Is Cheney Mason, Casey Anthony’s Attorney Concerned About Dr. Lillian Glass’ Blog?


Yesterday I put up a blog which essentially showed how Casey kept dabbing away her non tears. I  spoke about Casey’s lack of emotion.  Cheney Mason, her attorney  who never appears on television, took it upon himself to go on “In Session” today to address Casey’s emotions.

He described Casey as being as far more emotional” than people see”
, but that jail hastoughened her up and that she is very, very likable and very bright.”



 I have watched Casey for two years now and have yet to see any genuine emotion.I have yet to see her cry genuine tears for Caylee.

Where was her genuine emotion and tears when she was taken into the infirmary to watch TV which showed that Caylee’s body was found? Where were the tears of emotion?  All she said was she had to have her chains loosened because she couldn’t breathe. No crying or tears were reported by those who witnessed her initial reaction.


 Cheney’s saying that jail has toughened her up is ridiculous. Casey was tough way before she entered any jail cell.

We saw her  toughness as she lead top law enforcement around on that infamous wild goose chase, refusing to admit to what happened to Caylee or that she   worked at Universal.

We  her toughness as she stuck by her bogus Zanny the Nanny story and  name dropping bogus people.

We saw her toughness in the jailhouse tapes as she got angry at what was happening to ”her.”  

How does Cheney know how  tough Casey was before she went  into her jail cell?

 In jail, she is isolated. She doesn’t have  much human contact except for jail personnel. She has never had to defend herself in a  physical fight with other inmates. So how can he say that? It should also be noted that Cheney apparently only had one jailhouse visit with Casey back on 7/24/10

We saw Casey’s toughness when she refused to tell Cindy what really happened to Caylee and where Caylee was, which lead a frustrated Cindy to call 911.

We saw Casey’s toughness in how she refused to allow her parents to see her in jail.

We saw that toughness when George begged her in his letters to allow him to visit her.

Finally we saw that toughness in the courtroom as she refused to even acknowledge her parents who were sitting only a few feet away from her.

                              CASEY BRIGHT AND INTELLIGENT??

If Cheney  Mason thinks Casey is bright and intelligent, then  his standards for  intelligence and brightness must be very low in my view.

How bright is it to lie to law enforcement and send them on a wild goose chase?

How bright is it to not tell anyone Caylee was gone and to party during those 31 days?

How bright is she that she dropped out of high school and lied about having a job?

 How bright was she to forge a friend’s check?



Casey touches and flirts and flatters Cheney as we have all seen. Therefore it comes as no surprise that Cheney would view Casey as likeable.  He said  She’s a nice human being,” He even justifies his actions of touching her  by saying.“I’ve grandchildren almost her age.”

Well putting your  middle finger in the crook of her arm and rubbing around  it doesn’t look too grandfatherly according to a lot of people.

Constantly touching her and putting his hand on her for what many thought was way too long a time doesn’t look very appropriate to many.

Casey is a client, not a grand daughter and in my view, she  needs to be treated like a client, sans all the touching.

Mason  then said that he didn’t have the same fondness for other clients. “Casey, I have a very warm spot for.”  

Of course he has a warm spot for someone who flirts with him and touches him and most likely manipulates him as she has done with just about every man in her life. She is good at it.She has succeeded with Cheney. She is a master of flirtation.



Look at Cheney’s wording as it pertains to Casey’s innocence. Mason said. “I have a great belief personally in her innocence. He didn’t say she is one hundred percent innocent and we will prove it in the courtroom. Instead he couches it by saying he has a “belief” a personal belief  What about an objective belief based on facts and legal evidence? He neglected to say that.



When people name call it is usually because people have no other words  to use  in a loosing battle. It clearly reflects their frustration. They have nothing intelligent or significant to say, so like an immature child they retort by name calling .

Cheney states “ I  don’t care what the prognosticators and the idiot bloggers have to say or what the idiot bloggers will say about this.”  

Why would  a professional attorney call anyone an idiot unless they were so threatened by what the blogger had to say?  Maybe Cheney lashed out because so much of what was said in the blogs hit him too close to home.

One thing is for certain. Cheney  Mason obviously cares what my blog said yesterday  or he would not have appeared on camera today to  address and defend  issues of a)  Casey’s lack of showing genuine and appropriate emotion and  b) his own being too touchy feely with his client.


88 thoughts on “Is Cheney Mason, Casey Anthony’s Attorney Concerned About Dr. Lillian Glass’ Blog?

  1. He also calls Kathi Belich stupid. An educated person doesn’t call others “stupid” and an “idiot,” nor would he allow themselves to be viewed in public fondling a client in such an inappropriate manner. Now that is stupid…and pretty idiotic. Are you having fun yet, Cheney???? Doesn’t look like it from where I’m sitting, but it does look like you are ruining your reputation by behaving in such a childish manner.


    1. Did you see that it was Cheney Mason “protecting” his client from her parents in the motion he wrote on her behalf requesting they not be allowed into the courtroom ?

      In return for KC’s flirtatious manipulations of him, Cheney Mason is protecting her from her sadistic, passive-aggressive mother & father.

      I think this is the point of her manipulations….just as she used “my Dad & my brother molested me” statements to Jesse Grund just after he found out from the paternity test that he wasn’t Caylee’s father, & just as she recycled the same statement to Tony L to elicit his continued interest in her so she’d have a place to live so as to not return to her parents residence & face the music for filicide.


  2. Oh, and Cheney, while you are obsessing over these comments, why don’t you look at this comment that YOU made:

    Yes, it’s a circus and you have expanded it to a three ring circus.


    1. yeah Mason “ALL that media, all those interviews…” came back to haunt you! Thanks for this little tid-bit!! Lori~


  3. i totally agree and was even thinking the same thing while i was watching the interview.

    stay on him, dr. glass!


  4. You’ve hit it on the nail, Dr. Glass!!! Thank God for your tenacity!!! Mason is definitely threatened and knows that the truth that comes from your professional observations cannot be covered up and of course he had to resort to immature comments. He sounds like a kid in a playground whining about the other kid hitting him first. As for trying to make KC sound even remotely good at this point is ludicrous!!! Cheney has drank too much of the KC koolaid!!! You can’t make a silk purse out of sow’s ear!!!! Cheney Mason is a modern day snakeoil salesman trying to sell us the KC koolaid and we are not buying it!!!! Mason, idiot is as idiot does!



  5. I so wish you were actually ON InSession Dr. Glass explaining all of this regulary so it could be seen side by side. Great write up again. Thanks.


    1. Have you heard about Cindy having been refused a visit by the inmate, which had been publicized by Cindy’s attorney, Lippman, between 6pm & 10pm on the local news channels & obviously was passed on to Cindy directly by Lippmann prior to making the news, YET Cindy still went to the jail Saturday morning — using the pretext of “not having heard.”

      The inmate initiated notification to jail officials @ 7am (not vice versa) that she declined her mother’s request for a visit, at which point the jail officially called Cindy, so Cindy “heard” officially between 7-8am…….BUT Cindy still came to the jail………media in tow……… Cindy’s attempt to steal the limelight from the inmate the day before Mothers’ Day, just before the inmate was to be transported to the jail located in the county where jury selection is to take place?

      Cindy ended up making a deposit to the inmate’s commissary account….& getting her TV cameo too……………instead of going to a shrink to fix her co-dependencies on both the inmate & the media.

      IMO, the inmate & her def. team made her parents BEG, publicly, & forced a hearing on it – another field trip for the inmate, & had to be enjoying herself (as a sadistic narcissistic psychopath).

      The inmate also didn’t have to go thru the forced conversation with someone who’d serve up a great big dish of passive-aggressiveness sadism by bringing a picture of baby Caylee, telling her what a MOTY she was, eventually getting herself another TV cameo via the jailhouse vid release, & milking it for all it’s worth…setting off X or causing a glitch in the 12th hour !

      Cindy is a loose cannon & manipulative like her evil spawn, & used this to gain publicity indirectly for herself. It’s crossed my mind, & others’ as well, that Cindy’s (obstruction, tampering) actions & TV soundbites & appearances & media-hounding & use of jailhouse communications released to the public have done more to send her evil spawn to death row smokescreened by her “advocating” for the inmate….jmho


  6. I find it interesting when people close to Casey refer to her as intelligent. As you pointed out she didn’t graduate high school. She stole from her grandmother, grandfather, and friend. She most likely filled out credit card applications that came to her mother’s house, activated and used those cards to run up the $35,000 in bills and tried to hide the crime by snatching the bills out of the mail box before her parents saw them. Anyone with a room temperature I.Q. would know that would catch up with them eventually. I thought it was apropos that George called her intelligent since he was duped into a Nigerian Prince internet scam that cost Cindy $20,000 of her 401K. He even lied to Cindy and claimed it was an online gambling debt which is just as dumb.
    And how smart is it to drive around in the Florida summer with a dead body in your trunk? Casey is the lowest form of life, just above amoeba. Her whole life was sex, parties, and me me me! She’s so narcissitic the last two guys she dated were both named Anthony (Lazzaro & Rusciano). Too bad she couldn’t clone herself, she could have lived happily ever after.


  7. …When you name call it means things must have hit way too close to home?”

    Are you serious? Have you even read any of the trash that is out there? Did you see the protesters in the neighborhood? Have you seen what bloggers do to each other to feed off this case?

    I think you have. I also think you depend upon these type of people to look up to you when try to get them to act more idiotic so you can gain an advantage in the case yourself. You haven’t been called to be a consultant yet, have you?


    1. A few of us know your history, TB-you have no right to admonish Dr. Glass as you have done a fair amount of name-calling yourself against bloggers.


      1. Sherry –

        Did you happen to see this obnoxious being’s dig at me?

        debi is obviously not paying attention, I’m thinking…

        Check this out…

        Gee Captain Kid..what have you done with your life? I am really interested in hearing about it? What books have you written?

        If you scroll down, you’ll see it posted below.

        Seems she might be upset that I defended Dr. Glass from an obnoxious commenter named Littlebear…
        That, or she’s got me confused with somebody else….

        The nerve of some, I say!

        I hope Kim drops by….

        Considering she commented to me privately earlier today about the Littlebear bash at Dr. Glass. I’m sure she’ll get a real kick out of this debi individual, and the fact that of all people, she striking out at ME!!!!

        I stood up for Dr. Glass, and I now have to put up with insults from such little people!

        What a joke – LMAO!


      2. Aw Cpt, I saw that but figured they must be confused or confusing you with someone else. The remark made no sense to me at all. 😕



      3. Thanks Sherry!

        She does obviously have me mistaken for somebody else, because even after re-reading any of my replies – No where in there, was I deserving of her foolish nonsense!

        Best that I just let her ‘go away’!

        I am not needing the extra stress, brought on by some ‘un-known’, at this point… Especially from one who made absolutely NO SENSE!


  8. couldn’t they get a fair jury from the florida everglades, those people don’t have radios or t.v.s or newspapers, they would be perfect. i also think casey, her mother, her father and brother all know what really happened.


  9. Dr. Lillian,

    Thank you for the article!

    I think CM is making a fool of himself! He hasn’t visited KC a lot in jail so why is he saying those things about KC? Did you watch his interview this week on In Session? If you didn’t here is a good article:

    Casey Anthony ‘very likable and very bright,’ Cheney Mason says
    posted by halboedeker on May, 3 2011 3:38 PM

    Ouch! Bright and likable? Oh boy! Doesn’t he feel foolish saying those things on national media? His ego is bigger than his common sense I guess. IMO


    1. Oh Lillian ; SHE HIT A TARGET AND IT’S;Cheney Manson .Thats what i love about DR. GLASS YOU PISS THIS WOMEN OFF SHE WILL PUT YOU ON YOUR ASS; She only stays quit for so long Haaaa Lololol;


  10. I am sorry Dr. Lillian, I didn’t read the article, I read the one from yesterday, so please delete my previous comment.


    1. I concur with Cheryl. Also, it occurred to me that Cheney Mason first brought up “Casey is a child” in court at the Suppression hearings, while Baez emphasized her diminutive size. If they can reduce Casey down to being a child though she is an adult & was an adult at the time she allegedly committed filicide, they hope to stop the jury from making her accountable for her heinous actions. It’s despicable to me that they’re making Caylee “disappear” in a figurative sense, & comparing Caylee who WAS a child & completely innocent, with the adult who is not a child & completely not innocent in any way, shape, or form in spite of what Cheney Mason feels below the belt for her. jmho


  11. Great article Dr. Glass.

    Mason said “Casey is a nice human being”. What is human about her? According to the video’s she was very disrespectful to her parents, screaming at them and using foul language. What is human about a mother who suffocates her baby? What is human about letting your child lie in a swamp in triple bags and not even report her missing for 31 days? Tormenting her parents by not revealing anything immediately after Cindy made that phone call. Does Mason think the public is stupid? There is nothing human about stealing from your parents, your grandparents and friends. Casey is a criminal with a criminal mind.

    Inmate felon Casey Anthony is not very bright to write out checks that belong to her friend knowing all banks have videos. Needless to say, I do not like Casey Anthony, nor do I like her parents.

    How does Mason know what Casey is like? He hasn’t visited her in jail for a year. Interesting how desperate this defense team is that he has to call bloggers idiots and Kathi Belich stupid. They don’t like “telling it like it is”.

    I am tired of hearing about the felons right to a fair trial.
    What about Caylee’s right to the justice she fully deserves.


    1. hey who calls someone a nice human being… doesn’t sound like he believes it… has he forgotten shes a six time convicted felon?

      i agree with everything you say grandma1..


  12. Great post today! Cheney Mason is just to touchy for me.. even if he was my grand children’s grandfather. I would be questioning his touching of my children. His wife needs to open her eyes a little wider, because they seem to be very closed from the interview I saw last night. Jose Bozo needs to tell him to back off before they both get in trouble and put Casey’s case in a bad light and cause damage or is that what they are going for? DM


  13. Dr glass this is one of your best… you rock…
    i wish you would do one on c masons wife she looks miserable in the latest interview out by thier pool…


  14. He is entirely too touchy with his gnarly old hands.It is gross.. When he and Baez talk over the shoulders of casey, mason is touching her on the back !!!
    I have a question.. from the date in 08, of this short video above, mason is saying she could plea and get LWOP ,, or they could make it a circus and she get LWOP….. and look at now, in 2011, mason has joined the defense team !!!Could mason have suffered a stroke, or developed some degree of dementia, or brain tumor?? Something is very different .. He actually seemed coherent (08)and was possibly a good atty , but, look at him now!!!!! He mumbles, acts obscene and inappropriate toward his client,calls reporters, and bloggers childish names.


  15. Gee Captain Kid..what have you done with your life? I am really interested in hearing about it? What books have you written?


    1. Excuse me?

      First off, you didn’t get my name right. It’s NOT Captain Kidd –

      Address me properly – Or don’t bother to at all!

      I’ve done lots in my lifetime, and I’ve had the privilege of writing all about it!

      In every case that I’ve investigated there is an investigative report that follows.

      Along with my days affiliated with LE, I have also had the pleasure of working as a Paralegal.

      Not sure how knowledged you really are with the LAW, but if you know anything at all, you’ll know and understand that Law Clerks, Paralegals and Junior Attorneys do PLENTY of writing.

      I have spent years studying in school, many different areas of law, and all of that has included more writing than you have probably EVER DONE! in your lifetime.
      Which by the way, just to really drive it home, I have graduated each time, with honors scoring the highest marks of my graduating classes.

      Unfortunately, you will never read my material.
      Where I sit, you are first off, in the wrong country in which I work, and secondly I wouldn’t waste my time sharing anything with YOU!

      You’ve proven yourself to just be a royal idiot with the response you just threw out above…

      Now, I’m not sure what your problem is with me, but I have done absolutely NOTHING to YOU.

      I don’t know who you are, where you come from, and I really don’t care.

      You obviously have no clue as to who you’re talking to, and being that I never did ADDRESS you to begin with, I would ask that you get your sh*t straight before you take digs at me.

      In closing, consider this MY FIRST and LAST response to you.

      You are NOT worth my time, or energy from here, on!

      Take your crap to a blog that will tolerate and play along with you, ok!
      There are plenty of them out there, that will accept your kind of behaviour and nonsense.

      I’ll stay where I am known, and RESPECTED!
      Where it is, not about having, to put up with the likes of YOU!

      Good-bye debi!

      Gee, you couldn’t even spell your OWN name right!

      Now, there’s a real WINNER – NOT


    2. Thanks, Sweetie!

      I figured you’d get a kick out of this one!

      As little sense as it makes, it just goes to show you, that even in being nice and trying to be helpful towards another, there’s always got to be one in the bunch to foul it up for others…



  16. Mason is nauseating! Jurors do not like him, as I witnessed throughout the Serrano trial. An arrogant pompous lawyer trying to free a baby-killer is not going to sit well with any juror! Oh, and hey Mason….us “idiot bloggers” are POTENTIAL JURORS. LOL.


  17. Home Run, Dr Lilllian! You covered every base with a simple thing called facts, which I am sure are very inconvienent for CM. He sure does appear to be hypnotized by Casey. The thing that I do worry about is that the defense will be successful in selecting several dim men who will respond in a similar way as CM does to Casey. That would NOT be a good thing.


  18. “Idiot bloggers” are just people who like to express their opinions. That they disagree with Mason does not make them idiots. If truth be told about how Mason really feels, I think Mason would admit to agreeing with what most bloggers have to say about Ms. Anthony and her “maybe I’m just a spiteful bitch-murder case”…does that make him an idiot, too? …or make him a hypocritical liar? …or just a defense attorney…
    Funny thing about sociopaths; lots of people seem to find them friendly, bright and likable. However, if Ms. Anthony says she’s a spiteful bitch I think Mason ought to think a little bit about those words. I think she was telling the truth that time.


  19. Willow I think you are spot on about many things. Cindy sure did exactly what you said, turned Casey into the nanny, but expected her to work full time, and figue out the child care, something many mothers in their 30s struggle with every day! Brilliant insight. And about the pics on the computer, I still believe there was something so horrible it made her father puke. I agree they sealed them up right away. Casey took pics of EVERYTHING. Thats why she tried to wipe out the computer, or had someone else do it. Of course she was hiding things. As far as all that other stuff, yes, what were they doing looking for escorts and porn and stuff all day? Weather it was Casey or her father, that is some bad juju.
    I have always thought that Casey was into all kinds of sleazy activities. Remember when there was a second ID behind hers in the wallet? The officer actually got that faster than Cindy! Maybe things unrelated to this case, but Casey was a master little sneak thief. Mr. Mason, just make sure you still have your wallet.


  20. I wonder why Casey was so concerned about continuing a conversation with Tony while she was in the jail interview? She was so anxious to talk to Tony, and HOW does she know IF Tony did or did not have anything with WHAT??? about Caylee. She says TONY doesnt know ANYTHING. She tell Kristina that she didnt get a chance to talk to Tony EARLIER because SHE got arrested, I wonder what she was on her way to talk to Tony about, getting rid of SOMETHING MAYBE before anyone gets to it !st??? Casey keeps saying I dont have anything to do with this??? WITH WHAT about Caylee???? Disappearance, the murder, maybe Caylee was only lost, Why does Casey make it sound like see already knows something bad did or was supposed to happen to Caylee. I just dont get it. She is also so hostile in her conversations with the family. She tells Lee that there is absolutly nothing to find out, well, HOW does she know at that time??? But Casey continues to be so sure that Tony has NOTHING to do with anything about Caylee, hum!!! And at THAT time they were NOT blaming her for anything, the police was just dealing with a kidnapping, so they thought, Did Casey think that it was MORE than that type of investigating??? Hummmm. And Kristina was acting MORE like she was the mother of Caylee, she just cried and cried, felt more for Caylee than Casey did. WOW!!!! And just WHAT?? are they going to PIN on Casey as she states in her calmly spoken interview. You would think that she would be FRANTIC at WHERE?? is my baby girl. I think WE all know that SHE knew already. HUM. Well all this is alledgedly speaking, and only MY interpretation of what the video on TV of the jail house tapes. She also (Casey) says ALL THEY WANT IS CAYLEE ANYWAY!!!!! THATS ALL THEY WANT!!!! NOT ME JUST CAYLEE. Casey is such a liar!!!! AWWWWWW. She has to be composed she says so she can be composed, YEAH!! so she can lie with a straight face. Also Does anyone know if they found drugs or alcohol on CASEY when she was booked? You would think that when Kristina mentions CAYLEE and that thats her little baby, Casey just blows her off.


  21. It saddens me to imagine what the evidence so far has suggested. In order to process the possibility that Casey Anthony actually murdered her own little girl, one would have to think like she does. How very difficult that is, unless you are a psychiatrist who studied the human mind, how it thinks etc.

    The most devastating part of this entire saga is watching Cindy and George bleed out in public while they defend with a vengeance, a human being they spawned. What they know is irrelevant. They measure their worth by what their children do. How unfortunate. How unfortunate that we all judge them, but we do. What they did to create Casey’s personality is useless to assume. She is their daughter, their granddaughter is dead, gone, and they are emoting in public, and that is the only reason bloggers blog such horrible words about them all. It would have been better for them, if they stayed under the radar, but that’s not news.

    I don’t believe they or Mason is drinking her stuff. I think she has to let them use her parents as pivotal parts of her defense. And that will be the worst the Anthony family will have to endure. Sadly. Casey doesn’t care about her parents suffering, never did. She would sell their eyes to get out of jail.

    As for Mason and his name calling, it’s just a no class thing to do, but where is it written that he has to behave like a gentleman? This is the blame game, after all. Bloggers are not going to stop and it works for him. Shrug. They don’t effect Mason’s life in any way and their words are just words. Any human interest case is going to get talked about. Casey Anthony is not unique. OJ Simpson was not uniqe. They got 15 minutes millions of times, so what? People talk. So what? When they type into syber space, they walk away and have lunch. THey’re free to get in their cars and go where ever they want. Casey Anthony is not able to do that because of choices she made; So what? That is not the fault of bloggers. That has her own name on it.

    Do I think Casey killed her child? Of course I do. Do I think it was accidental? Absolutely not. Unless they tell me that the duct tape wasn’t on that beautiful child’s face, or the 3 bags didn’t come from the house, or that someone else drove her car, or if they tell me she’s protecting George and in that case I’d have my doubts that she would spend this long in jail to protect anyone. Of course George would have had access to the duct tape and the bags, and certainly he could have tossed Caylee in the trunk when Casey came home those few times, but I don’t recall learning that she left Caylee in his care at any point.

    Nothing good will come of this impending trial. Mason will be forgotten. The Anthony family will be forgotten, but Caylee will never be forgotten. She will always be that little girl who died with duct tape on her mouth. As for Casey getting the death penalty, or Life without parole, who cares? She is responsible for leaving Caylee in danger whether she killed her or not.


    1. “What they know is irrelevant. They measure their worth by what their children do.” So true…as is so with most if not all parents…but remembering this is the only way for me to “understand” Cindy’s reluctance to face the truth. But she, herself is so damaged, she can’t see that. lori~


      1. Lori I agree. Cindy is damaged. And yes we gage our worth by what our children do. But that is a tenuous concept because there are so many orphans who have been seriously abused through out their childhoods and grew up to be great people. History has shown that we are born with a sort of blueprint of our own, in spite of DNA.

        Cindy was dealing with Casey’s blueprint and pushed the envelope when she took over the actual motherhood of Caylee. She clearly wanted that child to be her own, as she took her over the moment she was born. She insisted the little one call her Mommy, and she is seen in videos making the motions to show Casey that she was the mother of Caylee. (Birthday video) I can see the sickness in Casey when her reactions said, This is MY child and I can do what I want with her, get it mom?

        That was a knee jerk reaction when Casey got angry at her mother, and probably why they coddled her all those years. They knew her personality issues. In Casey’s eyes, she won the war with Cindy. Both parents are sufficiently punished by their mentally ill daughter.

        Her behavior in court all week has proven how sick Casey Anthony is. She’s got obvious disorders. Yesterday’s drama when she had the anxioty attack in court and had to leave, was a perfect attempt to avoid consequences for her choices 3 years ago. SHe isn’t going to have any of that punishment stuff that ordinary folks get. She will fight to the death for the right to do what Casey wants to do, bar nothing. She was born too late. She should have lived with King Henry the 8th. She makes Anne Boleyn look like an angel.


  22. Casey wanted to talk to Tony simply because she wanted to explain things (lie) hoping Tony was still her guy.
    Casey KNEW Tony had NOTHING to do with Caylee because
    Casey was with Caylee when she died, and Casey got rid of
    her body in her old hangout where they buried pets, smoked pot, drank booze. and had sex. A “comfort” zone to Casey.

    Casey could honestly state “No , Tony had NOTHING to do with Caylee missing” because Casey knew the truth.

    At that time, Casey was going with the “Nanny lie’ had she not been convinved she could trick us all with that lie, I think
    she would of become wise and pinned it on Tony. After all, Tony told Casey he did not want daughters. Perfect blame game, way better than Kronk, or Jesse Grund, or the imaginery Zanny .


  23. Look at Cheney Mason in that pic above, notice his beard
    it is supposed to make him appear like he has a JAWLINE like a young person would. Put your finger just below that grey beard line and block out his sagging blubber turkey neck, see how young he looks? Cheney is a trickster too, but he is just an old bag of air that looks alot like foghorn leghorn trying to fool the public and possibly Casey into believing he is something he is not. YOUNG and SMART. I think Once upon a time,
    Cheney Mason was the cats Meow, now he is just foul. but NOT FORGOTTEN , he is playing his last craps game here.
    It stinks Cheney. PU


    1. To me it looks like Mumbles has 2 moustaches & his second chin makes him look weird. Either grow a beard to cover both chins & necks or shave the whole thing.


  24. dr glass cm must follow your blog because he did better keeping his hands to himself today…

    i do wish you would look at the video done by poolside with cm and his wife… his wife looks miserable.. i bet you could tell alot from her body language…


  25. It’s unfortunate that any defense attorney has to be put through hell because he decided to help out another lawyer who did not know what he was doing. As someone who believes in every defendants right to a fair trial and as past President of the FDLA, he decided that he had to do something. He simply wanted to help Mr Baez. His strengths may be cross examining witnesses or helping Mr Baez pull together his opening statement-we really can’t critique his skills until the trial begins. We know with certainty that Mr Baez is not up to the task. We know what Mr Lenamon had to put up with during Nov 2008. It’s crystal clear to me from listening to the interview on InSession that he came forward with reservations but with the conviction that every defendant deserved a fair trial.

    He has every right to console his client. He is a gentleman and a kind and understanding person to Casey. He doesn’t treat her like the repugnant defendant that she really is but that does not mean that he considers murdering your toddler is a way to resolve one’s difficulties. He says he “wants to win” but that doesn’t mean he wants her to walk the streets of Orlando ever again. A “win” to him must certainly be Life without the POP. He knows Ms Anthony’s quest for freedom will be before the Court long after he is dead and buried.

    Is he right to say there are “idiot bloggers” out there? Yes. After 41 years he knows his way around the courtroom and the outrage coming from the “court of public opinion”. But let’s face it, he has a right to feel offended. There are blog owners and posters discussing this case and they constantly talk about how they are offended. Why can’t Mr Mason critique what he reads?


    1. Anonymous, Mr. Mason can do what ever he wants to do. All of the legal team and the Anthony family as well, can do what ever they want to do. But if they don’t want their doings blogged about, they would be wise to keep their gobs off the bloody telly. But that would prevent the fame they so seek. Who cares?

      Notice when the media gets active, the Anthony’s get active too? LOL! They are all sheer entertainment.

      Sadly, there will always be a dead child in the quandary. That’s the reason the public is enraged. And the bloggers blog on. The human capacity for compassion is enormous. (Especially for helpless children.) Every minute of every day there are children in hospitals dying and family members praying to a God they can’t see, for mercy. They would give anything they own and more, for God to save those children’s lives. And here we have a nit wit with a spiteful bone sitting on our TV screens, surrounded by lawyers who will beg for mercy for her, knowing she snuffed out the life of a healthy gorgeous child as if she were a stale peanut butter sandwich. At best, she accidentally died but her mommy didn’t bother calling 911, nor did she bother to grant her a respectful departure from a life that had no room for her.

      If her reasoning was, that she feared the response from Cindy and George, “A coward dies a million times” It would have been no worse than what is happening now.

      I just blogged.


      1. Grandma16-I looked at Mason’s “idiot” comment in reference to all the bloggers who inserted themselves into the case. I immediately thought of all the people who attempted to derail, delay or deprive Ms Anthony of her right to a fair trial. I didn’t think he called all bloggers “idiots” but simply those bloggers who literally got a little too close to the case and talked about it on the internet.

        Many of those folks said things that were patently false and misleading. The information they wrote about was often in contradiction to the facts and often implied that LE was their source, etc. Most defense attorneys just don’t like this kind of thing to go on especially during a high profile capital case.

        Our right to read the documents and comment on them is still safe. Bloggers and posters can accept the evidence, discuss it like adults and decide to agree or disagree in a dignified manner.


  26. Sherry-I didn’t quite get the impression that he wanted to deny anyone’s rights to say what they wanted to say-he just didn’t like it when his work product was evaluated or his mannerisms were discussed in ways which were meanspirited and unnecessary. He was clearly offended and in characterizing bloggers as idiots I think he has had his fill of the rumors and the callous disregard for the facts. The circus atmosphere in Orlando was also evident on the internet. Here are a few characters I remember.

    Considering what happened to Judge Strickland you would have thought he wouldn’t read the blogs but since he does here are some that will be in the courtroom perhaps as witnesses or looking for a day pass to the trial. Was he upset with Joe J. and his shinanigans on the internet? Was he disappointed in Joyless W.? What about River Cruz and the Skye Up Above? Was it necessary for either one of them to discuss their involvement with Mr Anthony on a blog? What about Malissa E.? And can we ever forget Mr MacIntyre? Then there was Mr Thompson. He rambled on and on for a couple of days on a certain blog but in time got himself on someone’s witness list. Does it really matter which side of the isle he’s on? Will the type of doors WalMart installs make any difference to Ms Anthony? Absolutely not. The doors that close behind her will lock automatically.


  27. I wish more people “would berate” Mumbles in a restaurant. I bet he didn’t try to step on the guys injured toe, or poke him with an umbrella like he did to Kathi Belich. Cowardly piece of shit only picks on women.


  28. Shirley is thinking, I guess I’ll put up with this stinking old bastard. The better years of my life have past & just look at my nice lifestyle. Look at my pretty swimming pool & stylish clothes, nice restaurants etc.

    I guess it’s worth it for “wifey” to have one of the most hated husbands in FL. By the time the trial’s over he might be universally loathed. The man doesn’t have a decent bone in his body, never did. Not if he’s capable of the underhanded crap he’s done in this case, he’s a parasite sucking the life out of the FL taxpayers along with his not so secret crush & his clown of a partner Bozo.

    The wife must have sold her soul a long time ago. Is this his second marriage? Who could stomach that mumbling, rudeness & the fact he won’t even use a worki9ng hearing aid to understand others.


  29. Anonymous, I hear what you’re saying. Sure enough, some bloggers are ridiculous in their theories and projections. Some even write foot long paragraphs on the subject of her hair, pimples and eyebrows. Some of the talking heads on television day after day have spouted out some very nebulous facts as well. Are they idiots or are they getting ratings at anyone’s cost? Are they partly responsible for Ms Anthony’s rights being threatened?

    I get that this kind of public blathering can put defense lawyers to task. But hey, that’s the profession they chose. They want the job and must need the challenge.

    What the public wants, is for the defense attorneys to tell us why we are wrong about Casey Anthony. I want to be wrong. I want to know who put Caylee in the woods to rot away like a piece of swill. And, I want to know why.

    Freedom of speech is also a “right” The public didn’t design this saga, Casey Anthony did. Mason calls bloggers idiots and bloggers call him a ham and egg-er…etc…

    Since the days before Abraham sticks and stones have been flung. Nothing new under the sun. 🙂


    1. Grandma16- I would think that anyone with so many years of experience would do what they tell their clients to do-“keep your mouth shut”. Why didn’ they both err on the side of caution and say “No comment”. They didn’t need to present a theory of the case to anyone but the prosecutors. He thought he was trying his case before the public instead of doing the mental mining behind closed doors that this capital case required.

      Did Mr Baez anger the citizens of Orlando when he announced to the public on December 9, 2008 that “Caylee was alive”? Defending the worst of the worst is a high wire act and you would think that “looking down” on everyone would be bad form and so very unprofessional.

      Upon reflection would it have been a good defense strategy for ALL the attorneys representing Ms Anthony to have stayed away from GMA and InSession and Orlando media outlets? I would think so.

      The only blog that really must have given them pause was more than likely The Hinky Meter. Valhall only uses sound judgement, logical thinking, vivid language and top notch writing skills when presenting the evidence and its’ analysis. Her narrative insights helped her arrive at outcomes that lead to a cogent and interesting discussion. When she didn’t know the answer to a guestion she did the mental mining that difficult questions deserve.


      1. Anonymous, I agree with you. As for Valhall, she’s a brilliant writer and her observations are knee jerk, which is usually correct. I enjoy her satire and sarcasm. What she does on her blog has to be the bane of the defense team’s existence. She is a great mouth piece for a huge audience of Caylee supporters, and unravels the ball of reasonable doubt the defense is trying desperately to create. Yes, yes, something “Hinky” is always sticking out somewhere in this case. It’s almost a no-brainer to think otherwise.

        “Mental mining” I like that expression.


  30. Pingback:
  31. Does anyone really believe that Casey Anthony’s father or brother molested her? Could she not have told a friend a friend’s mother her counslor at her high school even. She just knows how to lie and others will be hurt. Her father and brother.s reputation is on the line here. If this comes out where will Lee get a job? Has any one checked at Universal studio’s to see if she lied on her application back when she was employed there like saying she graduated from H/S.


    1. Her tears were for herself. She can’t cry for anyone else. No empathy in her at all. She’s afraid she will not get free. Her anger is because she can’t get what she wants.

      Casey uses emotional blackmail. She did it when she told her family Casey was alive and they had to believe her because they wanted Caylee and she knew it. She used it on the court with her molestation accusations because it leaves people halfway off a bridge. It’ a great way to use emotional blackmail. She’s a pro at it.


  32. If you’re really a doctor of body language, you should know that emotion associated with grief is often not expressed with tears. Every lay person knows someone so numb at the funeral that she couldn’t shed a tear, or so shocked by a tragedy that they simply cannot cry.

    I remind you that when Lindy Chamberlain cried in court she was publicly criticised for trying to elicit sympathy, and when she she didn’t cry in court she was publicly criticised for being cold.

    I think Casey is guilty, but the tears she shed during the opening statements were genuine.


    1. Yes Ella, I shall answer your question, despite your attempt to be condescending and nasty. I REALLY am a doctor (PhD) and I do know a lot about emotion and grieving. Casey showed no signals of grieving and fake tears. She showed micro expressions of ANGER.Casey;s tears were genuine ONLY for herself.


      1. Indeed Dr. Glass. Her tears were genuine. When her mother was on the stand in excruciating emotional pain, when George was writhing with pain having to answer the hardest questions he will ever be ased, and when Lee was on the stand steeped in depression for his ruined life, she looked at them with complete disdain and contempt. That was also genuine, yes?


  33. I do believe that at some point Casey’s tears became real. The one scene with her burying her head in Dorothy Sims shoulder, you could see the veins standing out in her neck! She appeared to be sobbing terribly. My question, for WHOM was she crying? Did she finally realize the horrible crime she committed against that beautiful child? Or did it dawn on her she will likely spend the rest of her miserable life in prison? No more party girl.

    P.S. I hope you don’t mind Dr Glass, I posted a link to your site on my wordpress blog.


  34. There is video of Casey in court on one of her trial days where she is blatantly flirting with Mason, she props her chin on her hands, fingers intertwined, coyly sweeps her eyes up at him, then back down then…..pauses just a moment then turns and flashes him a dazzling smile, i couldn’t believe my own eyes, and yes that’s to manipulate, not flirt, if Mason is too full of testosterone even at his old age to realize that a young, pretty woman in her 20s wouldn’t find him the least attractive and flirting with him is only to use him and get what she wants then he deserves to be made a fool of by her. But let’s not forget Mason is using her too, he is not there in the interest of justice, he, like Baez only cares about the notoriety of the case otherwise they would never have tried such an outrageous and obviously wild tale of accidental drowning pass the body to the meter reader.


  35. Mason is right in that video , the Anthony’s have no credibility. I do feel for the parents however they fed into Casey’s narcissism and this is what they got.


  36. What respect I had left for Cheney Mason was quickly removed after his decision awhile back to represent Nelson Serrano. I know times are tough Mr. Mason…but Nelson Serrano?? What in the world were you THINKING?


  37. Mason and Baez flatter themselves by thinking they actually “won” something here. The TRUTH is … they won the case BASED ON LIES …. Thus, the jury based their decision on LIES. Case in point … Casey’s first story was the nanny took her at the Saw Grass Apartments… so Baez peddled that. Then she morphed it into … the nanny held her down and grabbed the baby. at the park … so Baez peddled that one. Then Linda Kenney-Baden went on ’48 Hours’ and said “A stranger killed the baby” – so they peddled that for a while. Then, three years later, they morphed it again and said she “drowned in the pool”. As you can see, the defense attorneys LIED … and won their case BASED ON LIES. A few days ago, Cheney Mason … who considers himself to be the senior statesman of the Constitution … confirmed that his whole team didn’t even believe their own lies, when he said to correspondent Jean Cezares … “Well, whatever happened to Caylee…” It was an embarrassing moment for him, because by saying that, it proves they HAVE NO CLUE what happened to the baby … let alone drowned in the pool. Furthermore, the jury needs to be called in for investigation by the State Attorney General’s Office and give a FULL ACCOUNT of how they spent that 11 hours. There is no way they “deliberated” six weeks of scientific testimony in 11 hours. None of them took notes … one of them fell asleep … when Jeff Ashthon close, Juror 5 crossed his arms and refused to look at him … but it was HIS JOB to hear both attorneys and THEN make the decision. Juror #5 … you better hope I never catch up with you on the street. In closing … The defense WON NOTHING. All they did was put lipstick on a pig and resell the package. Here’s the bottom line … the defense has no way of explaining what the defendant did on the day of the MURDER. Yeah, we know … they don’t have to … but it doesn’t matter. That window of time points to Casey Anthony murdering the baby. She left with the baby at 1 PM, and then showed up at her boyfriend’s house by 6 PM. During that time both grandparents WERE AT WORK. The jury was supposed to ASK … what happened during that 5 hours. But they FAILED to do that, and We The People need to hold them accountable for that.


  38. Cheney Mason is a dirty old man and his actions–on national TV no less–prove it. Playing touchy-feely with Casey; his comments about Casey Anthony show it also–she’s “bright and likable”. Yeah, every time she flirts with you, you dirty old man. And Mason’s intelligence level was proven when he extended the middle finger of his hand to the media–also on national TV. He’s nothing but slime with a law degree.


  39. Dear all I would like to see the video of Cheney Mason and In Session I probably saw them because I saw this from the first moment, bud I did not have the pleasure of the insight of having Dr Glass and her insight. Also there was another video that was eluded to early on of Mr Mason ( oh and his wife I believe he called her shirley how she reaced to something) Maybe he said in his southern manner Surely not Shirley. But it had to do with how his wife reacted. I am attempting to go back and look at how my impressions of their comport made an impression on me or not at the time than you so much to all Dr Glass and Team.


  40. Does Cheney Mason have a “crush” on Casey Anthony? He was awfully touchy-feely during the trial whenever the camera showed them together.
    and does this remind anybody of the Anna Nicole Smith and Howard K. Stern situation? He was her lawyer, but they were lovers. As sleazy as Jose Baez is, it wouldn’t surprise me if he wound up marrying Casey Anthony. She would be a meal ticket for him like Anna Nicole Smith was for Howard K. Stern.


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