Why Did Defense Team’s Jury Consultant Suddenly Quit At The Last Minute?

Until jury consultant Richard Gabriel just quit being the consultant on the Casey Anthony case a few days before jury selection was to occur, I was very concerned. The reason is that he is one of the top jury consultants around. He has represented some of the most high profile cases and he has even written the book on the topic.

So why would he bail ship at the last minute? It is such an unprofessional thing for such a seasoned professional to do. I believe that there are  several reasons that may be possible. While it is merely speculation, below are some possible reasons.

  1. Maybe he already got what he wanted- notoriety and name recognition. He got the best press possible in on the highest rated 48 hours where he performed a focus group of people who ended up acquitting Casey. Mind you it was a focus group and not a mock jury trial which many viewers were lead to believe. In any event he got his name known and maybe that was why he took on this high profile  case to begin with.
  2. The feedback from this show  and his involvement was extremely negative so maybe he wanted to get out before he actually began work on the trial. Many called him a manipulator of justice which may have had an impact on him.
  3. He may have discovered something about the case  as he was doing his work that made him realize Casey was guilty and  therefore he may not want have wanted to be involved with helping to get a guilty person off.
  4. He may have developed a conscience as he worked on the trial and felt that he couldn’t live with himself if he helped her in any way.
  5. He may have received threats and such vile emails and feedback and calls from passionate people who believe Casey is guilty. Andrea Lyons and Jose Baez have both reported receiving threat and hate mail because of their defending Casey. He may have been frightened away from continuing to assist in  Casey’s  for fear that something might happen to him or to his family.
  6. If he did succeed in manipulating the jury pool in  Casey’s favor and Casey was found not guilty the hateful repercussions towards him would be enormous.
  7. Perhaps he found out the secret location where the jury would be pooled from and realized it would be a losing battle.
  8. He may not have wanted to have such  a significant loss on his  pristine record.
  9. He may have realized that he would never get paid even if he was promised payment at the end.
  10. He may not have had the  three months to devote to this trial and work for free if he received a paying job during those months.
  11. Perhaps all the press he received from the 48 hours piece increased his business from attorneys to the point that he has become overwhelmed and now needs to focus on his new high paying clients.
  12. Maybe he had arranged with Jose all along to  only conduct a focus group that would show Casey in a positive light  for the pre trial publicity so that both he and Jose could benefit. Maybe he never had any intention of actually engaging in  the jury selection process.
  13. Maybe he couldn’t stand working with Jose Baez or Cheney Mason and found it unbearable to continue working on the case with them.
  14. Maybe Casey tried to manipulate him as she has done with every other man with whom she has come in contact and it
  15. He realized that picking a jury will be a losing task and he may not be successful in picking a jury, especially with the Sunshine Laws in effect in Florida
  16. He may have believed that the media has tainted the jury pool to the point that he could never chose a jury for Casey.
  17. He may feels that that he has been stifled in how to properly vet potential  jurors they have a bias on the case after  Judge Perry would not allow him to use  a questionnaire to ask jurors what they feel about the case and what they heard about the case which could take one hour per juror.

Whatever the reason he is no longer on the team. Initially I was very concerned that there would be an unfair playing field with him at the jury selection helm because the prosecution had no jury consultant on their team.  Now that he is gone, there is a much better chance that there will be a fair trial for Casey Anthony in terms of what jury has been selected. www.drlillianglass.com


15 thoughts on “Why Did Defense Team’s Jury Consultant Suddenly Quit At The Last Minute?

  1. Those are all good points. I hope its because he was concerned about his reputation and not because of threats or the almighty dollar from the fame.


  2. Oh, but those fingers were very busy today making calls all over Florida, trying to find another to fill his shoes.


  3. Why is Richard Gabriel denying he quit? I think he did but why the lies over it? Can’t anyone from the defense side manage to spit out the truth for once in their god forsaken life?


  4. I know a famous jury consultant on Nancy Grace said he got a call today from Baez asking if he could join the scheme team. But his schedule wouldn’t allow. So that proves to me sleaze ball Gabriel quit. I hate liars & he & the defense seem to be lying about the fact he ledt them high & dry.


  5. dr. glass, the defense is claiming that mr. gabriel hasn’t left the team but the news agency that reported it is standing by their story. my opinion is that there is a power struggle between gabriel and baez. i think baez wants final say on the jurors, whereas mr. gabriel, as a jury consultant, wants final say, and from what i understand, it is customary to defer to the jury specialist. we all know that baez is a control freak by the fact that he has remained lead counsel in this case. why would mr. gabriel put his reputation on the line with this case if the jurors were ultimately chosen by baez?


  6. Or Maybe he new he could not win this case so he left to make him self look good . Sometimes always commeing out on top is what people want. BECAUSE Dr. Lillian he already got his 10 MIN OF FAME. so now if there is a movie or book he will be in it. WOW. HOOP THERE IT IS.


  7. #6
    Jury consultants cannot predict outcomes and are not in a position to manipulate jurors. Most focus on the development of a theory of the case and how it relates to an entire strategy for jury selection. They try to predict attitudes toward a case and in their capacity as jury consultants craft questions during voir dire that guide attorneys on the use of peremptory challenges. (see HU:Jury Consultants).

    Do we have a theory of the case yet?

    Mr Baez, Mr Mason, Mr Ashton and Ms Burdick know it was never an accident but Mr Gabriel found 12 people who decided it was. Ms Bondi’s comments followed Mr Gabriel’s and they were embarrassing to both the focus group participants and Mr Gabriel. They certainly made Mr Gabriel look like he didn’t know what he was talking about. He is simply an opportunist who gained name recognition and angered the very people he thought he could “manipulate”.


  8. “…he is one of the top jury consultants around. He has represented some of the most high profile cases and he has even written the book on the topic.”

    If he is already well-known, and has even written “THE” book on picking a jury, why would he have even felt the need to garner more publicity/name recognition by gathering a focus group for the Casey Anthony case? I’m not affiliated with any lawyer firms in any way, so just speaking as a layperson, this case is the very last case I’d ever want my name/notoriety associated with if I WERE in that field! Just my opinion.


  9. Kitt-It is incredible the number of people without education, ability or credentials that have willingly inserted themselves into this case. Ms Anthony and Mr Baez conned one another-they both smiled and lied at the same time. I think it would take a hell of a lot more than a jury consultant to fix the mess that abject strangers will have to start evaluating 10 days from now.


  10. So if the jury consultant “wizard” Gabriel stays on, should we be worried? Seems it’s going to take someone with supernatural capabilities to unravel this mess, the lies, 31 days.

    How Casey was separated from Caylee? Because the jury will find out if they don’t already know there is no friggin Zanny the Nanny. If Zanny didn’t take her, what happened for Casey to lose Caylee? It’s really as simple as explaining that & in 3 years they can’t do it.

    How’s this supposed genius going to do that by picking jurors? Should the prosecutors be shaking in their boots if he’s still with the defense team?


  11. Jennifer-No, I don’t think for a moment that the prosecutors will ever shake in their boots if Mr Gabriel stays or if he leaves. Mr Mason has been selecting jurors for years and I am confident that he knows the right questions to ask.There is nothing “scientific” about jury selection and most of the literature on jury consultants does not involve using the scientific method. Judge Perry, Mason, Baez, Ms Anthony, Ashton and Burdick will select the jurors/alternates.

    The biggest hurdle will be finding jurors who can devote the time and are willing to be separated from friends and family for several weeks.

    At the end of the day defendants want jurors who can look and listen to the evidence and work cooperatively and collaboratively when reaching a verdict. A majority of jurors take their job seriously and don’t hesitate to contact the judge when the rules are broken.


  12. Could be just a smoke screen as this entire case has already been tried and judged, so perhaps he’s still on and throwing the media off.


  13. GasCanGeorge-You are onto something here. Is it just another example of the defense team attempting to “taint” the jury? They will shout from the highest mountain that their client is deserving of a fair trial and that the media’s portrayal of Ms Anthony is damaging, untruthful and harmful.

    LKB went on 48Hours Mystery to announce that there was no Nanny. Casey gave the okay to abandon the notion that the alluring and allusive babysitter was just a lie. But as we all know from the constant reminder that “liars aren’t murderers”. Are we to assume that murderers are paragons of purity and virtue once they confess or are they just murderers? Did the focus group decide if she was just a liar?

    Did Ms Anthony “deserve” to be represented by this motley crew? Probably not. Mr Gabriel didn’t do her any favors.


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