Tony Lazarro Says He Loved Casey, Confused By Her Behavior, Casey Cries Fake Tears As He Talks About Caylee

When Tony Lazarro took the stand for the second day and said Caylee was a smart girl and could count to 40 in Spanish which he said was incredible  given Caylee’s age. Casey smiled a smile as any proud mother would. She shook her head yes in agreement.

Then she started in with the non tears to  show how emotional she was. But there was no liquid coming out of her eyes. Se just wiped nothing away from under her eye to give the illusion that she was crying for Caylee.

As Jose Baez questions Tony Lazzarro about  told him  Casey dabs her eyes no tears. Her is her facial expression which shows no tears or upset as she has a somewhat angry looking expression.

Jose Baez tried to put words into Lazarro’s mouth by stating the relationship was intense. Lazarro said intense? How? Then Baez explains that they were spending more time together between the end of June and July. Lazarro he agreed.

Lazarro admitted Casey told him she loved him and he also told her he loved her. As he said this his expression softened and he looked very sad and hurt. H e shared how they spoke all the time and even told law enforcement  how they talked till they fell asleep.  He reveled that they were very close and called and texted one another  all the time. He said he was shocked when the news broke and was shocked even until today and said that her pre July 16th behavior to her post July 17 behavior was bizarre.

As he says this he pulls his shoulders inwards  towards his body as a self protective gesture. It shows how vulnerable he feels once loving Casey and the n experiencing a different Casey with bizarre behavior. His rounded shoulders and soft tone reflect sadness as he said how Casey didn’t confide in him when she could have done so.

His testimony is very powerful in my view. It humanizes  her to  make her seem like someone who can love and is capable of being loved by someone.  It showed how close they were with one another and how badly he felt that she didn’t  confide in him.I think that his testimony was very compelling and will have an influence on some of the jury members.


31 thoughts on “Tony Lazarro Says He Loved Casey, Confused By Her Behavior, Casey Cries Fake Tears As He Talks About Caylee

  1. Don’t see anything for the defense here – more damning testimony by someone who was intimate with Casey that she revealed NOTHING was troubling her.

    Compared to R. Morales later testimony where Casey constantly brought Caylee over during their intimate relationship – she did not bring Caylee over to Tony’s. Why? This contrast in her behavior will lend itself to motive – Tony (as most 20 somethings) didn’t want a toddler about; Casey took care of it.

    If they were so lovey-dovey, why WHY did Casey not confide in him about her missing daughter? Why? Because she knew she was dead, killed and disposed of by Casey.

    2+2=4. No way will Jose get around the fact that there was no one that Casey confided too when her child was “missing.” She fabricated an in-depth mass of lies – where she worked, where she was going to live, and Zanny the nanny, all to her friends.


  2. If she was capable of love, I would agree with you. She hasn’t shown that she is. What she has shown is that when she can gain from a relationship, she will. Give her a place to lay her head at night and hang during the day and she’s yours, Tony.

    I’d like you to comment on the fact that the SAME DAY that even the Defense claims Caylee took her last breath, Casey shows no emotion but here in court when it suits her, she is ‘crying’. This much show her self-centerdness to the jury, doesn’t it?


  3. Good point Mike. It will be interesting to find out later what the jurors thought of her fabricated emotion in the courtroom but yet she can go rent a video (and they haven’t heard the title yet – wait until that bombshell) and have intimate relations – all without missing a beat.


  4. As much as I agree with you on most things, I have to disagree with you on something you said in this post! Casey did cry real tears while Tony Lazarro was on the stand. At least one, anyway. Look at minute 4:28 right after he said the thing about counting to 40 in spanish and she wipes away the tear from her right eye. If you look closely, the light glimmers off the tear.

    My theory is that she was raped and got pregnant with Caylee. She would be suffering from trauma and many mixed feeling about her daughter. Yes, she loved her and really crying for her but at the time that the incident happened, she hated and felt burdened by her. All of her documented lying started *after* she became pregnant!

    While, yes, people do cry from both eyes at once, they tend to roll down the cheeks at different intervals. Which would explain why she wipes them off one eye at a time.


    1. This girl is spreading it all over town, texting to her friends who she wants to have sex with, and you think she was raped? I also read that as of ninth grade she was an uncontrolable liar. Sorry, but I am not willing to cut her any slack.


      1. While I am definitely not pro-Casey, promiscious behavior is reported in victims of sexual abuse/molestation.

        JMO but I do believe Caylee was probably concieved during a rape, maybe date rape, and it would lead to many conflicting feelings on Casey’s part, as well as why George was not interested in knowing the father and the mystery surrounding the father.


      2. I’m in no way excusing, just explaining. Big difference!

        Even prostitutes can be raped! Even if she had a billboard out offering sex, she could still have been brutally raped.

        Do I think she’s a sociopath and a liar? Yes.

        There is no excuse for killing a child.

        I think we’re on the same side here. I’m saying that if she already had a borderline-personality disorder growing up, then getting pregnant from a rape could have made it impossible to bond appropriately with her baby. Therefore, when the baby was killed, she just brushed herself off and easily walked away. She’s a true sociopath!


    2. I do believe that it is possible she was raped. As said by others, being a slut does not mean you can’t say no! No ALWAYS means no!
      But what you’ve said puts some of the trial information together in my head and it makes me wonder if George was the father! The grandparents were definately involved in the cover up, and no one has bothered looking too deep into the missing (“dead”) father. It could be that they didn’t know the rapist, but it could be that it was him and they don’t want that getting out on top of everything else.
      Just an idea to ponder in this giant circus of lies.


      1. I was under the impression that they took dna samples from George and Lee and ruled them out as the baby’s parents. Did anyone else hear this?


    3. You are WAY off track! She lied her WHOLE life, not just after Caylee was KILLED. They brought in witnesses TODAY who said she told them she had a job at Universal and talked about “the nanny” in the months leading up to Caylees MURDER.


    4. Rape? She appears to be just about the most accommodating young woman. It did not go unnoticed with jurors that most guys knew she was available. Female psychopaths have high testosterone levels and one can readily see that she didn’t waste too much time trying to feel something -even if it was a meaningless encounter with a nobody. Rape? I seriously doubt it.

      The documented lying began early and will be entered into evidence during the penalty phase via family and friends, teachers (if there are incident reports, detentions,etc) Her HS transcript will be replete with letters stating why she was absent and why she missed 2/3 of her senior year. Cindy and George were unaware of her truancy two weeks prior to graduation.

      Her release from her first job was because she was inappropriate with younger employees. She probably lied about her encounters but her manager clearly indicated why she was let go and it wasn’t based on her inability to return after her maternity leave.

      She lies when telling the truth would have gotten her out of prison some believe in 2018, 2050-2050. In florida she could have gotten as little as 10 years if she told them what happened or possibly 35+ 4 for lying to LE. To be a senior citizen ahd free was a gift she more than likely threw away. Of course it is “documented” that “she did not commit the crime”. Just another lie.


  5. Why is the State not asking these young men.last question..How many times did you see Caylee with Casey? What do you base your opinion on as a 25 year old man what makes a good parent? This is just stupid to me! Tony saw them together 2 or 3 times at the most and it was Tony that did not want her at his house…This really never came out!


    1. No one but Mallory actually knew Caylee. Ms Anthony told them all where Caylee was prior to them having to ask. And many admitted to never inquiring about her child’s whereabouts.

      Mr Baez cannot formulate a logical question or one that is not dripping with contempt. Why did he rely on acquaintences to establish her parenting skills? Did he really expect people who did not know Caylee or Casey very well to answer questions relative to torture and food deprivation?

      Why did he ask witnesses if they knew what happened to Caylee on June 16, 2008 when he told us already that it was only Mr Anthony and Casey who knew where Caylee was and how she died. Totally absurd.


  6. Dr. Glass..I feel sorry for Tony..When he get to hear all the other guys testify that she had sex with them also while she was dating him, his heart will turn to stone. He will will have learn a terrible lesson about a terrible woman in life. It is also very sad that he has been able to express himself after only meeting Caylee two times. He was the guy that refused to let Caylee stay there and did not want her around. He knows what he said to Casey and it is sad, be cause you can see is just a baby himself. I still wish they would of asked about a life jacket for the pool at his house.


  7. Point well taken Debi! Unlike Ricardo, who allowed Caylee to sleep in the same bed with them …and God only knows how much I do not want those images in my head…..Tony was not going for it. (BTW…she was sleeping with Ricardo June 9th -is that not a week before Caylee dies and she’s sleeping with Tony?) Guess she had an insatiable appetite. I think she was so sex crazed that at 2 plus years old, Caylee was becoming verbal enough that she was gonna “give her up” to Grandma & Grandpa. Anyone agree?


  8. I noticed how Casey doesn’t seem to get that when people cry, tears fall from both eyes. First she concentrated on her left and then she worked both (albeit briefly) and then the rest of the time, only her right eye wept tears. In mid stream, she leans into Mason and puts her hand to her mouth like a 10yr old girl whispering to her friend, and forgot all about her tears.
    Personally, that first photo doesn’t show pride, it shows snide.


  9. Actually Tony was right, a toddler does not belong hanging out in an apartment full of college kids, answering the door, sitting alone on the balcony, all while her mother is in the bedroom banging her BF! And, I have no doubt that Casey and Ricardo had sex with Caylee sleeping in the bed. Dr. G, I saw her playing to Tony the whole time he was on the stand. And, I may be crazy, but does anyone else think Tony and Baez kinda look alike? OMG, grossing myself out a little.


  10. Dr. Glass,

    After the jury was let go today (Thursday) I come back to my pc and saw Casey blowing steam at Baez I believe, I didnt see him. I was probably him. But, she was so mad I actually saw her say the ‘F’ word. I wish I could see that vid again but it only shows the WFTV top video of the case not the bottom Vid of her expressions where I saw this anger from her. It was awesome to watch, her being so blown away with anger. If there is a chance that anyone can tell me how to see it again please let me know. I have only seen her show that anger once before while in jail with her mother.


  11. Just because a young mother kills her child doesnt mean she was raped. Honestly I think its alot easier for some to except it happen if it was caused by some horrorible event. Sorry but some people are just plain evil period. Casey is a great lier and a good actress. The ones who are saying she is a good mother is young adults who dont have any children and seen Casey and Caylee together once in a blue moon. Getting together and visiting with friends for a few hours hardly gives you a fair impression on how great a mother someone is. IMO Casey was a spoiled girl all her life that got pregnant. Instead of forming a bond with Caylee as time when on she form a jealousy instead. Casey didnt like anyone who took the focus and attention away from her period. Clearly watching the jail visits with her parents proves my point not to mention the phone call. All anyone cares about is Caylee. Casey isnt and wasn’t a abused child she is a spoiled narcissist sociopath that believes the world should believe her lies and revolve around her.


    1. As I recall, Casey dumped Jesse, because she thought he loved Caylee more than her. Tony made it clear he was not interested in having Caylee at his bachelor pad, and maybe in his life. I think she did a Susan Smith, and got rid the the pesty child so she could keep her sex life moving along. She really didn’t want he in the first place, and the new was wearing off. When you are the only person in a crowd with a small child, they are not always open to the mommy aspect. She killed 2 birds with one stone, got rid of the problem and spited her mother in the most powerful way possible.


  12. From watching this, I feel that he loved her – he cared about her – but I don’t think it was reciprocal. She might have said she loved him, but there’s no hint of that in her face. And the fact that she didn’t confide in him, to me means that she wasn’t as connected to him as he felt to her.


    1. It might have been a hint too that she slept with two other guys (stated in court, may be more) during her time with Tony. Obviously she did not consider their arrangement exclusive.


  13. The reason she never confided in any of her friends that Caylee was missing…..they would have all told her to call the police and that surely would have brought her Bella Vida to a premature climax…..
    When you look up ” liar ” in the dictionary, it should have a picture of casey anthony….


  14. 15 June, Father’s Day, Cindy & Caylee after visit w/Grandpa went hm to swim. Casey came hm later.
    15 July, Cindy calls 911 after finding Casey & stinky car. She’s fed up – no Caylee. Casey tell 911 Oper she hasn’t seen Caylee for 31 days.
    15 June – 15 July = 31 days
    Mr Baez, You can’t WIN!
    Cindy, George & Lee: Im sorry 4the HELL you’ve been put thru! God Bless what’s left of ur family!!!!!!


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