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Casey Anthony’s Voice Sounds Like A Child’s Voice As She Says She Will Not Testify
June 30, 2011

As someone who has analyzed voices for three decades and has done forensic voice analysis, I was shocked when I heard the little girl like tone of Casey Anthony. Gone was the resonant deeper sounding more mature tone with bravado  she had during the  jailhouse tapes.

She sounded more like Caylee would sound than Casey. There may be  several  reasons  for this. It may be a sign of fear as she is scared of her fate so so regressed into a little girl.  She in essence began using a little girl higher pitched voice. Psychologically there may be a connection to using that voice tone  as subconsciously trying to sound as sweet and innocent as Caylee.

It was obvious that her defense team made her look child like by lowering her seat and dressing her in bigger clothing throughout the trial. They were trying to let the jury know that they needed to go easy on this little diminutive creature. That was the subliminal message they were attempting to get across was that she was like a child.

Another reason for her child like voice and higher pitch may have a lot to do with the fact that she does not get much vocal usage. Therefore the muscles are weaker and  are not worked out as much. I am sure that she is not speaking to too many people. If she is speaking to them it is for short increments of time.

When she said  she will not testify she cocks her head which indicates that she is really  not  that sure but will go ahead with what her lawyers suggested anyway. Casey answered very politely with Yes Sir and No Sir. Gone is the arrogance and cockiness. It  shows that she has been institutionalized well. She has been trained well to show some respect in her jail environment.

Too bad she didn’t have that respect for her parents and for Caylee. If she did none of this would have happened.

Casey Shows Sadness When Jesse Grund Leaves The Stand
June 30, 2011


Jesse Grund Casey’s  ex fiance is a remarkable young man in my view/  How man men would step  the plate  add act as a child’s father even though it was not their biological child? Jessie  did that. He loved Casey flaws and all. He saw her issues  yet he was willing to love her unconditionally. Even his mom and Minister dad Richard Grund embraced Casey.

They all got along and treated Casey as a loving member of their family. They even reported that Casey flourished around their family. But then when Cindy saw that Jesse was not the bio father she became her miserable controlling self and apparently put a wedge between Casey and Jesse. She wanted control over Caylee and did not want Jesse or the Grunds in the picture.

So Casey and Jesse broke up which was a huge mistake in my view because Jesse’s family could have been the stabilizing force that Casey so desperately needed in her life.  It would have shown her alive of function unlike her own dysfunctional family.

She may have even received a good dosage of religion with the help of Jesse’s minister father Reverend Grund. Maybe if she found religion she would have learned to not be jealous of Caylee and  even  forgive her mother and father and Lee. Maybe it would have helped her keep her satanic dark side at bay.

While Casey dated a myriad of men after Jesse, she never wanted to completely cut the cord with him. In my view she knew he was a good guy who really loved her and was not using her like the others. She wanted to keep him in sight after she was done having her flings and hookups. She knew he was the real deal so if she got rejected from all of the men she had, she no doubt  fantasized that she could always get Jesse back whenever she wanted.

But she was wrong. He moved on and so did she with Tony Lazarro. The one thing I will say in Casey’s favor is that she did choose some really good men who genuinely cared for her.

Jesse testified about Lee’s standofishness towards him and about Casey reporting that he sexually molested her . Just to show you what kind of terrific guy Jesse is, he didn’t question Casey about Lee’s  molestation. Instead he was  there for her in case she wanted to speak about it.

My view is that Casey and Jesse   they ended up together perhaps Caylee would still be alive. With Jesse and his family’s functional love and Casey being away from controlling  Cindy in particular, perhaps Casey would have had a chance at a good  Life- a rea; Bella Vida.

Evidently Casey must have though those same thoughts because she glanced at Jesse as he walked off the stand. You could see the sad downward coursing of her lips. In the photo above she has quickly turned away. She looks wistful. She looks sad about the life she could have had and not the life she has now.  www.drlillianglass,com

Thank Goodness For the Marshall In Back of Casey Anthony In the Courtroom
June 30, 2011

 After Casey’s angry scary outburst towards Jose  Baez and Cheney  Mason I  suggested that they always have a Marshall standing in back of Casey.The finally did it. There was always a Marshall behind her during jury selection in Pinellas County. But they got lax back  in Orange County. They figured that Casey didn’t need supervision because she was cooperative and  a model inmate. 

But when she raged at Jose,  I got scared for him.She bared her teeth which is the most severe display  of anger body language wise. When this happens you need to know that something catastrophic nay occur. Casey could have lunged at Jose, bitten him, or even stabbed him with a pen.

If you look at the photo above you will see a Marshall in back of Casey when George was testifying.This could have been a volatile situation as well. Casey  hates George so much and has either convinced herself that he molested her or he had actually molested her, At any rate she could have become enraged and acted out.

And to set the record straight for all you readers who may misinterpret my words,  I have NEVER said George molested Casey. I have no first hand  knowledge of this. As I said before only the two of them know for sure. So for any of  you who insist George molested Casey I say again that only they know, not you.

 For those of you who insist he did not molest her, I say you have no first hand knowledge either. In my practice of three decades I have seen clients who’s father’s  would never be suspected of molesting them. They have been ministers, politicians, army generals, doctors, lawyers, policemen,firemen,professors, and pillars of society.Many of them have even  been self  proclaimed “nice guys” like George. These “nice guys”  have caused their sons and daughters a lifetime of psychological torment. Once again,   only George and Casey know for sure.

As the trial winds down I feel a lot better that there is  Marshall behind Casey at all times. On the day the verdict is read the Marshalls need to surround  Casey for her own safety and for the safety of her attorneys.

  George and Cindy also  need Marshalls near them and watching them like a hawk because of their  history of violence. George was violent with the protesters and Cindy swung a hammer around. Who knows what these two mentally unstable people could do if  Casey is sentenced to death. They could even lunge towards the jury. George has tried  to commit suicide once and he may try it again in the courtroom by lunching towards Casey or even Jose Baez. If he refuses to be subdued, he could be tazed it even  shot.     

Cindy could do this as well. She is so filled with venom and hatred towards so many that she could get ugly and even start shouting  and throwing things.

Lee also needs to be Marshalled. Remember his crazy CMA speech at the memorial?   He is  known  as a brother incest sexual predator  even if it is not true.He  may lunge towards Casey for destroying his life and reputation for good.       http://www,


George Anthony Sobs On The Stand While Casey Shows Him Disgust and Detachment
June 29, 2011

  George Anthony knew that this would be one of the hardest days with his one time lover River Cruz  coming into court and with being interrogated on the stand about his alleged sexual abusive towards Casey , That is why he came dressed with a black jacket to shield himself from Baez’ verbal slings and arrows . He had never  bothered to  dress in a jacket  before even when Caylee’s memorial took place. Initially Casey shot daggers at him as you can see in the photo above. Later she looked at him as though he was a zoo animal with a curios objectivity. There is no doubt that she despises the man. George came across very defensive which was a turn off to many in the jury.He also appeared petty, This is a man who calls the police because of missing gas cans but does not  report a smell in the car. There is no excuse for someone in law enforcement. Casey looks disgusted with her father in many instances with her  tight jaw and down turned lips George showed a lot of arrogance and anger as he tried to spar with Jose Baez. He appeared someone condescending. In looking at that exchange it made the jury see how arrogant and condescending he may have been towards Casey. Casey looks at him with complete disdain  as Baez brings up the topic of molesting Casey when she was 8. George turns red and purses his lips while Casey shakes her head No. Then Jose tells him how in Florida in is life in prison for molesting a child indicating that he would never admit to it. Casey looks hurt and upset as though he may very well have molested her. This was the only emotion she showed. he has only anger and digust towards George. Like Casey, George cried only for himself. He cried when he spoke of the suicide note. SOme of his tears were fake as we can see above. and some of his tears were real,   like the one above where he sobbed , Casey could careless. She cocks her head and looks on with an objective curiosity as though she was observing a zoo animal. Note his down turned mouth and furrowed forehead the the veins popping  out. This is raw emotion on his part. If Casey could not show a tinge of emotion and empathy towards her fathers obvious breakdown it shows how much she hates ,This indicates that she has shut the door   on her father. Did George feel guilty about the way he treated her? He said  he did  verbally in the jailhouse tapes. What did he feel guilty about in the suicide note? Was it that he molested her? Maybe, maybe not. Only the two of them will know for sure. Whatever the case, something happened to make Casey the way she is.

Cindy Lies On The Stand Once Again As Jose Baez Asks Her Questions
June 29, 2011

Cindy Anthony lied again today. Jose Baez asked her if she sent Dominick Casey on the stand . She blinked a lot and drew hr shoulders in as you can see. These are two signals of deception.

Then Jose asked her is she told Yuri Melich that she sent someone down by the woods and they came up with nothing. Look at three signals of deception Cindy exhibits. She shrugs her shoulders and hunches them forward. She closes her eyes and purses her lips. Al of these signals together indicate that someone is not tellings the truth.

 Then Jose asks if they were looking for a blanket, Cindy then  gives way too much information about a Winnie the Pooh blanket and 70 items. It was not called for. When people give too much information that is not requested it  usually means the person has something to hide.

 Here Cindy swallows hard as you can see the muscle tension in her neck as well Jose Baez asked if she got into an argument with Lee. She denied it, However there were too many signals of deception which showed she was lying.

Then Lee got on the stand and told the truth as there were no observable signals of deception.He refuted everything his mother said. He said th at she told Dominick Casey to video and also Yuri Melich that she had someone video  the area and that nothing was found. He also described the altercation he had with his mother.

As Lee spoke he was forthright. It was clear Cindy lied. She is despicable. I hope Linda or Jose files charges against her for lying. She cannot get away with this.

What is the reason why Cindy did not want Lee to know about Casey pregnancy, attend the baby shower, or get involved with Caylee? Was it because Cindy may have thought Lee was the father? Why did Cindy name the baby Cay lee  after Lee? Why ewas he given immunity? Why was he so adamant about not getting his DNA tested?

Is that why they did not allow him at the birth but allowed George to be there? I remember early on when Cindy spoke on one of the morning shows and had her hand on Lee’s upper  thigh. It was a hand placement like  a woman would do to her husband or boyfriend, not to her son. I remember it creeping me out back then.

What was going on in that family with no boundaries? Casey was raised  by a bunch of liars.She must have snapped just like she snapped in the courtroom with he  scary anger outburst. No doubt she learned her lying and temper outbursts  from Cindy.

George Anthony Shows Multiple Signals of Deception As Jose Baez Questions Him
June 28, 2011

As soon as George was asked about his affair with River Cruz, his voice became shaky. Up until now we have always heard a strong voiced George Anthony who sounded confident. Now he sounded weak and tentative. When you hear a voice tone like that it usually means that the person is extremely nervous and emotional or that they are about to lie or they are lying about something.

We  also initially see George taking a huge breath where we see his shoulders raise as he inhales and then forcefully exhales. He is oxygenating himself as he knows what is about to take place. He breathes a big breath as Jose asks  when did you meet River Cruz. The big breath  shows emotional reaction to  River.

Here we see George bow his head in shame when he said he would consider River a friend. If you consider someone a friend your head should be up, not bowed down.

 After he says this we see him purse his lips which means that he doesn;t want to talk about it.When somone does this it usually means they don’t want to say anymore about the subject.

.Jose then asks “was it your testimony that she was just another volunteer? he shakes his head No as he says “absolutely” To me that indicates that she was not just another volunteer. She was more than a volunteer to him.

Jose asks him if he had a romantic relationship with River.. He says that’s funny.  But he is not laughing . His eyes look angry. There is a discrepancy between his eyes and mouth. When that occurs it means person is usually conflicted in terms of what they say and what is true. This leads me to believe he is not being truthful. Also a big giveaway is when he said no but shook his head yes in terms of having an intimate

  When Jose asks George if he was intimate with River he gets a case of cotton mouth. That usually leans towards a signal of deception. So I would assume he did have an intimate affair with River.

Then he volunteers too much information when he was asked if he went to Rivers house. He says maybe two and then corrects himself as to maybe three times, He volunteers too much information as he describes the condo and the gated community. In true Anthony form he is justifying his wrong behavior. Why is a married man going over to a single woman’s home three times? There is no reason for that unless they are having an affair in my view or the person is working on a project with them.

He justifies going over to an attractive single  womans house because he said she told him she had a brain tumor and being the nice guy he is, he went. When someone tells you they are a nice guy it is usually the opposite.

George  also lied when he said River was not a good person. I  River is a very good person. While she may have had a shoplifting incident when she was young, she has been a model citizen raising two kids whom she loves and adores.

River  contacted me directly after I wrote a blog stating she appeared honest about her affair with George. I spent a lot of time speaking with her  over the phone and  found her to be a lovely person.

Maybe George has her confused with her sister Skye  who did have a criminal record . But but River is lovely and kind and sensitive and caring. That is why she volunteered to find Caylee in the first place. She said she  gave George money because he was crying poor mouth and said he had no money for groceries. She gave him a few thousand dollars so he could eat.  George of course denied this and showed  multiple signals of deception,

River did not not  come forth on her own. She came forth because the police came to her door because  her name was on George’s phone records multiple times.

As I said I spend a lot of time talking to River and she told me how George said “it was an accident that snowballed.” George denied this statement which River made to me a year ago.

George is the  one who is not a good person in my view as he claimed River was not a good person.  River  shared with me how George used her sexually and dumped her after she engaged in an act with him that Jose Baez spoke about in his opening statement.

So when Jose said Casey had to go to school after having  George’s  penis in her mouth it didn’t surprise me as that is exactly what River told me over a year ago as to what  George did to her.  She stated that after George made her perform this act on him,  He disregarded  her like a used dish rag and shd never heard from him again. And yes I do  have River’s permission and River’s blessings  to discuss anything she and I discussed as I am not her therapist nor am I legally bound to her.

I think Jose needs to keep George on the stand for hours and grill him about  alleged affairs,  gambling, online porn services, his job history  or lack of  a job for so long,  and  his bogus stint as a police officer where he was only employed for a short  time and why that was the case .

We need to know everything about him so we can see how he is not the nice guy he portrays himself  to be. We need to  know why he wanted to kill himself and what was in his suicide note.

He said to Casey in the jailhouse tapes he wished he would have been a better father and grandfather . Lets find out what that means.

First Cindy, then Lee, and now it appears that George lied on the stand. No wonder Casey is the way she is. How could she not be a liar coming from a bunch of liars?



Below is the video of George and his signals of deception.

Casey Anthony Trys To Dress Sexy But Misses The Mark
June 28, 2011

One’s dress and style is a reflection their body language.  What you choose to put on your body  reflects a great deal about yourself. In the past we have seen Casey tie up her sweater to show off her figure, We have seen her  unbutton her buttons in order to make her tops and sweaters to look low-cut. We have seen her wear more form-fitting tops and sweaters.

Today we see her tie up  the bottom of her large-sized white sweater  and hike it up around  her waist to make her appear  sexy. If she did not choose to wear a Tee underneath,  her belly could have been exposed along with her breasts. Look at how many buttons she has open which would have shown her cleavage and breasts.

In addition the color combo of white and light yellow is horrible. Studies how the psychology of  certain colors and color combinations  can have an affect on how others perceive. No one will perceive Casey well with this outfit, including the males on the jury and in the courtroom whom she was  no doubt trying to impress. 

This  get up is clearly her attempt to sex up her outfit. It is completely inappropriate. It is obvious that Casey has now taken control over her wardrobe choices and it is a huge mistake.

Jose is so concerned about so many other major issues in this case,  that he has obviously let Casey’s  physical image slide. I suggested early in that Casey needs to wear black. I stick by this. One day she had on a black top and black pants. That is what she needs to be wearing now, especially as the trial winds down.  

Sexing it up is just one more straw that will break the camel’s back so to speak. It is one more straw that the jury has to not like Casey.

Regarding  her body language signals look at her fist as she walks into the courtroom, It means she has hidden anger. We saw her outward expression of that anger Friday when she let loose with her monster like facial expression of rage towards Jose and Cheney.



Furious Faced Casey Anthony Bares Her Teeth In Anger While Jose Smiles and Ignores Her
June 28, 2011

This is the second time we have seen Casey’s angry and hateful facial expression. The first time we saw it was in jailhouse tapes when she was frustrated because her parents would not allow her to speak. Now we have seen it once again . In the photo above we see her open mouth and jutted forth lower jaw and tension around her midface and neck region. Observe the deep lines near her nose and cheeks.  It was not too clear with whom she was angry. I imagine she was angry with both Jose Baez and Cheney Mason. In this photo she glares at Jose who ignores her.

Here we see Casey wide eyed and with tension in her jaw region. You can see the muscles bulging. You can also see the muscles in her neck bulging with anger.  She not only tenses her jaw, she clenches her back teeth together in anger and snarls with her lips apart like a wild animal. Jose ignores her and smiles.

Now she is really clenching her teeth and snarling as she looks at Jose out of the corner of her eye. Look at the bulging muscle in her neck (sterneocleidomastoid muscle). That means she is super angry.

Casey is scary livid. The reason I say this is  becuase if my observation at all the tension around her lips. The muscle on the side on her lip (the risorus muscle)  is coursing downward which is a sign of severe anger. She has also bared her teeth like wild animals do when they feel cornered, threatened, and angry. Her eyes have widened and there is tension in her neck and in the jaw at the side. At this level she could curse a person out. She could even bite someone out of anger as her teeth are ready for action.

 Meanwhile Jose is oblivious to all of this or he is choosing to ignore her.

If looks could kill Jose would be dead. Her pulse must be racing a mile a minute. Look at the muscle tension in her neck. Look at her wild eyes and how she glares at Jose. Look at her open mouth. She is on high alert.

 Here she is looking at Jose eyeball to eyeball. She could easily lunge towards him in anger.

Here Linda Drane Burdick  has walked by her and Jose.  Casey is still eyeballing Jose who has know tuned his head to the side . Her jaw has dropped  in surprise as she cannot believe he is not paying 1000 percent attention to her.

In this photo Casey is capable of biting Jose as she rages at him in disdain. In essence she is so angry at Jose and Mason that she could do physical harm. I hope that they remove all pens and hard objects from the defense table when they read the verdict. If it doesn’t turn out in her favor she may start physically attacking Jose because she may feel she has nothing to lose. Life is life so you can’t give her any more time and death is death so she has nothing to lose either way.

Even though she is  petite, her anger could garner the strength of a huge 300 pound tackle.  So Jose needs to remove all objects and keep his distance from her and make sure the Marshalls are standing right in back of her as the verdict is read. He must not whisper to her to get close to her face because she can spit and bite. 

Casey is a “spiteful bitch” as she said of herself. This concerns me as it applies to what she could do to Jose and to Cheney Mason. For the past three years, Jose has sacrified his life for this ingrate. I would not put it past her to accuse him of sexual harassment.  I would not put it past her to do the same to Cheney Mason. After all she accused her own brother and father of molesting her.

Even if Baez and Mason get her off and she walks out of the courtroom arm in arm with Mason, as he once said, she is very capable of creating trouble for them.  Like a wild animal, she has no loyalty.  Having said that, her wild animal aggressive instincts may serve her well in prison.

Casey’s Smiling Stops When She is Deemed Competent By Three Therapists
June 27, 2011

When Casey arrived in Court she was away too happy. She knew much better than to act so happy. There is no doubt that Jose coached her to stop smiling and laughing. As a result  she has been seen making a cursory or acknowledgement  smile e Casey. very time she steps into the courtroom. But today  it was a very different.

She beamed the biggest smile  as she greeted her attorneys.

She even had a wide open mouth smile as she continued to beam with extreme confidence. She was uninhibited and not self conscious about her smile. This is very significant as Casey has always been reserved when  it comes to opening her mouth for long and smiling. You can now see why she has been so self conscious when it came to showing her teeth.

Upon close inspection, the bonding that was done to repair to one of  her front teeth which was chipped was not repaired well at all in my view. The left one tooth a lot longer than the other, a bit misshapen, and a bit discolored. The one thing Casey did have prior to her accident was a pretty smile. It is clearly no longer a pretty smile. So that may be why she has been self conscious. At any rate she is beaming.

Here Casey continues to beam at one of her attorney’s- Ms. Finnell.

Then Judge Perry gave a ruling. Over the weekend he had not one, not two, but three psychologists analyse Casey’s mental state. Apprently all three reported that she was  competent to stand trial.

Apparently Baez and Mason were seeing their case go down the drain so they set for a motion about Casey’s competency. But now it was found the she is deemed competent by the court. Now there is no excuse. She will not be going to any mental institution to fullfill her time.

Right after she was found competent, her demeanor changed. She became serious and sullen.

Casey then returned to her arrogant defiant .body language  with her cocked head in place as though she was listening to someone else’s trial. She has not smiled at all since she was deemed competent.

A jury will hear the hear the words “deemed competent” and may even apply it to her actions in terms of what she may have done to Casey.

The fact that Linda Finnell does some of the witness questioning since Casey was “deemed competent” speaks volumes. Maybe the defense wanted to use her because they are convinced that Casey will not get the death penalty so they want to take advantage of  Ms. Finnell’s  legal skills so she can interrogate the witnesses.

The bottom line is that Casey’s deameanor changed dramatically when she was deemed competent by the court. Gone were the smiles and flirtations.

I hope she testifies in court. She must  explain her actions once and for all.

Casey Anthony Bright Smiles In Courtroom After Weekend Recess
June 27, 2011

After the weekend recess Casey was all smiles. She wasn’t just smiling, she was beaming as she greeted one of Jose Baez’ legal assistant on the team.

Then she partially put her hand over her mouth and continued to beam a megawatt smile. She knew the camera were on her and didn’t want anyone to read her lips.

Then she beamed yet another mega smile at e of her attorneys.

Casey isn’t paying as much attention to her hair and clothing as she did in the past as her hair is in a more disheveled looking bun and her blouse is more wrinkles. Also she is not doing her grooming ritual as much. Her focus is elsewhere and she appears more relaxed as though she may know nothing bad will happen to her- like the deth sentence.

The intense smiling by Casey is very disconcerting. Yes, she has been out of her jail cage and is excited to see anyone and is happy about that. But the bottom line is that she  is on trial for killing Caylee and on trial for the fight of her life. That is why I don’ think she should be smiling about anything.

Her lying mother and brother who took the stand  certainly didn’t create reasonable doubt in my mind. But maybe something happened  Saturday that made her smile so brightly.  We will find out why she is  smiling  with such confidence soon enough.


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