McDonald’s Attack Victim’s Interview Shows Shock At Attacker’s Age, Lack of Help, Anger At Being Filmed And Outed

In watching the interview of  victim Chrissy Polis  who was attacked at a  Baltimore McDonald’s,  she appeared to be very level and calm as she described the incident of what happened to her in detail . She maintained her calm and even showed compassion in her tone  as she spoke of her  surprise at the age of one of her attackers 14.

Her tone changed to anger and disgust when she spoke of the person who videotaped her during the ordeal, but then changed back to gratitude when she spoke of the one woman who came to her rescue.


I believe that everyone was as stunned as Chrissy to find out the  ages of her attackers. What  happened in these two young girls lives to fill them with such violence and hatred towards another person? Who raised them? Were their parents absent? Did they have to fend for themselves? Were they severely abused and beaten in their own young lives? What was it to cause them to fight  wild animals and almost kill an innocent person?

Did they have such hatred towards a person just because they are a different color then they are? Did they have such hatred because the woman may not have looked odd to them?  Did they have that much insecurity as human beings that their “boyfriend” couldn’t even speak to another woman without that woman being harmed? Where did they learn that it was OK to put a hand up and beat up on another person?

Chrissy  Polis was minding her own business innocently  trying to use the bathroom when allegedly a man  who was allegedly one of the attacker’s boyfriends just said  said “how’s it going? “ Chissu politely answered “ fine” and   did not engage in conversation with him. Her concern was getting to a toilet. Allegedly on the of attackers saw the interaction  and asked Chrissy if she  was talking to her man and began to pull Chrissy’s hair and brutally beat her.

Now  the violent 18 year old  attacker  Teonna Monae Brown  as seen above has been charged with one count of first-degree assault and two counts of misdemeanor second-degree assault as she is being held in the Baltimore County Detention Center on $150,000 bond.

Her accomplice , a  14-year-old girl  who will be tried as a juvenile, also faces charges, according to investigators.

In the state of Maryland First Degree Assault can get a person a jail sentence of a maximum of 25 years. Second degree assault is a maximum of 10 years.  Because of the nature of the crime and who the crime was perpetrated upon a transgendered individual , there may be Hate Crime added and more severe consequences to Ms. Brown and her 14 year old accomplice punishment.

If a jury finds them guilty Ms, Brown and her 14 year old will be middle aged women when they get out of jail if they serve the maximum sentence. I believe they will be serving the maximum sentence to prove a point that this type of behavior will never be accepted.

As we have now learned,  this is not Ms. Brown’s first experience with violence at the same McDonalds. She was apparently arrested and charged with two counts of  misdemeanor assault  last year for  assaulting a  38 year old woman Danielle Dower, 38, and Dowe’s daughter  last July. In October, a Baltimore County judge ruled that charges would not be further pursued against Brown, according to court records because that the criminal counts against Brown were dropped at the victim’s request.

 Essentially Brown’s life and the 14 yer old’s life are ruined forever. that That combined with the national attention that this has received, they will never be the same.


 After working with transgendered clients during the early part of my career, I can assure you that they  suffer greatly. They have been born in the physical embodiment of one sex and yet mentally and emotionally, they feel as though they are the opposite sex.

Some people who have “gender  dysphoria”  continue to live in a depressed state. They do whatever they can to  suppress their thoughts and feelings about living as a member of the opposite sex. For those brave souls who do come out of the closet and make every attempt tolive as another  gender it is not and easy decision that they  took lightly  or an easy process to undergo.

For many, their decision cost them their relationships with friends and family and work colleagues. For some their jobs and livelihoods have been jeopardized.

The process is not an easy one. They undergo serious psychological testing before they fully commit to  surgical intervention to become a man or woman physically. They must live, act and dress as a woman or man  for at least a year wearing the clothing of that particular gender. This is a must for those who seek surgical intervention for sex reassignment.

They do whatever it takes to become acclimated to their new identity. Perhaps that is what Crissy was doing- becoming acclimated to dressing and living as a woman. The last thing she needed was to be beaten up for it.

This will scar her  emotionally forever. She even mentioned on the tape that she is now afraid to go out of the house. This is a tragedy for her that was caused by the hatred of these two teenagers and further exacerbated by the employees at McDonalds, who I believe need to be held accountable as well.

Chrissy said that the national attention makes her feel as though she had to  “come out of the closet all over again.” The national attention and the invasion of her privacy is what has added insult to injury, continuing to upset her the most.


While it  is great that this horrific incident  was videotaped for the .world to see, the intention of why this video was made is egregious. It was not made to document the woman’s injuries. It was not meant to document the incident so law enforcement could have a visual record of what went on. It was not videotaped as part of McDonalds procedure.   It was videotaped for some fool’s entertainment that he put up on his personal youtube account.

This fool  Vernon Hackett was also an employee of McDonalds. He had been an employee in the same location as the incident since 2009. He should  have known better than to film the video, taking credit for it  on his Facebook account, which he has since taken down.

At one point in the video Hackett  can be heard laughing hysterically at the violence in front of him, he is apparently enjoying the incident as thought it was some type of live entertainment for him.

As I see it, I consider that he is also an accomplice  as he is heard telling the young teenagers ont he tape  to get  out of there because someone was calling the police. In essence he was protecting the criminal and aiding and abetting their egregious act.

During Chrissy’s interview she commented on how she told this man,(Vernon Hackett)  to stop filming her and to get the camera out of her face when she was being beaten and afterwards. He had no sensitivity as he sadistically shot footage of her for his own selfish reasons.

Chrissy said “  I told the guy to stop,”The y didn’t help me. They didn’t do nothing for me.

Even when Polis is repeatedly kicked and punched until she had a seizure, he still  sadistically filmed her failing her arms due to her seizure
To further show his hate and ignorance,  he had the nerve on his facebook page to say  “that was not a female that was getting beat up… that was a man… He was dressed lik [sic] a woman.”

Who cares what she was dressed like or if she was a manor a woman. It was inhumane on Hackett’s part not to assist the person or at least call for help.


 Finally, one older woman had enough of this  scene. She was the only one who came To Chrissy’s aid. She tried to break things up but was punched in the face as well. Even though she is a hero in this tragic saga, why is she the only one who came to a crime victim’s aid? Why didn’t others speak up or yell out or place  their fingers on 911 to call the police?

Where were the other McDonald’s employees? For their doing nothing they too should be fired  and fined in my view. They need to be taught a lesson in humanity and respect for others lives.

Where was McDonald’s in all of this? Don’t they have a panic  button that goes right to the police station when there is a crime? If they don’t they should have one along with video cameras as well. They can well afford it.   I believe they need to be held liable as well and I hope that Chrissy gets herself  a good attorney so that she can be compensated for her damages. They no doubt have liability insurance in case someone slips and falls or has an accident on their property .  This is certainly a sitution that needs to be covered by their liability insurance in my view.


What happened to us as a society and as a people when there are those who can sit around  as though they are being entertained and casually and videotape or refuse to speak up or at least call 911 when something horrific like this happens?

Have we become so immune to violence that it is now   form of entertainment to many? Kids in grade school need to be taught that if they see violence  to report it immediately0 to dial 9ll. They need to learn early on that if they see it live in front of their eyes it is not a video game or a TV show or a movie. It is serious and they need to take action in the form of reporting it  or calling 911, no matter how old they are.

I believe there needs to  be consequences for those who sit by  and idly watch. To me they are  just as much to blame. We need to stick together and help one another, not leave one another to be  maimed and even die at the hands of those who act like wild animals.


14 thoughts on “McDonald’s Attack Victim’s Interview Shows Shock At Attacker’s Age, Lack of Help, Anger At Being Filmed And Outed

  1. Thank you for commenting on this, Dr. Glass as this was in my own area. I did not know the boyfriend asked Ms. Polis how she was doing and she politely replied fine. If that is what triggered this then it makes me believe her attackers were looking for a fight. I hope they all pay dearly for the rest of their lives.


  2. It frightens me how many horrible people are out there in the world. Some idiot who thinks he’s more “normal” as he enjoys, laughs and films such violence and outnumbered aggression against a targeted young person by two other so-called “normal” people. Wow…here we are in the middle of times when what is right becomes wrong and what is wrong becomes the “right” and the norm. Indeed, where has humanity gone? It’s long gone, for the most part, I’m afraid….but not quite!
    A HUGE thank-you from me goes to the woman who at least tried to come to the assistance of the victim. By the grace of all that is just; there are still a lot of good people out there.


  3. Very well said. I do believe that the charges against these low lifes should definitely include the Hate Crime. Very disturbing behavior from not just the attackers but certainly from all the McDonald’s employees. The hero customer who attempted to intervene and got punched in the face is just so sad. Totally agree that Chrissy Polis needs a top notch atty and well deserves a huge compensation from McDonalds.


  4. As much as it sickens me that the “videographer” (for lack of a better term) stood by and filmed it rather than called for help, what better evidence to present in court and convict those two girls. They deserve to be sentenced to the fullest extent of the law.

    Nobody deserves to be treated in such a way, no matter who they are. IMO, every employee who was in the establishment at the time should be fired. I don’t know if it’s a crime to not summon help for somebody (legally), but I know it’s a crime against humanity. Shame on every one of them.

    As far as the first and second degree assault charges…I think each girl should be charged for each and every punch, kick, push, and physical contact with the victim. They are ruthless and brutal, and should not be allowed to live among society with such anger and hatred. IMO.

    I hope Ms. Chrissy Polis will see how many good people do stand behind her. I just wish there had been more good people, like the elderly lady who tried to help, present when the attack took place.


  5. Jealousy is a very ugly thing. I hope her ‘boyfriend’ finds some common sense and leaves this terrible situation. Well maybe if she spends enough time in jail she will think twice. Cause now she may have lost “her man” forever. This is frightening. And shame on him as well. This makes me so angry.


  6. I was so shocked when I saw this video that I called McDonalds customer service and complained. I’m sure many other people did as well. The sad thing is, when parents don’t focus on raising responsible and compassionate children, then the cycle of violence and disregard for fellow human beings just continues on and on for generations to come. I hope that Chrissy gets the help she deserves and can hopefully heal in time. I find the entire situation so sad and depressing and hope these two criminals sit behind bars for the rest of their lives.


  7. I was born and raised in Baltimore, this incident is racial. Please remember race riots in schools were happening well into the 80’s. People who display this much hate have been let down by there families have poor socioeconomic backgrounds and automaticly assume whites have what they dont . They tookthere rage out on this woman because they assume she has better life circumstances. My neice who was white was ganged up on and beat down horribly by a group of girls. When asked why she was assaulted there answer was “she gets treated like a princess and she got a phone” its the haves and the have nots being stereotyped.


  8. It is truly disgusting that people now see the infliction of pain and humilation on another human being is a spectator sport. They should all be ashamed and start praying that if and when they ever need help other people won’t be as cruel and heartless.

    I am worried about this generation of people…..


  9. Thanks Jennifer, I believe that they possibly could not tell this woman was transgendered but they knew she was white. In all honesty the employees acted in a mob mentality as well, a sort of lets protect our own mindset. This is far more common then thought had she not been tansgendered it wouldn’t have been made public. I hope this poor woman recovers and my heart goes out to her.


  10. Dr. Glass, thank you for bringing this forward. i have a feeling that chrissy has endured a lot of abuse in the past as well. please let mcdonald’s react swiftly and appropriately. when will people realize that there is no room in the world for worrying about who loves whom, because we haven’t yet dealt with the bigger issue of who hates whom?


  11. Chrissy’s life has been devistated I could never imagine the hurt that she is feeling right now, but as humans we have a duty to protect people in need. When CHrissy needed help people laughed and ridiculed her, how can you trust another human knowing what they have done. We can not sit there and allow people to be hurt and be bystanders . I hope these people can live with there conscience if not the perps maybe the employee video taping and the do nothings standing around.


  12. Hi Dr. Glass!

    This is a little off topic, but I loved you on In Session today weighing in on James Ray. Hopefully they’ll bring you on again, because I’m definitely interested in your interpretation of some of the other things that went on during that seminar.


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