Casey’s Ex Boyfriend Tony Lazarro’s Lust, Casey’s Coldness, and Self Mutilated Eyebrows

When Tony Lazarro was on the stand,  Casey often looked away from him.  She did not focus on him directly. She showed little, if any emotion body language wise. But her upper chest heaving deep breathing reflected  her nervousness  and discomfort . 

When Tony said that they hit it off  the only emotion Casey leaked out was contempt. Look at how her angry eyed gaze and how one side of her lip is pulled to the right. It makes me wonder if she ever liked Tony but was simply using Tony for his club connections as a DJ along with a place to stay.

When Tony speaks of how Casey would initially just come over to his house, he was uncomfortable talking about it as you can see by his lip lick leak.

When he talks about how Casey brought Caylee with him when she came over, he appeared to leaked out that he may possibly not have been that  thrilled  about  it as he cocks his head to the side and purses his lip. One has to  admit that it is a bit awkward to begin a social relationship with a two year old in tow. No doubt Tony’s facial expression reflects this feeling.

When Lazarro says that she did  bring her daughter, he  literally jerks his body back . To me it reflects that he was taken aback at someone bringing their child on an initial date. While he may have welcomed Caylee he may have felt that it was unusual.

When asked if Casey stayed over his house during their initial interactions, he was uncomfortable and embarrassed  taking about it as evidenced by his lip licking and squirming It appeared that she may have just come over for a sexual liaison and left afterwards, not staying the night.

When Lazarro speaks Casey usually seems to look  off to the side, but she occasionally manages to sneak a peak. Casey’s eyebrows appear to be  mutilated. hey She may have over tweezed or shaved them. Oftentimes when people feel cornered, pressured or guilt they may “beat themselves up” or even engage in self mutilating behaviors. There is no question in my view that Casey may have engaged in this behavior with regard to her eyebrows. It appeared that she  tweezed or shaved  away of half of her brow on both sides,  giving her a devilish appearance in my view.

As soon as she sneeks a peek at Lazarro, she immediately turns  away from him as we see in the photo above.

Tony leaks out sadness when discussing Caylee being at the mall with Casey while he was there handing out leaflets. His pursed lips indicated that he didn’t want to discuss it as it no doubt brought back a sad memory.

Here we see Lazarro leak out some anger as he talks about how Casey talked to him about  the fictional people at work and mentioned Jeff and Zanny the Nanny. His curled lower lip shows upset at how he was duped by Casey.

When Tony mentions Zanny, Casey looks away and appears expressionless as she stares in the distance.

When asked if he cared for Casey he said he did but the give away was that he exhibited an immediate shoulder shrug. To me this shows that he may have cared for her but not that deeply. He sort of cared for her. He may have cared for her at that time but was ambivalent.

When their trip to Blockbuster was brought up Tony gets a case of the “itchy scratchies” which indicates that he is uncomfortable talking about it. This was the time that Caylee went missing and he was with an alleged murderer  who showed no difference in behavior and demeanor as they checked out movies.


His discomfort continues to be  evident as he discusses how Casey had nor change on her behavior and demeanor at the time they went to Blockbuster. He scratches himself in discomfort and his pursed downturned lips and curled back lower lip  shows that he is both  sad  and  angry about it.

As Tony says that he played hooky from school the next day because he didn’t want to leave the bed, we see him smiling and happy as he recalls his lustful sexual liaison with Casey during that time period. This is significant. Now that Caylee was no longer in the picture, Casey may have felt  more free to express herself sexually. Hence Tony’s intense sexual memories of Casey’s  hyper sexuality at time. It is interesting that he doesn’t express  his lust about her  when Caylee was with her and Casey came over for sex and left. But now that Casey was free of Caylee and  felt more free sexually, her  sexual freedom obviously left  such an indelible impression  in Tony’s mind that three years later as he recalls it, his face reflects the lustful memory.

When Tony is reminded by Jose Baez that in Tony’s deposition  he said that Casey warned Caylee to stay away from the pool, Casey showed emotion for the first time. She showed sadness as you can see above.  But it appears to be contrived sadness as her eyes look tense and sad but her lips are not downturned as one would normally see in a sad expression. To me it appears as though it is contrived.

No doubt, through  Tony’s statement ,  the defense got in their point in of how  great and watchful a mother Casey was and how Caylee seemed to always want to venture into pools by herself.  Now the defense  can easily make the leap that because  Caylee tried to venture into  Tony’s pool alone, she also ventured into the Anthony pool alone and drowned.


16 thoughts on “Casey’s Ex Boyfriend Tony Lazarro’s Lust, Casey’s Coldness, and Self Mutilated Eyebrows

  1. wow after reading this blog… i never thought that maybe kc got some kind of sexual charge from being free…

    i didn’t mean any thing bad about the tittle it just struck me as funny because its true… lust, coldness and bad eyebrows… grr…

    love your work.. dr glass


  2. Let’s hope jurors don’t assume anything and that the facts guide their decisions. How someone moves their head or whether or not Ms Anthony feigns emotion(s) should never cloud the issue relative to her guilt or innocence. Everyone’s willingness to speak the truth will be far more important than dissecting a nervous tick or the anxiety most people feel when in a courtroom with the cameras rolling.

    Isn’t it more important to acknowledge that Tony clearly liked Casey and that he had fond memories of their time together? “It’s interesting he doesn’t express his lust about her…” Why the heck should you? Take the time to concentrate on what you think you do best and avoid giving the poor unfortunate young people attributes they do not own or have not expressed. To them, Casey was a nice person and a very accommodating girlfriend. Leave it at that.Please allow the witnesses in this case to walk away with their dignity in tact.


  3. I’d love to see an analysis of her behavior during Maria Kissh’s testimony. I thought she seemed resentful & jealous.


  4. Points made at this point:

    Casey quickly evolves a relationship into intimacy and uses her new boyfriends’ apartment as a place to hang.

    Casey drags Caylee to a date with a new boyfriend.

    Tony doesn’t like seeing himself on a videotape (BlockBuster) on the day CAYLEE WAS DEAD and he was totally unaware.

    He has probably realized by this time that in all likelihood, Casey killed Caylee in order to continue her relationship with him (motive).

    The first they have sex (thankfully Caylee wasn’t dragged over to watch it), he was excited about his new relationship. Wow. How strange for a twenty-something to be excited.


  5. Great post and comments.

    Now, knowing what little I do of Casey Anthony, she could have Brooke Sheild-like eyebrows and still look devilish. Its those eyes. 👿


  6. Dr Glass, I do permanent make-up (33 yrs med background surg/asst) and everyday I think how horrible her brows are..I also think she was drugged yesterday..totally different today..I really think if a doctor did not RX then it is Reiz..Still Tony gets away with giving this info about Caylee after only two no safety jacket by pool!


  7. I noticed that when Tony was talking about how Caylee “was learning to swim” that Casey smiled and nodded her head. BUT if your child has DROWNED in the pool, wouldn’t the mention of her learning to swim cause you to CRY with SADNESS as your first reaction??? She is such an evil liar.


  8. I am in total agreement with the poster Anonymous. She was not ALL evil, but indeed the evilest at the expense of killing her daughter. He is not on trial and I would not want to be in his shoes or bed for nothing. I do not think she has the proper tools for primping herself, nor lighting. Her eyes brows have always been over plucked like many others. Sounds like a Jr High gym class full of girls in here.


  9. Personally, I think they shaved off her eyebrows to paint a frown on her face. It gives the appearance of her being sad or troubled. Since Casey can’t naturally express herself this way (at least not in these circumstances), it’s done as an illusion to trick the jury.
    Shame shame on them. The jury saw her last week and the week prior, surely they too can draw this conclusion.


  10. Thank you DR.Glass for this blog. It gives me a chance to say what I feel or observed.

    I believe Casey’s dowdy appearance is suppose to make her look like the poor victim. If I know that, dont you think the jury can figure that out also. I noticed her eye brows and commented on WFTV blog but didnt get my blog in. Im glad to say it here. She is like an empty old looking plastic doll , hollow and empty. I dont feel sorry for her now but I do feel sorry for her parents. If she gets put in jail for life , she deserves it. I only wish someone could make her..Make her tell the truth. I want to hear the truth from her but probably will never hear it. Inmates may make her admit it if they get ahold of her because they hate baby Killers. Thank you for letting me spout off.


  11. Thanks so much Dr. Lillian for checking out her eyebrows after I left that comment yesterday. I’m glad to know that I’m not seeing things that aren’t really there. Her eyebrows were not like this before last week. I do think that you are correct that it is a form of self-mutilation and she does look like a devil. I never realized the importance of eyebrows on a face until seeing hers. The rest of this post is really telling and again your highly developed skills nailed it.

    So many young people got dragged into this nightmare; they’re all between the ages of 22 to 26, or so, just on the cusp of establishing themselves in the world… I cannot help but feel for them having to relive the terrible tragedy of Caylee’s death once again. No doubt they want justice as much as anyone, I just feel for them having to go through this. They all looked so different from her and have moved on with their careers and personal lives and there is no way that she did not notice this herself.

    BeckyM, you made some excellent observations that I had not thought about and I agree with you. Also, I had always hoped that little Caylee had not been subjected to “sleepovers” at her boyfriends apts and I felt a little sick hearing Ricardo’s testimony today that the 3 of them slept together 3-4 a week.

    The highlight of today’s coverage for me was when Baez allowed Cheney Mason to do one cross only to have one of Casey’s many boyfriends rebuke him. “That’s an open ended question”, he told the pompous lawyer of four decades experience, “I don’t know what you’re asking!” Good for him.


  12. LOL, I have to say the on the internet dating or electronic dating has come a very long way from the days of simple chat rooms. More and more people are turning to on the web dating websites to display possible dates.


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