Casey Anthony’s Body Language of Fear, Cries Real Tears As She Hears Her Charges Against Her While Dressed “Mendendez Style”

In looking at this new mug shot of Casey Anthony,  there is no doubt that her facial expression screams “fear. ” With her wide  bulging eyed appearance, you can see the whites of her eyes as an  indicator of fear.

No doubt reality has set in that she is on trial for the murder of her little daughter. Her fear continued to be pervasive in the courtroom as she consistently  had her hand up to her face to cover her mouth.

There also  appeared to be some deep breathing as indicated by her  raised shoulder movement as she  took in air and exhaled,  which indicated that she was oxygenating herself in order  for her body to compensate for the nervous activity it was going through. 

 Casey even appeared  bite on her fingers as they  were  near her mouth. She also  could not help herself from her grooming behavior which she continued to do before the jury came in. This may also been due to her nervousness.

Then there was hr usual flirting behavior and smiling with Cheney Mason as you can see above. The  most striking thing about Casey’s court appearance was that she wore a  pastel soft looking sweater that was reminiscent of the type of sweaters that the infamous Menendez Brothers wore to soften their appearance . No matter how soft and fuzzy it made them look,  it didn’t work. The Menendez brothers were accused  of murdering both of their parents and are now serving life sentences. 

So her soft sweater look may not work either. While a dark  suit  and light blouse would look more respectable as she fights for her life, frankly I believe when a jury hears all the evidence against her, it will matter what she wears. 

Her long hair cascading down her back  is a reminder  of how long she has been in jail without a haircut.

As soon as Judge Perry began speaking about Casey, her tears flowed like clockwork. The only difference is that this time, those tears were real as she cried when the judge spoke of the charges leveled against her.  The tears were motivated out fo self pity and not for remorse  for what happened to  Caylee.  Since we have seen how manipulative Casey tends to be, no doubt those tears were to garner some sympathy from all of those potential jurors.

Afterwards Judge Perry told potential jurors to ignore Casey’s emotional display. As soon as he said that, like clockwork, Casey immediately stopped crying. Usually when you are filled with real  and non manipulative emotion, even of someone tells you to stop crying, you can’t stop. You continue to cry if your tears are genuine. If you stop immediately, they most likely are tears of manipulation.

Casey’s  tears were a wrong move in front of her audience of  all of those potential jurors. They did not endear her to jurors. In fact it may have disturbed them even more. They felt uncomfortable being there as it was and her tears may have added to their stress and discomfort levels.

It was surprising to hear Jose Baez speak up because there were only three Hispanics and two African Americans in the jury pool and that it was not representative of jurors of Orange County.  But since he has such an uphill battle,  no doubt, he  felt he had to do something so  he could  use that information on  his appeal.

When people came back from the break Casey changed up her hairdo as it was now  in a bun , She kept her hands clasped to herself as opposed to over her mouth,  sat up straight and looked like a ballerina .

Casey looked serious until she encountered one of the male  jurors who point-blank said he thought she was “guilty.”  Immediately a flash of anger came across  Casey’s face as her lower jaw slightly protruded forward as she cocked her hed to the side while she glared at the juror . Hearing this may have been both an eye and ear opener for her as it was a reality check that jurors may very well find her guilty.

The female  guard in the background was on high alert as this was occurring as she kept a watchful eye on Casey.

There was one woman who said that her religion did not allow her to judge people and that she would be uncomfortable doing so. This is the type of woman that the defense no doubt wants on their side as she may be so angry that she was forced to participate that she may vote that Casey is not guilty. Also if she is very religious she may not want to vote.  for the death penalty for Casey. But if she is chosen for this jury I believe it may do a lot of psychological harm to her.

If someone is that ensconced in their religion, they may not even look at the facts of  the the  case. Like the gentleman who said he already had a view that Casey was guilty, without hearing all of the testimony,  the same holds true for this woman . No doubt she may  believe the opposite- that Casey is not guilty in the eyes of her religious views.


26 thoughts on “Casey Anthony’s Body Language of Fear, Cries Real Tears As She Hears Her Charges Against Her While Dressed “Mendendez Style”

  1. Great post! Thanks for doing a write-up of Casey at today’s jury selection.

    I saw vacancy in Casey’s eyes in that booking photo. When Casey was crying I got the sense that Baez was very uncomfortable. Mason looked sympathetic. I find it interesting that her crying would turn off a potential juror. If I saw that from a defendant, I’d probably feel sympathy but, like you said, I’d be uncomfortable at the same time.


  2. Great Post! I found it a very interesting day. the clearing Hispanic gentleman with the Jet-Blue ticket was allowed to mention the case to them in order to receive his funds back from a paid vacation, that he might serve as a potential jury member. I also found it interesting that both Bias and Mason stayed about 18 inches from Casey and I saw neither of them touch her. I think they got the message! I think it came real clear for Mason and at all times I watched him and noticed he was extra careful how he approached Casey and he his reacted to her. While I noticed she waited for him to react to her and sometimes he did not she appeared confused by it. I don’t think I was wrong. Especially at the very end. She was waiting for him, he did not say good-bye, nor did Jose.


  3. Debi…..There was interaction between Mason & Casey….the entire time she was crying he was rubbing her back …


  4. Dr. Glass,
    Wonderful post.
    I have read that defense lawyers sometimes touch their clients to humanize them. (Of course, not the kind of touching Mason was doing.) Could the jury think the attorneys not touching means that they are distancing themselves from Casey?
    I think Casey is in shock that she is actually in court fighting for her life.


  5. Following this story from day 1, Ive only seen in her tears once. After that, she never broke down again. Today was like watching her practice her lines for a production. It was a fake as that cheesy sweater she was wearing. You cant tell me if she had a choice in the matter that she would actually choose this sweater if she were out & about as a free citizen.


  6. Baez was in an extra pissy mood today. Was it because the air samples are in & another motion was denied? Is it because his bag of tricks to delay the trial aren’t going to work on Judge Perry?

    The new mugshot of Casey, with the crazy, psychotic eyes, reminds me of Ted Bundy’s mug shots.

    I guess Richard Gabriel actually quit despite denials from the defense. I didn’t see him & I’m sure he would have showed up on the first day of jury selection.


    1. Caseys eyes remind me of Charles Manson eyes. Like they can see see thru you, and I wonder why Casey isnt touching and grabbing the female attorneys like she does the male Chaney and Baez. Just wanted 2 put my 2 cents in.


  7. Yes Mason continued rubbing her back, I saw it. It was harder to see with the camera angle but he did it. I guess he doesn’t care the public thinks it’s inappropriate & that he’s a filthy old man.


  8. Jennifer- I agree, he was rubbing her back in his usual inappropriate manner and it was hard to see due to Baez being in the way. Out of all the cast of characters, CM bothers me the most. I cannot fathom that this dirty disrespectful old man with marbles in his mouth was at one time a respected attorney….he makes my skin crawl. His rudeness and stupidity shows at every turn.


  9. I applaud the male juror who stood up and said he thought she was guilty. They were banking on males to fall for the “ok shes cute, not guilty” card and wow was that an eye opener, as if her eyes aren’t wide and blank enough. I hope this thought turns her stomach if no unease for her dead baby, she should feel some unease for herself .She will be put on death row, with no Cheney and Jose rubbing her back telling her its ok when they stick the needle in… Good riddance.


  10. Thank you Dr. Glass….spot on

    I also noticed after the waterworks stopped just as quickly as they began, she held her head down (in shame), and never made eye contact with those prospective jurors…

    I also heard three prospective jurors, two males, one female, that they have already formed an opinion and it was guilty..One actually said, he already knew what the verdict would be, guilty…

    I also believe the defense team are putting mostly males on this jury. I guess they are counting on that one male, who thinks ICA is too pretty to have done this horrible demise of Caylee Marie…ICA (Inmate Casey Anthony) should really take a long, hard look and change that plea to guilty and take her just desserts…she doesn’t really have a chance at being acquitted…but there might be a mistrial if one rogue juror gets on that panel…hopefully, they won’t try that and get Caylee the justice she so deserves…JMHO

    Justice for Caylee


    1. I find it interesting about the defense wanting a majority of males on the jury. Most men don’t like being played and, I think, once the long list of Casey’s former boyfriends and other men in her life is produced and some of them appear on the stand (like Jessie Grund), men will empathize more with him than they will fall for Casey’s “charms”. This is especially the case for a guy who has been played by a woman at one point in his life. We dont’ forget.


  11. I was very interested in her appearing to turn away from Jose most of the time I was watching, and definitely turn toward Mason. It would appear to me because of her posture and body position, that there is some kind of discord between her and Jose at this time. Any comment on this Dr Glass?

    Thanks in advance.


  12. Dr. Lillian Glass,

    I believe KC will point the fingers at her parents as “Menendez style”!

    KC’s lawyers keel very vocal about the case, they just told a reporter that they will explain the case in 3 minutes, the State got it all wrong!

    Also, did you notice sat today between Sims and Finnel, her ” female” lawyers. Does it mean KC’s and JB’s honeymoon are over? LOL

    Thank you for your professional analysis!

    Here is the article:

    Exclusive: Casey Anthony attorneys hint at shocker in defense
    By Adam Longo, Reporter 
    Last Updated: Tuesday, May 10, 2011 4:06 PM


  13. Ms. Glass I watched Jane Velez-Mitchell today & they showed Casey grooming bother her EYEBROWS with her fingers. What do you make of this excessive grooming.

    I mean she’s on trial for her life & thinking about EYEBROWS in court? You have to see it to believe it. If you get a chance to watch, please do.

    I know you comment on her constant grooming but this takes it to a whole new level. Does Casey think perfectly arched eyebrows will make her look innocent to prospective jurors? I can hardly believe a Casey Anthony exists among the human species.


  14. Great analysis of Day 1 of Casey’s trial. I am sure the potential jurors knew that they were tears for herself and self pity. I noticed she shut them off as soon as it was said to ignore her emotions. You are right, it was a form of manipulation and when she found out it was to be ignored she immediately stopped. I doubt Casey will ever take the stand beacuse if she did the State would chew her up and spit her out. They would have a field day.


  15. In this video, at about 4:10 in, Casey looks like she is getting herself ready to cry as she faces the new set of jury selections. There has to be a reading of the indictments against her again. Once again, she doesn’t look at the people. After the announcement that they are all dismissed, she continues to look downcast and gives glances to Baez. She is very animated at this time. She is not seated near Baez and he hardly gives her a glance.


  16. I don’t get where y’all are getting this “waterworks” idea from. I’ve watched everything and she doesn’t cry; not with tears anyway. She fakes the tear wiping and nose wiping but it’s all just an act folks; there’s no waterworks!


  17. If anyone in Clearwater knows the “deeply religious” African-American woman (the potential juror) who doesn’t like to judge, please get her to talk about the trial. I’d hate to see a child murderer go free because of some freak who thinks refusing to find someone guilty makes her more spiritual. Get her to talk!


  18. Miss Anthony is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This is the United States of America. The remarks being made here are certainly less than professional.
    It appears to be more on the gossip side, even down to whether she has tears or not, her hair, her clothes. The cold remarks about the defense members, the warmth that is shown to Miss Anthony. Whether guilty or innocent she is still a human being. This type of bashing and bullying is uncalled for and outrageous. We have the best judicial system in the world and as americans we have a duty to allow the court, judge, attorneys and jury members see that a fair trial is given
    to the accused.


    1. Leslie, . Thank you for your taking the time to comment. To help you better understand, this is not a gossip blog . I am not bringing and carrying information that someone else says. The blog is about my opinion and my observations only as they pertain to body language of various newsmakers. Casey Anthony is a newsmaker just like OJ was a newsmaker. As a body language expert I analyse clothing choices, hair choices, body language and voice and speech behaviors. For example if she had Tourette’s Syndrome, (uncontrollable tics and inappropriate verbal outbursts) which she does not appear to have, I would have to report that as well. Like it or not, this is what the jury will pay attention to as well. Of course Casey Anthony is a human being and has ” First Ammendment” rights and that is why this judge is making sure everything is done properly. And yes a jury will decide her fate. If you intrpret this information in this blog as bashing or bullying then you need to take a good hard look at yourself as your perception is off and you are grossly mistaken. As as an American you must know that we all have freedom of speech to speak our opinions and that I what I have chosen to do in this blog. Since the jury has been instructed to not read any blogs or any media on the case, Casey will get a fair trial. In the meantime the court of public opinion has evey right to weigh in and express their thoughts and opinions just as you have done Leslie.


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