Will Casey Anthony Be Forced To Take The Stand After Accusing Her Father of Sexual Molestion?

A sexual allegation in the state of Florida is a huge. There is no statute of limitations and if a person is convicted of this crime, they will never see the light of day. They will get life without parole. In fact,  they can get many life sentences without parole, depending on how many counts are leveled against them.

Several months ago, I served as a jury consultant for a case of this nature in central Florida.  I saw first hand and how serious this situation can be after the defendant received multiple life sentences. Picking the jury was a huge challenge, since the majority of the jury pool was either molested themselves or had a close friend or relative who was molested. Many in the jury pool cried when they heard the charges against the defendant, who may very well not have committed the crime for a myriad of reasons including: a disgruntled wife in a nasty divorce, his not fitting he profile of  a child predator, signals of deception on the child’s deposition tape, multiple changes in the story, and most of all a significant anatomical variant that would point to his not having molested the child. Nevertheless,  a jury found him guilty of all counts and  he is now behind bars for life.

If George Anthony is accused  and tried for sexually molesting Casey, he could easily follow the same fate. So Mark Lippman, the Anthony’s defense lawyer ,  filed a motion if to force  Jose Baez to proffer to the court how he believes  he will establish the allegation  George molested Casey to support his defense theory.

If Casey or someone who knows of this allegation doesn’t get up on the stand and attest to this, then Judge Perry can refuse to allow Baez to ask questions about George’s alleged sexual misconduct towards Casey . That means that their defense of Casey is pretty much over. They will have nothing to hang their hat on,  in terms of explaining  why Casey behaved so badly and constantly lied about everything. That means Casey would have no other choice but to take the stand. I believe  most of us would like to see Casey take the stand and hear what she has to say for herself. It may even work in her favor to help spare her life.

Since Casey has already  lied  so much , who is to say she hasn’t lied about George or Lee for that matter?  But who is also to say that on this issue, Casey may not be lying?

For many jurors it may be the explanation  they need about why she was so promiscuous and why her behavior was so aberrant. Other jurors,  may  take allegations of sexual molestation to a very personal level. Who knows who on the jury pool has been sexually molested or has had someone they loved who was sexually abused? In this case, they may feel for Casey.

George and Cindy’s sudden turn around on the stand  may reflect their concern over the seriousness of this   matter . They are no longer willing to protect Casey as they see how dangerous  it would be to do so. Now, it seems that since they have come to grips with Caylee’s death, they will not allow Casey to destroy them.

It is no wonder Cindy can no longer look at Casey. It is no wonder George no longer supports Casey. There have been some pretty serious allegations leveled at him, that he not only molested Casey but that he was there at the  alleged drowning and knew about Caylee’s death. Even  if found to be false, he has to live with these allegations. For an emotionally fragile man, this is  no doubt, a living hell for him. www.drlillianglass.com


Cindy Anthony Changes Her Body Language and Communication And Tells The Truth About Casey’s Lies

It was compelling to see the dramatic change in Cindy Anthony. This was a more focused, connected, non defiant,  soft-spoken, less defensive, non harsh  Cindy who told the truth and  finally stopped defending Casey at all costs. There is an openness and softness and even a prettiness  about Cindy facially,   that was never there before. It is as though she finally took off the blinders and is now  seeing what is,  not what she wanted it to be.

When we heard all the elaborate  lies  that poor Cindy had to endure from Casey’s lips, it is no wonder why  she wanted so desperately to believe Casey. Now we can understand why she spent three years fighting with the world to try to prove her daughter had nothing to do with her granddaughter’s death.

As we heard Cindy’s testimony,  it was disturbing to hear about Casey’s  very detailed  fantasy life with fictional characters from Juliette Lewis and daughter Annabelle,  to an amusement park ,  to a  phony car accident of Zanny,  to Zanny’s sister Raquel,  to Jeff and his son Zachary. As Cindy described Casey’s excuses  as  to why she couldn’t speak to Caylee, it all sounded very believable. Sociopaths are very believable and charming like Casey.

Now we can see why it was no wonder that Cindy wanted so desperately to believe that Casey really knew a Zanny who took Caylee. She was in denial.

But Cindy finally woke up. It was refreshing to see a new truth-telling Cindy,  who would no longer defend Casey. She lost Caylee and is mourning Caylee. She has also lost Casey and is now mourning her as well. Cindy’s refusal to look at Casey  when she was on the stand reflected this.

George was visibly moved as Cindy spoke. Perhaps Cindy’s  renewed strength has given him  extra strength . George needs all the strength possible to not only deal with the loss of his daughter but to now deal with the allegation that he molested her. After listening  to the testimony thus far, Casey has appeared to tell elaborate lies to everyone. Therefore her allegations of George molesting her may very well be just one more of those lies.

For the first time, when Cindy walked off the stand without looking at Casey, she  literally walked away from Casey and her  lies forever.   www.drlillianglass.com 

Casey Anthony’s Body Language Shows How She Is Engraged By Cindy’s New Courtroom Behavior As Casey Throws Tantrum During Recess

On the stand we see  new and improved Cindy Anthony. Gone is the hostile hateful, belligerent, and defensive Cindy who tried to come to Casey’s defense at all costs. Now Cindy speaks clearly,  respectfully  and softly and answers the questions posed to her in a proper manner. She has not exuded the hate she once had towards the prosecution. She cried genuine tears and was emotionally distraught whenever  she spoke of  little Caylee who was no doubt the love of her life.

Has the 2 million dollar movie deal  softened her? Is it what she heard in Baez’ opening arguments about Casey having to go to school when she was eight years old after George would place his penis in her mouth and knowing that it is a lie? Whatever it is, Cindy has done a 180 degree turn in terms of her demeanor and body language. She actually  appears as a  sympathetic character for the very first time.

As Casey watches her mother’s testimony,  she is angry, You can see  this from her tight jaw and her  furrowed forehead.

Casey’s  lower jaw literally dropped as you can  see from the photo above. She cannot believe that Cindy is not looking at her and  most of all,  saying things which will not help her. She hears the change on Cindy’s tone and Casey is stunned by it.

Cindy’s  tears are genuine as she sees photos of Caylee’s playhouse and mailbox and play area. Her feelings towards Caylee are genuine.They are not manufactured.  She even asked if a slide of Caylee could  be taken down. This does not look good for Casey. A jury will feel for Cindy’s loss of her granddaughter.

Casey tries to hold it together in the courtroom when the jury is there. She even fake cries when Cindy cries. She tries to mimic Cindy’s tears so that the jury will feel that she is sympathetic as well.  But when there is a break, all hell breaks loose with Casey.

Here  we see Casey explode with rage. She is  saying that her  mom didn’t cry for  three years and now look at her, why is she crying! Casey is furious Cindy is crying.

The lower lip snarl, clenched teeth and furrowed forehead scream of rage and hatred towards Cindy. It would not be an understatement to say that Casey despises Cindy at this point.

Now these are genuine tears and a genuine cry. Both eyes tear up. The forehead is furrowed on both sides, not like we have previously seen when Casey has made the expression that indicates  fake tears and fake crying.

The tears are only for Casey and out of frustration that she has lost control over Cindy.  Cindy is no longer defending her and sticking by her. She knows it and she is devastated by it. Look at how her upper lids drop. That indicates genuine crying. It is interesting to note how her attorney has become her new mother figure.She tries to comfort Casey as she looks into Casey’s face. She no doubt  says soothing words to Casey. But she is angry she has to do it. Look at the attorney’s fist like  hand. Oftentimes this indicates anger.

Now we see a full-blown temper with full-blown rage towards Cindy.  The attorney is upset about Casey’s behavior as she has a tightness in her jaw as you can see by her skin fold, as the attorney pulls her lips back.

Casey is crying for herself because she knows it is over. Her one ally is gone. She threw George under the bus and now Cindy is leaving Casey’s bus. Casey is furious about it.

Why, why,  why, did Cindy turn on her ? She  is  shocked by Cindy’s actions for the first time in her life. She cannot believe what Cindy “did to her.” She is taking the victim blame approach. She set out to hurt Cindy by taking Caylee and now it has backfired on her. Cindy has finally hurt her.

Cheney Mason sent yet another female attorney, Ms.  Fryer, over to comfort Casey. She whispered some comforting words from Cheney. It didn’t seem to  work so Cheney came over there by himself and placed his hands on Casey’s shoulders to comfort her. That seemed to work.

The last thing the defense team wants is for the jurors to witness Casey’s out of control tantrum. www.drlillianglass.com

Ricardo Morales, Casey Ex Mentions and Sleeping In Same Bed With Caylee


Ex Boyfriend Ricardo Morles’  body language where he consistently leaned back in the chair and spoke in a  monotone delivery and gave  curt,  staccato,abrupt answers indicated that he clearly  did not want to be there.  Thus far, his testimony appeared to be  one of the most shocking testimonies thus far. It may be jaw dropping to any juror to hear  his description of  his  sleeping arrangements with Casey and Caylee. Apparently Casey slept next to him with Caylee in the bed as well.

Sleeping on the same bed your new boyfriend and your  little girl  shows that Casey had absolutely no boundaries. Casey  could have made Caylee a  small makeshift bed on the floor with pillows and sheets nearby. She did not need to put the toddler in the bed next to her and her new beau.

Hearing this speaks to Casey’s  motive in getting rid of Caylee. Caylee was clearly a burden to her sex life. While Ricardo Morales was open to including Caylee  in the bedroom, her subsequent beau, Tony Lazarus would have none of it.

In fact he was not too keen on having Caylee around. When he was on the stand his body language clearly revealed to me the discomfort when Caylee was there. At first he was being personable and allowing Caylee to swim in the pool with them. But I am sure he drew  is the line at Caylee being in their bed and doing a sleepover. That is why Casey never spent the night with him in the initial stages of their courtship. She began spending the night when Caylee was no longer around.

The visual of a little  girl in the same bed as a young twenty something man is beyond disturbing. Morales  did manage to  make it clear that Caylee was never next to him and was only next to Casey.

If Casey was busy cuddling up to her new man or having sex with her new man there is no doubt that Casey wasn’t paying that much attention to Caylee.  If they were engaged in the sexual act and they were coupled together, Morales would indeed be next to Caylee. He would be way too close for comfort. The fact that she may have  had a child  see her   engaged in a sex act or hear any strange sounds from her mother and a strange man may have upset or frightened Caylle.

What if she wet the bed? What if she needed to have a drink in the middle of  the  night? This does not create an ambiance for a good sex life with a boyfriend , let alone a new one.

Another thing that Morales said that raised eyebrows was  that he was aware of the date a photo was taken because of the bruise under Caylee’s  eye.  Did Caylee fall down or hit herself in a non- baby proofed home where young men and women lived? Was Caylee punched or slapped?

After hearing Morales on the stand, the bottom line, jurors may have a hard time believing the defense’s argument  that Casey was a good mother. www.drlillianglass.cm

Tony Lazarro Says He Loved Casey, Confused By Her Behavior, Casey Cries Fake Tears As He Talks About Caylee

When Tony Lazarro took the stand for the second day and said Caylee was a smart girl and could count to 40 in Spanish which he said was incredible  given Caylee’s age. Casey smiled a smile as any proud mother would. She shook her head yes in agreement.

Then she started in with the non tears to  show how emotional she was. But there was no liquid coming out of her eyes. Se just wiped nothing away from under her eye to give the illusion that she was crying for Caylee.

As Jose Baez questions Tony Lazzarro about  told him  Casey dabs her eyes no tears. Her is her facial expression which shows no tears or upset as she has a somewhat angry looking expression.

Jose Baez tried to put words into Lazarro’s mouth by stating the relationship was intense. Lazarro said intense? How? Then Baez explains that they were spending more time together between the end of June and July. Lazarro he agreed.

Lazarro admitted Casey told him she loved him and he also told her he loved her. As he said this his expression softened and he looked very sad and hurt. H e shared how they spoke all the time and even told law enforcement  how they talked till they fell asleep.  He reveled that they were very close and called and texted one another  all the time. He said he was shocked when the news broke and was shocked even until today and said that her pre July 16th behavior to her post July 17 behavior was bizarre.

As he says this he pulls his shoulders inwards  towards his body as a self protective gesture. It shows how vulnerable he feels once loving Casey and the n experiencing a different Casey with bizarre behavior. His rounded shoulders and soft tone reflect sadness as he said how Casey didn’t confide in him when she could have done so.

His testimony is very powerful in my view. It humanizes  her to  make her seem like someone who can love and is capable of being loved by someone.  It showed how close they were with one another and how badly he felt that she didn’t  confide in him.I think that his testimony was very compelling and will have an influence on some of the jury members. www.drlillianglass.com

Casey’s Ex Boyfriend Tony Lazarro’s Lust, Casey’s Coldness, and Self Mutilated Eyebrows

When Tony Lazarro was on the stand,  Casey often looked away from him.  She did not focus on him directly. She showed little, if any emotion body language wise. But her upper chest heaving deep breathing reflected  her nervousness  and discomfort . 

When Tony said that they hit it off  the only emotion Casey leaked out was contempt. Look at how her angry eyed gaze and how one side of her lip is pulled to the right. It makes me wonder if she ever liked Tony but was simply using Tony for his club connections as a DJ along with a place to stay.

When Tony speaks of how Casey would initially just come over to his house, he was uncomfortable talking about it as you can see by his lip lick leak.

When he talks about how Casey brought Caylee with him when she came over, he appeared to leaked out that he may possibly not have been that  thrilled  about  it as he cocks his head to the side and purses his lip. One has to  admit that it is a bit awkward to begin a social relationship with a two year old in tow. No doubt Tony’s facial expression reflects this feeling.

When Lazarro says that she did  bring her daughter, he  literally jerks his body back . To me it reflects that he was taken aback at someone bringing their child on an initial date. While he may have welcomed Caylee he may have felt that it was unusual.

When asked if Casey stayed over his house during their initial interactions, he was uncomfortable and embarrassed  taking about it as evidenced by his lip licking and squirming It appeared that she may have just come over for a sexual liaison and left afterwards, not staying the night.

When Lazarro speaks Casey usually seems to look  off to the side, but she occasionally manages to sneak a peak. Casey’s eyebrows appear to be  mutilated. hey She may have over tweezed or shaved them. Oftentimes when people feel cornered, pressured or guilt they may “beat themselves up” or even engage in self mutilating behaviors. There is no question in my view that Casey may have engaged in this behavior with regard to her eyebrows. It appeared that she  tweezed or shaved  away of half of her brow on both sides,  giving her a devilish appearance in my view.

As soon as she sneeks a peek at Lazarro, she immediately turns  away from him as we see in the photo above.

Tony leaks out sadness when discussing Caylee being at the mall with Casey while he was there handing out leaflets. His pursed lips indicated that he didn’t want to discuss it as it no doubt brought back a sad memory.

Here we see Lazarro leak out some anger as he talks about how Casey talked to him about  the fictional people at work and mentioned Jeff and Zanny the Nanny. His curled lower lip shows upset at how he was duped by Casey.

When Tony mentions Zanny, Casey looks away and appears expressionless as she stares in the distance.

When asked if he cared for Casey he said he did but the give away was that he exhibited an immediate shoulder shrug. To me this shows that he may have cared for her but not that deeply. He sort of cared for her. He may have cared for her at that time but was ambivalent.

When their trip to Blockbuster was brought up Tony gets a case of the “itchy scratchies” which indicates that he is uncomfortable talking about it. This was the time that Caylee went missing and he was with an alleged murderer  who showed no difference in behavior and demeanor as they checked out movies.


His discomfort continues to be  evident as he discusses how Casey had nor change on her behavior and demeanor at the time they went to Blockbuster. He scratches himself in discomfort and his pursed downturned lips and curled back lower lip  shows that he is both  sad  and  angry about it.

As Tony says that he played hooky from school the next day because he didn’t want to leave the bed, we see him smiling and happy as he recalls his lustful sexual liaison with Casey during that time period. This is significant. Now that Caylee was no longer in the picture, Casey may have felt  more free to express herself sexually. Hence Tony’s intense sexual memories of Casey’s  hyper sexuality at time. It is interesting that he doesn’t express  his lust about her  when Caylee was with her and Casey came over for sex and left. But now that Casey was free of Caylee and  felt more free sexually, her  sexual freedom obviously left  such an indelible impression  in Tony’s mind that three years later as he recalls it, his face reflects the lustful memory.

When Tony is reminded by Jose Baez that in Tony’s deposition  he said that Casey warned Caylee to stay away from the pool, Casey showed emotion for the first time. She showed sadness as you can see above.  But it appears to be contrived sadness as her eyes look tense and sad but her lips are not downturned as one would normally see in a sad expression. To me it appears as though it is contrived.

No doubt, through  Tony’s statement ,  the defense got in their point in of how  great and watchful a mother Casey was and how Caylee seemed to always want to venture into pools by herself.  Now the defense  can easily make the leap that because  Caylee tried to venture into  Tony’s pool alone, she also ventured into the Anthony pool alone and drowned.   .drlillianglass.com