Toxic Teacher Who Had Children” Oink” At Messy Student Should Never Be Allowed to Teach Anywhere

What happens to us in our childhood has a lasting effect on who we grow up to be and what happens to us in life. As a communications and  body language expert I cannot begin to  tell you  just how many private clients I have seen in my life who had public speaking problems and who were terrified of speaking in front of others- no matter how small the group, just  because some insensitive  ignorant teacher humiliated them in front of the room.

I have seen grown men- CEO’s of major corporations break down and cry in my offices knowing they had to present the annual report for their company. I have seen beautiful women shake with fear and dread also cry when they had to go on an interview or speak at a presentation.

Consistently  in all of these cases it appeared to  stem back to a teacher who humiliated then in front of the classroom. They suffered a lifetime of  emotional  trauma as a result.

I also know of  someone   who hates anything to do with athletics every since  they  were traumatized by their  first grade  gym teacher who screamed at then for not knowing their right from their left  when they marched in the opposite direction during a class exercise.  As it turned out the boy who was dyslexic .Not only was his academic progress challenged, so was his athletic progress because of this ignorant  teacher.

So when I read that yet another ignorant and insensitive  teacher was guilty of causing psychic trauma to yet another student, I was livid.

This kindergarten  teacher Debbie Hayes at Bowers Elementary  was nothing more than a paid BULLY in my view. She had the audacity to tell the other students to encircle  their classmate and call him a pig while making pig noises and oinking at the boy simply because he had a messy desk. This BULLY needs to be fired and never be allowed to teach again.

Apparently Debbie Hayes, is a veteran educator who should have known better as she had taught kindergarten for 38 years in Roane County. Who knows what other harm  this abusive bully in my view  did to other children in her close to four decades as an educator.  In fact Dr.Toni McGriff the director of Roane County Schools, called the March 16 incident “simply unbelievable”

In her reprimand letter, McGriff told Hayes she was “appalled with the actions in this situation.””It’s a black eye on the profession,”. “It’s a black eye on our schools.”

Apparently another educator walked into Debbie Hayes’ classroom March 16 and saw kindergartners encircling their crying classmate.”The students in the circle were ‘oinking’ and making pig sounds at the little boy,”

A teacher  who witnessed the incident told Principal Candace Lett that afternoon. Hayes and Lett met the next day in McGriff’s office to discuss the episode.

During that meeting, Hayes said she was “tired of the student’s messiness and had repeatedly warned the child to be neater , However, the students in the classroom told authorities teacher   Debbie Hayes told them to encircle the child “and call him a pig and make pig noises,” according to the reprimand.

Hayes only received  one received a  one-day suspension from her job.

This is horrible, in my view. Hayes needs to be  fired for causing  abuse  and potential of lifetime psychic  trauma to this boy. She also needs to be sued by the boys parents and she needs to pay all of his psychologists bills that he will no doubt need to recover from this abusive trauma, if he ever recovers.  This  incident may have long lasting traumatic effects on this child for the rest of his life.

In essence this bully of a teacher taught the other children how to bully and she needs to be held accountable.

All this ignorant creature teacher needed to do was send a letter home with the boy or have a parent child conference or find out why he was being so messy. Oftentimes messiness is a sign of creativity. It may also be that this is how he lives at home in a messy environment. So he many have thought it was normal to be messy.

Apparently Hayes was  forced to  apologize to the students. Personally, I don’t think her apology is enough. It means nothing in the scheme of things. She traumatized this poor child to the point that he was crying. She needs a taste of her own medicine and needs to be ostracized from her school community and lose her pension that she worked so hard to obtain all of these years. She needs to see how she would like it if she was cut off  from ever working at a teaching job again.

She is the real pig in this situation.  The real messy person who messed with a  child’s psyche , That is worse than any messy desk or messy room.

Apparently the  school principal offered to transfer the abused  child  to another classroom, but the mother declined. I think the mother  did the right thing.  In the end , the teacher was made to look like the fool and the boy may come out to be  a hero. I also think that every child who called him a pig and surrounded him needs to be made to personally apologize to him, look him in the eye, say I am sorry and shake his hand. This way the boy will feel better and the other kids will now see him in a different light- someone they can respect.

I do hope that the parents of the boy don’t minimize this egregious act. They need to understand that this incident can have lasting repercussions. It is bad enough when one student bullies another but when the whole class is made to bully a child by a disturbed teacher it is a different matter. They need to lawyer up and sue the teacher, the school board and the school system in their community because there is no doubt that they  will need the money to pay for this boy’s psychological care int he future.

The boy cried which showed that he was upset and traumatized. Those tears run deep and can course through his psyche for a lifetime. Shame on this Bully Debbie Hayes who must never be allowed  teach again. Like a child abuser or child molester, she must never be allowed to  come in contact with children  again in my view.


10 thoughts on “Toxic Teacher Who Had Children” Oink” At Messy Student Should Never Be Allowed to Teach Anywhere

  1. OMG how sad. Why not kindly work with the student, showing him how to organize, prioritize, and beautify his workplace? So sad kindness along with manners is falling by the wayside. Patience is a virtue and if the teacher had taken 3 minutes each day to work with this child I’m sure there was a way for him to learn. So, so sad….


  2. I think that calling attention to public humiliation by teachers is important. I would say when I was growing up it was more common place and if your teachers didn’t do it family would. I have a social anxiety disorder (schizoid pd) because of my N mother and that started as a child being terrified of what others were thinking because of public humiliation. Something may seem so small like oinking at a student could cause a chain reaction forever.


  3. I think that calling attention to public humiliation by teachers is important. I would say when I was growing up it was more common place and if your teachers didn’t do it family would. I have a social anxiety disorder (schizoid pd) because of my N mother. Something may seem so small like oinking at a student could cause a chain reaction forever.


  4. Thank you so much for bringing this to a wider audience. I was belittled all through elementary and junior high and even now some 40 years later I wait every day for some to treat me poorly.

    How sad that this teacher is allowed to continue teaching. This is why people resent unions because she is CLEARLY unqualified to teach but there is no way to fire her!


  5. Just horrible. I agree…this person should not be allowed to “teach” anyone. Her “lessons” will remain with that little boy forever (as well as with the other children.)
    How DARE she. Suspension…not quite the answer in my opinion.


  6. How disgusting. I can’t imagine a teacher doing this to my child. I certainly would sue and do anything else possible to this woman for hurting my child. I want to write to the school board to express my anger over just a one day suspension. Appauling!


  7. Ugh, just when I thought nothing could disgust me more than Casey Anthony’s behavior, along comes this woman.

    A one day suspension? Please, an extra day off is hardly a punishment. I think the one bright spot in this story is that at least she was “caught” by her co-worker and everything became public–this should allow the little boy to get the comforting and help he needs to counteract this damage while he’s still young.


  8. Thank you for speaking up for this little boy, Dr. Lillian! It is so true that those tears run deep and ostracism has lasting, life-long effects.


  9. Thank you, Dr. Glass for speaking up on this story. I agree that the teacher is a “paid bully.” Just because you can get a teaching degree does not mean you are a good teacher or should be around children-period!


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