Jose Baez Allegedly Admonishes Casey And Keeps His Distance From Her On Day 2 While Casey Appears Entertained By Jury Selection


 Gone are the fun and games, chuckles, flirtations  smiles and touches that Jose Baez appered  to bestow upon  Casey Anthony. Jose has  dramatically changed his tune based on his body language and demeanor.

After  losing almost  every motion to stifle evidence, he has suddenly sobered up as  he  may realize that defending Casey will be a Herculean task. At this point, all he can hope for in my view is to  try to save her life from the lethal needle.


When Casey turned on the  manipulative waterworks for sympathy for  the entire jury pool, Jose was furious. We have never before  seen Baez  like this . He has never had such a serious and mean faced expression towards Casey  as we see in the photo above  in my view. Allegedly he told her to stop acting like a two year old.according to the press.

Not to get too Freudian here, but  if this is true look at the choice of words Jose used- two year old! Caylee was a two year old when Casey allegedly killed  Caylee . He  could have said ‘child’ but id  he specifically said two year old” which I believe is highly significant in terms of how Jose may  really feel towards Casey now.

After he allegedly scolds her, Casey  gets upset and defensive and refuses to interact with Jose. She refuses to look at  him. This is  not a good idea on her part,  since Jose may very well be the only thing that  stands between her and the needle.

Jose was checking out the jury pool and being very observant.  He was no doubt looking for certain initial impressions and tells  which might  indicate someone might not be a good juror. He needed complete focus and concentration. The last thing he needed was Casey’s manipulative side-show to distract him.

On Day 2 of jury selection Jose wanted Casey as far away from him as possible. He sat her between the two female attorneys on the team, Ms. Finnell and Ms. Sims. It was interesting to note that there was no flirtatious behavior and smiles and touching as there had been with Baez  and  Mason.

Jose sat right near Cheney Mason, who also distanced himself from Casey on Day 2. Mason also needed complete concentration without Casey’s whispers and touches.

 Jose  completely ignored Casey.  This appeared to clearly upset her as we can see. She appeared to ignore him as well.  


 But she does manage to sneak a peek at him to see if he is looking at her, which he is not.  It is clear that Jose’s attitude has completely changed towards Casey based on this interaction.

Today and perhaps everyday from now on, Jose will have no time for Casey’s nonsense. He is serious, focused, and nervous as we see by the praying hand position as he listens to Judge Perry’s response  and subconsciously praying that it is in his favor.


Jose’s inexperience and apparent lack of knowledge is a very sore spot for Jeff Ashton. The following three photo screen shots  are actually quite hilarious in my view.

Look at what Jose is doing to Jeff Ashton as Jose speaks in front of Judge Perry.  Jeff has his hand on the side of his head as if to say “This guy is giving me a headache.”

Exasperated with what Jose is saying, Ashton leans back in his chair with his mouth open and looks up at the ceiling  as if to say “Heaven help me! I can’t take this guy!”

And finally Ashton  shakes his head “No” three times  and then appears to put his cupped hand near his jaw which is a body language signal for anger. He also cocks his head to the side which means he doesn’t believe or agree with what Baez is saying.

Even though Jose can frustrate any seasoned lawyer, he has done the best he can do with only a few years of practice experience under his belt. 


 The jury selection process is taking a toll on Casey’s physical appearance. She is in fear most of the time as indicated by her bulging eyes where you can see the sclera or whites of her eyes.

The stress has also taken a toll on her skin as she has developed quite a few forehead wrinkles for a 25 year old.  There are dark stress bags  of puffiness under her eyes and her skin has broken out.

This is quite a contrast to the Casey Anthony of just a few years ago, where she was  the happy-go-lucky party girl.

Casey also got a case of the “itchy scratchies” which often happens when people are under stress and  tension. It is because the increased blood flow causes the person to feel discomfort and  itch and scratch. We saw the facial expression of discomfort as Casey began to scratch her  own back. 


But when Casey is occupied and entertained, she does manage to get out of stress and tension mode for a while. It  shows in her facial expressions as you will see below.

Here Casey is amused with the story about the man leaving  his son to his to care for  his two cats when he was hospitalized and  how it didn’t work out well. Casey tried to hold back a smile but she couldn’t. She may have identified with the fact that  the man’s son was being irresponsible as she has been with Caylee.

 Judge Perry found the story funny as well as he chuckled.


 When Judge Perry said to  the man  ” You didn’t  lose any of these animals as a result of the neglect.” Casey continued to smirk and smile. In my view it showed a bit of her sadistic nature.


Casey also smirked and smiled as she identified with a woman’s 30 something year old son whom the woman felt could not care for her  younger 15 year old son. Obviously the theme of irresponsibility resonated  with her.

Casey also leaked out a little disdain and jealousy when one of the jurors said that he was getting married.

It is interesting  to note that Casey’s parents were not in the courtroom. They finally got the message that Casey doesn’t want them around her. But most likely they will claim  they weren’t there becuase  can’t afford the gas or the hotel accommodations in Clearwater.


13 thoughts on “Jose Baez Allegedly Admonishes Casey And Keeps His Distance From Her On Day 2 While Casey Appears Entertained By Jury Selection

  1. Thank you Dr. Glass…

    I think there is definate deterioration going on here. Maybe Mr. Baez is finally seeing the ‘real’ Inmate Casey Anthony..she is not doing herself any favors and I wonder if she will insist on taking the witness stand in her own defense. I believe it would be suicide to do so but she might believe she can pull the wool over the prospective jurors eyes..Hey, it’s all she knows…she believes everyone will believe her lies…I do hope she thinks long and hard about a plea change…save the gory details of Caylee’s last moments alive…but I feel this is the moment she’s been waiting for to give it once again, to her mother…contempt is all over this inmate’s face..JMHO

    Justice for Caylee


  2. Great observations! I have always thought that Baez and Mason know that KC is guilty but Baez dreams of becomming famous and rich off of this case by the grand illusion that he could pull this off. In light of all evidence comming in he should be telling her lets try for a plea deal in order to save your life.SHe wants no part of that as she refuses to admitt guilt. Baez knows the illusion is gone and his reputation is taking a huge blow..I think he may beginning to feel..she’ not worth it??? OR perhaps his consious is beginning to bother him at night?!


  3. great article, dr. glass. for baez, it is no longer about casey. it is about his reputation and his future. it is about winning at all costs.


  4. Dr. Lillian Glass,

    Thank you so much for your analysis! I agree with you.

    KC will start to spill the beans after her conviction, JB and CM are in for a big surprise.

    On Mallory Parker’s deposition, she says that when KC was out on bond, there was a nice dinner, JB and his wife were present at the Anthony’s home, no questions about Caylee.

    I also believe Cindy will go after JB after KC is convicted. I don’t believe for a minute she will go down quietly! What I mean is that JB may throw G&C under the bus, big time! It will be all KC’s upbringing the 31 days, so said LKB! It will be fun to watch it. I will enjoy every minute of it. IMO


  5. I don’t like seeing someone convicted in the media. However, I think Casey lost the battle when she did not report her daughter missing for 1 month, then it was Cindy who at the moment she found out cales was missing instantly called 911, Cindy did what a normal mother would have done. Then Casey’s party pictures….I saw no stress, only happiness that she was free to play. Yes it is very sad.


  6. oh & I think she is saying her hands hurt so they won’t cuff her – aren’t they supposed to according to procedure?


  7. People are saying that Casey got angry in court again today and slammed paper down on a desk. I missed that but hope to see it if it is true.


  8. Very interesting to note in the jail house tapes. George is NEVER alone with Casey too bad.

    I found it odd that called her beautiful. ‘Hello Beautiful.” and then expressed how badly he wanted to hold and pysically comfort her???

    Also note… when the drowing in the pool is mentioned.. George sits straight up and opens his eyes wide… he is clearly freaked out..

    George getting so defensive over the gas cans… why? so what.. unless you are hiding something..

    The Baez defence… may very well be closest to the truth….


  9. She is guilty as you can get. Look at her eyes. She is scared to death. She doesn’t know what to do now after it is all out. I want to see what happens when they say guilty.


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