Does the Defense’s Expert Witness Psychiatrists Have Psychological Test Results In Addition to Information on What Casey Allegedly Told Them?


There is no doubt in my mind that Casey may have  manipulated the defense  psychiatrists like she has manipulated everyone else with whom she has been in contact  to date, as  we have seen. Who knows whether she and her defense team concocted something for her to “reveal”  to the psychiatrists that  would help her case .Who knows if she thought of it on her own.

 Did she tell them that:

 George and Lee molested her or molested Caylee? Did she tell them Caylee drowned in an accident when Zanny the Nanny was at watching  her and that she was protecting Zanny? Did she say she was afraid Zanny would kill her and that is why she didn’t come clean in 31 days? Did she say that she did research in renting the movies about a killer and kidnapper  so that she could glean some insight in her own investigation as to whom may have taken Caylee?

What ridiculous story did Casey most probably  concoct to both of the psychiatrists?  Needless to say that if  she told them anything, it would have to be  written in their notes and as part of their assessment.



 Now let’s talk about Expert Witnesses. These  psychiatrists are expert witnesses for the defense. They are paid by the defense team and are retained by the team ONLY  because they offer something that could be valuable to the case or help to discredit the other side.

Some expert witnesses are more credible than others. Some expert witnesses like myself will NEVER take on a case just for the money just to say what the attorney wants in order to help win their case.

I have turned down numerous  cases because I refuse to play that game. I live with myself and in my own conscience and could NEVER compromise my dignity for money or fame or anything else. I never have and never will do such a  thing. 

Unfortunately there are others whom I have seen who are not as discriminating or forthright. Their motivations whether it be financial or otherwise are such that they will do whatever is wanted for whatever their reason , They may not believe in the case or in  the client,  but if the money is right, they will often do it.


 Aside from  what Casey may have revealed to the psychiatrists on the defenses side,  I want to know what tests were given to Casey., Was she given the MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality test) to help get a real look into her psyche. Was she given a battery of  other psychological testing such as projective tests, or tests to analyze her  perceptual and cognitive abilities, neurolinguistic test, other tests. This  is essential to know.

If the defense has offered up  their psychiatrists I believe that the state needs to have their own experts in the field to see if their views differ from those of the defense. Chances are they will differ greatly,

 If the psychiatrists has videotapes their sessions with Casey, I would love to  see Casey’s  sessions  so that I can pick up any body language cues to see if she as manipulating them or lying to them. I don’t know if  many of the psychiatrists would recognize these signals since  most are not trained in that arena.

 If they do offer  up a tape, audio or video, the state  definitely needs to check those tapes and do  a behavioral analysis, looking  for  signals of deception throughout the tape. They need to  offer up the results from someone like me to help refute the testimony on the defense psychiatrists.



If the defense didn’t do a battery of tests on Casey, the state definitely  needs to do it and offer up those results to the jury. The MMPI is the most comprehensive form of testing and measures so many variables. It is  a long and exhausting test that can give a complete picture of a person  fromHypochondriasis concern with bodily symptoms, Depression Depressive Symptoms,  Hysteria Awareness of problems and vulnerabilities , Psychopathic Deviate Conflict, struggle, anger, respect for society’s rules, Masculinity/Femininity Stereotypical masculine or feminine interests/behaviors, Paranoia Level of trust, auspiciousness, sensitivity, Psychasthenia Worry, Anxiety, tension, doubts, obsessiveness ,Schizophrenia Odd thinking and social alienation, Hypomania Level of excitability, and even  Social Introversion, just  to name a few of what is examined in the testing. There are also many other variables which I have not mentioned here.

 Because the test is so well researched and so highly reliable, and provides an objective measurement of a person’s personality, it is often used in court cases to give personality assessments of defendants where psychological information is  important to the case.

 I believe that it is  certainly is important in the Casey Anthony case and therefore must be offered up in court in my view since it provides valid descriptions of a defendants problems and characteristics in clinical language.

I hope that the state wins the motion to not allow any of the information of the defense’s so called psychiatric experts . To me it will be a waste of time especially if there is no formalized testing from Casey to back up what she told them. The state said they were concerned about the impact of what the two psychiatrists would reveal if they were made public. As expected,   the defense  objected to this motion.

 The state’s Jeff Ashton said that   since the defense’s  experts claims rely on what Anthony told them, it would be impossible to verify the claims without having Casey herself take the stand. This is definately the case in my view. Frankly I think Casey should take the stand. I would love to hear things from her mouth and to see how he story has changed over time. I would lloe to see and hear her body language nuances as she testifies ont he stand.

So this Friday we will find out what Judge Perry has to say as to whether or not we will be seeing the two psychiatrists taking the witness stand in the near future.


12 thoughts on “Does the Defense’s Expert Witness Psychiatrists Have Psychological Test Results In Addition to Information on What Casey Allegedly Told Them?

  1. Casey no doubt lied and munipulated these experts, she’s had plenty of time to come up something. i had a rough upbringing and saw a psychiatrist and even at a young age i knew enough to just tell them what they wanted to hear.. probably didnt help me much in doing that. i remember filling out long questionaires that gave them more truthful insight then i was openly giving them… i hope the defense either doesnt get to present these experts or Mr Ashton wins his arguement, seems only fair to me.


  2. excellent article Dr. Glass….the name of this most current game is MANIPULATION…you know Casey did not tell the truth, never has never will….she has had a lot of “alone time” to come up some very unusual stories…i think the state has to bring in their own doctors…what is unusual Baez did not have these doctors look at Casey until AFTER THE DEADLINE for presenting new witnesses and/or new testimony..that is one good thing in Ashton’s favor, he has the right to object and under the law the judge can eliminate these doctors just on that one point. I WOULD LOVE TO SEE CASEY ON THE STAND, that would be the highlight of my week…jmc


  3. Maybe its me but I couldn’t defend her or even take the stand for her defense for no amount of money. I applaud Dr Glass for her upstanding behavior that is true integrity, something the Anthonys, and their whole legal team need a healthy dose of. Its a shame many psychologists do not study body language, it doesn’t take a degree in anything to notice her dead eyes or post Caylee’s death behavior. They will most likely blow smoke up the jurors behinds for a buck, sad.


  4. The MMPI is hard to “fake” your way through. It is internally valid and reliable as a measure of many types of disorders. I was just asking the blog yesterday, I want to know how extensively Casey was interviewed and which, if any, types of tests were administered? A sociopath can fake their way through one or two interviews. I also would like to know the format of the psych interviews….were they structured, semi-structured or free-form? I’d love to see a video of those interviews and watch Casey’s eye-patterns.


  5. Melissa I agree, I would love to see her body language during those interviews the MMPI test are very percise, you are right extremly difficult to manipulate. Im not totally sure Casey is intelligent enough to know what the psychologists are looking for. She is shallow and Im guessing knows next to nothing outside sex and partying. I have a feeling that molestation will come up at trial as a crutch for anything from promiscuity to murder. Sad so many people carry the burden of being molested and they will no doubt exploit it.


    1. The only person I’ve heard call Casey “intelligent” is George Anthony and he was taken for $20,000.00 of Cindy’s 401K money in a Nigerian Prince internet scam. So you have to consider the source. Casey didn’t even complete high school, although she did let her mother throw her a graduation party and she did accept gifts from everyone at the party. She was dumb enough to drag the police through Universal Studios to a non-existent office. As much as I hate to agree with anything Padilla says I think he’s right when he says “Casey will plow forward with her lies until she hits a road block, then she just makes a left or a right”.


  6. This is one of the reasons it is so important for people to understand the difference between psychologists and psychiatrists. Psychiatrists are MDs and can prescribe drugs, but they are not trained to give and interpret psychological tests – only psychologists are qualified to do that. Consequently, a forensic psychiatrist’s opinion is strictly their medical opinion based upon a clinical interview. In contrast, a psychologist is trained to give and interpret psychological tests such as the MMPI, which is not perfect, but does have a number of validity scales and lie scales, indicating whether a person is trying to skew the test results one way or another. There are other important psychological tests which would be useful in this setting, because each test is an objective piece of evidence, and a battery of tests creates an even more valid picture of a person’s state of mind than just one test. If Ms. Anthony’s defense team only has psychiatrists, it is unlikely that they will have any psychological testing to present to back up those psychiatrists’ opinions.


  7. Did the defense have to release the psychiatrist’s clinical notes to the defense as part of discovery? Dr. Lillian, these set of posts that you have done in the last week are really excellent and very helpful.


  8. Thanks again for your insight Dr.Glass. No one can save Casey. The tragedy is Caylee’s murder. Baez did his client a major disservice by not taking a plea deal early on to save Casey’s life. My guess is she could have plead guilty to manslaughter, rcv’d 20 and been out in ten. Instead she will sit on death row for 12 years then be executed. Which will still be 14 more years than Caylee had.


  9. Just like I thought – Baez backed down when he realized that his expert witnesses would open it up for the State to examine Casey with their own Experts.

    Baez: my Experts were told by Casey that she had been molested by her father and brother.

    State: our Experts found that Casey is a sociopath with the ability to tell endlessl lies and has the capacity to murder her own child – actually it would benefit her agenda to be footloose and fancy free to do so.


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