Jose Baez and Casey Anthony’s Body Language Show Delight In Jurors Negative Reactions Towards Nancy Grace, Casey’s Courtroom Tension Builds on Day 6



Jose Baez shot back  at Nancy Grace by referring to her show as “Nancy Grace Entertainment” whenever he questioned  any of the  prospective jurors.

He appeared to be  loving  the multitude of  negative  answers and  comments  by jurors about Nancy and her show. Comments included that they switch channels  as soon as she comes on, they can’t stand  her, leave the room whenever she’s on,   or they think she is nonsense and ridiculous.  

With a  mischievous grin Baez kept chuckling as he was unable to contain his pleasure as he heard  all the negative comments towards Grace, who has been a thorn in his side, dissecting every inch of the case  since the beginning .

 As we see in the photo above, Jose looks the happiest we have ever seen him with his raised cheeks and open mouthed toothy  smile.

Even Casey Anthony was loving the  multitude of unsolicited  negative comments about Nancy Grace. She smirked when a prospective juror discussed how Nancy talked about Casey’s tossing her hair and pushing her pen and thought it was “nonsense.”

                                                                                   SIX DAYS OF PASTELS


Case appeared to be less bouncy and animated on Day 6 than she was on Day 5 when she was interacting with her mitigator Rosalie Bolin. She wore a pastel grey cowl  necked  type top covered by a white cardigan reminiscent of Cindy’s ” white sweater over every outft” attire.

Clothing does have an impact on people’s perceptions of you as research has found.Casey has been dressed in Pastel tops which by the way,  have been much better fitting than the tops she wore in the pre trial hearings. The tops which have been

                                                                     Mint Green

                                                                                      pastel blue

                                                                                 Pastel lilac

                                                                               Baby Pink

                                                             Pastel  yellow

                                                     and Pastel Blue/grey  complete with ruffles

have all  been chosen to no doubt,  give Cy set a softer childlike  sweet and innocent look during the jury selection process. I personally think this will backfire,  especially with the women on the jury,  who will  tend to pay more attention to her clothing. They will most likely see it as an attempt by the defense  to  manipulate then in showing  a softer Casey.

Casey’s courtroom attire  does not reflect what jurors will see when they view her party photos in her skimpy attire. When they see a complete contrast in terms  of what she is wearing on the courtroom, adding to their sense ot manipulation. 

 Wearing a variety of clothing in various pastel  colors, instead of the navy  blue prison outfit she has been in for three years,  may make Casey feel a lot  better. After all, it is  only time she gets to  dress up.  But I don’t think her variety of pastels  is such a great idea. 

 As I have said all along,  I think she would be better off wearing a black suit. It might possibly  give jurors the impression Casey actually feels bad about what happened and is in mourning. But that will never happen. Casey is not in mourning and the only thing she feels bad about is that she is locked up.

                                                              CASEY’S TENSION IN THE COURTROOM

 Casey is definitely not faring well emotionally s we can see in her photos. It is easy to see all the tension signals occurring throughout her body language.

She often touched  the back of her neck and her shoulders where her body is most likely is carrying a great deal of muscle tension. No question that fighting for her life is  a pretty heavy weight to have on Casey’s  shoulders and it shows.

Casey often does  a lot of hang wringing. She is free of handcuffs for hours at a time, so  it is not the the cuffs that block her circulation. When we see her manipulating her hands over one another,  she is literally wringing her handsough she is worried.   This is an indication that she is tense and nervous. The reality of hearing what she is accused of doing is no doubt getting to her.

We also see a lot more of Casey exhaling large breaths whereby she is heaving her shoulders as she breathes out large puffs of  air. This also indicates tensiona nd nervousness.

 When she hears a prospective juror say that she felt  Casey was guilty by omission,  Casey shows a flash of anger. Look at how her  lower jaw juts forth , her eyes are narrowed, and her head is cocked to indicate anger towards the woman juror.

We have seen these flashes of anger whenever a potential juror says that they believe Casey is guilty. As Casey hears  the word “guilty” by so many different people, the reality is  beginning to sink in that she may ever be free again.  .

Also helping things sink in are  the repetitive comments made by attorney Finnell, the death qualified attorney.  As Casey constantly hears the words death sentence and dying by lethal injection it appears that is it  becoming clearer to Casey  that her life may be cut short,  just like Caylee’s life was cut  short.


50 thoughts on “Jose Baez and Casey Anthony’s Body Language Show Delight In Jurors Negative Reactions Towards Nancy Grace, Casey’s Courtroom Tension Builds on Day 6

  1. Another great post on your observations about casey in this time of jury selection.

    I don’t know that it will matter so much what colors Casey wears as the the style might! Right now she is wearing clothes that one would find on older women. I think a suit jacket and dress slacks would be best. Darker colors would be better because of the seriosness of the charge against her-pastels tell me she doesn’t take what she is going through at all seriously. But if the defense is going for the poor little waif look they’ve succeeded, but that won’t last once those party photos are viewed by ther jury. Most jurists know that there’s someone trying to dress the defendant for a certain appearance


  2. Again I say – black is too harsh for someone who is jail pale. Navy or dove grey suits with saturated colored blouses would be more suitable for her in court.


  3. Dr. Lillian Glass,

    Thank oyu agains for your analysis!

    I have a question… supposedly KC has personality disorder, as I have heard many psychologists saying… I have observed when HHJP was reading her charges, I saw KC shaking her head “no” when he said about the murder charges. I know we have to consider her innocent until proven guilty… but why is it that people with some psychopathy deny their guilt? If KC did kill her daughter, why the denial? Is it because she has convinced herself she did nothing? Is this the way she was coached to do? I find it very interesting. Thank you!


      1. jose baez will definitelly have THE LAST LAUGH………………… i need to explain? the woman was not guilty and he helped show it….that is amazing, do i need to say more?

        sometimes nancy grace is ACTUALLY wrong.


  4. Paula,

    Exactly! JB has no business to do what he did, he is such a low class lawyer! God forbid he never needs any favor from NG! JB’s defense is “an entertaining defense”… they are laughable! IMO


    1. Baez was on NG early on, he and CA are the ones I believe are responsible for ‘tainting’ they jury pool. It appears Baez is either a foolish young attorney, or he is oober smart….I believe he knows his client will be found guilty since they are spending much time on the mitigating factors…I have a great feeling the aggravating factors will outweigh thos mitigators AF is bringing front and center…
      Whatever they say would be considered specualtion or hearsay, so I do wonder if Inmate Casey Anthony is contemplating taking the witness stand in her own defense. She believes she is such an effective liar that she might pull one over on this jury…I wish her luck…she’ll need it! JMHO

      Justice for Caylee


  5. Thank you, Dr. Glass, for all your articles especially this week. Although it is very sad about Caylee, it is interesting watch Casey. I hope we will see justice for Caylee.


  6. Dr. Glass, I have the most respect for you and your opinion. I understand that CBS paid gave money to Casey’s team for a new wardrobe for her. Perhaps they did not want her looking bad on their station. I would assumed attorney Reyes would of shopped for her. Have you ever noticed how Casey always comes into a room an leans her head to the left side of her body, as if she is in a full strut? The same when she sits. Is this some kind of a mating call? Or a sign of her I come!


  7. Hi Dr Glass
    great article! are you aware that Jose Baez has been on the Nancy Grace show and Jane Velez Mitchell which is also HLN.
    Would be nice if you could research it and get copies of those transcripts / pic of him on their shows and do a story.

    Because he has been on their show repeatedly and insessions is connected to HLN and they have done stories and have pics of Jose and mason.

    Amazing how they lie and put their selves out there and than holler’ media is doing us wrong we hate them! when jose has been on so many shows like 48 hrs the morning shows and the list goes on.

    we need to saturate the public with this information because he needs to be brought down to size ya think.

    once again thanks for a great article.



  8. I remember that Segment with Nancy Grace and Baez from July 23, 2008 very well.
    Nancy Grace did a fabulous Job when speaking and asking Questions with Defense Attorney Jose Baez.
    I knew way back than Baez was avoiding Nancy Grace’s Questions by making Stuff up as he went along and most of the Answers he gave were far from the Truth as we later found out. Also he liked to blame even from the Start Law Enforcement for not doing their Job!
    No wonder I was disgusted with Baez even from the start of this Case. He is so transparent it’s not funny! Again Nancy Grace did a awesome Job questioning Baez. He was squirming trying to find any kind of Answer, almost comical to watch.
    Baez hasn’t changed much, he is still trying to come up with any kind of Excuse for his Client he thinks he can get away with. JMO


  9. To quote Nancy Grace “You can put perfume on a pig but it’s still a pig”. aka You can put pastel on a baby killer but it’s still a baby killer. The news “buzz” is that Cindy and George are still backing Casey! Who will stand up for Caylee? Please those of you that live in Florida, please attend the trial and fill Caylee’s side with support. Casey is coming across as the only victim in the courtroom. Poor poor lovely little Caylee, my heart cries for you little one.


  10. Dr. Glass, In your next assessment can you comment on Casey’s hair? Is she allowed to get it cut? I think the extra-long-stringy ponytail is just awful, and the back pouff on the top of her head looks like Snooki from Jersey Shore (not that I want her to look any better though!). Are the bangs new or has she always had them? I think the bangs are to help her hide from the camera.


    1. I don’t believe Casey would be permitted to have any scissors in her jail cell to cut her hair as scissors could be used as a weapon. I imagine she is allowed to cut her hair as they may very well have barbers and hairdressers who may contract with the jail to keep inmates groomed, especially as inmates go to trial. I am not certain about this.
      I believe that the long hair may be an attention getting or poor me ploy to show everyone just how long she has been in jail and how she hasnt been able to get a haircut as a result of her time spent there . It is also a way of making a subtle time demarcation for the jurors,. In photos they will see the shorter haired younger version of Casey and now in person they can see the longer haired more “mature” version of Casey. it will help play on the mitigating factor of her young age at the time of the incident. I think that the bangs have just grown out.


      1. IMO, age only comes into play as a mitigator when the defense can prove at what AGE Ms Anthony was when she was first abused.

        Was she a victim of incest as a toddler? Did she have wellness visits with her pediatrician and did he/she upon physical exam see the s/s of sexual abuse? These documents and follow up reporting can readily be brought forward. The pediatrician can be called as a witness for the defense. Ms Anthony can sign off on her HIPPA confidentiality clause and have everything relative to her abuse become evidence.

        This documentation would help Ms Anthony if she is going to “indict” her parents for abuse and her fear and overwhelming anxiety over the fact that she feared for her daughter’s safety and her inability to escape the abuse*. A “mercy killing” defense will never fly but I have often wondered if it has been an ongoing trial theory since the remains were found.

        *It has been reported by D. Fanning that the defendant stole approximately 45K from Mrs Anthony, et al. over the years.
        A financial autopsy was performed and if it is proven that Casey spent the funds on herself than the inability to escape the abuse falls on deaf ears.


  11. I was so hoping one of the potential jurors would have said: Yes I have watched Nancy Grace and I especially liked the segments that you were on Mr. Baez.


  12. Dr. Lillian,

    I would like your input on Casey’s body language/expression when one of the potential jurors was talking about the fact that she and her husband had lost a son in an accident and had to cooperate with the police, even though it was grisly and very difficult for them. She said that losing a child was one of the worse things that could happen to a person. She stated something to the effect that she thought Casey was guilty because she lied to the police and did not help in the investigation and seemed disgusted that Casey would do that. Casey seemed to be VERY angry at this potential juror. Ann Finnel leaned over and, I assume, marked this potential juror off her list, as the woman was excused, then Casey continued to mark over Ann Finnel’s mark over and over… appearing that she was placing a lot of pressure on the pen, in a furious sort of way.


  13. On NG’s Friday night show she cleared the record up. Baez had whined to the media and to Judge Perry and he had overtly lied to both when he denied ever telling Casey that she was acting like a 2y/o. NG looked directly into the camera and spoke to Baez. She told him that they have him on tape and then she played it again. Clear as a bell!

    I am very disappointed to know that Jose Baez blatantly lied to Judge Perry and the media. It does not engender much confidence in the lead atty of a death penalty case to see that he may be as adept a liar as his client.

    Did Casey look at any of the jurors on Day 6?? I saw some of it on Sat but I could not tell if she was looking at the jurors.

    I agree that Casey’s tops during jury selection have fit better and have not been as inappropriate or sleazy as her earlier choices have been. However, she needs to sharpen up her look several levels. Her current look is wayyy to casual and somewhat sloppy. It does send the message to me that she is taking this trial seriously enough.

    Yep, as you said months ago, she needs a navy or black pant suit that fits well. Since CM reads this blog hopefully he will let Baez know this pronto.


  14. Dr. Glass, have you commented on what appears to be some type of sedation taken place in kc this past week? I’m worried that the jurors are not going to see the real monster. Her eyes, that used to bug out of her head are now barely open, and her anger barely surfaces.


  15. Well all through the trial I would like as many of the Caylee supporters to post Caylees’ pic as a profile pic so Casey and her defense team can see her face through the entire trial. Thank You


      1. Here is the site that you use to get a Word Press Gravatar~

        Just find an image of Caylee or whatever and save it to yopur preferred file then follow the instructions to upload the pic. Crop it and finish and you are done!


    1. sandra, great idea
      Every One know who that Case is really about!
      We haven’t forgotten!
      Justice for Caylee Marie Anthony!


  16. Thanks for the article, Dr. Glass.

    I do not like Casey Anthony or her family one least little bit, but even more so I dislike Jose Baez. I hold Jose Baez completely responsible for this complete circus. I believe that Casey Anthony probably has been “used” by her family (what is one of the things Finnell charges the family with… using her as a “decoy”?) …but think about it, we would not be here at all with Jose Baez using Casey Anthony to make a name for himself.

    If Baez cared about his client he certainly would never have engaged in all the bizarre shenanigans that he has. A responsible attorney (who actually cared for Miss Anthony) would have worked to get her the best deal….now instead we have this ridiculous trial that is really all about Jose! I wonder how Casey feels to realize that now that they are in the 7th stretch that Baez is casting her aside so he can flirt with the jurors and USE her to advance his career. It is truly reprehensible.


  17. I came across this post today and I found it very scary. I sure hope that this atty is WRONG.

    Will Casey Anthony get the Death Penalty?


    Here is everything you need to know about the death penalty as it relates to Casey Anthony.


    This comes from someone who makes a living telling clients “maybe” and “could happen”. Lawyers never talk in black and white. This one however, is pretty clear.

    The realities are:
    -The death penalty has nothing to do with how much the public hates you. The prior history of the defendant is key…and she has none. The nature and details of the killing are key..and we don’t even know how the death occurred.
    -The death penalty is reserved for the worst of the worst killings, and never given to deaths that could be accidental or negligent or even run of the mill I-want-you-dead killings.
    -If all they got is she put her kid to sleep to go to a bar and something went wrong…they may not even get a first degree conviction and the death penalty is off the table unless the State can prove intentional premeditated murder.
    -The State would have to prove specific “aggravators” to get a death penalty verdict, and so far it appears the only aggravators (2) deal with the age of the victim. I am not aware of any death penalty given in this state for age of victim alone.
    It is unfortunate that the public is geared up for outcomes that just are not reality in our system..

    Diana Tennis – Orlando


    1. In my Opinion Casey Anthony won’t get the Death Penalty at the same time Life without Parole would be sufficient for her.
      A Crime has been committed, Caylee Anthony’s Death was Homicide by undetermined Means, never less Homicide.
      The Jurors will have the Responsibility after hearing and seeing all the Evidence to come back with a Verdict.
      It has nothing to do with hating Casey and everything to do with Justice. JMO


    2. NancyB-You might not be too clued into the “realities” (sometimes called facts) relative to this defendant. She is a convicted felon.


  18. Casey’s anger about the guilt by omission is telling. She knows it is the biggest challenge she has given her defense team. This is part of the story is not a lie. Her omission was real. Tattoo included!


  19. Maybe he’s grinning so much because if they don’t like Nancy Grace maybe they’ve never seen HIS appearance there.


  20. Nancy Grace has made a fortune off of these idiots. She makes me sick, but I still tune in to see what she is going to say about this case. When the case is over, I don’t know if I will watch her or not. But for now, I’m watching. How does Casey feel when juror after juror says they have already formed an opinion, and its is that she is guilty. If she is not putting 2 and 2 together yet, she is stupider that I thought.


    1. rob, Nancy Grace can be aggravating to watch at times, especially the Way she talks to her Guests.
      I am surprised some of those People let her talk to them the Way she does and even come back for more 😆
      At the same time some times she gets it right and when she questioned Baez back in 2008 was one of those times.


    2. Yes, I agree. She cashes in on drama, sensationalism and drama. It’s a shame and you’d think her conscience would preclude this kind of manner of making money, but people are selfish and don’t seem to care how they get money in their pocket. Her guests are usually uninformed, and when they disagree, she gets fussy and won’t shut the hell up so they can make a point. It would be the only redeeming factor of an otherwise worthless expenditure of time, effort and energy.


  21. I cant believe those are new clothes. She looks awful, like she just rolled out of bed. The colors do nothing but wash her out. That DT has gone to great lengths to make their client and themselves look good and appealing to the public, cant one of these geniuses buy the girl some COURT CLOTHES! And get her hair done, she looks like a mad woman with that wild hair hanging down her back. JMO.


  22. It’s no Surprise that Mr. Baez and also Casey A. take every Chance they have to put down Nancy Grace, after All Nancy
    Grace sees right through them and their BS and is not afraid
    to call them out on it!


  23. Dr. Glass how will the jurors (men) at her trial react when they see casey cry fake tears and will they be able to tell? Also if she ever does cry real tears will they be able to see that she is crying for herself and not Caylee? Thank you.


  24. Dr. G, I noticed that when I put Caylees profile pic as my F/B profile pic and went on to blog, somehow they started blocking any comments that anyone with or using Caylees pic was blocked, I guess the defense team didnt like looking at Caylees picture. I didnt know they could block my F/B blogging


  25. I think she should wear fire engine red, tight fitting, and low cut to expose her cleavage. This is her last chance to seduce Mr. Baez and Mason—and she will need to show her seductive side to the male jurors so they “like” her and give her a break. yep…I vote that she wear her short blue mini dress also, and perhaps if she testifies she can demonstrate to the court “how to pole dance”.


  26. Dr. G Do we know if Caylee was put in the 3 garbage bags before or after she was dead, who ever did this could have put her to sleep with the chloroform and then put her in the bags. Just trying to make some sense out of this sad mess.


  27. Very interesting to read others perception of the Casey Anthony trial and how it is being conducted.

    Has anyone else noticed that any chair that Casey sits on (she does move from to another) is immediately lowered to its lowest setting. This is done on purpose to make Casey look childlike, delicate and pitiful. It must be really uncomfortable as she is barely able to put her elbows on the table. The chair is at least 6 inches lower than the lawyers on either side of her.

    Dr. Glass – is this a common strategy with defense lawyers? I’m sure there are other subtle things going that are still unidentified, but the lowering of the chair is very obvious to me and who knows….maybe it’s have its desired effect on the jurors.


  28. Jose Baez learned to lie just as good as Casey Anthony…. Not only is Baez a morally BANKRUPT man… he is a BANKRUPT professional who needs to be investigated by the Florida Bar…It took him over 6 years to pass the bar and has no limits as too whom he tries to throw under the bus. The defense has ever changing theories as the prosecution hammers his own witness’ and makes the defense look foolish and unintelligent…. anything less then felony MURDER is a huge injustice and puts our justice system in great jeopardy… just claim sexual molestation and you get away with MURDER…. PLEASE…. anyone who thinks she is not guilty is brain/common sense bankrupt. somebody slap him back into reality…. hahaha


  29. Interesting assessment and agree about her clothes!!! They do not look like anything she would wear.

    If you are the biggest liar and even baez calls her a liar then why would the jurors believe a word that came from the defense when the know this fact? Why believe a story told from that side when you can’t believe anything Casey says?

    I wonder why they could get away with saying nothing was found in the home consistant with making chloroform when I’m sure she had acetone (nail polish remover) and chlorine/bleach (pool/laundry) available to make chloroform.

    On the computer search saying it was about her bf’s myspace and all those times going back and forth, could it be he was there as well fixing up his page from her house? Could he actually be involved? I haven’t learned that much about him and he’s never in the court room.

    I hope this jury gives Caylee the justice she deserves!!!

    Even tho I believe Casey guilty i do not blame Baez for doing his job, I just think he sucks at it.

    Sorry taking up so much space, my mind won’t relax. Every time I hear Caylee sing “you are my sunshine” I start crying. My granddaughter and I sing it all the time.


  30. Nancy Grace is a joke. All she is, is a female Jerry springer. She jumps on these topics, accomplishes nothing, produces hot air, useless drama and tension. She’s just another media blowhard that we do not need. CNN is diminished by their association with her.


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