Casey Anthony’s Fake Cry While Cheney Mason Continues To Hold On To Her

As Casey Anthony entered the courtroom even though she tried to stifle it the obnoxious raised eyebrow  smirk was still there.  As she was walking into the courtroom she was even grooming herself and making sure her shirt was tucked in to her pants at the back. Cheney Mason pulled out her chair for her and pushed it back in.

Casey did her ritualistic grooming where she dusted off her hands ike people tend to do when they are lying about something or guilty of something, In essence it is a subconscious move to dust away the “dirt ” of the problem that is on the person.

It continued on to her lap as she dusted off herself.


Before Judge Perry had something significant to say and actually denied the press’ request, Casey was  fake boo hooing it for the cameras.It was  clearly  a fake boo hoo, so when I read the headlines from the media covering the trial it is obviously reported by someone has no clue about body language and deception.

Perhaps Casey thinks she will find her fake tear in the palm of her hand.  Usually, tears do not  form in the palm of  a person’s hand. If a person is  really crying, their tears would be dry by the time the palm of the hand was even a consideration.


  •  Casey shows no more tears or any indication that she is crying or upset. Her facial muscles indicate that there is no crying behavior whatsoever, Yet Cheney Mason continues to hold on to Casey’s back as if he is comforting her. Maybe he is comforting her in a sense considering she has had no human physical contact for the past few years. Maybe he thinks he is doing her a service just by holding her back and touching her.

Casey has absolutely nothing to cry about and she doesnt feign crying or do any real crying for that matter for the rest of the time Judge Perry speaks. Casey looks on in all seriousness with undivided attention.By the way, Jose has never looked so serious in th courtroom as well.

Judge Perry said that this case  has garnered more attention than the OJ case and he wanted nothing in the way of picking a jury for Casey as that was his number one concern.

But Casey can’t seem  to help herself as Judge Perry speaks. here we see her grooming herself once again as she straightens out her collar.

At this time, there are of course no tears, Casey is now busy grooming her hands and brushing them off.

Right before Judge Perry ends his speaking, there is Cheney Mason’s hand on Casey;s back. Why is he feel so compelled to touch her all the time? Jose steers clear of her and keeps his hands to himself and rightfully so.

As we see in this photo Casey needs no comforting for her fake crying so why is Mason still comforting her? It seems very inappropriate in my view. It makes no sense body language wise. You touch and comfort someone when they appear to be in emotional need which was clearly not the case here. Cheney was touching her just to touch her it seems.

Also in this photo Casey reveals her true emotion as a flash of anger appeared on her face as you can see by the leakage fo the furrowed muscles in her brow area.

If we are all wondering why Cheney is touching Casey so often and  supposedly comforting her when it appears she needs no comforting a jury will wonder the same thing. Also a jury  who will spend every day with Casey for the next three months or so will definitely  pick up on her fake tears and ritualistic  and aberrant behaviors.

42 thoughts on “Casey Anthony’s Fake Cry While Cheney Mason Continues To Hold On To Her

  1. So true! Casey is unable to feel real emotion, unless it’s her pain! She is a classic sociopath pure and simple! Dr Glass, i am curious if you saw Cindy shaking today, her whole body was trembling? She looks like she may be trying to use some kind of mental issue to postpone the trial, or maybe garner some sympathy. Curious what your thoughts are about her behavior? I learn so much from your blogs! Thanks in advance


    1. Oh, Brandy…don’t be fooled by CA…nothing will shake her into a nervous breakdown, all for the cameras…CA is another who added to this media frenzy. She was thinking, how dare the media attorney point that out…in her mind, she did what she had to to get the attention on Caylee..Don’t be fooled , she loves the limelight, her little cameos day after day.
      I also believe this family knew when they got the car from the tow yard and found ICA without Caylee…they knew Caylee was deceased but milked it for all they could…they made blood money off the photos of precious Caylee and now fail to be her voice…

      This woman worries more about MONEY and how the image of the family is taken…Image is everything to them…never truly parenting ICA with giving her boundries when little, showing her responsibility, no consequences for bad behavior…yes, they are both cut from the same cloth…only ICA appears to be more of a malignant narcisis and appears to be a sociopath..I would love to have an assessment done on her brain…also can’t wait for the psych evaluation to be released…JMHO

      Justice for Caylee
      Justice for Caylee


    2. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BET ….. THE NEXT EPISODE TO THIS STAGE ACT IS THAT GEORGE OR LEE WILL BE NAMED AS THE “REAL” FATHER OF CAYLEE? Has any male stepped up and cried to say oh no my child is dead? The attorney keeps diggin’ to bring to the surface that no father has been named. He also kept trying diggin’ up that Casey was not able to complete school because of what??? He also kept trying diggin’ up the fact that her mother did not notice the fact that Casey was pregnant. He also was diggin’ up and pointing out the fact of the age of Casey at the time of her becoming pregnant and not being able to complete school. He also kept diggin’ up the fact that Cindy did not know something was wrong when all these people that Casey talked about were not real and Cindy did not notice this either! This is bull…. how could this woman not know that who the father of her granddaughter is/was? The entire family is keeping secrets folks. ALL OF THIS IS AN ACT FOLKS…..this is going to be a way to set up the case for Casey getting off on these charges by being dubbed “CARZY”…. which she is crazy and all you haters better get ready for this because this is the way it is going to end. Deep, dark, dirty secrets tend to make people “crazy”. That attorney has a rabbit in his hat and he is going to pull it out when you least expect it. I think George knows very well what happened to that little girl. Remember this family has a member who has worked in the field of law …… who would better know how to cover this all up? What I want to know is if they were going to hide her body and not want it to be found why wasn’t the body buried? Does anyone remember some comment (not verbatim) that George made about knowing this child was out there some where under the starts and he knew she was “close”…????? Search Google and see if you can find this. He made this comment just before the body was found.


  2. Dr. Glass, You are so accurate in your analysis of Casey’s performance in court today. Mr. Mason seems to confuse the boundary lines one has with a client. It made one wonder why a man would feel he has the right to touch his client ………….. In fact to keep on rubbing her back like he was giving her a massage. His personal boundaries seem to be blurred. I wonder if she needed a cue to start her water works.


  3. Thanks again for your astute observations Dr.Glass. I think Cindy is close to a breakdown. She has to have torn feelings concerning supporting her daughter and honoring her dead granddaughter. Cheney Mason and Casey Anthony should go ahead and just have sex already, ugh! I do think Baez is so over this whole “fight for justice” thing. I also find it ironic that Casey was handed a business card by a fellow inmate that suggested Baez as a good attorney. I think I’d rather get an attorney business card from someone who was no longer incarcerated. If I was in Florida I would go to court and sit on Caylee’s side of the courtroom. I certainly hope those benches are full. Caylee’s grand-uncle and great-grandmother have a responsibility to show up everyday.
    Scenario: Casey is put to death and stands at the gates of Heaven. God says “You must cry one real tear for your beloved Caylee, if you can do this you may enter”.
    Result: Casey spends eternity in Hell.


  4. Great assessment, Dr. Glass!

    I figured Casey cried because a man was touching her, even if it was a man old enough to be her grandfather. It was quite inappropriate behavior in the courtroom, imo.


  5. Casey cried, but only for herself. She has yet to cry for her child, they descibed her dead child over and over and she showed no emotion. The judge talks about her RIGHT to a fair trial and she cries. This piece of trash disgusts me. I also agree Cindy is seconds away from a breakdown. If she was there for her grandaughter one bit I might feel bad for her.


  6. Hi Dr Glass, will you be doing an analysis of Obama’s annoucement of Bin Laden’s death? I would be interested to hear your thoughts on it

    Thank you, and love your work!



  7. Did no one notice Casey’s attempt to hide a smile when the judge was referring to how she/the case was the subject of google searches, dedicated websites and the blogosphere? she was on the verge of a snicker………..


  8. The judge is right…Casey is getting more attention than the OJ trial…she is outright guilty with too much evidence against her…why dont they just end this and save taxpayers money…obviously she’s eating it up knowing that she’s a star and people are googling her…why cant this case get wrapped up already…this is an open and shut case..disgusting how long its already been going on…sigh…i never seen soo much evidence against someone and its not over with…disgusting..put her away already…


      1. Im sorry, but you can clearly see a tear come out of her eye and roll down her face…Its clear as day. It may be a fake tear,or a tear for herself,but its a tear non the less..


      1. Well then, I see only your opinion is allowed here and open mindedness is not existant. I guess the people that disagree with you regarding this “tear” are all wrong in what we saw…..I get it, you wont even humor others opinions.Not a very mature stance or attitude to have but thats fine. Carry on!


  9. Absolutely FAUX as sure as the sun comes up in the East.

    She was cued by the Snake in the grass…Cheney Mason
    just when to turn the faucet on. She obliged totally and
    performed for the cameras once again.
    Or maybe he was just copping a feel….LOL
    It has also been reported that at the same time Casey was
    boo hooing, Cindy did the same. Were they both instructed to perform these acts together? Both of them
    are vying for the Academy Awards spot to shine as STARS.
    Both love being the center of attention and one out doing the other.

    Casey hasn’t shed one single tear for Caylee….not one, but
    here before the cameras she puts on her crying act looking
    for sympathy.
    Infortunately, the same can be said for Cindy Anthony.
    Both mother and daughter are cut from the same bolt of
    clothe……both are SOCIOPATHS.

    In closing, I thank God Cindy will never have the chance to
    turn little precious Caylee into another Casey Anthony.

    RIP little one…..Justice is coming!


  10. Thank you once again, Dr. Glass…only this time I must disagree…She did cry real tears but those tears are all for HER…her narcisism shows every time…She hasn’t shed any tears for Caylee, none…only for herself, as she did when Jose Baez held that news conference the day she was indicted for Caylee’s murder..
    photo gallery link above..

    I also believe CMason knows what will get to ICA to reacto to have her shed some tears…he needs to keep his hands to himself…

    Also noticed how irritated CA became when it was pointed out how SHE added to the media frenzy…How dare they point that out! Sarcasm…on my part…CA has been rallying around Inmate Casey Anthony and has not been a voice for precious Caylee..the child who brought happiness and sunshine back to an unhappy home…It appalls me to no end that strangers want justice for Caylee more than her own family does…

    I also couldn’t help notice that Inmate Casey Anthony didn’t seem so pleased with Jose Baez…for some reason it appeared as if she was ignoring him…I wonder what that’s all about. Could it be due to all those motions by the defense being denied and all the crucial evidence coming in at trial? Has reality hit her? Does she now realize she’s fighting for her life? When His Honor said his duty is to see that ICA gets a fair trial it put a dent in her future appeal for she has this thought that the police were out to get her, to pin this crime on her…well she just found out that His Honor is protecting her right to a fair trial which sent her into those crocodile tears…only for her…

    I also focus on those little hands of hers and what it is that she allegedly did to Caylee…is she wringing the dirt off her hands..she does that ritual thing all the time…her grooming habits will become worse once that jury is seated…

    I don’t understand why she’s going for broke…playing russian roulette with a jury of her peers…she should plead guilty and take her medicine…those are the consquences of her impulsive actions. She could have lived the bella vita with Caylee by her side…but I believe she isn’t maternal. She was forced to keep a child she didn’t want and the end result was Caylee’s life for the freedom she so desperately wanted..ironic isn’t it…she might loose her life and her freedom for her selfishness…I await Caylee’s justice..JMHO

    Justice for Caylee


  11. hi dr glass, enjoyed the article but have to respectfully disagree. i do believe that casey cried in court. her face turned very red. i have noticed that the few times she has cried in court, her face has always turned beet red before she sheds a tear.

    i think what has happened is that her attorney, at the 11th hour, and no longer worried that she could fire him and hire another attorney (god forbid he lose the case of the century), and with all of the recent rulings in favor of the sao, has finally been honest with her about her odds in this case. i believe that for the first time, he is telling her how bad it is looking. up until now, i think he has mislead her into thinking that she had nothing to worry about.

    i think he has finally been honest with cindy as well. i don’t think cindy has conflict over justice for caylee and trying to save casey. cindy is no longer in caylee’s corner. she is 100% in casey’s corner.


  12. Dr.Glass no disrespect but the girl was clearly crying , you can actually see the color change in her face then a slight distortion begin before the tear which I can see on her left cheek clear as day tip of her nose reddened. Why she is crying? self pity, regrets, remorse….G.O.K


    1. Sorry Barbie- I didnt see any tears only fake rubbing of under her eyes and looking ta fake tears. Teh bottom line is not weather she eeked out a tear. The real issue is that she is devoid of any emotion especially as it pertains to Caylee.


  13. Hi Linda Rose! I have NEVER been fooled for one minute by this whole lying, deceiving evil family! Your right, the only thing Cindy has always cared about is money and lying, covering up for her murdering daughter! They have known since day one that Caylee was dead and what they did is unforgivable and DISGUSTING!!! That is why we are all here for Caylee! We want Justice for that sweet, precious angel!!

    After Casey is found guilty, i pray they go after the Scamothys! They need to rot in jail for awhile as well and not be able continue to make blood money of their own Grandbaby! I have never seen the likes of this despicable group ever!! JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE IS COMING SOON!!


  14. Casey has not cried for her daughter, but cries when the judge talks about a fair trial. I wish Cindy and George was on trial for being stupid. I cant wait to see Caseys parents testifying and changing their story and being ignorant with prosecutors. If Casey is so innocent, then why has her parents changed their story to suit Casey? Jose Baez is creepy and innapropriate towards Casey. They act like they are dating. Casey also accused her dad and brother of molesting her. Wonder what excuse they will have for her saying that. Cindy is crazy, no wonder her daughter turned out this way.


  15. I honestly think casey mom should be on trail too.there is something not right.everything is being pointed to her and not other family members.she is young and likes to have fun.i have my thoughts on cindy.she could be the one who did it.someone that crys that mush is usealy guity.if cassey was the one i wld think she would admit it.everything is not adding up.


  16. Dr.G thanks again for a wonderful postI am sickened by Baez and Mason. I am sick with disgust at the behaviour of Her Boys and the touching and rubbing. Please Judge Perry Stop this. Mason how about Lawyer 101 or Court Decorum for Dummies-he should be fined and ashamed. OMG the massage on the bra line , holding her chair like she is a princess and the interview with Jean C. all mumbles about his casey adoration-his poor wife in lalla land. Mason always talks about being an old man and he is acting like a dog in Heat.


  17. I agree with Dr. Glass. She appeared, to me, to be angry, not sad. I particularly love the word “ritual”, with respect to Miss Anthony. She has several of them. One being, to seal her work with a heart. If you look at the correspondence, journals, ect. you will see them signed with a heart. (She even gave Tracey one). Then, when Caylees remains were found, that deed was sealed with a heart, as well.


    1. Think you have made a great obswervation here…question: I have heard that there are no pics of the heart found on the tape…but that the CSI who saw it will be allowed to testify. Yet, every time I see this ‘story’ about the sticker on the news, or whatever, they always show a pic of “the” sticker, photographed next to a ruler, I believe…do you know anything details about t sticker that I might have missed? (Also, I Did finally see the page of stickers that they found in the house matching the one said to have been over Caylee’s taped mouth. Just don’t remember where I saw it.) Lori~


  18. Casey’s tears? Well she seemed to be upset and her face was flushed.. Yes I believe she was truly upset regardless of tears or not…she knows this is her time…no more Miss America Smiles in the courtroom pretending that nothing ever happen to her baby girl. She knows her time is almost up and now Its time to pay!!!!! She really pisses me off with all this smiling in court. I hope the media find something better to do so we can get this over with their time and not hold up this trail!!!! We do not want to wait six more months to watch her attempt to squirm out of all the lies she and her family told. “GOD Bless the Baby Angel Caylee”.


  19. Thank you for another informative article, Dr. Glass. It surely does appear that Casey’s faux tears are for herself alone. When Judge Perry began to speak about her having to remove one of her rights (a jury from Orlando) she began to breathe heavily. She also appeared agitated when he spoke of the defense team filing for a continuance. It was around that time Cheney Mason placed his hand upon her back. She began to ‘cry’ after Mason touched her and the Judge said spoke of her having a fair trial, addressing her by name. Interesting that she can’t seem to muster tears or concern for Caylee, only herself. I am also interested in hearing your opinion on Cindy’s body language in court yesterday. She seems to be having some kind of tremors. Thank you.


  20. Off Topic: I honestly believe that this case has gotten as much media coverage and Casey has been able to get so many “free” lawyers for one main reason: her appearance. Our society glorifies people who are attractive and I truly believe that it if weren’t for her looks that she wouldn’t be getting half the media attention or entorauge of pro bono lawyers. (please don’t take my words as meaning that Caylee and her death is in anyway unworthy of such attention in oder to help identify her murderer)


  21. One additional thought that mirrors what so many have said on this board: I completely can’t understand how Cheney can believe that Casey is innocent. I was just reading an article about Casey which essentially said that it is not a crime or a sin for Casey to be out partying while the police and others are trying to find her daughter but definitely a narcisistic lack of regard……what “innocent” person could be out partying or wouldn’t even report her daughter missing to begin with… this a possible equation? I mean statistically how many parents in America wouldn’t report their daughter missing and would be out partying while not be guilty of having some role in the loss of their child? What parent would create a “fake” nanny? There are so many other pieces of evidence beyond these ideas so how in the world can anyone believe in her potential innocence? I just can’t wrap my brain around how her lawyers appear to absolutely beleive in her. But, I also believe that she is going to manage to get off for this crime just like OJ did.


  22. Actually guys, everytime there were tears she rubbed them away and looked at her hand to make sure that she didn’t have any make-up on it, indicating that she had ruined her make-up…..take a look at it again and you will see this. Her true concern while having tears was her appearance and make-up.


    1. Excellent point!! That is one of my ‘favorite’ rituals of Casey’s. The ‘brushing’ away of tears, one eye at a time…never thought of the make-up, but your’e right, she always looks at her finger after stroking each eye!! Lori~


  23. I have to agree with Tuscany. I have watched the link provided and Casey defenatly sheds that tear…..sorry.


    1. Saline or no Saline exiting the eye duct, can we please give the doctor a little respect here? There are certain muscles that we are unaware that we are even using when we cry, and even when we smile. That is part of what the doc is referring to. Yes, Casey is able to squeeze out a tear, but the subtleties in the face give her away every time. Lori~


  24. There is an abundance of literature and research on the psychopshysiology of crying but no known answers or reasonable assumptions about how those same tears which are percipitated by fear or stress appear to be the same tears we shed as a result of joy.

    Ms Anthony is quite capable of crying and has done so countless times since her incarceration. She might be crying for herself – “crocodile tears”- but nonetheless they are wet and eminating from her eyes. She places her hands up to her nose and makes every effort to control herself but when fear settles over her and doom pervades her thinking crying is all anyone has when the stakes are so high. She is an “emotional android” when it comes to others’ feelings but her narcissism and complete “love of self” kicks in when she cries. She is capable of integrating the severity of her situation and she knows it’s worth a good cry-but at the end of the day it doesn’t cleanse or refresh.


    1. There is a text message in the discovery that was sent to Amy by Casey saying that she is incapable of shedding tears when hurt (this was at the time her and Ricardo broke up).


  25. Sherry-That was more than likely vey true. Ms Anthony has never shed a tear for anyone in her life but herself.

    “Psychopaths view people as little more than objects to be used for their own gratification. The weak and the vulnerable-whom they mock, rather than pity-are favorite targets. Whoever is weak is also a sucker; that is someone who demands to be exploited. (Robert Hare)

    The tables have certainly turned.


  26. I did noticed that Cheney Mason touched Casey alot, he makes me uncomfortable. Jose Baez didn’t do that. Cheney Mason agrees Casey’s lied alot for 3 years but now all the sudden he believes her. It’s like Cheney likes her.


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