Arnold and Maria’s Body Language Showed Issues From the Beginning of Their Relationship

If you look at the earliest photos of Arnold and Maria and follow  them to throughout the years to the present day, you will see a common theme. That theme is that they are completely not like minded. They never appear  to be looking in the same direction, which reflects the fact that they were never on the same page. Look at the photos below and you will see how they consistently look in different direction,

Maria is looking towards the camera while Arnold looks off to the side when they were first dating.

It continued when they got married as you can see in their wedding photos. And it continued throughout their marriage as you can see int he many photos of them below.

They never appear to be in synch with one another as they look in two distinctly different directions in practically all of their photos.

In many photos of the two of them together,  there is a great deal of physical distance between them, which is a very  bad sign for any relationship.

There are also countless photos where Maria trails behind Arnold. They are not on equal footing. He always seems to be stepping out ahead of her. It indicates that it is all about him and that she is a  mere appendage. She is there to make him look good.

In their later years together,  it appears that  could Arnold doesn’t even seem to acknowledge Maria. He essentially ignores her. It appears as though it could be anyone standing next to him. Body language wise, they  continue to look in different directions which mirrors what they have done throughout their lives together. 


Maria clearly adored  Arnold as can be seen in so many of the photos. She looked at him with love and affection, but he rarely  if ever, returned her affections publicly.

When she would reach out to him as you can see in this photo, he would  essentially ignore her.

She was often the aggressor  in their public displays of affection as she initialed kisses and other  displays of affection,He continued to  appear awkward and non responsive as he did not reciprocate  her affections.

He continued to ignore her throughout the years which rendered her looking very unhappy.

In fact, in their later years together ,  she looked absolutely miserable whenever she was around him.

No doubt, when  she learned of his constant alleged womanizing, she became increasingly  unhappy.  So when it was announced that Arnold had an affair and impregnated his mistress while there  was an initial shock,  it is no surprise. Rumors of affairs and harassmentswirled around him for years. 

But what did come as a surprise and spoke volumes about Arnold was that his and Maria’s housekeeper was the mistress and lived and worked  under the same roof as they did for two decades.To me that is the ultimate in Toxic Behavior.

Apparently the housekeeper  told Arnold that the baby was his when the baby was a toddler. Arnold did the right thing and  financially supported the boy and the mother. But who knows if he supported the boy emotionally.  Now the boy is ten years old and it is said that he looks exactly like Arnold as reported by TMZ. In the pixeled out photo above, you can see how the boy  resembles Arnold especially around the mouth and jaw area.

My main concern is   about the psyche of this young boy who has had to keep his father’s identity a secret until now.  Who knows if he even knew Arnold was his father until now? I do hope that Arnold has the sense to put the boy in therapy to help him cope with  the  public’s  now  knowing that he is Arnold’s illegitimate son.

There is no doubt that some agressive  journalist will out this innocent young boy and not respect his privacy. After all there is a lot of money in paparazzi photos of a young newly discovered mini-Arnold. Perhap the mother and the boy will expose themselves publicly on their own. Whatever the case, the boy will need a strong support system for what lies ahead of him.

The pain Maria must be experiencing must be excruciating. She has been humiliated,  betrayed and used in a very public way. Arnold sought her out and married her as a vehicle to help him achieve the American Dream. What better way of achieving the dream than by marrying into the Kennedy family. Her Kennedy family immediately  legitimized him. It transformed him from a caricature  of a muscle head  bodybuilder   to member of America’s  most  a respect and revered clan. It  gave him even more contacts and pushed him up the social ladder until he became Governor  of  California. After achieving his goal, it appeared that  he had no more use for Maria. He had nothing to lose by coming clean ten years later when he was finally out of office.

But now he now, he claims  that he   wants her back. It may be  because of the negative repercussions on his ego and on his reputation and not because of anything else. Arnold was the untouchable Golden boy ever since he landed int he US. He was an action hero on film and an hero to some  in real life. Now he has quickly gone from hero to   zero. 

But if he does happen to  wins Maria back and does a mea culpa, things will look up for him once again as he does the Media Forgive Me tour.

While many feel that Maria should never allow him back into her life, love is stronger than anyone’s opinion, There is no doubt that  she clearly loves him. That is one of the main reasons she has not rushed to file for divorce.  Her strong Catholic faith may also sway her in the direction of keeping him. In the end,  is her decision alone as to what  she needs to do for herself. Will she follow in the footsteps of her grandmother and the other Kennedy women who were constantly cheated upon, yet  grinned and bared  it? Or will she be the first of the Kennedy women to actually leave and show  some self respect ? .

Even though she has asked for people’s advice and feedback during her transition period, ultimately, she has to listen to what is in her heart.

The woman has  recently gone through the loss of her uncle Ted who had brain cancer , her mother who had cancer, her father with Alzheimer’s, th ending her reign as First Lady of California and all that the position  entailed, her kids maturing  and headed for lives of their owny and eight  years of being away from a high profile media career .

The last thing she needed to  add to her  already existing pain was to discover that her husband of over two decades fathered an illegitimate child with a housekeeper, who worked for her. The woman added to her pain fo betrayal by  carrying  on an affair with Arnold right under her nose and under her roof.  If the housekeeper worked for Arnold and Maria for two decades, no doubt that Maria  must have felt she was a loyal employee. So to be  betrayed by a  husband and a trusted employee is enough to send anyone over the edge. 


10 thoughts on “Arnold and Maria’s Body Language Showed Issues From the Beginning of Their Relationship

  1. this has been going on in her home for 10 years in some form??? no obvious red flags??? she must be so detached from her home life


  2. YES to your ENTIRE POST!! Spot on! I was just telling someone the same thing and referencing your book about Toxic behavior. I noted (thanks to your assessments Dr. Glass), that the expression that Maria carried in your 2nd to last pic, to me, is when she found out or perhaps the decision to go public once Arnold left office.

    Arnold’s actions were deplorable, and you’re right, he used her to get to the top, and the thanks she got was his consistent cheating ways. His behavior was reckless, selfish, inconsiderate, thoughtless.

    I pray that the entire family receives on-going therapy because the public scrutiny is going to be relentless. Poor children. Poor Maria. I’ve always admired her work and accomplishments.

    As a woman, I am truly empathetic to what she’s going through. Prayers to her and even men going through similar situations w/cheating spouses, and pregnancies.


  3. I just feel bad for what the children are going to be put through in this. It is being reported in media outlets tweets on twitter, paps taking pics, etc…

    I hope this man takes real responsibility for his actions. He has hurt alot of people.

    and god help him if he used state money or campaign donations to cover this up.


  4. wow arnold is toxic… i hope maria has peace and stregth away from him…. i’m sure she may have thought something about the housekeeper but without proof you just seem crazy…


  5. One of the things I would insist is a DNA on the boy and Arnold. Even though Arnold says the boy is his I would still want a DNA done. I would want to know how long this has been going on with this woman, and others and if there are any more children to confess. Maria needs to get herself physically examined for any possibilty of contacting any sexual diseases. My question is why is he telling her now? She deserved to be told years ago, to be able to make decisions for herself and the family. He knows he has made an absolute fool of himserlf with the deception. How cruel and degrading to hide behind a mask he presents to the public. And he calls this a love relatioinship. UNfortunately this opens a can of worms because now Maria will question everything he ever did and his intention.


  6. I feel for this woman this is absolutely devastating. I would be enraged if Arnold was my husband and there would be ZERO CHANCE of any reconciliation. Maria needs to move on and so does Arnold, they seemed as Dr GLass said an odd pair.


  7. I never liked this man. I never was impressed with his performances as an actor. When I moved to CA in 2003 and he became the govenor here my dislike of him increased exponentially. It will be very interesting to see if Maria breaks the mold and does not take this toxic narcissist back. The level of her denial must have been extreme for her to not have known of his life long pattern with other women, IMO. My heart goes out to her but mostly I feel so badly for this boy. His mother has shown herself to be a lot like Arnold – a flaming narcissist. How could she do this to Maria and continue to face her on a near daily basis? Just sad.
    It is interesting to see the video of Maria campaigning for Arnold in the 2003 and addressing the issue that over 12 women had come forward with claims of his sexual harrassment. She did it brillantly in a side ways manner. I do not believe for one minute that he would have been elected if this information had surfaced at that time. I also agree with Irene that it will be very interesting to see if he was stupid enough to have used campaign money to fund this boy and his mother.


  8. Until you have walked in Ms. Schriver’s shoes, please do not be so judgemental as to whether or not she should have known! The son did not ask to be put into this position, so please LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!! This family needs prayers and compassion!! They do not need judgements and criticisms!! They need to listen to their hearts as to how to work it out. It is no one else’s business how they work it out. I wish the Schwartzenagers well, however they work it out!!


  9. I never liked that man, never. The stuff he said about himself being as big as Christ or Hitler, though said when he was young spoke volumes about him; that he was a user and would do whatever he could to promote himself. Of course he used Maria for his purposes. As Dr. Glass demonstrates, it was clear that he was never as into her as she was into him.

    I hope they never suspend the law that maintains that only native born Americans can be president. He should have been sent back to Austria years ago; he’s toxic for Maria and toxic for America. Arnold needs to go home.

    The mistress thing is so common in both Latin and European culture that I’m shocked that Maria actually believed that he’d be faithful. As long as the maid doesn’t embarrass Arnold she and the boy will be fine, but that boy’s gonna be a mess. God help him.


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