Casey Anthony’s Body Language More Contained on Day 5, But Still Leaks Out Significant Signals, Especially Around Newest Member of Her Team

There has been a  major  change in Casey’s courtroom demeanor from Day 1, to Day 2 to Day 3 to Day 4 to now  Day 5.  While she is less frigidity she still leaks out some significant body language cues,. Here she is with apparent “cotton mouth” as she licks her lips and purses them,  indicating nervousness right before jury selection begins on Day 5.

Here we see her touching her throat area which indicates that she is feeling vulnerable.

She holds on to this are which is one  of the most vulnerable areas of the body for a significant length of time as she looks at  the newest member of the team Rosalie Bolin. The fact that she is pressing hard on this area which controls her breathing and airstream is also significant in my view. It is especially  relevant in light of the fact that she is accused of snuffing out little Caylee’s airstream and respiratory  life line.

Here we see Casey with a very happy and genuine full- on toothy  smile. We don’t usually see her with such a broad smile and happy face.

The fact that her fingers are intertwined and clasped together shows she is trying her best to contain herself.   This incongruent body language indicates that she has most likely been told how to act (more contained) . Even so, she can’t help leaking out her real emotions.

The bottom line is that no matter how coached Casey is to sit still , she  always leak out significant body language tells because  THE BODY DOESN’T LIE! If she gets on the stand,  we will salso discover  that her VOICE  AND SPEECH PATTERNS WILL NOT LIE either.

When people hear what you have to say and listen to the tone of your voice, there are such significant tells that people pick up which show that you are lying. So if Casey takes the stand she cannot  help but leak out these signals to a juror. 

 I belive her team knows this and that is why they may not want her on the stand. If she is grilled by the prosecution there may be all kinds of speech, vocal and body  language slip ups on Casey’s part.

While  she may be coached to sit still  making  jurors  less distracted by her ,  over a two month period, seeing her on a daily basis, jurors  will be paying  very close attention to her. As a result they wull scrutinize her every move as they continue to  form their opinions of her.

It is interesting to note that Casey has been in  much better spirits since her  mitigator Ms. Bolin has arrived on the scene.  She is chatty and smiley and happy.

Even though  Ms. Bolin’s personal life has raised eyebrows with her having left her attorney husband and children, only to be married to a man on death row who is  a convicted serial killer, Ms. Bolin project does  manage to project  a warmth and friendliness towards Casey.

This warmth  is  complete with  physcial touches,  pats, and back holding,  for which Casey no dount  hungers.  After being deprived of human contact for so many years, Casey thrives on the warm touch of another person. Ms. Bolin is now  there to fill this role.

When Baez and Mason kept touching her it gave mixed signals and  the impression of flirtation  which could even be misconstrued as  sexual harassment. But now that motherly looking  and acting Ms. Bolin is on the scene to provide touches and caresses towards Casey, it gives an entirely different impression

As the jury sees Casey’s and Ms. Bolin’s warm and friendly interaction, it may reflect a sharp contrast of Casey’s realtionship with her own  mother Cindy, whom Casey and her team will portray as “abusive”.   

The bottom line is that  Casey’s  change in body language indicates  that she is extremely happy about the new addition to her team .


10 thoughts on “Casey Anthony’s Body Language More Contained on Day 5, But Still Leaks Out Significant Signals, Especially Around Newest Member of Her Team

  1. There is something about a woman (Ms. Bolin) who left her family (husband and young daughters) to marry a killer she met in jail (one of his victims was 17 years old…a child, herself, imo,) giving emotional and physical comfort to an accused murderer (Casey Anthony) that I find repugnant. If the defense is lucky, the jury members will not know about these facts.
    I also don’t know what to make of Ms. Bolin’s huge butt being aimed at the camera as she leans over the table to speak to Casey…well…actually, I guess that body language is loud and clear. But, it makes for a very classless and poor impression and a very ugly spectacle! Eeeee-yuuuu!


    1. I agree with all you have said.

      I found a quote by Ms. Bolin concerning her marriage to the rapist/murderer-I have to paraphrase-she’s happy not to have a man around constantly so this type of marriage fits her.


      1. Great post there Forrest! Must of been the day she wore the red dress, thought it was a giant Killer tomato!


  2. You state that the body doesn’t lie, and voice and speech patterns do not lie. Would Medication affect these patterns? Casey has been more at ease the last 2 days then the first 3 days. Could she be medicated and does that change the way she would act on the stand?


    1. Sandi

      Coming from someone who has been observing her in court cases for many, many months, it is very obvious that Casey was on medication beginning on Thursday morning, after that late afternoon “panic attack” (or whatever it was) on Wednesday. She was zombified on Thursday morning and for much of the day. There is no amount of coaching that would account for that. Today (Saturday), she didn’t seem to be as medicated. But, I am 100% certain that she was on medication on Thursday and Friday.


      1. I’m sure that she was medicated, too….but, does that a

        ffect the body language. if the body never lies and voice and speech do not lie, will those things shine through even if someone is medicated…or does it cover up the real person?


  3. If you think back through the history of this case, she has done this same thing every single time a new member has been added to the DT. She is giddy, first because they are more inclined to pay special attention to her (which we all know she obsessed with being the center of attention) and second because she feels very self important with all of these people coming on to defend her. Also of note, as these people get to know her a little more and see her ungrateful and spoiled behavior, they start to disengage from the “fawning” behavior and this causes her clear anxiety (as you and others have said, Dr. Glass) and her replacement of that affection with another person is desperate and apparent. It becomes more and more apparent every day that this is exactly what happened when Caylee arrived, she was replaced as the center of attention and she felt resentment and jealousy but more importantly would also explain her overwhelming need to seek out and replace the lost attention at home with that of a series of men.


  4. I think Casey is being medicated, either by a real doctor, or someone is giving her drugs everyday..Some Valium 2.5 MG and some Effexer and maybe a little Abilify and that is why she is at her throat. She is drugged. That is for sure. She likes Bolin because they are both Fruitcakes!


  5. I agree that Casey is enjoying a new member on the defense team. I question if it is partly because she enjoys having someone new to deceive. She has seemed to enjoy any new member at least for a while. At times I think Casey is going to self destruct right before our eyes. Eight weeks is going to be a very long time for her to maintain composure as evidence is presented.


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