Casey Anthony Sadistic Enjoyment of Cindy’s Emotional Breakdown On the Stand

There was nothing more heart wrenching than seeing Cindy Anthony’s agony as she heard the 911 audiotape in the courtroom.

What was  even more shocking was Casey’s reaction to her distraught mother. She looked curiously at her mother with sadistic pleasure at her mother’s pain. The curiosity  can be seen by Casey’s cocked head to the side.  There was no empathy and no facial reaction. It was  a detached look  as though a stranger was observing at another stranger in a bad car accident.

She even tries to mimic Cindy’s emotion but can’t seem to get it right. She furrows her forehead but the rest of her face hasn’t quite caught up with the emotion. If you cover Casey’s forehead and look at the rest of her face, you see the incongruity. It is as though she cannot synch up the right facial expression with the corresponding and proper emotion.

As Cindy cried  on the stand, Casey  gave  mixed looks of  curiosity , anger, and annoyance as we can see above.

As her mother is genuinely  distraught, Casey tries to mirror her mother’s emotion but fails miserably.

Casey attempts to  cry as well . But there is no facial expression to indicates sadness . She merely wipes nothing under her eye. Actually, she sticks her thumb under her eye. There is no liquid and no tears. This convinces me that Casey is not capable of genuine empathy.

As Cindy buries her head in her hands,  Casey looks on with an odd curiosity.


She appears to enjoy the pain she sees her mother experiencing. We see her cold icy stare as she studies her mother on the monitor located  in front of her.

Cindy leans away, looks down. and holds her hand over her mouth to hold back her emotions as she hears how rude and nasty Casey was when she spoke to her friend Christina and urged her to give Tony’s number. 

Cindy and the jury heard how  rudely Casey  spoke to Cindy and how nasty she was to Lee and to  friend Christina. Even though she called her friend many terms of endearment, Casey’s  tone was anything but endearing. Instead, it was monotone, cold, and agitated when she didn’t get what she wanted. There was no sympathy at all when it came to any discussion of Caylee.

In light of what Casey is accused – killing Caylee, this particular tape will be one of the most damning pieces of evidence in my view.  Her voice on the tape along with her words show a cold, calculating, selfish, manipulative, heartless creäture. It shows how ugly she spoke to her mother and how disrespetful she was to Cindy. This will not endear her to any jury member. 

Hearing those tapes int he courtroom shook Cindy to the bone. Not only did she have to relive her own pain and panic in  listening the 911 tape,  but listening to Casey’s  jailhouse tape gave her new insight into her daughter. As Christina cried about Caylee and showed emotion, Cindy  heard the opposite when Casey spoke. She heard a  cold and heartless person who cared more about boyfriend Tony’s phone number  than she did about her missing child.

Cindy was so distraught that she had to be assisted off the stand by her attorney Mr. Lippman. She fell into George’s arms for comfort  when she reached the back of the courtroom where George was waiting.

What happened next was unbelievable. Casey’s entire team of lawyers huddled around her and essentially told her to show emotion. The reason I am convinced of this is because a stone faced Casey immediately put her finger up to her eye to wipe a non tear as she  she put a Kleenex up to her nose. In essence, her team was coaching her to cry.

Jose Baez was beside himself. We see him looking up to the heavens as though he is saying some sort of prayer like “God, help me!” Or  perhaps he is having  the following conversation: “Why me? Why do I have to defend this sociopath who has no feelings and doesn’t even know how to cry?  I tried to help spare her life but it is  clearly not working. She’s a dead woman walking! It’s all in your hands now.”

Even Casey’s staunch supporter who said publicly how he likes Casey and how intelligent she is, appears to be taken aback by Casey’s response,  or shall I say, non response when Cindy was on the stand. He distances himself from Casey physically as you can see in the photo. Not  only does he sit away from her, he leans away from her.  With his cocked head to the side, he looks at her as  though as she was some type of odd  zoo animal. Cheney has finally seen his client in action and appears shocked by what he has observed.

And poor substitute momma/ babysitter  Ms. Simms has the lovely job of trying to humanize this robotic sociopath.  While she has her arm over Casey’s shoulder in an attempt  to comfort her,  the reality is that Ms. Simms hates the position into which she has been thrust. Look at Ms. Simm’s   angry clenched fist. It says it all!


52 thoughts on “Casey Anthony Sadistic Enjoyment of Cindy’s Emotional Breakdown On the Stand

  1. Dr. Glass, what do you think about this theory? Part of Casey’s anger is because her mother is able to put on (what Casey believes to be) a show for the courtroom, just as she spoke of in her jail house tape, (Cindy’s “cameo” on the news). Anger resentment that her mother had the stage to herself with all the attention on her–Casey must have been burning inside with jealousy!


  2. OK, Dr. Glass- So, Casey is just like her mom- cares more about the man in her life than her children (after all Cindy sacrified Lee and Casey and Caylee to keep george hooked)-

    what about the only REAL emotional reaction Casey has given up- that could be analyzed- Monday- when he mom refused to protect her- once again-and thru her under the bus- and ended the atrocity by running into george’s arms- in full view of Casey- her final statement- what didn’t you analyze that?.

    I think Casey’s deadpan looks today- is born of shock- with the realization that as a child, a teen and an adult- she was set-up- by her mother- to be raped by her father/brother, forced to bear his child and then raise it- preventing her from having a normal life.

    I’d have an incongruent look as well.

    Cindy and George are the monsters- and you are too- by perpetuating this farce- for rating- shame on all 3 of you.


    1. George and Lee have been paternity tested and they are not the father of Caylee. I agree that their family is dysfunctional but to say Cindy setup Casey to be raped by her father and brother seems ridiculous


    2. deb-Just how long can you continue to leave comments that degrade and demean both the victim in this case and those left behind to mourn for her? You have stated that you are a CSA (whatever that is) but you seem to be stuck on who is having sex within the Anthony family. You back up nothing with fact but for some odd reason you attack Dr Glass? Your comments are way over the top. This case is not about sexual encounters, sexual abuse or incest. Just concentrate on the case and leave your bad attitude at the door.


    3. You are one sick person actually you are the same sociopath that Casey is rot in hell with her. You are pathetic you cold ass hole! Your as deranged as she is. You must be related?


    4. I agree. I am not sure about Cindy. I think she meant well. However George was either made to look guilty or is guilty. I know of very rare occasions where children make up sexual allegations. If Casey was molested by her father, she would have done exactly what she did. She would have waited to tell her mother. I cannot imagine a mother ignoring such an allegation. We know George is a liar. Look at River Cruz, his girlfriend that he swears he did not have. Yes. It sounds like an accident that snow-balled out of control. George can confirm. Heaven help all of you that are picking on Casey. She deals with her issues differently. So do I. That does not make her a murderer.


  3. Deb i do not buy the incest theory and I do not believe Caylee is the product of incest look as Caylee looks older she resembles more and more Cindy specially in some photos how do you explain that if George is the dad? If Lee is the dad that is her kid too so no matter what why continue to blame the parents? And if shock to you looks like disdain and hate then I guess you are right.


  4. Somehow they are all! involved. the unfortunate victim is caylee, whether it was intentional or accidental. They entire family has been caught in less than truthful ‘stories’. No one knows and no one can say ‘for sure’ casey wasnt abused?? caylee didnt drown in pool with george or whoever ‘watching’?? Somethng thing else ‘accidental’ or ‘purposely’ happened?? Nothing so far can be proven beyond the shadow of doubt! Thats what everyone should be thinking about the most. …and you all would want ‘that’ if you found yourself infront of a jury! Thinking, assuming and proving are very different .I think this judge is horrible. If your on trial, your jury selection…do you think a judge should be able to demand selection by deadline? Are you not entitled to the right of due process and a fair trial judged by your peers…not who you had to settle for due to a judge ordered time frame!? If it takes 3 months for my lawyers to feel I have a jury where I will get a fair trial…thought that was a right, innocent until proven guilty??


  5. Dear Dr. Glass and to my fellow posters on this blog:

    (a) Dr. Glass, you stated in this particular blog post, “This convinces me that Casey is not capable of genuine empathy.”

    My response to that is, Ma’am, I’ve believed that since the inception of this case, i.e. when it went public back on July 16, 2008. You obviously know more about this Dr. Glass than I do, but imo, I believe Casey Anthony is a malignant narcissist.

    She’ll never be able to somehow “manufacture pity,” nor can she ever be “medicated” enough to spontaneously have/feel empathy, remorse, feelings of geniune concern, or respect for the rights of anybody else on this planet, except for her very own self.

    This very mentally disturbed woman imo, will only care about, worry about and try to benefit HERSELF ONLY, even over the needs of her own toddler child {that is now tragically gone}, her own mother, her own father, her own brother, her own elderly grandparents, etc. till the day she dies..period…end of story!!

    (b) Something interesting (for lack of a better word, b/c this whole case is so sad & tragic), happened today while Attorney Baez was cross-examining Cindy Anthony and I want your take on this Dr. Glass, if I may.

    During her cross examination, Cindy admitted that after finding out that Casey “started menstruating” (trying to not be graphic Dr. Glass) at age 10 and having irregular periods from that age till she became pregnant with Caylee Marie at age 19, CINDY TESTIFIED THAT SHE NEVER TOOK HER ONLY DAUGHTER CASEY, TO SEE A GYNECOLOGIST BETWEEN THESE TWO AGES??!! I couldn’t believe it!!

    I am a man and even I know that a young girl, once she starts menstruating, should have a pelvic (PAP SMEAR) AT LEAST once a year to test for ovarian cancer and other diseases of a woman’s reproductive organs. And longtime RN Cindy Anthony DIDN’T KNOW THIS??!!

    Now my question to you Dr. Glass is this; As an educated, professional in the body language/psychological field of study and practice –

    Do you feel that the reason that Cindy (or George for that matter) never took Casey to see a gynecologist from age 10 through 19 and even then, not until Casey was a full 7 1/2 months pregnant with her 1st child (and only after Cindy’s brother and rest of her family got wind of Casey’s “condition” and challenged Cindy & George to take Casey to see a doctor asap) WAS B/C CINDY KNEW OR HAD A GOOD IDEA THAT GEORGE WAS IN FACT OR POSSIBLY SEXUALLY ABUSING CASEY AND ANY “FEMALE” EXAM DONE BY A GYNECOLOGIST, EITHER JUST AFTER OR DURING THIS TIME PERIOD OF CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE/INCEST WOULD BE DISCOVERED BY SUCH AN EXAM, IF CASEY WAS MISSING HER HYMEN AS A CHILD?? (SORRY AGAIN, I’M TRULY NOT TRYING TO BE GRAPHIC)


    Could Cindy & George have worried that George and/or Lee could’ve been one of the men who was responsible for Casey’s pregnancy and they weren’t sure, so they didn’t want to risk any gynecologist or any other health care professional, possibly doing a routine blood or urine test on Casey and finding this out, thus exposing the Anthony “family secret??”

    Could the jury in Casey’s murder trial maybe realize or believe this as well??

    (c) Lastly Dr. Glass and everyone posting on this blog. I’ve read so many people, even Nancy Grace on states on TV, whom I watch and like, that:

    “George AND Lee Anthony were already paternity-tested and they were found NOT TO BE Caylee Marie’s biological father.”

    Now maybe I’m ignorant folks and/or maybe I just missed something, b/c I’ve been following this case since its inception for the past 3 years and since there’s been so much discovery, I could’ve easily missed it, BUT:

    I only ever remember that LE paternity-tested LEE ANTHONY and found HE was not Caylee Marie’s biological father. I don’t ever remember George Anthony being “cleared” of possibly being Caylee Marie’s birth father and in the report that mentioned Lee Anthony’s Paternity-test results, George Anthony is NEVER EVEN MENTIONED, one way or another, if I remember correctly. Am I mistaken folks??

    Now before everyone posts in response to this last question of mine WITHOUT A LINK TO THIS PROVIDED IN YOUR RESPONSE, just to state “Yeah George was excluded too.”


    And lastly folks, please don’t respond that if Lee Anthony was Paternity-tested and excluded, then that somehow “automatically” excludes HIS {Lee’s} bio-father George. THAT IS NOT TRUE!!

    DNA between/from male biological relatives/ancestors DOES NOT WORK THE SAME AS “MITOCHONDRIAL DNA” which is DNA between/from a female biological relative/ancestor.

    I’ve always wondered why Casey, nor the Anthony family, have ever publically disclosed the TRUE IDENTITY of Caylee Marie’s Biological Father. And I don’t believe for a second that “even Casey doesn’t know!!”

    Casey may not be 100% sure, but imo, I believe SHE DOES KNOW or has a d*mned good idea of who her only child’s bio-father is. Even if she was sexually promiscuous, it doesn’t matter!!

    Casey would have had to be a bona-fide, street prostitute (which we all know Casey was not, no matter how evil or slutty she was) to have so many different sexual partners in the same 2-3 day period when ovulation occurs in a healthy woman during her child-bearing years, in only that 1 particular month, when Caylee Marie could’ve been conceived, to not know or have a good idea, who this mystery bio-father is…period…end of story!!

    Something fishy about neither Casey, nor her family, ever being honest about Caylee Marie’s paternity. It just doesn’t make sense. Everybody already knows and knew back then, that precious Caylee Marie was an illegitimate child of Casey’s, why try to “cover up” who the bio-father is??!!

    Thanks in advance for your responses to my questions Dr. Glass and/or fellow posters on this blog.


    1. Being a man, it’s obvious you don’t know much about a woman’s period. Ovulation doesn’t always occur with regularity and only one day out of the month. Some women ovulate during their period. It would be really too much to take a child to a DR. every year for an unneeded pap smear. Unless a female is sexually active, there’s no need of that at a young age. Casey had sex with many men and I doubt she even knows who Caylee’s father might be. If DNA disproved Lee, it disproves George since their DNA has identical markings on some areas. It would have been obvious.l


    2. @James Janos – I don’t think it at all unusual that Cindy didn’t take Casey to a gyn once she started having her period. I’m in my 50’s now and I recall that my first gyn visit was just before becoming sexually active in my late teens. I wanted to get birth control pills and that wasn’t something I didn’t want my Mom to know about, so I made an appointment, went myself and paid for it myself.

      As for the biological father of Caylee – I’m looking for the report that also mentioned that George was tested and proven not to be the father. If I find that link, I’ll post it. However, maybe Casey never named the father because it was someone who she just never wanted to see again. Why name the dad if you don’t want anything from him and you have had a change of heart and really don’t like the guy anymore? And perhaps, if she was really angry with the guy, not letting him know that he had a child would be the ultimate “screw you” message in her mind.


    3. I am a man and even I know that a young girl, once she starts menstruating, should have a pelvic (PAP SMEAR) AT LEAST once a year to test for ovarian cancer and other diseases of a woman’s reproductive organs. And longtime RN Cindy Anthony DIDN’T KNOW THIS??!!


      Not so. I asked my gynecologist this question specifically when my oldest daughter began to menstruate. (My doctor was a very thorough, methodical doctor and had delivered all four of my children, so I trust him completely.) He said, “She doesn’t need to come see me until she’s sexually active.” Cindy believed Casey was a virgin (per Cindy’s own words when asked if Casey were pregnant). Cindy is absolutely correct that such visits are traumatic for young girls. I was very relieved at my doctor’s advice.


    4. They don’t need to test for paternity with GA because they just need the DNA profiles.

      “Anyway all I had to do was plug in George’s DNA profile into the DNA Parentage Test Report at the right Locus locations and right away you can tell that it’s not possible for him to be Caylee’s bio dad. Here’s a list that proves George can’t be the father: Locus D8S1179 bio dad has to be 12 George is 14. D21S11 bio dad has to be 28 George is 30. D7S820 bio dad has to be an 11 George is a 12. D3S1358 bio dad has to be a 14 George is 15,19. THO1 bio dad has to be a 7 George is 6,8. D16S539 bio dad has to be a 13 George is a 12. VWA bio dad has to be a 17 George is 18,19. TPOX bio dad has to be an 8 George is 9,11. D18S51 bio dad has to be a 16 George is 14,17. FGA bio dad has to be a 24 George is 22,25. The last one that is only on the FBI reports and not on the DNA Parentage Test Report is Locus D7S820 showing that bio dad has to be an 11 and George is a 12.”


      “According to newly released depositions, Caylee Anthony’s biological father signed a waiver surrendering his parental rights.
      Attorney Paul Anthony Kelley said George and Cindy Anthony, Casey Anthony’s parents, came to him for some legal advice.
      Kelley said the couple told him that their granddaughter’s father “had basically taken off and was out of the picture.”
      Kelley said he could not recall the biological father’s name, but that the Anthonys produced an obituary showing Caylee Anthony’s father died in an out-of-state car crash”


      The State could reveal his identity


      1. Thank you so much Sugar!! I never saw that blog post from the The Hinky Meter and I also love and read that blog often {ValHall is awesome}!!

        Thank you for putting my “George may be the bio-father of Caylee Marie” suspicions to rest, finally. I’m glad neither he nor Lee Anthony are Caylee Marie’s bio dad, not that it would’ve mattered to me anyway, she was still a beautiful, precious child and human being who was ruthlessly snuffed out by her own mother imo, and savagely forgotten by her remaining immediate family members, again imo.

        You made my day Sugar and also confirmed what I thought I remembered by what the above Hinky Meter blog post stated;

        “The FBI DNA testing ruled Lee out, but apparently the “George is the father” rumor stuck well, because the FBI didn’t explicitly state he wasn’t.”

        I knew there was NEVER any specific and/or official report in the discovery that stated BOTH Lee AND George Anthony were excluded as being the possible bio-father of Caylee Marie. But only for Lee Anthony. It just blew my mind away, when so many people, INCLUDING NANCY GRACE (GOD BLESS HER) stated that Lee & George were officially excluded, unless Nancy has her own sources, which may have been the case.


    5. Girls who pick up and fool around with guys at parties, bars etc while drinking often do not remember exactly what transpired the night before. She could have been on a real party bender for a couple of weeks and been fooling around with quite a few fellows and not even really remembered all of it.

      She claimed that Caylee’s father was conveniently, a recently deceased classmate who could not deny or confirm a relationship of any sort with Casey. I believe she chose him for this reason because she couldn’t answer the question herself.

      My sister was fooling around with 3 different guys and got pregnant. She told us that one was the father, but refused to allow him to know about the pregnancy for years. I believe she took this action because she needed to see what her child would eventually look like to determine who the father might have been and didn’t want to cop to the fact that she herself didn’t initially know.


    6. Are you crazy! I had two daughters & I never took them to a obgyn doctor. One had problems with her monthly but our reg dr. did not worry about it. Untill they were married and wanted childen did they goto a doctor. Casey is a liar & one of the worst I have ever seen. She was allowed to get by with this for years. When she had Caylee and her parents loved & provided for her parents had to put up with her crap because she could hold Caylee over there heads. She is guilty as hell & she did not die in the pool. She will never tell the truth. God will punish her as well as the justice system.


    7. I did not take my daughter, either, as like Cindy, i believed she was NOT sexually active. NO GIRL is trotted off to the GYNIE for periods! An imo whenever KC turned for the grandstanding Boaz to show her tummy, she looked 2 months preggers. JOSE B. is hammering away all the denial in the anthony family, but it doesnt apply to Caseys pregnancy? Come on.


  6. I agree with you, Dr Glass, that Casey is manufacturing emotions and tearing on cue. I watched this section of the video yesterday. As Cindy is weeping and distraught listening to the audio tapes, Casey wipes her left eye, checks her fingers, wipes her right eye o’ so slowly, checks her fingers and repeats this process every few seconds UNTIL – at last her left eye begins shedding.
    Thats’s when it gets fascinating. She won’t wipe the tear off!!!
    She then only wipes her right eye and under her chin on the left side, but avoids her left cheek – leaving the “tears” there. She continues to do this wiping everywhere except where there actually are tears.


    1. LOL…I noticed the same thing…she rubs away fake tears, or tries to make it look like she has tears or is crying, but the few real tears she manufactured, she left to run down her face…just to make sure they were seen, I assume.
      Casey is not capable of empathy as sociopaths are only concerned with themselves…the few tears she shed, were because she was angry at her mother for appearing more concerned for Caylee than for her.
      As for the idea that Lee or George are Caylees father, I don’t buy it…she would have been using that to her advantage all along and telling people how she was raped…don’t buy it.
      Casey is a sociopath that still thinks she is going to get out of this.


    2. Courtroom reporters said that several jurors stared at Casey intensely while this was going down. Like we’ve all posted before, Casey will not make a favorable impression on jurors with this manufactured emotion done on cue.


  7. Very sad – for normal people who care and have emotion. Like I’ve stated early on, Casey is a sociopath. Maybe her and Scott Peterson (with his on imaginary life) can get married and live happily ever after.

    Mason is in it for the fame. As is Baez. Both morons should have gone with the accidental death, mental breakdown afterward and tried for manslaughter. Instead they have fabricated a defense without a SHRED of evidence.

    Casey’s cold jailhouse tapes will bury her. Like I’ve written before it is quite clear who was the PUPPETMASTER in that house and it wasn’t Cindy or George. Casey called the shots. No way an abused daughter would talk to her parents in the manner she does.


    1. Yes, you articulated just what I have felt all along. Abused children, esp sex abuse, do not have that attitude, no way, shape or form. Casey was the abuser in that family.


  8. Couple of other points….

    * Who calls a peer – Christina – “honey” or “sweetheart”? That struck me as condescending at best. Casey came across as sneering in the entire tape.

    * Casey’s jailhouse tape when she says… “I was arrested today on a F***ING WHIM.” That says it all about how she felt about Caylee being missing for 31 days. The jury probably gaped when they heard that one.

    * Casey’s obsession with talking to her boyfriend Tony even though everyone else is trying to discover where Caylee was.

    This is one coldhearted b*tch.


    1. I got the sense that she called her friends “honey” and “sweetheart” regularly, which is why the shot girls liked her and said Casey “took care of them,” and she was talking to Christina that way as a manipulation tool to keep placated.


    2. I also love how Casey has made numerous comments like “Guess who spends an eternity in jail if THEY don’t find her?” “They already said they’re going to pin this on me if THEY don’t find her.”

      First of all she sounds like she has nothing to do with the situation and is being unfairly roped into it. Right, Caylee lost herself, Casey.

      Second if THEY don’t find her? She sounds first of all like she doesn’t care if Caylee is found but is aggravated over how this is affecting her life.

      And why isn’t she including herself in this search to find Caylee? Shouldn’t it be if WE don’t find her?


    3. Doesn’t that just burn you up when she says to Christina, “Honey, I love you” — so high-school—ish…I cought that too!
      I even think she wanted to ‘get’ to Tony before anyone else did, so she could manipulate him with some sort of story, getting him on her ‘side’ as fast as she could!! Loved Lee’s comments to Casey in the jail house, when she wanted Tony’s number and then told him she didn’t want any of them at her hearing–and how he doesn’t let her go around in circles and ‘muddy up” the conversation–I can be sure that Cindy and Casey go Round and Round–Lee won’t play that game with her!


  9. This is an insightful portrayal of who Casey Anthony is and why many psychopaths (sociopaths) are unamenable to treatment. When we recognize and accept the fact that “Casey looks on with an odd curiosity” we know we are looking at someone who is clearly without empathy. I am sure Caylee is looking down as Mr Baez is looking up and they are saying in unison “Why me”?

    Because Casey is unable to imagine what real human beings experience, she is equally unable to understand their fear. Psychopaths do not experience fear and therefore cannot understand intellectually and emotionally how traumatic life events affected the victim and those who loved them. Caylee’s death is long forgotten. When Casey placed Caylee in her trunk she waited a few hours (“9AM-1PM”) and figured organ failure was complete and looked around for her final resting place-the swamp.

    As previously posted on this blog, “Psychopaths view people as little more than objects to be used for their own gratification. The weak and the vulnerable (Cindy and Caylee)-whom they mock, rather than pity-are favorite targets”. (Robert Hare, Without Conscience).

    The ABA rules protected Mr Baez from the likes of Ms Anthony. He could not recognize her as a repugnant client or as a psychopath. Imagine the hubris it took to take on “public enemy number one”. He suffers from a syndrome that might hijack his career and which will surely get his client the death penalty.


  10. I was so nauseated by Casey and her attorney, Baez yesterday, that I decided to do a little research on Baez. It appears that Baez has been instructed on numerous occasions to STOP touching his client. Here is the link: Baez has also had a few complaints filed with the Florida Bar Assoc. against him. The link is here: I don’t get warm fuzzies from either one of these idiots!

    I live by the rule, “Give someone enough rope and they will eventually hang themselves” which, we see happening in the courtroom. Casey’s attitude and demeanorare certainly being exposed. She has lived her life, with imaginery friends and has told so many lies (for no reason) that she even believes them and no one can change her mind! K

    KARMA Casey, good ‘ol Karma is what you have to fear right now. Not your Mother, Father of Brother….. Rot in hell!


  11. Just wondering if anyone saw real tears coming from Cindy.
    I didn’t, I was also wondering if that was why she burried her head and covered her face because there are no real tears.
    Casey nose is red however cindys is not

    I personally think the whole family is screwed up, I believe you are a product of your environment .


    1. I saw tears! At one point, her face was soaked, as was the tissue she was using.

      Yes, we are ALL products of our enviorment however, as an adult (which Casey is) there comes a time when one must take responsibility for their actions. One can not continue to blame their parents or family for ALL their misfortunes!


      1. ITA~
        Even the talking heads are forgetting the fact that Cindy was no longer responsible for Casey at the time she got pregnant.


  12. Very true, I believe that too. I believe Casey killed poor little caylee wether it was an accident or not she doe have to stand up and take consequence for her actions!

    It’s just something does not feel right about that family. Yet maybe I am overlooking. Because for some reason they did stand by her side. That says a lot.
    But I do believe that before all this happend that there was jealousy comming from the mother, I do think she was verbally abusive at least from certain comment that came from Jessie grund

    Who knows this whole case has just thrown me off


  13. It is not totally any one thing ie “environment”. Nature, nurture, genetics and biology all collide in some fashion to create a conscienceless person. There is research that has pinpointed a brain defect and then there is research that cannot be done outside but only inside of prisons. We know for certain that Ms Anthony is “morally insane” and we will understand why she committed the crime only through the lens of her psychopathy. But at the end of the day it will be putting one piece of the puzzel together which will clearly point to her guilt. We don’t know whether or not it will be swift or certain.


  14. Just want to correct something about the statement that was made about Casey studying her mother on the monitor in front of her, that monitor only shows evidence and at that time everyone including Casey was reading the transcripts of the 911 call being played.


  15. Lillian,
    You are “dead” on! Casey sounded like she was ordering a pizza compared to Cindy on that 911 call! With all due respect to you, Casey is a ditch rat and she’s her own worst enemy. None of that team of her’s can help her now.


  16. IMO…if you have never lost a sibling, mother, father, child, or had a divorce, then it is most likely you don’t understand the pain of death. It is full of trauma, regrets, remorse, pain, and is heart breaking. It was less than 120 years ago we mourned for a year for our loved one. Today it is three days off. It is the kind of pain you never wish on another human being. My heart feel much pain for G&C and I would not want to be them, but are they really different? Or is their family like most of us in the USA, it appears we are LESS likely to see this dysfunction, because we also our in denial? My sister overdosed, brother committed suicide. My father drank himself to death, my mother suffered her guilt giving her Cancer. I think my family was loving and caring. I believe I grew up in normal working class family. It was not my parents fault that my brother or sister did what they did. They stood by each of them til the end and always did their best to protect them. As I look at Casey everyday, I see this homely monkey faced woman lying to everyone around her. Her stress in the end will serve justice. She probably will not survive in prison. If released, she probably will not survive on the streets. IMO..justice will be served.


  17. If I was one of the jury…and all I got to hear and see was what has been shown so far…knowing what is to come..Casey had more than multiple times to tell anyone she was molested or that it was an accident..and I think it will come down to this evidence being lead by Dr. G….. that the tape was place over Caylee’s mouth and nose was pre-death! As my dad liked to say, “XYZ FINAL”.


  18. Haha! Your take on the whole situation of Casey’s lawyers huddling around her and trying to coach her on how to cry and Jose looking upwards as if to appeal to the almighty cracked me up.

    I’m sure that’s probably exactly what was going on, but your astute observations and the way you worded it was quite amusing. You could moonlight as a comedian Dr. Glass.

    I also love your interpretations of Casey’s grooming and the pictures illustrating your points when your body language expertise seems to point out that she is flirting with her lawyers.


  19. We all know that this whole family is seriously dysfunctional. But one thing I could point out is, when you have a child that is as disturbed as Casey is, it can be enough to twist a whole family to the breaking point.

    It seems like the whole family was used to trying to keep Casey placated, keep her on an even keel, each in their own way. I think a lot of the frustration you see is that nothing worked, nothing helped, nothing solved the problems. The problems just continued to get bigger and bigger no matter which approach any of them took. A child who lies nonsensically and compulsively can drive a parent over the edge.


  20. Cindy kept trying to believe in Casey and badger her into doing what was right, which just lead to more and more resentment, hostility and battles for control. George backed off and kept his distance from the raging volcano. Lee tried to be the big brother, friend and supporter and keep the peace in the family. But all of them revolved around Casey, she kept them hopping and off balance at all times.

    I do not believe Casey was the victim of sex abuse. She seems more to me like someone who never bonded with her mother for some reason and who was then catered to and spoiled as she was growing up, never developing a sense of trust, of truth, a conscience or empathy. She doesn’t project the picture of a wounded person whose life spun out of control because of damage done to her. She projects the sense of someone who looks on at humanity from the outside, not really understanding the emotions others feel and the attachment they have to one another.

    Casey could appear to be a decent mother as long as Caylee was very young and she could treat her as a doll, but this can change rapidly when the child begins to assert their own will and have the capability to pursue it. And as someone in the family said, she may have hated Cindy more than she loved Caylee.


  21. I was sexually abused by a family member (not father) and was afraid to tell my mother becs she would be angry. I was 9. When I told her at age 10 she was distraught (when I needed reassurance) and for a whole year every time she looked at me she cried. She did not understand that: I didn’t ask for it, didn’t want it and certainly didn’t enjoy it. Thus, if considering a scenario where her father and/or brother have been sexually abusing Casey for years you can bet that Cindy was hiding the fact she knew what was going on and Casey was afraid to tell her about it. Cindy appears to be such a perfectionist and controller. Given this scenario it would totally explain Casey’s reactions to her mother’s testimony on the stand and breakdown. Just saying to consider….


  22. Personally, I found it very difficult to watch Cindy while she was testifying. Her pain and despair were heartbreaking, and though I don’t know her, I had (and have) tremendous sympathy for her.

    And how disturbed I was by the fact that while I was crying for this woman that I don’t know, her daughter sat there displaying no more emotion than a zombie would.

    Not all sociopaths commit murder, but Casey is a sociopath and a sadist (I believe) who did. If Caylee gets the justice she deserves, Casey will be spending the rest of her life in prison enjoying the company of the only person she truly loves: herself.

    Additionally, I want to say that while I believe Cindy may not have always been truthful or wise in regard to some of her statements and actions, I can cut her some slack. I can also cut George and Cindy some slack for not always being perfect parents.

    Casey is the only one who should be held responsible for what happened to Caylee, and Casey is the only one who should be viewed with contempt and disgust.


  23. To clarify to the poster above, women have pap smears to diagnose cervical cancer. Additional tests can be done for STDs. Ovarian cancer is extremely rare, especially in younger people, and is so fatal because it is difficult to diagnose and there is no test for it, other than a blood test similar to the man’s PSA test for protstate cancer. However, it is no where near as accurate as prostate cancer.

    Women don’t need to have a GYN appointment unless they are active or are having “female problems” that need resolution. Irregular periods are not female problems that young.


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