Casey Finds It Hard to Look At George While On The Stand And He Denies Sexually Molesting Casey

When George was on the stand, Casey  could barely look at him.  We  see her leak out anger towards her father when he is on the stand. Note the angry jaw jutted forward and tightness around her mouth area.

George discussed how he was in the delivery  room when Caylee was born which to me speaks of a lack of boundaries within the family structure.  Personally  I think it is inappropriate  and way too intimate an experience for a father to be in the delivery room.  Even George knew it was in appropriate. That is why he made sure to say that there are  some  things you you  don’t want to see that are embarrassing 

 George  was uncomfortable when  had to discuss how there were several possibilities of who could have been Caylee’s biological  father. He spoke about it so nonchalantly as though it did not matter which many would find and odd response.

This photo above appears to be very significant to me. When George said that having your daughter and granddaughter around was like a 20 on a scale of one to ten, Casey’s face literally dropped. She could no longer look at her father after her team’s attempt to throw him under the bus.

 She hears  that he did love both her and Caylee. She feels so uncomfortable that she  looks away in detachment. Maybe she looks away because she doesn’t believe his words. Maybe she believes he loved Caylee and not her and that he was a detached father, which we learn he is through his testimony.

Casey kept looking away from George continually.

He had no clue who the father was and even didn’t’ ask  if she was pregnant  when he found out.  It clearly   shows how uninvolved he was . He reportedly only  asked prior to delivery as to  who the father was as opposed to asking when he immediately  found out Casey  was pregnant when he was told by Cindy and Casey. That is very odd. It shows how disconnected and detached he was in Casey’s life.


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  1. I think in extreme circumstances, such as George Anthony being televised all over the country, and perhaps, beyond, we might cut him a bit of slack about the over-explaining. I think if it were me, and I was innocent, I would be just as desperate for the world to know that, if not more so, than I would be if I were guilty. My goodness, he has been accused, publicly, of a terrible crime! But I will also say this – even if he is guilty – it in no way, excuses Casey’s actions! No way!

    1. Kat I totally agree with you. I would try to explain more too, knowing what the world just heard a few minute before from the defense. I don’t think Casey was abused by George, in her letters to her inmate friend she clearly explains things that Lee did but only says that she feels like her father also did things. Why not explain in detail about George Luke she did about Lee?
      Dr. Glass, I agree that the rationship between George and Casey is not a typical of a farher and daughter, but I think the fibbing is more Cindys fault. Even her family members say that Cindy knew that there was things going on (George’s gambling, Caseys preg, Casey not finishing High school) but she wanted her family and friends think she had a perfect family. I think everyone in the family just got used to making them self look better for the outside world.

    2. I agree he’s defensive. Being accused of sexual abuse is a charge you can’t easily counter. To admit means guilt and to deny could also imply guilt. There’s no good way out. Your credibility is shot regardless of your response and regardless of your guilt or innocence.
      Kat is so right that this has nothing… nothing to do with Casey’s guilt. If she caused or allowed Caylee to die, she is responsible, regardless of what George did or did not do to her as a child.

      1. I agree. Casey is nothing but a monster.

        To believe a word she says is to give her untold power.

  2. Hello Dr Glass: I am still reading your book “I Know What You’re Thinking” and I am actively practicing the skills you are teaching me.
    I am without a TV right now and your posts on the “Casey A” trial are keeping me up to date as to what is happening. And I enjoy learning from how you are reading her and others.
    Personally, I have been reading the entire family from the very start, and the entire family puts out a very negative energy. Its as if they live by; every man for them selves. Remember when they would go outside and confront the people standing outside. I felt that they handled the situation poorly. I get that they were under amazing pressure, but turning the garden hose on people was not in any way a positive way to communicate their pain, fear, etc.
    Thank you for sharing your insight,
    Kevin Stubbs

  3. I saw the exact same thing the fact that he talked way too much about other times he spent with caylee but not that specific day sounds very damning to me it sounded like okay I am not lying but I am not telling you the truth he probably did spend all this time with the little girl but not on that specific day

  4. George also said that Caylee told him on the morning of June 16th that she was going to go see the nanny Zanny. I can’t expect perfection from George since he allowed Cindy to emasculate him and he learned that looks are everything from somewhere. I’m just happy that he didn’t lay down in front of the bus for Casey.

    Justice for Caylee~

  5. I have been sizing up people about their truthfulness for many decades now. I think it is a natural instinct most have anyway and is used as a tool in anyone’s daily life.

    I absolutely believe that George Anthony is telling the truth. I see no deception but I do see humiliation and embarrassment while having to answer such scurrilous accusations. I have been very pleased to see people who are in the majority that do believe George..including body language experts.

    Now who I do see as the deceptive one is Casey Anthony. The very one that has never opened her mouth except to tell another lie and compound it with another lie. There are no limits or boundaries when it comes to her lies.

    A leopard cant change its spots. Pathological is an understated word when it comes to C. Anthony. She truly exhibits the traits of a sociopath who will sacrifice anyone and everyone in her path to get what she thinks she deserves. She fits the profile perfectly. She is filled with entitlement. People, love, bonding or commitment means nothing to her. She is definitely all about “ME ME ME ME ME ME!” “Forget about Caylee…….look at poor me…” Such a nauseating individual to observe.

    Since her father had previously said he would do anything to save his daughter I truly think narcissistic Casey Anthony really thought he would fall on his sword for her. She was disgusted that he did not do so ….after all in her mind she is worth it. Ruined lives means nothing to her.

    She’s angry alright. Angry that not everyone is buying the boatload of nonsense she is now trying to push since facing the death penalty. Caylee drowned by accident? Really, and yet Anthony just sits in jail for three years and tells no one and tells no one about the abuse either until the convenient witching hour?

    C. Anthony’s lies are as grandiose..totally embellished and bizarre as her defense attorney’s opening statement was.

    Justice for the TRUE victim in this case…Caylee Anthony!

    1. So well said! Hate is a strong word to use, and Casey is truly evil. She should be locked in a trunk with duct tape over her face and left to die.

  6. I couldn’t disagree with you more.

    Baez was/is grasping at straws to provide reasonable doubt regarding the deeds of his client. Would you expect ANY father to simply “swallow hard” and accept that he has been chosen to create this reasonable doubt in such a vile, disgusting way, whether or not the purpose was to assist in his daughters “not guilty” verdict? Are you discrediting George for not going along with the Defense’s remarkably stupid story line?

    Being non confrontational as a parent may certainly not be the best way to raise a mature, well grounded young lady, but non confrontational is not at all the same as being “disconnected” or “uninvolved”. George appears to ignore that which will cause further turmoil and stress in his family and his home (Lord knows Cindy and Casey had that area covered extremely well…), but you have painted a very negative picture of George, rather than simply commenting on his limited ability/desire to push for answers that don’t ever appear to have a positive answer.

    In terms of the molestation charges… You’re right… only George and Casey know the answer to this, but Georges responses appear one hell of a lot more genuine than “how, when and why” the actual allegations came to light, and to take George’s comment about weight gain in Casey’s “butt” and allude to the fact that he must have paid too much (perverted) attention to her “butt” simply shows that your frequent qualifiers can’t disguise your belief that George has inappropriate feelings and desires towards Casey. For God’s sake… any guy with half a brain knows that when women (most women) complain about their weight, the most common area of dissatisfaction is the size of their a$$. Listen again to what he said… he was simply attempting to satisfy Baez’s sarcastic remarks about not knowing with certainty that his own daughter was pregnant.

    As for the delivery room… yes, it’s unusual that he was in the room, for sure, but if you listened to what he shared and how he shared it, it seems clear that viewing his daughters vagina under those circumstances (or ANY circumstances) was NOT his reason or focus for being in that delivery room. Perhaps you’d like to take it a step further and say that this is the reason why men become Obstetricians… to look at woman’s crotches all day.

    I’m not a huge fan of George Anthony’s, but your critique of his testimony (IMO) reflects someone purposely looking for reasons to label this guy a pervert. Your previously established opinion of him is all over this. He’s a “lame duck Dad” (maybe by choice, maybe by sheer fatigue) with an extremely overpowering wife, but for once I believe he presented himself quite sincerely about his thoughts and feelings for his adorable innocent granddaughter, and a daughter that had to have been pure hell to live. He loves her none the less. After Baez’s opening statements, George deserves a medal for even being able to utter the name “Casey”. I guess if a father won’t admit to “sticking his penis in his daughters mouth” in order to willingly assist his daughters pathetic defense team’s strategy it’s ONLY because “he’s overly concerned with making himself look good. Geez-us… this post was over the top!

    1. Joanna- I AM STANDING UP AND APPLAUDING YOU FOR THIS COMMENT! To say that George should have supported the defense’s insane (and I believe UNTRUE) accusations is ridiculous. He was on that stand yesterday and today telling the truth for CAYLEE.

    2. Joanna,
      I am so glad you took the time to answer, point for point, the “over the top” post. Ms. Glass defends it by saying she was “just asking questions”. WOW, what a bad defense. What bad, tabloid-type questions. I was enjoying/agreeing with Ms. Glass’s posts until this one. In fact, the post is so unprofessional and provocative, I almost suspect that someone else wrote it. Thanks, Joanna. Get a grip Lillian if you really did stoop to this!!!

  7. Dr. Glass,
    Thank you for your articles. I love reading them. I was curious what you thought about Casey shaking her head NO as they were asking George about sexually abusing her, even before he had the chance to answer. She does it several times, before and after his answer. To me this says that she knows it is all a lie, but is angry her dad isn’t playing along to save her. What is your take on this?
    Thank you again for your hard work, and teaching!

  8. Casey was old enough to tell George “no” on watching the birth. Just like she was old enough to put Caylee up for adoption if she didn’t want to be a mother. If George really molested Casey then she is not going to want him in the delivery room.

    She won’t be wanting any man old enough to be her father or older touching her…ahem…Mr. Mason, the jury is watching you touching her!

    1. We’ve all seen that Casey was not meek and quiet. She would not be above screaming at her father to leave the room, so I agree with you about that and Mason too. George’s answer to the question about abuse was very believable to me. It was a simple “No, sir”. He might have overelaborated on a lot of questions, but on the key question he was solid imo.

  9. In my opinion, George had a hard time answering some questions with a simple answer because he’s looking at it all in hindsight.
    Looking back, it’s pretty blaring that she didn’t have a job, but at the time he just had some doubts niggling the back of his mind. In retrospect it was obvious she was pregnant, but at the time he considered and dismissed the notion.
    When confronted by his brother in law about her pregnancy, he responded as any guy would – defend the family member and deny the allegation… deal with it in private.
    By the way – Being asked if he threw a party was insane – dads are never the ones to throw the party .
    I can easily see how he was semi-aware of matters at the time yet didn’t know for sure until later. He sounds like an average dad who would have questioned more, but learned not to in order to keep the peace.
    He doesn’t come across at all as a molester. He was just going along to get along and now it looks like he didn’t care…

  10. How would I act if my son accused me of molesting him when I did not.
    But he was on trial for his very life!
    probably the same way George did.

  11. You are WAY off on this one, Dr. G…WAY off. First of all, Casey NEVER EVER makes eye contact with her family, including Cindy and she wasn’t accused of molestation! As for George…well, I’m no fan of his but come on….he didn’t answer anything differently than he’s ever done before in interviews, depos, etc…(meaning your thought that he talked too much) And yes, he did pause and look down briefly when asked about the molestation…but come on! He was just accused of doing the worst possible thing it the world short of murder to his daughter…of course he had to compose himself! He NEVER avoided eye contact with Ashton or Baez when responding. I cannot believe people are falling for this molestation crap. You believe she suddenly ‘remembered’ being molested while in jail? How VERY convenient of her. And even then she said she THINKS George might have done something to her..but yesterday, suddenly George started to molest her when she was 8 and put his penis in his mouth???

    COME ON! If ANY of this were remotely true, we wouldn’t be here today! Baez would have marched her into LE’s office from day 1 and explained what ‘George’ did the day Caylee accidentally drowned. But no. Instead he spent 3 years openly blaming innocent people-Jesse…amy..richard..kronk of being the ‘real’ killer and when he couldn’t make any of the them stick, this is the B.S. he cooked up.

    And you’re falling for it.

    1. I don;t think I am way off on this at all. I just report what I see. She has made eye contact with George prior to this and with Cindy in the pre trial hearings.When someone volunteers way too much information it is often a red flag of insecurity or desperately wanting you to believe what they said.

      1. When someone desperately wants to be believed is that always because they are lying? Or, could it be they fear people will believe a false accusation about them so they want to be sure others understand the truth?

    2. I totally agree with Steph, Casyee is a liar. I felt sorry for George. I think they really bought Casey’s story at first, then she said it was an accident and pored out the tears. That’s when the Anthony’s changed story to cover her.

      1. kc is too much of a liar to believe her on something as serious as accusing george of being a child molestor..

        i felt like george told the truth on the stand… i think kc thought he would go along with whatever to get her out of jail… her parents have always cleaned up her messes before..


      I think George looked down at the sex abuse question because he had to control his emotions. He is a man who has had to take the BACK SEAT to his domineering, overpowering wife for this whole married life and COULD NOT PUSH to get answers… call him emasculated or whatever you want, but that’s why he never pushed anything with the lying.

  12. Dr. Glass, I agree with you 200%..i think George just removed the death penalty from this case…by his own admission yesterday…SECRETS SECRETS…pregnancy, so happy and just beaming on the witness stand..his own admission…never asked about the father until weeks later..his own the delivery room never set his won boundaries (common sense tells him step outside the room until you are called saw the birth of your own two your admission the process is still the same, but these body parts belonged to your teenage unmarried daughter (you are not the husband..step outside)…all this by his own HAPPY admission..i was shocked that George just let it all hang out without any boundaries and without any hesitation whatsoever…he was not embarrassed in the least to talk about these two events #1 pregnancy (and all related issues) #2 delivery room..Freak just plain Freak…jmc

    1. When was he beaming? He looked distraught and shocked to his very core.

      He might have smiled when he was talking about Caylee.

      Casey is a liar, I don’t believe George ever touched her. The story about her alleged molestation has changed too many times.

      Casey hates her family and is trying to destroy them.

  13. Just one more quick comment (Sorry for the length). There’s no question that Casey cried real tears during the presentation of alleged molestation by George in the opening statements. I don’t, however, believe her tears provide additional credibility to the accusations… not at all. I do believe, though, that she has attached herself to that “story” with such firm commitment (what choice does she have) that she can probably picture it occurring, complete with all the requisite emotion. It’s basically a WIN-WIN for this narcissistic psycopath… she garners sympathy for all the “hideous pain she’s endured at the hands of her perverted father” (cough-cough, bullsh!t) while she repays him for sending her to the slammer to begin with (think grand jury testimony)! It would be brilliant if she wasn’t such a despicable excuse for a human being.

  14. Dr Glass, I think this was all preplanned to get Casey off. The Anthony’s are pretty slick and Casey comes first!. There are many women whom never show pregnancy with their first child until the 7th month. Especially if the baby is small. This is a grandfather…not the father…what should he be doing? should he be sitting on the porch with a shot gun? For the daughters father was in the room when she had her children..and she did the go figure! It is a new generation.. and we need to see it with fresh eyes.

    I have a question? Why did the state not ask if Casey brought a life jacket to TONY LAZARRO’S apartment for Caylee swimming safety? I sure was shocked that this question was not asked?

    1. It is still wrong and inappropriate for a man to see his daughter give birth. I don’t care if it’s 2011 or 1982. What kind of wife lets her husband come in while their daughter has her legs up in the air and her genitals exposed? Would that same husband let his wife come in and look at their son’s genitals exposed during a medical treatment?

  15. I don’t know why some find it odd for the father to be in the delivery room with their daughter especially if the daughter has no boyfriend or husband there for her. There is nothing sexual about delivering a child…nothing. It is the least sexy thing of all.

    Casey wanted him there and so did Cindy because if not they would have told him ‘keep out.’ These two women ruled the roost. George didn’t do anything without the permission from both of these controlling freaky women who are just alike in my opinion.

    1. The arrogance of men. Ridiculous!! The husband is supposed to be the head of the house…not head of the delivery room. I’m sorry you egotistical, arrogant, domineering, men, but you do not have the right to be the head of the daughter’s pregnancy and giving birth.You are overstepping your daughter’s boundary line.

  16. Dr Glass, I really do appreciate you being here and reporting your wonderful blog. I look forward to it each day. Thank You<3

  17. Dr. Glass, I became pregnant at a very young age and out of fear, I hid my pregnancy. The school called my Mom, who made me an appointment for the next day and 5 days later I gave birth. So I was 9 months pregnant before my Mom knew for sure. I remember my Mom asking me one time if I was pregnant and I lied. Casey was asked by her parents and lied too, using the same reason as I did. “You have to have sex to get pregnant” I thought I was smarter than my Mom and Casey thinks she is smarter than EVERYONE.
    I think what she did was despicable. If she had been abused by her father, she would NOT have taken Caylee to their home, let alone allowed him to be in the delivery room. I personally feel she was closer to her Dad than she was her Mom. Those 2 fought constantly. Her Dad just began to get wise to her lying ways.
    I was abused. I LEFT HOME at 14 for those reasons. I NEVER took any child to my Moms house until my stepdad passed, for those reasons. Its a shame for the REAL survivors, that she would PLAY like this. This hurts me (and many others Im sure) deeply. To use that as an EXCUSE to TRY and get away with MURDER. Caylee did not drown. Any COMPETENT lawyer would not wait 3 years to say that. An accident is an accident and who in their RIGHT mind would sit in jail when thats what happened? She is a sociopath and those were NOT tears. She has NO feelings. Sad to say, Caylee is MUCH better off. I’m sorry, one does NOT disassociate to that extreme when it involves a child of your own. She loved being single and carefree and Caylee was in her way. Being a survivor of sexual abuse, doesn’t make you a killer. She KILLED her child, too much points to that.

    1. I agree. I hope you have found peace with your life and past. And yes, had my dad did anything like that to me, my child would be NO WHERE near him at all.

      1. Thank you. I have. Old emotions surface when things like this happen. People making false claims are heartless. Im a survivor, not a victim 🙂

    1. Frankly, I think this girl has talked herself into either believing this lie herself. OR she just knows when to cry at the right time. for sympathy. Like she shakes her head no, and says “that is not true”. All for the jury’s sake. I do not believe a bit of her little acts. It is all for show.

      1. i think she has told herself this is true or felt embarrassed for herself that this was said on national tv…

        i think we have all lost track of the fact that kc takes others peoples life stories and events and makes them her own…
        shes diablolical

  18. shadoewz,


    By the way, did anyone note that Casey finally had some animated facial expressions today in court? WHEN THEY TALKED ABOUT HOW MUCH SHE WEIGHED lol.
    Yeah, and it ain’t 105 lbs. no more – those spicy peanuts and nacho chip snacks from the commissary took care of that! LOL

  19. First off Dr. Lillian I enjoy reading your views. I as many don’t know if the accusations against George are true or not. At the time George said he would do anything to get Casey set free (not sure of exact wording). Say George is innocent. Why should he follow through on helping her to get off if she made these allegations up. If in fact she did make them up, that would explain why she can’t look at him. She knows its not true.
    As for the over explaining. If someone made those kinds of allegations who wouldn’t be thrown off.

  20. I feel so bad for George. I think we all knew he wasn’t 100% perfect; he has his faults as we all do. When imperfections come out in a high profile case it’s designed to throw the jury off. Georges imperfections and idiosyncricities were tiny yet you talk about them as it were important, or more important than anything Casy lied about or did or didn’t do.People, if hes creepy to you etc. just remember how others might think of your dad or husband or kid even. Dads are not creepy when it’s your own dad.

    So all her friends said she was a perfect doting mommy. I’m betting they wern’t going by what they saw; they were going on what they heard from Casey. We know she lies even without a reason to lie. She just lies and thats why they thought she was a good mom because she kept telling them she was! How many times will you listen to a liar and play along with it pretending that you think it’s true?

    Remember some of the friends also said she was so considerate she’d make or take phone calls outside, pacing in the parking lot. Don’t you see it now as another lie because she was probably making fake calls to her fake work or to lie to somebody else and she didn’t want them around listening to it and getting her lies exposed or all tangled up. She might have been telling Cindy that Caylee was there with her. If it wasn’t true her friends would have clued in fast if they heard her story and the’d know somethings fishy – she said Caylee was here but she wasn’t. So where was she? But it didn’t happen because Casey was smart enough to keep all her lies going on several dif people close to her chest. Just as she was smart enough to delay anyone looking for Caylee; she knew the longer she decomposed the less chance of a cause of death being found.
    Casey alone put the body from the trunk to the the woods; she was heavy so not taken far into the bush as she probably did it by night and was also scared of snakes. You know thats something george wouldnt do to any kid, never mind family but if he had to he’d sure walk in a lot further than that and bury her at least with her fav doll which Casey just left in the car.

    I believe each and every person who testified today told a lie or two. More important is Casesy actions and idiosyncrities. Wait until shes sitting there on the stand explaining and you’ll know.

    Georges love for Caylee, that was easy to see and since Casey went so far off track he had dreams of having another chance to raise a child properly and he was full on hands doing it. As far as George being in the delivery room, thats often done when theres no new daddy around. The 3 of them would have discussed it and all agreed; maybe Casey invited him herself as they were so close. Usually the grandfather isn’t privy to the viewing until the babies head is already mostly out and usually thats about all one sees there. So thats no big deal as all eyes are on the baby, theres nothing else to see.
    I think George took a major blow and i think he did well on the stand, It’s unfortunate that some people will read all kinds of stuff into his doings and attempt to make him seem worse than of all we know of Caseys lies.
    I’m betting this is a brand new sexual misconduct dreamed up at the 11th hour and all focus on George while ignoring and forgetting the lies and evil things Casey did. But George is not on trial here folks. If he was guilty he wouldn’t have been there!
    The trial is still young. I’m predicting all sorts of crazy bombshells all over the place before this is done.
    I’m wondering if she thinks it’s all going to end soon and then she’ll go home to Hopespring Rd. and go back to her fun life with mom and dad at her beck and call.

    1. Mari,
      Thank you for addressing some of the poor and very Out-of-character questions and statements Ms. Glass made in this post. You really understand what kind of a liar Casey is and how people respond to such brazen reality denying lies.. She is delusional and believes what she wants or needs to believe.

      I believe the George loved Caylee deeply and unconditionally. What a pure, fresh breath of air she must have been for him – and what a relief after dealing with the ugly lies of Casey and the craziness it caused in his household.

      You really nailed a lot of points, Mari. Ms. Glass, please reconsider your very sensational and shallow post!

  21. My husband was in the delivery room with our daughter. He sat, holding her hand, helping her with her breathing. The father of her child was no where around. He had NO view at all of her private parts, there was a sheet draping over her legs. I watched the birth of my grandson. To think this is weird or sick, IS weird. I think that is being silly to judge that. George could have done the very same thing.

    George probably didn’t notice her pregnancy. I am sure she tried to hide it. She lied constantly. When you live with someone, you really don’t notice changes as easily as a person who only sees someone occasionally. Maybe he did see it, and ignored it, as some people do, hoping it would just ‘go away’. Maybe he is very disconnected. After having a child who lies, manipulates and steals, I can probably understand why one would “disconnect”. There comes a time, when you just don’t believe anything they say and you just give up. Who knows.

    As far as talking too much, he is being accused of a horrible CRIME. One of the most despicable things a parent can do. I would probably talk my butt off too, to try and get people to understand I DIDN’T DO IT. I don’t know. I really felt for him, for the very time since all this happened. If it were me, I am not sure I would ever look her way or even give a fig if she got the death penalty, just for trying to pin it on me. I am shocked she didn’t try to blame Cindy. Or is something else coming along those lines?

    1. I agree. Haven’t been much on their side, but after yesterday and especially today, I am a BIG George fan. Loved how he put Baez in his place…

  22. I was just thinking…I missed the part where George testified about being in the delivery room. Did he actually say he witnessed the birth?

    Her head shaking and her nodding is very distracting. If I were on the jury, I would not appreciate that.

  23. Dr Glass-Mr Anthony was in the delivery room-he wasn’t participating in or assisting in Caylee’s delivery. He was at the bedside as was Cindy. You assumed Mr Anthony invaded his daughter’s privacy and you intimated that he showed “a lack of boundaries within the family structure”. You assumed that delivery of a child “was way too imtimate for a father to be looking at his daughter’s private parts as she is giving birth”. What would motivate you to say something like that? Why is it so important to portray Mr Anthony as inappropriate when it’s obvious you’re uninformed?

    1. Yes, I agree! “What would motivate you to say something like that?” Ms. Glass, your assumptions in this post are so ill conceived!!

      Thanks, Anonymous!

  24. DR. Glass
    Im expressing my own opinion and feelings, and my body language attempts . I will be shamed before your wonderful experience but here goes.

    I don’t believe anyone can say someone is a perfect mommie if they only saw Mommie and baby together three times. She is the ‘Great Pretender’ ‘Great Liar’ Great deciever’.
    Her dad not knowing she was pregnant, I believe this shows he didn’t pay as much attention to her as he did his job.He was gone a lot at his work and she was in and out so He I’m sure didnt really care to think about it but I’m not convinced he wasn’t suspicious only scared to confront her. She as you could see in the jail at her temper and agressive lashing she can not be easy to question. He, I believe was probably overwhelmed by her at this time. Her playing around, demanding them as parents to be nothing but a purse to her. He, I would think would try to stay away from her as much as he could because he lost all of his control around her. I’ve changed my feelings about George completely. I do believe him. even tho he is seemed evasive when asked about the pregnancy. I think he was embarrassed to show his lack of interest in Casey.

    The delivery day. I think if he abused her he wouldnt be in there. It was not comfortable for him.

    Who asked him to be there against his comfort level ? Did Casey demand this attention from him against his better judgement?
    If my Dad abused me would I allow him to see my delivery. HELL. NO. I would use this to show how I reject him around my body.

    I believe George was distant to her and she is getting even. I believe she is a liar because she had to lie to make herself look better because her make up made her want to be a normal, mischievious little girl. Her Mother seems to demand her way and perfection. She is the family ‘Nazi’ forgive my use of that word. Casey, I feel had to decieve to always look good because she could not really be that good for “Mom”
    I am a Gramma and I could see the panic coming from Cindy about “Where is Caylee” She was desperate and she couldn’t control Casey anymore. Casey had distanced herself from her Mother because even lies couldnt stop her Mother.Casey had lost her Mothers trust completely. She had no more lies for her mother that would work. Her Mother was not going to go away. Casey could only give another lie. “She was kidnapped” Cindy believed Casey but not all totally. She wanted to believe that Casey was somewhere alive. Im not a believer in Cindy yet. I have to see her testify.

    I believe totally in Casey’s guilt of being responsible for Caylee’s death. May have been an accident in a pool with her alone and not murder. Not with her Dad at all. and she paniced , therefore had to get rid of the body and blame someone. Baez was an easy target. He was a man, she could control him easily with her flirty eyes and little girl pouts. He also had the NEED to succeed in his profession. Easy target for her. She now could foster up a lie to make herself look ok again and Daddy guilty helping her to explain things to Mommie. Baez ran with the lie. I don’t believe he really buys her story but He can use it to WIN. To me its contrived and foolish what he is doing. It isnt provable.
    If George is innocent and Baez is not totally believing Casey, It speaks volumns of what kind of person Baez is to do this to George. He might be like Casey. A Lie will make him Look better too if he wins.
    “Birds of a Feather”
    I can sit here and see Casey’s eyes as she knew her lies of her Dad was killing hiim. Pathetic. She’s not real. She’s Plastic.
    George isnt perfect but I Do Not believe the worst about him. I just cant see it or feel it..

    1. i agree with everything you said..
      i think you give biaz too much credit… i believe 100 percent he knows his “story ” is a lie

  25. I once worked for a child psychiatrist and he once told me that there are a few (very few) people who are born with no psychiatric disorder or history of abuse but are just mean. I believe that Casey falls in that category.

    1. Cindy, I do feel the same way about mean people. Some may learn it from child hood but not all.
      I grew up abused by my mother, had no dad. sexually abuse from 12 yrs. to 16 yrs. I dont believe one can blame child hood on every bad trait in us.
      I have never felt as bad about anyone as I do Casey.

  26. I do not believe that George is a molester at all, but I do think he was trying to come across as a “nice guy”. I didn’t buy his response of “excitedment at being a grandfather” when Casey announced her pregnancy. Or that he didn’t ask who the father was immediately. In regard to “hiding the pregnancy” – yeah – it’s possible he didn’t know. I was very small until about the 8th month of all my prenancies. With the right clothing, it would not be difficult to hide. George may not be the perfect father, but he is no molester and no murderer…he only fathered one.

  27. I don’t believe George molested KC. KC cried because JB told her to cry in the opening statements. KC is throwing her parents under the bus, the only ones that were defending her. JB is presenting a theory he can’t prove, this is so sick KC agreed upon destroying her family! The Anthonys may have problems but they didn’t kill Caylee. IMO
    Shame on JB and KC!

  28. A simple call to the Orlando Hospital to inquire about the rules and regulations governing what family members can and cannot do while awaiting the birth of their child or grandchild would have given Dr Glass an appropriate starting point relative to her assumptions and misconceptions about birthing procedures.

    What would possess a victim of incest to allow her abuser to “look at her private parts as she is giving birth.” What would possess a victim of sexual abuse to allow her abuser to be anywhere near her child? Mentally challenged, the blind and the deaf, the vulnerable and disenfranchised children who have been victims of sexual abuse can speak up and show fear and anxiety when they see/ or are told that their perpetrator entered the room. They may be unable to articulate how they feel but others know and often times they know because they too have been abused by that very same person. Don’t belittle victims of sexual abuse because you want to malign Mr Anthony.

    The facts have a way of allowing the reader to see through the inconsistencies of her argument. It was another failed attempt to paint Mr Anthony as a pervert and a bad parent. Bearing in mind that it was abundantly clear to LE on July 16, 2008 just how relentless this defendant was in telling lie after lie and making every effort to derail the investigation into her “missing”, “kidnapped” and “abducted” child. One can only assume what it must have been like to parent such an individual.

  29. I disagree although I’m not an expert. But, I think Casey looking away from George several times and seeming detached makes a lot of sense if she is lying and throwing him under the bus to save herself.

    I got the feeling that George has had to put up with a lot due to his daughter and saw through her. It would make sense he would check up on her. She obviously hasn’t been the easiest kid to raise and lies constantly.

    George talking too much may look bad. But to me, I think most people accused of such a disgusting act, such as molesting your own child, they are going to be humiliated and they are naturally going to want people to not believe such a thing. Guilty or innocent. That would be very uncomfortable. Especially knowing he’s lived under a microscope.

  30. I think that you , Dr glass are wrong on this… I believe george was in the delivery room … but NOT at the viewing of his daughters private parts, giving birth…. I think he was at her head, giving comfort….. What he wish he would not see, was Caylee all bloodied after being born… I can not stand George,, but, I really do not want to think he is THAT weird…

  31. George had to detach himself from his daughters life, because Cindy forced him to… Cindy did not want George involved in anything that Casey did.. Cindy ruled both the roost and the rooster .

  32. I have said this before and I am still wondering why we think it is okay for a man to watch his daughter give birth, but would not think it is okay for s mother to be in the room when her son is having a no serious medical procedure done in his delicate/ male area

  33. It is quite interesting to read some of the posts here. It is obvious to some the father should always be considered an outsider. As if to convey the message that the child is a ‘possession’ of the mother’s only and only mothers can do certain things and it be deemed acceptable.

    Why is that I wonder? Is it because in general mothers cram it down everyone’s throat with their delusional thinking that they are the only parent a child needs and she has some mystical unknown rights that fathers don’t have? Frankly, I think it is how some mothers put themselves up on an imaginary pedestal and can only obtain that by making sure the father has been convinced by the mother he has less worth.

    There was absolutely nothing wrong with George being in the delivery room with his own daughter who had no other male figure in her life ..i.e. Caylee’s father. If Cindy, Casey or the hospital staff thought it improper it would not have happened so he was asked to be there.

    At times when a teen male child may have become gravely sick, injured and bedridden… mothers have washed their bodies from head to toe including have to wash their private body parts. So what is the difference? That is actual body contact. The only difference I can see is the mother gives themselves some special imaginary right over the right of the child’s father on what is acceptable and what isn’t. The ones who have perpetuated that myth that really doesn’t exist are mothers themselves when they are determine to deem themselves much more worthy than fathers. Another example of suppressing another individual in order to build their own egos up.

    I have found it is not the children who place these kind of mothers up on that pedestal but the mothers themselves who do it. And then of course other mothers will chime in how wrong it is when it comes to anything pertaining to the actions a father in order to support the mother having worth and the father has having none. It is a diabolical chain of put downs and build ups as mothers stand together to keep the myth going. A lot of mothers today are overblown narcissists and are grandiose in their delusional thinking and it is hurting the healthy growth of children. Now matter how much a mother puts herself out as being more valuable the truth is the father’s role in a child’s life is EQUALLY important.

    This nonsensical way of thinking will continue to occur as long as the brainwashing continues like it has for decades.

    George had as much right to be in that delivery room as Cindy did.

    1. That is why the moral fiber of this country is steadily decaying, it’s because of the misogynistic, patriarchial men who want to rule and control everything and their daughters too. I mean everything.
      When a woman tries to help her daughters hold on to the modesty and privacy of their feminine areas, here come the ” I wiil control that too” men running down the road to knock everything and every person out of the way to say ” Look, I am man.” I can look at my daughter’s naked body if I want to `AND if anyone tries to stop me I will start a crusade and say the daughter’s mother is evil because she is shutting me out of this space where my daughter is completely expose”
      You men keep building up the daughter-father relationship as if it was the only relationship in the world, and weak minded people buy it. It is sad that some of you men think it is actually okay for you to see your daughter while she is in pain and undressed. How arrogant can you get. Now if you want to know who the real narcissists are, you men are it. Women of the world wake up and smell this coffee. I don’t care if he is your husband, brother, father, uncle, or whatever. Men are selfish,
      egotistical and arrogant and don’t belong in the delivery room unless he is the doctor or spouse,

      1. I have no clue as to what ‘men’ you are referring to Minny. I am very much a woman and mother. I am certainly not a man hater though and dont group all men together anymore than I do women.

        Sounds like to me you may have a personal issue with men in general from the way you post.

        I know as many women who are self centered as I know men who are. What I don’t see often though is fathers putting themselves up on some imaginary pedestal like mothers tend to do. Fathers are valuable and they do
        have rights even though very often the mothers in the home push them aside as having no weight. I believe
        that is because some mothers have a tendecy to overrate their worth and intentionally underrate the
        father’s in order to build themselves up by putting the
        fathers down. I have seen it tried by some mothers countless times but rarely ever turns the child or children against their father.

        The moral fiber is declining because there are not
        enough fathers actively involved in their children’s lives. A father’s role is paramount in raising a child.

        If fathers have no place in a delivery room then neither
        does the mothers. They both are parents and equal. If they are asked by their child to be there for them then they should be.

        However it is up to the person giving birth to decide who they wish to be in the room with them as they give
        birth. If they want both their mother and father there then their wish should be honored.

    1. To Dallas, I did not attack you.But if you want to go that rout, bring it on. I spoke in general. But since you are filled with such hate for women who do not want their dads to look at their crotches, maybe it’s you that is the hater and maybe something is seriously wrong with you females. What is your problem? To Dalles and Rebecca, it is only your opinions, you have the right to let your dad look at your crotch and any other part of your body, but you DO NOT have the right to tell other females who want to keep their crotches out of their dad’s view, that they are wrong. No normal woman wants her father all up in her crotch. It’s your right to let your dad see everything.But it is NOT your right to talk ugly to the rest of us!!!!!!

  34. George Anthony is well aware that he needs to look just a little guilty in order to put doubt in the jurors minds. George and Cindy are working with Baez and agreed to the sexual abuse theory in order to save their daughter. George isn’t a very good liar though. He is soaking up all this “poor George” stuff. I’m sure they are communicating with Casey through Baez and telling her it will be okay. I do believe Cindy is only using George to save Casey. Once this trial is over she will be kicking him out ASAP!

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