgusting toddler killer. Then lied and lied. misled. Abd lied. They are almost worse than their sick twisted “daughter” who wont speak to them abd btw- HAD HORRIBLE veneers in court! still funny.
    Plus, to get that killer off to do it again, and
    again, hopefully with an “irish accented” baby.??!! REALLY. they are so sick
    Make money. Of course. And inflict their disgusting personas and personal auroa on an unsuspecting creature as a dolphin, whale-


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