Does Casey Anthony’s Body Language Indicate She’s Continuing To Manipulate By Claiming Illness or Is Reality Finally Setting In?


Besides her alleged non- tearing crying behavior,  which appeared to me to manipulative and will not work in her favor with regard to the jury pool, Casey has now drawn even more  attention to herself by claiming illness.

Yesterday she was lead away by deputies after she was seen showing one of her female attorneys, Ms. Simms, what was wrong with her hands.

Casey kept opening and closing her hands and  looking at them.  Ms. Simms appeared to be very concerned as she leaned over to Casey and tried to give her some helpful hints and comfort her as we can see in the photo above.

Her illness  even garnered her some additional physical contact with another attorney in Baez’s office Ms. Ruiz  as  she placed her hand on Casey’s shoulder to comfort her.

 This is obviously the only physical contact Casey received throughout the day. She certainly did not receive any of her usual touches from Baez or Mason as she has received in the past. 

Not only were Baez and Mason focused on the very important jury selection process, there appeared to be  some  tension between Casey and Baez in my view. Baez appered very disturbed about her crying in front of the jury pool and allegedly according to the press  told her to not act like a two year old .

The withdrawal of  his affections may have possibly affected her greatly and added to her anxiety levels. Casey has never before seen Jose so serious faced towards her and so unresponsive. This may  no doubt be  upsetting her internally and having an affect on her motionally and physically.

Previously we have seen Cheney Mason continuously touch her and place his hand on her back and give her lots of attention. There has been  a lot of  back and forth whispering going on as he addressed her every question and concern. But in the jury selection process he has been ignoring her. He is preoccupied and completely focused on picking the right jurors for her trial.

There is no doubt that she misses the physical attention from her two male lawyers. Thus, she may have acted out in hopes that they would come to her rescue and comfort her with a physical touch. Instead, they essentially  ignored her.

The only physical touch she received was when the two officers gave her physical  assistance to lead her into the back room.

 We can see in the above  photo that Casey does look a bit pale and she is blowing out large puffs of air as she exhales through her mouth. She does this in order to oxygenate herself.

The furrowed forehead leads me to believe that Casey may very well be in some sort of physical discomfort. But that physical discomfort may have been brought about by the emotional discomfort she is feeling because of her alienation of  attention from Baez and the lack of focus on her by Mason.

While Casey may very well  have been crying out for attention, I believe that she may have also been having a genuine anxiety attack.  With Baez and Mason focused on other things, there is no longer anyone  there to coddle her emotionally. From Casey’s perspective , it may have been a huge mistake  to turn away the only person who has continually shown her emotional support her own mother.

 After rejecting her mother’s Mother Day visit, the one person who could now  help her cope with her high  anxiety levels. It is very possible that we may be seeing more of this physial manifetion of her emotional  state as she has no one to turn to for attention and support.  We may be seeing more and more of  her  physical manifestations brought about by her emotional state. There may very well be continued  numbness in her hands and trouble breathing. She may very well feel light-headed and dizzy with a rapid heart beat  with  sharp pains in her heart as her levels of anxiety skyrocket throughout the trial.


50 thoughts on “Does Casey Anthony’s Body Language Indicate She’s Continuing To Manipulate By Claiming Illness or Is Reality Finally Setting In?

  1. When all other attempts at getting attention from the two male lawyers fails, Casey gets the “vapors”. She is the manipulator, taught well by her parents’ manipulations probably and by her own success in manipulating everyone and everything around her. That grooming of the bangs yesterday in court was quite sickening.


  2. The bangs grooming made me want to scream, Stop it! How irritating! I bet the prospective jurors just loved seeing that (insert sarcasm here).

    Like one of the commentors said on your last post, this reaction is quite similar to her reaction when the remains of Caylee were found. Her body is fighting against her desire to deceive everyone into believing she did not murder her child.


      1. Hi Dr. Glass: If I were on that jury, I’d certainly react to it. Do you remember Pamela Smart? She was always playing with her hair as well and look what happened to her. Even in tv specials about her case in the last few years, she’s still doing it. Whenever she’s not fiddling with it, she’s tossing her head to one side so the hair goes flying back. To me it shows complete narcissism.

        I am a self-teaching/taught student of body language and I love your observations. Jon


  3. of interest in the last picture, is to look at the FEMALE GUARD who has been sitting behind Casey and escorting her into and out of the courtroom…there is an absolute look of disgust on this woman’s face…there is no doubt in my mind that Casey has been a very difficult prisoner of this jail to handle…she appears to be very demanding and the courtroom security is tired of her crap…i can see it in their faces…watch closely…we have not seen anything yet…when she finally gets to Orlando and is guarded very heavily she is going to faint for sure, and many times just for the attention….jmc


  4. I agree that she was having an anxiety attack, also that she cut the bangs to try to hide behind. Its all coming crashing down on her now, and no way out. I know hearing those jurors saying that they had already formed an opinion got to her. It was all guilty. They’re not going to be the pushover her family was. I hate to hear what the new defense is going to be. That will probably turn her last allies (her family) against her.


  5. Dr. Lillian Glass,

    Thank you for your analysis! KC has shown no repect for her parents, ever! I can’t say I am sorry for them but that’s not the way she should be treating them since they have lied and supported her throughout this ordeal. But I have a feeling I know why… after hearing JB questioning the potential juror I am getting more and more sure they will say KC never had the support of her family! Now, that will be hard to swallow, it will be the ultimate betrayal to her parents.

    Let’s see, KC didn’t have a job for two years, she had a car given by her mother to her… she lived with her parents, she stole from her parents and grandparents, stole from Amy Huizenga, who bought clothing and fed Caylee? JB will have the nerve to play the “sorry card”? I disgusted with the defense team!

    Dr. Lillian, please tell me jurors won’t buy this BS!!!!


  6. I just started listening and am thinking/wondering! if casey was to be found not guilty!!
    where would she live…. since she has burned the bridge to return home… and if she has not she will before trials over and she slings all that molestation crap!!

    Will she go home with mason as a nanny or nanny for jose and his wife!!

    where will she go!! she has no friends and is now working on making enemies out of her counsel… this close to trial…. not good … oh and about the hair grooming!! omg I wanted to scream or reach through my monitor and choke her… or pop a handful of valium… she is annoying……..


    1. Great questions. If she is found not guilty she won’t have to live with anyone. She will be so wealthy she can buy her own mansion after getting so many book deals, a reality show offer and film deal. She will make many new “friends” who will come out of the woodwork. .


  7. Casey can’t stand all the stress and no attention on her.
    “me me me me”

    This attitude of “me me” will work well with the defense saying George and Lee molested her, and her mother used her as a pawn. we are to believe “gee no wonder Casey is all about me, she was starved for attention and used and abused”
    My dad was horrific with me, I was 14 when he told me I could either shoot my dog (a stray he let me keep for 2 years) Or he would just go shoot her.
    I couldn’t believe it, i ran and hid, I WAS NOT GOING TO SHOOT HER, while hiding in the woods, I heard the gunshot.
    there is more, but that is enough.

    I lived on in my life, I made sure I never repeated how my dad treated me to my children.
    At age 21 I had my first son, I always told him I loved him, I always will, and I have never repeated the h orrible things that happened to me in my childhood to my own children.

    To me, this defense of Casey was abused is utterly bs.
    I was abused, I still have a lead from a pencil in my cheek from dad. I still love my dad, but I learned from him, and I was kind , loving, protective to my 2 sons and 1 daughter. Just because Dad did that to me, did not mean I would do that to my babies, my children, and now my adult children.


  8. Thank you Dr. Glass for your awesome insight into this case .
    I learn from you.
    Just because I was abused did not mean I would ever abuse my pets, my friends, my spouse, and most of all, NOT MY CHILDREN.

    Live and learn.

    Everything anyone ever affected you with, will teach you.
    Now if you were abused do you turn into an abuser?
    Casey did, so angry, plus, Krazy ran the show at her house.
    NO doubt in my mind it was the most dysfunctional house on the block of 4 homes. Mine was worse, and I never abused nor neglected my pets, let alone, any people, let alone MY CHILDREN.


  9. I hope i can type this to your bloggers.
    Yes I was abused not sexually that I can remember, but
    physcially , and mentally.
    I was taught from dad I was stupid, If I could not answer a math question, he stood over me and thumped my head.
    I got so energized about that, out of the blue i would blurt out an answer to apease him so he would not keep thumping my forhead.
    ironically, my answer would be right.
    that gave me the gift of “guessdamate”
    \ and it served me well in my ;life.
    I knew within a dollar of a grocery cart filled with any and everything without counting as I went, but at the check out counter, I knew just guessing my bill within a dolllar or less.

    I still remember dad fumping me on the head when i was in 3rd grade, I still remember dad shooting my dog, yet he allowed my brothers to all have one.
    I remember so much, but i never EVER applied my pain upon my children
    I learned from those bad days, and i made my future and my childrens future BETTER.


  10. i NEED to add, that though I was thought of as stupid, My IQ is high, 43.
    I was so insecure that when I found out I had a high IQ I was shocked.

    actually I don’t believe in IQ’s judging how intelligent a person is.

    Common sense is always my favorite , and I have plenty of that.

    Hubby is a micro biologist research scientist, yet he can’t figure out how to close a gate behind him so the cows don’t get out.
    He doesn’t know the dirt road is too wet so he gets stuck.



  11. lol i MEANT 143 IQ
    IQ’s change in time. we get older.

    still laughing i typed in 43

    Common sense is your ticket here on earth


    1. One of the best bumper stickers I ever saw:

      “Common Sense is no longer very Common”–(somthing like that! How true!)


  12. Ruth,

    Thanks for sharing your experience!

    In KC’s case, I believe she doesn’t take responsibility for her actions, maybe Cindy and George enabled her, so what? We have seen KC runs the show in that house, she manipulated all of them, not the other way around, from what we have learned.

    I wonder how will the defense say KC didn’t kill Caylee and she was partying, never reported her daughter missing, stole money from family, made up a lot of lies, made up a nanny kidnapped Caylee, and her parents abused her and we are supposed to believe her now? Really?

    That’s just disgusting!


  13. I’ve noticed today that Casey has not “groomed” and “primped” as much as she has in the previous days…. thank god–that behavior is so annoying did one of her lawyers tell her to “knock it off”???


  14. is it possible that they will give her some form of psychiatric meds to prevent these kind of attacks in the future; also to partially deaden some of her responses?


  15. Allrighty then, let’s get real!
    This snoddy, inmature, disrespectful biotch will get the Death Penalty. Want to know why? Because of what she did to her daughter, and because of the media publicity Mr. Baez and Mr. Mason put out there. She didn’t do it. She was abused. Boohoo my freaking foot! They can carry on and disect these jurors from now until kingdom come….the mere fact that Casey Anthony is soley responsible for this heinous crime..the mere fact that Mr. Baez wants to get famous while defending this person…the mere fact that they are getting ready to throw the family under the bus……..the mere fact that Casey Anthony acts like she is a freaking nut in court and anywhere else you have seen here….the mere fact that this little girl lay decomposing in the woods while trusting the people around her to take care of her and make her happy…THIS JUDGE is not going to allow anything less than the death penalty. The defense knows this. They are not worried about jurors as much as they are worried about the judge’s final decision. And it stands….for me…..this perosn will get DEATH.


    1. Weren’t you happy to learn about this new Judge? Talk about a judge taking control of his court…I think because of him, baby Caylee has the best chance for justice!!


  16. Dr Glass do you beleve that sociopaths are made?
    In other words could there be something to the molestation charges by Casey. I believe she killed
    her daughter absolutely, but Im curious as to how she go this way.


  17. I agree with all of you that have mentioned CA’s constant primping and I agree with those of you that said that the Jury is not going to like this at all. The message she is sending is sooooo wrong, but it is the real CA that we’re seeing in court.

    Question – When CA wrote the letters to her friend in jail she kept mentioning that …and I’m paraphrasing here…that she would wake up with her SPORTS BRA raised up or if she had been wearing a regular bra that it would be undone. Really?? How many of you sleep in sports bras or regular bras? I sure don’t, in fact it’s the 1st thing that I want to take off once I get home from work. There is just something “off” about that. What do all of you think??


    1. I agree with you on that one-one doesn’t sleep with her bra (of any kind) on unless they were just too poohed to bother with changing into PJs.

      Ofcourse, Casey could say it was because of the abuse that she wore the bra!


    2. I’m with you, NancyB….when I get home from work, first I kick the shoes off, then I’m taking that bra off. I’ve become very adept at taking off a bra without even removing my shirt!!! Heck no!, I would never sleep with that thing on!!


    3. I can say from personal experience…yes, some buxom women do wear bras to bed—believe it or not, it is a comfort thing–I’d rather not explain in detail, here, but …yes, some do.


      1. Hello, I wear a sports bra to bed. Never anything with an underwire but just something to keep discomfort to a minimum. But I’m not trying to say CA was not lying as it seems to be rare that she tells a truthful statement.


  18. I forgot to say this: If the DT is going to claim that the death of Caley was “accidental” then HOW can they explain search on the computer for neck braking etc??? And those searchs took place a few months before her disappearance. That’s proof positive of pre-meditation, is it not?


    1. They’re trying to say “Neck Breakers” is a local truck club that one of her friends belonged to. AND her mom said she had searched “chlorophyll” and maybe that’s why/why “chloroform” came up. Both are completely lame arguments!


  19. NancyB,

    I don’t wear bra when I go to bed either.

    What will the Anthony’s do now? Will they keep supporting KC even now they will be thrown under the bus? It is hard to say. Will they keep helping the defense team as they did in the hearings? I know they love their daughter but at what costs? This is beyond sad!


  20. The eye dabbing … and then looking at it, the nose dabbing….and then looking at it ………..

    Thank you that there are no cameras in the ladies room !!!!


  21. What will the Anthonys do after KC throws them under the bus? Well if history is any indicator, things will continue as before. Consider that KC refused to see her Mother on Mothers Day….then we hear that Cindy on Monday deposited money into KC’s jail account, for those little extras. KC rejects them and they yield to her manipulations. Placating her, seems to keep the peace for a while…The family works quite well at manipulating each other…..what a terrible family dynamic….


  22. IMO Casey was druged up in court today…… primping & a spacey look in her eyes gave it away. I assume the DT requested meds. Anyone agree with me???? She could not have quit doing those annoying habits if it were’nt for meds.


  23. Dr. Lillian,
    Wouldn’t your explanation of Casey’s manifestation of her emotional discomfort creating a physical ailment be the basic definition of ‘psycho-somatic?’

    ALSO, do you think Cindy could, or ever has, REALLY provided Casey ANY comfort?— being there is such dysfunction between them?? I’m guessing George might have provided Casey comfort, but the competition between Casey and Cindy seems so strong that neither could give or receive comfort.


  24. I read somewhere that Casey has been ‘coached’ & told not to fidgit, clean the table, pat, rub, cry, etc. & that’s why she wasn’t doing much.


  25. Just because Nancy Grace said Baez was saying that in the video dosn’t make it true. Heck, i think it’s true but don’t trust NG to ever tell the truth! She thinks CA actually cries for heaven sakes! She picks weird battles of a wrong word or phrase that just sickens me of all the time that she wastes by dehumanizing anyone speaking. I got my revenge by hearing Baez calling her the NG entertainment show………….lol! but thats exactly what NG is.
    Onward with justice for Caylee!


  26. Mari,

    You’ve hit the nail on the head re: NG. I’ve never seen someone describe her behavior so succinctly. I cannot stand to watch her show and haven’t watched in years, for ALL the reasons you listed.

    Jane Velez Mitchel, imo, isn’t much better with the way she SCREAMS at the camera. However, I’m grateful to be able to get the info. I want without having to watch NG.

    I REALLY enjoyed your post!


  27. Dr Glass said that Dorothy Clay Simms body language showed that she was angry that she had to baby sit Casey. Yet when Casey was pronounced Not Guilty Dorothy Clay Simms made a spectacle of herself hanging all over Casey and hugging her. It was disgusting and showed a lack of professionalism. So what do you say now Dr Glass?


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