Family Dysfunction Can Not Explain Why Casey Anthony Didn’t Respond for 31 Days

The defenses’ argument that Casey Anthony didn’t respond for 31 days due to “family dysfunction” and that Casey  feared her father’s violence and mother’s wrath is completely lame in my view. No jury will buy it in my estimation. Even if that is the case, they will wonder why she didn’t go to brother Lee or to one of her friends or boyfriends.  

They will especially not buy that “fear of coming home and telling her parents because she feared their wrath” excuse. After  looking  at the Jailhouse tapes of Casey and her parents, they will clearly see  that it is SHE who runs them, not vice versa. She is the one in control.

Her father George even point-blank tells his daughter she is in control. If they read his jailhouse letters he sent to her, they will see him literally begging for her to see him. This once again indicates that it is Casey who is in control.


George has been an absentee non- involved father it appears,  based on her comments to him “ Act like a father for the first time in you life.”  If she feared George’s violence, she would never have spoken to him like that.  

Yes, George may very well have a temper when pushed to his limit as we saw him on the lawn of his own home when he reacted violently. But under the circumstances, it is not difficult  to understand his outbursts when people were on his property and name calling. All of the shame, embarrassment and trying to keep it all together finally got to him.

Just because he may have shoved a few protesters does not mean he beat up on Casey and that she feared his violence towards her. If that were the case, as soon as she was in the home, he may have let her have it when she refused to say where Caylee was located.

Did he molest her? That may very well be a possibility. But that still wouldn’t account for her waiting 31 days to come home or to tell what happened to Casey. Apparently, when her father encountered her and spoke to her about the gas tanks she said something vulgar to him. If someone fears you, they don’t mouth off to you because they are petrified of what the person  may do to you.    

If Casey claims that George beat her and also beat Caylee and she was saving Caylee from George, this will be the lamest thing she can ever say.

Caylee was the one who brought joy into George’s life. He has been the one who has grieved the most for Caylee it appears.   From the tattoo of Caylee over his heart and the sincere body language and communication in terms of how he discusses her, he clealry adored her.  It doesn’t make sense that he would do Caylee any harm. There is no motive in my view. Why would he destroy the only one thing in his life that brought him joy. Since he had no job, it wasn’t his work that brought him joy. It certainly was not Cindy that brought him joy  based on what we have seen of them and what we have heard of their past troubles.


As far as fearing Cindy, there was no question that  Cindy would no doubt  yell and scream and carry on as we have all seen her do. But Casey was the one  in control in that relationship as Cindy enabled her as Cindy  constantly covered for her,  just as she is doing  now .

Casey  was so in control over Cindy that she manipulated her by not telling her she dropped out of school and didn’t have a job and that there was a Zanny the Nanny . It was a “cat and mouse”  type of game Casey played with Cindy  for years to “get one over” on her.

There is no doubt that Casey detested Cindy for trying to control her and Caylee. While you can see that controlling behavior of Cindy’s  in the jailhouse tapes when Cindy says to Casey to look up so she can see Casey’s eyes. But then you can also see Casey’s hatred and sadism towards Cindy when Cindy was crying and Casey was laughing. Caey  says to her father, “What is this one crying about?” Casey was loving that she got Cindy upset. She was loving the control she was having over Cindy just as she loved the control by punishing Cindy for threatening to throw her out and keep Caylee.

Casey made sure that she would have the final control over her not being thrown out and cindy keeping Caylee by taking Caylee from the  home and never returning with her. Casey knew this would devastate Cindy. Caylee had never been away from George and Cindy for less than a day, so for Cindy to not make calls  to law enforcement and try to find Casey and Caylee after 10 days, let alone 31 days speaks volumes. It speaks to Cindy’s  stubbornness and pride and her own disdain towards Casey.

Having said all of this, even though she and Cindy had a dysfunctional relationship, there was no excuse for her to not tell Cindy right away. In fact,  the sooner  she told Cindy, the sooner she would havesadistic joy at seeing Cindy in pain over the loss of Caylee. But it  was Casey’s attempt to remain in control and to figure out what to do to explain away what she allegedly did to Caylee.


 Even if she detested and feared her parents, what about good old brother Lee? Apparently she loved him. After all, as she said on her facebook page, he was the coolest brother one could have. Why couldn’t she tell him during those 31 days?  She certainly didn’t fear him as we can see from the jailhouse tapes. Until recently, when she discovered that he had manipualted her for law enforcement, she thought he was her biggest ally.

And then there was her best friend Amy Huizinga and her other friends and the myriad of men. Why couldn’t she confide in them?

It was because she was  in the process if concocting her kidnap Zanny the Nanny story to explain what happened to Caylee and not have anyone point the finger at her allegedly doing away with Caylee.It was to work on the  story that it was someone else’s fault Caylee went missing- not hers.

There was no doubt that Casey  was in her  own world of denial and passive aggressiveness.This wasn’t the first time Casey displayed her denial and passive agressiveness. She definately displayed it when she was pregnant with Caylee and didn’t  tell her mother until she was well along in her prgnanacy. Cindy had no idea Casey was pregnant and even told her own brother Rick Plesea that Casey was a virgin, after  he confronted Cindy about Casey’s weight gain. Casey obviously does not deal with things right away and apprentlhy hopes the problem will just disappear on its own just like she did in this case with Caylee.   

 The longer that Caylee was  not around, the  longer Casey didn’t have to think about her parents or Caylee . The longer she could spend partying and having fun in the moment. We saw it when she partied and got” Bella Vida”  tattooed without thinking of Caylee.

After all, why should she?  In Casey’s abberant thoughts , Caylee was nothing but a huge burden to her. She didn’t even want Caylee  in the first place and allegedly thought so little of her, that  when she allegedly did away with Caylee,  she threw her  dead body into a garbage bag, just  like a piece of trash.

  Her motives to do away with Caylee were strong.

  1. Caylee kept her bonded and connected to her mother Cindy whom she detested.
  2.  Caylee interfered with her social night  life.
  3.  Caylee interfered with her daily life of doing whatever she was doing when she wasn’t working.
  4. Caylee interfered with her sex life, her boyfriends and spending time with them.
  5. Caylee interfered with all the attention that was supposed to go to her.    
  6. Caylee was a vehicle to be used to  hurt Cindy.
  7. Caylee was a source of competition which she resented.
  8. All the money that was spent on Caylee. her clothes and toys could have been spent on Casey.

The bottom line is that the defense will not succeed  if they present their theory of Casey’s fear of her parents to a jury. They  will  simply wonder why she didn’t get help from someone else if she was  so afraid of her parents.


43 thoughts on “Family Dysfunction Can Not Explain Why Casey Anthony Didn’t Respond for 31 Days

  1. Fear her family?? Looks like they feared Casey in those jailhouse visits. 31 days + Casey = sociopath that I hope will not walk.


  2. As far as contacting someone about her missing baby – wouldn’t 911 be the most logical choice?

    Well, logical for a terrified mother of an actual missing baby


  3. Was she afraid of the tatoo artist as well? He said she told him Caylee was with the nanny as well when she was having her “Bella Vita” tatoo done.


  4. Great post again! There’s nothing that would have stopped a true mother from reporting her child missing-not hell nor high water nor abusive parents! It makes casey sound more concerned for her own well being than her child’s and the jury will see this selfishness.

    I do happen to think Cindy knew Casey was pregnant-how could she not notice the huge baby bump? 😯


  5. Casey was not afraid of her parents. They were afraid of her, from viewing the jailhouse video’s, they walked on egg shells around her when she threw a temper tantrum.


    1. I agree with you whole heart idly here.. I have seem family dysfunction within my own blood family who would rather take up for their adult children knowing they are in the wrong with lies, deceit, etc than deal with the truth. Our oldest sister is now reaping her harvest of not giving them rules to live by even though the father was absent most of their lives. In the end it is the innocent child that suffers the most.


  6. This SKANK is so STUPID she can’t even spell!! WHAT does “Bella VITA” even MEAN???? THAT’S what she got tatooed on her SKANKY BODY.


    1. Besides it’s the ugliest tattoo I’ve ever seen. The words are beautiful, but now seem ugly to me. The tattoo artist was interviewed by Vinnie Politan on HLN. Nice guy but if that’s the best work he can do then he has no talent. Casey deserves it, scarred for life by the words that will help convict her.


      1. Bella Vita means a beautiful life in Italian. She got the tattoo shortly after killing her 2 year old daughter.


      2. I thought the same thing, the tattoo artist is a hack. Same goes for GA’s tatt. His is awful on a much bigger scale. How does this “artist” stay in business?


  7. George has said Casey is the “CEO of her own company” meaning she’s in charge of the family & this murder case. He meant it…Casey leads
    george & Cindy around by the nose. Most daughters in deep fear of their parents wouldn’t have stolen around $40,000 from them. Cindy & George walk on eggshells in the presence of Casey so afraid they might upset princess.

    The anger they showed after Caylee “went missing” George yelling at her Cindy almost choking casey for stealing the grandfathers assisted living check for almost $400.00 is justified. cindy should have finished the job & choked the life out of Casey. Would have saved the state of Florida a lot of money.


  8. If it was an accident, Casey would have reported it, or at the very least shown remorse after the fact. Instead her partying & attitude clearly shows she premeditated the murder of Caylee.

    No one wants to believe it was an intentional act. I just heard a viewer’s phone call to Vinnie Politan on HLN explain this long drawn out accident where Casey is in a bar like fusion & locked Caylee in the trunk fed her Chloroform & taped her mouth to “keep her quiet” while she partied. Caylee died accidently.

    I don’t believe this scenario because Casey & Cindy DID HAVE A HUGE FIGHT over Casey’s stealing from grandpa & other things. Cindy threatened to take Caylee away from Casey. that imo was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Revebnge on Cindy & freedom to whore around.
    Casey’s killing her baby killed two birds with one stone.


      1. Exactly, even that is a subconscious act of intentional murder. But I don’t believe it happened that way at all. Casey had a fit of rage after a fight with Cindy & murdered Caylee in some horrible way. In the back of Casey’s mind she wanted Caylee out of the picture so she could be free to walk into Blockbuster the day after she killed Caylee with her & her boyfriend’s arms wrapped around each other & no child tugging at her to be loved, fed, cared for etc.


      2. If by some slim chance Caylee died while “temorarily”locked in the trunk, drugged with chloroform & mouth taped shut while Casey partied at Fusion, I’d classify that as manslaughter, not an accident.

        But I’ll never believe it was any kind of accident. I think Casey either suffocated or strangled poor little Caylee. She may have drugged Caylee in the past because of the high levels of chloroform. I don’t know, but I do think she meant to kill her & it was premeditated & carried out on the same day.


  9. IMO, the only “fear” Casey had of her parents was that they were the only ones who would keep asking where Caylee was, and demanding to see her. But the way Casey rolls, this would more likely be a “bother” than a “fear.”


    1. This I agree with

      her only fear was her family, because they loved and KNEW of Caylee

      if Cindy had never called 911 no one ever would know Caylee

      and it only follows that no one would know Jose Baez

      nuff said


  10. I will never understand why Casey chose to even try to keep up the charade during the 31 days when she could have just gotten the heck out of town. someone who is cold enough to repeatedly steal from her mother and kill her daughter is definitely cold enough to simply stop answering her phone and buy a ticket to anywhere. why on earth do you hole up at your boyfriend’s apartment and concoct fake trips to tampa and jacksonville instead?


  11. Regarding the tattoo:
    I want to know why a dot is missing in one of the stars? Two of the stars have a dot in the middle, and one does not. HLN needs to ask that tattoo artist that question!!!


  12. i hope the sao uses the motives you listed.

    my opinion as to why casey didn’t tell her parents about caylee is because i believe her plans were to kill her parents as well. i mean all those internet searches regarding ways to kill. also, she had allowed her friend amy to file a change of address with the post office, listing her new address as the anthony home. amy believed the parents were “moving out” and she and casey would be rooming together at the anthony home. no hard core proof, but this is my intuitive impression.


  13. In may, one month before she killed caley, she refereed to zany as her nanny to tony in an im. Did she purposely look for a woman with that name those 30 days for her cover story ? how many women have that name in her area? did she do a people search on her computer that can be traced by police?


  14. As George said, ”Casey is the Ceo” . If i hadn’t seen Casey is a human i would have thought she was a race horse because Cindy in jail tapes says to her, now Settle down sweetheart. To me that is a strange way to talk to a person.


  15. Dr. Glass, excellent post! As to the jailhouse visit where Cindy is crying as soon as she sees casey; seeing her mother break down in tears made casey SO happy! Casey asked George (with HUGE smile) “why is she crying already?” IMO, casey THOUGHT Cindy was overcome with emotion at seeing HER! But, Cindy makes it clear she’s desperate for information that will help them find Caylee..which obviously irritates KC..She honestly thought all that emotion was because she was missed, but it wasn’t ~ and that didn’t sit well with the sociopath..


    1. hey marice.. that jail video always bothered me too… i wonder why kc didn’t think that cindy was bringing her bad news about caylee… if my mom came to me crying and i had a “missing child”.. i would be beside myself thinking she was going to have to tell me something bad..

      kc did really enjoy cindy’s distress… creepy


      1. Vic, great point, I hadn’t considered that! You’re right, if my daughter’s missing (just typing those words is disturbing!) and a family member arrives for a visit, completely distraught and sobbing ~ how could she NOT think they’re bringing horrible news? Yet she never once asks for updates or progress reports on the latest search efforts..just seems thrilled they’re crying over being able to see her…she’s one highly disturbed girl..and yet, prisons are full of people just like her ~ seemingly normal at first glance, but after just a few minutes listening to her, it’s clear she’s a sociopath and has had a lifetime to develop her phychopathy.


  16. Dr. Glass,
    You are the best at putting into words what many, many of us are thinking. Afraid? I think not. Casey is the “boss” and she knows it. She is still leading people around by the nose. I love my kids, but if one of them acted like Casey and hurt my grandchild, I could not behave like George and Cindy. Something is very wrong with their picture. Casey is spoiled and was never “mother” material.


    1. Karen, I agree, I guess we have all seen how Casey has manipulated eve Baez and Mason but, her (inmate) grabbing and pawing at the backs, grabbing their hands, I thought that she was to act professional and Baez/Mason too. Well, even now Casey dosent look upset and NOW she KNOWS that Caylee is gone. How dare she sit in that courtroom and have a good time, like she did at the clubs after Caylee was missing. I wish Judge Perry would show his stern side and MAKE them put cuffs on her to keep her from grabbing the lawyers..


  17. Anyone who has read the book Mommy’s Little Girl by Diane Fanning will remember the chapter on the upbringing of the Pleasea children. Cindy was the youngest, only daughter with 3 brothers, and she was treated as the princess, even this Dianne Fanning wrote Cindy felt she was entitled, the boys had to make their own way, buy their own cars, Cindy’s were given to her, as well as college.

    Guess when Cindy had Casey, she passed the Princess genes on to her. Let Cindy reap what she has sowed.


  18. FYI –

    From WFTV:
    (With thanks)

    Judge Belvin Perry DENIED the defense motions to disallow evidence involving the heart sticker, cadaver dog searches and alerts, and postmortem hair banding. The judge has yet to rule on air tests.


  19. I agree with much of what you write but a few things I do disagree with. I was not shocked by the verdict as many were, nor was I shocked by Judge Perry giving Casey the max on the counts in which he could. I really don’t understand why everyone else is so shocked and emotionally tied to this outcome. I believe the jury applied the law and not their emotions, thankfully. I personally don’t think Casey committed premeditated murder. I am also not sure that the child drown, either. But I do think it was an accident that “snowballed out of control!” What type of accident or the circumstances? I simply am not sure, not can anyone else be. Either way, the case is over and hopefully those so upset by the verdict will calm down and move on. One tip for you Dr. Glass….. you are an intelligent lady with lots of insight byt I fear you will not be taken seriously unless you take time to proof your blogs. You make many errors in spelling and grammar that does not speak well professionally for someone that has a Phd.


  20. I realize my post may have had a couple of typo’s as well… but again, I am your average, every day commenter…. not the professional who owns this blog with the ability to influence the thoughts of many by doing so.


  21. It is eerie how many of her courtroom photos are reminiscent of an animated Ted Bundy- do a google image search and compare. Then again, it’s not so very strange, after all they might have a few things in common. Seeing as though she beat the rap, let’s hope she doesn’t act out sociopathically when someone ‘gets in her way’ or ‘annoys her to death’ again


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