Ricardo Morales, Casey Ex Mentions and Sleeping In Same Bed With Caylee


Ex Boyfriend Ricardo Morles’  body language where he consistently leaned back in the chair and spoke in a  monotone delivery and gave  curt,  staccato,abrupt answers indicated that he clearly  did not want to be there.  Thus far, his testimony appeared to be  one of the most shocking testimonies thus far. It may be jaw dropping to any juror to hear  his description of  his  sleeping arrangements with Casey and Caylee. Apparently Casey slept next to him with Caylee in the bed as well.

Sleeping on the same bed your new boyfriend and your  little girl  shows that Casey had absolutely no boundaries. Casey  could have made Caylee a  small makeshift bed on the floor with pillows and sheets nearby. She did not need to put the toddler in the bed next to her and her new beau.

Hearing this speaks to Casey’s  motive in getting rid of Caylee. Caylee was clearly a burden to her sex life. While Ricardo Morales was open to including Caylee  in the bedroom, her subsequent beau, Tony Lazarus would have none of it.

In fact he was not too keen on having Caylee around. When he was on the stand his body language clearly revealed to me the discomfort when Caylee was there. At first he was being personable and allowing Caylee to swim in the pool with them. But I am sure he drew  is the line at Caylee being in their bed and doing a sleepover. That is why Casey never spent the night with him in the initial stages of their courtship. She began spending the night when Caylee was no longer around.

The visual of a little  girl in the same bed as a young twenty something man is beyond disturbing. Morales  did manage to  make it clear that Caylee was never next to him and was only next to Casey.

If Casey was busy cuddling up to her new man or having sex with her new man there is no doubt that Casey wasn’t paying that much attention to Caylee.  If they were engaged in the sexual act and they were coupled together, Morales would indeed be next to Caylee. He would be way too close for comfort. The fact that she may have  had a child  see her   engaged in a sex act or hear any strange sounds from her mother and a strange man may have upset or frightened Caylle.

What if she wet the bed? What if she needed to have a drink in the middle of  the  night? This does not create an ambiance for a good sex life with a boyfriend , let alone a new one.

Another thing that Morales said that raised eyebrows was  that he was aware of the date a photo was taken because of the bruise under Caylee’s  eye.  Did Caylee fall down or hit herself in a non- baby proofed home where young men and women lived? Was Caylee punched or slapped?

After hearing Morales on the stand, the bottom line, jurors may have a hard time believing the defense’s argument  that Casey was a good mother. www.drlillianglass.cm


65 thoughts on “Ricardo Morales, Casey Ex Mentions and Sleeping In Same Bed With Caylee

  1. Not pro-Casey, but the judge read the order in court that the bruise had nothing to do with child abuse – even the State agreed about that. The reality is that toddlers, especially those just learning balance are prone to falling over and lets not make it out to be more then it is.

    In re: to the sleeping arrangements – someone that was sexually molested (supposedly) as a child by her father lets her own 2 year old sleep with her in a bed with her boyfriend? We are expected to believe that?

    1. Agree about the bruise. When my girls were little, they often had bruises as the result of playing, falling, bumping, etc. I now have two 4-yr-old grandsons, and it’s pretty normal that they have bruises on shins, chins, elbows, knees…and not from abuse at all! Toddlers DO get “boo-boos.”

  2. This incident has been discussed as the possible reason why Cindy and Casey had a disturbing encounter on the evening of June 15, 2008.When Caylee arrived home sometime on June 10, 2008 Cindy more than likely asked Caylee what she did and where she slept. She told Cindy that she slept with her mom and her mom’s friend.

    Ricardo M. was not describing a sexual encounter with the defendant but more importantly his willingness to allow both mother and child to sleep in his bed. The evidence will show that Casey had slept on his couch alone before and after Caylee was thrown into the swamp.

    The significant testimony that will alarm jurors is the fact that on another night both mother and child slept in his bed and only Casey was there in the morning. Casey said she delivered Caylee to her home as a result of a call from her mother. Only Cindy can say whether or not that is true. Did she see Caylee in the early morning hours? Is there a text message or a phone call that would indicate that Cindy was aware her granddaughter would be returning?

    Where was the child if she was not in Ricardo’s bed and not in her own on HopeSpring Drive? The law of inference would lead jurors to believe the child was in the trunk.

      1. I trust that Ms Burdick will go after the cell phone records from Cindy and Casey’s phones as well as the pings that should exist if her she was approaching HSD.

    1. This is the same thing I caught on to also, what date was this supposed to have happened? Must be the night poor Caylee got murdered because the mother never mentioned casey bringin Caylee home in the middle of the night Casey would never have even answered her mothers call in the middle of the night My theory the baby awoke crying and casey probably hungover or something did not want to deal with her so she ducttaped her and threw her int the trunk of her car and went back to bed. realizing what she did in the morning. If the day she went to her home and suprisingly found george home she was really there probably to make it look like caylee drowned but couldnt because they were home and then dusbursed of the body down the street inn the woods She probably is also the one who put the ladder up to the pool and left the gate open to arise suspision elsewhere pbeyond a doubt

  3. If the court kept a large tally sheet next to the huge calendar of how many said she was a good mother, and the times she didn’t sound so good, the good mother would win out according to testimony….

    Unless…. they kept a third tally about how many times she lied about Caylee’s being gone, but in good hands. No good mother, whether the child is missing or dead, would lead her friends to believe that the child is fine.

    Why would no good mother do this? It denigrates the worth of the child. It denigrates the worth of the supposed friendship.

    Why would Casey not share an accident or death? Because even those facts would get in the way of her new life. She would have to act sad and get sympathy, when she only wanted to get on with her life and enjoy her friends.

    Baez would suggest that Casey was more scared of facing Cindy than 911. She valued Cindy’s reaction more than she valued the body of her little girl.

    1. Offthecuff-It is rather incredulous to me that Mr Baez would ask acquaintences about Caylee’s well being when all witnesses agreed that the child was being cared for by a Nanny. The defendant only brought her daughter to boyfriends homes and the occassional house to have sex. Three boyfriends had concentual sex while the child was in their home. Jurors will not take their assessment of her parenting skills as anything more than their observations. None of them interacted with the child and often Casey provided the lies prior to raising any concerns relative to the whereabouts of her child.

      Mr Baez knew that Caylee stayed in Ricardo’s bed often-he should have made an EXECUTIVE DECISION not to cross examine this witness. He should never have pushed the envelope when proffering evidence that he thought Tony L. had. Finding that “little pearl in a sea of contradictions” has a way of coming back to bite you right in your arse. I can’t believe the man can actually sit down without experiencing deep and abiding pain.

    1. Caylee would love her mom even if she was frightened, abandoned, sitting in wet diapers and hungry. Love is unconditional even when it’s not reciprocal.

  4. I don’t think that Casey was afraid of either parent. Just look at the initial jail house videos and the way that she speaks to them. No respect just defiance. She had a big mouth and seemed not to have any problem expressing herself. I don’t buy it that she was “too afraid” of her parents to have told them if an accidental death d/t drowning had really occurred. There is no way to consider Chloroform “accidental” in any way.

    TMZ is reporting that the IRS has filed a Tax Lien against Casey Anthony for failing to pay $68,000 in taxes to the IRS in 2008. I wonder if Baez can be held liable for this since she was in jail and the checks from ABC etc went to Baez’ law firm? The address on the tax Lien is Baez’ Kissimmee office. The dt really is a circus. Didn’t they have another atty that had to quit the defense team due to misappropriation of client funds?

    1. Mr Baez negotiated the sale of Caylee’s likeness and while he took 89K as his retainer fee he was responsible for setting aside (about 33%) for taxes on her earned income. 33% would have garnered enough interest to pay interest and any penalties. When the IRS screams “show me the money” Baez will have to show them the money! I assume he is the executor of her estate. I hardly think she would hand over money to her parents when she was facing the astronomical fees to fight a murder charge.

      1. Did you MEAN Caylee or CASEY, I’m confused. And I am appaulled if BAEZ and Casey are making money off the death of CAYLEE. OMG!!! How sad and inhumane

  5. I’m with NancyB. Casey appears defiant and stubborn with both her parents, and I suspect that she threatened to take Caylee away from them all the time. Fear of losing Caylee would explain why George did not confront Casey about her work or the ID of the father, and why Cindy apparently protected Casey’s “privacy” (see George’s testimony). I think they walked on eggshells around her, probably long before Caylee came along. Caylee’s birth gave Casey the opportunity to control and manipulate her parents at a whole new level.
    That’s how I read much of George’s behaviors and answers on the stand. If he wasn’t so ashamed about his own weakness when it comes to Casey, I think he would have testified how scared he was to rile Casey up. He truly seems torn apart by the murder of his grand-daughter, but he’s still holding back from pointing his finger at his sociopath daughter. Just my opinion.

    1. This is basically what I though too, that Casey ran the roost followed by Cindy, the two butting heads constantly. This left George just stuck behind two women he felt unable to cross.

  6. Hello Queen Lillian, Great Job! Morales now is married and a FATHER! I am sure he did not want to be there for all to hear. He really was the only one that stated that Casey was not the perfect mother. He was the only one next to Grund that was with Casey and Caylee so much. Tony was with with Caylee ONLY two or three times..one of those times they were at the mall and not even together..yet he calls her a great mother..These are young guys with NO IDEA what a mother is and what makes a mom. Did she pay her doctor bills, did she buy her clothes, did she stay up with her when she was sick, did she have lots of patients with her? I could go on and on…Baez ask questions that do not pertain to Casey because she did not pay for any of the things he asks about. FOOD, Clothes, TOYS.. Cindy and George did. Tony was a cute joke to me!

    See someone helped with her eyebrows today..So glad cause I was almost going to get on an airplane an tattoo them on for her. ❤

    1. Debi,

      I agree with you. I was also thinking today how everyone keeps saying that Caylee would run to Casey and hug Casey, etc., but these people she called friends were always changing, doing strange things, drinking, etc. What toddler wouldn’t run to, or cling to the only person in the room she knew. I know mine would!
      Anyone can can blind people into thinking they are a good parent when there are total strangers around, but in most of the videos Caylee looks like she is trying to get away from Casey or she is running to Cindy. To me not even knowing her something is fishy. No, I mean NO good mother allows there child to be away for that long and isn’t feeling like part of there heart is missing!! But not her!

  7. I disagree with you that Kaylee was interfering with her sex life and thus she had motive to get rid of her (ie. kill her). Because if Kaylee was spoiling her sex fun wouldnt she at the very least put her as you say on a makeshift bed? i dont think if i felt my child was killing my sex life i’d keep her in the same bed with me. The fact that she did keep her in the same bed shows she was very comfortable having the child around, not only that but that Kaylee was sort of even a security blanket for her

    1. With all due respect, Casey was having a new relationship where sex was occurring. It is not right for a baby to be in a bed with any couple who is having sex for a myriad of reasons. Caylee had no is business being placed in a bed with them

    2. With all do respect its Caylee not Kaylee. Your the kind of jury member that Beaz and Casey dream team loves. Good mothers dont cover up accidents and lead others to believe its the big bad nanny. We are talking about young adults who dont have children of there own. Seeing Caylee and Casey once in a while hardly give one enough time to make such a judgement. These same friends also thought Casey had a great job which in fact she didnt. Putting duct tape over your child mouth and nose is not a accident. The trial just started I suggest you sit back and enjoy the ride because the state hasnt even started yet.Casey might not get the DP but I have no doubt she will be spending the rest of her partying days behind bars. Justice for Caylee!

    3. As always, A SECURITY blanket for who??? Casey, well Casey has had THAT blanket ALL her LIFE, so much that maybe she could not share her small security blanket with her mother so she got Caylee OUT of her way. This statement you made is disgusting.

    4. The victim’s name is Caylee. Forensic evidence is available and goes to premeditation. The prosecution is going to say that the introduction of the Nanny in 2006 is the first indication that Casey was planning to do away with her daughter. Because psychopaths have an inner burning desire to avoid pain and suffering the name “Zanny” or the “Nanny” are at the ready when the blame game begins. SOP.

  8. and if i may add, there has been i dont know about 15 witnesses already not one ever saw Casey be a bad mother to Kaylee in fact they all seem to say that she was a better than average mother, So i dont think a little bruise under the eye will mean much all kids get them. I have to say leading up to the trial i was of the attitude that she was guilty zap the B@#ch id say but after watching the trial, so far i dont think she killed Kaylee. Guilty? yes but not of murder

    1. Whether she was a good mother or not a child is stilll dead under her watch. Since Casey was into appearances and what others thought of her she may have been on her best behavior around all of them. When Cayley videotaped Caylee she was not attentive to Caylee’s verbalizatons need for attention. So the verdict is out as to whether she was a good mother or not. If depends on your definaition of “mother”and “good.”I alsio don’t think a 20 something year old man who saw their interaction less than a handful of times can adequately assess if Casey was a good mother.

      1. What was it Nancy Grace said last night? “Sure she was a good mother but there’s just this little problem of the child being murdered and tossed like trash!” I paraphrased-

      2. The initial charging documents allege she was not a good mother (Neglect of a Child). Once they had evidence that she killed her child the Neglect charge was moot. The evidence clearly showed she was a bad person, a liar and a thief and a mother who premeditated the murder of her own child; someone no one would consider “good”. That verdict is not out but forever frozen in the long term memory of everyone who even remotely remembers the early days of the death investigation.

    2. A “good mother” who had a mysterious nanny called Zanny. A “good mother” who was bedhopping with different guys all in the same week. A “good mother” who steals but doesn’t buy any supplies for her child. A “good mother” who searches for “broken neck”, “cholorform” and bases a story about nanny on a television show.

      A “good mother” label given to her by guys who were 19, 20, 21, and who did not have children themselves at the time. Did they think she was a “good worker” at her imaginary job at Universal? Did they think she was a “good granddaughter” stealing money from her grandmothers’ trust? Did they think she was a “good friend” after she stole from Amy?


      1. I guess Avi will have to rethink the meaning of what it is to be “good”. Wonderful post.

    3. Okay, to start with, it’s CAYLEE. Jot it down & Try remembering it before you post again. Next, let me tell you from personal experience, my mom was mean as could be to my siblings and I, but to everybody at church and to my friends & my siblings’ friends, they ALL were always saying how sweet my mom was, she’s so nice, caring, wonderful, and on and on… Just because they thought that did not mean it was true. My mom choke slamming my brother against a wall and keeping him pinned there by his neck while she screamed was not being a good mom. My mom dragging me through the house by my hair, with my feet dragging on the floor, not being a good mom. But to people outside of our home, she was so wonderful. & my mom didn’t turn out to kill any of us either…. Think about that……. If she could do it, why couldn’t Casey be a bad mom while others think she was a great mom…

  9. Anyone know anything about Kaylee’s biodad? I wonder if George has been dna tested for paternity.

    Where is the dad in all this?

  10. What I am concerned about is the fact that when he woke up in the morning, Caylee was gone & Casey said her Mom had called in the middle of the nite & told her to bring Caylee home… Apparently Cindy did not do this…. So what did Casey do ? Did she take the baby down to her car & put her in the trunk so that she could go back to to bed with Richardo without the baby & could have sex ??? How horrible for Caylee ? Wish this would have been gone into on the stand .

  11. I totally agree… I’ve been a single mom, similar in those two words only, to Casey… I’ve coslept with my child, because that was what worked best for him and me…. but at NO TIME whatsoever, did I have my boyfriend (later fiance and later still Husband) and him in the same bed until we’d been together so long that we were engaged and living together… I don’t find the fact that she allowed these men to come and go in her daughter’s life from so early in the relationship. Children need consistency, stability, and of course, to have their innocence maintained.

    This, at least to me, means waiting until you know a relationship is very serious (dating for at least a few months… 3-6) and that meeting the child is the precurser to an engagement.

    If you have known the person long before this new step, okay, but still, the child doesn’t need to know that it’s more than friends until you know this is something that will remain a constant thing.

    It’s hard enough on a child when their parents split up/divorce… they don’t need to see potential step/adoptive parents come and go.

    What kind of lessons on relationships and responsibility does this teach a child?

    Now of course, when we moved in together, my son slept with me as he had before we lived with my fiance, but again, he was my fiance, not some new boyfriend… and we’d been together a year already… and we are still married today.

    We never engaged in sex in the bed where my son was sleeping, either.

  12. So many excellent comments on this post. I just hope that she testifies so that her previous 13 felony convictions can finally be admissible in court. (previous bad acts)

    When Judge Perry was dismissing the jury today and having some small talk with them about the hockey game that he arranged for them to go to this evening, Casey had the largest wide open faced smile for them. It aggravated me to see it, even though it may have been geniune and not a fake smile. I worry, because she is such a successful deceitful manipulating actor that I do not want the jury to start interacting with her and smiling back!

  13. Wow….folks lets open our eyes…so far these our MOTHERLESS/FATHERLESS ( morales was not) immature half adults, that have made comments about Casey being a great mom. Lazzaro, maybe spent a whole 10 hours with Caylee during his relationship with Casey. An abused child who only knows abuse, loves his/her parent and will run to them. Especially around strangers. This is called security…be bad or be good..it is all they know…Did anyone ever read “THE BURNING BED” or “THE GLASS GLASS” ? Their are lots of horrible parents in our world. Sadly Caylee, got one of them.

      1. I see the moles are out playing.Wonder how much they pay the moles to play and how they can sleep at night. The only one innocent is Caylee!

      2. How do you know that is fact?? You were NOT there and Casey said that and Casey is a LIAR, in her PRETEND convinient world. I hope God gives her an everlasting punishment IF she DID commit this to her SWEET Caylee that God gave her to care for.

    1. I am Pro-Justice and I cant wait for justice to finally come for Casey. I wonder though what Casey last words will be as the needle is inserted maybe Waste Huge waste.

  14. I am a single mother who raised two daughters and understand the boundaries which must be in place and respected when it came to protecting my girls. I was shocked and appalled hearing that Caylee shared a bed with her mother and any male. That was/is simply not appropriate.

    Nothing, absolutely nothing, was more important than the well being and safety of my children. For many years my needs were set aside in many ways to assure my daughters grew up to be happy, healthy, well-rounded and productive adults – and I’m incredibly proud to know they are.

    Casey Anthony’s phony tears and manipulating behavior give clues into her self centered priorities. She has “pulled the wool” over the eyes of so many that I’m concerned she, with the help of Baez, will also be successful with this jury.

    Thank you, Dr. Glass, for validating and explaining my belief that Morales was basically indifferent regarding Caylee and was embarrassed to be in court while Lazarro seemed to be uncomfortable with the child and did not want her around. It’s fascinating reading your blog and getting intelligent explainations for my impressions of these witnesses.

  15. Thank you for your very insightful comments about the Casey Anthony case. One thing that would be very interesting is an analysis of Jose Baez’ body language and speech patterns. The talking heads seem to think he’s doing great, and I think he stinks. It would be interesting to see how he thinks he’s doing.

    Thank you!!!

  16. I wish these bed partners would volunteer to do DNA tests so who knows, maybe one of them is Caylees’ father, again Casey doesnt know who it is, she is a LIAR saying he died in a car accident, BLAH BLAH BLAH

  17. good article Dr. Glass, I hope the Prosecution has a strong come back for all these “idiot” kids that have called Casey a good mother…again what do they even know any thing about “mothering” a child..most of the witnesses with the exception of 5 or less have ALL BEEN MALES…Please…they are only worried about one thing and it is not about dating a woman with a child 3 years old..
    My daughter was a single mom at age 20 and it is a very difficult life to live. I cried many nights, when i would baby sit the child and my daughter was gone until early morning. We lived together and I worried my heart out..did the situation resolve itself, not until nearly 10 years later. I don’t think George or Cindy had anything to do with murder.
    Clearly in my book based on all the evidence i think Casey did this and did it with help….! I think there are many shockers yet to come..jmc

  18. I think the state will be able to pull it all together, casesleaze put up the illusion of being a “good mother” just as she gave the illusion of having a real life job.
    Not hard to put up the APPEARANCE of being a good mother when you have absolutely NO responsibility for providing anything other than acting like the doting big sister shich is all she’s done. she couldn’t be bothered to sacrifice to make a better life for Caylee, choosing instead to stay in a “mental ward” on HSD that she now wants to blame abuse made her do it. and Lieaez needs to face charges for making his “innocent” client sit in jail for 3 years when he has had this “exculpatory” information,,,, yeah riiiight!

  19. Re: Patricia – May 28, 2011 at 12:25 am

    LE has cindy in a sworn statement saying she never called and told case to bring Caylee home! that WILL come back and bite the duhfense imo.
    and i believe you’re right i think thats when she was experimenting with zani in the trunk. i think she WAS giving her zanax but maybe hadn’t been doing it long enough to be detected in caylees hair, with a chloro rag nearby to keep her out if she woke up from a drug induced fog?
    just my thoughts…

  20. OMG! The bruised eye was explained by the STATE- before the witness began his testomony- they said- IT HAS NOTHIGN TO DO WITH ANYHTING- OMG- this is so scary- ppl are reading what you say- as tho you an authority- do you not care enough to listen to the court proceedings- but so happy to respond to visuals? Isn’t it important o put he verbal with the visual?

  21. Correction: I am just a little upset:

    Dr. Glass: you are irresponsible and should be ashamed of your self. I am horrified at what you are perpetuating. I assume you are getting paid A LOT of money for this “unprofessional” positioning.

  22. a good Mother…..this behavior is absolutely discusting! God only knows how many beds, poor Caylee had to sleep in. If Caylee’s life were to teach any lesson to others, it would be, this is no way to treat a child. Casey, is so self serving, she has lost all common sense. Sometimes the dynamics of this case are to many to absorb at face value.

  23. I was hoping you were going put down all of Ricardo Morales body language other then just that he didn’t want to be there. WAs he telling the truth when he said that Caylee was gone in the morning? was he telling the truth the next time he was asked the same question when he said that the next morning he woke up and Caylee and Casey were sitting on his couch?

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