Casey Anthony Does NOT Cry Real Tears On Day 3 As She Hears Charges Against Herself For Second Time! Casey’s Not Looking At Jury Pool May Scream “Guilt”


Casey looked a lot better today as she entered room , appearing more refreshed. This indicates that she must have had a shower and more sleep. pont She also spend mort time grooming her hair coiffed into a split ponytail with hair around her face.

  Once again she was  not seated between  Jose Baez and  Cheney Mason .  Instead  she was  situated between Ms. Finnell and Baez’ attorney Ruiz with whom Casey has developed good rapport. 

While it was reported in the press that that Casey was crying, Casey was  clearly NOT crying real tears! They were not genuine tears.  Instead,  they were her usual manipulative fake non liquid tears we have consistently seen her use for manipulation . The reason I say that they are fake is because there is no liquid coming out of her eyes and that people do not cry one eye at a time.

Yes her nose was red but anyone’s nose would be red if someone wiped it consistently. As the first few charges were read,  Casey does not put her Kleenex up to  her face. She does breathe heavily as she pushes out a burst of air through her mouth. She also shakes her head “No” as the beginning charge is read.

 Ms. Ruiz is disturbed about Casey’s alleged crying behavior as she writes frantically on her notepad with her red pen. Casey finally reads the note and stops her fake crying as she continues to look down, away from the jury pool.

Jose Baez gets wind of what Casey is doing as well. He turns over to look at  her and he is clearly annoyed about it.

What Casey does not realize is that she has already began digging her own grave with her negative first impression. She has made all the jurors feel  uncomfortable. They feel uncomfortable enough just being in a courtroom and now seeing Casey look like she is boo hooing it makes them feel even more uncomfortable, therebty adding to their stress levels.

What is even worse is that  by her behavior of not having any eye contact with the jury pool as the charges were read, Casey has essentially told potential jurors  she is” guilty” by not looking at them.


26 thoughts on “Casey Anthony Does NOT Cry Real Tears On Day 3 As She Hears Charges Against Herself For Second Time! Casey’s Not Looking At Jury Pool May Scream “Guilt”

  1. Casey has got to be the most manipulative person I have ever come across! Her hung head does scream guilt and she cannot hide it from behind her new bangs.


  2. I’m beginning to believe that this fake crying is just how she really cries-for herself, mind you. Her face manages a tinge of rednes as well as her eyes but it is clearly manipulative. That Baez was annoyed then I would say he did tell her that her animation was of no help to her. Casey, ofcourse, knows better than anyone and so she ignores sound advice once again.


      1. Hmmm…there’s an idea! Instead of telling casey how guilty it makes her look, Baez, or whatever attorney she’s talking to, should tell her it makes her look ugly!


  3. Why does Casey wipe her eyes like she does?… Always keeping the tissue UNDERNEATH her eye, so that the actual eyes aren’t rubbed or touched? Of course, women know that this is the typical method of wiping tears, in order to keep from smudging eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara, but it is blatantly obvious that Casey is not wearing either of the three. So, here she’s not even crying real tears, but amazingly, she’s still making herself look even more ridiculous by behaving as if she must maintain her makeup.

    What an idiot.


  4. Don’t You know it’s All about herself Casey Anthony. Baez had harsh Words yesterday for her by saying, she is acting like a 2 Year old. I must say good for him, even Baez had enough and finally told Casey. Well as we all know Casey doesn’t like criticism when it is directed towards her, so today she acted like her Feelings were hurt and no one understands what she is going through.
    By God today when Judge Perry listed All the criminal Charges against Casey Anthony naturally she hung down her Head like a whipped Puppy pretending to wipe away her Tears again and at One Point she shook her Head No, like she isn’t capable of doing what she is accused of.
    Well we will see Casey A., we are patient and can wait till the Verdict finally will come in and I would think it will be a fair One for Caylee, not so much for Casey A.
    Casey is a spoiled Brat and everything needs to be about her! JMO


  5. Spot on Dr. Glass. Her body language does scream guilt. Perhaps I see a bit remorse, but like the other posters noted, she is quite manipulative.

    It’s truly heartbreaking for a parent to take the life of their own child. That is the epitome of evil. May God have mercy on Casey’s soul. R.I.P little angel and all the little angels out there.


    1. Well, I guess God can have as much pity on Casey as she did on Caylee. Yes Casey seems to not be told NO!!! She is so sore and swollen at Baez, lol AND does anyone know why Baez is NOT wearing a wedding ring since he said he was happily married, Dr. Glass can you answer this.


  6. Ms. Anthony should have been crying back when her daughter was missing instead of out partying.
    A little late now for crocodile tears.


  7. Dr Glass…well it appears someone gave Casey a pair of scissors to cut some bangs for face to hide her tears from the camera. Baez looked angry today as she started in again…I actually fear for his and Cheney’s bad Karma..remember what happened to OJ’s attorneys..both Shapiro son died from over dose…so sad..The lead attorney (I can never remember his name) had an heart attack after he had started a new family. I think Baez will be remembered but not for saving Casey… for greed…look at all the new attorney’s now..don’t they have another life? Is one of them from the Mendez case?


  8. I wondered if Casey is acting like her hands hurt so she won’t be cuffed. I say cuff her bloody (pun intended) hands so she can’t do all this primping & OCD things like arranging stuff on the defense table – I was watching the live coverage today & she was making me dizzy. Isn’t it normal procedure to cuff defendents in & out of court?


    1. I think she should be made to wear handcuffs and shackles in court… as well as her jail “uniform”. She doesn’t deserve the privelage of wearing street-clothes, or anything respectable. God knows, Caylee will never know what it’s like to go school shopping, for cute little outfits… to get a dress for prom… or pick out a wedding gown.

      A nasty burlap sack is even too good for Casey.


  9. Dr. Lillian,

    I am looking forward to hear what’s your analysis of KC today when she felt dizzy… Is it an anxiety attack she had? Remember she felt sick when LE found Caylee’s remains on Dec 11, 2008.


  10. As the charges against Casey were being read today, did anybody else notice this; HHJP got to the part where he was talking about where Caylee’s remains were found, and Casey did a slight “no” shaking of her head. WTH?


  11. I think the episode where her hands hurt, were red, blothy, hyperventilating , stomach ache was her same reaction in jail when they discovered caylee’s body, but had not been identified yet. Dr. Glass what do you think of her hair behavior and all those tics. Someone on Nancy grace said Dissociative identity disorder(MPD). I think personally she has a severe Antisocial paersonality disorder, much like other killers, who care only about themselves.


  12. Hi Dr. Glass,

    Monday on Dr. Drew’s show he said this about Casey:

    “In my world, somebody that ignores their child for a month, doesn`t know where she is, and tries to party it out, that`s a drug addict, a sex addict, even sometimes, frankly, a disassociative, somebody with, like, a multiple personality disorder, most times with severe trauma issues. And if you read the transcripts of some of the depositions, you see they keep alluding to things that happened in the past, the family keeps fighting about the things that were in the past, something awful happened here, a lot of drugs, a lot of alcohol, a lot of partying.”

    Today Nancy Grace had a Body Language Expert on (can’t remember her name) who said that Casey’s behavior in court today was d/t her having Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly called Multiple Personality Disorder). She emphatically added that Casey exhibits every symptom of this disorder.

    I just do not believe that this is a correct diagnosis of CA. CA seems much more of a sociopathic personality then a DID. It disturbs me that these professionals have thrown Dissociative Identity Disorder out there because it tacitly implies that CA suffered very severe trauma/abuse and/or sexual abuse as a child and thus makes Casey out to be a victim. I do not buy it.

    None of us know if her sexual abuse claims against George & Lee are truthful but even if her claims are truthful I still do not believe that she suffers from DID. From the very beginning she has lied about everything so why, sitting in jail, would she all of sudden say anything truthful? I think that she is the most manipulative person that I have ever seen. I believe that her hysterics today were more of the same.Very contrived and self-destructive to boot. She seems to be able to turn it on and off at will. I do wonder if she didn’t cook up this scheme with Baez so that the DT can use “the some other dude did it” defense…namely George.

    Before she left the court room she looked angry when she was talking with the white haired lady lawyer (sorry don’t know her name). When she came back into the court room and before sound was turned back on, I was able to read her lips when she was talking to this same lawyer. She told her twice: “I don’t feel well”. My youngest brother is deaf and from the age of 3 to 5 I spent everyday going to the Hearing & Speech Center with my mom & brother for his classes. The speech pathologist, taught me & my mom to read lips so that we could work with my brother at home every night. I never thought that I would use it this many years later!

    Did you see intense fear in her body language today? I did not but what do I know! I did see great tension in her “death grip” hold pattern of her hands. If she did have a panic attack today then Baez should immediately facilitate a psychiatric consult so that she can be medicated with a SSRI or SSNRI anti-depressant. They are very effective in treating true panic attacks.


    1. She’s morally insane. She experiences low levels of fear and anxiety. The literature reveals that a vast majority of psychopaths do not take medication because other than a situational, unexpected life event (ie finding the remains), they are in total control. Casey wanted something to calm her nerves but not anything that would prevent her from discussing her favorite NFL team.

      When her life is in danger she will truly panic but there is no magic pill that will rehabilitate what is not there. She has no conscience. In the absence of drugs and a conscience she will tell complete strangers what a “great mother” she was.


  13. NancyB,

    I agree with you. I don’t believe in KC’s sexual molestations against Lee and George, she is such a manipulative person that I don’t believe a thing she says. I don’t really like the Anthony’s attitude, they were helping the defense, pointing the finger at innocent people, so now they noticed they were being used by JB and their own daughter. The Anthony’s should not be surprised at all because KC has always run the show. Maybe it’s not too late for them to redeem themselves which I don’t believe they will, at least Cindy will die trying to prove she has a perfect family! But what do I know right? Just my opinion.


  14. IMO, her team has been diligently paying attention to the public reaction at every step & THEY have coached her to show more emotion & especially when she hears somebody say she is accused of killing her baby.

    The big problem here is that Casey (the sociopath) has to FAKE real emotions & she’s just not that good an actress.

    Once the testimony begins, the jury will have NO SYMPATHY for a woman whose only responsibility in life was to babysit her own child until her parents were back from work & would take over her job.

    She was too self-centered & too antagonistic towards her own family to appreciate her easy life & she wanted total freedom from ANY responsibility. Casey distanced herself from her old crowd of friends because THEY did not approve of her as a mother & sounded too much like her parents. Her new group of friends didn’t know her family well enough to catch onto her lies & more important… they would NOT be in a position to compare Casey’s version and her family’s version of ‘facts.’

    Once her new friends started to see the real side of Casey, she was in danger of losing them AND of having confirmation that her parents were NOT the enemy….. confirmation that she WAS negligent & irresponsible & lazy.

    A non-verbal Caylee was an asset to her…. she got positive attention for being a mother but a verbal Caylee was a major threat to her lifestyle AND to her ego.

    Casey’s only slim chance at gaining symapthy from jurors is from the male jurors, women & especially mothers will see right through her & they will HATE what they see. The defense will make a HUGE mistake if they also alienate the male jurors by suggesting George or Lee sexually abused Casey (or Caylee.) They won’t buy that lie & they WILL hate her also.

    Despite her family’s pathetic attempt to ‘protect’ Casey, it is resoundingly evident that they LOVED Caylee & were at their wits end with a sick daughter whose behavior had spun completely out of control. They needed family therapy & a good lawyer… instead they stuck their heads in the sand & hoped things would magically get better.

    Casey won’t rest until she utterly destroys her family for good. Her life is over & she wants to do all she can to take her family down with her.

    Horrible defense. Her lying eyes will betray her.


  15. Well, some of us posted Caylees profile pic while we were making comments during the pre-trial and somebody had the the account posting blocked, I’m sure it was Baez, anyway, they must be looking at the F/B’s and as long as they read them its fine


  16. I think that she might suffer from DID. I also think that you will find the poem from myspace is actually part of a song “The 15th time”

    Her imaginary friends and seizures seem to be consistent with DID.


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