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  1. And remember that this includes Lee Anthony also,
    young man with a life a head of him. What a shame to label him a incest/molester!


  2. Suck and keep on touching the life out of…gawd yesterday his hands were all over her again…creepy! IMO..The real deal.


  3. Like any woman, perhaps Cruz wanted her short fame. And like any protective father asked a questioned during an odd moment by Cruz, like “did your daughter kill your granddaughter”, he replied at this odd moment..”no, it was just an accident that snowballed”. who knows why it is hear say because we were not there..and can never be considered as evidence. Theses grandparents loved this kid, they never would of help dispose or hurt her.


  4. I knewit! I knew I’d have a D-uh! moment when I found out what GBARD was!lol!

    Sometimes we want so much to believe the best of people that we get blinded to the real deal. Yet, if we harden our hearts we end up being overly suspicious. I admire those with balance between the two. Better to have the tender heart like you have than the hardened one anyday. 😉


  5. I think as you listen to their testimony (Mr and Mrs Anthony)you will come to understand what damage Casey exacted on everyone she knew especially the people that loved her the most.


    1. Exactly Susan. The sociopaths, pathological liar parents instilled that in Casey: “I can’t believe what a good liar I am”. She learned from the best.


      1. Do you see the irony in Casey’s statement: “I’m such a good liar.” If she was then the statement could be a lie. If she was a good liar she would’t say it. She would say it if she was starting to lie and just discovered she was a good liar as such. She was not an (established) liar.


    Casey Anthony offical website

    The key question that the prosecution should ask: This question can solve the case and must be given to prosecution to close this case for jurors to think about to convict Casey Anthony once and for all. This question must be asked on Nancy Grace or other programs.

    According to Casey, she asked the neighbor a few days later to use a shovel,

    Then WHY – IF -SHE – Casey Anthony – already knew, days before of coarse that CAYLEE Anthony was dead. and GEORGE, she claimed already knew about the death, that CASEY asked to use a shovel from the neighbor next door that she barely knew or ever spoke, that she needed a shovel from him to “DIG UP BAMBOO RODS IN THE BACKYARD SO CAYLEE Anthony WOULD NOT STEP ON THE BAMBOO RODS” so what is her excuse of why she needed the shovel if after “Baez” stated that George and Casey had know Caylee was dead. If this question is asked anywhere in the case,

    1) It shows that Casey Hid the Body herself and George had nothing to do with finding the body in the pool and or as George would not want ANYONE to know about any shovel if his Grand kid CAYLEE was ever found missing in the future. Especially after being a retired detective if they were BOTH in on the disposal of the body.

    2) If George had found the body and hid it, there was a shovel locked in the shed.

    3) This question from time line will solve any accident theory with George involved and also that if CAYLEE was dead, why would Cassey need a shovel days later to dig up BAMBOO rods in the backyard so CAYLEE would not step on them.

    4) The above is the question that will make sure the jury does not hang and the prosecution must get this question through to the jury while presenting the case. If asked or in closing statement…this will convict. Nancy Grace and all other TV programs must spread this theory and Casey Anthony will be found guilty. Write or Call Nancy Grace or leave your theory on this website. The lies she has told is bad enough about the her time line and lying to law enforcement and everyone and stating she was molested was a RED Herring. Leave your comments or questions. lets not have another O.J trial. This child was never drowned.. George Anthony had nothing to do with it as he was obviously wearing MISSING CAYLEE Anthony T-Shirts etc. for months while searching. Contact the prosecution or News programs to make sure this above question and theory is drove home to make Casey Anthony Guilty.


    1. Jim there are many things that prove George knew nothing and that Caylee did not drown in he pool. One of them is, if that were true, why did Casey sit in jail for 3 years. She could have put him in jail and got out long ago.

      Your question is a good one, but the defense would say, he hid the drowning but told her to hide the body and as lazy Casey does, she procrastinated. She then hid the fact that she did not hide the body when he told her to, from him.


  7. PLEASE DR. GLASS- your killing me- I know you know about Body language and I’m not sure what else- but I have learned since and during this case- that al lot licensed psychologist don’t know about child sexual abuse- but speak as though they do. I am so disillusioned and disappointed by that- but we must move on- so, what I am asking is- can you get a child sexual abuse (CSA) psychologist or LCSW you trust and respect – to assist you in deciphering the behavior of Cindy and George and Casey. I am just horrified by what is coming out of the Nancy Grace and JVM “entertainment” shows. I love both of them and appreciate their efforts in the fight against crimes against children, women and men- but this is just getting ridiculous.

    As a 30-year LCSW and former child sexual abuse specialist and current clinical psychology PhD candidate- I must ask-have you considered that Cindy has calmed down- for a different reason- that George and Casey’s reactions are deeper than the surface view non-specialist have. We respect you for your specialty- do you respect others for theirs?

    Besides this particular case- the implications for this travesty of psychological ineptness is just huge and even global…don’t you know- the world is watching- the sexual abuse victims of the world are watching. You have such a huge responsibility to be accurate- to utilize the best most current sources.

    Cindy- has NOT transformed- as you psychologist love to say- leopards don’t change their stripes…can you think of another reason why she might appear different?

    Dr. Glass- you have psychologist friends- certainly someone knows a child sexual abuse (CSA) specialist.

    Can we start with her (please let it be a “her”) – after we break from your physical indicators.

    No offense- I respect you so much- I just want this opportunity for the American public- to be educated- NOT to be lost.


  8. To barge in here and say a thing or two about this alledged sexual abuse of Ms Anthony, it saddens me very much to imagine a pathological liar such as her accusing her father of a crime like that. Like Chicken Little, it is going to be nearly impossible for anyone to believe her. That’s just the way it is.


      1. Indeed it is Anonymous. There is the nagging possibility that it is true however, and that is the way the defense team wants it.

        When a child is sexually abused, he/she immediately begins acting out. They may go back to when Casey was 8 years old and try to prove her behavior changed then. Poor Cindy might be the goal setter.

        My hope is that they get the shrinks to define the symptoms of her sociopath behaviors. This problem is not psychological, it is pathological. At the very least, Physiological.

        She has no conscience and that is one hell of a serious disorder. She is capable of anything. She could kill again whether she was sexually abused, or not.


  9. Grandma316-You are absolutely correct. There is evidence that could substantiate or imply that she intended perhaps to do away with her parents. On Friday night Mr George argued before the Court that he had evidence that he wanted admitted which would go to MOTIVE and the judge said something like this, “That would be evidence that would go to whether or not she intended to kill her parents.” Apparently when Tony L. took the stand Saturday morning only those passages that involved Ms Anthony’s state of mind, after the fact, were entered into evidence.

    Someone recounted this to me. I did not actually see it because I shut my computer down thinking court was in recess for the weekend. I have a reliable source but not the greatest memory.

    I tried once to post case law re: appeal of conviction due to prejudice regarding defendants apparel and was told not to do it again. Go to WFTV and see if they have posted the video link for Friday around 4:44pm


  10. Thanks anonymous! I don’t see your post here but I read it in email. I watched the entire week and I know what you’re referring to. The evidence Mr. George wants to present,,(I believe) is her plan to have Amy move in her parents house. She told her friends that George and Cindy were getting divorced because her dad cheated. She told them she would have the house to herself and wanted a room mate. That looks like she may have planned to off her parents. I may be wrong. I’ll check out the video you sent. .Thank you.


    1. Casey has a pattern of borrowing incidents from the past and emotionally holds onto resentments and grudges. That is her value system. She lives in the past pulling those things up if they work as a substitute for reasoning in her liar world. George being the only challenger of her lies is the enemy in her liar world.

      Her comments about her mother not supporting her or protecting her is just that element in her fearful mind the horror that she should be independent. She can’t Un-bond from the enabler, hates it, but exploits it out of immaturity and conditioning. Life is hell when one doesn’t want to work. Then again, what is theirs is hers in her possessive mind, house, money,and cars. Such a drain on everyone.


  11. Im profoundly deaf. I know Casey did it. They way her eyes, she didnt read the paperwork. She knew she did. she s bored to read the paper.. nothing s true. She just act as everything is true happened. Her body language and impressed that showed 100 percent shes guilty. Her eyes keep move all the time. lot of distrub as caylee flashed in her mind. I can’t hear her voice but I can see the way she act. She did it. She killed baby bec she wants to be free. You see Tony talked about stay in bed for 36 hours. Casey is waiting until Caylee s died fully she left caylee in trunk until she died. Bozo s horrible aggresived. His license needs to be revoke… Bozo is not good lawyer. Casey keep laugh, fixed her hair. fix up her top due to nervewreck.. she had to do thing to reduce nervous show. Poor thing Parent and Brother who fought for her as they think she did not the one kill caylee. They flipped out big time. Shame on Casey.


      1. Dr. Glass,
        I have been following your blogs for some time now as they provide a reality check on what is being attempted to pass for the truth.
        After reading your response to the comment above, I was drawn to write this as you revealed to me how caring and appreciative you are to feedback.
        Dr. Glass, you are doing a real service in educating the public, and I want to encourage you to keep going and growing.
        Thank you.


  12. i’m looking forward to Lee Anthony taking the stand! He must be livid at the way both of his parents have been treated by Baez! I just hope he throws it back at him!


  13. Thank you Dr. Glass….You sure know how to read people…there is so much we take for granted that has a meaning to it. Also, I would like to say that Julie Jones comments about Baez and Mason are right on target…they are as empty as a bank vault, after a robbery….it is always good to have another perception of the defendent and Julie has an accurate take on her……


  14. I have made a realization of a fact that I had never thought of and here we go: CASEY IS ZANNY the NANNY. She would tell people that Zanny went here and there and Caylee was with ZANNY, well, she was. CASEY and I think that is “the secrect” that Lee knows about. It has to be, think about it, maybe at first Lee thought it was funny and YES it snowballed out of control, Caseys’ mental state. Will bloggers plz let me know what y’all think about my theory??? In the end, Zanny is the one who TOOK Caylee. Casey DID take her and killed her, that is the only way that Casey was able to take for sure from Cindy something that SHE had control over.


  15. I am neck deep theorizing this case. I look at Casey with pure disgust! I’m dumbfounded at the lies one person can tell! After scouring the internet, something I came across that I had forgotten about was George Anthony being MIA for a lawyer’s meeting in January, then threatened suicide, then had to be psychologically evaluated. Hmmm, this one makes me scratch my head. All of the shows I’ve watched about the trial and no one has mentioned this. I’m now wanting to see all interactions with George and Casey. Any thoughts on this?


  16. I believe that the majority of human beings are good. It seems most are back peddling on the crucifixion of the Anthony family, with one exception, of course. But, it stands to reason that those who have watched that family defend Casey before this trial felt anger. Speaking strictly for myself, there is no way they are to blame for Casey’s behavior. If she killed Caylee, she killed them all.

    They are all unemployable, on meds, lost in the mire of grief, will never be the same again. And the devastation we witnessed Saturday of Cindy Anthony is grief like I’ve never seen in my life. Mothers don’t’ get books when their children are born, nor are they required to get degrees in psychiatry. Casey is mentally impaired. How could they have known that? They know it now. That, in my opinion is the only answer to “why?”


  17. Casey Anthony was an ADULT and knew right from wrong, if her parents are liars, she could have turned the other cheek, this is no ones fault but Caseys . shes just an evil bitch with a want for what everyone else has, lazy, liar,murderer,theif,jealous,vile,self centered bascially shes always demaned more than she was worth.. just like shes doing now, Thx Dr. Glass for ur educated insight and help on this helpless person. casey is the type to tell drs,LE,ministers the way life is gonna be not how can you help me ! Thats what Hell was created for useless POS with all the above under her youthful belt, I hope she lives to be an old woman behind her solitare bella walls.


  18. I have to disagree about the claim that she was taught to lie. There are a huge amount of people who were born into the worst familes and grew to be honorable. She made choices.

    That boat won’t float.


  19. The jury found Casey Anthony not guilty. Now, no one has the right to judge her but God. I never believed she killed Caylee. George was described as a liar and a gambler by his first wife. People in Ohio knew he threw his father through a plate glass window at the family’s used car dealership. He has been selling the whole country “a used car.” His so-called suicide note was a public relations manifesto. He was screwing a volunteer to get the $4000 he knew she would get for the rag-mag story. Yeah, when he was supposed to be missing Caylee so that is where Casey got her personal integrity. She wasn’t just a bad see3d. The poor girl felll off the Anthony family tree. Her brother was a molester because of his daddy. George was probably molesting all of them. He moved back in with gambling debts 3 mos. before Caylee turns up missing. Any of you geniuses ever thought Casey was lying about her and Caylee’s whereabouts for over 2 years to protect them from the same thugs that George owed money to? Duct-taped and in a trunk is mob-signature. Sure would make the police less likely to want to find the body and what really happened. Cindy chose George over her family’s safety when her family brought up what they thought George was up to; or that is just Myrtle Beach common knowledge gossip many years old. Cop was molesting his daughter; news travels like wildfire down south. Heard it before.


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