Casey Anthony’s Stoic Body Language And Bundling Up Say Nervousness In Courtroom on Day 7

In one week Casey Anthony   has gone from  crying, giggling. laughing, and  flirting to being very stoic in her demeanor. Perhaps it is the bombardment of Jeff  Ashton,  Judge Perry, and  Ann Finnell’s taking about her possible death sentence that has sobered her up. Perhaps it is hearing so many of the jurors saying that they thought she was “guilty” that made her stop her aberrant courtroom  behavior.

There is no doubt that this jury selection process has had a tremendous effect on Casey,  not only emotionally, but physically as well.

We constantly see her literally gasping for air as she takes in a huge gulp of air and visibly  heaves her chest as she exhales. Hearing all of the talk of death makes her want to subconsciously hang on to the breath of  life and that is why she is breathing so heavily.

She is somber and there are bags of worry under her eyes. The reason Casey was so happy go lucky in the past was because Jose Baez kept pumping her up and Cheney Mason assured her and everyone else that he would walk out of the courtroom with her arm in arm. She felt bolstered up by the two of them as she sat between them playing touchy feely with Mason and flirting with Baez.

Now they sit away from her and leave her in the middle fo two female attorneys who don’t seem to pay much attention to her as we have seen  over these past few days. The only time Ms. Simms paid her any mind was when she tried to calm Casey down during the  anxiety attack where Casey  had to be escorted away by two marshalls.

Her wiping the spittle from the corners of her mouth also indicates that she is nervous . There is no doubt that hearing all of this death talk as it pertains to her, has given her a case of “cotton mouth.” So  the saliva has dried on the corners of her mouth which she attempts to wipe away.

Casey has  also shown that she is nervous, as her body temperature appears to be dropping. She is getting cold. Casey’s suddenly  getting  cold  may be indicative of  her autonomic system taking over. We have seen people who are nervous,  start to shake uncontrollably. Their body suddenly gets cold.The shaking is nature’s way of helping them get warm and regulate their body temperature.

 Casey wraps herself up  in her white Menendez- type soft sweater to ward off the chill she is feeling. We have never seen Casey this covered up before. Getting all cuddled up in her sweater is  a self soothing device for her, much like it is for a baby who needs their blanky to calm them down.

As she bundles up, we also see her raised shoulders which are indicative of tension and a reflection of her feeling cold. When people get cold, they often raise their shoulders in an automatic  attempt to  physically protect themselves from the cold.

Here we see her wrapping her hands up with the bottom of her sleeve in a further attempt to keep warm.

Now it is more extreme as she completely covers her hands with her sleeve while still managing to rest her fist on her chin. The fist- like gesture also indicates anger on her part. No doubt she is angry at having to listen to people say negative things about her and how they thought she was guilty. Her glaring stare is also indicative of her anger towards what she hears.


Casey also appeared to have a shiny nose and what looked like perspiration above her upper lip. That may also reflect her nervousness. Very often she had a flushed appearance which was also an indication of her nervousness as there was increased blood flow  as she listened to what the jurors has to say about her.

While she may appear stoic on the outside, there is a lot of turmoil going on with her on her inside, as we can see from the above photos.

 I have always believed Casey should be wearing a black suit  in the courtroom for a number of reasons. For one, it shows respect and  an impression of  maturity  that the defense team wants to get across in sparing her life. 

The defense team  has essentially said that  her young age was a mitigating factor.  If she keeps wearing  those baby pastel  colors and cuddly sweaters it will be hard for the jury to not keeping thinking of Casey as that young girl who killed her baby and not someone who has since  matured.


15 thoughts on “Casey Anthony’s Stoic Body Language And Bundling Up Say Nervousness In Courtroom on Day 7

  1. Ms.Glass
    Thank you for your insight on this very disturbed women. I to felt that she looked like she was freezing, and hunkering down inside that sweater.My impression is that she also seems to be using it as a shield of sorts, covering more and more of herself hoping to dissapear. My guess is we will see more of these “security sweaters” in future appearences.


  2. IMO, she is also getting the bug that Ms Finnel has been passing around this weekend by not staying at home where she belongs. She has a nasty cold and it appears to me today that Casey touched her forehead several times to see if she had a temperature or not because she didn’t feel well. Kleenex are left out all over the table with nasty germs on them being reused. I think by Friday there will be a lot mre not feeling well. What has happened to Ms. Bolin?


  3. I was going to disagree about the look of maturity for Casey because of the “immaturity” mitigating factor but when you said that it would make it hard for a jury to see that she has since matured then I could see your point. Casey’s look now will be more immaturish than those party photos so it really isn’t doing her any good at all. Oh well. I can’t see that anything will help once all the facts of the case are laid out.

    Thanks again, Dr. Glass!


  4. Using Casey’s age, by the defense, is just another excuse to get her off the Death Penalty. She knew right from wrong. All these excuses and all this blame to avoid accountability for her actions is very disturbing. Her parents have enabled her all her life to be irresponsible and now the defense is doing it. Disgusting and despicable.


  5. Dr. Glass…
    Being that I’ve spent much of my career in uniform, where I have had to appear for court, in civilian attire, I’ve have always found Navy Blue to be a color that empowers me. With my lighter skin tones, hazel eyes and auburn hair, the blue does tend to come off a little softer than black, which makes me appear HARSH.

    Any remarks and compliments I’ve received while in civillian clothing, have always been that much greater when I’m in Navy or darker blue clothing.

    Again, it also always leaves me feeling great about how I look, and tends to give that extra boost for confidence…LOL!

    As far as ‘Inmate Anthony’ and the clothing that she’s been receiving to wear to the court proceedings, I agree with you that they are definately using the WRONG style clothing, and the wrong colors to boot.

    I know you’ve mentioned in the past, as well as in your latest article, that you believe she should be wearing a black suit of sorts.

    The more that I think about it, and again based on my own personal experiences regarding this issue. Being that ‘IA’ has been sun-deprived for the last three years, has dark hair and eyes, and the manner in which she wears her hair back, creates harsher and more pronounced features.

    Do you not think that the better option for her might be Navy Blue as opposed to Black?

    I’m just thinking that the severity of the color black, might make her look even more pale, and ‘jut out’ those features that don’t always exude the finer parts of her… And make her look overall, more “HARD” and “EVIL”!

    The sweaters she currently wears, are not doing her any justice, and the pulling on the sleeves until they cover the whole entire hand is ‘child-like’ behaviour… I can hear my mother lecturing at me as a child, to “stop pulling on my sleeves”, as well as the whole “pulling at the neck-lines” and stretching them out, on certain shirts and sweaters…

    I guess what I’m getting at – Whoever is responsible for keeping her properly dressed for trial, is not doing a very good job at it!

    I’m not sure if it’s being sent from home through Cindy, or if someone from the team is going out to purchase some items for her to switch around and match up…

    Whatever the case – It’s not working!

    I’m thinking she’s needing a major attire OVER-HAUL…


  6. Her clothes are being selected and purchased by a member of the defense team. I noticed a difference in style since Bolin appeared on the case.

    In my opinion, her clothes are trying to reflect a soft innocent Casey. This style is attractive to male jurors in the femininity sense. She looks more sensual and timid than when she wears the hard cotton masculine shirts.

    I’m not surprised that most potential jurors believe she is guilty. How can they not ? It is not their fault this case has been blathered all over the news for 3 years.


  7. Dr. Glass-wonderful observations as usual and now to day 8 as i post this OMG she re-morphed back into an attorney-MORE notes and writing about every potential juror. However as I watch todays recap I see her laughing and joking so hard sometimes evn holding her hands over her mouth to contain her glee. My disdain and disgust is so enormous and it is so tragic and an abuse and disrespect of the judicial system.


    1. nurse jean, you are so right. The anger this causes is sickening and also, not good for her case at all. Her mother is not respectful of the court either. Apple tree apple. The world according to the Anthony family is, Casey can do anything she wants and we will not allow the world, even the court of law to criticize her. So there! And when we enter the court, ALL RISE.

      Guess they’re going to get a wake up call when the verdict is read. Sadly, they all fall when the justice system rises to this matter. They are only lucky, this is America, or she’d have been hung by now. No matter what the sentence or the vote, be it death penalty or life without parole, twill do. She started this mess and the law will finish it.

      (I also hate it when her family and her lawyers get to beating on the public or the media. They didn’t invent this situation, Casey did.)


  8. Ms Anthony is appropriately dressed for court. If she entered a school, office or was a university student she would not look out of place or over dressed. Will a black suit, pearls and pumps cause jurors to overlook the “Big Trouble” t shirt found at the crime scene?

    Why would the fact that a defendant ages (not synonymous with maturing) through an extended pretrial cause jurors to consider age as a mitigating factor when the defendant reached the age of majority prior to initial arrest and indictment for Felony Murder? It is understood that anyone who kills someone, no matter at what age, is morally, emotionally or psychologically impaired or is suffering from a mental defect/disability.

    It is highly unlikely that many jurors will look at the defendant as maturing or mature. She is aging.


  9. That would be too prejudicial as we all know. We have seen Ms Anthony in her “prison blues” during pretrial though.

    Remember way back in Jaunuary of 2009 when Mr Baez came to court and said Casey did not want to attend any more pretrial/preliminary hearings? I recall that after Caylee’s remains were found Casey refused to attend and told the judge that she didn’t care if she was in contempt of court. Judge Strickland then gave the jail officials the go ahead to take Ms Anthony into court the hard way. She didn’t look very happy in her jail issued clothing and handcuffed.

    Imagine a lawyer who had a client who couldn’t and wouldn’t tell the truth to him and had the gall to tell the judge that she was not going to come to court during her prelims! I laughed when Judge Strickland said something like, ‘She can’t come to court? Where’s she going?’


  10. I appreciate the attempt to decode body language and like reading articles like this. IMO though there are too many variables and this post is over-simplifying things – especially since these are still shots. As much as I believe that Casey is definitely guilty of this crime, I am not sure we can conclusively detect nervousness just from these still photos. I have no doubt that she is nervous for many reasons. I personally know for a fact that courtrooms can be frigging cold! For some of us, we are cold all of the time. All the body language pointed out in these pictures, I regularly exhibit when in a cold room. I even do the sleeve over hand thing – and no it doesn’t mean I am juvenile like one of the posters suggests. It simply means I am cold and will do everything in my power to keep warm. I am 5″2 at about 110 lbs and get cold easily. Casey is taller and thinner than me and probably has less insulation than me and most folks. Just a thought. And believe me, on the dress issue, the lawyers have a method to their madness. If they dress her a certain way, I am sure there is a distinct strategy behind it.


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