William and Kate’s Body Language An Inspiration and Welcome Break From World’s Toxicity

In these days of tsunamis, earthquakes radiation leakages, tornadoes, fires, wars, killings, kidnappings and murder, and a world filled with Toxic hate from bullies who make others lives miserable until they commit suicide  there was nothing more welcoming to refuel our souls than to see two genuine people in love  Kate and William Wales. It was so touching to see them exchange their vows

What made most of us shed a tear or two was knowing that the last time William and his brother Harry  walked into that cavernous Westminster Abby they were filled with  with pain and loss. Even though it was different now, they must have had waves of emotion when they thought of their mother and how she could not join them to see this joyous occasion.

Seeing Harry  with his head bowed down as he entered the church  made me think that he must have had some mixed emotions at that moment.

William  was excited and nervous as one could tell from his lip licking due to his  “cotton mouth” when he first entered the church. But his nervousness subsided when he approached friends and family and felt   their warm embrace. He complimented some of the female guests and told them they looked lovely. Seeing people he loved and who loved him back was the best thing that could have happened to him as he headed  down the aise  of the church to wait for his bride.


As soon as Kate stepped out of the  Queen’s Rolls Royce and  on  the red carpet to begin her journey,  you could see immediate signs of a future Queen with a straight and regal posture. Even though she no doubt had twinges of  nervousness, one would never know it. She seemed like a seasoned professional royal.

As she walked down the aisle with her father it was the most beautiful sight. No casting agent for a Hollywood movie could have done a better job picking the right Princess or father of the Bride than the reality we were seeing thunning people in front us. As soon as Kate walked in, Harry looked back to give his brother a rerassuring thumbs up.

William obviously  agreed as he saw his bride in her gown for the first time as he told her she looked  stunning- beautiful. She was beaming when her almost husband acknowledged how fabulous she looked – words which most every woman would love to hear from their man.

During the ceremony there was lip licking  on both of their parts indicating nervousness. But as soon as they were pronounced man and wife all of that nervousness subsided.

This photo above speaks volumes . As soon as they became man and wife we can  see how loving and supportive William  is towrds Kate . Look how he leans in towards his towards his bride. He is protective and helps guide her through the day with all of its specific royal requirements. No doubt he will help guide her through her duties as the newest member of the royal family.

 Kate’s question to William, ” Are you happy? as soon as she entered the carriage spoke volumes. It showed that she was concerned about her man and his emotions and feelings. It was not all about her. It was very telling in terms of their relationship and how genuine it is. It showed how caringand loving she is towards him.  When a couple matches their facial expressions  as you see here, it means they are in total synchrony and like-minded.

 Then there was the most important moment of the entire wedding- the kiss. At first William gave her a very short millisecond unexpected kiss,   which was much of disappointment to those who waited and waited to see the expression of their love and romance. Later on, he turned to her and said “OK now let’s kiss.”  as he gave her a much longer and heartfelt kiss which was more like what the public was waiting for and  wanted to see. Right after William kissed her, he began to turn a different shade of pink as blushed after  his public sharing of what was usually their private moments.  One could feel the love between them.

Apparently, it was reported that the two of them never left one another;s side for one moment during the celebrations which took place afterwards.  It clearly indicated that they were now a team.

That is how  a successful marriage must be in order to survive in this day and age. The couple must be best friends and they must be a team.They must take time to really get to know one another as William and Kate did. They learned about one another through the seasons,  through their highs and lows and they know what they can expect from one another in the future.

William’s brother Harry said it best during his speech as best man. He said that brother William had inspired him. He showed him what true love was all about. I think that both William and Kate both inspired the world with their mature and genuine love and marrying the right person for the right reasons. www.drlillianglass.com


7 thoughts on “William and Kate’s Body Language An Inspiration and Welcome Break From World’s Toxicity

  1. Though I didn’t watch the royal wedding, your assessment is spot on Dr. Glass. Kate looked beautiful and I loved her wedding dress. William looked dashing. I truly pray they both have a much happier union and long fulfilling life.

    I have family down South hit by the storms so my focus was on that.

    And the NFL draft 🙂


  2. For me the telling moment was when he and Kate drove out of the palace in the Aston Martin. They were both smiling ear to ear and seemed incredibly happy. I remember watching Diana and Charles getting married and feeling none of the love that these two show on their face.


  3. It was so nice to see such a loving day almost like a “fairy tale”. William will make a great husband and father as he has learned from the last generation’s mistakes.


  4. I hate to be a downer but don’t the British subjects foot the bill for part of their wedding. Even though Kate looked gorgeous I fail to understand the hype (hypocritically while I post) maybe because Im not a British subject, and cant fathom why us Americans would still be fascinated in a monarchy which is what we fought against. Maybe Im trapped in 1776, I guess old wounds run deep lol.


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