Casey Anthony Body Language in Surveillance Tape at Video Store Shows Her Sexuality and Calm Nonchalant Attitude

There will be surveillance video of Casey and her then boyfriend Tony at the video store which the jury will now see and which the state will present .

  When you look at this screen shot of the surveillance tape of Casey and her boyfriend Tony, you see her hand placed strategically on his buttocks, indicating strong sexuality on her part.  He leans into her indicating sexuality as well  on his part. But he rarely looks directly at her and their movements are rather awkward when they are together.

It seems that the only thing they do have in common is sex. 

 According to police reports, the salesperson, Johnny French  at the Blockbuster video store reported that she rented a film about a kidnapper and a killer called Untraceable and another film called Jumper about a mother who abandons her five year old child.

In my view this is very damning evidence as the films reflect her psyche and state of mind.  To even choose such films out of the hundreds  of films in the  store validates that the issues  of kidnapping, abandonment  killing were in the forefront of her mind in my estimation. No doubt,  in her sick sociopathic mind, the films were soothing to her as she watched actors carry out what she most likely did in real life,  kill, abandon, and try to pin what she allegedly did on a kidnapper (Zanny the Nanny).

  When interviewed by police the Blockbuster clerk, Johnny French said there was” no emotion or tears” as she rented the films. She appeared as  any other customer.

When you look at the surveillance tapes  it confirms what Johnny French reported, Casey seems as though she does not  have a care in the world. She showed no outward signals of anxiety when deep down she knew that her daughter was dead.

In my view,  a jury cannot help but see Casey as cold and heartless and calculating, after  the viewing of  this video and screenshots.  Knowing that your child is dead and acting so nonchalantly will shock jurors as I see it.

 Even if Casey should stick by her claim that someone  kidnapped Caylee, the fact that she still acted so cool, calm, and collected in the  surveillance video speaks volumes.

What mother would act so calm when they knew their  child was missing?  The answer is,  only a  mother who wanted her daughter to be gone and out of her life would act that way.  Seeing this tape will  give the jury a much  clearer  and comprehensive  picture of who Casey really is and what she most likely did to Caylee.


33 thoughts on “Casey Anthony Body Language in Surveillance Tape at Video Store Shows Her Sexuality and Calm Nonchalant Attitude

  1. I can’t wait to see the other video tapes that haven’t been released yet. Casey went to buffalo wild wings and another department store after she killed Caylee. Too bad there isn’t video of her at the tattoo parlor. That would be very damning.

  2. This is the movie picture of the movie ‘untraceable’ that she/they rented.
    This link was not found or discovered my me, so please do not give me credit for it. It is posted on Niecey’s blog (Niecey’s weblog wordpress) in the most recent article (48 hours….).

    so what comes to mind? You guessed it, the heart sticker does.

  3. According to LE, this trip to Blockbuster took place the SAME day Caylee was likely murdered, just a few short hours later. While these pics were captured, Caylee would have been in the trunk for approximately 3 hours or so, as KC had not yet decided where to hide her daughter’s body. The flurry of cell phone calls from KC to George & Cindy took place between 3:30 to 4:30pm, and are a pretty good indicator that SOMETHING had happened for which she desperately tried to contact her parents. A few hours later she’s seen at this Blockbuster..IMO, this is such a clear picture of how sick and evil she really is.

    1. The flurry of phone calls makes me think some kind of accident happened but then the duct tape makes no sense.
      I think Casey has some kind of bizarre mental condition that allows her to “change” the facts in her head and believe them. She went 7 months denying to herself and others she was pregnant.
      Yet she didn’t do anything to end the pregnancy. She just ignored it.
      She had to have known she was short on graduating High School and it would come up … yet she ignored it.
      She had to know you can’t just lose your child and never face the consequences but she ignored it and did not even seem particularly worried about the police being called. She can somehow create an alternate reality.
      I wonder if she even knows what she did?
      She must have left Caylee in the car in the hot sun… while online or talking on the phone,, just forgot her. TOO BAD she did not get hold of her parents in that flurry of phone calls. …. then I think she must have just lost it.
      but then I think she was chlorophorming caylee too because otherwise where was she over the past year and a half at various times?
      But she could not have been duct taping her mouth to keep her quiet all the time because that would have chapped the poor girls mouth.
      None of it makes sense… She would not have killed Caylee with duct tape and then called her parents..

  4. Dr Glass-I think Tony L. will be the prosecutor’s star witness. He was with her on the night that most believe Caylee died and for much of the “31 days”. The video will signal that Caylee was not with Casey beginning on June 16, 2008 and for concerned and informed viewers they will be able to evaluate/observe her psychopathic traits. Will Tony talk about the call he received from Mrs Anthony shortly after Casey’s arrest? Gee, isn’t that funny. I’m having a snack attack-off to get pizza.

    1. TonyL will be to ICA (Inmate Casey Anthony) what Amber Frye was to Scott Peterson…and there he sits on death row…
      I also believe Jesse Grund summed this up best when asked if he thought ICA is capable of harming Caylee..he said, I have no idea what that selfish, remorseless woman who sits in prison is capable of…ITA…
      No reactions when they prosecution speaks of “remains” and plant roots growing through Caylee’s skeletal remains….no reactions when they speak of the victim, Caylee Marie…The only reactions we see are for her own self..It appalls me to hear the grandparents now changing their statements…I also believe this will hurt ICA in the end…those jurors will see the dark heart and soul of this selfish family who are denying Caylee’s justice…I am so thankful for the State Prosecutors who will keep Caylee Marie front and center…Caylee the true victim…JMHO
      Justice for Caylee

  5. Lona1-The Star Tribune reviewed this movie and said “it is a slice of torture porn.Morally, the film is indefensible.” Sounds like a film Casey would like.

  6. Well Yea,who knows to Dr.Lillian that she didn’t bound Caylee and leave her to die while she was shopping?
    It’s not good either way but knowing kc as we do now…..wouldn’t put it past her! So Heart “Wrenching”

  7. Your comment is awaiting moderation.


    ChattyCathy – April 13, 2011 at 8:11 pm
    I wish I hadn’t posted that!
    after I thought about it but TL did say she woke up with mares! One would assume she was dreaming of SINdy!
    I don’t know how she could wake up with nightmares of Caylee after doing what she did! Thats all I meant but it didn’t sound that way!

  8. I can’t concieve any possible defense strategy that didn’t seem ridiculous. The evidence is overly damning. I also think the heart sticker thing is a bit of a taunt to her child during her demise. Could you imagine being that child ducktaped looking up at your primary care giver who (probably with a smirk) said something like “heres a sticker shut up” and went on her merry way. She is a sick sad woman and im personally glad this should be a open shut case.

    1. ITA…I believe Baez should have taken a different approach….how about the truthful approach…
      It appears the defense will try to say this was an accident but will a jury agree with an accidental death then blame a non exisitant “nanny” and Caylee found with duct tape over her airways and stuck to her hair? If an accident occured, one call to 911 and ICA might not have faced any charges if this were truly an accident.
      I believe the real reason for Caylee’s demise was the hatred ICA held for her mother..She took it out on Caylee for Caylee loved Cindy more than her own mother…there is the theme thoughtout ICA’s mind…just as she told Jesse Grund, he loved Caylee more than he loved her and this was WHY she broke off her engagement to him…how incredibly selfish of her. She could have enjoyed life with Caylee by her side but it appears Caylee was too much of a burden, her freedom was worth more than her precious child…Shame on this family for not standing up for Caylee’s Justice…JMHO

      Justice for Caylee

  9. Dr. Glass have you ever seen any of the silent videos of Caylee. There’s one where she’s sitting in her high chair eating and trying to interact with who ever is filming her. She gets no reaction and eventually gives up. It was sad to watch. Plus, who ever was filming was focusing the camera down under the high chair table at her bare legs and diaper area.

    The more disturbing one is when she’s being filmed in the bath tub. She’s playing happily and looks up at the camera and suddenly a look of absolute terror crosses her face and she starts to cry. It is disturbing to watch and for any one who says look at the pics of her and her daughter. She looks like a loving mother, etc. I say no one knows what goes on behind closed doors.

    Do any other readers have access to the videos I’m talking about? I think it would be interesting to get Dr. Glass to view them and offer her opinion. If no one else has easy access to them, I will do a search. They’ve been around from the beginning of the case.

    1. Dr. Glass did do a column on the high-chair video. Should be in her archives.

      I’ve never even heard of the bathtub one. If you can find it, will you provide the link? I’d like to see it. TIA!!

  10. I forgot to add your spot on about her nonchalant behavior in the video store and her choice of movies is very telling. It’s mind boggling really. Cool as a cucumber.

  11. To Terrytsk, I know the bathtub video you are referring to. Nancy Grace would show it all the time. At first the baby is so happy and seems to be coming towards the camera. Suddenly, her expression changes and she backs up and looks about to cry. I believe this beautiful, sweet child was tormented by her sadistic mother.

  12. Yes Paula, it was very disturbing to watch and I think having Dr. Glass opine to Caylee’s body language which IMO, demonstrated absolute terror would be interesting. I’m not a body language expert so I will concede I may have “read” it wrong. I’m going to search for it. I remember seeing shots of the happy part of the bath time on Nancy Grace. Did they show the sudden look of terror?

  13. Thanks Kitt! I didn’t know she had already seen the video and given her opinion. I’l look into the archived articles.

  14. You know, Cindy Anthony has been in the courtroom listening to the evidence of roots in the bones of Caylee’s remains, too. To my knowledge she gave as much of a reaction as Casey. I would like to think Cindy went home and cried about the things she heard.

  15. Another video that always bothered me is the one of Casey playing with Caylee on the floor. It seemed that there was another person there that Casey was putting on this “act” for as George was filming. Caylee looks so happy to be getting attention from her mother. Then, at the end, Casey drops her. Although they were already on the floor, nevertheless, Caylee falls out of Casey’s arms. Game over – it was all for show.

  16. Dr. Glass, I don’t know if you are aware of these two articles I’ve posted below…Talk about ‘tainting’ the jury pool!

    Former Anthony Attorney: Casey Lied
    ORLANDO, Fla. — One of the attorneys Casey Anthony confided in to prepare for her murder trial told the CBS News show “48 Hours Mystery” that her former client lied when she said a nanny kidnapped her daughter, Caylee.

    VIDEO: Former Attorney: Casey Lied
    Linda Kenney Baden, who left the defense team in October, said, “She lied. Sure. I think everyone knows that was a lie,” referring to Casey’s claim that Caylee was kidnapped by a babysitter named Zenaida Gonzalez.


    CMason claims the duct tape is about the imagination of an over zealous prosecutor, basically saying, there was no duct tape over Caylee’s airways…How incredible since Dr. G has photos every step of her ‘examination of skeletal remains’…she told how she had to cut that duct tape out of Caylee’s matted hair, how does CMason say something so egregious, so incredulous? JMHO

    Mock jury being aired on April 16, 2011 10PM
    Producers have released few other details about the program, which airs Saturday at 10 p.m., but a spokeswoman for the show confirmed that some members of the focus group agreed that although Anthony was somehow involved in the death of her daughter, her involvement didn’t rise to the level of first-degree murder.

    Justice for Caylee

  17. Now that it occurs to me about the ducktape wrapped securely around Caylees head there is no way the defense could use this as an accident. They could say Casey put the ducktape on her but never meant for her to die then that would be false. Imagine if this baby made it thru this traumatic experience or a so called “accident” how would she explain the chunks of hair missing or bald spot after she ripped the ducktape off. She never intended too.

    1. Maybe like Jonbonet Ramsey the duct tape was going to be part of the staging but then the dipstick forgot to report her kidnapped.
      Nothing about this case makes sense.
      If Casey wanted and planned to kill her daughter it makes no sense that she did not report her missing so that there would be reasonable doubt that she did it. Now there is none.
      The tape on JonBenet was staging because that duct tape had a perfect lip print meaning that she was dead when it was put on, staged.
      I wonder if the duct tape from Caylee still had lip prints? to show if it was put on before or after she was killed or died.

  18. Dr. Glass….have you ever heard of a Mother that her daughter was missing having what the defense is saying….she was under some kind of mental stress that she was behaving like nothing happened? I have heard of PTS but not a Mother acting like nothing happened and going on with her life….when her child was supposedly missing.

  19. Even if the defense claim it was a psychotic episode that lasted 31 days it wouldn’t explain how she appeared perfectly normal to others. Also the intentional deciet by misleading LE is very well thought out she shows that she had some premeditation. Besides where is the intial breakdown where she says OMG I killed my baby and flips out. I honestly think that sociopathy is it nothing else, its a sickness and they are not effected by its others around them who suffer.

  20. It is not a mental health defense. There will be no discussion of a psychotic event-no one can appear perfectly normal and be in a psychotic state imo. Complete strangers see people who are having a psychotic event and they usually call the police -for no other reason than they are interferring with their ability to shop, negotiate crossing the street, etc.

    The evidence is what prompted Mr Lamar to instruct Mr Ashton that Felony Murder in the First Degree was an appropriate charge. The “intentional deceit” indicated consciousness of guilt, not premeditation. Until they had concrete evidence (murder weapon, computer evidence, C evidence, etc) they could not charge her with murder. At the time of her arrest, up to and including the first Bond hearing, they had evidence of a homicide (decomposition).

    We might look at psychopathy/sociopathy as a “sickness” but the psychopath does not. These people make others sick but those who suffer from this affliction are not in the least uneasy or anxious. They know they are different and they do not consider themselves “sick”. They do not want to be treated nor do they want to devote anytime to intensive psychotherapy. Mental health providers in prisons and elsewhere turf them back to whomever referred them-they are considered “untreatable”. They are at the end of the day “ophans of penology and psychiatry.”(Hare)

  21. We need more from Dr. Lillian … I have seen her on several TV shows. But we need more in depth analysis showing pictures of the examples she uses for inferences.

    Hope so

    M. Manaka

  22. Can someone tell me why there are never time and date stamps shown on these surveillance videos, or why part of it is cut off? I saw a still of the BB video and the date was JUNE SECOND 2008. Then I see more that have NO stamp. THEN lately HLN has been showing the video w/a FAKE stamp for the 16th of June 2008!!?? How can they get away w/that?? So people are falsifying info knowingly? It’s very disturbing!!

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