Jose Baez’ Questioning Gives Insight Into Cindy Anthony – Cindy Lies and So Does Casey

As Jose Baez calmly cross examined Cindy on the stand, he  clearly showed us that the apple does not fall far from the tree. Casey lies and is in denial and so does Cindy. His questions and Cindy’s answers painted a pictures of a highly judgmental overly invasive  mother who knew about Casey’s issues years before there even was a Caylee.

As he asks her invasive questions about Casey we see many signals of deception and discomfort  coming from Cindy like her looking down and not being able to maintain eye contact.

We see her pulling away and looking down and chest heaving.

We see her putting her hand over her mouth and closing her eyes.

We see her purse her lips.

We see her with a case of the itchy scratchies as he asks her a poignant question about the 31 days.

And finally we see her having  a case of “cotton mouth” where her mouth is dry and she licks her teeth to get the saliva going.

Whether you like or dislike Jose Baez is not the issue here , He did a great job in his questioning of Cindy and in giving jurors insight in exposing who Cindy really is.


The level of detail that Cindy knew about all aspects of Casey’s life was astounding.  Casey made up stories appeared to me to be her  passive aggressive way of keeping her controlling neat freak  mother at arms length. Casey played Cindy like a puppet, who in my view probed and probed into Casey’s life,  so much so, that Casey took control by makng up stories. Casey seemed to set up her fictitious stories with all the fictitious characters well in advance, This makes me wonder if Casey was thinking of offing Caylee well before she did the deed.


For a nurse who said she debrided rotting flesh to not know that the car smelled like death and to obstruct justice by tampering with the evidence and spraying Fabreeze in the car and  washing clothes and cleaning a doll is astounding.

Even more astounding was how can a nurse not know her daughter was pregnant or had a protruding abdomen.

The inconsistencies of her testimony and the lying to Yuri Melich about the pool ladder and now singing a different tune is one of the many lies she told in her depositions and lies she told to law enforcement. I won’t give her any slack for trying to protect her daughter. If she was trying to protect her daughter she wouldn’t have called 911 in the first place.

Her misleading authorities with giving them the wrong hairbrush points to Cindy;s control freak nature.

I also don’t buy that she was searching for Zanny the Nanny until 6 weeks ago or that she believed Caylee was  still alive, even  after the remains were found. She kept stating this in interviews and even said it on the stand in one of the pre trial hearings.

As a nurse she would know that once bones and remains are identified as being those of Caylee, Caylee is dead and there is sero chance she is alive.

Even Linda Drane Burdick busted Cindy for her lies. Cindy  said she didn’t put the dyer sheet in the car  during her deposition when she actually did put it there .  Cindy attributed it to the  medication she was taking. While certain medications may cause word finding difficulties and cognitive loss, they do not conveniently wipe out memory in this way. So I don’t but her medication excuse which is using  to cover up her perjuring  herself.


Cindy had never been away from Caylee for a day. How could she allow the 30 days to go by.  Cindy showed many signals of deception on the stand when she said  that Casey never gave her any reason not to trust Casey.

The signals of deception included: looking down, licking her lips, pursing her lips.

I would think that running up credit cards and stealing money from her grandparents was reason enough for Cindy not to trust Casey. So it is evident that she was not being honest here.


After hearing Casey’s elaborate stories with her elaborate characters, it is clear to me that Casey missed her calling. She needed to leave Cindy’s controlling clutches and come to  Hollywood where she could have made a lot of money using her vivid imagination to  become a writer for soap opera ( before they were all cancelled).

 Hearing  the story about how Jeff’s mother Jules was getting married in the hospital chapel because she had cancer was beyond amazing. hearing about Juliet Lewis and Anabell and Zanny’s mother and roomate was astounding.

Casey even went into detail about how Zanny the nanny was Jeff’s girlfriend. They broke up and now Casey was  Jeff;s new girlfriend. Baez even asked Cindy if she thought it was an odd scenario which she answered with her uncomfortable looking body language.


There is no question that Cindy has come to court with the intention of not protecting Casey. After hearing the opening statements about sexual molestation, she is fighting tooth an nail  to save the rest of her family unit. She is not going to allow Casey to destroy what little she has left.

But in my view, Baez’ questioning of Cindy may help Casey not get the death sentence. Many jurors may dislike Cindy so much and be so upset by her lies to save her daughter  by lying in her deposition and lying to law enforcement, and be turned off by her controlling nature that they may understand how Casey became the way she is.

Yes it was heartbreaking o see Cindy sobbed on  the stand. Yes it was horrible to hear how rudely Casey spoke to Cindy int he jailhouse tapes . But seeing Cindy  on the stand and watching her body language responses to Baez’ questions (even of they weren’t allowed) and how she tried  to manipulate law enforcement and her deposition testimony may make some jurors more sympathetic towards Casey.


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  1. Baez also made one of the biggest blunders in the trial so far. He asked Cindy about the character of Casey allowing the state to bring in the convictions of Casey if they want to. Lack of experience is showing!


    1. How rediculous! They should NEVER be able to bring in previous charges! Talk about stacking the deck! It all ready appears that everytime Jose Baez opens his mouth either the prosecution objects and Perry sustains or Perry himself disallows whatever it its Baez wants to bring in. I do think that Baez should have found out what the det was reprimanded about prior to bringing it up..thus, his blogging regardless how minor if reprimanded by his superiors would certainly have some bearing on the case he was working on.


      1. What trial are you watching? Baez is a jack in the box, objecting to everything, of course I understand he NEEDS to. The prosecutions objections are usually sustained, I will give you that! WHY? Because Baez is an INEFFECTIVE Lawyer who NEEDS to go back to law school. Yuri Melich DID NOT BLOG about this case. He BLOGGED that he couldn’t! You obviously DON’T pay attention. The reason the Pros, was going to be allowed to bring up those 6 felonies is because, AGAIN, Baez is an INEFFECTIVE lawyer, he is a SNAKE, and defense attorney would be a good line of work for him, providing he knew HOW to. The ONLY REASONABLE doubt I have, is that he has a law degree.


      2. Jurors will only be interested in what he says on the stand. What he did three years ago has nothing to do with disseminating lies or his up close, personal, or professional opinion unless jurors heard it, remembered it and factored it into their deliberations. It was inappropriate and not entered into evidence. The discussion was heard without jurors present and therefore no harm was done.

        The matter was taken care of my his immediate supervisor. He was written up and it is in his personnel file where it rightly belongs.


  2. Thank you, Dr. Glass, for taking the time out of your busy day to post on your wonderful blog daily. My family, myself, and just about everyone else that I know looks forward to reading all of your intelligent, insightful posts. Your blog is great!


    1. Thank you – I just can’t run over to Cindy’s side. Not after all we’ve seen for 3 years. Like I told my blog family – a tiger may scream when it hurts,and it is very hard to watch it hurt, but it will still never change its stripes.


  3. Mrs Anthony knew first hand that Casey lacked what Robert Hare called, “emotional experience”. She knew Casey was an unfit mother and she also knew that Casey could sound and act as if she were. Cindy was probably completely confused and bewildered at why and how she could come to these conclusions when there was Casey playing, singing and feeding Caylee as if nothing was wrong. Casey certainly learned from her parents how to appropriately reproduce the words and behaviors that would lead others to believe she was a normal person and “the good mother”.

    The big take away from Mrs Anthony’s testimony is that she is a survivor. Casey attempted to shatter their lives and render them emotionally broken and void of any self esteem but the facts had a way of waking up both parents to just how dangerous their daughter really was.

    Jurors will recognize Mrs Anthony as a credible and courageous witness. It will never matter what she did in the past. It is her testimony on the stand that they will evaluate. Common sense dictates that people react to and respond differently over time. Recovery is a process especially those who have to raise psychopaths.

    Jurors will see the logical inconsistencies and the obtuse argument relative to why Ms Anthony, et al thought the defendant was a “good mother”. There is no internal consistency relative to his defense when he cannot get beyond (m.r.)-his defendants obvious guilty mind which goes to the actions of a diabolical and dangerous person. All she did was lay in wait….


  4. This woman is in for the publicity. She could care less about her grand daughter. Some people will do anything for their 15 minutes of fame, and our warped media and society will give it to them.


  5. Casey honed her craft by watching her mother all those years, and she may have finally surpassed Cindy in being a superb liar and manipulator. I felt bad for Cindy crying as she did, but I think she is still lying. It may not be possible for any member of the family to simply state the truth.


    1. i thought cindy lied about cleaning the car… she said she raked stuff up with her hands… but i think she let a few things out ..jmo


      1. Yes, and she made it sound like it could of been dirt, leaves, needles, etc…I thought that was interesting.


    2. Cindy lies in a totally different way and for different reasons than Casey. Cindy lies to protect. Casey lies to hurt (also to attain social status that she hasn’t earned).


      1. You put into words, what I was thinking…there is a distinct difference between the way Casey lies–to hurt and always for her OWN benefit, whereats, Cindy moreso to protect, somewhat, or control the situation, but certainly in a less maniacal way than Casey!


  6. Sorry, but I also wanted to ask Dr. Glass and others about all the talk Casey did regarding moving herself and Amy into the family home. Where were the Anthony’s going? Was Casey planning for their accidental deaths too? She must’ve known Amy would start the process of getting ready to move in with her. What then?


    1. That would be a possibility. Maybe she was gearing up for that by talking about having the house . If she did happen to get away with Caylee’s death, what is to say she wouldn’t do the same to Cindy first (her nemesis), her father (her alleged molestor in her mind whether real or not) and Lee (who would be in her way to fight her for the proceeds of the house). Casey is where she belongs- behind bars.


      1. I think Casey said what ever was most beneficial to her at the moment. She most obviously did not care about the affect it had on anyone else – in any way. Amy had her uses and her draw backs. She had cash and a car she willingly allowed a ‘friend’ to use and abuse.
        Casey is a user. An abuser. Blaming her family for what she did is unfair


  7. I agree in your characterization of Cindy. I disagree that jurors will reach your conclusions. Sorry, but I don’t trust that they will be as smart and insightful as you. You’re asking too much of them.

    That said, I don’t think Casey will get death. I’m not even sure she’ll get life. Clumsily so, Baez is throwing in reasonable doubt, and the family with constant lies is doing a great job in helping him with that.


    1. You may be right but there are so many smart jurors in the box as we saw during selection. If Casey is released as you state she may wish she was in prison becusae life on the outside will be aliving herll for her. Who is going to want to date, marry, or hire this woman? Of course the way society is these days if she is released as yous ay, she may be offered millions for a book deal and get her own reality show ( and be a regular commentator and expert on crime type shows. (lol)


      1. LOL! Or…she could write a soap opera!

        I think the jury could spare the DP because they saw a grieving grandmother who was in pain over her daughter. I believe they will want to spare compounding Cindy’s grief.


      2. I think Casey should be a writer, like you said. Did you hear her statement to police? OMG! It was a great story.

        I believe there are lots of young men ready to marry Casey. The argue with me often in twitter 🙂

        Thank you for your excellent blog.


  8. I had Thought the same thing too. I just thought it was weird she was telling people that they were going to give the house to her I’m two months.
    Maybe she hated her parents that much!
    Maybe she thought that was the only way she could get away with the death of caylee.
    Who knows.
    But I think that would make sence do to the searches in march neck breaking, house hold weapons, killing her ps may have been her next plan.


  9. Excellent article as usual! ITA with your take on Cindy when the defense is let loose the A’s will be in deep trouble. JMHO of course.
    Thanks so much for all you do.


  10. There is evidence to suggest that Casey planned to live alone with Amy H. at HopeSpring Drive but it was not allowed into evidence. Go back and view the discussion on Friday May 27,2011 at approx. 4:44pm. Jurors were excused for the weekend and Mr George and Judge Perry discussed the text messages wherein Casey explained to Tony L that there would be a time that they could spend overnights, etc at her home. The judge stated that the information was only relevant if she was charged with killing her parents. The matter is moot.


  11. Kim S.-I so enjoyed reading your thoughtful and candid remarks as well as your insights into psychopathy. We all know biology plays a dominant role and although brain research is limited the following article in Science News is interesting and informative. For anyone interested in understanding the potential origins of psychopathy, please read “Brain Differences in Psychopaths Identified” published August 5, 2009.


  12. I am so glad there is somewhere that viewers can read un-biased information about the case. I am working and cannot watch the trail every day. Nancy Grace, HLN and others all ready have the needle in their hands for Casey! I am just shocked at how goolish they are, just to make money. It is terrible for our judicial system! Making it nearly impossible for a fair trial for anyone! I myself have heard the 911 call from Cindy Anthony at LEAST 50 times! So, we ALL know the jury had also heard it and to believe for one minute that Cindy Anthony would get as upset as she did without it being a staged show, is not believable. Especially after she admitted to selling Caylees pic for 20,000 and now getting ready to sign a book deal? Casey Anthony is TRULY a product of that family and NOW they are ALL throwing her under the bus and collecting! I really wonder if this has not been done over and over in her life and that is why at all costs she could NOT allow anyone to know what really happened to Caylee for fear of what is happening right now. I think Jose Baez has tryed to convey this with his few remarks about how they called off her graduation party at the last minute after everyone had been invited? Jose Baez is doing a good job I just wish he would get more firm with these witnesses. Today, the detective?? How could he NOT think there was something wrong with this girl after she told him about ten lies in less than 20 seconds?


    1. Cheryl-Jurors were asked whether or not they could be impartial and give the defendant the presumption of innocence. Don’t assign them negative characterizations they have not earned. Our system of justice is the envy of the free world and jurors should never be given anything but respect for the difficult decisions they have to make. Many are changed forever as a result, especially those who sit on capital cases.

      All those hired as legal analyst have a right and a duty to inform the public-they, like you and I do not have to give Ms Anthonoy the presumption of innocence.

      In most jurisdictions in this country people of a certain age, demographic and gender routinely read newspapers, listen to the radio and TV and believe it or not interact with family, friends and coworkers about the goings on in their neighborhood and the world beyond their “comfort zone”. No defendant wants jurors who are “deaf and dumb” (Judge Belvin Perry).

      There will be no needle put in Casey Anthony’s arm in my opinion. But if she spends the rest of her natural life in prison let us hope she doesn’t put one in Mrs Right’s arm when she tires or her and sees someone who reminds her of Zanny the Nanny.


      1. I understand what you are saying. However, having been a juror myself I have an idea of what jurors discuss and what they know outside the court room. Unless they have been under rocks MOST of what has been played out in this trial has been all over the Nancy Grace show as well as others. And it is VERY difficult for some people to separate themselves from what they have been convinced of and what they feel is their civic duty (to that end) to then switch gears and be a completely blank page and listen ONLY to what is presented. I as many hope that those on that Jury will indeed not vote to convict based on what has been put forth thus far. The more I listen the more I understand exactly what Jose Baez is saying, Casey Anthony is a very very disturbed person! Her lies are not just lies for the sake of deceiving people they are more like fantasies with elaborate details? Having said that I am crossed with partially believing that George Anthony did molest her and did control the whole cover up of the child drownding OR something happening to the child and Casey covered it up and at some point the whole family knew about it. After hearing the bond she had with Caylee and staying home from partying because her mother could not watch her..that is someone who loves the child. Lets face it if she wanted to party bad enough to kill her child she would have either left her alone or left her with anyone who would take her? I do not think Casey is someone who would kill her child, intentionally, but I do think because she does not cognitively “think” as you or I would about anything that in a crisis anything is possible. And after having listened to the father, mother, and brother, who all have selective memories, and lie at will, it is hard to say just how much of these psychological issues have been due to those who raised her or whether she has always had some issues and they just compounded them with their own issues. I still believe that any case that involves the death penalty should NEVER be permitted on shows like Nancy Grace and all the others. If you notice all the commericals are played when Baez is doing his cross. Convenient? And regardless of how well he does it is played down and watered down when it comes back on. Thanks for your reply, I guess we can all ony hope that justice and truth prevail here.


  13. I am SO looking forward to your analysis of Lee’s body language today. Reaching left hand to touch right side of neck. He looked like someone put itching powder in his shirt.


    1. Oh, me too! I only saw a little bit of his testimony today but what I did see was a lot of nervousness.
      But that could be because of the position he is in.

      I think I would be nervous too, to await that dreaded question that I am hoping they asked.


  14. All I care about is Justice for Caylee. There are lots of disfunctual families in the world, but they all don’t kill their children and stuff them in garbage bags. If Casey is really responsible for that, she belongs in a mental home.


    1. Amen! Almost every girl friend I’ve ever had was molested/abused to some degree in childhood, and not ONE of them has become a felon.
      With Casey’s track record of lies, y’all have to forgive me for doubting her accusations/defense.


    2. So true. I came from a dysfunctional family had many years of verbal, mental,physical and sexual abuse, I did not kill nor would I even think about killing anyone of my babies. To me they were a gift from god not something to be drugged then stuffed into a trunk!


      1. Sorry for all of your heart ache, hope things are better for you now. I just wanted to say just out of high school I became a nurses aid in a big local hospital and I was SHOCKED at the amount of abused children that came thru the ER. To later find out their parents were abused! One would think after you suffer that kind of abuse you would NEVER do that to someone else, but 90% of those who abuse their children WERE abused themselves…and according to Dr’s it’s the only way of life they have ever known? Sounds as crazy as crazy gets! But it is the crazy reality of what happens. Thank GOD you are not one of those! So, I guess what that says is what makes common good sense is NEVER really the case.


      2. 90% of abused children have parents that were abused but of all the adults who were abused, what percent of those abuse their own? I would guess its not too high but even 1% is bad, imo.

        I’m just saying that we do a disservice to parents who may have been abused as children if we automatically think they are abusing their own because of it.


  15. Excellent post {again} Dr. Glass!!
    I’m glad that you (being a professional in body language and human psychology) are tempering a lot of the general public’s overnight and undeserved “sympathy” for a woman {Cindy Anthony and even her husband George too, for that matter} in whom I feel imo, is guilty of:

    (a) Obstruction of Justice
    (b) Perjury
    (c) Destruction of/Tampering with Evidence (Cindy)
    (d) Accessory to Murder After-the-Fact
    (e) Tax Evasion
    (f) Fraud {Regarding their foundation for missing children and for funding the search for their grandchild, if they already knew Caylee Marie was dead on June 16, 2008}

    To all the overnight “George & Cindy Anthony are just loving/grieving grandparents” fantasylanders, I ask you this;

    Should we just allow the Anthonys a “free pass” on the alleged, serious crimes I mentioned above??

    Do those crimes, I mentioned above, that are definitely on the books in the State of Florida, mean anything to you all?? How about the rule of law being applied TO ALL PEOPLE, EQUALLY in this great nation of ours?? Or do these laws that I speak of just DON’T APPLY to the Anthonys, b/c they are only now, AFTER THREE LONG YEARS, telling the PARTIAL truth, just TO SAVE THEIR OWN A**ES??

    Or worse, b/c either the Anthony family is white and/or because this is a high-profile case?? Would a black or hispanic family have faired as well with some of you??

    Here’s what the Anthonys should TRULY be doing now and what they actually should’ve done 3 years ago imo:


    P.S. In loving memory of Caylee Marie Anthony;

    Nuff Said!!


  16. Marissa-You are the one with the analysis which is worth reading.Your post on 5/30/2011 @9:53pm was brilliant. It has taken me about two years to read the literature and compare and contrast Ms Anthony’s psychopathic traits with the published discovery. If you don’t mind would you help me to answer one question.

    Is the defendant’s psychopathy progressing or is it simply more evident when the Anthony family is in the same room?


    1. It’s possible Casey’s psychopathy could have intensified due to her life of almost complete isolation and boredom in her cell with little human interaction for almost 3 years. Sociopaths require a lot of attention and the lack of stimulation must be difficult for her. However, with the trial proceedings, cameras and media all focused upon her right now should offset this.

      I believe Casey’s sociopathic behavior is becoming more evident as she watches her family and listens to testimony. The key symptom for APS (or sociopath) is a lack of a conscience. Her cold calmness in the face of what a non-sociopath would experience as traumatic events is alarming. If we listen closely to what Casey has said in audio tapes/videos it’s rarely logical and defies common sense. Her behavior during jury selection and the trial has been consistently inappropriate for the situation.

      Sociopath’s have to “read” social emotional cues in others as they are incapable of experiencing these emotions – this is how they respond to people in a way to get what they want. However, they are frequently wrong. I believe we are become more aware of Casey either missing cues entirely or if she sees them, she simply doesn’t understand what they mean. Therefore, when she does react it often appears to be unsuitable, insensitive or fake. Dr. Glass has given enormous insights into this by helping us to understand “the body doesn’t lie”.

      Typical of a sociopath is a lack of remorse, shame and/or guilt. They do not see their family or friends as people but rather as opportunities and targets. The end justifies the means and they do not let anything stand in their way. They are incapable of feeling empathy. Casey revealed this callousness with her apparent indifference and contempt for the pain her mother was in while on the witness stand. She is unable to comprehend that she could be responsible for the devastation she has caused for her family.

      She will never accept blame regardless of how obviously she has created the situation she finds herself in. Sadly, as a sociopath, she is contemptuous of anyone who tries to understand her and is incapable of feeling remorse let alone guilt. This is why she appears to be indifferent with a lack of emotion regarding Caylee being missing or deceased.


      1. Thank you Marissa for bringing meaning and substance to the very shallow and somewhat opaque world Casey Anthony lives in. Intellectually I understand who she is but putting together the triats has been difficult but I have tried to align them with published discovery. Your posts move my thinking forward. But each and every day as I learn something new and different the only one question I have yet to answer is why-why would the good Lord allow such evil to birth a child only to plan and carry out her death in such a cold and callous manner.

        It truly brings new meaning to, “Keep the faith”.


      2. What I would be interested in is knowing after Casey was given every language test they have, seeing if there are huge gaps in language processing that would not show up in standard public school work. Some see language disorders as issues with the behavior disordered.
        There now is the assessment of visual processing tests also that can reveal the kinds of non comprehension going on as in the Autistic spectrum. Casey might fool people because she has a good memory for the mimicking, but the processing is shallow. Too bad the tests are not required before hand. She might be more handicapped than realized. I’m a special ed major.


  17. I agree Cindy has told a lot of lies and as a mother I know what it is like to want to believe the best of your child but what i have come to realize is that love is very hard to rationalize and people respond to and act in love in different ways. Sometimes we do the very thing that we say we won’t do because we love someone. I was sexually abused by my 1st cousin but the effects were immediate and my behavior changed thereafter. To state this theory of Casey’s 15 years after the fact somehow doesn’t ring true. I couldn’t wait to get away from having to be around my cousin and I would NEVER let him get near my son, even 15 years later after my abuse. Casey was exremely jealous of the loving bond between Caylee and her Mom. I do believe she may have been plotting to get back at her mother once and for all but she wanted to party, gave her the chloroform, put the tape over her mouth and put her in the trunk. When she went back to her she was dead and as a last symbol of her way of saying “I’m sorry” to Caylee put the heart shaped sticker over her mouth.


  18. I am in agreement with Dr. Glass. I truly believed socio started planning the death of Caylee the day Cindy took her in her arms first. She decided then and there she was going to be an “event planner” “event coordinator” of the death of Caylee. She has been talking about the Nanny for years from what I am hearing. So planning this event took almost 3 years..and the right time came, and she did it.


  19. Queen Lillian…great really hit the nail on the head..Didn’t you love how Jules was home babysitting Zachary and Caylee….then they went for the day at the beach with poor Jules is getting married at the hospital chapel all within 10 days or less..REMARKABLE! Cindy didn’t get this? Just like Yuri and Juliette..didn’t the parents ever hear that one? Like another blogger said..tigers do not change their stripes..My heart feels their pain…but not the lies or morals or values they hold.


  20. Kim S. –

    THANK YOU so much for your comment; eloquent and honest, (such rare qualities these days.) Please continue to post if you have time; writers like you are rare GEMS.

    Is it true that Amy H. had already put in a change of address card in anticipation of moving in to G and C’s home? Did that come up in testimony?

    WHY hasn’t the “Big Ugly Brawl” between Casey and Cindy been mentioned by the prosecution? The last fight they had before the disappearance of Cayley, where George supposedly had to physically pull one of them off the other – I forget which one.

    WHY, OH WHY did Cindy say, “…Because Casey never gave me any reason NOT to believe/trust her…?” as she’s talking about imaginary people, friends, their relatives, and children? That was NUTZ, and so much DETAIL, all lies but reciting it like it’s all TRUE?
    What effect could THAT statement have had on the jury, anyone?

    WHY was Lee so SLOW to answer questions? It was painful waiting for his questionable answers.
    And WHAT was he thinking, coming to court in a shirt that was obviously a size or two too small, wrinkled and soiled; it looked like he took his court outfit from the bottom of the dirty clothes hamper this morning. YUK! He is one GROSS man, imo.
    I think the entire Anthony family needs to hire a stylist – they ALL have such unbelievable wardrobe PROBLEMS, especially Casey.

    I LOVE this blog. Most everyone is intelligent and succinct and most of all – KIND. Thank you ALL so much.


  21. Dr. Glass-thanks maybe I will sleep tonite- always reader sometimes poster as a Psych rn I am so over the lies deceipt and corruption by this family-cindy yet another cameo appearance-probably practiced in front of the mirror-my sympathy is three years old and the tiger stripes so visable


  22. Good article which reminded me why a disliked cindy in the first place. She still has a long haul before she redeems herself in my eyes.

    One think that I can’t overlook is the innocent people Cindy personally dragged through the mud. Now she knows how it feels & that’s what it took for her to show some honesty. For her, George & Lee to be accused by priincess some despicable lies & insinuate cindy left the ladder up therefore was partially to blame foir “Caylee’s drowning accident” which is a blatant fabrication.


  23. Lee was a washout today. Getting the truth from him was like pulling teeth. I still think of the creepy “CMA wrist kiss” fiasco he pulled at “Caylee’s Memorial” & wonder what the hell is wrong with him.

    His sister accuses him of molestaion & he’s still defending her by not being 100% forthcoming in the events that occured in the 31 days.


  24. When George testified on day one it was reported by members of the media that he took a little photo of Caylee up to the stand with him and that when he looked down (often an indicator of deception) that he may have been looking at the photo for strength. I am wondering if Cindy looking down was her looking away from the monitor at times or perhaps looking at some sort of token she took up with her for strength.


  25. Cheryl- Jurors are routinely asked if they have obeyed the admonition not to discuss the case and jurors have given an answer that pleases Judge Perry. I trust jurors and I trust the group process.


  26. She knew casey was a train wreck n she prob jus wanted her to be out in the real world for a month or so… If she really thought those pple where real why would she care? She knew so much about them bc she didn’t trust casey and look what happened casey did exactly what cindy knew she would on her own. FAIL


  27. Dr. Glass,

    When Cindy said, “Casey never gave me a reason to disbelieve her” I think what she meant is that she NEVER thought that Casey would harm Caylee.

    Everyone said Casey was a good mother who seemed to care for Caylee.


  28. Cindy saying in open court while looking at the wedding picture that she didn’t know Casey was pregnant would have made me laugh out loud. I would have been kicked from the courtroom.
    The newest video release of Caylee’s 2yr old B-Day party shows a window into Cindy and Caylee’s interaction. Cindy jerks the toy from Caylee’s hand and Caylee knows better than to respond. Also Caylee heads towards George, only gives a quick glance to Casey and tries to get away from Cindy. Also who is the guy singing in the microphone? He looks like he could be Caylee’s dad.


    1. When I finally watched the video of the guy singing to
      Caylee without a commentator speaking over the ‘song’ I nearly fell out of my chair. He was singing the chorus to Neil Diamond’s ‘Girl You’ll Be A Woman Soon’. These are the lyrics of that chorus and anyone who thinks this is appropriate to sing to a two year old needs help.

      The child was obviously trying to stay away from him but George and Cindy both blocked her and turned her around to push her back toward him. When she was in the lap of the person next to that man Caylee was trying her best to get down. They need to find out who he was and why he would sing such a song to a toddler.


      1. Oops. I forgot to include the lyrics.

        Girl, you’ll be a woman soon
        Please come take my hand
        Girl, you’ll be a woman soon
        Soon you’ll need a man

        A two year old will need a man soon???? This has bothered me since I realized what he was singing to her and I only saw that vid once when it showed loud and clear what he was singing.


  29. I can understand Cindy not knowing Casey was pregnant. I had a friend many years ago who did not know her daughter was pregnant until she walked in late at night and told her parents she was in labor. She hid the pregnancy in the clothes she wore. And the mother was a highly intelligent woman too. So, it does happen.


    1. Did you see any pictures of Casey pregnant?? Even a half blind one eyed idiot would know she was pregnant. All the relatives at the wedding of a family member knew it when they saw her and still Cindy denied it. Only women who are overweight can hide it and Casey is a very small person.


  30. Do any of you people have any idea how many children are killed or go missing in this country everyday. Your obvious obsession with this “Where’s Caylee” soap opera makes me think NOT. Only in America are people so entertained by something as morbid as a child’s murder. GO GET A LIFE.


    1. Mr Corn-

      We all wanted Caylee to be found. There was a time we all wanted Caylee to be buried. There was a time we all wanted Casey to tell the truth and take a plea. There was a time we wanted her to have decent representation but it never happened. There was a time there were 8-9 lawyers who couldn’t seem to put a subject and a predicate together in a Motion. There was a time that many only wanted name recognition. There was a time when the Good Samaritan was considered a Good Samaritan. There was a time he was thrown under a bus but was rehabilitated by his outraged ex-wives, lovers, their child and his son. There was a time when we all loved the first judge. There was a time when we said our goodbyes to him. There was a time when a new judge was assigned to the case and when he said “denied” we felt all warm and toasty. There was a time when “laggards and opportunists” walked in and out of Mr Baez’ office and one who was sent forth to dispell the existence of Zanny the Nanny. Within the first 48 hours most of us knew the only “10” would be sitting in the pen. There was a time when media whores and celebrity whores disrupted the trial, obstructed justice, lied to law enforcement and blogged they didn’t. There was a time when the defendant cried real tears when the duct tape was described in ways that caught her off guard. On that day her blouse matched her death qualified lawyer’s suit. That was the day no one was green with envy. That was the day Mr Ashton gave a bird’s eye view of his closing argument.There was a time she chipped her tooth and there was the day they found all of Caylee’s scattered at her final resting place. There was a time when many thought this trial would never happen. Our day has come. We have a life but we mourn for all the children that never had one. We hardly knew her but we do now. She will never know us but that won’t stop me or anyone else from loving her. Many of us were called to care for children of our own, and many were called to the classroom to educate other little ones. Still others were called to help them when they were sick or dying. Some were called to employ them, give them a raise and a pat on the back.

      Caylee will never meet any of us but as the Irish say, ‘You only die when you’re forgotten’.


      1. Thank you , brilliant true and heartbreaking., I feel there are many victims of the Anthony family, I have followed this case for Caylee, I do not know if it makes a difference in the scheme of things , but for me I always felt Caylee would never be alone in those dark woods if we all stood with her , it was a sorry day that America was introduced to that bunch of liars and no goods the Anthonys , little Caylee deserves our respect love and support , as do all children who are murdered and abused. God Bless the children tonight .


  31. Wow! What a great blog session. Everyone brings insight, and Dr. Glass and Kim S. provided fascinating information about sociopaths.

    Casey is a danger to society and belongs in jail.
    If she gets off for any reason, her parents need to have her formally evaluated as a sociopath and leave letters of probable cause based on previous evidence of Casey’s malice with lawyers, and let her know that if anything happens to them, that she’s going down. In other words, make Casey see that it is not in her best interest to kill them.

    Will the issue of Casey’s sociopathy ever be mentioned in court?]



  32. shadoewz-The worst of the worst deserve the best and the brightest! Why so many incompetent lawyers all met in the same room is beyond me. What drew them to this very disordered and evil person? Will they walk away from this case damaged and emotionally scared as a result of their association? Only time will tell.

    It will be years before Mr Baez actually understands what happened to him. Hopefully before Mr and Mrs Anthony die he will call them up and apologize to them from the bottom of his heart.


  33. Todays testimony was just unbelievable!! It is becoming MORE and MORE clear that beyond Casey being a pathological Liar they have NOTHING! They are trumping up evidence left and right! Dr. Boden said on Judge Pirro this evening that ALL medical science is against using strands of hair that cannot be tested against DNA because it proves nothing! Yet, Perry has allowed it and what the prosecution wants is for the MEDIA to run with it and they ARE! All the GOOLS have started saying the ONE hair could convict Casey Anthony?? And why would have be when the FBI said ON the witness said TODAY that there is no way to prove that it even belonged to Caylee and if it does they do not know if it was left on a shirt, sweater and fell off into the trunk. The so called post mortem “band” is NOT there because it did NOT come out of the root thus has NO DNA and cannot be proven to belong to her??? This has NEVER been permitted in as evidence in a murder trial before. NOW they have bagged the air in the trunk and put it into cans for the Jury to smell?? Again this HAS NEVER been permitted in a Murder trail…why? BECAUSE the smell is up to each individual that smells it and their interpretation! Can they MAKE UP anything else to try to and is Proof…because they have NONE! They have Casey Anthony lying through her teeth as she has for YEARS before Caylee died, and acting in the very same manner…a sociopath, definitely, someone who killed thier own child…NOTHING PROVES THAT.


  34. I really don’t think anyone can BLAME Jose Baez for alot of what you see in the court room, between the prosecution objecting to all most EVERY word that comes out of his mouth and Judge Perry allowing it! Its no wonder that he has backed off and started stammering around with his questions. The public needs to understand that when the STATE begins to put people to death with TRUMPED UP evidence and JUDGES PREVENT defense attorneys from effectively fighting for their clients it HURTS everyone. The very fact that the jail tapes were made public is what has the country hating this girl and now prejudice against her. To the point that if she does get the death penalty and they find out years later that GEORGE Anthony actually killed the child, I don’t they there would be too much remorse…Because people literally hate this girl. Now, having said that imagine if there were someone in YOUR Family on trail and yes they were a liar but YOU and everyone who knew them KNEW they could NOT take someones life and they were going through what she is now going through?? Believe me this is exactly HOW things start to change and it should NEVER be allowed to happen. WE have a great judicial system and if both sides are MADE to present ligitament evidence and question witnesses, and USE PROVEN scientific evidence to prove their cases, the jury’s can actually do their job! This is just pathetic!


  35. I swear I think some of these people are just like Casey Anthony! Psychic! They KNOW she did it, they think Baez should apologize to the Anthonys so they MUST know the Anthonys have done nothing wrong?? Those who KNOW who did this should contact the prosecution and go be their STAR witness because they desparately need one! I for one do not have any idea what happened to this child and would REALLY like to see or hear something that PROVES to me who did or did NOT do it


  36. Just read some research that was SHOCKING! It was on chloroform. It stated that all swimming pools that have chlorine have levels of chlorofom. And Chlorofom is most dangerous in high temperatures. To the point that the container or “body” could literally explode if saturated with pool water. There were supposedly high levels of chloroform in the trunk of the Anthonys car…it makes sense that if the childs body, lungs were filled with it and after laying in a bag for days in the hot sun in the trunk that would be why the levels were so high. This makes me think even more that George Anthony put that child in the trunk of that car until he could dump it somewhere…because Casey is too stupid to know to put duct tape over the mouth so the chlorofom/chlorine levels from the pool would not escape and cause the body to explode in the back of the trunk. This was also discussed by Leonard Padia who said when Casey was first released from jail none of the Anthonys were concerned with looking for Caylee, it was as if they just wanted to get together to get their stories straight! He mainly accused Cindy Anthony of refusing to go out and look for Caylee.


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