Casey Anthony’s Body Language Shows Flirtateous Communication With Attorney Cheney Mason

When I did a recent  body language analysis where  Cheney Mason was sticking his middle finger into the crook of Casey Anthony’s arm and rubbing it around  in a circular motion, I was a bit taken aback.

Then when I saw them  have physical arm contact with Casey leaning her arm and elbow into Cheney, it further peaked my curiosity as to their closeness.


 Then when Casey put her open hand  on Cheney’s forearm and caressed it, it further raised  my attention level.

When I noticed Casey showing Cheney something under the table, it made me wonder what else she was doing to him under the table. Were their thighs of legs touching under there? And what in the world was she showing him that caused both of them to laugh and smile?

It was obvious that the two of them have become pretty chummy. Cheney would barely look at her when he first began representing her. He barely spoke to her and she barely looked at him. But things have certainly changed over the past several months,

 But  today when  I saw how Casey entered the courtroom and looked at Cheney Mason and then held him around the waist there was no question that they have become a lot closer as you will see below.

 But first Casey primps in the mirror in the ante-room where she gets out of her prison garb and dresses for court. Most of those rooms don’t usually have mirrors so it was interesting to see that the courtroom she was in had one. Besides flirt, Casey was doing what we have seen her do so often -groom herself.


But this time she not only walked into the courtroom with a smirk, it was a self satisfied , self confident look. Even her gait  was a little different this time. It reflected more  self  confidence. Her stride was wider than usual and her posture seemed more erect than it had in the past. Perhaps she felt sure that the defense’s strategy would work and that the two psychiatrists to  whom she allegedly told her story would serve as her mouthpiece. I have no doubt that her attorney’s Baez and Mason were confident that their strategy would work. Little did they know that it would backfire miserably.

 Then Casey does something jaw dropping . She inappropriately caresses  Cheney’s waist. This was way too familiar behavior for a client towards her attorney. She caresses him as you can see from the way her hand is cupped. While Mason may have been in the way of her chair, she could have tapped him and said” excuse me.”But instead, she caressed his waist. He was not expecting this behavior from Casey.

 Looking at the expression on his face, he didn’t seem to mind what Casey was doing to him. In fact he may have liked it as there is a slight smile on his lips. Casey is definitely getting into it as she leans her body into him and her grip on him is even stronger as you can see from her hand and finger pressure on  his waist.

But then Cheney is  bit taken aback and surprised by her  physical display as he minimizes his posture and rounds his shoulders and tucks his head as he looks in Casey’s direction.

 Casey clearly loved what she just pulled off as you can see from her self satisfied expression as she sits down at the table.

 AS she sits at the table and begins to groom herself, Jose is not pleased by the expression on his face and most likely wrote her a note to stop it, He has probably told her a hundred  times to stop grooming herself and to sit still.

 But Casey obviously can’t help herself.  She leaks out who she is,  just as she will leak out these behaviors when there is a jury present.

Now she turns to Cheny and looks at him with a flirtatious look of recognition with raised eyebrows and raised forehead and a wide eyed stare .


With a smile on her face, she coquettishly looks down as Cheney appears to be very attentive towards her and looks right at her.

Casey then begins to speak to Cheney out of the side of her mouth in a contorted fashion. No doubt this new communication behavior  is something Cheney or Jose may have instructed her to do in order to try and confuse all the lip readers out there.  

The bottom line is that Casey appears to be way too familiar acting when she has been around Cheney Mason lately. In fickle fashion, has  she transferred  her  affections and crush that she had on  Jose Baez onto Cheney Mason now? 

It has become evident that Casey cannot seem to relate to a man unless she appears to be flirting with him. We even saw this when Law Enforcement was interviewing her early on.

If a jury saw what she did when she entered the courtroom today, they would not be too pleased to see this. They would wonder what was going on between her and her attorney? I am not saying that there is any impropriety going on. But I am saying that Casey is clearly flirting and appears too happy for someone who is on trial for murdering her daughter, who may get the death penalty.


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  1. Dr. Glass, what did you think about the “bracelet”? Someone said on one of the forums that the black band on her wrist is a rubber band thing for her hair. I hope she is enjoying all this…. “pretending” to have a piece of jewelry…”pretending” that Cheney Mason digs her (wait. come to think of it, which he probably DOES). Well, it won’t be long and she’ll be back to shackles and scrub outfits to wear for decades. She won’t have all this attention in 2022. Too bad she doesn’t know that yet.


  2. Thank you Dr Glass for doing this article. I’ve been creeped out since the whole pink-sweater day and Mason’s finger stroking. I don’t get the whole coyish-flirtatious act with that creepy old man (and he ain’t no southern gentlemen).

    I think you missed another epic screen shot today – I wanted to email it to you, but didn’t see any contact info?
    I uploaded it to tinypic if you’d like another laugh 🙂

    Looking forward to your coverage on IS during the trial!


  3. She is a piece of work, that’s for sure. She won’t be able to control herself during the trial either………the jury will pick up on it immediately. I’ve never seen anything like it!


  4. I’m wondering, why is Casey allowed to wear all these different clothes and not the prison garb? And just for arguments sake what if Casey and attorneys ARE doing something inappropriate is that illegal or just morally wrong?


    1. Try to think of a member of your family being charged for a crime for which he/she is truly innocent. You wouldn’t want them paraded around the courtroom looking like a vicious criminal would you? You don’t want your son or daughter, uncle, aunt, etc to be in hand, wrist, belly and ackle chains because it is in contradiction to everything we believe relative to affording every defendant a fair trial before an impartial jury.

      How can you extend to any defendant the presumption of innocence if they look like they belong in prison?


      1. Ok, then if we follow that line of thinking a person with more money and more clothes will have a better chance at impressing a jury. Is that fair?


      2. I don’t think Casey’s parents really care how she looks when Casey said that she was molested by her dad and brother. She also said that Caylee was a product from her dad raping her. So to answer your question, if Casey was my daughter I would not care what she wears because she is obviously guilty.


    2. Morally has Mr Baez done something wrong? Yes. He took the case and he had no moral right to jeopardize anyone’s ability to eat, sleep and relieve themselves in the same room for the rest of their lives.


      1. Morally? Well there are those jail visits where he was told to stop touching the defendant.

        Ethically, plenty he has done wrong. Go back and read the last few entries on this blog where he sticks his tongue out at the camera, flirts with his client, etc… JMO but I would never choose such an attorney to represent me in court – any court – and this is a criminal case with death on the table.


  5. Because Ms Anthony has no ability to feel anything she is free to try everything. She sees how people act and react and she adapts and responds accordingly. One of Casey’s early psychopathic traits was her promiscuous sexual behavior (read 7/23/2008 interview with neighbor across the street conducted by OCSD).

    When she “comes on” to Mr Mason it is only for show as we all know she has shallow emotions and ones that are momentary and deceptive. She doesn’t feel anything for Mr Mason but she certainly did something that was inappropriate and misleading. She is unmoved by the disapproval of others.

    She has never been inhibited by social norms and expectations in the past so why would Mr Baez expect her to change now? When that door is opened to the courtroom she is “on”-she is a thrill seeker, a risk taker, the master manipulator. Baez hasn’t figured it out yet but Casey Anthony is incapable of making the connection between cognition and emotion.(Hare, et al)


  6. I see her behavior as learned. She was never taught appropriate behavior by her mother.

    She has little interest in Mason as a man but she sees him as a means to an end


  7. I did notice Casey grab Mason around his waist upon entering the room. If only Cindy had let Casey give Caylee up for adoption things would have been very different. Casey could have been happily selling her wares on Craigslist right now instead of handing them off for free to 60 year old men. Unfortunately Cindy’s insistence on the image of propriety instead of the acceptance of reality that her daughter was all whore and no Madonna cost little Caylee her life.


    1. I’not sure I agree that everything would have been hunkey dorey if only she had been able to give Caylee up for adoption. Wasn’t she also telling Amy to prepare to move into George and Cindy’s house that she was getting it? I think Casey would be able to manipulate any situation to benefit hersef or spite her family…..even murder.


  8. Thank you again Dr. Glass wonderful assessment…

    This prisoner is starved for human affections as you can see this touchy feely is as close as she will get for a long while…touching CMason by his waist so she can scoot past him to her seat…
    She struts in as if she is an actess in a movie, she doesn’t act as if her life is on the line..
    I believe she has convinced herself of innocence but there are too many enemy actions in her behaviors. Starting with the 31 day lapse in alerting authorities of an allegedly missing child, her evading her parents is a huge red flag..all that partying during that 30 days never showing worry or concern that her child is not in her care, all items found with Caylee’s remains, link right back to this prisoner and the home where they resided…
    I wonder if at the 11th hour, after a jury of her peers are selected and seated, would this prisoner demand Jose Baez change her plea to guilty and get her the best sentence possible…I can’t imagine her taking this all the way, just like at Universal, at the end of that hallway, she finally states, I don’t work here…as with the check fraud case. All caught on video and at the last moment she changed her plea to guilty…
    Mental Health Experts voluntarily withdrawn, back to the drawing board…This was a sneaky move and am so very glad that the State Prosecutors are there for Caylee Marie…only this prisoner can tell her state of mind and it appears, she will not be taking the stand in her own defense…the State would have torn her to shreads and the anger and rage Caylee might have seen in her last moments alive, would be for the eyes of a jury..
    How do you defend the indefendable??? JMHO

    Justice for Caylee


      1. There is case law, psychological and sociological reseach that can explain prejudice and the consequences-both good and bad. Read the following article, “The Effects of Defendant’s Courtroom Attire on Juror’s Verdict by K Shafer (WSU) and see case law cited: Estelle v Williams 425.U.S. 501 (1976) Just Google “Estelle v. Williams”

        Dr Glass is discussing pretrial publicity as is K. Shaefer. Although there is no satistical significance cited in this research it nevertheless is a good read and says an awful lot about the effects and the need to study pretrail publicity (PTP).

        It’s important to note that all defendants have the right to wear civilian clothes during pretrail and trial. If they waive this right than they have no future appeal relative to the prejudice (if they came to believe that their prison garb was prejudicial). If Judge Perry thought that Casey didn’t look properly dressed he would mention it to Mr Baez.

        see Bertrand and Millainathan’s research titled (Google title) Are Emily and Greg More Employable that Lakisha and Jamal?


      2. There have been studies prior to the one you cited that show people judge those who are perceived to be attractive as being less guilt of committing a crime. I am not discussing pre- trial publicity so please do not put words in my mouth. I am discussing Casey’s b ody language behaviors in the courtroom and how they will affect a jury. And Judge Perry isn;t the one who decides if she is properly dressed. She is obviously clothed but she is clothed in outfits that she attempts to button her blouses low and the tight fitting outfits figure forming outfits may not be well perceived by jury . There is a also a great deal of research with regard to clothing color and perception.
        And we are not talking about Casey’s employability her or whether names like Lakisha and Jamal are less employable than Emily and Greg. That is racist in my view and has nothing to do with my blog as you are completely off topic here. We we are talking about Casey’s life and how she will be perceived by a jury based on her body language and behavior..


    1. Have you actually though SAT on a jury? Because I have, twice, and been called to jury duty 5 times.

      I have been “on the inside” both on a criminal case and a civil case.

      Jury consultation about what will work or not work to get their client off – I personally (sorry Dr. Glass) don’t think there is enough evidence that it “works.”

      Also it’s a crap shoot because of HOW you select (random pool to begin with) and how many REFUSALS you get (which aren’t many). Even with asking a set number of questions and giving one syllable answers, you don’t get a realistic view of who that person is.

      Case in point – two people selected on the criminal trial who the lawyer thought would be liberal were raving conservatives behind close doors. Oops! They chose wrong.

      Now couple it with how clueless the team of Baez and Mason are — and really I have no concern about where Casey Anthony will be spending the rest of her life – wearing ORANGE, and waiting for that date with a needle.


  9. She is using Mason just like she used everyone else. She wants to be seen as being around people who are there just for her. Even if it’s just around a defense table prior to her murder trial.

    Her body language as she heads into the in-camera meeting and as she comes back out and sits down is strange too. Can you comment on that Dr. Glass?


    1. Is there a link to this situation you described?
      I would also be very interested in what Dr. Glass has to say about it.

      I, too, am disgusted by her self-proclaimed freedom to behave so inappropriately on camera with her counsel. How can we NOT imagine the debauchery that may well have happened behind closed doors when she was out in bail?
      She continues to operate with an absolute disregard for authority. It sickens me.
      We are only days away from trial & I want nothing more than for her (& her family & counsel) to finally be put in their place.
      Caylee & the pursuit of justice on her behalf should command respect by the very nature of their existence.
      Caylee deserves this respect now more than ever. I’m looking forward to witnessing a long overdue reality check, preferably on camera for all the world to see (JMO).


  10. She wrote in jail house letters that she couldn’t believe how her attorneys had became her best friends!
    She also wrote in one that She’s terrified of clowns so I don’t understand why she has JB,LOL JMO and she also wrote she was getting ready for a hearing and she “had to look good for HER AUDIENCE”


  11. Theres only 2 or 3 ppl there for you kc and they get paid to be there but its CAYLEE’S AUDIENCE HONEY,NOT YOURS!


  12. And Cindy Anthony is there to see that Casey doesn’t get the death penalty and both George and Cindy will be there to hear exactly what happened to Caylee. Neither one of them will fall on the sword for Casey. No matter how hard Mr Baez works he won’t have Caylee grandparents to rely on at the last moment.


  13. i only hope the jury can see thru all of this…but she will be seated in the courtroom when they come in…but she will NEVER be able to stop grooming herself.can’t do it !!!


  14. Because Mr and Mrs Anthony did not have anything to do with the commission of the crime. George told LE prior to Casey’s arrest that if anything happened to Caylee, Casey was involved.

    Both Mr and Mrs Anthony are the only ones who experienced the heat of the “gaslight” and once they had a lawyer who really started to “protect” them from Casey they saw the “light” and finally shut up.


    1. Yeah they saw the light, that’s why Cindy switched the hairbrush to LE and tried to obstuct LE’s pursuit of justice.

      I have no sympathy for the Anthonys – both of whom I hope will be charged and prosecuted once their baby-killer daughter is sitting on death row.


  15. I think she’s flirting in order to make Jose jealous, she’s been rather cool towards him all week. Makes me throw up a little every time I see her acting this way. She’s very lucky I am not going to be on her jury!


  16. It’s over in my opinion. Cindy might still be on speaking terms with Mr Baez but that is when the cameras are rolling imo. How in the name of all that is right and just can she look at that man. She’s not as affected by what Casey did as she once was (no disrespect intended) but I’d say she is ready for trial and will be there to help Casey for as long as she (Mrs Anthony) lives.

    When Caylee died so did Mrs Anthony’s ability to cope. She lost someone who she loved dearly-she lost someone who she thought could have brought joy and renewal to her family. When she factored Casey into the equation she always was hopeful when there was no reason to be. The struggle is over. There is no one to protect.

    Will she ever look back and reflect on her behavior? Will she be a hostile witness or will she speak the truth when she takes the stand? We don’t really have the answer to the first question but we do know the answer to the second. If she wants to save her daughter’s life she will be truthful and she will recount what she did after she left the towyard. George saved Cindy’s skin by going before the GJ so it would be my opinion that Mrs Anthony will not be indicted for obstruction or lying to LE. I believe Mr and Mrs Anthony are lucky to be alive.

    They will certainly be in deep and abiding grief and sorrow by the time Gonzales v Anthony begins and although it might appear to be “showtime” it more than likely won’t be.


  17. I think Casey’s ‘handling’ of Mason is her way of feeling powerful. She’s well aware of the power women can wield over men, and let’s face it, Mason’s an easy target. He’s an older man with a huge ego in need of constant stroking. Casey found he was an easy mark, and now she’s really just playing with him because she can. It’s clear by his new-found interest in her she has ‘hooked’ him. He’s eating it up and she’s feeling her power.

    She’s also trying to annoy Jose, in my opinion. Either he hasn’t done much to help her feel powerful lately, or he’s advising her about something she needs to tweak so she’ll be perceived differently, and she’s not loving his ‘coaching.’ I imagine she’s trying to play Mason against Jose similar to how she played George against Cindy and vice versa.

    If you want to see where Casey gets her need to feel powerful and in control, look no further than her mother. Cindy has exactly the same kind of hands-on approach with men that Casey does, except Cindy, probably never having been as promiscuous as Casey, never learned how much MORE power she could wield by being overtly sexual with men. Cindy finds her power and control by steam rolling over people, whereas Casey has found being ultra sexual gets the same job done.


  18. Casey is definatley in flirting mode. Does she ever squeeze the waist or touch & rub the arms of any female attorney’s that have come & gone on the defense? No, I’ve never seen her touch her sometime babysitter Ms. Medina.

    Although from party photos I have seen her rub up against & make out with women. So I don’t think she’s immune to the idea. Just not in public & she knows men are easy to manipulate & needs Baaez & Mason right now.

    After she’s sentenced it’ll be on to some masculine type in prison who’ll protect her if she becomes their bitch..and she will.


  19. Dr Glass-We were discussing prejudice and it’s implications (see MUllainathan and Bertrant). This isn’t a discussion on racism but a look at how people preceive one another and how prejudice plays a role. To be human is to be biased but prejudice does rear it’s ugly head often.

    I don’t believe we are discussing Casey’s clothing in isolation or for employment purposes. K. Shaefer’s research was very relevant to the discussion because of the impact prejudice/perception/preconceived ideas have when adjudicating defendants who are wearing prison issued clothing or civilian clothing. We assume Ms Anthony will be wearing her own attire during the trial. Estelle v Williams is an interesting case relative to clothing and the prejudice the defendant felt, etc. This is within the realm of the discussion.

    Judge Perry is in charge of seeing that Ms Anthony has a fair trial. If he thought that Ms Anthony’s attire might prejudice her or that her appearance was a distraction or inappropriate he has every right to speak to Mr Baez. There are remedies. I am sure Mr and Mrs Anthony will see to it that she is dressed appropriately in summer clothing which is tasteful and maybe even stylish.


    1. Don’t really care what she wears to trial. All I care about is that in the long run, she wears orange, while she is sitting on death row.

      Her choice of purple turtleneck or striped long sleeved shirt will have, in the long run, no effect when placed against photos of her child’s skull with plant growth coming out the eye socket.

      Photos of her child in a laundry basket from her own house, sitting at a location where Casey used to bury her pets.

      Video of her renting a movie with her boyfriend and playing sexy with no Caylee in sight.

      LOL! discuss clothes all you want – it will – in the long run – have absolutely no impact on a jury who has to listen to her lying stories she told LE (i.e. her job, the nanny, etc…).


    2. Is this reply I was specifically addressing her clothes. As you were.

      I stated a personal opinion of *so what* and let her wear what she wanted. I simply don’t care and don’t think, compared to the evidence that will be presented, it will even matter.

      Scott Peterson dressed nicely. He has women wanting to marry him. Is he out of jail? No.


      1. Becky- No, I was not addressing Ms Anthony’s clothing but instead was responding to your post above- April 17, 2011 @1:25PM.


    3. Do you know how to use the reply button? You use it to reply to a specific post. When you reply to the question you want me to reply too then I’ll phrase a response in re: to that subject.

      To do so otherwise, clutters up the response chain.

      It would also help if Anon got a name/handle because there are many Anons.


  20. I really dont care if she gets the DP, Life without parole is good enough. People that talk about an acquittal are delusional. A child is dead and all the evidence points to her mother. One other thing not to forget. When Casey was out on bond spending hours and hours at her attorneys office why was she not out looking for the Nanny? She was more concerned in planning her defence, and there was no nanny to search for.


  21. It is apparent the defendant believes she is “The Star of the Show” It is reprehensible, vulgar and disrespectful to the Court, and to the memory of Caylee. I find it ironic that the defendant continues her behavior, from day 1. Lies, manipulation, disregard for anyone who doesn’t “play along with her.” I pray Justice comes for Caylee, I also pray the Anthony’s are held to answer for the lies, manipulation and impeding they have done. Seems to me, they would be on the side of seeking justice for their Grand Daughter. They know ONLY what they know, (It smells like there has been a dead body in the damn car!) and everything else has been added to assist in aiding their monster child! 2 1/2 years to remember you sprayed a whole can of fabreze and put in a whole box of dryer sheets? Especially when only one dryer sheet was in the car? They too, need to be held accountable
    I appreciate your insight and am ecstatic to have access to your blog, Dr. Glass. I look forward to future entries.


  22. BeckyM has characterized what jurors will be interested in during the trial – the diminutive Ms Anthony will be sitting there checking on her mascara and ticked off about having to wear that darn blazer for the 10th time!! She is only interested in outward appearances because she is completely and utterly vacant inside.

    Beast -Ms Anthony will never have the opportunity to do what she always wanted-change her address. She will be escorted to the shower and receive her meals through a slot in her cell door. She will be warehoused for the rest of her life with prison issued clothing and no recourse but to wear the same thing day and in day out for the rest of her life.


  23. Deb: Thanks! =)

    Beast: Though I didn’t at first, I’ve come to believe, based on their behavior with each other in the courtroom and Baez’s obvious lack of morals or ethics, there was more going on between the defendant and her attorney than just ‘case prep’ during those 8 hour days/5 days per week she spent at his office.

    Initially I didn’t think he could be THAT ignorant, but having watched him in action for 2.5 years, it’s my opinion he is, indeed, that ignorant. Ignorance plus arrogance plus lack of a moral compass means there can be no expectation that lines aren’t being crossed. More lines have been crossed in this case by the defense side of the equation than I’ve been able to keep track of.

    Baez and his client are more alike than they are different, in my estimation. Almost like twins, in fact. And in fact, this case seems to be a huge magnet for the worst kind of narcissists — the ‘malignant’ kind.


  24. This freak of nature cannot converse with any male without coming onto him, then claiming that they want HER. She truly knows only one form of communication and that is not the body language spoken of by Dr. Glass.She is a short legged, saggy breasted woman with pointy ears, a huge sloping forhead, and teeth like a donkey. She attempts to hide that mess by being in your face sexual. It’s sad Caylee had to die for that.


    1. @wow
      ITA — well said!
      Caylee deserved so much more than she got from her egg donor & the rest of her “family” of origin!

      “She attempts to hide that mess by being in your face sexual. It’s sad Caylee had to die for that.”


  25. Dr. Glass, I was SO happy to have stumbled upon your blog on this topic. I am SO happy to learn that even a professional as compitent as you had the “nerve” to mention the obvious sexual tension “crush” between Casey and Jose Baez–I guess I was glad to learn that my instinct and intuition were validated—and as like you, the most recent ‘connection’ between Casey and Mr. Mason, where she comes into the court and reaches for his waist, made my jaw DROP–it is such insight into the Real Casey Anthony–master manipulator, with a strong sexual drive. I was SO glad to find out others were not only aware of that little gesture, but that they are discussing it at length. I have a slightly different interpretation of her touch, however, and let me know what you think of this: Casey reaching for Mason’s waist looked to me more like a ‘dig-into-the-side’ Tickle–I thought I could see her fingers wiggle into his side–as you would do with a child, even as movement asserting, all but playfully, a position of control. We are clearly talking about the same thing. I haven’t gone thru all of your posts yet, but I am sure they will be very interesting. I look forward to more of your thoughts and interpretations throughout the trial, and you will most likely hear from me again…OH, that reminds me of one more issue…in one of the videos of the conversations in the jail house where Casey is first arrested and George says, “Hello Beautiful!” I found that to be a bit on the odd side, as well…did you??? It’s one thing for a father to tell his daughter on her prom night before she goes out on her date that she LOOKs Beautiful, but to refer to her AS “Beautiful?” and to do so in the seriousness of this particularly serious setting/situation was over the top. It seemed obvious that he commonly refers to her as that–Right then, that gave an interesting perspective into the dynamics of that family!…thank you! Lori~


    1. My Dad always said to me..Hey there pretty girl. Well, calling Casey Beautiful to me is the same. She is his beautiful, daughter whom he loves very much. I dont see a problem here. If he would have said..Hi sexy..then there is a problem . I dont believe he molested her. I believe him all the way. Only my own opinion


  26. I can’t stomach Mason’s touching her anymore. I see her flirt with him every day and its sickening. She used to and still tries to flirt with Baez but he is too busy trying to save her evil self. I feel she really dont feel as close to Mason as he does to her . She sees him I believe as a ‘Power House’ she can use and flirt with all she wants.
    I do feel that he wants her in a big way. He will probably never have her but he is enjoying the middle index finger in the crock of her arm as a sexual desire he wants. I believe this and its my own opinion. I cant stand her face anymore the little twit.


  27. casey better enjoy the limelight now because it wont be long and she will get her just reward. she needs to be locked up with three hundred pound Bertha instead of being in isolation. She flirts , laughs, primps, and tries to cry on key. She is a disgrace to women, mothers and human beings. I will be glad when they this is over and she gets what she deserves. Shes has hurt her family and turned her back on them, but not only her parents as a mother he own child. A beautiful little girl. There are so many people that cant have children and she had a beautiful baby and to do somehting like that even dogs take care their puppies better than she did. Casey you are a awful human being and ou will get yours. Little Caley you are with God now you dont have to suffer anymore so my angel R>I>P> God, the jury and everyone has got your back. R.I.P. LITTLE ANGEL.


  28. Really shes murders her daughter, and the only this website can put out is what her body language is,Fight for the cause,a murdered 2 yr old girl. Noone cares about her body language.



    Dear Mr. Mason:

    Going into the Casey Anthony trial, I held you in the highest regard, considering you to be a gentleman and a scholar. I must tell you, though I’m sure it matters not one whit to you in the overall scheme of things, that having soberly listened to you speak following the “Not Guilty” verdicts as to Caylee’s homicide in the trial as well as to the interview you gave on HLN, I’ve forever lost that respect. Along with millions of others globally, I have accepted the verdicts and the jury’s decisions, regardless of our personal feelings and consummately respectful of the dictates of our United States Constitution. We have faith in God far exceeding that of ANY form of government man could ever fashion, accepting that He knows the unvarnished truth in all things and will sit in final Judgment ANY time His loving gift of human life is befouled in the manner that tiny Caylee Anthony was. You paint us all with an egotistical, sweeping brush of condemnation by sarcastically referring to us a “jackals”, “idiots” “mindless”, “geniuses” etc. – and that, too, is your right under the Constitution we live by. However, you lied by proxy when you stood behind Mr. Baez’s Opening Argument accusations that Caylee accidentally drowned on June 16, 2008… and then admitted, post-trial, that we may never know what happened to this precious child. A young man paid a handsome price in terms of liberty and monetarily for a hand gesture that you, in turn, wholly disgraced your profession and personal character by displaying in a public situation you KNEW would be photographically memorialized for the world – and more specifically those who feel Caylee was denied justice – to see. Rather than accept responsibility and/or concede your glee and sense of triumph at telling those who dare question your methods and motives to f— off, you’re deflecting responsibility with some nonsense about directing the gesture solely at a single individual who’s been harassing your team and asking about your female member’s menstrual cycles, etc. Were that the only individual you were gesturing to, why, may I ask, did you not take him to task under the laws and Constitution you so vociferously profess to admire, thereby sparing the feelings of those who genuinely mourn Caylee’s death? You chastise us with an admonishment to “learn how to be good citizens”… perhaps you should lead by example.

    The span of time souls spend on this earth constitutes a mere blink of an eye when measured against the inevitable reality of Eternity. All of us, in the end, must answer to an Authority far superior to that of any declaration set forth on parchment, and I submit for your honest reflection one sincere inquiry: Is this particular “high point” in your career one God will deem to be as honorable as you purport? For if you attained it by championing horrendous, entirely unproven lies and seizing upon the the misdirection and confusion to which they give rise, what does that truly say of the life you’ve led? Enjoy it as you will, Mr. Mason, wrapped in your self-righteous cloak of the United States Constitution… the same Constitution which, in infancy, deemed black people to be sub-human “property”. But you and those responsible for this baby’s death and/or other like atrocities, though your earthly lives may be long in years, materially rich, and well enjoyed, will soon enough stand naked before our Maker, your real and true motives exposed to his all-knowing eyes. Perhaps God will regard ‘saving the life’ of one by destroying those of others no more an honorable victory than the Death Penalty will ever be over evil.

    You will notice that I have NOT chosen to remain anonymous, Mr. Mason. I fear no mere man, regardless of his ill-gotten status, resources, and/or power, when it comes to speaking the truth. I sincerely wish the best of luck to you, your team, and those you’ve represented in this matter… for when I am called to stand before God’s end of earthly life judgment, I would most certainly loathe to be in your shoes.

    [My full name, address, and phone number were included with Mason’s copy of this e-mail]


  30. I think her lawayers paid off the jury she was probably doing things for them to get her out… they paid off the jury!!!!!


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