Judge Belvin Perry’s Body Language Showed He was “Bouncing” Mad While Reprimanding Prosecution’s Jeff Ashton

Whenever Casey Anthony case Judge Belvin Perry gets upset or wants to make a serious point, it comes out in his body language in the form of a bounce. He tends to be even keeled in his tone and in his facial expressions and in his demeanor. But when he is upset at someone or agitated or really wants to make it a point to get his points across, he speaks more slowly and he tends to “bounce” up and down in his seat. Perhaps it is his body’s way of releasing and expressing his emotions.

Mostly, his bounces have been often  seen when he has reprimanded Jose Baez or has been annoyed with him. He also bounces when he gives his instructions, as an indicator that he is serious and means business and wants his orders followed exactly as he says.

Judge Perry stated that the location where they will be doing Jury selection is secret and that he only plans to tell one member of each team in advance. That person who was told would be responsible for telling the other members of the team and that as long as they left by 8AM they would be able to get to the location on time. Perry stated that the attorneys are banned from disclosing the location to anyone, including their families.

So when Jeff Ashton stood up in the courtroom and said that his family would like to know where he is, Judge Perry was hopping,  bouncing mad. Perry’s voice even got a bit louder as Ashton continued to object with his arms spread out and palms up as he displayed an open mouthed  surprised expression at Judge Perry’s instruction .

While bouncing in his chair, he said to Ashton “You are not going to be able to tell your family .” He then said he had no jurisdiction over Ashton’s family and that” if it was problem for you then you needed to speak to Mr. Lamar  to see if he could replace you.”

Those were VERY powerful words and indciated that Judge Perry was extremely upset by Ashton’s outward  defiance and questioning his order.

While this was going on,  the one person who was loving the interchange was Jose Baez. He was smiling and smirking as he heard Perry’s  harsh words to Ashton.  Jose’s raised cheek smile indicated  his genuine smile and happiness at the situation. 

Jose was enjoying this so much that he had to  turn away from looking at Ashton  as he  covered his mouth with his hand  to stifle his  giggles. As you can see from the photo above no one else in the courtroom seemed  to  be enjoying this interchange between Judge Perry and Ashton as much as Baez. Linda Drane Burdick is looking on in seriousness as is everyone else.

Perhaps nothing would make Jose  happier than seeing his biggest adversary,  Ashton replaced by Mr, Lamar as Judge Perry suggested if  Ashton could not abide by Judge Perry;s request.  Jose  was  no doubt loving the fact that it was now Ashton’s turn to feel Perry’s heat and  experience his wrath that Baez has no doubt experienced so often inthe courtroom .

The bottom line is that what  Judge Perry says goes, and there is no arguing. His interchange with Ashton shows that he is fair and shows no favoritism to any of the attorneys. It is  yet another example of Judge Perry’s seriousness and  his  admirably taking charge of his courtroom. www.drlillianglass.com


14 thoughts on “Judge Belvin Perry’s Body Language Showed He was “Bouncing” Mad While Reprimanding Prosecution’s Jeff Ashton

  1. Jose knows what it like to have the good Judge’s rath because he’s a constant with Judge Perry.

    Judge Perry’s chair springs have been getting a good work-out lately.

    Why Ashton asked this question is beyond me….it really
    had me scratching my head.

    Let’s pray the good Judge doesn’t spring out of the chair
    and attack……LOL

    He has remained cool, calm and collected during the pre-trial hearings….but I can tell something is coming when he
    takes his time to answer a question that’s posed to him, you know the fireworks will be coming.


  2. Dr. Glass, I found Judge Perry’s anger at Mr. Ashton’s statement a little off. I believe he was tired at the conclusion of the hearing. Mr. Baez did seem happy, due to the fact it was not aimed at him. (As it usually is). What surprised me was Mr. Mason’s speaking out of turn. He shouted to Mr. Ashton we will miss you. Judge Perry seemed to ignore Mason’s rude remark. He had said previously that if an attorney speaks out of turn he would fine them $100.00.


  3. ..yet it was “okay” for Mason to fire a unprovoked, smart-alecky retort directly to Ashton, disobeying HHJP’s rule of decorum that he said he’d fine the rule-breaker $100 payable to United Way — yet, he let Mason get away with it. Guess “death is different” for some crim def lawyers who get “special treatment”. jmo


    1. I thought Mason should have been fined immediately, as well. Mason needs to be taken down a couple notches to match his actual performance. A legend in his own mind talking through a shredded wheat beard. imho


  4. I do understand Judge Perry getting mad at Jeff Aston for questioning his decision on how he will deal with jury selection. It’s Judge Perry’s call and I’m sure he’s put a lot of thought into his decision. That was a silly thing for Mr. Ashton to say.

    But, why does he allow Cheney Mason to yell out derogatory comments to opposing counsel, not just once but twice for good measure, and then sweep it under the carpet by reminding both sides of his rules on courtroom decorum. Cheney Mason should have been threatened with making a $100.00 donation to United Way, just like the others have been if he were to continue with his heckling. He is very experienced and apparently he’s considered to be a highly esteemed attorney but he needs to act like one or pay the piper like every other attorney in Judge Perry’s courtroom.


  5. What I don’t understand, is that towards the end of this discussion, Mason spoke out, out of turn at that, and stated to Mr. Ashton, that they’d, “all be fine without him”.

    This was childish –


    And completely UNPROFESSIONAL!

    He should have been ordered to pay the $100 to the Courts, for interupting, speaking out, and for making such a ‘snide’ and ‘un-called’ for remark.

    He obviously has GREAT FEAR of Mr. Ashton.

    Further to that…

    I don’t know about this Defence Team as a whole, but suffice it to say:

    They are an embarrassment to the rest of us TRUE “Officers of the Court”! (Even us, up in CANADA)

    Their behaviour is definately that of a Defence Team that has nothing to go on, and not ONE leg to stand on.

    When one must resort to that kind of behaviour, body launguage or not, it speaks VOLUMES to those on the outside.

    Totally ridiculous!



    1. I don’t think Judge Perry is taking Mason seriously. He knows this is Mason’s last case before he retires, so I think he’s already looking on Mason as “done” and an annoyance, but not worth reprimanding.


  6. Mason had gotten away with what the judge had said would happen if the lawyers would talk out of line. How many times does Mason or bozo argue over one of the judges decisions???? Alot!
    I don’t feel as if the judge has scolded the defense as he did Ashton over a QUESTION.


  7. Obviously, there ARE quite a few of us, wondering about the very same thing…

    I wonder how it is, that HHJP just let that slide –

    He must of just been so fed up with the D-Team, that he couldn’t be bothered to address that one.

    Besides, he was on a roll with Mr. Ashton and I’m thinking after the “BIAS” Motion, he figured he’d really go all out with the State at that point…?

    It does NOT happen ofter, so he probably decided to run with this reprimand…



  8. Baez has a blast in court doesn’t he? Smirking, flirting, giggling, annoyingly clicks his pen, plays along with Casey flipping media the bird, personally insult Jeff Ashton every chance he gets. Seems Caylee’s death was the best thing to happen to the smarmy bastard.

    I think Jose has short, fat little man syndrome. And he’s literally too stupid, or perhaps has not one iota of pride in himself to be embarrass at the blathering he does & the subsequent corrections, reprimands & beat downs that usually follow by Judge Perry. I’ve never seen anyone so hated yet so oblivious to it. Or maybe Baez doesn’t give a rat’s ass as long as he’s famous for SOMETHING, even being a numbskull.

    The deaf old coot mumbles Mason is a close second to Baez. The demented, aging egomaniac forgot what he said a couple years ago. That Casey’s guilty, the case is a circus & she should have made a plea a long time ago. How convenient to forget & join the defense team “to have fun”.


  9. IMO the DT is taking full advantage of being out of HHJP’s direct line of sight. Perhaps this is the real reason they choose not to sit at the other table. Smarmy, underhanded, without a grain of integrity — there are no words to describe how despicable this defendant & crew are!
    ITA, HHJP appears to be letting not-Perry-mason (AND JB AND their client) get away with more than his fair share of contempt-worthy activities in open court & on camera!
    I hope this trend comes to an end & that HHJP enforces the rules of decorum on all who enter His courtroom. They are making a mockery of the entire process & this amplifies the rare misstep of the SAO to an unfair degree.
    Caylee’s memory deserves the respect she should have been given in life!


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