Day 9 Casey Finally Wears Black, Does NOT Cry When Court Is Recessed As Reporte

The defense team finally dressed Casey in black. Now  in my view,  the jury won’t be distracted by her manipulative outfits in baby colors to give the illusion of innocence. Black  says she is in mourning( even though it is not for Casey but for herself) and says she is taking this  seriously and is no  longer the little party girl. But they missed the fact she needs black pants not gray. Gray is a horrible color for someone to wear who is  on trial for their life. It is drab and depressing. So her teams  needs to go get her black pants to go with the black top .

She also needs to lose the swishy butt swager when she walks into of  and out the courtroom especially if she wants to rid herself of the part  girl image.

Also she needs to loose the Snooki do.  Snooki do says party girl and subconsciously that will be picked up with her hair do in my view so she needs to stop with the  hair teasing in front.. She needs to stick to one hairstyle and leave it at that. When a jury sees her changing up her do they won’t like it and think she is being too self absorbed with her appearance.

As soon as the proceeding began for jury selection on Day 9, Judge Perry was very friendly to Jose Baez. He seemed very happy to see him and had a warm lilt in his voice and a smile directed towards Baez. So any talk that the judge doesn’t like Baez  and is being biased isn;t accurate. He seemed genuinely happy to see Baez.

As soon as Baez opened his mouth he didn’t sound like his peppy self on Day 9.  He seemd a bit monotone which was out of character for him. When attorney Fryer got up in court and told Judge Perry that he couldn’t swear in the jury separate  from the alternates, he let her have it with his brilliance and knowledge.He was very polite to her whens he finished and complimented her on having done a good job.

While Jeff Ashton is an accomplished attorney, he needs to slow down when he speaks and flow out his tone and  stop speaking in such a staccato tone.  Even the judge tells him to slow down all the time. When he sounds so choppy it is alienating. That is no doubt why one of the perspective male 42 year old  jurist,  got so defensive with him. The juror  did not get defensive towards Linda Drane Burdick. If Jeff Ashton doesn’t want to alienate jurors and witnesses,  he needs to change his tone and only use his staccato and hostile sounding tone when he wants to stress a point. Otherwise it does not make him likeable. He needs to use that tone  with Cindy Anthony when she starts her shenanigans or with George ans Lee.

Personally I think there may be a dramatic change in Cindy and George and Lee’s testimony and in their demeanor. I do’;t think they will allow themselves to be used as mitigating factors. I can’t imagine that they will admit to sexually molesting or abusing Casey or Caylee. After George and Cindy hear the details and the other;s testimony as they sit in the courtroom they may have a different perspective.

Casey appeared to have more of  a wide eyed  distant stare today as she listened to the jurors. I don’t know if she is on medication  or not but she appeared to look a little zoned out. At least she was not having an anxiety attack.

While we have all seen the hair of Casey playing with the front of her hair, she has now graduated to playing with her very long pony tail. This may very well we out of nervousness. That is why she needs to keep her hair back in a bun so she can stop fiddling with it an distracting jurors. When she plays with her hair it makes jurors think that she is self absorbed and  superficial as she seems to be overly concerned about her appearance. As we discovered,  that will be one of her mitigating factors- her  being raised to be concerned with outward appearances. If that is the case maybe all the hair grooming will work in her favor. But it can go either way. Jurors may or may not not buy it.

And last but not least Casey was NOT crying  as reported by mainstream media. She simply touched each respective eye  for less than  second after  she stood up when the court was recessed. There were no tears at that time.


24 thoughts on “Day 9 Casey Finally Wears Black, Does NOT Cry When Court Is Recessed As Reporte

  1. i hope you dont mind Dr but i always post your articles on a group on fb, i enjoy sharing your thoughts… thank you again for all your hard work because like the rest of us we have other things going on, im glad you make time for insights into this case


  2. I agree with you, Dr. Glass, that the pastel “baby” girl blouses and the Snookie ponytail won’t fool jurors into thinking she is, as the defense keeps putting it as a mitigating factor, immature. The only baby girl in this case, the only innocent party is Caylee.

    You said you think George, Cindy and Lee will not allow themselves to be used as mitigating factors? I disagree. I think these three will continue with their delusional behavior. They are so used to pushing dirt under the rug, disclaiming, denying, ignoring, that I think the will all three all but fall on their own swords. Casey is counting on it. I think that is why she doesn’t want to see them. She is playing the brat, either you do what I want you to or you’ll never see your little princess again type thing. Casey is manipulative and learned from the masters, Cindy and also George. I think she has surpassed them both.

    But Lee is creepy and weird, has that almost hysterical laughter and looks like he could be a very strange brother to have. He may have molested her. I don’t think George did, but I think Casey has expanded the story to include George just to hurt him.


    1. I think Lee’s inappropriate snickering is his barely hidden glee at Casey finally being found out for who she is. He paid for the Pontiac firebird, then Cindy gave it to Casey, supposedly she was to pay Lee back for it but she never did. He was probably made to move out of the house to make room for Casey and Caylee. Lee graduated high school and has held a job consistently. In fact Casey tried to steal his success because one of her lies was that she was working as an event promoter, which was actually Lee’s job at that time. I’ll bet Lee never got a break in that house, and I do not believe he molested her. The only time Casey brought up Lee molesting her was to Jesse Grund when she was losing her last free babysitting gig. Jesse wanted to know why she couldn’t leave Caylee with George or Lee (she couldn’t because then they would know she was lying about working) so instead she lied to Jesse about Lee being perverted. Jesse dropped the subject and continued to babysit for a while.


  3. True about Ashton. He seems unsure of himself at times. He halts alot in his speaking but that could be because he’s trying to think of the simplest way of explaining something-it may only appear to be lack of confidence. He may be on the alert for Baez’ snarky remarks, too. He is a passionate man, though and he does want justice for Caylee.


  4. Juors are intelligent and more often than not committed to jury duty once seated. I wonder what will keep them interested and engaged in the proceedings-her gray slacks or the color of the duct tape?


  5. Dr. Glass: Your articles are so interesting and I look forward to reading them every day.

    The baby colors Casey has been wearing to court only show that clothes do not make the person. Hopefully, the jury can see through Casey. Her eyes are a window into her soul and tells a lot about her. She has a dark soul. Casey cannot sit still for long periods of time and will eventually start showing her anger when she hears things she just does not want to hear and the anger will come through. I do believe she is being medicated as I’ve seen a big difference in her since the first few days of the jury selection. The day of opening statements she will most definitely show emotions feeling so sorry for herself with fake tears and to manipulate the jurors. When those charges are read and she starts shaking her head “no” the judge needs to abruptly stop that behavior. He is in charge, not her.

    I believe George and Cindy will go along with the mitigating factors. They will do anything to save her from the death penalty. They have enabled her all her life. Although, this is the time to stop the enabling, they won’t be able to do it. It is a very sad situation of parents not teaching accountability/responsibility and it has led to the death of a beautiful little innocent girl. They have led a life of blaming others for Casey’s problems, rather than to address the issues Casey had growing up.

    Thank you Dr. Glass.


  6. Nice article Dr. Glass. Jeff Ashton has been an state attorney for a long time in 1984 he was the first to use DNA in a trial and get a conviction, i think i have those facts correct. His speech pattern may seem a bit stacatto but he is a very tall and looming figure physically. In contract Linda Drake-Burdick is shorter. I am 5’2″ and find a tall man can be very intimidating, even if he is presenting facts or information that should not be construed to be negative. I think his physical size and speech pattern at times may work against him. BUT he is a brilliant legal mind and will not easily be intimitated himself. jmc


  7. You are so right Dr. Glass, she shakes her a** and those gray pants are so tight its gross. She still thinks she is the hottest thing at the strip mall bar. Personally I think her family will go along with anything to get her off. They made her into this sicko, didnt they? Why would they behave rationally now? They want their momster back. They are as stubborn as they are dysfunctional.


  8. Personally I thought Judge Perry seemed angry when he had to announce the cancelling of the afternoon session. He tried to control it but really seemed to be speaking through clenched teeth. I think Baez pulled his shennanigans on purpose. Until and or if I hear why he really caused the jury selection interruption I will believe it was out of spite for his motion being denied.
    Dr.Glass, IMO you over estimate George and Cindy’s intelligence and loyalty to Caylee. They have already heard that they are going to be thrown under the bus and yet they still claim to back Casey. Up to and until they sit on Caylee’s side of the courtroom they are scum to me. Harsh I know, but I’ve been the victim of a horrible crime. In Judge Perry’s courtroom there is only one vicitm and that is Caylee. The long camera glances and the sympathy I hear from the pundits about poor Casey is nervous, upset, tired, blah blah blah, makes me ill.
    Thanks for all you do Dr. Glass.


      1. Sherry-I thought that once their testimony is completed Judge Perry has “assigned” them seats in the balcony for the duration of the trial.


  9. I couldn’t believe my ears when NG went into her thing again about Casey turning on the waterworks. Geeze she can’t even touch her face or gently touch the area the way all women who wear make up do in case their mascara dripped a little and NG reports her crying like it was a big bombshell.

    I think Casey thinks she’s the envy of all the girls in America. Unbelievable!


  10. Casey Anthony probably does not think she is “the envy of all girls in America”. Intellectually she understands the gravity of the situation but it is her psychopathy that rules and guides her. It is her psychopathy that gives her that invincible feeling as expressed in her diary entry, “I trust my own judgements”.

    Casey is as cold and calculating as any predator and if she had a moment wherein she could consider how she is perceived “on the outside” envy wouldn’t be at the top of her list. She was worried in August 2008 when she was informed that members of her community felt she was a “baby killer” and her response was, “the people who know me know that isn’t true”. Of course we know she was talking to the only two people she successfully deceived and manipulated for years.

    The circumstantial case that Casey made possible (through lies, deception and the deflection of pain and punishment) would incapacitate most defendants but not the likes of Casey Anthony. She has a “calculating rationality combined with a chilling inability to treat others as thinking, feeling human beings. Such morally incomprehensible behavior, exhibited by a seemingly normal person, leaves us feeling bewildered” (R. Hare)-not envious.



    OMG, Dr. Glass, that was so hilarious. You hit the nail on the head with that description; I hope the defense lawyers will heed your advice. Or not.

    Someone commented the other day on how Casey always enters the courtroom full speed ahead style, plowing through deputies and attorneys, moving furniture aside as if she’s running a race. Something about the way she “swishes” reminds me of a cartoon bull plodding towards the matador but he/she is too “big” to gather much speed and then BAM! she reaches her seat and stops.

    It’s like she’s pretending she’s SO important and her “audience” is growing impatient as they wait for her entrance; she must hurry through the doorway to her beloved “fans.” Are those slippers on her feet? Ugly shoes to go with those horrible gray pants.

    I know this is snarky stuff, but little things like this really bother me. And the hair-fiddling? That’s for another time!


  12. In that respect, Dr. Glass, the psychopathy you spoke of, Casey reminds me very much of Kate Gosselin. Cold, calculating, narcissistic, delusions of granduier (forgive my spelling).


  13. Those grey pants I have issue with. Those pants I believe are the very ones she killed Caylee in. It has been said that Cindy washed those grey pants straight up out of the death mobile car, and they stunk. It was also reported that Cindy folded those grey pants and put them on sociopaths bed. I believe Cindy sent those pants to sociopath at the OC jail, to send a message to sociopath regarding that she knows sociopath killed Caylee in those grey pants. Cindy is as sick as her own flesh and blood in the fact she likes to have her revenge as well. This is ONLY my personal thinking. Great blog Dr. Glass. You are always pretty much spot on in your observations.


  14. Dr. Lillian,
    This is OT but i have a question for you. Who in this sad case will speak for Caylee in the victim impact statement, if the trial gets to that point? Do you have any thoughts about this? Thanks in advance!


  15. Dead on, Dr. Glass. The gray pants aren’t even dress pants, and they seem too casual. Serious black pants with a bit of a heel would say that she’s a woman who takes this seriously.

    Ponytails are rarely serious, they can be sophisticated on some people , but not in this case; instead it says girlish,peppy, ready to play. Long hair says sex appeal, so only a bun is appropriate, and probably at the neck rather than higher.

    This is more for appropiateness than anything else since everything else offends the sensibilities. Her psychopathology will show regardless.


  16. Inky,

    I can totally follow Cindy thinking that way, but I don’t think those are the same pants for a couple of reasons. Everything I have read indicates Bozo’s staff is supplying the clothes, and also, Casey has gained quite a bit of weight since 2008. Her current weight when booked into the Pinellas Co. jail is 130. She weighed 105 in July of 2008. Fit into those pants? No way, JOSE! LOL


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