Ice Cold Expressionless Casey Listens To Her Own Lies to Police Doesn’t React and Calls Caylee “IT

The above photo is clearly the he look of evil an no remorse. As Casey heard her own voice telling lie after lie to the officers who questioned her when she lead them on a wild goose chase at Universal Studious, we see her with  no  facial reaction whatsoever. Instead there was a mask-like facial expression of detachment and curiosity. It was as though she was curiously  listening to someone else speaking  and not  her speaking.

There was no upset or no reaction except  where she shook her head “no” when there was  a reference to what she may have done to Caylee. No doubt she did that for the purpose of having the jury  seeing her deny any wrongdoing.

The lies were sickening to hear. One of the tell tale signs that she was lying is that she had a monotone voice along with giving way too much information when she was not asked for that information.

The fact that she walked with a purpose  towards her imaginary office as Yuri Melich said and showed no emotion or remorse and stuck to her story makes me even more convinced that she is a sociopath . The officers tried to do everything with her  and she would not budge. They used the good cop bad cop routine. They yelled at her. They were harsh with her. Then they had the good cop, Appie Wells try to befriend her  and show compassion.

He was able to get out the fact that her mother was causing her pressure. It was even brought out that sometimes accidents happen and that they could help her. But she never wavered.

They even gave a scenario of  the child drowning and how it happens so often. Casey never  responded. If Caylee had drowned this would have been Casey’s  perfect opportunity to admit what happened. But she did not because most likely Caylee never drowned. Casey never wavered. She was calm under pressure and showed no emotion on the tapes

In fact, she wore down the officers as she continued lie after lie after lie.

But  even through all the lies, when she realizes she has won after the officers wrap up the session, Casey says something profound.

She volunteers the statement  “If I didn’t want my daughter, I would have given it to my mother,” To me this lie speaks volumes . What she meant to say was  I didn’t want my daughter, I wouldn’t   give it to my mother.”

This says it all.  It  shows the motive of  why she killed Caylee. She did not want  Caylee and would not allow her mother to have Caylee. The fact she called Caylee IT speaks volumes! Caylee was a non person Casey to. She was a burden to her and to her social life.

Casey told Lee that she was a  “spiteful bitch“. This couldn’t be more true.


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    1. Word.No woman calls a chld from her womb “it”

      She probably wore that chilling mask while killing Caylee too. Hopefully the jury realizeds that she’s a sociopath.


  1. Did she really say “it” when she said she would have given Caylee to her mother if she did not want her?


  2. For a DR., you certainly don’t seem to be able to write well! Your publishing are rife with numerous spelling errors! Come on, really, a professional like yourself should really take the time to actually read what you’ve written and make the necessary corrections before publishing! Sheesh! It really is very distracting and I think even makes your level of expertise and credibility questionable. When I read this kind of writing, it makes me wonder if you got your degree from a publisher of certificates. Please–for heaven’s sake, just take the extra 5 minutes to proof your own writing! If you don’t have time or interest in doing that, at least hire someone else to do it for you!


  3. But here’s the 64.000 dollar question: WHY does she act like that??
    There are no other signs in her 22 years (at that point) that showed her to be a cold ‘bitch’. Her “cold bitch’ persona seemed to develop or come to life in or around mid-June 2008.

    She IS cold
    She IS calculating
    She IS cunning
    She IS a liar
    She IS delusional but WHY????

    I don’t know about the majority of the populous but I am beyond this. I get it. I know it. I see it. I accept it. Now my question is ‘why’?


      1. I agree with you, Sherry. Her lying and stealing had been going on for several years prior to the murder.

        Why – she lacks a soul


      2. I believe her lying and stealing could be measured as ‘normal’ back then. All children/people lie. Even steal (hell, I stole money from my mother’s wallet many times).

        her delusional lying is something totally different. She was incapable of care/considering about consequences. I mean, who the hell steals a check from someone (Amy) and shows face not caring if she gets called on it?

        Who walks detectives and LE down a hallway, going through the motions without thinking beforehand, ‘this ain’t going to work”

        Casey lived in the moment. She withdrew. She was in ‘the moment’ and; no more. No less.

        That is NOT a typical lying stealing person’s persona.

        And again, you can keep saying this girl lied and stole before however, there is a major fundamental difference in the magnitude of her actions: post-May 2008!

        There is MORE to this than just a self-centered lying bitch.


      3. You mean like when George stole thousands and thousands?? Also lost a home in Ohio due to poor financial decisions? And then another one in Florida?

        Ohh , sorry you were talking KC…I think she admitted to what she did and is paying the price. That is no proof she murdered her daughter, like her father, is he guilty of killing Caylee more so or KC because they stole money? I think George’s record speaks for itself, and thensome. IMoo


      4. Casey stole about 40,000 dollars in total. She didn’t just grab a couple of bills from her mother’s purse when her mother wasn’t looking.


      5. I so agree with you about the stealing froom her Grand Parents and her mother also. Big bucks like 40k from her mother on charge cards. It started before Caylee’s birth. Your so on.


    1. People lie for a couple reasons: Because they can justify (to themselves at least) why they can/should do it or…they lie just because they can–they have a sense of superiority over others (i.e., I’m better than you and you don’t deserve to know the truth. Or as Jack Nicholson would say, “You can’t handle the truth” 🙂

      I believe Casey was in this 2nd category. She resented her Mother very much!


      1. I liked your comment. I feel ppl live a lie like she did is diff. from lieing. Casey lived her lies. Lieing sometime is because you have no life, no self esteem, no good feeling about yourself because u know your not right so u lie to make yourself something when you feel your nothing. I feel Caylee was in her way. She had to lie to have a life she wanted.


    2. Is it possible that she was a sociopath all along, but wasn’t motivated to kill until she had enough of sharing the spotlight with Caylee.
      Sociopaths generally share all those traits LisaDawnn listed but they don’t all kill.

      I’ve heard that some sociopaths are capable of having true feelings of compassion for a few specific people, is that true? Do you think Casey truly loves her brother Lee, or will she turn against him now since he’s spurned her? (In which case she never truly loved.)


    3. I don’t think you could say that unless you personally knew her.

      I’ve noticed when watching Casey that as long as she is getting positive attention, she sparkles and beams but when she is crossed she quickly becomes spiteful and cold. Possibly it was at that point in her life, she finally came up against things she didn’t like and couldn’t change, and the real Casey came out.

      People get like Casey often because something interfered with the infant-mother bond during the first few years of life. This is the time that trust, empathy and conscience are developed (we are not born with them- they develop in response to our interaction with our caregiver).


  4. The Anthony family are glib. That is the word that springs to mind when seeing them testify and hearing Casey lie after lie on the video and audio tapes. They all speak in a monotone, express too much detail, all of them.

    I believe Casey did kill her daughter somehow and I believe she and Baez cooked up this last minute accident, dragging George into the mix so she wouldn’t get the DP.

    The fury she showed in one tape when her parents visited and they wouldn’t let her get in a word, that was her evil breaking through.


      1. wow, thats profound Sherry. It made me put myself in different situations Caylee could have been in at the time she struggled to breath. Poor baby, last eyes she was belonged to her mommie. She wanted her Gramma Im sure. hurts my heart.


  5. Dr. Glass,

    You hit the nail on the head!! You wrote, “What [Casey] meant to say was ‘I didn’t want my daughter, I wouldn’t give it to my mother.’”

    …”It shows the motive of why she killed Caylee. She did not want Caylee and would not allow her mother to have [her].”)

    I implore you to please pass this information along to the prosecution. They should be reminded of what Casey said at the end of this interview (Universal Studio’s with Detective Melich). It could be used by the prosecution in their closing arguments, or perhaps when or if they introduce professional opinions about Casey from, say, a forensic psychiatrist.

    Thank you for your time,
    ~ Tate ~


  6. This family lacks a core. A foundation. To me I sense no love. Not a deep love that ties and binds a family together but a very superficial love.

    They all sprang together (and looked like this dynamic fantastic family at first) because this was an event thrush-ed them together for a cause.

    They do things that are ‘politically’ correct to do without thinking feeling it. Like attending church. Hanging an American flag. Cindy holding that DAMN teddy bear. George wrangling a Bible. It’s all about appearances. They are the most disingenuous family I’ve seen in a long time.

    They’re not doing anything in their life because it’s genuinely warranted and wanted rather, they’re doing everything because the script ‘of life’ calls for it.

    This is the quintessential Sheeple family!

    I hope they all have to answer to a judge before this is over!


    1. i agree 100%… very well articulated, i shake my head to think that the Anthony’s really think the entire world revolves around them and that the entire world can not see straight through their facade !! Transparent Family!!jmc


  7. Sherry,

    She stole from her grandparents around the same time though.
    So far no ones indicated (except for her high school graduation lie which….was huge too) that Casey acted ‘bizarrely’ prior to the time frame of May-July 2008.

    I can’t help but consider, George and Cindy resolved (for lack of a better word) their pending divorce in Nov 2007.
    Not sure if that’s when George moved back in but seems right around that time, this wacky-world of Casey started spinning out of control.
    I say that because that is the EXACT time she turned to her friend and told her she wanted to be institutionalized.
    I believe in coincidences in this world but I don’t believe, given the seriousness of this girl, this was one of them.

    George is a major player in this mess. Somehow. Someway.
    We certainly see how Cindy messed up Casey’s head, that’s for sure.

    All this coddling and enabling is JUST as dangerous as giving a drunk angry teenager, a loaded shotgun!

    I can’t help but feel sorry for Casey because she is a sick human being.

    I liken this to people making fun at an obese person whose 700 pounds. People sit back and judge and poke fun but very few take time to consider WHY that person got so heavy.
    It may not be the best analogy (seeing an obese person doesn’t have a dead baby in the story line but) the inference is there though.

    I wish people would STOP calling attention to all Casey’s short-comings because it’s evident. Even a blind person can see this by now.
    We need people to dig deeper and try to figure out why!


    1. Whats the High School lie??I am interested in learning more of Caseys past before becoming pg.
      George had a gambling prob. I read and an affair. then later another affair with the lady he met searching for Caylee. ( River Cruz ) But before , the first Im not educated on yet.


  8. Could it be that she had one moment of clarity, one tiny window of personal insight and that was when she told a friend she felt she needed to be institutionalized? I think it was. I think for that moment she knew something was terribly wrong with her, that she was digging herself deeper and deeper into a fantasy world. Then she went back into self-delusion that she could control everything and everyone by lying or manipulating. Oh, if only she had been taken right at that moment to a psychiatrist!


    1. I think that time is crucial in trying to figure out what went wrong!

      Again, George JUST moved back into the household at that time (2007)

      Coincidental? I really really don’t think so.


    2. When you look at how hard her parents worked to try to cover up and fix Casey’s crime over these past few years, you have to realize this has been their response to trouble she has gotten in over the years. No doubt they have covered up and ‘fixed’ problem after problem for her that the rest of the world has not become aware of.


  9. I just had an epiphany in watching the video w/ Casey and Cindy/George. Casey uncanny talent to side-step, mislead and throw people off course is EXACTLY the same talent Cindy has.

    There is no doubt she picked up this behavior of being less-than forth coming….with such ease, from her parental figures.

    Cindy can’t answer a direct question with a direct answer to save her life. The ‘filler’ she puts in her answers is the SAME ‘filler-fluff’ Casey puts in. Cindy bobs and weaves better than Casey does.
    And George lies with such flare and finesse it almost surpasses Casey talent.

    Not taking the onus off Casey but c’mon people. Look at this family. It’s sadly pathetic to watch. They put the FUN in dysfunctional!!!


    1. No Cindy could answer a direct question and her behavior during the depositions, police and FBI interviews was appalling.

      But at least Cindy appears to have human feelings.


  10. this lying spiteful bitch need a lethal dose… she killed here kid plain and simple… led police on a wild goose chase with lies and deceipt…

    some one shoulod put her eout of her misery…
    a dilussional manipulating calous murderer….

    enough with the lies… why are we wasting state funds on this bitch…


  11. As many times as I have wanted to throttle my daughter, especially now with her 14 year old self busting out with that “I know everything and you know nothing, because you are old” attitude…as many times as I have told her “I brought you into this world and, by God, I will take you out” {what mother hasn’t? LOL}, I could never, in my ugliest, darkest moment, do something that heinous to a two year old. Casey has such low self-regard that her only identity in life [in her mind] comes from her non-existent job at Universal. I wish I could count the number of times the word “Universal Studios” had been uttered by her. My job is something I do to earn a living, not the core of my being as it appeared to be for Casey…every person she ever met knew she worked at Universal. In reality, at twenty years old, she was a knocked-up, high-school drop-out, unemployed slatternly slut sponging off her parents. If that were my life, I think I would morph into a psychopath, also. I can say that I had a pretty rotten childhood, physical and emotional abuse, abandonment, my mother more than once held my brother and I at gun point [she loaded the gun right in front of us] and I knew that she was going to kill us both. Well, obviously she didn’t and I spent years in therapy letting go of that childhood baggage. I have lied and stolen money [cash and credit cards] from my mother many years ago so I definitely feel like I could have let anger and despair envelop me and ruin my life. But it was a conscious decision by me to move away far away from my mother, not make excuses for “oh poor me” and make my own way in life. The charateristics that I most admire [that I also lacked in youth]: honesty, integrity, bravery, intelligence. I have yet to see any of these charateristics from the 4 Anthonys. Some people are born evil and some people turn evil. I believe Casey is the latter.


    1. Everyone grows up differently even in the exact same situations. There is no textbook version of anything when it comes to emotional growth.

      What needs to be done (although it won’t with the exception of George) is find out HOW Casey was raised. So far, what this family has put out is nothing but a facade.

      If there was more dirt on Casey (pre-2008) the State would’ve used it in their opening statement so to paint a Mona Lisa-like image of Casey.

      This girl snapped. There is no question about it.
      And if you at least, consider Baez’s claim then, a lot of this can be understood.

      I think Casey is a classic rendition of an incestuously abused child who goes into their safe world to retreat.

      I also think Caylee drowning in the pool (and Casey being under George’s influence, cover-ups, secrets and lies to where she can’t tell anyone the truth) isn’t that far fetched!

      Casey might’ve slipped into La La Land when this happened (because it was bigger than she could’ve handled) and the lies started with…….ease.

      George reeks of guilt.

      I’m just sayin’


      1. Many people have been abused and have children, but they don’t kill them. don’t think people just turn into sociopaths, though I’m no psychologist and I could be wrong. It is possible for people to lose their sanity and become killers, and here I’m thinking of people emotionally dissociating due to extreme trauma, but I don’t think those folks are calculated manipulators like sociopaths are. Again, I could be wrong.
        Isn’t sociopathic state usually evident at a very young age?


      2. I completely disagree. Casey has ruled that roost from day one. She is in control. They bow to her and support her or have hell to pay. Those are not the signs of incest. She shows no fear, no shame, no pain. She is cold and narcissistic.


    2. The FBI tested George and Lee because of Casey’s claims and nothing more. There is no evidence besides her word.

      I don’t believe a single thing that comes out of her mouth. I’m willing to give George and Lee the benefit of a doubt before I give it to her.


  12. Seems to me when Cindy forced Casey to have and keep Caylee….that was her tipping point. I wouldn’t call it post partum as she had no depressive signs, I would just say the pressure built up inside of her and it exploded. The unfortunate target of this misplaced anger was Caylee.


    1. Casey wanted to have Caylee, otherwise she could have had an abortion. I don’t buy that Cindy forced Casey to have Caylee. Maybe Casey thought if she pretended she wasn’t pregnant, she would be, but I think she enjoyed being pregnant and knowing that C&G were going to HAVE to support her sorry ass.


      1. Well, IF Casey didn’t want a baby…she should have used birth control or not had sex. She seems to be pretty smart when it comes to being a thief, so I’m sure she was smart enough to know that having sex could cause pregnancy.


      2. That’s a a lot of assumption on your part ‘up the coast’.

        You nor I have any idea the circumstances in which this baby was conceived.

        For all you know, maybe Casey was on birth control.
        For all we know George might be the father and did this on purpose.
        I mean……we don’t know squat about the conception. So I really wouldn’t go there because it has no bearing on any of this so far.

        It’s statements like yours that are so simple and not well-thought out that truly amazes me.


      3. I am amazed at your comments also. You seem to have some inside knowledge that the authorities are not aware of. From what I’ve read/heard on TV, her father/brother were ruled out as the father of Caylee. Casey doesn’t seem to know WHO Caylee’s father was.


      4. What have I said that would suggest I have more knowledge? I think what I do have is more impartiality than most.

        Sure, the media said they were ruled out (I have yet to see the results with my own eyes though) and having said that, the media is bias. That is not news (no pun intended)

        But putting that aside, (assuming you’re female and unmarried) let’s say you were pregnant and found slain in your local park, do you think the LE or FBI would want to sample YOUR brother and farther as a possible ‘sperm donors’?

        I mean, really! Just think about it.

        I mean, under what circumstance would they be propelled and compelled to want to rule them out???

        Surely they’re not merely listening to a known liar sitting in jail telling them this, right?

        My common sense and instinctual radar tells me there’s much more to this family then meets the eye.


      5. I’m confused as to why you think you have more impartiality. You’re entitled to your own opinion if you want to believe or are getting a vibe from either George or Lee that they may have molested Casey.

        That aside, I don’t think that demonstrates impartiality. You’re willing to give Casey the benefit of a doubt, but you don’t extend that to the rest of the family.

        I simply don’t believe a word she says. Period. She has lied about too many things that do and do not matter.


    2. All this row over Casey being forced to have Caylee! Casey was not forced by anyone. She was 19 years old and responsible for her own damn self! Geesh!


      1. Thank you, Sherry!!! I’m reading comments, and thought I was going to have to jump in there with exactly what you said!!


    3. I agree. I think that once Casey was “forced” to keep Caylee, she wasn’t a “kid” anymore.. Pressure built from her mom, from the responsibility of being a mom, she was embarrassed that she was a single mom, without a job, living in her parents home so she stared to lie & lie & lie to make herself look like she had her life together… Saying she had a job, that she was taking over the payments on her parents house, that she had a nanny that she paid 400$ a week for… all of those lies are to make her appear to have her life together… Once she met Tony, she was unable to have Caylee around his place, he wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of a little kid being in his party house, she planned the murder, she researched it & followed thru without thinking twice… she thought that since she so convincingly pulled off all the other lies in her life that she could too pull off the murder of her daughter… this is what i truly believe happened…


    4. Andrea, I’ve thought that very same thing before. IMO it is NOT a good idea to use a baby to teach a girl responsibility. The child loses every time because the mother resents it.


  13. I have a question maybe someone can give some insights or thoughts…. why if Casey now is throwing George under the bus with allegations of abuse and helping dispose of Caylee’s body, why didn’t she throw him under the bus when she and her brother were talking in her room on the night of the 16? It seems as though that would have been the perfect time to tell her brother, with whom she has a close bond, that their father is the one resposible. Could it be that the abuse and father’s involvement was concocted way after her arrest? Just something to try and save her from the death penalty and put the blame on someone else?


    1. I think in part, Casey can’t separate reality from tragedy.

      And who knows what /when Casey said anything to anyone?

      Grant it, it LOOKED like Lee was clueless when he spoke to Casey in jail however, he also KNEW he was being taped though.

      One thing I think we can all agree on and that’s: this family is extremely deceptive.


    2. She told Jesse of sexual goings-on within her family in 2005.
      So, no. This accusation is not just something made up on the fly.

      Can someone tell me WHY oh WHY wouldn’t a brother want to cooperated with LE and give them a DNA sample? One would think they’d do anything to exonerate them self so to move on with the investigation.

      I’ll go one further: Why would the FBI even CONSIDER ruling Lee and George out as Caylee’s father?


      And here’s the ultimate question; why did Cindy, George and Lee all refuse lie detector tests?

      This ain’t as black and white as most want this to be.


      1. If I remember correctly, they all did that on Lee’s advice. He was playing detective and told them that a lie detector test could do more harm than good and that such tests were not necessarily always accurate.

        Casey refused a lie detector test as well.


      2. LOL

        Casey had an understandable reason not to want to take the lie detector test. Are you kidding?? She knew more than what she was revealing.

        What possible reason would anyone else in that family have to refuse it? According to them, they knew nothing.

        Ah, that shouldn’t matter……..we’ll just gloss over that too.


      3. What are you even talking about? I was explaining the fact that they were originally for it and Lee talked them out of it. I’m stating facts.

        Maybe the Anthonys knew more ABOUT CASEY than they were revealing.

        Have you been to C. Rich’s site yet? You guys can pat each other on the back, twist the facts in Casey’s favor and talk about how ignorant America is the day Casey is convicted of first degree murder. In fact, you guys can help each other out in petitioning Casey’s innocence. The rest of his fans can barely read or write a coherant sentence so he would probably welcome your feedback.

        Don’t forget to comment on his kitty in the jungle article. I think he’s especially proud of that one.


    3. I’m thinking if Casey was molested, then everyone in that house knew it. It’s hard to keep a secret like that. Denial is the more likely response, isn’t it?


      1. Cindy didn’t know reality unless it was pleasant. She could tune out all the ugliness in her life.
        George probably could’ve left Casey’s room, zipping up his zipper and Cindy wouldn’t question it. Just like not noticing Casey’s 7th month term pregnancy. The ‘nurse’ thought it was bloating.

        Yup……..this is a functional family!


      2. Wow LisaDawn,

        That’s a pretty graphic insinuation there when you have nothing but the word of a pathological liar backing it up.


  14. Does anyone else realize how many times Casey and Lee uses the word ‘specifically’?

    This family is anything BUT specific.

    It’s just an ironic word to be used in the frequency it is!


  15. Casey is a sociopath. It’s very simple. She didn’t suddenly get this way; she has always been this way.

    I can’t understand why the rest of the commentators here seem so baffled and confused.

    She wasn’t molested. She wasn’t abused.

    She is a sociopath. She’s a female Scott Peterson.

    Pretty simple.


  16. Wow! She *did* say IT. I remember hearing that the first time around but dismissed it. That’s is a Freudian Slip if I’ve ever heard one.

    Dr Glass, Please tell us what you thought of Casey’s expressions while she was watching the tapes of Lee’s visit to the jail. Casey was doing this one-sided smirk while watching this video in the court room. She’s showing contempt for Lee, correct?


  17. Dr. Glass,

    You hit the nail on the head!! You wrote, “What [Casey] meant to say was ‘I didn’t want my daughter, I wouldn’t give it to my mother.’”

    …”It shows the motive of why she killed Caylee. She did not want Caylee and would not allow her mother to have [her].”)

    I implore you to please pass this information along to the prosecution. They should be reminded of what Casey said at the end of this interview (Universal Studio’s with Detective Melich). It could be used by the prosecution in their closing arguments, or perhaps when or if they introduce professional opinions about Casey from, say, a forensic psychiatrist.

    Thank you for your time,
    ~ Tate ~


  18. I don’t agree with some of the general public’s overnight and undeserved “sympathy” for a woman {Cindy Anthony and even her husband George too, for that matter} in whom I feel imo, is guilty of:

    (a) Obstruction of Justice
    (b) Perjury
    (c) Destruction of/Tampering with Evidence (Cindy)
    (d) Accessory to Murder After-the-Fact
    (e) Tax Evasion
    (f) Fraud {Regarding their foundation for missing children and for funding the search for their grandchild, if they already knew Caylee Marie was dead on June 16, 2008}

    To all the overnight “George & Cindy Anthony are just loving/grieving grandparents” fantasylanders, I ask you this;

    Should we just allow the Anthonys a “free pass” on the alleged, serious crimes I mentioned above??

    Do those crimes, I mentioned above, that are definitely on the books in the State of Florida, mean anything to you all?? How about the rule of law being applied TO ALL PEOPLE, EQUALLY in this great nation of ours?? Or do these laws that I speak of just DON’T APPLY to the Anthonys, b/c they are only now, AFTER THREE LONG YEARS, telling the PARTIAL truth, just TO SAVE THEIR OWN A**ES??

    Or worse, b/c either the Anthony family is white and/or because this is a high-profile case?? Would a black or hispanic family have faired as well with some of you??

    Here’s what the Anthonys should TRULY be doing now and what they actually should’ve done 3 years ago imo:


    Nuff Said!!


    1. yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes! i feel sorry for cindy because i know she loved caylee but i believe she should face perjury and obstruction charges.


  19. OMG – I missed that part of the video at the end where she actually calls Calley IT. Dr Lillian you are so correct about this is the motive. These tapes were chilling beyond my expectations. I had seen snippets of some when they came out in 2008 but to watch them today I was dumbfounded at her ability to lie continuously to the Detectives – even after they confronted her and she knew that they knew. She is totally cold blooded.

    I do not like that all of the media covering this, continuously use Jose Baez word “imaginary” to describe all the people that she concocted that don’t exist. Using this word plays into their faux defense theory that she had an “imaginary” life d/t the sexual abuse by George & Lee. Imaginary suggests that this was out of her control, which it most certainly was not. Fabrication and manufactured are more appropriate.

    Did anyone else notice that the only time the stone cold hard glare left her face today was 2 times when she saw herself in the video that amused or pleased her. One of the 2 times was when she was discussing what she was eating in jail and unfortunately I can’t remember the context for the 2nd smile. If anyone knows please post it.

    After the jury was excused for the day today, Judge Perry asked the defense about a new motion they’d file about a new expert witness they want to add. It’s a PhD RN who is a grief specialist and will talk about how grief takes many different forms in different people. Judge Perry stated that Expert testimony on grief and bereavement is not admissable, automatically. This is going nowhere fast. The depo will be taken by the SAO once she prepares a report…and outline of every opinion she is going to give and her basis for reaching each opinion….then the judge will shut it down, hopefully.

    I googled her and found this: Dr. Sally Karioth Biography : Sally Karioth is a very special public speaker who has a gift for evoking a wide range of emotions from her audience. It is a gift she has acquired from her varied experiences as a nurse, teacher, writer, talk show hostess and nationally renowned grief therapist. And if one sentence characterizes her speeches, it is her slogan “life is not a dress rehearsal.”

    I am a RN….and a specialist in death and grieving……there is nothing I know of that would help Casey or to assist the Jury so as to whitewash her behavior and conduct, regardless of my bias.


    1. If I’m reading this correctly, you’re against the Defense having the Right to have a professional explain how certain people handle grief?

      If so, why?

      And “imaginary” is exactly what these people were. Do you prefer to have him refer to them as invisible? Make-believe? Pretend? Delusions?

      I mean…..cut the Defense some slack. The media has leaned and spun this so much into a murder case it’s not even funny.

      I admit, it certainly looked like a mother who killed her child but when the ‘media’ stops the presses after making unsubstantiated statements (and play loops of her dancing over and over again) my idea’s started to change and decided; there is MUCH more to this than meets the eye.

      And as far as her ‘partying’……in 31 days, she went out maximum 8 times.
      Hell, I’ve partied for 31 days straight in my college days so, BIG DEAL.
      She was partying because she had not-a-care-in-the-world and was able to shut off, tune out and close down reality.

      Some of you really want to punish her because she’s sick. Not because there’s any proof that she killed anyone.


      1. The defense has the right to have an expert explain Casey’s behavior IF the state can have their own psychiatrists examine her. Baez would not agree to these conditions and I wonder why…


      2. i want to punish her because she’s a liar who drove around with the dead body of her only child in her trunk for what some people have said was something like 2 and a half days. Casey is definitely sick but she knows the difference between right and wrong, so she’s not legally insane. therefore, she deserves to be punished for what she (and she alone IMO) did to her only child. i’m sorry but i do not believe George put Caylee in the trunk for Roy Kronk to somehow find and keep her remains for months until he decided to place them 5 minutes from the Anthony residence so he could collect the reward money for car repairs. that is beyond ridiculous.


      3. The problem with Roy Kronk getting any reward money is that public workers who, say, find a dog or a wallet where there is a reward cannot accept it if they found the animal/wallet during work hours. So, finding Caylee’s remains while on the job would net him zero dollars. If he really was about to hit the lottery, as his son supposedly said, you would think he would have known better and waited until after work to find the remains.


      4. I like how you think you can see inside her head.

        Thinking you know what she’s all about is fine, but plenty of her friends have been slapped in the face with the fact that everything they ever thought they knew about her was a lie. If you choose to believe her THIS TIME, fine, but do you see what I’m saying?

        Casey, despite her sickness, seems very self aware when it comes to her lies. She didn’t continue her delusional wandering in search of an imaginary office, she stopped when she knew she couldn’t go any further.

        She knows the truth, but she will admit it only when she is cornered, like that whole matter regarding the end of the hallway at Universal Studios.


      5. Stephanie… Your post below at 2:49am is just too funny, and SO true!!!!!

        “i’m sorry but i do not believe George put Caylee in the trunk for Roy Kronk to somehow find and keep her remains for months until he decided to place them 5 minutes from the Anthony residence so he could collect the reward money for car repairs. that is beyond ridiculous.”


    2. the second smile was because Jeffery said she was “a good looking girl” i also caught another smile when her brother said something negative about biaz, she chuckled & looked over at him (biaz)


  20. Crazee Anthoney lies because IT WORKS.

    She has lied her entire life and it almost ALWAYS worked.

    WHY would it not work with the detectives?

    She must have been shocked when, for the first time in her life, they didn’t believe her – hahaha!


    1. It worked because her parental figures…..the ones who were supposed to enforce rules, regulations and consequences….DIDN’T while she was growing up.
      Don’t blame her. Blame the damn adults.

      They were either absent or passive. A child learns their boundaries by life-lessons. The only thing Casey learn was disrespect for authority.

      When things became unpleasant, Cindy denies.
      When things became too much, George revolts and/or bolts.

      These two ‘adults’ weren’t qualified to be parents. They should’ve been sandbox friends instead where they could shared their Lunchables with one another.


      1. Casey Anthony is a grown woman and she was when she gave birth to Caylee. She should have left home if she found it that horrible, she should have returned to her job instead of abandoning it shortly after she gave birth to her daughter.

        I’m sure George and Cindy bear some responsibility in this, but everything Casey does is not their fault.

        Casey wasn’t qualified to be a parent either. At least George and Cindy could afford to feed and clothe Cayee without dipping into Caylee’s college fund and thieving from Caylee’s piggy bank.

        She’s an adult now. Not a child. Caylee was the child. Casey is just a lazy, spoiled brat.


      2. many mental health experts will tell you they are still uncertain what has more effect on a child – biological or environmental circumstances. if it’s all George and Cindy’s fault then why has Lee avoided being as sick as his sister?


    2. Yes, it’s amusing how she says she doesn’t want to deal with the two detectives that keep saying she is lying!!! Obviously prefers the men who say “Casey you are so beautiful and everything that falls out of your mouth is a pearl beyond price.”


  21. Oh, I forgot to mention that Casey refers to Caylee in the past tense in the video where George tells her that he wishes that he had been a better father & grandfather. Casey responds by telling him that he has been a great father & that “she was lucky to have had you as a gf”.


    1. Baez will be all over this when George takes the stand.
      That is, unless he threatens suicide again.
      For some reason, I think he might. This is not to be confused with actually doing it…..just calling attention to himself. Again.


      1. Hmmm…LisaDawnn! You just reamed a commentor out for making assumptions and here you are making them! Were you with George when he tried to off himself?

        Careful how you answer that! If you use logic from the evidence/media to come to your conclusion George’s suicide was a stunt then you will have to let the ones you are reaming out for calling Casey guilty due to the evidence/media off the hook! Don’t be a hypocrit! 😛


      2. Could you stop referring to Casey as if she is a helpless, abused twelve year old? She was nineteen when she gave birth, twenty two when she got arrested, and she’s twenty five now.

        The defense can seat her in those low down chairs all they want and refer to her as a “child” but she was sleeping around like an adult and she faced adult consequences. Her parents could have and maybe SHOULD HAVE booted her out on her ass. They paid for everything with Caylee.

        Casey had the freedom to go back to school, get her GED, go to college. Instead she lied about having a job and went partying.


      3. LisaDawnn,

        Is it possible you are “projecting” your life experiences onto Casey, George, Cindy, and Lee?

        “According to Sigmund Freud, projection is a psychological defense mechanism whereby one ‘projects’ one’s own undesirable thoughts, motivations, desires, and feelings onto someone else.”


    2. I based my feelings on intuition and common sense.
      Typically people who tell other they’re going to kill themselves usually have no intention of doing so. It’s for attention (Statistic) Or in George’s case, deflection (my opinion)


      1. LisaDawnn, you are such a plant on this blog. Do you work for Jose and his team? Were you hired to try to ‘change’ public opinion? I don’t believe a thing you say.


      2. Lisa Dawn

        I have to disagree with your comment about people who threaten suicide are just looking for attention. Having dealt with threats of suicide by a family member, we were cautioned to take all threats seriously. People who talk about suicide and claim they want to kill themselves are asking for help and need to be taken seriously. This was advice from a health care specialist.


      3. LOL Lisa – make sure you throw FACTS out the window! Let’s not deal with them as they are just so messy…..


      4. What “Facts” am I throwing out the window?

        It’s easy to post words but it takes some talent to back them.

        What are you talking about?

        Tell me what ‘fact’ I am overlooking. And I am talking about ‘facts’ that aren’t left to interpretation (like Casey dancing etc)

        Go ahead. Put some font to your accusation.


        I am not a ‘plant’ as you so eloquently called me. Not at all. (Guess now…you think I’m guilty of that until I prove myself innocent, right?)

        I am a person with a strong opinion that goes against the grain. Period.
        And you know what? You just proved to me, once again, how WRONG people are based on how things look (or people who have a wild imagination)

        You have given me more reason to stand my ground (which is subject to change once I hear all the evidence unlike 99.9% of you)

        Carry on…………….


  22. For those who believe Casey murdered her child, no one has the slightest idea how she did this let alone an iota of evidence supporting this.
    So far
    I hear deliberate chloroform
    I hear accidental over-dose of chloroform
    I hear chloroform and duct tape
    I hear drowning
    I hear drowning and duct tape.
    I hear neck breaking

    I mean, you people can’t even AGREE on how she did this yet you want to convict her?

    There’s been more proof that Casey has been physiologically abused her whole life judging CA and GA behavior. And we’ve only known of them for 3 years!!!

    In truth, the reason why people want to blame Casey is because you can’t for the life of you, understand how someone, let alone a mother, can be this cold, nonchalant, deceiving, deceptive and callous.

    But here’s a theory. You know how someone morphs into this type of person? Trauma, sexual abuse, incestuous relationships, a mother/Cindy who should be Baker’s Act, a father who should’ve been kicked to the curb for being a slacker all during her informative years.

    You’re putting 1 + ? (a mystery) together and coming up with murder.

    Has anyone analyzed, remarked or even took time to look at George’s body language during that first jailhouse interview?

    I have.

    At times when he hears Cindy saying “We just love Caylee” or “We want Caylee to come home” or anything to do with Caylee, he scratches his head, or cheek and constantly looks downward.

    He also NEVER comforts Cindy. He makes a lame attempt then quickly removed his arm as if she had leprosy.

    Also, I find it extremely ‘weird’ timing to tell your daughter, whose sitting in jail, that ‘I wish I could’ve been a better dad and a better grandpa’

    Say what?
    Was that really a good time to become self deprecating? But besides that, what did he mean by that and why the need to say that?

    I truly think, if this family didn’t have drama, they’d have noting to do with one another. I think drama kept them together. This is including but not limited to Caylee’s birth.


    1. Have you considered the facts that Crazee was the LAST person with Caylee and…

      Caylee IS dead.

      2 + 2 = 4; still TRUE, last time I checked.
      I don’t “get” your “logic.” Sorry.


      1. GEORGE and Casey were the last ones to see Caylee.
        Did you miss that part?

        Sure, George said he left for work but he also was looking for an alive Caylee when he and his thieving wife start Caylee Foundation and pocketed the monies!!!

        Not to mention, their paid guest appearances every day they hit the media circuit….pleading for leads and the safe return of Caylee!!! KNOWING, she was already deceased.

        Yeah, we’ll believe what they say over what Casey says, right?


      2. But please wait a sec, Up the Coast.

        We DON’T know what happened.
        You’re calling her a spoiled brat based on the last two months of her free-life.
        You don’t know her. Neither do I.

        If George was molesting her and Cindy was unavailable during reality-time (which looks to be the case) then, yes Casey had no respect for too many people. Would you?

        If one parent is molesting you and the only other parent lives in a perpetual state of denial (based on the pregnancy in 2005 and what we saw since June 2008) then…..Casey is lucky she didn’t become a serial killer.

        By all accounts, testimonies and visual evidence, Casey was an excellent mother. No one has ever said anything to the contrary. Not even her friend Amy (who she stole from) who could’ve easily lied on the stand in spite!

        So you want to call her spoiled?…..because you’re seeing her partying, stealing and lying in the last several months of her free life? Well, go ahead. But I think that’s extremely unfair.

        I don’t know about you but I would hate for the public to base me and my persona on one (albeit, mysterious) incident in my life.
        Especially if I showed no prior signs of real off-the-wall disturbances or unbalance.

        We have been seeing Casey’s face (and case) splattered on the television for 3 years with scrolling head lines and ticker-tape sub titles saying ‘murderer’.

        The news took pieces of this story for the last 3 years….in order to bolster a sensational, unbelievable unfathomable story for ratings.

        And when there was suspicion early on about George and/or Lee, it quickly got dropped.
        Even when the media started to turn on Cindy (for being a crazed woman) that too, got dropped. Then the focus went back to Casey and those snarling-faced photos, and the one minute clip of her yelling at her parents in jail and her dancing with girls ……over and over and over and over again.

        It was hypnotic.

        So theoretically, the media TOLD us what to think. Never ever filling in all the details.

        So, I can’t be too upset with the majority of posters on these forums. You’re just a victim of modern times. Because I tell you, if we ONLY heard:

        *Baby goes missing
        *Mother in jail for lying to authorities
        *Baby found 1500 feet from house
        *Mother arrested for murder and that was it….we’d be left scratching our heads trying to fill in all the blanks.

        But instead the media attempted to fill in the blanks (from the last 2 months) for us.

        Bottom line. We do NOT know how the baby died.

        Let me ask a rhetorical question.
        Florida (where I live too) is over 67,000 square feet with 1300 miles of coastline, The Atlantic Ocean, The Gulf, Lake Okeechobee and The Everglades where alligators reside.

        Why the hell would Casey purposefully kill her daughter and then….just leave her in her car (on Main St Orlando) then dump her down the block?

        It makes absolutely no sense even to a pathological liar. Unless of course, she wanted to get caught. And so far, she hasn’t admitted to it so…. that doesn’t look like that was her reason.

        What makes sense is, this baby died suddenly (most likely, accidentally) and there was a foiled attempt to a massive cover-up (with Casey being in jail for most of it)


      3. hyaha! I don’t get her child development education~ 😕

        And, I don’t get her condescending attitude with those who disagree with her.

        I know she doesn’t know much about the law and what is allowed by the attornies/prosecutors-hint-the past being brought up to show what a rotten person Casey was is not allowed.


      4. Her wrapped skull is probably the result of making this look like a kidnapping.

        So tell me, how did George know the car was sitting at AmScot for three days (according to testimony)?
        No one had that information.

        Explain that?

        Why didn’t GA mention to the police, his own daughter was known to take his gas cans yet….he reported them stolen with no mention of that? Nor…that his ‘girls’ were missing?

        Explain that?

        How about Dominick Casey. You know, George’s ‘friend’?….who KNEW (based on a psychic’s tip) exactly where Caylee was and came 20′ from her body but, didn’t see it? (I guess he missed those ‘pavers’)

        Explain that.

        And Knonk. He was the meter reader for the Anthony’s house too! How about when he told his son, weeks before finding Caylee, that he was going to be ‘rich’ (from the reward)?

        Explain that.

        What about all this stuff????
        This will come up when it’s the Defense’s turn.

        There is no denying (unless you reside in Cindy-land) that there was a lot of shady goings-on while Casey was in jail.

        There was a massive cover-up and because of that and that alone, it is of my opinion she will not be convicted.


      5. Lisa Dawn,

        The thing with the tape is that the mouth usually relaxes after death. If the Duct tape had been put on after the mouth would not have been as taut. I’m no expert, but Dr. G will explain it better.

        How George knew the car was at Amscot three days? Wouldn’t the towing company have explained that to him. People are irate when their cars get towed and often an explanation is needed. I could see the tow company explaining the law and exactly what caused the car to be towed to an irate Cindy.

        George Anthony explained there had been other break-ins in the neighborhood that month and felt the need to report it to create a record before someone else got robbed. Casey was supposed to be in Jacksonville. She also lied to his face about not having the gas cans during that unexpected meeting and threw them at him when he started going towards her car.

        George explained that Casey had not been home for a month prior to that. She had been supposed to come home weeks ago, but she kept putting Cindy off with excuse after excuse. Cindy also told him that Casey would not allow her to speak to Caylee.

        Dominic Casey wasn’t George’s friend. He was the Anthony PI. If anything, he was more friendly with Cindy than George. As to how he may have known: Dominic Casey also worked for Jose Baez before working for the Anthonys.

        As for Kronk, look up Leonard Padilla’s “daisy chain theory.” He thinks both Kronk and Dominic Casey knew the general location of the remains because of a leak at the jail. Someone had been listening in on attorney client privilege. Kronk’s girlfriend worked at the jail.


      6. Sgt. John Allen immediately debunked the idea that anyone working at the jail could possibly be listening in to the conversation to find out where Caylee’s remains were. The jailors can see the lawyers and their clients but cannot hear them to protect attorney/client privilege .

        Suppose though that someone read lips and found this out-would Baez not be in a bit of trouble if he knew where the remains were yet let this trial go on even to the point of using taxpayers’ money?


    2. There’s no proof that George or Lee ever molested Casey besides your “intuition” and you want to convict them.

      Fact is that:

      1) Caylee is dead.
      2) Caylee had duct tape around her skull. Caylee was found in Casey’s old pet cemetary buried in a manner similar to how Casey and Kiomarie used to bury their pets.
      3) Things from the Anthony home were found at the remains site.
      4) Casey’s car smelled like death.
      5) Casey did not report her daughter missing.
      6) Casey lied about everything.

      George’s body language is suspicious? Again, he seems to emit more human emotion than Casey. You can’t twist it in a way that will make Casey blameless, although you can keep trying.

      Are you a C. Rich fan at America Speaks Ink? Just asking.


    3. LisaDawnn,

      You seem to harbor a lot of anger towards George (the father figure), and the parents of Casey in general. Are your staunch opinions from personal experience? Could you possibly be projecting??


    1. Casey doesn’t strike me as emotionally fragile enough for the need to retreat into an imaginary world. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I didn’t think sociopaths had the emotional wherewithal to feel fragile.


  23. I honestly don’t care what the mode of death was, I just know a baby was murdered. All of the evidence thus far has pointed to the mom who partied her a** off for 31 days. I did my share of partying as well, but I’d be damned if I would be doing it while conscious of my daughter being either a) missing or B) rotting in the woods by my house at the hands of myself or my dad. Everyone has their sob story to tell and everyone has emotional baggage they carry into adulthood, some are more fortunate to have the ability to cope or the support system to help them. In no way shape or form should it be used as a scapegoat for disregarding a child’s life so callously. Just sayin….


    1. Nooooooooooooo, all you know is a baby is dead unless you’re a clairvoyant. Are ya?

      Um, she ‘partied’ on Saturday nights when she promoted Tony’s gigs. That’s testimony.

      There were exactly FOUR Saturdays between June 16th and July 15th.

      See what the media has done? They’ve made this zombie mob-mentality out of their audience and now you want to kill this lady based on suspicion, not proof.

      Why not just ask Judge Perry for a mob-lynching in Town Square, Orlando??? This way we can sell tickets and popcorn and ask Nancy Grace to host it?


      1. The vast majority of the people who have been posting responses Dr. Glass’s blog have been open-minded, thoughtful, insightful and intelligent. Their views and opinions have been mainly based on court motions, jury selection process, trial testimony or by reading a vast amount of the legal documentation released. Dr Glass has given us insights which are well written, brilliant and fascinating.

        Many, but not all, believe there is a strong valid case against Casey Anthony. To suggest this belief is based on media frenzy, a “mob-mentality” for a “lynching” is outrageous. The purpose of a trial is to establish innocence or guilt based on evidence not rumors, innuendos or suppositions.

        Anything Jose Baez said opening arguments is NOT evidence. His theory has NOT been established as truth nor has any evidence ever been revealed or presented to prove a word of what he said. At best, right now, we should look at his accusations and insinuations as his client’s (Casey) theory and not assume it is factual. Only time will tell through this trial if any evidence of this actually exists when the Defense presents their case. It should be fascinating and we should try to keep an open mind to consider all the possibilities.

        I fully understand how deeply you feel in your passion for laying blame on the Anthony family as almost half of the responses for this post so far have been yours. Please try to be tolerant and understanding when someone happens to share a different view. This is not a two-sided argument – it’s not personal – it IS a discussion.


      2. Holy crap, you are a C Rich fan.

        You seem a lot smarter, eloquent and literate than most of his readers. The majority of the drooling, rancid moron comments on his articles seem to revolve around Casey’s boobs and how Casey is smoking hot and only ugly women kill their children.

        Again, I applaud your effort to twist all of this into a favorable scenario for Casey, but even her lawyers can’t put a favorable spin on this. All your comments prove to me is that Casey is a master manipulator and it looks like she got you.


    2. Marissa.


      There is not a shred of evidence linking Casey with the death of Caylee.
      It’s all circumstantial. Another words, theories.

      The Defense has not been heard yet!
      This is still the State’s witnesses.

      I suspect Baez has or will attempt to prove his ‘theory’.

      This is absolutely a mob mentality. We only know what we know based on the media and the media…. paints her, guilty.

      We still live in a country where we’re INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty.
      Some people already have her marked as guilty without an iota of forensic evidence.

      I am the true patriot here and I should be applauded not beat up. Because if you were accused of a murder and didn’t do it, you would WANT someone like me out there.

      Now, will my opinion changed? Absolutely. But for now, she is innocent.

      If you don’t like it then I suggest ya’ll become lobbyists and try to change our laws.


      1. Ooooh! Give LisaDawnn a cookie for being the only true patriot! ROTFLMBO! BTW, a true patriot knows that “innocent until proven guilty” is for the court of law, and does not apply top the court of public opinion.

        Note to self: skip over LisaDawnn’s comments-she was making some good sensible points but has decided she knows more than anyone about this case and will not allow others their opinions apart from her piece of mind as to how we are all wrong!


      2. Again, might I remind you that you have marked George as guilty without an iota of forensic evidence.

        The rest of what you said…Yikes. I can’t even bring myself to comment on it. All I can say is that actions speak a lot louder than words.

        If you aren’t a C. Rich fan, you should look him up. You’ll find a lot of like-minded people over there.

        However like I said, you seem a lot smarter than most of the people who support his articles so I don’t know if you’ll fit in. Unless, you too, like to oogle Casey’s boobs. Then you’ll have plenty to talk about.


      3. Lisa,

        I have smelled the smell of death and it is so distinctive and unique. Nothing else I have ever smelled is like it. If that aroma was coming from your car as you drove it around and people noticed and recognized it and your family member goes missing wouldn’t it be suspect?

        Back to the Anthoneys, if George knew about Caylee’s so-called drowning, why would Casey not want him to see the trunk of her car (that happens to smell like a corpse was in there}?

        Casey is a hedonistic sociopath that was jealous of her own child and the attention Caylee was getting from the grandparents. She was mad at Cindy and the best way to get back at her mom was to kill the beloved grandchild. She was driving around with the body in the car because she was too busy having fun to deal with it. Why not put it off until tomorrow? Only when it became an issue did she bury baby in the pet cemetary Casey is a drama queen too, always wanting all of the attention. Maybe they checked Lee’s DNA because the father issue is such a secret and Caylee’s name is made up of the first parts of Casey’s and Lee’s names. W


      4. Skip over my posts? Who made you hall monitor?

        Innocent until Proven guilty should be a constant. Not just in court but in your mind until evidence is provided and guilt is proven.

        There has been zero, zilch, zippo evidence saying Casey killed Caylee. There isn’t even a suggestion she was even killed (duct tape could’ve been staged).

        Caylee died. That’s all we know. That may not be what you want to accept but….that’s your issue.

        Now go take your nap!


      5. Heather,

        My evidence (although circumstantial) regarding George is the mere fact the FBI felt it necessary to run a paternity test on him.

        That to me indicates that THEY even thought it possible.

        If anyone thinks that’s a typical normal procedure they do (not to mention the cost behind it) then……I have no further comments on the matter.


      6. @LisaDawnn: If as you write, “We still live in a country where we’re INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty.”, why are you not affording this to GA? It sure seems you have already pronounced his guilt!


      7. Lisa Dawn,

        The FBI also felt it necessary to search for Zani based solely on Casey’s word.
        They felt it necessary to follow up on each and every lead.

        I don’t think DNA testing someone’s father and brother is normal procedure. Maybe they did think it was possible, based on Casey’s bizarre behavior. So what? It doesn’t make it true.

        They were looking for answers and the truth, neither of which Casey was giving them.


    3. That’s right. Who in the world takes an accidental death and tries to disguise it as a murder??
      Casey could have called 911 if Caylee drowned in the pool. She could have fessed up to the detectives anytime, if it was an accident. She didn’t, and there had to be a reason. The reason has to be that there was evidence that would have shown it to be a murder if the paramedics had come or the body had been found sooner.


  24. Dr. Glass,

    You hit the nail on the head!! You wrote, “What [Casey] meant to say was ‘I didn’t want my daughter, I wouldn’t give it to my mother.’”

    …”It shows the motive of why she killed Caylee. She did not want Caylee and would not allow her mother to have [her].”)

    I implore you to please pass this information along to the prosecution. They should be reminded of what Casey said at the end of this interview (Universal Studio’s with Detective Melich). It could be used by the prosecution in their closing arguments, or perhaps when or if they introduce professional opinions about Casey from say, a forensic psychiatrist.

    Thank you for your time,
    ~ Tate ~


  25. @ LisaDawn, you have brought up some good points. There is definitely something seriously wrong with the entire family. I am a survivor of sexual abuse by my father as is my sister. This happened more than 38 years ago and to this day my sister and I have different view on what happened to us. I went through a time that I hated my father. She on the other hand fell in love with him hoping for a future with him. As you can probably see we were a very dysfunctional family. My mom and dad married when she was 13 and became pregnant with my older brother. When they separated we stayed with him and that is when the nightly visits from him began. It lasted almost 4 years before I ran away and ended up getting into drugs and attempting suicide. (Even through all this I never said anything to anyone, because no matter that I hated him for what he did he was still my dad and I didn’t want to see him go to prison and also thought the humiliation it would bring my family was too much). Any way decades later even after my father has been dead for 25 years I still to this day can not talk to my sister about my father. My brother who idolized my dad also can not accept the fact that he did this to us so speaking to him about it is out of the question as well. The relationship between the three of us is otherwise good as long as we don’t broach that subject.
    I have been able to forgive my father and thought I had put this to rest. I married and had 5 kids and believe me when I tell you having girls you do get very protective. I would now allow their father to change their diapers or bathe them at all. (A little obsessive) They are grown now with kids of their own. I was shocked to discover that 6 years after the death of my husband, when my kids tell me “Mom you are still young you can’t spend the rest of your life alone” I think about maybe going out and meeting someone BUT then I look at the men my age and the only thing I see is my father’s face, maybe because this is what age he was when he did what he did. So I can absolutely believe that this totally destroy someone. Like I said it has been 38+ years and I am beginning to feel the affect once more.
    If it is proved that George did molest Casey,I have said that if Casey did kill her daughter I could see it being one of two reasons. The first being to protect her if Cindy was threatening to take her and she being afraid that George would do to her what he did to her. Or the second looking at my sister’s reaction to the molestation (she became very jealous of any other female around my father) she was jealous of Caylee and felt that with her having a woman’s body now and feeling that George perfers young girls would then care and want Caylee more.
    This is just my take on what might have gone on. We may never know exactly what she has gone through but I hope and pray that someone in that family steps up and tells the God’s honest truth,

    BTW just a quick note. Did anyone catch when Lee was asking Casey about who he could trust and he says “mom” Casey replies “most definitely” all the while shaking her head and the same for “dad” Casey replies “same” while shaking her head. Just an observation.


    1. I am so sorry to read your story. I never ever thought about how datable men (now) would trigger past memories of your dad. That must be difficult for you.

      But your story is very helpful in learning how different people cope with the SAME situation especially under the same roof.

      People come on these boards and proclaim: “How could she leave Caylee in the care of her father if she was molested? It just can’t be. There’s no way she was molested then’……

      Just because you question it and can’t understand it doesn’t mean that’s how everyone reacts. You’re simplifying a very complicated situation.

      I know this is far-fetched but might as well…..
      What if (and this is a BIG ‘if’) Casey knew George was molesting Caylee and turned a “Cindy-like’ cheek to it? What if, George was Zanny?
      What if….George was the one using Chloroform on Caylee….in order to get her nice and relaxed?

      And what if……the baby did drown and George did not want an autopsy performed (which would’ve been mandatory) because they would’ve seen signs of sexual abuse?

      I mean……the scenario I put forth is JUST as plausible as this seemingly ‘happy, lovable, caring, considerate and kind’ mother killing her child.


      1. Sorry Marissa. I didn’t make George into a molester who was molesting a little girl (at the age of 8) Mr Baez did.

        Theorizing that George MIGHT’VE been doing this to Caylee has been floating around for some time now.

        Caylee coming into contact with chloroform has also, been bantered around for years.

        Why am I ‘so disgusting’ for putting two and two together as a possible theory?

        If you’re this easily offended (even with my disclaimers) then….I suggest you NOT watch the trial when Baez is up because it’s liable to be quite graphic.


      2. That wasn’t supposed to be a Smiley face. I typed in the number eight but it turned into an icon instead.


      3. George and Cindy have been publicly humiliated, have been called names,harassed and accused of horrible things. Their daughter will possibly be put to death. Now, Casey is shaming them one more time by accusing her father of molesting her. She just thinks every man wants her. Even men related to her, her lawyer, the cops, guys in bars etc. She uses sex to get attention just like she uses her pathetic lies to get attention. No matter what parenting mistakes the Anthoneys made they are surely in a living hell for the past several years because of their daughter’s disregard for anyone but herself. She would accuse Jesus Christ of the worst crimes imaginable
        if anyone would listen to her.

        I’ve personally known three sociopaths and their behavior is very similar to Casey’s. One even murdered someone. They just don’t care about anyone but themselves. I’m not 100% sure but I think they can even be born that way.


    2. Watching Casey in the courtroom, as far as I can tell Casey shakes her head about everything. Like when someone says the sky is blue.


  26. Dr. Glass, I truly appreciate your insights and this space for discussion. What is your opinion or experience with juries and how they receive all this information? We have the luxury of watching from home, starting and stopping trial footage as we go about our day, and discussing at will. So what about the jurors? Will they be picking up on some of the finer details, like Casey calling Caylee “It” or her stony face while the tapes were played? With so much being thrown their way, does it really come down to what an individual juror hones in on?
    Thanks for a response if you can. Lee


  27. In one of the videos George calls Caylee “that little girl”. Seems to be a very impersonal way to refer to your beloved grand daughter, IMO.


  28. I think jurors know now that when Casey shakes her head from side to side they know that the witness is telling the truth.


  29. NOOOOOOO I’m most definitely NOT clairvoyant, but maybe you are since you have such a firm stance you most certainly want heard. Even one day out partying while my baby is missing and or rotting inmy neighborhood-again- at mine or my father’s hand is one day too many. And I don’t watch Nancy Grace as I don’t have cable, just looking at the facts presented ma’am.
    @ Susan I’m sorry you had to go through that and still are. This type of abuse is probably the most traumatic to live through as it goes so deep. My problem with Casey’s accusations is the exact point you made. Most victims are obsessively protective of their children so why would she let her abuser watch her child. Unless, like your sister, she was trying to carry on some sort of relationship with dad. I guess you’d have to observe the family more as a unit to know. From various reports we heard she was either very protective of Caylee around her friends or very flippant with who she left Caylee with. It’s such a strange sad tale and I don’t think anyone of us will really know what happened.


    1. But you’re the one who went from a known “dead’ body to a ‘killed’ baby.

      I keep saying “I think’ she wasn’t murdered.

      Your statements have more conviction in them and that’s why it’s so hard to find juries in these high profiled cases.

      You’re making this a murder based on shenanigans and actions of Casey.
      If that’s how you decide in a death penalty case then I say: hang them all and ask questions later. Because every single one of this family is loopier than the next.

      I still don’t see any one of them being a murderer. Even through all this disdain I have towards them.


  30. I was listening to one of the tapes, not sure if it was one of the ones played for the jury today, but I caught a few interesting things. At one point Casey says “but the worst part is nobody can see my side and I have to keep my mouth shut about how i feel, cause all i need to do is give the media and the detectives more stuff to throw back in my face when this goes to trial.” This was in summer of 08, who would even be thinking about a trial if they were innocent and truly believed at this time that their daughter would be found alive?? And she says is so matter-of-factly, not IF it goes trial but WHEN. Also when she said “the worst part is no one can see my side”…Really? That’s the worst part? Not being completely unaware of where your missing daughter is? At the end of that tape she even said how she wanted to talk to her father because her mom would dominate the conversation and Lee would interrogate her and George was the one she has been separated from and been disconnected from longest. Now I know in some instances sexual abuse victims can identify with their abuser and people may say that that’s why she wants to talk to him, and of course that is not beyond the realm of reason and it could be true, but I am just not getting that vibe in this case. Personally, I don’t believe it was an accident or that George was involved and I think she only wanted to talk to him because he would be the easiest, a doormat that she could manipulate, and not because they wanted to conspire or get their stories straight. She chose him because with her mother she has to compete for control which she detests (previously in the tape when her mom was asking too many questions and telling her things she didn’t want to hear she got frustrated and shut down Cindy and asked to speak with her dad). But that is just my opinion. Again, though, the point being, she feels most disconnected and separated from George? Not her daughter Caylee who she has been separated from and disconnected from for over a month? It’s clear in these tapes that it’s all about Casey. Never about poor Caylee. And I think these are some very telling things…. There is also one other thing that intrigued me about when she was telling george he was the one she wanted to speak with, she says “we were just…” and doesn’t finish her sentence but does seem to strike an emotional chord as she says it. Now I was reading one of the above posts and I didn’t know this information but someone mentioned how George and Cindy were separated but George came back to the home in late 07, maybe she hadn’t seen him in a while and she meant that when he came back they were just starting to reconnect again and now with everything that has gone down the drain? I don’t know, maybe Im reading too much into it but it did make me curious. Here is the link if anyone wants to watch the entire clip:


  31. Did anyone notice the raised eyebrow and smirk on her face when she’s listening to the tape of the police questioning where the officer is telling her that he knows she’s lying, that he knows she knows where her daughter is? The look on her face seem to say: Oh really? You know this? And where has it gotten you? I’m gonna win this.


  32. You mean like when George stole thousands and thousands?? Also lost a home in Ohio due to poor financial decisions? And then another one in Florida?

    I have not heard this. I have been following this case for three years (obviously not as close as l thought)
    Please direct me to where this was published and by whom?
    P.s Dr. Glass. What a beautiful smile you have. Sometimes when l see you on TV l think how lovely you are and so down to earth. Thanks for sharing this blog.


  33. LisaDawnn,

    At what point do we become responsible for our own actions? Many people do not have idyllic childhoods, but they aren’t killers. And to use a much more benign example to illustrate my point, what about a person who was raised by people who didn’t model good money-handling skills, were often in debt, didn’t make wise purchases, etc. Should their adult children be allowed to escape consequences if they display the same behavior? Life doesn’t work that way.


    1. You make a valid point. However, if you’re being enabled by a molester and a mother who rather hear pretty lies than ugly truths then, this would be one of those exceptional circumstances.

      This family is not normal. Not even remotely close to normal. There is something very wrong with all of them. They are a very troubled family. This is MY opinion based on what I am sensing.

      Listen, I know I am going to get beat up here because I am not on the “Kill Casey team”.
      But I went into this trial extremely objectively and impartially because I know what it’s like to accuse an innocent person (not me though)

      Baez’s explanations -verses- ‘this seemingly devoted and loving mother who decided to kill her baby one day’ just resonated more with me.


      1. Why must you insult us, LisaDawnn? If you are getting beat up it is because you are being a condescending know it all and you are making assumptions about how we have come about our opinions! You seem to think we all must get educated on the “truth” according to LisaDawnn! Damn! 😕


      2. How am I insulting you? How am I condescending?

        What I DO KNOW is how not to jump on a GUILT bandwagon.

        And I did take both Child Development and Social Science in college.
        This is not to say I know it all but I do know what I know. Now whether you know it, I don’t know. (was that condescending? Didn’t mean it to be. Just how it came out)



  34. lisadawnn… you are so obviously a part of the defense team, it’s almost comical how you don’t even attempt to put shade on it. So you’re from Florida? Let me guess… you’re the one with the wild hair (dorothy?), actually you sound more like linda biden. Sorry, Casey is the only guilty party and I don’t care how she murdered her baby, the FACT is she did. Is that clear, crystal clear.


  35. Lisa Dawnn,
    you remind others that you are impartial and objective–when it comes to Casey, but yet you refer to George as a molester. I agree there is something not quite right about this family, but to accuse George of sexual abuse? what happened to being impartial and objective?


    1. I guess you’re right. But for me, he needs to be a molester because that is the ONLY reasonable explanation why Casey acts the way she does.

      So it’s a two edge sword. I can’t have one without the other.

      And we already know how delusional Cindy is so that’s already a given.

      But you’re right. I am making huge assumptions but like everyone else, this is only my opinion.

      Thanks for calling me out on that!


      1. I think it’s important that you acknowledged that the reason you believe George to be a molester is because it is the only logical explanation as to why she acts as she does. That makes a lot of sense. However, that is exactly what I find so frightening about cases like this, especially for a jury. Often times people naturally want to believe that something terrible and tragic had to have happened to Casey to explain her actions, and that tends to make people sympathize with her even if on a subconscious level. People don’t want to believe, and a lot of people can’t even fathom that maybe there is no reasonable explanation as to why she would possibly kill her child. The explanation may be as simple (and horrific) as the child being a detriment to her own life, with any type of abuse playing no role at all in the equation. While I have no idea what happened to Casey during her life, or Caylee for that matter, I do know that the defense knows exactly what they are doing by playing the sexual abuse card. Once that allegation and accusation is out there it colors everything.


      2. Sure, we could entertain that Caylee was a detriment or bother to Casey but then we’d have to insert this abrupt and sudden about-face in June 2008.

        Because everyone said that Casey was a doting, loving, caring, sharing and kind mother to Caylee.

        I don’t believe Casey was one way towards Caylee when she was in front of people then turned into this wicked wacky mother when they were alone. There would’ve been SOME sign of that SOMEWHERE.

        This is why Baez kept asking witnesses ‘so, would you see Caylee run towards Casey?”
        They all answered yes.

        An abused toddler/child (whether emotionally or mentally abused) will not run towards the person causing them harm.
        So that was NOT the situation between mother and child.

        So George being a molester or Casey just snapping and killing her baby are both logical yet extreme & desperate explanations we’ll need to have to satisfy her overall behavior.

        I wish Casey was forced to take truth serum.


      3. You are absolutely wrong about that being the only explanation. In fact, it is the least likely explanation I can think of.

        May I draw your attention to Jacey Dugard? And her 2 children by the monster who abducted and raped her? According to your logic, those children should be dead and buried. But they are not. Why? Because the mother is a normal person with a heart and a soul. The mothering instinct is the strongest there is. The only way a mother can kill her own child is if she is insane or a sociopath.


      4. LM.

        I don’t know what you’re referring as far as me being wrong.

        And comparing one alleged murdered to another is ridiculous.
        That’s like comparing one family to another.

        Sure, there are criminal profiles that have similar indicators but there’s still a broad spectrum left wide open. And that’s for the allowance of the unique and personal circumstances that each case has.

        There are no classic text book rules for anything in this life.


    2. [sic]
      Casey shows indications of sexual molestation in her hyper-sexual behavior; inappropriate and immoral. She had a large number of sexual partners in a very short period of time, going from man to man, even allowing her daughter to sleep in the beds of these men, with her.

      Then, we have indicators from George that something simply isn’t right.

      His comments to his daughter, especially while visiting her in prison, indicate a ‘creepy’ attitude, one that focuses upon Casey’s outward and physical appearance. His terms of endearment bothered most people, but given the location where these comments were made, raised red flags.

      Can you imagine visiting your own daughter, in prison for murder, having a “missing” or “kidnapped” grandchild, and noticing your daughter’s shapely figure getting worse??

      Rather than being in shock over the situation, he begins with “hi, gorgeous!” as if her physical appearance mattered in jail. The frequent comments about her appearance were inappropriate but showed us how he related to her.


      1. I have been reading all of your comments and think that you do come up with some interesting theories .
        First of all I’m interested on where you get all your info and if u could then direct me.
        Secondly, if Casey was sexually abused and if she knew her father was involved with the murder/cover up then in your opinion why didn’t Casey come out abbot this along time ago?
        To me after hearing even just that phone call she woulda thrown any one under the bus to get out of jail.
        Me being a once victim myself, that part just does not make sense because at that point she was more protected then she could’ve ever been. So then if it was not out of fear then why?


      2. Thank you Mandi.

        I think I come up with some very valid points. Not because I’m smart or smarter than any one but, they seem to be points that someone who has already CONVICTED her….easily overlooks.

        Here’s my reasoning as why I personally think KC didn’t come out with this sooner.

        She contracted Baez earlier on before she was officially arrested for murdered. So Baez was coaching her from the get-go.

        It’s my belief Baez knew most if not the entire life-story from KC.

        So…..Baez told her that’ll she be implicated at MINIMUM for obstructing justice, lying to authority, failure to report a death and possibly, neglect.

        In Baez’s infinite wisdom of knowing the law better than KC, he told her she’s going do ‘time’ regardless. He also knows this is one of the top murder mysteries of the century and he stands to make lots of money on this too at some point.

        So he probably told KC to sit tight, let’s not say anything until trial and……the time already spent/served will be considered (and deducted) in any penalty decision and at worse (even if she’s convicted which he doesn’t believe) he or ‘they’ can sell the Rights to this story and make a huge profit. So silence is golden, literally.

        That is the only reasonable explanation I’ve toiled with as far as her not speaking up sooner.

        You know (to the others) if we didn’t know the insides of Casey (like a daughter being missing/dead while she’s partying …or her stealing from Amy..etc) anyone of us would’ve thought this was a very normal well-adjusted individual.

        I don’t know why some of you think it’s that hard for GA and/or Cindy to be doing the same exact thing to us?
        This family is VERY convincing from the exterior.

        And George’s interviews w/KC while in jail???
        He KNEW he was being recorded. He’s an ex-detective for crying out loud. So of course (if he is involved) will put on an act to throw the case.

        Listen, he’s lied countless times before, during and after KC went to jail. So I implore everyone to stop making him out to be this heroic grieving man who loved his daughter and misses his granddaughter and would do anything for them. And if he did do something, like I said before, he totally screwed up justice!

        As far as my research? I’ve read the depositions, am watching the trial and have visited many forums/blogs such as this one.

        I’ll try to find you some website that’s all inclusive as far as facts.


      3. LisaDawnn,

        The theories you espoused in your posting on June 3 at 4:11pm is bizarre to say the least. Where do you come up with this crap?

        (Snips provided below):

        “In Baez’s infinite wisdom of knowing the law better than KC, [Jose’s infinite wisdom… LOL!], he told her she’s going do ‘time’ regardless. He also knows this is one of the top murder mysteries of the century and he stands to make lots of money on this too [another bizarre statement] at some point.”

        “So he probably told KC to sit tight, let’s not say anything until trial [again, bizarre] and……the time already spent/served will be considered (and deducted) in any penalty decision and at worse (even if she’s convicted which he doesn’t believe) he or ‘they’ can sell the Rights to this story and make a huge profit. So silence is golden, literally [Huh? And you think this in an admirable quality for an attorney to have? The “very wise” Baez?].

        That is the only reasonable explanation I’ve toiled with as far as her not speaking up sooner.[And a VERY ODD conclusion in my opinion… I’m sure others will agree]

        Good grief!!!


      4. ROTFLOL, Tate! Baez’ infinite wisdom? Is he God? What an oxymoron, eh?

        This conspiracy between Baez and Casey is called subjorning perjury!Our “true patriot” doesn’t think things fully out~

        BTW, I agree!


      5. LisaDawn, I’m sure Susan Smith was a wonderful mother before she drowned her two children and lied about a carjacking. She was in a new relationship with a guy too. I bet her boys ran to her all of the time. Sociopaths also have lots and lots of sexual partners. Remember, they care only about themselves. Try to read up on sociopaths and I’ll look into the behavior of sex abuse survivors to examine your theory.

        I don’t think the reason people think Casey allegedly killed her daughter is because of the media. It’s because of common sense. Everywhere there’s evidence of mayhem, it’s around Casey. Surely, the grandparents went into denial when they smelled a dead body & baby was missing. I think Casey was a Daddy’s girl and George was just trying to cheer her up with a compliment the narcissistic daughter would love (when he called her gorgeous in jail). My father used to call me beautiful and he never abused me. The only thing that family had in common was that they all adored little Casey…just like the dysfunctional family in Little Miss Sunshine.


      6. hypersexual behavior can also be attributed to such things as bipolar mania. other indications of child sexual abuse are frequent urinary tract infections, various vague ailments, missing a great deal of school, and inappropriate acting out of a sexual nature. if we are to take Casey’s statements about abuse from George beginning at age 8 seriously, these signs should have beeen there, no? if we are to believe casey was as afraid of her parents as the defense team is claiming her to be, she wouldn’t be on video calling George the best dad and grandfather alive, and she wouldn’t be telling Lee that mom and dad could “absolutely be trusted”. oh, and she wouldn’t be yelling at her parents and laughing while Cindy sobs during her jail visits. to me, those are not the actions of a terrified sexual abuse survivor.


  36. Maybe the defense is using a grief counseling expert not to explain Casey’s behavior, but maybe the purpose is to enter as evidence that guilt may trigger someone to commit suicide.

    You earlier questioned why George Anthony was quiet and did not question Casey. You stated that it may reflect guilt. But guilty of what. Maybe George Anthony was quiet and removed himself that night because he mentally was linking the odor from the car to his missing grand-daughter. After picking up the car and not finding any bodies in the car, his first reaction may have been relief, but doubts may have lingered. If not a dead Casey or Caylee, maybe he was thinking that Casey may have been involved in some other type of crime prior to coming home that evening. He comes home and then hears that his grand-daughter is indeed missing. Shock and then withdrawl?

    The loss of his grand-daughter may have driven him to suicide but he may have also thought his death could save Casey in some way. Even though he was in denial, maybe in the back of his mind he thought Caylee did die an accidental death but then realized it was murder after they found Caylee’s skull with duct tape across her mouth and nose.

    Maybe he felt guilty that he did not take corrective action while Casey was growing up and that this led to his grand-daughter’s death. Did he in his greif stricken state of mind try to sacrifice himself to save his daughter?

    It will be interesting to see how the defense will exploit his grief and his attempted suicide.


  37. George “needing” to be a molester in order to justify Casey’s actions is to wrongfully implicate George, in order to vindicate the guilty Casey. You call that fair and impartial?


    1. Once again, if the FBI didn’t force him to take a paternity test then, I wouldn’t put so much energy into this.
      I can’t see the FBI running tests on both father and brother based on the accusation from the same person who just put them on a Keystone Cop escapade. They must’ve sensed something more than taking ‘Casey’s lying word’

      But that coupled with the fact Casey confided with Jesse Grund in 2005 of sexual goings-on at home….all of a sudden, George being a molester isn’t that far fetched.

      IMHO George is cold. I see no warm and fuzzy emotion oozing out of him. I barely see any physical contact between him and his wife.

      So I guess my gut tells me he’s real capable of dirty deeds.
      Plus all the lies he’s told??? He had Cindy believing (which isn’t too hard) that he was working when he wasn’t. And…he lost thousands of dollars and told Cindy it was from online gambling addiction. But told LE it was from an email scam.
      (guess he didn’t master the Art of Lying like his daughter did)

      He’s anything but a ‘stand up fella’ which he eluded to on the stand which Baez mocked him of.


      1. George and Cindy are not my favorite people, but I don’t see them as having anything to do with this.

        I don’t think George molested Casey because her story has changed multiple times. In her letter to Robyn, Casey wrote that Lee was the one sneaking into her room with a flashlight and fondling her. She “wasn’t sure” about George, but she thought he might have way back when she was in elementary school and she blocked it out of her mind.

        Baez’s opening statement clearly states it began at age 8 and went on until age 13. She also told Jesse, Tony and Ricardo different stories. It sounds to me that she’s just looking for attention.


    2. I agree. There is NOTHING to support the accusation of molestation by George. Personally I think its a low down way to try to gain sympathy for Baez’s client. Molestation has become the catch all excuse used by way too many people that do awful things. None of us want to believe that a mother could harm her child, but unfortunately it does happen for the dumbest reasons. According to the American Anthropological Association, more than 200 women kill their children in the United States each year. Three to five children a day are killed by their parents. Homicide is one of the leading causes of death of children under age four, yet we continue to “persist with the unrealistic view that this is rare behavior,” says Jill Korbin, expert on child abuse, who has studied mothers who killed their children. I think LisaDawn should walk the talk she’s giving everyone and stop being so aggressive in her defense of Casey. Everything so far points at Casey as the most likely person to have harmed this child, and back before DNA she would have already been convicted for the death. There has been nothing but the word of Jose Baez that George is guilty, and he has an agenda in this situation. Maybe LisaDawn forgot that Casey is the one on trial. Not George, not Cindy and not Lee. Those 3 did nothing to warrant any suspicion regarding the death of this child. Hence, no charges. Are they guilty in another sense? Yes, they are. They reacted from fear, love and a desperate desire to protect their daughter from herself and the world. None of us can say that we wouldn’t have reacted that very same way. For some people the need to protect is overwhelming, for others like Casey, not so much. It must be heart wrenching for the Anthony’s to, not only realize, but admit that their daughter is capable of this. I would be more inclined to believe Jose Baez if they had acted without passion in this. All I’ve seen is a family that has struggled with this knowledge and their innate need to protect their daughter.

      Casey didn’t have to be molested to be capable of this. A sociopath is born that way, and she does display a lot of those characteristics. In this case, yes I do believe she is guilty. Her actions have not been those of a caring mother searching for her child. This goes beyond the partying and into the area that her demeanor didn’t change during that time. The fact that even when she’s caught she can still lie like nobodies business and instead of assisting the police with locating Caylee, she worked against them. Those aren’t the actions and demeanor of a caring mother or an innocent person. She had her chance numerous times to admit to this being an accident and she didn’t take it because she believed that she could still get away with it.

      information from the American Anthropological Association reference:


    3. At this point NO EVIDENCE has been presented that George or Lee molested Casey. When information is presented then I will make my personal call on it —

      So easy for the media and Casey’s lawyers to fling mud — but so far where IS THE SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION of such an abuse?

      And if that support is Jesse – this is the same boyfriend that stated he knew Casey was a liar and could lie well.


  38. lisadawnn… let’s not forget Susan Smith, just one example of a good mother, according to friends and family, until she drove her two boys into a lake (and they were fully aware of what was going on!). Psycopaths know how to mimic behavior and that is what Casey did. Plus, I don’t think taking your two year old, at night, to the houses of multiple men- even putting Caylee in the bed with her and a lover, constitutes a good mother. Anyone can be a good mother in front of friends, but what happened behind closed doors or what resentment was simmering inside of her until she finally took it out on the poor child in order to spite Cindy?


    1. Andrea Yates was also considered a ‘good mother.’

      The reality is that no one knows what is in the heart of another. Psychopaths and Sociopaths also know how to play the game to convince people they are “normal.”


    2. Excellent points. According to those who knew her, Andrea Yates was another “great mom.”

      The fact that Casey Anthony dragged her innocent little girl into men’s beds shows what a sleaze she truly is. That she shoved coloring books at her and chucked her under the chin a few times in her short life, in the company of others, means absolutely nothing. What is telling are the umpteen times she mugged for the camera with Caylee often looking bewildered, and even scared, and the fact that she never made any effort to support her child. We all know Cindy was the real mother, the one who doted and took care of her needs.


  39. Dr. Glass, you have pointed out that in the pictures of Caylee with her mother, she does not look happy. Even in the ones where she is smiling, as you have said, it is a “forced” kind of smile. I shudder to think of how Casey treated that poor baby behind closed doors.


  40. or maybe the “IT” she was referring to was some custody agreement they had previously fought and or discussed prior. Just trying to keep an open mind here.


  41. It appears one poster on this otherwise insightful blog is a bona fide groupie for Casey! Every murder case has one of these, of course. I remember a woman who blogged incessantly during the Neil Entwistle murder trial and she would not be swayed from believing that Entwistle was innocent. One theme that rattled through her posts repeatedly was that he was not guilty of killing his wife and baby girl, he was just a poor little victim of circumstances. Even after justice was served upon his homicidal head, and he was locked away for the rest of his sorry life, his blogging “fan” continued to flap her gums for his release, while blaming everyone else – including his slain wife’s family – for his heinous crime. I think a similar dynamic may be repeating itself here on the good doctor’s blog.


    1. If you’re referring to me that is very wrong. I am a 52 year old woman. Hardly a ‘groupie’.

      What?…this blog is only insightful when it’s in a harmonious agreement? That’s not a blog, that’s a fan club.

      Casey will not be charged based on these witnesses (thus far) and due to the lack of tangible forensic evidence.

      Just because 400,000 people think she killed Caylee, doesn’t mean she did.
      There are still 1,000,000 people walking the streets who think JFK died by a lone gunman too.

      I rest my case.


    2. Entwistle’s groupie probably also sends him account money so he can buy cigs and gum… and wants to marry him.

      Scott Peterson also has his groupies and a woman who blogged about his innocence – she even got to meet his parents!

      The reality is that the “nice guy next door” as well as the nice girl can commit horrible murder. Just because they are nice in appearance means absolutely nothing in terms of what they are capable of doing in their heart.


      1. Exactly, Becky. The last anyone heard of that Entwistle groupie was in a series of comments, her last gasp, in which she vowed that she would keep fighting for his appeal. She was obssessed, much like Peterson’s groupie’s are, and the one who has been posting incessantly on this blog for Casey.


  42. it makes me ill all of the people saying “she wasn’t abused” how many children tell others that this has happened and everyone dismisses it as untrue… molesters OFTEN are able to hide their “deeds” from other family member Casey displays classic symptoms of someone who was molested… this info didn’t just come out, she had told other friends and a past boyfriend who said it on the stand in 05 shame on everyone who says she’s lieing about sexual abuse you don’t know that and that’s not what this trial in particular is about This happens to children daily and they are afraid to speak up for fear of persecution..


    1. it’s because of the fact that this trial has nothing to do with sexual abuse that people are enraged by Casey’s statements. they see it as a case of a woman trying to use whatever vile excuse she can come up with to avoid accepting responsibility for the death of her innocent child.


  43. this case reminds me of one from the seventies that happend on a military base my dad was stationed at. The guy killed his pregnant wife and two daughters and said the fabled “hippies ” did it. He was convicted on CIRCUMSTANTIAL evidence (it all pointed to him of course) and his odd behavior after the fact. Also, no hippies were found. Wish I could remember the name, if anyone does let me know!!


  44. So we’ll see if and how George was involved. And if and when the facts come out, we’ll pick up this conversation then. Because right now, there is every indication of incestuous goings on whether you want to see it or not.

    (and no. I have a great relationship with my dad for the person who asked if this is striking a nerve within)
    I never ever liked George and Cindy. I saw them as being very disingenuous during their news conferences. And I never liked Casey’s for her fast talking and nonchalant attitude. But now, for me, it’s been explained.

    But between the two horrific choices of:
    Casey,…after years of being an attentive & loving mother (with a small history of being a small liar) wakes up one day, starts this elaborate web-of-lies, goes on stealing/shopping sprees and kills her daughter.


    George had a sick twisted relationship with Casey and perhaps it just re-started (when he moved back in late 2007 [when she asked to be committed] and she cracked and started living this pretend life as an escape.
    On a separate event —-Caylee accidentally died. George told Casey he’d take care of the ‘cover-up’……and something went wrong.

    And if I am correct, you better believe I harbor hatred towards George. And right now, I am leaning that way.

    I try to put my judgment aside when he’s been on the stand and I’m telling you…….my radar detector goes off! I am usually very perceptive when it comes to character and George, has none! In fact he is covering up something monumental up. That much, I know. What he’s covering up, I’m speculating.


    1. Why not report the drowning? Who is prosecuted for a child drowning in an at-home pool. It happens every day in Fl. So easy to read all this into the case, instead of just seeing a selfish, lazy girl, who wants the good life, but don’t want to work for it. If Casey had just took her out back and held her under, she could have gotten away with it. Cindy is formidible, but get real.


      1. Yeah, I concur. That part makes no sense (nor does any part of this story, really).

        But according to the Defense, the reason was George convinced Casey that Cindy would never forgive her and she’d have her arrested for child neglect.

        I would like to see Casey as a lazy selfish kid who killed her daughter. I have less problem with that than I do, what happens…. next!

        If Casey’s entire MO was to get rid of Caylee as she’d have her freedom….the last thing she’d do is to incriminate herself by bringing her home. Or even if she did, why not just leave her there?

        Casey really isn’t that savvy and smart, although she flings around big 3-syllable words but she’s not brain dead either. Even a 12 year old wouldn’t call attention to them self if the last thing they wanted was to separate them self from the scene of the ‘crime’.

        If the last part of this wasn’t so convoluted I would LOVE to think Casey did this. But…the story doesn’t fit the crime. Not the way the State is making this sound.

        And if Casey DID kill Caylee and she confided w/GA and he agreed (at some point) to help her, he and he alone screwed up justice.
        She will never be convicted if there is another set of dirty hands on this crime.

        So either way I cut it, I despise George. To me, he’s a creep and a sneak.
        Hell, LE even thinks he was trying to ask for a bribe by seeing Casey….alone!!


      2. exactly! why not report it? why allow yourself (or your daughter in George’s case) to be tried on first degree murder charges if you could have admitted long ago it was an accident? why sit in jail for three years to build a case around an accidental drowning? why involve a meter reader? why is Casey more afraid of Cindy than of her molester father? why did Casey not take the opportunity Yuri Melich gave her on the 16th at universal to admit to an accident? why would Casey not throw her dad under the bus the minute she was arrested? it’s too bizzare for words.


  45. Casey couldn’t say accident or drowning at this time, the body was too fresh, cause of death could be proven, toxicology performed. But now, 3 yrs after the fact, its to her and Jose the perfect excuse. If they had had enough sense to leave George and Roy out of it, it may have worked to a degree. But that is not their way. Extreme, Drama, Nothing is easy, Give too many details, explain it to death. that is their way, and it doesn’t work.


  46. wow…how could someone “HATE” George, and not even know him…that is a powerful word….and to HATE someone on your own personal assumptions, someone who you have never met, someone who has done nothing to you personally. Hmmmm….hmmm… say you “despise” someone you have never met….wow….interesting….


  47. I have found this discussion quite interesting.

    LisaDawnn, here is what I see:

    I see a significant number of people talking about actual forensic evidence.

    I see you talking about your “gut”; your “radar”.

    I see you hostilely defending your instinct as being more legitimate than forensic evidence. Why? Because you took a child development class and social science classes. Please.

    I think the prosecution made a very good point; the only person who has a direct link to every single piece of evidence in this case is Casey Anthony.

    You are correct on one point; Casey is legally innocent until found guilty in a court of law. However, that doesn’t mean that the folks don’t form opinions. What folks believe (including you) isn’t relevant to Casey’s guilt or innocence according to the law. 12 jurors shall decide that. But quit beating people up for doing exactly what they are doing; voicing their opinion.

    Please, leave the shrinking to those of us who really are shrinks (yes, I am). Feel free to believe whatever you want. But settle down. Your opinion is no more valid or less valid than that of anyone else.


  48. After I listened to the quote, I believe the “it” she was referring to is custody of the child, not the child herself. However, this does not devalue the theory that she is a seriously disturbed woman. Just wanted to point out that quotes are easy to deconstruct when taken out of context.


  49. What about calling Caylee “the little snothead” while complaing to tony risciano in text messages that “the little snothead” is still hungry. She tells him she’ll be back in 10 minutes & throws some leftover pizza at Caylee for lunch.

    She never spent real time caring for Caylee. Not spending all day on the cell phone, texting & whoring around.


    1. YES! “The little snothead!” I remember that now… Thanks for the reminder!

      Hope someone can pass this along to the prosecution. Perhaps it could still be used as evidence??


  50. whoa whoa calling a kid a “snot head” doesn’t make you an abuser or a killer … there are times when my kids have driven me insane and i’ve referred to them as the little heathens or such.. but i love them and care for them and have never killed anyone… she’s young and immature.. i don’t find things like ” oMG i’m such a great liar.” I know so many young girls who have said that while “showing off’ I’m not saying she’s innocent, but you really have to be careful, what if she IS innocent? what IF it was an accident? What if two people lose their lives for all the wrong reasons? Does that make anything better or fix anything? when you are talking about death penalty, you’d better have more than “omg im such a good liar” or “the little snot head is hungry” to cast doubt. I mean none of you live in glass houses do you? One other thing, shame SHAME on any one who say she ‘s lieing about her father /brother. HOW many children are molested and when they go forward with it are called liars? We don’t know what happened in their home, we DO know that they all appear to be unstable and have all been caught lieing. So be VERY careful what you say about that, you never know when someone who needs to break their silence will be reading and you might be the person to convince them to keep silent.. wouldn’t that be sad.


    1. Yes, well, shame, shame, shame on me! 😳 I’m an incest survivor and she makes a mockery of true victims just like she mocked true missing children and those who pray and search for them and just like she mocked her parents with her cruelty. Hard for me to believe a liar like her.


    2. again, the fact that Casey was or was not sexually abused has little to do with the circumstances of Caylee’s death, other than to serve as a convenient excuse for why Casey lied.


  51. Sherry, I couldn’t agree with you more. Those who falsely cry “sexual abuse” do great damage to those they falsely accuse and to those who are “real victims” of sexual abuse. Remember the Durham College boys falsely accused, the “liar” never had to serve jail time. Such women or men should be tossed in jail for several years and not see the light of day. How can “real victims” be taken seriously with “pretenders” doing more to hurt their plight than just about anyone else except the real molester.

    A woman/man can be sexually promiscuous because they use their sexuality as POWER. They use it as a way to manipulate and get what they want and not because they have been sexually abused! There are various motivating forces as to why people are promiscuous & those who jump on the “had to have been sexually abused bandwagon” and showing their narrow minded viewpoint.

    If anything Casey terrorized the household. She was spoiled rotten. In my household she would have been held accountable for “her choices” & required to take responsibility. Watching Casey’s stone face during her trial is like watching Scott Peterson. Absolutely chilling to watch their cold, stone faced reactions. It is clear they have NO SYMPATHY for anyone they have harmed with their lies and self-centered ways. It is clear the only one they feel sorry for is themselves! Absolutely bone chilling. A true sociopath will blame the ones they harm rather than attribute any blame to themselves. They always manage to see themselves as the victim! Incredible. They have a way of twisting everything to be about THEM!

    I see attributes in Casey similar to my mother (now dead and gone). A relief really. To live with such a narcissistic/sociopathic individual as a child is terrifying. Such a person will not tolerate a response not to their liking. If my mom said the wall was blue, it was just best to agree, least you rouse the beast of violence inside her small framed body. Not a big woman but she inflicted physical and mental wounds on several men in her life! As an adult I moved to the other side of the country and when talking with her on the phone finally dared to speak my mind. Fortunately I spend a lot of time with my paternal grandma as a child and felt safe there. Everyone fled from her eventually exception husband number 3 who was driven to medication. A man who was calm and kind to everyone, who cared about his mother and married at 40. She would have various men at the same time, unbeknownst to each other, and only married the ones she could manipulate. Such people are dangerous to your mental health!

    Tony should consider himself lucky to have not gone further down the road of life with Casey. Caylee SWEET ANGEL RIP! So many people love and embrace you!!!


    1. Well said, Sophie~

      Did we have the same mother? My, but as I was growing up I never knew if I was going to get hit or hugged! I’ve tried to have a relationship with her but it doesn’t work-she doesn’t want children so she tossed my brother and me aside years ago. Sadly, my brother has her same exact personality-someone said this type of personality disorder may be inherited-I can believe that.

      Thanks for making such intelligent comments, Sophie~


      1. As a young adult I would say to myself, “I would not wish my mother on my enemy.” I am so sorry to think you had a mom like this. How utterly disconcerting for a child to fear the insanity of a parent. My mom was incapable of hugs. Her mom was self-centered and cold. Because I spend time with my grandmother a lot, I could compare the two divergent ways of being. My grandma was very caring and tender with me! In fact, she wanted to adopt me but my mom used us to keep my dad, when he left, we were tossed aside, like her first two children who were given away while toddlers.

        I have read several of Dr. Alice Miller’s books, her classic, required reading at some Universities is “The Drama of the Gifted Child.” The title is somewhat misleading, but it covers the plight of a child who grows up with a Narcissistic Personality, how the child must adapt as best as possible to be loved. Alice Miller’s work was a huge help to me. I have spoken with my children about breaking the cycle and seeing how well loved my grand babies are, happens to be one of my greatest JOYS IN LIFE. My daughter became a NeuroPsychologist and found a great man! I married my mom twice but soon left those relationships. Along the way I have come to known what a healthy relationship is in the mist of it all, it all had to do with a sense of worth!

        One my my heartbreaks is witnessing abused children. I know the more we learn about how the brain develops and how critical the initial bonding with the parent (or primary caretaker) is to the formation of their brain, the more we may be able to prevent damage to the child.

        LOVE & KNOWLEDGE is the KEY! 🙂

        Thank you for your kind words. I enjoy reading your thoughts, as well.


  52. Sherry, Thank you kindly for the link to the Alice Miller article. Will definitely read it, her words are a balm to the seeking soul. I believe the depth of her knowledge and support has helped hundreds of thousands of people around the globe! You likely know about her website. She is a beckon of light who has passed; her wisdom is timeless and continues to heal. Peace! 🙂


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