Day 4 Jose Baez Sets The Record Straight, Is Concerned About Body Language Analysis While Casey Appears More Focused


On day four of jury selection, Jose Baez got up in court today and said that he did not tell Casey to stop acting like a two year old which was previously  reported throughout the mainstream  the press. If that is the case I accept that and feel that he is owed an  apology as mainstream media reported this as a fact.


Jose was also  mentioned that he was concerned about body language experts and  body language analysis.  No doubt he must have read my analysis and viewed my interview on Orlando’s Wesh 2

Whether he likes it or not he must realize is that the jury will be looking at every single body language nuance when it comes to him, Mason, and Casey. His every move is under the public microscope whether he likes it or not Casey will be under the microscope and he needs to make sure she presents herself in a way that gives her an equal  advantage. That means he needs to stop her grooming and fidgeting  and crying and flirting, laughing, giggling,  and touching and carrying.

It also means in my view they will be looking at his interaction with Casey and at Cheney Mason’s interaction with Casey and ter and  the rest of the attorneys interaction with Casey. They will notice laughing and  playfulness, touching and even perceived  flirtations .

The body doesn’t lie! People do form opinions by what they see and what they think they see. Whether they are  accurate or not, people make assumptions based on how others come across body language  wise and communication wise.


Today Casey appeared to be in a better mood. Her hands seemed to be working  much better than they were on Day 3. In fact they appeared to be working rather well and she used her hands in an animated fashion while speaking to a woman in red outfit and when she was writing.  She was all smiles. It seemed that she and Jose were also  in much better spirits with one another as well. So any  negative looking  issues which may have appeared to be between them appear  to have been resolved.



Casey was less fidgety and didn’t groom herself as much. So someone  must have finally set her straight. She looks much better when she sit  up, focuses and pays attention without the extraneous body  movements.

This is a drastic change in what we have been seeing of Casey during the past few days  It will be interesting if Casey can keep this up. If so, she has a much better chance of being perceived more positively and thus get a better chance at having a fair trial.


22 thoughts on “Day 4 Jose Baez Sets The Record Straight, Is Concerned About Body Language Analysis While Casey Appears More Focused

  1. No amount of coaching should stand in the way of Caylee’s justice. I hope the potential jurors have their eyes wide open to the chameleon that is ICA.
    A fair trial leading to conviction on all counts is the conclusion I pray the jury reaches after hearing all the evidence. They will have to wade through the muddy waters of the DT & their client.
    I just want her & those who chose complicity are fully held accountable.
    Caylee Marie is the only victim & she’s waited for justice long enough!


  2. Interesting Baez is so ‘concerned’ — he is analyzing every prospective juror… by what s/he says, doesn’t say, and by his/her body language, whether he realizes it or not…why is he even commenting at all and “setting people straight,” he should not be so vocal…if he wants to read Dr. Lillians blog for insight, well that is one thing…he might learn a thing or two to help him as an attorney!!

    Casey was CLEARY coached for today’s appearance–


  3. HAVE TO ADD: I was SO impressed by the responses of the two jurors who were questioned today!! I have to say I was pleasantly surprised that a random sample of the population (with driver’s licenses) were, or appeared to be so conscientious and forthright. I have a new appreciation for the intelligence of the American people!


  4. I think the defense is going to say Caylee drowned in the pool accidently (not a rare death for child that age)
    Casey will claim she could not admit to being such a failure as a parent to her parents, her friends , her boyfriends.
    She could not tell her parents because she is so intimidated by them and so mentally ill because of their expectations of her. GAG


  5. They may very well try and blame it on an accidental drowning. The interesting part will be, how they explain that the duct tape, accidentally wrapped itself around that poor baby’s head. This case is so sickening. I WISH I could be on that jury.


  6. Good article Dr. Glass, Jose could and should learn daily from reading this blog..however, that will never last long with him…because like Casey it is all about them….the incident about calling her a two year old..was plainly seen on the tape and heard on the tape from the courtroom. He can deny it all he wants, but the words were spoken and he shot her a dirty look and then flipped his yellow pad over very quickly…it’s there on the tape from look on day 1 tape…love your posts and read them daily..jmc


  7. Dr. Glass, you are so knowledgeable in your field. Thank you for your ongoing review each day; I find your conclusions to be very accurate and enlightening. I am glad that J. Baez reads your blog and is encouraging Casey on how to behave properly. I can’t wait for the trial to begin, though, as I believe all of her bizarre mannerisms will return with a vengeance.


  8. Yeah, did Casey accidently Google neck breaking and chloroform? How about analyzing her body language on the jail tapes. She certainly doesn’t appear scared of her parents, in fact she is in control. They kow-tow to her. Baez did make the “you’re acting like a two year old comment” I heard it myself. It was not in reference to her crying in court, IMO it was in reference to something she wrote or drew on the tablet she showed him. We need a lip reader to tell us what Casey’s response was to his scolding. Love you Dr. Glass! Keep up the good work, I’ve seen the other body language pundits and they have nothing on you. The guy on Nancy Grace last night was a joke.


  9. Most public figures don’t read about themselves, don’t watch themselves on air and generally dismiss any commentaries about themselves, particularily the negative ones. It appears that Jose Baez is clearly insecure and seeking approval, respect and wants to be believed. The amount of courtroom time he has spent responding to or addressing public accounts of his, his team’s or his clients words or actions is pathetic. Every time he mentions news reports or blogs screams volumes of his insecurity and lack of confidence, never mind professionalism. He has some serious issues with self image, self esteem and performance. It undermines his abilities and adds to an already daunting task of defending the indefensible.


    1. I was just going to say that if Baez is in fact reading her blog,then perhaps dont give him pointers on what casey needs to change! LOL Please DR G,dont help the defense…lol Let her preen and laugh and smile all the way to her guilty verdict 🙂


  10. Wasn’t it caught on audio that he told her she was acting like a 2 year old? Something had to have happened between the 2 cause hasn’t she been not sitting by him the past few days after it was reported he had said that too her?


    1. He did say it to her, you can youtube it. Now she’s the ice queen. What a creep that new addition to her team is. The mitigation specialist that divorced her hubby and left her kids for a serial killer on death row that is convicted of raping and murdering 3 women, one 17, and is suspected in at least 4 more. Too bad Manson isn’t available, maybe they could use him as a jury consultant.


  11. Dr. Glass: I enjoy reading your articles. You are right on.

    Although, I am no fan of Baez, he has his hands full with that girl. She is old enough to know how to act. This crying in court is nothing but a ploy for sympathy. She has no problem showing her anger either. She is disgusting and despicable. Many people have heard Baez telling Casey to “stop acting like a 2 yr. old” and he is has now denied saying it. Why lie? Of course, it is not the first time he has been caught in a lie.

    It looks like the defense is going to claim Caylee’s death was an accident and Casey was afraid to tell her parents. If this wasn’t such a sad, sad case it would be laughable. If anything George and Cindy were afraid of her from viewing the jail house video’s. They walked on egg shells around her.
    She had no respect for her parents whatsoever. How does the defense claim “duct tape” an accident. They are making it sound like Casey is a victim and Caylee is the forgotten one who deserves justice.


    1. I think Baez’s 2-yr-old comment is so despicable because Casey killed a 2-yr-old. I’m sure he regrets it, but there’s also times he’d probably like to duct tape Casey.


  12. wow it is interesting to watch casey with all of her new surrogate mothers the coy smiling and giggles and sideway glances with the NEW player (who is married to a serial killer).One would watch and think they were making a lunch date. Scary stuff. She thinks she is one of the girls now –hug me look at my hands , but in the long run casey cannot control her anger-the look on her face after Baez was flirting with the nursing student was priceless.


  13. Mr Baez, since you are reading here and availing yourself of Dr Glass’s advice for free, just the following. PLEASE, for the love of all things sacred, STOP dressing a child killer in shades of pastel. The very colours her sweet little girl should have been waring today. Dressing that monster in pastel and trying to pass her off as an innocent packet of soft coloured “Endearments” is just pissing people off …. big time!!!!!!!

    Put the thing in a black suit as Dr Glass suggested ages ago, PLEASE.


  14. Why advise on Caseys clothing colors? Let her wear baby lavender and blue and yes, pink! Let the influence of that hit the jurors who will see the misjustice of it. What would be better – her famous blue dress or maybe a red mini….the jurors will think she’s still partying. How about sunshine yellow? Nah, let her wear black and be in mourning finally.


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